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  • In a Thanksgiving Day Facebook message addressed mockingly to 57 states -- a play on President Obama's slipup in May 2008 -- Sarah Palin blasted the media for blowing up her Korea gaffe and singling her out when it comes to gaffes. — “Sarah Palin Defends Korea 'Slip of the Tongue,' Blasts Media”,
  • IC design house whose target products comprise PCI audio chips (CMI8330/8338/8738), clock generators, and multi-media related audio/video solutions. — “C-Media Electronics Inc”, .tw
  • Why Do So Many New-Media Startups Ultimately Commit Suicide? Dumenco's Media People: Wiredset CEO Mark Ghuneim FULL ARTICLE. Twittersphere Goes Nuts for #newtwitter; Britney-powered 'Glee' and Blackberry 'IPad. — “Advertising Age - Columns - The Media Guy”,
  • Nonprofit progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, ***yzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. — “Media Matters for America”,
  • Media news continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. — “Media News - Topix”,
  • Mediaweek covers tv shows and the schedule you seek. How social media is used in the television indsutry make Mediaweek an essential read. — “TV Shows | TV Schedule | Social Media | Online News | TV”,
  • He spoke about the splintering of the Fourth Estate, how the media is currently experiencing its own vicious case of "the bends", which will be the end of the media as we know it. Leigh Sales: Behind-the-scenes at my Hillary Clinton interview. Spectator (UK). — “Crikey”, .au
  • A collection of media and entertainment-related items from the newspaper, plus weblogs dealing with this theme. — “Media | The New York Observer”,
  • Media Trade Union is a recent undertaking and currently the organization is in the process of recruiting members. On November 12 two projects, drafted to improve transparency of media ownership and media environment in general, according to the clarification enclosed, were registered at the parliament. — “Media.Ge”,
  • But journalists' organisations believe Ndlovu's detention at the notorious Khami Maximum Security Prison just outside Bulawayo is meant to intimidate media practitioners from reporting ills in government departments, especially those controlled by Zanu PF appointees. — “: Zimbabwe: 'Ndlovu's Detention Meant to”,
  • Finding New Ways to Measure Success in Social Media The results (shown below) might be surprising, which begs the question of whether this really is an accurate measure of success in social media. — “Finding New Ways to Measure Success in Social Media”,
  • provides breaking news for Sheridan Wyoming, including politics, sports and other topics relating to Wyoming, Sheridan County and the City of Sheridan with video, Sheridan Media News Director for Johnson County, Aaron Palmer, brings us this story from the Buffalo City Council. — “Sheridan Media - Breaking News, Weather and Sports”,
  • MediaPost Publications is an online resource for all advertising media professionals - Online, TV, cable, radio, print, interactive, agencies, buyers, and reps - providing news, articles and commentary, directories, social networks and research. — “MediaPost - news and directories for media, marketing and”,
  • New York Times Media and Advertising News features breaking media and advertising industry news, commentary and ***ysis. — “Business News - Media and Advertising - The New York Times”,
  • Mediaite is a news and opinion blog and aggregator for the media industry. Coverage includes newspapers, magazines, online, and television. The power grid ranks media professionals. — “ | News & Opinion | Media: TV, Print, Online”,
  • TEL AVIV (Marke***ch) -- Media Corp., the U.K. ad-services and online-gambling company, said on Thursday that it would put the website up for sale. The company said the proceeds from the sale would enable it to pursue acquisitions. — “UK's Media Corp. puts site up for bid - Marke***ch”, marke***
  • Navigation: Home | Features | TV | Action Center | Blog | Issues | Living | Community | Shop | Donate | Interactive | Media Center | About PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 | 757-622-PETA (7382) | Fax: 757-622-0457 (fax). — “Media Center | ”,
  • From TV to Internet, print to radio, we turn your advertising budget into more target audience with less cost. Chopping through the clutter to find the best programming for your advertising needs requires insight, intelligence, and patience – three attributes the LUC Media Group has in abundance. — “LUC Media - Media Buying”,
  • Media Conference News and ***ysis on current events, Media business, finance, economy, sports and more. Searchable news in 44 languages from WorldNews Network and Archive. — “Media Conference”, media-
  • Media - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Media”,
  • Latest media news, UK and world media comment and ***ysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice. — “Media news, UK and world media comment and ***ysis | Media”,
  • Jason Linkins: Alvin Greene's Daft Electoral Hope: Should The Media Still Be Covering This? Why is it that Alvin Greene got covered so much during this election cycle? Blogger at Media ; Teacher at The New School, NYU. — “Media News and Opinion on The Huffington Post”,
  • Recently in Salon Media. How Barron's got its groove back The new-economy business magazines haven't flexed as much muscle as an old-school weekly that still knows how to make the Street go round. All media, all the time wants your undivided attention, and $19.95 a month. — “Media”,
  • Mass media denotes a section of the media specifically designed to reach a large audience. However, some forms of mass media such as books and m***cripts had already been in use for centuries. — “Mass media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Social Media in Plain English A simple story that illustrates the forces shaping social media. This video comes in an unbranded "presentation quality" version that can be licensed for use in the workplace. http
  • Fox 4 DFW Roast of Social Media The full story:
  • Ali G - The Media Ali G talks about media
  • Women in the Media: Making Their Mark Featuring executives from CNN and TBS.
  • What is Media Literacy
  • CollabTech 2010: Keynote: Social Media, Participative Pedagogy, and Digital Literacies Date: Thursday, May 6th, 2010 Location: Thwing Center Ballroom at Case Western Reserve Unviersity Speaker: Howard Rheingold There are a lot of voices talking about social media today, but Howard Rheingold defined the field before it existed. A noted author and commentator, Rheingold has a proven record of accurate technology and social forecasting, over two decades of syndicated columns, best-selling books, and pioneering online enterprises. His latest research and forthcoming book focuses on 21st century literacies -- how individuals and organizations learn to use digital media effectively and credibly. He coined the term "virtual community" in 1987 An acknowledged authority on the marriage of mobile phone, PC, and wireless internet, Rheingold's previous work reveals how this convergence has changed the way we meet, mate, entertain, govern, and conduct business. His book Smart Mobs, named one of the Big Ideas books of 2002 by The New York Times, chronicles the new forms of collective action and cooperation made possible by mobile communications, pervasive computing, and the Internet. Rheingold is the recipient of a 2008 MacArthur Knowledge-Networking Grant through the Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Competition. He was founding Executive Editor of Hotwired, the first commercial webzine where the web-based discussion forum and the online banner ad were invented. Rheingold has appeared on Today, Good Morning America, ABC Primetime Live, CNN, CBS News, NBC News ...
  • The Listening Post - Sri Lankan media as elections loom On our show this week, we look at reporting in Sri Lanka as the country nears a presidential election and reporting on Eritrea from outside.
  • Taylor Swift - Speak Now , lyrics
  • What is media education? A 4 minute video from media educators across Europe. What is media education? Armin Hottmann Kulturring in Berlin eV key words: media education media literacy europe
  • The Listening Post - US media double standard This week on the Listening Post's radar: the tweet that ended the 20-year career of a CNN journalist and a Russian social networking site that is not for the masses but strictly for those of class.
  • What is Social Media? - Blake Cahill recently interviewed me, and I thought you might find my answers somewhat interesting. If you wanna know what I care about most, let me lay it on the line... and please post a video response with your own take on Social Media.
  • Rich Media, Poor Democracy If a key indicator of the health of a democracy is the state of its journalism, the United States is in deep trouble. In Rich Media, Poor Democracy, Robert McChesney lays the blame for this state of affairs squarely at the doors of the corporate boardrooms of big media, which far from delivering on their promises of more choice and more diversity, have organized a system characterized by a lack of competition, homogenization of opinion and formulaic programming. Through numerous examples, McChesney, and media scholar, Mark Crispin Miller, demonstrate how journalism has been compromised by the corporate bosses of conglomerates such as Disney, Sony, Viacom, News Corp, and AOL Time Warner to produce a system of news that is high on sensationalism and low on information. They suggest that unless citizen activism can reclaim the commons, this new corporate system will be characterized by a rich media and an ever impoverished, poor democracy.
  • Prometeus - The Media Revolution Subtitles also available in: Español: 日本語: Man is God. He is everywhere, he is anybody, he knows everything. This is the Prometeus new world. All started with the Media Revolution, with Internet, at the end of the last century. Everything related to the old media vanished: Gutenberg, the copyright, the radio, the television, the publicity. The old world reacts: more restrictions for the copyright, new laws against non authorized copies. Napster, the music peer to peer company is sued. At the same time, free internet radio appears; TIVO, the internet television, allows to avoid publicity; the Wall Street Journal goes on line; Google launches Google news. Millions of people read daily the biggest on line newspaper. Ohmynews written by thousands of journalists; Flickr becomes the biggest repository in the history of photos, YouTube for movies. The power of the masses. A new figure emerges: the prosumer, a producer and a consumer of information. Anyone can be a prosumer. The news channels become available on Internet. The blogs become more influential than the old media. The newspapers are released for free. Wikipedia is the most complete encyclopedia ever. In 2007 Life magazine closes. The NYT sells its television and declares that the future is digital. BBC follows. In the main cities of the world people are connected for free. At the corners of the streets totems print pages from blogs and digital magazines. The ...
  • CFR, Media Control and the New World Order How did the CFR get media control? It began with JP Morgan, Warburg and Rockefeller and has evolved into the manipulation of politics on a global scale. VP Dick Cheney is a member and former director of the CFR and admittedly did not disclose this info during his congressional career (go here to hear him say it). Why would a member and former director of a prestigious organization not want us to know this? Today, the Council on Foreign Relations controls not just the media, but the mental health industry that is unnecessarily drugging millions, many of whom will be addicts for the rest of their lives. This has dangerous implications! The people who are setting world policy are already forcibly drugging and locking people in mental institutions, against their will. Read more at my blog: Red Pill Reich I am a nurse who is exposing the Illuminati's use of modern medicine to drug, poison and control millions in their pursuit of a New World Order.
  • MOCOM 2020 - The Future of Mobile Media and Communication SIMYO and Ahead of Time presents the future of mobile media and communication. This film is presenting a summary of key result of the open think tank MOCOM 2020. Join the conversation at or follow us on twitter @mocom2020
  • The Listening Post - The media and the 'Ground Zero mosque' story Plans to build an Islamic community centre near the site where the World Trade Centre used to stand in New York have triggered a heated, often irrational and frequently inaccurate debate in the US. On this episode of The Listening Post we look at how some news outlets got their hands dirty with this story.
  • A Message To Sarah Palin from Media Matters CEO David Brock Media Matters founder and CEO David Brock speaks openly to Sarah Palin about her accusations of a "blood libel" and condemns her history of promoting anti-government extremism.
  • Is junk media making you sick??? Soundtrack DJ Champion - "No Heaven"
  • Windows Media Player - Back in the day Windows Media Player used to be the be-all end-all product for media player; however, nowadays ...
  • *** the Corporate Media "*** The Corporate Media" ***yzes the tactics, both subtle and blatant, employed by the corporate media to control your mind. This video covers just one day in the lies of the corporate media. See for yourself how they sell us out in this startling comparison between what really happened on August 21st, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and what they say about what happened. *** the corporate media! --- courtesy Portland Indymedia and
  • Social Media Revolution 2010 At Social Media Energy, we have a five-step process to develop your social media presence. Its not just about having a Facebook fan page or twitter account, but about having a voice within these social media outlets and maintaining a sense of purpose. Its not enough to just do it anymore, but doing it strategically and with reason. This is a fluid process that takes time and energy and is continuously evolving. Devoting proper resources to social media is essential today, let us help. Listen What are people currently saying about your company or brand? Is it what you want them to be saying? What kind of image do you have in the eyes of the consumer? Socialize - Collaborate with our Social Media Professionals to introduce or change your presence on Facebook, twitter, and YouTube. Respond to what people are saying about you. Find that sense of purpose and create a voice for your company that is both relevant to business goals and strategic in action. Reach Getting closer to the consumer shows your company is human and within reach for your audience. Maintaining this relationship shows your company or brand has experience and will create a community following. Change - Adapt. Be proactive in organizational transformation. Voice your business processes. Measure How is social media affecting ROI? In what areas do you need to step up or modify? Then, start all over and keep listening. Contact us TODAY:
  • Board to draft social media policy
  • What Is New Media? ///POGOTRIBE FORUMS/// ///TWITTER/// ///WEAR ME///
  • Documentary on how the media lies to manipulate us
  • Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the US at the dawn of the 21st century. In this innovative and wide-ranging ***ysis, Jackson Katz argues that widespread violence in American society, including the tragic school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and elsewhere, needs to be understood as part of an ongoing crisis in masculinity. This exciting new media literacy tool-- utilizing racially diverse subject matter and examples-- will enlighten and provoke students (both males and females) to evaluate their own participation in the culture of contemporary masculinity.
  • Fear Of A Black President: Conservative Media Drumming Up Racial Fear
  • Charlie Brooker on the American News Media. Funny From Charlie Brookers Newswipe. This excerpt of newswipe was edited using trakAxPc Pro. You can download trakax at
  • How The Media Controls Your Mind (Alan Watt) PLEASE REMEMBER TO RATE, COMMENT AND SHARE :) NufffRespect This video is an edited version of one of Alan Watt's Blurbs from November 23 2006. I put this video together to provide a brief introduction to the subject of predictive programming and how the mainstream media has been used to subtly manipulate our minds to guide us down a particular path. There is so much to this whole subject that it is impossible to cover everything within a short video like this. But I have at least tried to get you started by providing a summary of how predictive programming works. If you go to and check out some of the many talks that Alan has given on this subject, you'll be amazed at the sheer extent of the use of predictive programming in the media. Predictive programming comes in many forms and many degrees of subtlety. If you have never looked into this subject, you wouldn't even notice how often predictive programming is used in fiction. But when you know how to recognise the signs, you realise that the mainstream media is infested with it. As Alan Watt has said many times "All fiction is propaganda", and that is so true. When you watch your favorite TV cop drama, you probably assume that it is produced solely for the purpose of providing drama and entertainment for your viewing pleasure. And that's true to an extent. But there's another side to it that most people rarely think about. And that's the fact that these types of programmes ...
  • Schietpartij Media Markt
  • Media Caught Lying, Version2 I stumbled on a stunning disconnect between the major media version of election coverage and candidate appearance trends on the internet. The Mainstream Media seems to have largely ignored something major on the web. This version corrects a minor error in the first version. Note: This video has attracted a lot of attention from hater-trolls so I may block anyone that comes here to make trouble. All respectful and intelligent discussion is welcome.
  • Riz Khan - The role of media in the USA Has the mainstream media in the US replaced serious coverage with "junk news" and tabloidism?
  • The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky demolish one of the central tenets of our political culture, the idea of the "liberal media." Instead, utilizing a systematic model based on massive empirical research, they reveal the manner in which the news media are so subordinated to corporate and conservative interests that their function can only be described as that of "elite propaganda."
  • The Listening Post - Media coverage of President Barack Obama in 2009 Listening Post this week is devoted to Obama and how the media from inside and outside the US dealt with this constantly developing story in 2009.
  • The Listening Post - WikiLeaks and the media On this week's show: A look at the commotion caused by the latest WikiLeaks leak and how this leak differs from the rest. Plus, will Rupert Murdoch's decision to charge for Times online content pay off?
  • Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.
  • Stainless Tumbling Media short clip Stainless steel media. Quick clip of how to use stainless tumbling media with a Thumler's Tumbler model B to clean your brass. This is the best brass polishing system out there. Cleans you brass inside and out, as well as the primers pockets. Then use the Frankford Arsenal media separator, to separate the steel media from the brass.
  • Do Jews Control the Media? -- The LA Times Says Yes! Abe Foxman and the ADL says that alleging that the Jews control the media is an "anti-Semitic canard." Actually a Jewish columnist for the Los Angeles Times couldn't help but boast of Jewish prowess. Watch this video and you will become aware of the incredible Jewish influence over the media. The video also points out that the fact of Jewish control has huge implications on American foreign policy, Israel and the Palestinians and many other issues. When a small group with an agenda controls the lion's share of media, freedom of speech and thought is in peril.
  • California On Social Media Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about social media. SUBSCRIBE!! THESE ARE MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS! ******** UNCUTS from this video Foursome: Oldies But Goodies: Russian & Shorty: Watch My other CALIFORNIA ON videos here: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******************************************** Graphic Design by: http
  • Globalisation and the Media New Feature from COA News (), this film explores how the media is involved in shaping public opinion during the 'War on Terrorism' and Globalisation. There's a new encoding of this on-line at commedia at very high quality! click on the View Box for the options. Globalisation and the Media A documentary exploring how the mass media shape public opinion on the 'War on Terror' and economic Globalisation. Offers a wide range of viewpoints from broadcasters, journalists, alternative media activists, and news editors. We investigate the bias of Television news during the protest blockades of the IMF and the G8 summits. Includes a shocking report on state suppression of alternative media in Europe. Discover how new technology, such as the internet and camcorders, is challenging the role of the traditional news gatherer. Director, Paul O' Connor said "The various United States administrations has spent the last 50 years constructing the present New World Order. Aided by its powerful military resources, alongside the IMF, World Bank and the World Trade Organisation, the rules of global trade have been largely imposed to serve its own interests. This documentary explores the role of the media in this corporate led take over of the Planets natural resources." Interviews and Contributions from Chris Cramer- President CNN International news George Monbiot- Investigative reporter Katharine Ainger- Editor New Internationalist Mark Covell- Rick Rowley- Big ...
  • Social Media Revolution Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore. This video is produced by the author of Socialnomics.

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  • “Daily posts by Dan Rayburn about the online video industry, business trends & ***ysis, market data & research as well as the online video business models in the media & entertainment, broadcast, advertising & enterprise industries”
    — The Business Of Online Video,

  • “category: blog. Southerners lead nation in mobile use y'all. We talk and text the most among mobile customers category: blog. Using AWS to create your own VOD site. A recent post at Read/Write Web discusses how Zak Forsman used WordPress and”
    — Armchair Media / Blog / 404-745-4504,

  • “News from the world of social media including marketing opportunities, technology updates, SEO and PPC. This blog is written by Kostas Alekoglu, Managing Director of London-based advertising agency Social Media Ltd”
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  • “Blog. Blog. Hitting the Links: The Top 5 Links of the Week. By Team VaynerMedia in Links on Social Media Presence. Follow Us On Twitter. Find Us On Facebook. Check us out on DailyBooth”
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  • “”
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  • “We are not media aggregators in the sense that we do not buy, own nor sell media. Our Media Sellers. We have partnered with OOH media sellers of all”
    — DOmedia | The Out-of-Home Media Blog,

  • “ came eight days after the news broke on Marc Gunther's blog, more than two weeks after employees were informed that the board Paul Klein's blog. Read more. Social Media & Conferences: 11 Great Ideas That Work. Submitted by Chris Jarvis on November 8th 2010”
    — Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Cause, 3

  • “pr-media-. Rebranding a postcode's chequered past. November 11th, 2010 by Jon Clements. Aside from rebranding the Yemen Tourist Board, what could be harder than overhauling the image of a entire city suburb dogged with a bad reputation stretching back several generations?”
    — pr-media-

  • “Shop! Donate. Media Kit. Contact. Search. NRO Tweet Tracker. Media Blog. NRO's MSM watchdog. NRO Live Blog Feed. The Corner ". . .the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in”
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  • “Overview and definition of a weblog or blog, online publications in the form of a log or journal. Discusses blogs' history, their impact on culture, common blogging terms, and the many types of blogs”
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