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  • Bukan Marinir kalau tak berani ambil risiko. Nanti malam (23/11), 75 prajurit korps elite Angkatan Laut itu akan beradu renang menyeberangi Selat Sunda. Jika dihitung dalam garis lurus, mereka akan bertarung melawan ombak ganas sepanjang 38 kilometer. — “Marinir TNI AL Renangi Selat Sunda - Topix”,
  • , Jakarta: Sebanyak 365 prajurit Marinir dikirim ke Yogyakarta. Adalah Komandan Korps Marinir Mayor Jenderal TNI M. Alfan Baharudin yang melepas tim bantuan ini. Acara pelepasan berlangsung di lapangan Markas Korps Marinir Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, kemarin. — “Ratusan Marinir Dikirim ke Yogyakarta”,
  • Marinir - Define Marinir at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Marinir. Look it up now!. — “Marinir | Define Marinir at ”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. There is no topic page for 'Marinir' Create One Now!. — “Videos tagged with Marinir - Metacafe”,
  • Korps Marinir Indonesian Marine Corps Indonesian Navy Special Forces Lahir pada tanggal 15 November 1945, Korps Marinir (Kormar) merupakan pasukan darat dari TNI AL. — “MARINIR”,
  • Suara Merdeka, 22 Juni 2009 Surabaya, CyberNews. Sebanyak 4.000 prajurit Pasukan Marinir-1 (Pasmar-1) menjalani tes HIV/AIDS secara bertahap mulai 22 Juni hingga 26 Juni 2009. Kegiatan tes HIV/AIDS bagi prajurit. — “4.000 Prajurit Marinir Jalani Tes HIV/AIDS - HIV/AIDS (http”, aids-
  • Mako Satgas Marinir TNI AL membantu warga Kecamatan Turi Sleman membuat saluran air untuk keperluan di barak pengungsian Desa Wonokerto, Rabu (24/11/2010). Air diambil dari sumber mata air di Sungai Sempor di Dusun Babadan Desa Girikerto Turi. — “detikFoto : Marinir Buat Saluran Air Untuk Pengungsi”,
  • Surabaya - Prajurit Marinir Pasmar-1 yang tergabung dalam Satgas Penanggulangan Bencana Dansatgas SSY-1 Marinir Pasmar-1 PB Merapi Letkol Laut (K) Andi Abdullah Spod kepada ANTARA melalui surat elektronik, Rabu, mengatakan kegiatan hiburan itu telah dilaksanakan pada Selasa. — “Marinir Ajak Anak-anak Merapi ke "Gembira Loka" | Berita Jawa”,
  • pt-76 marinir - download at 4shared. pt-76 marinir is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy registration. File upload progressor. Multiple file transfer. Fast download. — “pt-76 marinir.rar - 4 - online file sharing and”, 4
  • The Indonesian Marine Corps (Indonesian: Korps Marinir, KorMar) is the Indonesian National Navy's ground troops. Korps Marinir Colors Guards. 2 Marine Forces plus one independent brigade (forming as part of Ten Year Defence. — “Indonesian Marine Corps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Latihan Pemantapan Terpadu Korps Marinir 2010. LAMPUNG - Sejumlah pasukan korps Marinir melakukan pengisian Roket RM.70 Grad ke dalam truk peluncur saat Latihan Pemantapan Terpadu Korps Marinir tahun 2010 di Pantai Caligi, Lampung, Minggu (7/2). — “ALUTSISTA : ALAT UTAMA SISTEM SENJATA: Latihan Pemantapan”,
  • SURABAYA(Pos Kota)- Seorang polisi Selasa (22/9) dianiaya anggota Marinir . Kasusnya ditangani Pomal Lantamal V Surabaya. Briptu Hendrik, anggota Polsek. — “Anggota Polisi Dianiaya Marinir | ”,
  • The marines of Indonesia (Korps Marinir-TNI AL) and the United States (USMC) conducted a into 5 teams, guided and supported by trainers and doctors from Korps Marinir-TNI AL. — “Interoperability-Field Training Exercise (FTX-IIP) Marine”,
  • Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut (Kasal), Laksamana Madya TNI Agus Suhartono, S.E., Minggu, diangkat menjadi Warga Kehormatan Korps Marinir bertepatan perayaan HUT ke-64 Korps Marinir di Bhumi Marinir, Karangpilang, Surabaya. — “ANTARA News: Kasal Jadi Warga Kehormatan Marinir”,
  • View marinir Pictures, marinir Images, marinir Photos on Photobucket. Share them with your friends on MySpace or upload your own!. — “Photobucket | marinir Pictures, marinir Images, marinir Photos”,
  • Berita Indonesia / JakartaUntuk memberikan dukungan moril kepada jaringan hotel JW Marriot Indonesia, Komandan Marinir AS Jenderal James T. Conway menginap di hotel JW Marriot Jakarta. — “Jakarta: BERI DUKUNGAN, KOMANDAN MARINIR AS MENGINAP DI HOTEL”,
  • detailed map of Marinir and near places. Welcome to the Marinir google satellite map! This place is situated in East Timor, its geographical coordinates are 8° 32' 28" South, 125° 31' 58" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Marinir. — “Marinir Map | East Timor Google Satellite Maps”,

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  • Indonesia Military Forces Indonesia Military Forces The Indonesian National Armed Forces (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia, TNI; formerly Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia, ABRI) in 2009 comprises approximately 432129 personnel including the Army (TNI-AD), Navy (TNI-AL) including the Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir) and the Air Force (TNI-AU). The Indonesian Army was formed during the Indonesian National Revolution, when it undertook a guerrilla war along with informal militia. As a result of this, and the need to maintain internal security, the Army has been organized along territorial lines, aimed at defeating internal enemies and external invaders once they have occupied the nation[2].. Under the 1945 Constitution, all citizens are legally entitled and obliged to defend the nation. Conscription is provided for by law, yet the Forces have been able to maintain mandated strength levels without resorting to a draft. Most enlisted personnel were recruited in their own home regions and generally trained and served most of their time in units nearby. The Indonesian Army is by far the largest, with about 328517 active-duty personnel, compared to around 74963 in the Navy and 34930 in the Air Force.[citation needed]. The Indonesian armed forces are entirely voluntary. The available manpower fit for military service of males aged between 16 to 49 is 52000000, with a further 2000000 new suitable for service annually[3] Defense spending in the national budget was widely estimated 3% of ...
  • Daddy's Deployment Episode 3 - Indonesia Daddy working with the Indonesian Marines (KORMARS) during MAREX 09.
  • ProFauna helps animals victim of Merapi eruption
  • Indonesia TNI #14 Polri Densus 88 Indonesian Police squad detachment 88 anti terror
  • indonesia heart brain and backbone asean
  • Zhayla & Rasendriya.avi Zhayla Nada Aulia & Rasendriya Alif Alkautsar (BUNAI)
  • Police car - Airport Police in Manado in SAMRAT Airport. This is a short video of a indonesian police car in manado SAMRAT airport. Airport police
  • Indonesia TNI #8 UN mission Indonesian UN Miision peace keeping.
  • A change of heart for Indonesia's Mobile Brigade - 25 Oct 07 Indonesia's Mobile Brigade, better known as BRIMOB, is a police unit, but one trained along military lines. Credited with crippling Jemaah Islamiyah, the force is also accused of human rights abuse. As Fauzia Ibrahim reports, BRIMOB is now trying to reform itself, and improve its reputation.
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  • anti marinir this is video clip of my band
  • Indonesia TNI #4 Go Indonesia ..... real Asian tiger.
  • Chastine Marinir Princess
  • Peacekeeper Diary Short clip of the journey of Major Marines Dicky Harwin Wijanarko while serving the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) as UN Military Observer (UNMO) during the period of March 2009 - March 2010 in Greenville and Gbarnga - Liberia, West Africa. The clips are intended for sharing purposes only.
  • Indonesia TNI #13 Denjaka Indonesian new special force Denjaka is specially for naval operation.
  • Indonesia TNI #1 350.000 Indonesian arm force and 250 million Indonesian citizen ready to defend our great country.
  • Indonesian Special Forces Indonesian Special Force. My Third Movie is not as good as the second one. And Also, the first title is not "Totainpur", But "Tontaipur"
  • Ganyang Malaysia -Kuala Lumpur It is beautiful country...
  • ganyang malaysia part 1 of 4 The IndonesiaMalaysia confrontation (also known as Konfrontasi in Indonesian and Malay) was an undeclared war over the future of the island of Borneo, between British-backed Malaysia and Indonesia during 19621966. The origins of the conflict lay in Indonesian attempts to destabilise the new Federation of Malaysia, which came into being in 1963. Malaya had gained its independence from Britain in 1957 and its leader, Tunku Abdul Rahman, was the prime-mover behind the federation of the states of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore into the federation of Malaysia. Singapore was expelled from the federation in 1965 and became independent.[1]
  • indonesia GO indonesia
  • mari&menxu
  • kenangan cinta the marinir.3gp
  • ganyang malaysia part 2 of 4 On 20 January 1963, Indonesian Foreign Minister Subandrio announced that Indonesia would pursue a policy of Konfrontasi with Malaysia. On 12 April, Indonesian volunteers—allegedly Indonesian Army personnel—began to infiltrate Sarawak and Sabah, to engage in raids and sabotage, and spread propaganda. Walker recognised the difficulties of limites forces and a long border and in early 1963 was reinforced with an SAS squadron from UK, which rotated with another mid-year. The problem was that even when the SAS temporally adopted 3 instead of 4 man patrols they could not closely monitor the border. Another way was to increase the capability of the infantry to create a surveillance network. To this end Walker raised the Border Scouts, building on Harrisons force of Kelabits, who had mobilised to help intercept the fleeing TNKU forces from the Brunei Revolt, the experience of the Royal Marines, and knowing the skill and usefulness of the Sarawak Rangers in the Malayan Emergency. This was approved by the Sarawak government in May as auxiliary police. Walker selected Lieutenant Colonel John Cross, a Gurkha officer with immense jungle experience for the task. A training centre was established in a remote area at Mt Murat in the 5th Division and staffed mostly by SAS. Border Scouts were attached to infantry battalions and evolved into an intelligence gathering force by using their local knowledge and extended families.[13] In addition the Police Special Branch, which had proved so ...
  • Indonesia TNI #3 Viva Indonesia ...
  • Indonesian warship TNI AL Indonesian navy will defend our great country, including you arrogant Malaysian, we will kick your sorry ass, get out from our ambalat territory !!
  • Doper Marinir.3gp
  • Indonesia TNI #2 Indonesian TNI
  • Doper Marinir marinir
  • GTA SA RUSSIAN ARMY I combine all the Russian army mods and put them together in one video or maybe two videos. "FOR THE MOTHERLAND" READ ME Russian Vehicles In Video BTR 90 TRANSPORT T90 Main Battle Tank Missile Launcher Truck KA 50 Helicopter MI 24 HIND GUNSHIP Mi-17 Hip Multi-Mission Helicopter BMP 2 Type R Marinir Tank Russian Gas Mask Soldier I could have added the B52 Russian But it was some glitches in the plane. And I wanted to add the Air Force For Russia but i will add in the next video
  • Gapura Kehormatan Marinir 2nd Episode This is my military wedding ceremony. Happened on 19.04.2008. Everyone came to see and happy on my big days.
  • Indonesia Kopassus 2 Indonesian special force the Kopassus in battle exercise.
  • Pedang Pora Pedang Pora ceremony
  • paskhas and US Special force Training paskhas and US Special force Training in indonesia.
  • Indonesia TNI #9 join exercise US and Indonesian arm force join exercise.
  • ganyang malaysia part 4 of 4 The Indonesian Air Force also operated air transport, particularly into the more mountainous areas of the border that were beyond rivers navigable by larger boats and landing craft. Although they had far less aircraft than the Commonwealth forces, those they had were far more capable. They included the workhorse helicopter Mil Mi-4 NATO reporting name HOUND, the largest helicopter in the world, Mil Mi-6 NATO reporting name HOOK, and C-130 Hercules. It appears that the Indonesians lost a C-130 in Borneo, but there are various stories about the circumstances. One is that it crashed while avoiding a Javelin. Another has more detail, the Long Bawang airfield is at the base of a small beak of Indonesian territory protruding into the 5th Division of Sarawak near Ba Kelalan, RAF fighter patrols along the border had a habit of cutting the corner and flying across the beak. Indonesian anti-aircraft gunners were ordered to shoot down the next aircraft that overflew them, this they did. However, it was an Indonesian C-130 with about a company of RPKAD on board who were to jump into the airfield, the gunners shooting was good, the RPKAD jumped but the aircraft was losing height and many parachutes didnt have the height to fully open and the aircraft crashed close to the airfield. During the year Indonesian forces increased in strength and incursions were increasingly by regular troops, sometimes led by officers trained by the UK. A US Army training team remained in Indonesia ...
  • malaysia youtubers hero noordin M top confirmed dead 09/19/2009
  • Pedang pora

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