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  • Maxis Networks provides small to mid-size businesses professional IT Support Services, Central Florida IT Support, Technolgy Consultants, Small Business Managed Services. Maxis Networks can help you implement detailed technology systems and. — “Maxis Networks IT Support Services - Data Security and”,
  • ISP with no registration or monthly subscription fees. Also offers hosting services and domain names for businesses. — “My Maxis Store”, .my
  • Maxis provides telecommunications services in Malaysia, including mobile, business and home phone connections and Internet access. — “Maxis”, .my
  • Select All Clear All. Maxis. Maxis Store. Maxis 3G. FAQ. contact us site Explorer 7.0, Firefox 1.5 and Flash Player 8 and above. Copyright © 2010 Maxis Bhd. — “Maxis - Maxis for Personal Use”, .my
  • MAXIS is dedicated to providing international employee benefits expertise and solutions to multinational clients and consultants. The MAXIS Network is present in over 75 countries with leading insurance providers, including AXA and MetLife subsidiaries as well as independent carriers. — “Maxis - Home”,
  • CBC Maxis Management. Forum. You are here: Home. Register | Login. Sponsor. Quick Links Commission (SKMM) Maxis. myGovernment. 1Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia Online. — “CBC Maxis Main Portal > Home”,
  • Official site for The Sims, the video game where you create and control simulated people. Check out expansion packs for the game, or get updates, skins, and NPCs to improve your game. — “The Sims”,
  • : A leader in the development of innovative tools for the electrical industry. Legal Notices | Privacy Policy | Site Map | © 2010 Maxis, Inc. — “Welcome to Maxis Tools - Cable Pullers - Knockout Tools”, maxis-
  • Browse and buy Electronic Arts video games, play free games, or watch trailers for EA games like Madden NFL, The Sims, Medal of Honor and Need For Speed! The official site by Maxis. — “Electronic Arts (EA)”,
  • : Maxis Sim games Sim Tower: The Vertical Empire by Maxis (CD-ROM) - Windows 95 / 98. Buy new: $43.98. 4 new from $43.98. 10 used from $3.00. Get it by Monday, Nov. 22 if you order in the next 18 hours and choose one-day shipping. — “: Maxis Sim games”,
  • Official site from Maxis. Includes a free online version of SimCity Classic. — “SimCity”,
  • Latest news, sports, gossips, business and a whole lot more. MyLaunchpad is your one-stop portal to the Internet! Also, manage your Maxis Broadband account online!. — “MYLAUNCHPAD”, .my
  • Official site for The Sims 2, the simulation game that lets you create simulated people, and either help them have a long, successful existence or leave their lives in shambles. With screenshots, videos, and news about The Sims 2 expansion packs. — “The Sims 2”, thesims2
  • Maxis Software is an American company founded as an independent video game developer in 1987. Maxis is the creator of the best-selling computer game of all time,. — “Maxis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gamespot Company Page For Maxis - GameSpot offers reviews, previews cheats and more for games by Maxis. Count on us for all of the latest from the company Maxis. — “Gamespot Company Page For Maxis - Games By Maxis - Maxis”,
  • Maxis Services. Mobile & Plans. Broadband. Maxis For Business. Maxis Rewards. Downloads Hotlink. Copyright 2010 Maxis | Contact Us | Help | Term of Use. — “Music Unlimited”, .my
  • Maxis is the creator of the best-selling computer game of all time, The Sims and its first sequel, The Sims 2. These titles and their related products are the brand's most popular and successful lines. Most Maxis titles are simulation-based, though none are considered traditional simulations. — “Maxis facts - Freebase”,
  • Maxis Software is an American company that was founded as a video game developer and is now a brand name of Electronic Arts . Maxis' second software title. — “MaxisProfiles, Brand Logos and Top Lists – ”,
  • Follow us and keep up to date with the latest news, product information, and events from Maxis! If you need customer support please tweet @maxislistens. — “Maxis Mobile (maxiscomms) on Twitter”,
  • Simulation game from Will Wright. Starting with single-cell organisms, players work on designing life with ever more complexity. — “Spore”,
  • ShopWiki has 352 results for Maxis, including Sim Tower: The Vertical Empire, Coil X - Coiled Wire Reels (CX-106), The Simcity Box (pc Games), and SimAnt Maxis takes their Sim-building line vertical with SimTower, an original concept from Japan (where vertical living is much more commonplace than in. — “Maxis”,

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  • Dr.Maxis - Theory The Story Of Dr.Maxis
  • Samantha Dead? | Maxis Alive?| Step before Last. "Big-Bang Theory". Almost Complete! READ HERE, VERY IMPORTANT! They died before Maxis could give his speech. However, he says "Greetings, If you have received this message, Richtofen has entered the device. If you free me, I will help you minimize the damage that he will inevitably cause." We need to Free Maxis. A Huge thanks to NinjeticReflex - our newest member to Order115!
  • Maxis Make-over #5 - "Marsh Mansion" Download: Flabaliki's second make-over is on the lot "Marsh Mansion" from Twinbrook. See it turn from old to new in a matter of minutes.
  • [OFFICIAL] Maxis iPhone 3GS KLCC (Malaysia) Flash Mob - 14th August 2009 THE COPYRIGHT OF THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO US, J SQUARED MALAYSIA. No other agents have been appointed to redistribute this video. The sound recording complies with Malaysian law and has met with local regulations. This is Malaysia's first major dance flash mob which took over Kuala Lumpur's iconic KLCC in the center court area on Friday 14th August 2009 at 6.30pm, with over 100 dancers. While the KLCC has been off limits to flash mob attempts of this scale, on 14th August, a first was set. It began with a stage show of six dancers, before over 100 over members of the crowd joined in, catching everyone by surprise. The first major dance flash mob in the country - the mob is the first of many to come. Produced byJ² (J Squared) for Maxis, with various dance crews and non-dancers headed by Floor Fever, the event was in conjunction with the Maxis iPhone 3GS roadshow. For info on upcoming events, surf to or follow us on Twitter @myjsquared
  • Moon Easter Egg: Richtofen speaks with Dr. Maxis This is the part I edited out in Step #12 of the Moon Easter Egg... when you get to this step have Richtofen repeatedly press X on the keyboard. He and Dr. Maxis will start having a conversation.
  • Kino Der Toten Mini Secret 6 (LudVig Maxis) Exploring the pack a punch room, a weird blood stain and a cameo by the awesome default weapon
  • NERDING OUT AT MAXIS!! [APR.12.11 DAY 167] Check out Darkspore! Don't forget to thumb and Subscribe! :) Tshirts and Hoodies- Check out my main channel- Twitter me- Cory- Kitties- [Outro by TeraBrite]-
  • Maxis Hotlink on the iPhone 4 (US) A demo showing Maxis Hotlink on the iPhone 4 (US AT&T). This requires a jailbroken phone ( from your iPhone's Safari browser), unlock (ultrasn0w; downloaded from Cydia) and a microsim card (can be obtained from the Maxis centre or can be cut). The video shows the use of a cut normal (mini) simcard, converted into a microsim card. Note Maxis 3G works fine with the iPhone 4.
  • Maxis Collection and History (Part 2 of 3) 1993-1996 A collection video. Showing every Maxis game released in America! From Raid on Bungeling Bay to The Sims, this covers it all and it's all from my personal collection. Boxes, overviews, history, trivia, random Maxis love. Part two of three. Watch the higher-quality version here: SimCity 2000 Network Edition Review:
  • Maxis Make-over #1 - "Myrtle Bungalow" Qbuilderz does a super speedy make-over of a house that shipped with basegame. Do you think the end product is better than the original? Link to Download:
  • Spore: Galactic Adventures - Maxis talks about the first Spore's expansion Title: Spore: Galactic Adventures Genre: Managerial-Strategic Producer: Electronic Arts Developer: Maxis Platforms: PC, Mac Release Date: March 20 2009
  • SWAG at Maxis Studio for the SPORE Creature Creator Event I take a trip to the Maxis studio in Emeryville, CA for the unveiling of the SPORE creature creator on PC. The final game will be published by EA Games in September of 2008.
  • Maxis WiFi Modem (Huawei E5832) First Look and Speed Test A quick glance at the Maxis Mobile Modem (Huawei E5832) as well as my first speed test on Maxis Broadband (iPad Plan - 3.5GB) from Kota Samarahan. More details at: Note Pls accept my sincere apologies for the audio and my bad English.
  • Maxis Creature Advanced Creature Creator Tutorial This video shows how I created the Maxis creature, as many people have asked. If you don't know how to split, copy, or add limbs to other limbs, please watch the Advanced Creature Creation video here: Song is: The Bramble Stage from the SNES game Donkey Kong Country
  • Iklan Maxis - Caller Ringtone Indian Version Iklan Maxis - Caller Ringtone Indian version
  • Ascension - Dr. Maxis?! What's You Opinion? Is That Dr. Maxis? We Don't Know Where He Went After Der Reise... But, He Seems To Know About Samantha!!! (And If He Is Hiding In The Rocket... I Killed Him In This Vid) :P Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe. Thanks For Watching!
  • Zombies Intel -- Moon Gamer Picture, Samantha Maxis's FACE... HOLY Sh..... (Rezurrection) Crazy intel is just crazy Links to the pics ;)
  • Comic Con 2010: EA Darkspore Reveal First Look Launch Announcement from Maxis EA announces and reveals Darkspore from Maxis
  • Maxis mobile browsing - Flickr mobile Learn how to upload your photos on your mobile phone to flickr
  • Spore Galactic Adventures: Maxis Missions 1 Welcome aboard cadet - on your journey to become a space captain you have to overcome perilous missions across the galaxy. Prepare for your first mission briefing in your journey to go from zero to galactic hero! Spore Galactic Adventures beams down June 23rd.
  • Maxis Merdeka 2011 As we look forward to the 54th year of our independence, there isn't a better occasion to introduce our Maxis Sports Ambassadors. Ranked among the best in the world, these men and women are truly committed to the nation's dream. To celebrate the spirit of Merdeka, we have created a commercial and a print ad, where these athletes share what Merdeka means to them as proud Malaysians.
  • Maxis Make-over #4 - "Ancient Modernity" Qbuilderz takes on a much larger project this time around! Major changes are done to the outside and inside of this house - which do you prefer?
  • Maxis Collection and History (Part 1 of 3) 1984-1993 A collection video. Showing every Maxis game released in America! From Raid on Bungeling Bay to The Sims, this covers it all and it's all from my personal collection. Boxes, overviews, history, trivia, random Maxis love. Part one of three. Watch the higher-quality version here: Thanks to alanw3000 for the intro!
  • Moon: The Main Easter Egg: Dr Maxis Returns & Powering The Golden Rod! (Step 6) Richtofen finally trys to start the Kasamire Mechanism from Ascension, but gets rudely interrupted by an old friend. Like and favourite the absolute *** out of this guys we have been working hard to bring you this!
  • Moon: Samantha Maxis Quotes Credit to cjdog23
  • Maxis Collection and History (Part 3 of 3) 1996-2000 A collection video. Showing every Maxis game released in America! From Raid on Bungeling Bay to The Sims, this covers it all and it's all from my personal collection. Boxes, overviews, history, trivia, random Maxis love. Part three of three. Watch the higher-quality version here:
  • Opera Mini Ad From Malaysia A recent ad for Opera Mini from Malaysia, created by Maxis, one of the country's leading carriers.
  • Maxis Jax
  • DiGi vs Maxis [3G Browsing speed]
  • Spore Galactic Adventures User Upload Challenge 1 User IbeeejayI's CRYGOTH has been chosen as the best captain video: To participate in the latest Challenge follow this link: You've watched the Maxis Space Captain go from zero to Galactic Hero and now we'd like to see what your captain can do! Does your captain command a starship, have a peg leg, or appear on cereal boxes? Once you have created your Captain in Spore Galactic Adventures, make a video showing what your Captain is capable of. Then post it as a video response so the entire galaxy can see how cool your Captain is!
  • Maxis Hari Raya 2010 Commercial May our bonds never break. Hari Raya is a time when people return home to visit their family. In this film we show that family is forever, and that it transcends culture and race. We follow a young Chinese woman as she journeys home to celebrate Hari Raya with her Malay family.
  • Black Ops - Dr. Maxis PC just looking at the computer terminal in the main menu and some stuff related to the storyline of *** zombies
  • Antigua Sailing Week 2011 Day 1 - Maxis and Multis Fantastic sailing conditions marked the start of the 44th Antigua Sailing Week with clear blue skies echoed in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. With a large Multi Hull fleet and a great battle shaping up between Titan and Genuine Risk.
  • SimLife by Maxis This is from a non-playable demo of SimLife. You can download the demo at
  • Maxis Marksman
  • Maxis Spore For those who Are waiting for the game Spore by maxis I remix this video with the song across the universe by the BEATTLES and if u like the beattles U will probly like this video
  • Hitler rants about Maxis Broadband This is just a random rant about Maxis Broadband and Streamyx services in Malaysia. =/ Downfall is Copyright © 2004 Constantin Film AG, portions used under Fair Use.
  • Moon : Richtofens Conversation With Maxis One of the most interesting pieces of the story in moon.
  • Maxis Make-over #3 - "Column Cottage" Download: Flabaliki tries his hands at a building video, which ended up running over 13 minutes! I guess he builds a little slowly :P Don't forget to smack the ol' thumbs up button and check out
  • Moon: The Main Easter Egg: Richtofen Gets All Perks, Dr Maxis Steps In! (Part 8) We really set Samantha off now, Richtofen has gone truly mad and has gotten PERMANENT perks. Dr Maxis has a backup plan! Like and favourite the absolute *** out of this guys we have been working hard to bring you this!

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  • “KLue is your Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley guide. Find out about the latest events, hottest venues and the latest happenings in KL. Covering entertainment, nightlife, food, music, the arts - KLue keeps you on the city's pulse!”
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  • “Alright, the wait is over, DiGi iPhone plans have been revealed though technically it was exposed by @biznewsMY as reported by LiewCF on his blog. Though it might just be a marketing gimmick As many have anticipated, there should be no change in”
    — DiGi and Maxis iPhone Plans Comparison | ,

  • “The story begins when Maxis charged me for RM 82 for using their 3G service last month. So I immediately called their Customer Service (CS) to check and”
    MAXIS Customer Service SUCK | Show Me The Money!,

  • “Yesterday, we were talked about broadband topic during lunch time and one of my colleague shared about his Maxis broadband story. My colleague move to his new”
    Maxis Broadband Above Level 4! | Planet Malaysia,

  • “As of 2am today, June 30th, 2008, Maxis, one of Malaysia's biggest telecomunications providers, have absolutely no working cell towers in the Only later in the day did Maxis post a notice on their website informing customers that "Subscribers in Sabah”
    Maxis | Blog @,

  • “The Sporum -- The Official Spore Forum The Sporum - The Official Spore Forum. Search Recent Topics Hottest Topics Member Listing Back to forum index”
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  • “Mobile88 Forum Lapan bulan aku bertahan akhirnya aku terpaksa pilih yg lebih baik.-CELCOM dgn no yg sama.Tak tahu nak aku kongsikan camna,.10 thn aku pakai post pa”
    maxis sakit - Maxis - Mobile88 Forum | Malaysia Mobile Phone,

  • “One of the very famous question that I receive from friends about iPhone 4 is which one is better / cheaper to get? Maxis or DiGi? There's no better way of”
    Maxis or DiGi iPhone 4? | M're Undefined,

  • “Maxis Malaysia released Apple iPhone 3Gs prices in Malaysia on their website”
    Maxis Releases Apple iPhone 3Gs Price in Malaysia | Websites,

  • “Not my rant for not being there, I had an invite from friendly Maxis PR people and I had Daniel who graced the event on my behalf. I was recently selected by Maxis for the Maxis10 review campaign on the HTC Desire Android phone”
    — Marvin Lee Dot Net " Maxis,

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