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  • maquis (uncountable) Dense Mediterranean coastal scrub. 2007 May 27, Alida Becker, "Season in the Sun", New York Times: The older man claims to find a measure of peace in Corsica's wild landscape, and as Mitchell explores the foothills of maquis,. — “maquis - Wiktionary”,
  • maquis ( ) n. , pl. , maquis . A dense growth of small trees and shrubs in the Mediterranean area. Maquis A member of the French underground. — “maquis: Definition from ”,
  • Nine years have already gone by since Le Son du Maquis started to travel the world's various music horizons, feverishly ploughing through all of yesterday's and tomorrow's styles. Definitely cosmopolitan and avant-garde, Le Son du Maquis is no doubt the most creative and innovative. — “Le Son du Maquis | Welcome | Bienvenue”,
  • English: Maquis ( French) or macchia (Italian: macchia Mediterranea) is a shrubland biome in the Mediterranean region, typically consisting of densely growing evergreen Afrikaans: Maquis ( Frans) of macchia (Italiaans; meervoud macchie) is 'n bossiestruikveld bioom in die Mediterreense lande. — “Maquis shrubland - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Later, they became commonly known as "Maquis Raiders" as the Maquis commonly used them in our fight against the Cardassians as Maquis Raiders have Atmospheric flight and landing capabilities. — “Maquis Raider - Maquis Forces International”,
  • The Maquis was an Alpha Quadrant-based paramilitary organisation whose members were Federation citizens. Many members of the Maquis had been victims of Cardassian violence. — “THE MAQUIS, page 1 :: Articles :: Janet's Star Trek Voyager”, star-trek-
  • The Maquis (French pronunciation: [maˈki]) were the predominantly rural guerrilla bands of the French Resistance. Initially they were composed of men who had escaped into the mountains to avoid conscription into Vichy France's Service du travail. — “Maquis (World War II) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of maquis in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of maquis. Pronunciation of maquis. Translations of maquis. maquis synonyms, maquis antonyms. Information about maquis in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “maquis - definition of maquis by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The Maquis were an organization of Federation-born colonists who organized against the Cardassian occupation of their homes in the Demilitarized Zone, after their colonies were ceded to the Cardassian Union by the Treaty of 2370. The roots of the Maquis insurrection can be traced back to the 2350s. — “Maquis - ST_ACTD Wiki”,
  • During the July 1944, tracked by the militia, the maquis of Gaja La Selve joined them. The site was set up in order to commemorate the activities of an FTP underground movement (the Maquis) that operated in the valley of Aude, during World War II, and to pay homage to U.S. Lieutenant Paul Swank. — “The History of the Languedoc: The Second World War (World War II)”, languedoc-
  • Definition of maquis from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of maquis. Pronunciation of maquis. Definition of the word maquis. Origin of the word maquis. — “maquis - Definition of maquis at ”,
  • Maquis definition, the French underground movement, or Resistance, that combatted the ***s in World War II. See more. — “Maquis | Define Maquis at ”,
  • The Maquis (mah-KEE) were a rebellious organization of Federation-born colonists and discontented Starfleet officers who organized against the Cardassian occupation of their homes in the Demilitarized Zone after their colonies were ceded to the. — “Maquis - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki”, memory-
  • maquis (vegetation), a scrubland vegetation of the Mediterranean region, composed primarily of leathery, broad-leaved evergreen shrubs or small trees. Garigue, or garrigue, a poorer version of this vegetation, is found in areas with a thin, rocky. — “maquis (vegetation) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Originally the word Maquis' (mah-KEE) comes from a type of high ground in southeastern France that is covered with scrub growth. It is the kind of terrain in which the armed resistance groups hid. Members of those bands were called maquisards. — “Maquis - UFS-Wiki”,
  • The Maquis grew in response to Cardassian hostilities toward these colonies and the perception that they had been abandoned by the Federation government. Members of the Maquis had often been victims of violence directed toward them by the Cardassian military. — “Alien Ship Database Alpha Quadrant - Maquis”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Maquis. Information about Maquis in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Maquis definition of Maquis in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Maquis started playing in late 04 under the name of Sindrome. Maquis' first crew was Psychopathic Armada with the captain of Itsmemoshu and First Mate Deathkenya (now Bugsbunny). — “Maquis - YPPedia”,
  • The Maquis were a paramilitary group that were formed in 2370 as a result of resistance to the new treaty between the United Federation of Planets and Cardassian Union, which ordered the resettlement of millions all over the newly formed. — “Maquis - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki”, memory-
  • In the spring of 1942, communist militants, acting independently of the leadership of the French Communist Party, organized the first Maquis units in the Limousin and the Puy-de-Dôme. Maquis groups were established in other regions of France. — “Maquis”,
  • The Maquis set up their hideout in a forest on the Malgre Tout plateau, where the highest point reached 433 meters above Revin, not far from the "Chenes de la Nation" on the right bank of the Manises River, 1500 meters from the Revin-Haut Buttes Highway. — “maquis”,
  • Maquis Forces International. A Star Trek® organization based on the Maquis from TNG®, DS9® and Voyager® Click on the Emblem to enter MFIWiki. — “”

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  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2- Maquis the Phantasm (2) SPOILERS! Watch at your own risk! Final Duelhorn battle, with the leader of Duelhorn, Maquis. It's pretty awesome how he actually does split up into different units. And they are certainly fast ninja, with a variety of different abilities and equipments (I saw Magick Frenzy, Illusion, and Black Magic before). Despite this they weren't really that hard, it seemed, although we probably have Power Up 5 and Smile Toss to thank for that. =) Forbidden: Ranged Weapons although this only applies to normal attacks so special moves are okay.
  • The Maquis Part 2 (4 of 5) Part 9 of 10
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  • Mokili/ Orch.Maquis "Telemuka Chekecha" THE MAQUIS story goes back more than twenty years to the town of Kamina in DRCongo's Katanga Province, It was in 1963 that the group Orchestre Super Gabby came together and began performing in a local bar. Nearly ten years later, that same band, having changed their name to Orchestra Maquis du Zaire made their first appearnace in Dar-es Salaam in 1972. It was love at first sight (or sound) as the band received a warm reception from Tanzanian music lovers— so much so, that the band stayed on in Dar making it their home. Today, the thirty-eight member MAQUIS remain one of the dominant groups on the Tanzanian music scene. With the recent success of their smash single KARUBANDIKA, MAQUIS are rapidly extending their popularity throughout Eastern and Central Afrrica. This LP is a selection of some of the most recent Maquis recordings. Get down and enjoy the Zembwela Beat! FL Amaumo Special Thanks: D. Paterson and Nguza Viking Thanks to all Well Wishers
  • Metal Urbain - Paris Maquis - French Punk 1978 Rare vidéo clip from the original line up of Metal Urbain starring Clode Panik, Hermann Schwartz, Pat Luger and Eric Debris, filmed in early 1978. Paris Maquis was the a-side of Metal Urbain first single on Rough Trade records issued in december 1977. It also happened to be the first record ever issued by Rough Trade label. The shooting of this video clip went bad, with TV technicians of the time trying to sabotage the band by not allowing them full hearing of the song for good lip-sync, and editing the video on the spot. You can see it as the camera lingers on the unplugged microphones jack, and the singer struggling to hear the music to appear in sync. All this conflict started because lead singer Clode Panik asked for a microphone and a stand to use to perform, which was denied to him by the techs who thought that a singer using a microphone and a stand on TV was absurd. You can buy Metal Urbain CDs and Vinyl reissues from*** including the excellent recent box set anthology 1977-1979, voted box set of the year by Rough Trade. Video and music are (c) Seven*** Records all rights reserved - uploaded with permission by HDvision on behalf of Seven***.
  • Orch.Maquis 2008/Ni Wewe Pekee by Nguza Viking(Vumbbi Dekula on Guitar) Musicians: Vumbi Dekula & Pt.Pierre Twikale (Guitars),Fariala Mbutu(Bass),Geofrey Kumburu(Keyboard),Chocho-Lee(Drums),Mukuna Roy(Congas),Mafumu Bilal & King Malou(Sax),Kanku Kelly(***tt) Singers: Tshimanga Assosa,Kasongo Mpinda,Issa Nundu & Parash Mukumbule Performing at Police Officers Mess Osterbay Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania 17.Oct.2008 Sponsored by Cloud's FM
  • DS9 2x20 the maquis part 1 5/5 When a Cardassian freighter explodes at Deep Space 9, the Cardassians blame Federation colonists in the new Demilitarized Zone.
  • Swell Maps-'Ammunition Train'/Vive Les Maquis!! From the Feb '79 Rough Trade single,'Dresden Style'
  • Nasema Sina Ndugu by Orch. Maquis Kamanyola Bila Jasho Orchestra Maquis Original started out in 1966 as Orchestre Super Gabby in Katanga DRCongo, a group formed by some young Congolese musicians. In 1972, the moved to Tanzania. Lead-Guitar by Ilunga Lubaba "Django Reinhardt"(RIP)
  • Orchestra Maquis Original - Clara
  • [HQ] Alizee - Mon Maquis Album: Gourmandises Track: 5
  • Mabruki by Maquis Original Mabruki was composed by the Bass player Banza Mchafu (RIP)
  • Dominion War: Part 12 - The Last Maquis The starship Voyager discovers a wormhole that leads to the Gamma Quadrant. They decide to go there and try to reach the Bajoran wormhole to get home, but will they manage to get through the Dominion?
  • Los Maquis (Guerrilla antifranquista) (1/2)
  • Pendo by Sammy Kasule (Cover Maquis) Maestro Vumbi Dekula and Orch.Maquis present's the Album Rumaliza with the song Pendo to public at Police Officers Mess Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania 17.Oct.2008
  • Ngalula by Tshimanga Assosa & Maquis Original Sendema Ngalula: Despite her problematic character,I still need her in my life.She knows me better than anybody else,understand my problems and my joy.I forgive you Ngalula.In the end,even hot water will cool!The name Vumbi,shouted by Assosa... Vocals:Assosa Tshimanga,Issa Nundu,Parash Mukumbule,Mutombo Audax & Kabeya Badu.Guitars:Dekula Kahanga"Vumbi",William Masilenge(RIP),Kocks Mbwana(RIP),Bass:Banza Mchafu(RIP)...for info:[email protected]
  • The Maquis Part 2 (5 of 5) Part 10 of 10
  • Gran Maquis house of kolor Kandy blue paint This is probly one of the worst experiences of my life. Really hard paint job, too small of a garage, something falls off the wall and into the paint, have to redo the entire outside, now some swirls from sanding show through because the kandy and the base are so thin. Everything went wrong and i probly have 75+ hours in this car and now i will be doing it again out of my own pocket. yeah!
  • AC Mix... and Mon Maquis in Mexico, Street venders .....Street Venders Selling Alizée Merchandise everywhere... MM was very excited..
  • Salza by Orch. Maquis Original "Kamanyola Bila Jasho" Orchestre Maquis Original du Zaire Maquis started out in 1966 as Orchestre Super Gabby, a group formed by some young Zairean musicians. In 1972, the band changed its name to Orchestre Maquis du Zaire and moved to Tanzania,these video is for memory to all Musicians who passed away "Omaco".Chinyama Chianza,Kalala Mbwembwe,Ilunga Lubaba,Mbuya Makonga,Vieux Paul,Banza Mchafu,Kaumba Kalemba,Mpoyo Kalenga,Betu Kankonde,Ngoie Mubenga,***s Mbwana,W.Masilenge.Guys we still remember you thanks for Music
  • Alizee in concert- Mon Maquis Mon Maquis, good song, thnks "alofay"
  • Jimmy Hyacinthe - Maquis
  • The Maquis Part 2 (1 of 5) Part 6 of 10
  • 8th AF drop supplies to Vercors Maquis On June 25th and July 14th 1944, B17's of the 94thBG, 390thBG and 100thBG of the 8th AF flew some very special secret missions over the south eastern France. The goal was to bring support to the French resistance at Vercors (the only free area in occupied France). These missions had a code name: "cadillac". These men risked their lifes, some of them never got back home. Original footage of supplies mission has been filmed from the ground by members of the resistance.
  • Alizée - Mon Maquis (Live - En Concert 2004) Alizée chante 'Mon Maquis' live (En Concert 2004). Alizée performing 'Mon Maquis' live (En Concert 2004).
  • TEST CLASH PAINT BY NASTY AEC (WWW.MAQUIS-) Test et réactions de nasty AEC.
  • Grand Maquis Allstarz : Ca va chauffer Grand Maquis All starz : Ca va chauffer Directed by Kaysha for sushiraw films Light by Alain Herman Produced by Kaysha from the album: Grand Maquis
  • Star Trek TNG: Preemptive Strike (Maquis Vs Galor) Property Of Paramount; Battle between the USS Enterprise, Maquis Raiders, Galor (under Gul Evek)
  • Alizee en Concert - Mon Maquis ( 9 ) Alizée´s live performance DVD captured at Olympia hall, Paris, France. _______________________________________ released: October 18, 2004 Label: Polydor
  • Karubandika by Kasaloo Kyanga & Orch.Maquis Original Oct.2008 MAQUIS ORIGINAL LIVE CONCERT AT POLICE OFFICERS MESS DAR-ES-SALAAM THE BIG HIT: KARUBANDIKA COMP.BY KASALOO KYANGA Vocals:Kasaloo Kyanga,Issa Nundu,Parash Mukumbule,Assosa Tshimanga. Guitars:Vumbi Dekula,Petit Pierre,Bass by Fariala Mbutu,Keyboard by Geofrey Kumburu Drumy by Chocho Lee
  • Walimwengu by Maquis Original Orchestra Maquis Original OMACO LTD was the One of the best group in East Africa,King Kiki,kasongo Mpinda Clayton,Parash Mukumbule,Mbuya Makonga, Mutombo Audax,Ilunga Lubaba(RIP) Nguza Viking thank you Guys for nice Music,
  • The Maquis Part 2 (3 of 5) Part 8 of 10
  • The Maquis Part 1 (5 of 5) Part 5 of 10
  • Sumu ya Mapenzi by Maquis (Guitar Vumbi Dekula) Meastro Vumbi Dekula & Orch. Maquis Original Live Concert at Police Officers Mess Osterbay Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania 17.Oct.2008.
  • DS9 2x20 the maquis part 1 2/5 When a Cardassian freighter explodes at Deep Space 9, the Cardassians blame Federation colonists in the new Demilitarized Zone.
  • The Maquis Part 2 (2 of 5) Part 7 of 10
  • Dora Mtoto wa Dodoma/Orch.Maquis "Kamanyola Bila Jasho" Orchestra Maquis "Kamanyola Bila Jasho",Popular Congolese band operating in East Africa, who also recorded for Ken-Tanza, Sindimba, Stereo...
  • Eric Legnini Trio - Kitchen Maquis This is a video of a new title from Eric Legnini and the Afrojazz Beat's album The Vox. The title is Kitchen Maquis and it was shot live at the Café de la Danse on March 22nd, 2011. For more one Eric Legnini, check out his website at
  • Learning Curve- The Maquis Way sci fi
  • The Maquis Part 1 (1 of 5) By popular demand I'm uploading more maquis episodes. Enjoy :)

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  • “Official Artis*** Premium Cheese Blog. google. yahoo. bing. Fleur du Maquis and Arneis. The Fleur du Maquis made with fresh sheep This is especially so when the cheese is crafted from pasteurized milk, as is the case with the Fleur du Maquis”
    — " Fleur du Maquis and Arneis " News From The Cheese Caves, blog.artis***

  • “Blog. Gallery. There are no status updates to display. There are no actions to display Comments. Maquis has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello? Skin”
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  • “Members Forum. Forum. Threads. Replies. Updates. Internal Policy. 5. 50. Thread: Policy of Maquis. Message from: Forum statistics. Total of 49 threads created, which have 486 replies. 83 members registered. Greetings to our new member”
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  • “Home " Hiker's Blog on Corsica Island. Maquis, the aromatic spirit of Corsica. Maquis (macchia in Corsican and Italian) is a shrub Although most guidebooks mention maquis and its typical scent, more details are rather difficult to find”
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  • “admin's blog. Joy - Joy. Sun, 10/10/2010 - 19:15. Great comeback from Marc Huyghens (ex frontman of Venus), joined by singer and percussionist As gift for the " happy maquis few " subscribers: a limited lithograph edition representing the cover of the”
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  • “ is a social networking website that is centered on the idea of Self-Actualization. Self-Actualization is the desire to reach your full potential. Members can create their own profile page on which they can list reflections, goals”
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