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  • Mar·bler n. 1. One who works upon marble or other stone. [R.] Fuller. 2. One who colors or stains in imitation of. — “marbler: Information from ”,
  • Online resource and forum for the Knight Online MMORPG. Item information, clan rankings, forums, calculators, and more! 3,576. 2010-05-01. 2. MaRBLeR. 32,957,577 NP +136,565. 2010-04-30. 2. MaRBLeR. 32,821,012 NP +0. 2010-04-29. 2. — “KnightOnline Item Database - USKO NP”,
  • marbler. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 27 November 2009, at 18:35. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “marbler - Wiktionary”,
  • Welcome to Studio Robert Wu. Robert is a Hand Bookbinder, Gilder, Box Maker and Marbler. — “Studio Robert Wu - Hand Bookbinding, Gilding, Box Making and”,
  • 50 Organic Gourmet YELLOW OYSTER Mushroom Plugs/ Seeds. Seller: seed_lover Feedback: 3414 Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Tree 4.5x3" Ceramic pot OK INDOORS. Seller: slowgrower Feedback: 2856. — “Yard Garden”,
  • The Marbler's Apprentice is where you will find supplies and information about traditional watercolor marbling on paper. We focus on historical patterns and techniques from the 16th through the 19th centuries. — “The Marbler's Apprentice Home Page”,
  • Translations of Marbler. Marbler synonyms, Marbler antonyms. Information about Marbler in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Heil, also the Olympic champion in moguls, edged Shannon Bahrke of the United States, with Margarita Marbler of Austria taking the bronze. — “Marbler - definition of Marbler by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Marbler definition, metamorphosed limestone, consisting chiefly of recrystallized calcite or dolomite, capable of taking a high polish, occurring in a wide rang See more. — “Marbler | Define Marbler at ”,
  • Grafik Design, Webdesign, Illustration, Typography, Werbegrafik, sowie Buckelpiste und Freeriding. Site von Harald und Margarita Marbler. — “”
  • Posted by: marbler on August 18, 2008. Let there be light. Posted by: marbler on August 18, Posted by: marbler on August 18, 2008 " Previous Entries. Next Page " Share this blog. Find me on FB. — “2008 " marbling, music & miscellany”,
  • Profile of Margarita Marbler, member of the Austrian Ski Team Freestyle, and World Cup / Olympic freestyle skier. — “Margarita Marbler - Freestyle Skier Margarita Marbler”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable marbler coffee mugs, Steins, Travel Mugs and more from - Choose your favorite marbler mug from thousands of available designs. — “Marbler Coffee Mugs, Steins Marbler Mugs”,
  • Marbler, The least expensive way is to have a variable speed right angle tool, with a Dear Mr. Marbler, first and foremost I suggest that you experiment with the suggestions. — “How to polish marble edge [Archive] - Ceramic Tile Advice”,
  • Marbler made her debut at the International Youth Championship event on March 6, 1994 in Laajavuori, Finland in both the Aerials and Moguls event. Marbler finally broke through with a her first podium in 1999, finishing second at a Moguls event in Japan. — “Margarita Marbler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • marbler's Kongregate profile - Check out marbler's favorite free games, achievements and friends. — “marbler's profile on Kongregate”,
  • : V.2 2007. PHOTOGRAPHY DESIGN MUSIC ABOUT. — “:: ::”,
  • Find the latest Marbler jobs, Marbler job listings and a full description of Marbler tasks at AOL Find a Job. Upload your resume now!. — “Marbler Jobs - AOL Find a Job”,
  • Light Up Marble Racers combine the racing excitement of mini-toy sports cars and the Kids customize their Marble Racers with themed, easy to use, crack & peel racing decals,. — “”,
  • Visit Job Shirts for more World's Greatest MARBLER shirts,World's Greatest MARBLER t shirts,job and office mugs, hats,stickers, pins and many more Marbler clothing & apparel. World's Greatest MARBLER Crewneck Sweatshirt. See all 3 colors | $24.99. — “Design on 28 Unique Products - ”,
  • Marble Or Marble Composite Panel, Granite and more See info for all products/services from Qingdao Marbler Building Materials Co., Ltd. — “Qingdao Marbler Building Materials Co., Ltd. - Marble Or”,

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  • Black Widow of La Porte 100% FC 1 day overdue Yesterday both my guitars were overstrumming... :'( D': ;_; QQ But today my guitar decided to be nice and work with me for approximately 2.5 hours. In that time, I managed to get two -1s, a -2, and 10 FCs to Super Serial Solo B (one of them being right before this run). 4 of those made it two Super Serial Solo D, 2 of those made it to Red Hourglass 2B, and 1 of those made it to an FC. I am happy.
  • Betta Marbler Half Moon Plakat geno super black
  • Hitler Gets Angry at Marbler for FC'ing I'm The One LOLOLOL This is my first ever "Hitler Gets Angry" video, so if it's not good that's my excuse. This is pretty much just Hitler getting mad at Marbler ( ) for FC'ing I'm The One. I shortened a lot of the end because it was just Hitler being too calm and stuff to make it good. I think it's kind of funny personally :P BTW, I'm going to finish up my Circus Galop chart on co-op (I fixed EOF so now I can edit again yay :D) and put it up for download so that people can test the chart and try to pass :P Speaking of Circus Galop, I think I'm the first to chart it in GH 0_o I'll also post a vid of my custom called Duo. I put it together in Logic Pro and it sounds amazing but I'll record it tomorrow because I'm tired (maybe I'll get to it tonight but I doubt it). Enjoy!
  • freestyleski champery My second Youtube-movie
  • Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Theme 100% FC GH5 This is one insane FC, but each part is easy to get down. Doing it all in one run is really the hard part. I got this about an hour and a half after practicing Solo 2B for the first time...
  • War Ensemble drums expert technical FC This took me so long to do. After a couple of the sections, I overhit, but it's just the first note of the next section that I hit. Each of these is a legit FC. However, during the choruses, I use 2 feet on one pedal. It just makes it easier, and it's still legal to use double bass for regular expert...
  • Speeding FC 100% I grinded this for at least 4 hours. I don't know what to say except that I'm so relieved that I got this.
  • Cry For Eternity by DragonForce Guitar hero 3 Custom Expert Guitar Just a Quick video because Marbler wanted a preview of this chart This is the most accurate chart I have EVER played of this song. Charted by Marbler This video is 2 runs but merged into each other. (I failed the first run lol) Song: Cry For Eternity Artist: DragonForce Difficulty: Expert Intrument: Guitar Charter: Marbler
  • Operation Ground and Pound RB3 PASS OMG SO HARD WTF ARE THOSE 26 NPS TRILLS?!! Oh and stupid engine is stupid. It makes the anchor note in those trills impossibly hard to strum all of them. This was the only time I've even gotten one streak of them, and I got a little bit more than half of the green streak. Nevertheless, I still almost fail right after, and I previously had a choke (yes, I know it's the wrong word) about 20 notes after the 26 nps trill. I was so mad. Oh, and 5 stars.
  • Anything expert+ drums 20 score stars OMG SO HARD!!! This song is INSANE on drums. I almost have a tech FC of it though, there's two sections holding me back, and one other section that I just don't care to do. I'm so happy.
  • Out of this world - (MBG - The Walkthrough WITH GEMS, Expert Marbler Course (3:27.26s, 57.87s) Man! long vid... took 30 mins for gameplay, took 1:15 to finish the movie, and 10 mins for youtube to upload! 1 hour and 55 mins... Anyway, here is a 2 level video with levels with the space skybox and a fantasy like style. Both levels were pretty hard to record and they will be up for download soon. "MBG - The Walkthrough WITH GEMS" is one of my hardest levels. I made it about 7 months ago. at the end I kinda stunk with the stupid gyrocopter. "Expert Marbler Course" with this pathway, the beginning is INSANE, but after I get up near the floating bumpers, the level is a intermediate for me. I HOPE YOU ENJOY! no sick munchkin dude D;
  • Sudden Death FC 100% W- What? First time FCing to Solo B, I FC. What just happened? This is nuts, man. I did NOT expect this at all.
  • Ingrid Butler, Marbler My presentation represents twenty-five years of my marbled and decorative papers. Their purpose is to inspire . The papers are copyrighted and available for purchase. For more information, go to
  • Marble Blast Platinum : Combo Course : 3:37.00 TM is not important for beginner marbler but very important for advanced marbler
  • What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse FC Expert Drums-RB2(G-Rad) G-rad is a member of team lost hopes so please go subscribe to his channel. NOT ME OBV. Deathsketch deleted the vid due to haters. It should be on youtube. period. This *** is the most epic drum FC ever done. Screw the haters. ==================================== TEAM:LOST HOPES ==================================== Leader: All Hopes Lost A================================= Guitars/Bass: ------------------- Marbler shinycow17 BoxyMonk guitarheroROXS Thasher999 Rob The Tiger xNotZachary TGM1 ================================= VOX: ------- x KIXXER MASS x GuitarHailz ICETr3y918 CRuNcHiTiiZe x ================================= Drums: ------------ xJKx STYX DrumsetDan13 G-Rad (feat. SLC Johnny5) Quade92 Minime220220 =================================
  • Fury of the Storm -6 (Fury of the Solo G) Bekuraryou1228 from IRC said I should upload this. I should FC this tomorrow.
  • Do What You Want FC 100% I plan to FC every song and get each of them on video. I'm not, however, going to flood your subscription box with videos, so I'll only upload 4 videos per day. Although, I'm going camping for a day, so tomorrow I'm not going to upload any...
  • KatalinPerry2010.mp4 La marbrure de Katalin Perry, filmée dans son studio en France. Paper marbler Katalin Perry in her studio in France. Film by Katalin Kalmar. ©2010 Voir/See her website:
  • Marbler
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl: Tutorial on how to get the 5000 coins challenge (Watch it, it's funny!!!) The title says it all, and everything's explained in the video.
  • Ties that Bind FC 100% WOOOOOO YEAAAHHHHHHHHH Oh my God, I thought I'd never FC this. PALM STRUMMING + 20 MS AV LAG FTW!!!!!!!! And that pause at the end is due to the crappy button placement for star power and pause on the xplorer.
  • Anything: section Zakk Goes Wylde drums X+ FC 100% oO
  • Toxicity expert drums 100% FC This song is a lot harder than it looks. Those 16th bursts of red are pretty damn fast, and due to my sticking for those fills, I do each of those rolls left handed except for two of them (ie the first fill I go LRRLRR LRLRL RLRR). Each fill basically has to be memorized, and it's pretty damn hard to put it all together in one run.
  • Marbler's defeat The Austrian Mogulist was the favourite to win the World Cup, but she finished runner-up
  • One GHM FC!!!!!!!! GHM FGFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO Win.
  • Spiderwebs FC 100% (GH:OT, not GHWT) That trill at the end is WAY slower than it looks and sounds, and as a result I had 6 chokes before I realized how freaking slow that trill is. Alt-strumming doesn't work too well on a DS, and this is a little fast to single-strum... That makes for a not easy FC.
  • 101022: [I Don't Care] 2NE1 at Marbler's Family Day! cr.Nate
  • DUAL MOGULS WORLD CUP MARIANSKE LAZNE 01.03.2008, CZECH REP. MARIANSKE LAZNE (MARIENBAD),CZECH REPUBLIC, DUAL MOGULS WORLD CUP 01.03.2008,Freestyle FIS word cup 2008, Alpine pro planet freestyle, (FIS Světový pohár v Akrobatickém lyžování), NIKOLA SUDOVÁ, Margarita Marbler ,Begg-Smith Men 1. Guilbaut Colas, France 2. Nate Roberts, Park City, UT 3. Alexandre Bilodeau, Canada 4. Andrey Volkov, Russia Women 1.Aiko Uemura, Japan 2. Sylvia Kerfoot, Canada 3. Emiko Torito, Denver 4. Alizee Boulangeat, France
  • AISBoring2 ...
  • Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (custom mission) by Overmind87 (part 11) Part 11 of a special Custom Mission dome by me, Overmind87 (aka Khot1). I hope you like. I will accept critics, so if you see something wrong in this "hacK" (call it whatever you may) please leave a comment below... :) If you want this game (and special mission) please contact me at: [email protected] Mission 3: - Turtles Forest (rest of the level) - The Strangest one yet - Marbler dunes (first half) More to come. Stay tuned. :) Jazz Jackrabbit and TSF let us play my custom mission done for this game by overmind87 hope you enjoy medivo tubelectric diamondus
  • Morph (32.29s) - Smash it Baby! The level, with its bones shattered, was begging for mercy. So we took a hammer and smashed it to death. I came up with a new idea that could potentially shave a few seconds off the old path, and thanks to Pascal's knowledge of a skip as well as a whole new route (including playground [AGAIN!]) and some never seen before tricks and skips, you're getting Video of the Year 2010 for Marble Blast by the best marbler around (in my opinion) - Pascal! Song is 'Fast and Wild' by 'Skiltron'. Enjoy!
  • DA HOUSE (53.67s) Weird marble huh? :P I did a lot of mistakes, I'm still trying to become a better marbler :) This level is cool but the walls have a glitch, if you hit them hard your marble gets stuck and you have to restart the level.
  • TTFaF thirty two seventy ONE note streak. 3rd red snake choke, 4th red snake miss. This time it is a choke. I finally got a method that works for me. I played for 10 minutes not getting past Bridge I, then I played So Far Away III in practice mode, and FC'ed the whole section the first 3 times I played it, then got halfway through it my fourth time, and started playing the full song after that. I've had one more choke since then, but I think I can safely say that I will FC this tomorrow. You can't say I'm not close to this FC if I've FC'ed up to the snake 5 times so far.
  • Artist Mimi Schleicher is a Marbler - in the Weaverville Art Safari Here is an intro to Mimi Schleicher as she creates a piece of art. She is looking forward to the Weaverville North Carolina Art Safari coming on November 6-7, with an fund raising party on the evening of the 5th.
  • Marbling Mastery DVD by Peggy Skycraft Peggy Skycraft, teacher and master marbler, makes this "most complex of the easy processes" exciting and inspirational! Instructions for paper and fabric are clear and thorough, with hints on thinning and floating paints, cleaning the size, and correcting problems. In the "Marbling Fabric" section she uses a variety of paints on silk scarves. With a gallery of over 60 pieces and quick links on how to create them, this is the best instructional DVD on marbling we've ever seen! 103 Minutes
  • Custom: QWERTY by metallicais1337 PLEASE HELP ME AND MY FRIENDS OUT BY VISITING OUR SITE: Like I said in the description for my last video, Duo, this is by far my best custom. Not my longest (I think... maybe it is...? I'll definitely make longer songs in the future), but still very good. If you're wondering about the ridiculous strumming at around 1:08, it starts off as 9.3 NPS, then goes to 18.6 NPS, then goes up to an amazing 28 NPS 0_o Maybe marbler can FC it :P Made in Logic Pro and charted in EOF. Enjoy!
  • TROGDOR FC WOO!!!!!!!!!!! GH2 FGFC!!!!! PAL, yes, but an FC nonetheless. That little bar you see above the yellow, blue, and orange is my "virtual strike line." There's no separate video lag calibration in GH2, so I had to give myself a little note on where to strum in order to do it correctly. By the way, 1 choke, 1 reverse choke, and probably (20) -1s today. EDIT: I guess I should say what the virtual strike line is. I took the frayed end off of a piece of notebook paper using the perforated edge, then folded it in half. I then took a piece of scotch tape, wore it down a little bit so as to not leave a mark on the TV, and just taped the paper there.
  • 101022: [Clap your hands] 2NE1 at Marbler's Family Day! cr.Nate
  • DragonForce - Body Breakdown - Guitar Hero 3 TERRIBLE SCORE as you can see I have had 500K on this song. Note: I did not FC this song, I FCed a different song and replace that song with this one. The score does not reset to 0 :(. But you can change how big the score is by beating the previous one. If I got a higher score than what it showed at the start and it was only 4 stars, it would show 4 gold stars with the new high score lol. This song was charted by supermarble94:
  • Chemical Warfare FC 100% woo Wasn't too hard... Okay that's a lie, but once you know how to do the solo's, it's easy to become consistent. I didn't expect to get it this run though, this was kind of random.
  • Nemesis 21 stars (FC + 20 score stars) Expert 100% I wanted to prove that it was possible to get 21 stars on this song, and lo and behold, I got it 33 notes from the end. Post in the comments if you want me to throw in a Quickplay+ with no powers FC of this song. Btw, this is my ump***th time FC'ing the solo, and my 3rd time FC'ing the song, with 3 chokes in the last little speedup.

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  • “Steve has also been a martial arts instructor, professional paper marbler, advertising copywriter, proofreader, typesetter, writing teacher, and Website designer and editor. He also plays SRB Forum. DJ Steve Boyett. Blogroll. Behind the Grammar. Blog Fink”
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