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  • Tippmann 98 Series ACT Paintball Marker Pack (Tippmann) Easier to upgrade, modify, and maintain, the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Paintball Marker with. — “markers: Information from ”,
  • Buy Expo dry erase markers purple from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. — “Expo dry erase markers purple Pens at Bizrate - Black Friday 2010”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What are Coloring Markers? Markers are drawing instruments with an ink reservoir and a tip through which the ink is wicked for application. — “What are Coloring Markers?”,
  • Buy markers, including washable markers and kids coloring kits, from Crayola and more at Toys"R"Us. — “Markers - Washable Markers & Kids Coloring Kits | Toys"R"Us”,
  • Crayola markers come in colors and formulas for all kinds of creative expression. Markers. Basics. Story Studio™ Bonus. All Markers. Pip-Squeaks™ Basics. — “Crayola® Markers”,
  • Markers for the best prices, guaranteed! $2.95 shipping and product reviews on all Permanent Markers, Paint Markers, Felt Tip Markers, & Transparency Markers products. — “Markers | : Permanent Markers, Paint Markers”,
  • Definition of Markers in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Markers. Pronunciation of Markers. Translations of Markers. Markers synonyms, Markers antonyms. Information about Markers in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Markers - definition of Markers by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Nationwide distributor of Uni Paint and Posca Paint Markers. Your source for Uni Paint Markers, Posca Paint Markers, Sakura Solid Paint Markers, Zig Posterman Markers, Zig Illumigraph Markers, Sanford Meanstreaks, Mark-tex Texpens, Dalo Markers, High. — “Durable Supply Company”,
  • University of Washington. Sister Sites. . . . Go to archive. The countdown to the big 2010 UK tour this June. — “”,
  • Zig Posterman Markers, Chalk Board Markers, Prismacolor Art Markers. — “Zig Posterman Markers, Chalk Board Markers, Prismacolor Art”,
  • Markers in stock & ready to ship. National Distributor of Dry-Erase, Flipchart, Industrial/Specialty, Overhead Transparency, Permanent. Quantity discounts and Free shipping at . — “Markers:Online Discount Pens & Desk Supplies”,
  • A tool pouch for your markers. Convenient four-pouch holder for markers. Handy swivel clip attaches the Marker Keeper to belt, lapel, pocket, etc. Keeps markers in easy reach for quick retrieval. Constructed of durable vinyl with a steel clip. — “Markers”, x-
  • Markers Manufacturers & Markers Suppliers Directory - Find a Markers Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Markers Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Markers-Markers Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Permanent markers are porous pens that can write on surfaces such as plastic, wood, metal, and stone. In Canada and the U.S., "Magic Marker" is sometimes used to refer to "reveal markers" for "magic picture books" where the colours of a picture. — “Marker pen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If you're wondering which pens & markers are best to use with clear acrylic albums, look here! Copic markers, American Crafts Slick Writers, Sakura Souffle etc. — “Pens Markers Clear Acrylic Albums Copic Slick Writers | Clear”,
  • Shop for markers at Target. Find products like crayola markers, crayola and more. Choose from Fabric Marker 6Pkg - Neon Colors, 24 Pc Fine Point Permanent Marker and other products. — “markers : Target Search Results”,
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  • From Dick Blick Art Materials - choose from a huge selection of markers for professionals and students, including layout, brush, washable, calligraphy, paint, and permanent markers. — “Markers - BLICK art materials”,
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  • What are Copic Markers? presents Copic Markers. Click here to Download Copic - Color Wheel Click here to Download Copic - Blank Fill In Color Chart
  • - Marker Demo: Smash KO, OTR .071 Cold Sweat, OTR .070 H2B, Pilot Jumbo Art Primo graff supplies gives a hanstyle demo with these 4 dope markers. Learn how to do graffiti font tags from a pro. Also see a cool graffiti style alphabet.
  • Copic Markers & Stamping This video shows many tips and techniques for cardmaking, including grass-like fringe, altering buttons, stamping, coloring with Copic Markers and airbrushing with Copic Markers. FOR QUESTIONS, PLEASE VISIT on the 3/2/10 post. Thanks!
  • Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers . See all the features and benefits of using these premium pigmented, acid-free, archival ink markers. They are lightfast, permanent, non-toxic, and water resistant when dry. Use these markers for crisp, detail work in artistic and technical applications. You can purchase these products at
  • CHA 2012 - Tim Holtz Demos His New Distress Markers! - Tim Holtz gave us an exclusive (early!) morning tour and demo of his new markers. You might be wondering why or how or IF these markers are any different from other markers out there. Just watch and see!! --http
  • Phlatprinter3 Sharpie Marker Attachment Check out the cool new Sharpie Attachment originally designed by fellow Phlat Club Member scraighamilton for the Phlatprinter 3. Here we color the queen of spades. It's going to be awesome coloring the graphics on our planes before the Phlatprinter cuts them out. We can't wait to see what the other guyz come up with. Check them out here This is the first of many Phlatprinter 3 attachments.
  • How I Color with Markers Well my buddy Tifany and many others had been asking me how I go about coloring with markers / if I would maybe make a tutorial for coloring with markers. By no means do I think I'm a great marker artist - there are much more talented ones to learn from such as Adam Hughes - But since I kept getting so many different people asking me about it I went ahead and put together this little video. There is no explanatory audio, but I can explain here 1. I color with base colors (the lightest colors) 2. I do the shadows with the darker colors. 3. If I want to blend, I go back over with the first, lighter color I used. I made this by holding my camera in one hand and coloring with the other, so it is very bumpy/blurry. Though it may seem like that would be terribly difficult/ interfere with the actual coloring process, it was surprisingly easy. The actual coloring time is much longer than the 4 something minute long video (more like 2 - 3 hours). Thank you so much for watching, and I hope all the shaking / blurry images didn't make you too sick to your stomach. C: -Christina Gardner Song is "Parade" by Chaba - (one of my favorite bands)
  • Magik Markers - Taste ☺☻
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Birthday Picture Happy birthday to my best friend Brittany! She got to request whatever she wanted from me for her birthday (and I normally don't do requests). :D Sorry it's set to super speed... it was either that or the video would be like 10 minutes long. DX I worked on this over a period of two days, which is strange for me... I usually will do an entire large picture straight through without stopping (which is never a good idea lol). I've never really drawn anything like this before, so it was a fun new challenge! Anyway, thanks for watching! Here is the final picture over on my deviantArt! kerrie- Please comment, rate and subscribe!!! ~MissKerrieJ Music: Masquerade, Lovers Vendetta and Penance - all by Fired Earth Music
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Sunset Hey guys! I'm back (again). School has been keeping me pretty busy lately, but this week is the last week of the first summer session (and Wednesday was my last day of work YAY). That means (hopefully) I'll be around more often again, so I'll be able to make more videos and stuff (no guarantees though, second summer session starts next week, I'm waiting to see how busy I'll be). This picture was sort of an experiment.... I've never tried pencil and Copics together. It's interesting, the end result kind of looks like a painting. Not my favorite style (looks a little sloppy too me), but at least I can say I've tried it now. And my scanner killed the colors... but I never use a computer to alter anything, so it stays as it is. I'm also going to update my channel page to list all the tools I've been using... I get asked a lot about them, so hopefully that'll be helpful. Thanks for watching!!! Please comment, rate and subscribe!!! ~MissKerrieJ Here is the picture on my deviantArt: kerrie- Tools: Pencil (Cretacolor Monolith sketching pencils), Copic Markers and an Inkssentials Opaque White Pen for highlights. Music: Could've Been by Two Steps from Hell
  • The Marker - YahWeh - Live in London @ The GBOB Finals Place: Scala, London, UK Event: Global Battle of the Bands, World Finals 2008 Live Recording: The Live Scene, UK Studio Mix: High Vision Studio, RO Song: YahWeh (Tune: Paul Mates, Lyrics: Paul Mates, Angela Mary Maxim) Band: Paul Mates (Front Man, Guitar), Octav Capota (Drums), Claudiu Ursache (Lead Guitar), Andrei Prodan (Bass) YahWeh Lyrics: STR.1 I'M NOT A LOSER, OR JUST SIMPLY A USER I'M A WARRIOR, AND I AM FIGHTING IN THIS GAME I AM FIGHTING FOR A KINGDOM CAUSE AND I AM FIGHTING TO BRING BACK SOMETHING THAT WAS LOST R. I sing YahWehhh, I fly YahWehhh, I sing YahWehhh, I can touch the sky STR.2 I'M NOT THAT SPECIAL, OR THAT DIFFERENT FROM YOU AT ALL I'M THE PILOT, AND I AM FLYING HIGH THIS PLANE I AM FLYING THROUGH THE DARKEST STORMS AND I AM FLYING TO BRING BACK LIGHT AND HOPE TO THE LOST
  • Dorm Life Episode 203 - Markers Mike introduces a new game to the floor...
  • Illustration Marker Tutorial- Prismacolor, AD Chartpak, Pantone, Copic Drawing Demo Link- Illustration markers are incredible tools for artists! They add color quickly and accurately without a time consuming set up or a messy clean up. They can be used alone or in combination with other artistic media. This tutorial will teach you what you need to know about illustration markers. You will learn how to use them as I demonstrate by drawing a basketball player. Lets Get Started with thos tutorial! Lets start by giving you some background knowledge. 1a.) Brands- The most popular brands are Prismacolor, Copic , Ad Chartpak and Pantone. I will do a drawing demonstration of Ad Chartpak in this video. 1.) Markers- When you use illustration markers, think of yourself as a watercolor artist. Watercolor artists create their work with beautiful transparent colors. If you choose to try illustration markers, you will definitely be able to apply and make multiple layers of transparent color. But there is a difference......the ability to mix. The colors are pre mixed and they do not blend together like wet paint as you can see in this demonstration. 2.) Special Markers- There are two different types of special illustration markers; Blender markers and gray markers for tones. The blender marker is a little deceptive. It is simply a marker without color in it. It is comprised of the fluid that the marker is mixed in. When it is applied on paper, the colors will bleed together. Notice how the line in between the two colors has disappeared. You will see more ...
  • Slingshot exceeds legal power limit for paintball markers! One of the most common FAQs: Can you shoot paintballs with the slingshot? Well, the obvious answer is: Sure, why not. But today, The Slingshot Channel takes the challenge one step further. Can a handheld, conventional slingshot exceed the power of the best commercially available paintball markers? The legal limits for tournament paintball range between 212 fps (Germany) and 300 fps (international). 300 fps, or 92 m/s, is pretty fast for a rubber based weapon. But an extremely tapered bandset and a super lightweight pouch do the trick . the slingshot exceeds 336 fps (102,5 m/s)! This would make it illegal on a licensed paintball range. See the impact of the super fast paintballs in slow motion! A "The Slingshot Channel" production.
  • SIRUM 1 x Ironlak Paint Markers. SIRUM (Melbourne) gets busy with Ironlak's new range of paint markers. Video: Carl Allison. Music courtesy of DEF WISH CAST - "Dun Proppa" (produced by Resin Dogs). Purchase "Dun Proppa" on iTunes: /defwishcast .au /product_paintMarkersRefills.html
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Designer Yay HD!!! Trying out a new digital camera this week... the camera is nice... but it'll take some getting used to I think. D: Those of you that follow me on Tumblr (I do apologize for the almost constant spamming lol) saw the sketch for this about a week and a half or so ago. I really love the illustrations for the Disney Princess Designer collection, especially Rapunzel. I really wanted to draw her dress. :D I had planned on doing a real-time sketching video for this week, but (of course) I got sick and I didn't want to be dying while filming a real-time video. I'll have to do that one sometime soon. :) Anyway, thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe! You can follow me on my Tumblr: Here is the picture on my deviantArt: kerrie- All information about the tools I use can now be found on my main channel page! Music: Sunshine (instrumental) by Monkey Majik
  • Copic marker coloring techniques shading with copic markers
  • Using Beat Markers in iMovie 11 (MacMost Now 479) Beat Markers allow you to set points in an audio track and then drop in video with cuts that match the beats. After timing out the beats in a soundtrack, all you need to do is drag and drop video or photos into iMovie and the video will be cut to match the markers. You can even add transitions that fit along with the beats.
  • How to use copics -Tutorial /Copic, outline Copics are alcohol-based markers they should be inked with specifically pigment-ink pens so they do not smudge when coloring (thx to Kiisaragi ^^) Pen/Copics I used for this picture: Copic Layout paper (A4) Copicmultiliner (0.2 and brush) Copics ciao face: E51 and E35 Hair: E 31, E33, E 29 ________________________________________ www.chasm- (my official homepage) http ([email protected]) (online-magazine)
  • How to Draw an Apple- Illustration Technique (Color Pencils and Markers) Link- Supplies I Use- Facebook: Twitter: This video shows my process for making an illustration. I use prismacolor illustration markers for the first layer and color pencils (prisma once again) and a wax blending stick for the second layer. I make my illustrations in two steps. Step 1- I observe my reference drawings or photos and try to see what lies beneath. There is no way to blend markers in the same way that one can blend paint (ironically even with a marker blender) so I lie down the base tones with markers (the first layer). Step 2- Is created with color pencils. Color pencils are mixable / blendable and I mix the color pencils directly above my marker drawing. I use the wax stick to finish the surface and tie everything together. - Merrill Kazanjian 0:13 Take a second to observe the colors lying beneath the surface. 1.)Yellow/green/orange at the top 2.) Orange top/middle 3.) Brownish purple in the shadow on the left. 4.) Strong red on the right side. Everywhere else (but the red) is lower in chroma (intensity of color) 0:20- I start my drawing with the yellowed orange marker from prismacolor. I try to match the undertone. 0:38 I use marker color Apple Green at the top of the apple 0:48 I use the color Mahogany Red to add the general shape and color of the shadows 1:02 I use the marker Poppy Red to create the high chroma red on the area next to the highlight. 1:20 Now I use Tuscan Red to adjust the shadow. This ...
  • How To Use Copic Sketch Markers Hey guys, today I'll show you how to color Iron Man using Copic Sketch markers. These markers will make any drawing look spectacular. To enter the GIVEAWAY, leave the correct comment & follow this link: Send your mail to: Cartoon Block PO Box 7461 Northridge, CA 91327 Subscribe to the vlog channel: Join me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Music by:
  • Distress Marker Basics Tim Holtz Creative Director for Ranger, shows the basic tips & tricks using Ranger's Distress Markers...
  • SNIFFING MARKERS!! (12.5.09 - Day 219) More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Merida Hello everyone! Thanks sooo much for the 4000 subscribers! That came and went a lot faster than I thought it would. This picture was originally suppose to be for the real-time series of videos that I'm planning, but things happened so I'll have to re-record another one of those sometime later. Since this was supposed to be a real-time video, it includes everything from the sketching to the finished product. I don't normally record myself sketching, but a lot of people have asked for my to include that in my videos. About the note at the end of the video -- yes, I did go in and delete about 6 of my old videos. I'm going to tweak them a bit and post them back onto my channel over the next, say, month or so. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe! ~MissKerrieJ Here is the final image over on my deviant Art: kerrie- Tools I used for this: Paper: Gina K Pure Luxury Cardstock, in ivory not white. Inking pens: Copic Sp Multiliners, nib sizes 0.1, 0.2 and 0.25 Inkssentials Opaques White Pen for the eye highlights. Copic marker colors I used (in the order I used them): Skin: E000, E00, E21, R20, E0000, E31 Hair: YR14, YR15, YR16, YR18, R08 Dress Cream Color: E30, E31 Dress Blue Color: BG72, BG18, BG75, BG78
  • Chartpak AD Markers These waterproof, permanent, solvent-based markers deliver brilliant color in fine, medium, or broad strokes. This video will show you a couple of tips and tricks when using these professional quality markers. You can purchase Charpak AD Markers at Blick Art Materials
  • Minecraft: IC2/BC/RP - Builders / Templates / Markers Thumbs up and Comment! Helps me out yo. Subscribe: Twitter: Texture pack - IC pack -
  • Helpful Hacks: How to Remove Permanent Marker Sharpie Off a Whiteboard This actually happened to us today. My sweet 6 year old daughter waas using the whiteboard and unbeknowenst to her, she was actually using a permanent Sharpie marker. After a little trail & error, we finally figured out this sweet little hax. Just draw over the permanent marker with a regular dry-erase marker and it will wipe right off. Happy hacking!
  • Stop Motion Markers Share on Facebook: and Twitter: L Check out my other videos: My second channel: Shirts: Send me things: Mystery Guitar Man PO Box 691067 Hollywood, CA 90069 Background song by Kevin MacLeod:
  • Heat-free Pencils & Markers Curls Facebook: Tumblr: x3 Instagram x3Thuha (I just reached 50k subscribers recently. Thank you to all of you! ♥) HEYLO everyone! :) I haven't been making videos lately because my camera was stolen a few weeks ago. I wished whoever took it was nice enough to return...
  • Billie the Unicorn Marker Demo Marker demo from my book, "Billie the Unicorn", which will be out spring 2011. Music: "Grayscale", by Keiko Takamura and the Shebangs. Please checkout their album Keiko was very sweet and gave me permission to use this song for her video, please support her and her awesome band! ******** At the end of this video is a little suprise!
  • Copic Marker Storage Links!! The tins were purchased from Home Hardware - I blogged about them here: Little Monkeys Stamp Storage Boxes: I've bought most of my Copic markers and refills from either All That Scraps: or Stamping Bella: my blog:
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Flowing Hello guys! I'm back... I did not have any time last week to make a video. D: This has probably been one of the busiest weeks I've had in a long while. I decided (very last minute) that I wanted to start taking summer classes instead of waiting until October, so this past Monday was my first day of school (part of the reason I was so busy). I also went to the beach and did a bunch of other stuff this week too. This picture, I actually finished inking at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 midnight premier, while my friends and I were waiting in line (for 8 hours XD lol)... I decided to include the drawing of her hair at the beginning of the video, thought you might be interested to see how I draw hair... I don't use an outline when I ink in hair, I just do it by hand. Anyway, thanks for watching guys! Please comment, rate and subscribe! ~MissKerrieJ See the picture on my deviantArt: kerrie-
  • Copic Marker Demo Here I demonstrate how I color with Copics, with a drawing of Penny from my Tokyopop series Fool's Gold. Yay!
  • Markwell Markers These suck, do not buy them.
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Rapunzel PLEASE READ: Information about the drawing supplies I use is located on my channel! FAQ: Yes, I did draw this picture myself, it's not a photocopy that I got from the internet. I inked it with Copic SP Multiliners in sepia and wine, which is why the line art in reddish brown. Total time: Less than 4 hours Tools: Copic Multiliners in Sepia and Wine for inking. Copic Markers TracePad LED Light Box Inkssentials Opaque White Pen Music - Once Upon a Time by West One Music Here is the picture on deviantArt: kerrie- *EDIT* Two things I always get comments on - Yes, I know I didn't add her freckles - I chose not to add them - creative license! And yes, her neck is long - I like elongated necks on character I draw, it's just the way I draw.
  • Copic Marker Drawing: Brave So I saw the teaser trailer for Pixar's new film Brave and the first thing I thought was: OMG I want to draw her, she has AMAZING hair. XD I'm such a dork. That was the inspiration for this weeks video (if you watch the trailer, she really does have amazing hair lol). I think I need to practice doing backgrounds more often... I'm not very good at them. =__= I'm sure I'll be doing more fanart from this movie... I can already tell lol... I love the visuals, very beautiful. :D Anyway, thanks for watching everyone! Please comment, rate and subscribe!!!! ~MissKerrieJ Here is the picture over on my deviantArt page: kerrie-
  • Prismacolor Art Markers Tips & Techniques Ever wonder what to do with that Colorless Blender marker? Or how to get rid of those streaks in your marker drawings? We have lots of tips for you! Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers feature two distinct nibs capable of achieving multiple line widths. Both ends draw from a single ink reservoir for a perfect color match end to end, making them ideal for both technical and artistic applications. Intended for professional artists and advanced students, Prismacolor Art Markers will not fade or feather. Purchase Prismacolor markers at great prices at
  • Cat listening to music - Chris Marker
  • Sans Soleil (Chris Marker) Sans Soleil (1983).
  • Don't throw away your markers This is just a quick and simple tip for artists who use markers to color their work. Refilling your own markers can save you money, and it's easy to do.

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