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  • Name Meanings. Discover the origin and meaning of your first name. Also links to a name meanings certificate. We have almost 7,000 name meanings in our database and we're growing every day. — “Name Meanings”, name-
  • Baby Names for every baby boy & baby girl, plus name meanings & origins. Get top names, popular baby names, & unique baby names from Parents Connect!. — “Baby Names | Baby Name Meanings | Baby Boy Names, Baby Girl”, baby-names-
  • This is crazy. It is someones choice if they want to do "what the bracelet means". But why would you? They are plastic. come on. My parents let me My parents let me wear them and don't care about the meanings. They know what they stand for and they know that i am smarter then. — “Urban Dictionary: meanings”,
  • New Meanings. by iScreamKpop on Nov 23, 2010 at 09:30 PM [Siwon] There's no one like you, even if I look around it's just like that, where else to look for? A good person like you, a good person like you, with a good heart like you, a gift as great as you. — “Meanings - New meanins, Top meanins, Top users | ”,
  • Comprehensive resource for information and advice when searching for Baby Name Meanings. Unique, unusual, popular,and cool baby names and Baby Name Meanings. A World of Baby names providing a list of English, Irish, American, Indian and European. — “Baby Name Meanings”,
  • Meaning (non-linguistic), extra-linguistic meaning (intentional communication without the use of language), and natural meaning, where no intentions are involved at all. Meaning (semiotics) has to do with the distribution of signs in sign relations. — “Meaning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Use our Baby Names Finder to see more than 100,000 baby names, baby name meanings & popular baby names, including the top baby boy names and baby girl names and naming trends. Search baby names, meanings, origins. Find popular and unique baby. — “Baby Name Finder - BabyCenter”,
  • The meanings of all 78 cards in a Tarot deck. Read descriptions of Tarot card symbols, basic Tarot meanings and Tarot card interpretations, and Thir***'s own observations for each of the 78 cards in a Rider-Waite Tarot style Tarot deck, the most common set of Tarot cards used by beginners. — “Tarot Meanings”,
  • Buy meanings at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “meanings - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Definition of Meanings in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Meanings. Pronunciation of Meanings. Translations of Meanings. Meanings synonyms, Meanings antonyms. Information about Meanings in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Meanings - definition of Meanings by the Free Online”,
  • Boy names, girl names, and unique baby names. Search Baby Names, meanings and origins. Top Most Popular Baby Names. — “”,
  • Search Names, name meanings, etymology and history of names, surnames, cities and more. You have came to right place to find thousands of names and meaning of names. — “Names - Meaning of Names”, meaning-of-
  • Find the ethnic origin and meaning of last names! Surname dictionary and genealogy helps include names of Irish, German, English, French, Italian, and Jewish descent. — “Last Name Meanings Dictionary”, last-
  • Name Meaning: Name Meaning resources and Name Meaning information at . Here are lists for the Top 10 worst name meanings and the top 10 best name meanings!. — “Name Meanings .com”,
  • The meaning of surnames is over-rated in that they are usually based upon family location, trade or some other criteria rather than current performance. — “Surname Meanings”,
  • Ever wonder why almost every baby name has a great meaning? Unlike other baby name sources out there, we personally research our baby names, their meanings and their origins. — “ - What does my name mean? We take”,
  • Meanings definition, what is intended to be, or actually is, expressed or indicated; signification; import: See more. — “Meanings | Define Meanings at ”,
  • Search over 27,000 baby names, meanings and origins! We have boy names, girl names, top names by year, naming forums and more to find the perfect baby names!. — “Baby Boy Names | Boy Names | Boys Names | Boys | Parents Connect”,
  • meanings incorporated is a fundamental new information technology meanings incorporated is a spin-off of ICE. ICE is our acronym and trademark for ". — “meanings incorporated”,
  • Definition of Meanings in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Meanings? Meaning of Meanings as a legal term. What does Meanings mean in law?. — “Meanings legal definition of Meanings. Meanings synonyms by”, legal-
  • Baby Names, Baby Names Meanings. BabyZone has the most comprehensive baby names list - names meanings and origins for expectant parents looking for that perfect baby name. — “Baby Names & Babies Names Meanings, Origins | BabyZone”,
  • is a Baby Names dictionary on name meanings. Baby Name Meanings by Origin. View baby names and meanings by origin from countries across. — “Think! Baby Names”,
  • This baby name meanings website lists common first names as well as their meanings and their ethnic origins. — “Name Meanings - Meanings and Ethnic Origins of Baby Names”, name-

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  • Hidden Symbols & Meanings, In Popular Logos 2 click the link below to watch the first one
  • Lalitha Sahasranamam Full (Stotra & Meaning) Join here: This is the most favored form of prayer to Goddess Lalithambika and it is also very secret and powerful than any other forms of Tantra or Mantra. 2] Regular chanting of Sree Lalitha Sahasranama is as beneficial as visiting religious places, taking bath in a holy river, offering food, offering materials. It is an indirect blessing to those who cannot do these kind of offerings to God. 3] Regular chanting of Sree Lalitha Sahasranama will ward off the evil from uncompleted pooja vidhis or rituals etc. It will also form a way of penance. 4] Regular chanting of Sree Lalitha Sahasranama will ward off premature death, will provide a long and contended healthy life. Fever can be cured by religiously chanting Sree Lalitha Sahasranamam by touching on a persons forehead. The number of times you chant the more benefit you are likely to get. The vibhuti used for Sree Lalitha Sahasranama archana can be applied then on the forehead, which will give much relief to fever and headache. 5] It is said that if one chants religiously Sree Lalitha Sahasra Namam keeping a glass of water (or in a vessel) in front and then pours it over the head, all sorts of troubles related to once planetary positions and from evil spirits will be warded off. 6] It is said that if a person chants Sree Lalitha Sahasranama keeping in mind a picture of Sree Lalitha Devi situated in the divine ocean which contains `Amrut' , he will be cured from any kind of disease related to poison. 7 ...
  • Qasidah Burdah nasheed Qasidah Burdah nasheed with english translation. A nasheed by Mohammad al Husayan. Visit - A Course of Self Purification
  • Tool - Aenema (Lyrics and Meaning) The song is called AENEMA, not AENIMA. Aenima is the name of the cd. So don't even start. The song comes from the band's hate for Hollywood, Los Angeles, and most California in general. They don't like all the fake people, the fake life, the fake everything. They don't like the way many people in California live. They hardly "live" at all. Everything's shallow. California represents America. Our media comes from California. The song is called "Aenema" because if California were to be "flushed away", America would be cleansed. "Enema" is a term for an *** cleansing (lawl). If California was to be flushed away, America would be cleansed. Get it? "Anima" is a Jungian term, from Carl Jung's theories and studies (which are well-expressed in "Forty Six & 2"). There are several references in the song to a physical destruction of California (fault lines that cannot sit still, meteor showers, floods). Towards the end of the song, the "Mom" that the band refers to is Mother Nature. By the way, I'm pretty sure Maynard wouldn't actually be happy about the entire state of California being destroyed. It's aspects of California. The song has a mix of figurative and literal implication. The whole idea of this song basically came from Bill Hick's comedic album "Arizona Bay." The entire "Aenima" album is dedicated to Bill. Look him up. There are other, deeper meanings that you can figure out for yourself or look up on (careful for terrible interpretations ...
  • Gay. Words, their meanings, and their effects on different people have always been fascinating to me. All the songs used in this video can be found here: The acoustic version of It's Time to be Gay is here: In response to the question I'm sure will be asked, no, it's just a song. That dude in the devil costume is running all the way across the USA, in a devil costume. I still haven't figured out why, but maybe you can at his website: Have a very nice day, and I'll see you soon. - nice peter LYRICS (thanks Chantallika for the suggestion) I'm in love with my right hand He is always there when I need a five minute friend And I can speed myself up, I can slow myself down As long as there's no one else around. Cause it's just me, and my adult DVD, and I can freeze the fram at my favorite part and pretend that the actress is here, I can pretend that Mandy Mammaries is here with me. I like to call myself up on the phonem tell me how pretty I look today. Cause I know I'm a sure thing. I buy myself a dozen roses, open a bottle of wine, and turn the light down low, and then I start to do my thing. And I can talk to myself in a deep ***y voice, or I can let out an animal noise, cause it's just me, I got my privacy. and I can stop right before I explode, or let it go and wait till I reload, but either way I'm gonna love me all night long. I catch myself in the mirror, I say god damn I like what I see, I can't have another girlfriend, cause that ...
  • Achyuta Ashtakam ( Awesome ) (Must Listen) From Holy Chants This video is dedicated to the Supreme Personality of godhead, Shri Vishnu... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUBSCRIBE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Krishna is the human form, Vishnu is in the Divine form.....but both are ONE.......Jai Shri Hari Achala - The still one Achyuta - Infallible Baanke Bihari - Charming player Bihari - One who plays Brajesh - Lord of Braja Chakradhari - the bearer of a discus (chakra) Damodara (Daamodarah) - the Lord when He was tied with a cord (daama) round His waist (udara) Dinabandu - Friend of the afflicted Dînânâth - Refuge of destitutes Dwarakadish - Lord of Dwaraka Dwarakanath - Lord of Dwaraka Ghanshyam - Dark rain cloud complexioned one Giridhari - he who lifted a hill (Govardhana hill) Gopala - cowherd; protector of cows Gopinath - Lord of the gopis, or cowherd women. Govinda - protector of cows; also connected with Govardhana Hill; see also other meanings. Guruvayoorappan - Lord of the temple Guruvayoor, constructed by the Guru of Devas Brihaspati and Vayu . Hari - one who takes away [sins, or who wards off samsara, the cycle of birth and death];[1] the yellow one (the colour of the sun); Hare Krishna is the vocative, viz. "o golden one! o dark-blue one"; see other meanings. Ishvara - god Hrshikesha - Master of the senses Jagannatha - lord of all places (see also Juggernaut). Janardhana - One Who Bestows Boons On One And All Kahan Kaladev - the black deity Kanha Keshava long haired, beautiful haired; see also other meanings. Madhava - bringer of springtime; see other ...
  • KD Responds: Kevin Durant on the meaning of his tattoos and loyalty to OKC Kevin Durant takes a few minutes to address some recent controversies and shows us the meaning behind his new tattoos. More Kevin Durant at
  • Kurai Ondrum Illai - with lyrics & meanings. Kurai Ondrum Illai (குறை ஒன்றும் இல்லை) Audio: Sacred Chants This is a beautiful devotional song. Important thing in this song is that writer is emphasizing on 'I have no problems/regrets/grievances and is loving GOD without expecting anything in return. He is happy & content with what he already have. Lyrics & Meanings from
  • Tool - Forty Six & 2 (Lyrics and Meaning) This is a very complex song. The main idea is a sort of change into a higher state of being. Right now, humans have 46 chromosomes. It is estimated and presumed that the next stage of evolution will add 2 chromosomes to our DNA, hence the title Forty Six & 2. There are many references to a shadow in the song. This is a reference to Carl Jung's work and theory. The shadow is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied. These are dark, rejected aspects of our being. There is supposedly good in our shadow, as well. However, since it is only our unconscious, we are unaware of what that good is. The song talks about stepping through the shadow, longing for a deeper understanding of our unconscious and who we are, leading to a sort of higher state of being. Muscle memory refers to listening to what is natural in our past, and digging deeper into why we did things or why things happened. Same sort of idea with scabs. Feel free to message me with any questions. :)
  • Luffy's unaware Haōshoku no Haki [HD] [Marineford] - *One Piece* 覇王色の覇気 (Haōshoku no Haki) "The term "Haki" is a word that has multiple meanings when translated into English. It can mean "ambition", "will power", "drive" and "aspiration" to name a few" like all words in kanji the separate kanji have a meaning but when you put them together should shouldn't do the same when translating in English because you will get very strange sentences when translating sentences of Japanese in kanji ~supern0fa Also read: The words Ha and Ki, meaning 'dominate' and 'air'. Together you can make out something like 'air of dominance/atmosphere of fear' or better phrased, 'Aura of dominance/supremacy' or 'Aura of fear/terror'. for more info about Haki (willpower) and Sakki (killing intent) READ: ~CA at AnimeSuki Episode 478 - Luffy's 5th unaware Haki in MANGA and 6th unaware Haki in ANIME correct me if im wrong or missed something :) © Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Toei Animation License coordinated by FUNimation Entertainment
  • Shri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam Shri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam [Lyrics with Meanings] *|| 1 || * *"kausalya supraja rama!purva sandhya pravartate, uthishta! narasardula! kartavyam daivam ahnikam " * Sri Rama! Kausalya's endearing son! Wake up, dear! You have to do your day-to-day duties do wake up please. *|| 2 || * *"uthishtothishta! govinda! uthishta garudadhvaja! uthishta kamalakantha! thrilokyam mangalam kuru " * O Govinda, wake up! O Garudadhvaja! Wake up. O Kamalakanta (ie, the husband of Kamala)! All the three worlds are under your rule, they have to prosper, Wake up, my child. *|| 3 || * *" matas samsastajagatam : madhukaitabhareh vakshoviharini ! manohara-divyamurte : sri swamini srithajana priya danaseele ! sri Venkatesadayithe thava suprabhatham " * May it be an auspicious dawn (morning) to Thee, O Lakshmi, the Mother of the Worlds, the ever dweller on the chest of Vishnu ( ie, the enemy of the demons, madhu and Kaitabha), of attractive and divine form, the Mistress and of the nature of granting the desired objects of those seeking refuge! *|| 4 || * *"thava suprabhatham aravindalochane ! bhavathu prasanna mukhachandra mandale vidhisankarendra vanithabhirarchithe ! vrishasaila nathadavithel dayanidhe " * May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee, O Lakshmi of the eyes like the lotus, of a bright face like the Moon, worshipped by the wives of Brahma, Shankara and Indra and a treasure of compassion. You have an endearing attachment to your devotees. *|| 5 || * *"athriyadhi saptharushays samupasya ...
  • We Came As Romans "A War Inside" Track Inspiration Get the meaning behind the songs from We Came As Romans' lyricist Joshua Moore. Every song from the album will be posted-- 1 a day leading up to the release on September 13th, 2011. Pre-order at
  • ASAP Rocky Talks About The Meaning Behind His Name & Touring With Drake "I'm Not A Gangsta" Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with ASAP Rocky. He describes who he is as a person, he talks about the meaning behind his name, people thinking he is a gangsta, touring with Drake, his album "Live.Love.ASAP" & much more! ASAP Rocky Talks About The Meaning Behind His Name & Touring With Drake "I'm Not A Gangsta" ASAP Rocky Talks About The Meaning Behind His Name & Touring With Drake "I'm Not A Gangsta" ASAP Rocky Talks About The Meaning Behind His Name & Touring With Drake "I'm Not A Gangsta" Tags: A$AP rocky ASAP asap million drake young money banks bun lloyd cold corner track make it stack Peso album take care bonus official music video interview ti50interviews purple swag get high danny brown Schoolboy kendrick lamar bass Palace Million Deal touring
  • Sri Dakshinamurti Stotram (with sanskrit text & meaning) Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram (Sanskrit Hymn about universe, self &God) Tags: Dakshinamurti Dakshinamurthy
  • Tool - 10000 Days (Lyrics and Meaning) This is not the entire song "10000 Days". See my video "Tool - Wings for Marie (Lyrics and Meaning)" for the first part of the song. Sorry about the incorrect lyrics. I'd put an annotation over "the" that says "non" at 7:05 - 7:08... but that'd look tacky. I'm sure if you actually care about the lyrics and the meaning of the song, you'll be reading this. :) Since they're both part of the same song, this description is the same on both videos. These are two of my favorite songs by Tool. They're about Maynard James Keenan's mother, Judith Marie. Judith was paralyzed when Maynard was 11. She stayed paralyzed until she died 10000 days later ("10000 days in the fire is long enough; you're going home"). She kept faith in God the whole time. The first song is more about Judith dying, and then Maynard accepting it and his mother's beliefs, which often conflicted with Maynard's. The second song is more about Judith's life, beliefs, etc. in general, and Maynard seeing the good in the passion that his mother had, while not always agreeing with her. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. Lots of Christian references. RIP Judith Marie. May your strong spirit and mind live on forever.
  • 5 Important Phrasal Verbs for English Learners Learn the meanings of 'look forward to', 'put off', 'put up with', and more in this phrasal verbs lesson. Take a quiz on this lesson to test your understanding of the phrasal verbs
  • Tool - Vicarious (Lyrics and Meaning) Sorry this video is retarded. I should've put the explanation of the lyrics down here. This was just the first lyric video I made, so it's not the best. And I made it when I was 13 or 14. I was proud that I could provide an explanation for every single lyric. So I did. Very blatantly. I apologize. But people still seem to enjoy this video. So I won't be taking it down.
  • Alan Watts Symbols and Meaning Part 1/3 Alan Watts Speaks Enter Here:
  • SUPER JUNIOR M Hangeng & Siwon - Talk Show + NG shots in a Chinese TV show [eng] this is sooooo funny!! a must watch! In the talk show, the names of SuJu M's members had been altered into crazy names with funny meanings: Donghae = Hai Ke Yi (海可以), meaning "barely acceptable" Henry = Heng Li Hai (亨厲害), meaning "very outstanding" Kyuhyun = Xian Bu Ju (賢不住), meaning "unable to do nothing" Ryeowook = Li Qi Da (厲氣大), meaning "very strong" Zhou Mi = Mi Si Ni (覓死你), meaning "finding (something) to death" I've tried my best to do the subbing, but it's inevitable that some sentences would deviate slightly from their original meanings, because it won't make sense if the sentence in chinese is directly translated into english without altering some wordings and sentence structures... and i'm not a pro in translation afterall! :P be sure to watch the NG scene after the talk show as well, it's hilarious! enjoy!
  • Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonley HD (Live)
  • the answer to life, universe and everything finally, the real answer to life, universe and everything. cut from the brilliant movie: the hitchhikers guide trough the galaxy. and we all know it is 42 ;) go and watch the movie!
  • Higurashi - Get Psycho
  • MEANING BEHIND DROPS OF JUPITER Pat Monahan explains the meaning behind his song, "Drops of Jupiter"
  • Tool - The Pot (Lyrics and Meaning) The idea of this song is not marijuana. Anyone could figure that out if they looked even an inch past the title. This song is about hypocrisy, specifically in Kangaroo Courts. Also the government and lawmakers in general. Kangaroo Courts are just referred to in the song specifically. Kangaroo Courts were much more popular in older times, but we still have them today. It's a court case in which the accused is considered guilty before he really gets a fair trial. Now, who is the government and the court system to say that person is guilty of a crime while they are committing a crime themselves (Who are you to wave your finger)? Hypocrites. Kangaroo courts in the older days typically dealt with pot dealers and smokers. All the references to eyes ("Eyehole deep in muddy waters", "Got lemon juice up in your eye", "Weeping shades of indigo") all refer to the hypocrite being blinded by something or another and not being able to see the obvious: he's a "***in' hypocrite". Lemon juice makes you shut your eyes Indigo is known to represent intuition and spiritual knowledge. The hypocrite is weeping away their intuition and knowledge, until they don't even realize their own hypocrisy. "When you pissed all over my black kettle, you must've been high" You're the pot calling the kettle black and putting him down for it, or "pissing" on him. And it's obviously not with straight thinking or intuition that you did this. The lyrics here could either mean literally high, or maybe "you must ...
  • Tool - Wings for Marie (Lyrics and Meaning) WATCH THIS IN FULL SCREEN And I know it's long, but if you're going to watch it, watch the whole thing. It's worth it. I'll have a link to the second part of Wings for Marie / 10000 Days at the end of the video. Since they're both part of the same song, this description is the same on both videos. This is not the entire song "10000 Days". See my video "Tool - Wings for Marie (Lyrics and Meaning)" for the first part of the song. These are two of my favorite songs by Tool. They're about Maynard James Keenan's mother, Judith Marie. Judith was paralyzed when Maynard was 11. She stayed paralyzed until she died 10000 days later ("10000 days in the fire is long enough; you're going home"). She kept faith in God the whole time. The first song is more about Judith dying, and then Maynard accepting it and his mother's beliefs, which often conflicted with Maynard's. The second song is more about Judith's life, beliefs, etc. in general, and Maynard seeing the good in the passion that his mother had, while not always agreeing with her. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. Lots of Christian references. RIP Judith Marie. May your strong spirit and mind live on forever.
  • Don McLean - The meaning of American Pie (UPDATE) This is a revision to previously posted videos. I was fortunate enough to go to the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake IA and speak firsthand with many who were there including Tommy Allsup who flipped the coin with Ritchie Valens. This version corrects some factual errors and includes new footage from the SURF
  • Zeitgeist Ending - Meaning Of Life Quotes We are Powerful Beautiful Extraordinary. For the full video google for zeitgeist
  • quran Surah Al Ikhlas * Sincerity * with translation of its meanings into English quran Surah Al Ikhlas Sincerity with translation of its meanings into English to download :
  • Sri Rudram (lyrics and meanings) This video is dedicated at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva! Sri Rudram is one of the most sacred and powerful mantra found in Krishna Yajurveda. There are several mantras found in Sri Rudram that are used to bring great peace and enlightenment. Foremost among the mantras contained in Rudram is the Panchakshara Mantra; "Om Namah Shivaya" Also found is the great Mrytunjaya Mantra; "Tryambakam yajamahe Sugandhim pushtivardhanam Urvarurkamiva bhandhanamMrityor mukshiya mamirtate." "He who has divine fragrance, who makes men powerful and full of plenty; Him we worship, the three-eyed Sri Rudra. As easily as a ripe berry falls from its stalk, release me from death, and let me not turn away from immortality and enlightenment." The mantra most often used for Aarti; the Poojas that offers light to the deity; Namaste astu bhavagan vishvesvaraya mahadevaya triyambakaya triupurantakaya trikal Agni kalaya kalagni Rudraya nilakanthaya mrutyunjayaya sarveshvaraya sadashivaya sriman mahadevaya Namah" "Let my salutations be to that great God who is the Lord of the universe; the great God who has three eyes and who destroys Tripura, the three Asura cities. To that God who is the Dandhya time when the three sacred fires are lit; who is Sri Rudra the fire that consumes the universe; whose throat is blue; who has conquered death; the Lord of all; the ever auspicious one; salutations to that glorious and great God."
  • The true meaning of temptation As Sir Galahad follows his own clues to the Holy Grail, he ends up at the castle of Anthrax...the chaste knight is in peril to lose his reputation as a virgin unless...
  • Jermaine Stewart- We Dont Have To Take Our Clothes Off RIP Jermaine... There! To all who really care about the ONE or TWO words that were incorrect.. Thank you all!
  • The Meaning of American Pie The meaning behind the lyrics of Don McLean's American Pie. Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, War & Peace, drugs, murder, Hell's Angels and the Rolling Stones. And, of course Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper.
  • Disturbed - Meaning of Life Lyrics. No!
  • Janelle Monae: The Meaning Of 'Tightrope' "'Tightrope' was made for the people," says Janelle Monae of the lead single from her forthcoming new album, The Arch Android. Featuring Big Boi from Outkast, the 'Tightrope' video depicts dance as rebellious freedom. "Every time you step outside you're dealing with life and you're trying to stay sane, for a lack of better words. Balance, to me, is the key; not getting too high, not getting too low - that's what 'Tightrope' represents. It's like life's tutorial on how to actually make it through life without becoming insane and driving yourself to a life full of hatred and just not wanting to be here."
  • Boyce Avenue - Briane (Official Song, Lyrics & Meaning Behind The Song) on iTunes USA / Europe Tours: iTunes: For tour Meet & Greet VIP Packages click here: USA: ‪ Ireland/Continental Europe: UK: Mailing List (sign up for first ticket announcements and other updates) ‪ Amazon: ‪ Song & Lyrics to Boyce Avenue's original song "Briane" from their album "All We Have Left" available everywhere online. Music & Lyrics by Alejandro Manzano and Daniel Manzano Video by Fabian Manzano Produced by Boyce Avenue Facebook ‪ Twitter YouTube ‪ (Music Channel) ‪ (Vlog Channel) Official
  • buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo A interesting new way to look at a the word "buffalo." I created this as a visual literacy project for a Technology and Digital Media course at school. It proves just how strange the English language is...enjoy! NOTE: I have realized that I use the phrase "begs the question" incorrectly in this video. Perhaps that will be my next video idea - commonly misused logical fallacies. (-: For more English shenanigans, visit: ...or follow @SurviveEnglish on Twitter
  • BSB - Show me the meaning of being lonely (my edit) my video ^_^
  • Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Lyrics) Hope you enjoy it :)
  • Rathnamali Gatha with sinhala meaning
  • RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature In this new RSAnimate Steven Pinker shows us how the mind turns the finite building blocks of language into infinite meanings. Taken from the RSA's free public events programme /events
  • Richard Ashcroft - Check the Meaning
  • Tool - Lateralus (Lyrics and Meaning) This song is saying to think like a spiral, not like a straight line. It also refers to the spiral as a kind of shape that represents our divinity and soul. The spiral is the visual version of the Fibonacci Sequence, which is the ongoing pattern in the song (explanation at bottom). The song is also about trying to become more spiritually aware and connected with the universe and the collective consciousness. "Black, then, white are, all I see, in my infancy" This line refers to the basic colors of humanity, and how in ignorance, we only see the basic. "Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me; lets me see" This line refers to developing as a society into a more intelligent and more aware people. When we start to look deep within and push the boundaries that we know ("push the envelope; watch it bend"), then it will "let us see". We will see more of ourselves and the universe than we thought existed in our ignorance. "I embrace my desire to... ...swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human" Once we start to realize our own divinity and our connection with the universe and each other through swinging on the spiral, we may be the same physically and individually, but not mentally, spiritually, or as a whole. Only when we stop over-thinking and over***yzing will our minds and spirituality truly be one. Maynard James Keenan said himself: "A circle is the reflection of infinity; it has no beginning, no end, and theres no way to tell one part apart from ...

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