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  • Definition of maquilas in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of maquilas. Pronunciation of maquilas. Translations of maquilas. maquilas synonyms, maquilas antonyms. Information about maquilas in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “maquilas - definition of maquilas by the Free Online”,
  • In Juárez maquilas, the average pay for line workers is already about twice the minimum But maquilas try to retain workers by offering attractive benefits - which are not taxed. — “Minimum Wage to Rise in Mexico”,
  • One of the worst impacts of the maquilas has been the exploitation of Tehuacan's principal natural resource -- water. The maquilas are allowed to use all of the water that they need;. — “maquiladoras.html”,
  • Info Maquila. 6 minutes. maquilas. Photos of paola. Personal Message © 2010 Multiply · English · About · Blog · Terms · Privacy · Corporate · Advertise · Translate · API · Contact · Help. — “MAQUILA - DOCUMENTALES”,
  • The maquilas' production is almost 30% of all Honduras' exports. The maquilas provide 100,000 jobs, 26 percent of all manufacturing jobs and 27 percent of export earnings. — “Calvin College: Calvin Publications”,
  • Local: Violence invades Reynosa maquilas | reynosa, invades, maquilas, violence (Cartels) pretty much leave the maquilas alone, predominately because they don't want the people to turn against them," one manager said. — “Violence invades Reynosa maquilas | reynosa, invades”,
  • Firedoglake weblog protest, Spanish, Latin America, Korea, Guatemala, Bangladesh, sweatshops, STITCH, garment factories, maquilas, banana plantations, farmers. — “maquilas | Firedoglake”,
  • They stand like sentinels, across from a fence made of mattress springs, looking out over the sprawling collection of shacks constructed from tar paper, old wooden pallets and plastic crates discarded from the maquilas where most of the Anapra residents work. — “Juarez - ”,
  • The entry page to Global Action on Aging's Web site. Find up to date information on the aging population around the World as well as the United States. For more than 20 years the Guatemalan maquilas (export factories) have been concentrated in the textile sector. — “Women in the maquilas face age discrimination”,
  • El Unico Lugar Especializado En Empleos En La Industria Maquiladora Latinoamericana, Buscas Empleados, Estas En El Lugar Exacto. Podemos encontrarle los trabajadores rpidamente!. — “Empleos Maquila - Agencia Latina Del Reclutamiento Para”,
  • about us | shelter plan | what we do | seminars. resources | contact Copyright 2002 Collectron International Management, Inc. All rights reserved. — “Collectron International Management: Manufacturing in Mexico”, maquilas-
  • The principal examples of this sort of operation occur in Latin America, but also occurs Maquilas once were taxed on the value add of products manufactured or assembled then. — “Maquiladora - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • They stand like sentinels, across from a fence made of mattress springs, looking out over the sprawling collection of shacks constructed from tar paper, old wooden pallets and plastic crates discarded from the maquilas (factories) where most of the Anapra residents work. — “IMPACT Press: Article: "Las Desaparecidas ..." -- April-May '03”,
  • Foreign companies in this region operate maquilas, clothing and electronics assembly plants that generate roughly 330,000 jobs in Central America every year, the majority of which are held by women. The maquilas' largely female workforce is young, usually between the ages of 18 and 32. — “.::. Latinamerican Press ::”,
  • Another interesting feature is that the site ranks the top 100 maquilas by company based on the number of employees they have. This company recruits people for management and executive positions in maquilas. — “Links”,
  • He says this expanded solution will also help FedEx work hand-in-hand with maquilas and companies using maquilas (or other duty-deferral programs) as part of their supply chain. The expanded trans-border trade network includes the following. — “FedEx expands border ops”,
  • What exactly are maquiladoras? What do they produce and do they pay a living wage? Which companies operate on the border? These are just a few of the questions answered in our fact sheet and map. They are also known as twin plants, maquilas and in-bond industries. — “CorpWatch : Maquiladoras at a Glance”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. VENDEMOS MAQUILAS PARA SUS YEGUAS, NO IMPORTA QUE RAZA ES. TENEMOS CABALLOS C 75,176 Views, Added 10-May-09 By YEGUADA HERRERA. — “Videos tagged with Maquilas - Metacafe”,
  • Maquilas dodge THE VIOLENCE: Juárez plants hurt more by recession than drug violence By Vic Kolenc / El Paso. — “Maquilas dodge the violence in Juarez | TECMA Group, LP”,
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears: Las maquilas in Honduras 30 July 2008 Latest news Over the last 20 years, sweatshops, or maquiladoras as they are known in. — “Blood, Sweat and Tears: Las maquilas in Honduras | War on Want”,
  • Maquila Portal: Information about nafta, manufacturing, industry, shelter, industrial parks, mexico offshore and in-bond mexico, also topics and contents of border cities Tijuana, Cd Juarez, Monterrey, Chihuahua, Matamoros, Guadalajara and more. Top 100 Maquilas. — “Maquila Portal -Mexico Manufacturing Industry Information Center-”,

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  • Immigration - An exercise in justice This slideshow depicts a grocery shopping exercise in Ciudad Juarez. The quest: to find out how much 50 pesos ($5) can buy for lunch. $5 is what Mexicans working in maquilas earn for a 9-hour work day. Original slideshow appears on . Photos by Sam Lucero
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  • Occupational Health Services in Mexico -The Offshore Group Gustavo Perez, Environment, Health and Safety Manager for The Offshore Group's Maquilas Tetakawi, SA de CV explains the environmental and industrial safety compliance services that The Offshore Group provides to its clients in Sonora, Mexico and the city of Saltillo, Coahuila.
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  • Manufacturing in Sonora, Mexico with The Offshore Group - Bella Vista Industrial Park Armando Lee, General Manager of The Offshore Group's Maquilas Tetakawi, SA de CV provides an overview of The Offshore Group's anchor industrial park facility: The Bellavista Industrial Park.
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  • KTSM9: Clear and Present Danger - Armored Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for Mexico Clear and Present Danger Ben Swann / KTSM9 It was January of this year when a manager for the Lear plant in Juarez was rescued by Mexican soldiers. The man, who's name was never released had been kidnapped while driving to work 5 days before. Kidnappers had asked for 2 Million dollars in ransom. Around the same time, also in January, another executive working for a plant in Juarez comes under attack. This time, a woman working for the American company Delphi. Armed men reportedly attempted to carjack her. Delphi executives were tight-lipped about the incident, only saying that the woman, who was also not identified, managed to speed off and make it to the plant safely. "Right now, you don't know who's who up there and you don't know who's next." says Private Investigator Jay J. Armes. Armes has made a living out of rescuing kidnap victims. In all his years, however, he's never seen a time like this. Especially for American executives who have to work in Juarez. In fact, Armes says he recently warned a high ranking maquila executive. Armes says after the kidnapping of one of their executives, Lear made the decision to have all their executives work from El Paso. Other maquilas still have their executives traveling back and forth to Juarez. That's where Armes comes in. "We have to have a special escort for the executives to see that they get to their post or plant safely and about the time that they have to go back to the US, they call us and we have them escorted back to ...
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  • Nogales Mexico: Las Maquilas A short documentary about the factories in Nogales. Interviewed are a retired factory boss, a current factory worker, and an activist.
  • VISIT : 2007 Manufacturing in Sonora, Mexico with The Offshore Group Take a tour of The Offshore Group's La Angostura industrial parks in Guaymas and Empalme, Mexico. In the park, Maquilas Tetakawi delivers outsourced manufacturing support, or "shelter" services seeking to benefit from the Mexico cost advantage.
  • DSCN0995.AVI Idilico MJ, Gold Coast Andalusians, PRE, Pura Raza Espanola, Maquilas, Stud Services, Potros de venta, Andalusian, Andalusians, Fillies, Colts, Black Andalusian Stallion, Fatuo de Nadales, Dressage, Doma Classica
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  • Ciudad Juarez: boomtown. This is a portrait of the industrial, border metropolis of Ciudad Juarez at the turn of the century. In the intervening years Ciudad Juarez has become known as the most violent city in the western hemisphere due to mafia or cartel violence but the economic push and pull which led to the boom years is still operating --- people come from the south looking for assembly plant work and the chance to cross the border. English, 21 minutes. For more information see /ciudadjuarez.html
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  • Justice for Mexican Maquila Seafood Workers!!! Seafood Worker Justice Campaign In 2002 Seafood Workers in Santa Rosalía denounced the Maquila Hanjin and Brumar for numerous violations to labor law, child labor law, and basic human rights. 96 of them were subsequently fired for trying to form a union. Six years later the struggle grows, a lawsuit has been filed and workers continue to establish their union, SINTTIM. The fight continues today, you can find more info at This is their story... Justicia para [email protected] [email protected] de Mariscos En el 2002 [email protected] de Mariscos en Santa Rosalía denunciaron la Maquila Hanjin y Brumar por varias violaciones a leyes laborales, leyes de labor infantil, y derechos humanos. 96 de [email protected] fueron despedidos injustamente por querer sindicalizarse. 6 años después la lucha sigue, [email protected] [email protected] metieron demanda y continúan con su esfuerzo de establecer su sindicato, SINTTIM. Su lucha continua hoy, podrás encontrar mas información en nuestro sitio Esta es su historia...
  • MetroMatematicas: The Chain Reaction
  • DSCN1004.AVI Idilico MJ, Gold Coast Andalusians, PRE, Pura Raza Espanola, Maquilas, Stud Services, Potros de venta, Andalusian, Andalusians, Fillies, Colts, Black Andalusian Stallion, Fatuo de Nadales, Dressage, Doma Classica
  • Women arm yourselves or be a victim On the occasion of the International Day against Violence against women we are publishing this article on the murders of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. More than 4000 women, young workers and students, have disappeared since 1993 in this Mexican city in the US border. Recent investigations have uncovered a network linking these disappearances to drugs, smuggling, political corruption, etc. "The murders of these women had not yet been linked up (in the winter of 1999), but most of them had in common the extreme violence with which they had been carried out. (...) It was also clear that the victims were carefully selected and that there was an organised system to kidnap them. They would disappear in the centre of town, in broad daylight without any witnesses. At the beginning it was thought that this was the work of some depraved criminals, who were protected by their connections in the underworld. There were indications that this was the case. No one imagined, back then, that behind the deaths there was something much more complex and murky..." (From the book Harvest of women by Diana Washington) Since 1993, more than 4000 women - workers and students - have disappeared in Ciudad Juarez. According to Amnesty International, 327 of them have been found tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered, after having been kidnapped in the centre of the city at the end of their workday in the maquilas [assembly plants in the US border region], or leaving their computing academies, their ...
  • FAIRLINK 1: LIBRA New Alternatives for social business models. Interviews with creators and videos from the grassroot community. Libra Group
  • Tijuanense: Jaime Cota Jaime Cota from Cittac and FZLN talks about las maquilas.
  • DSCN0996.AVI Idilico MJ, Gold Coast Andalusians, Fatuo De Nadales, PRE, Pura Raza Espanola, Maquilas, Stud Services, PRE dressage, Guardiola, Protos espanoles, potrancas espanola,
  • Maquilas Chicano 141B A short video showing the abuse from Maquilas (Factories) to workers.
  • Friesian vs Yegua 1/4 de milla la ''VALE'' de Max Mendieta Maquila
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  • “ are surrounded by dozens -- perhaps hundreds -- of maquilas where workers labor under abusive conditions for and maquilas about their labor rights -- both under Mexican law and international law -- we could perhaps see”
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  • “Find rental apartments in Brownsville, Texas. View Apts to rent in Brownsville at Las Palmas, see pictures, floorplans and community features”
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  • “Juarez's 'green zone' 07 September 2010 Blog In recent years the city of Juarez, Mexico has become synonymous with drug war violence. according to media reports, are under the close watch of Mexican state police as well as private security guards employed by the maquilas”
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  • “Left parties and organizations from all over Latin America and the Caribbean and their allies converged in San Salvador Jan. 12-15 for the Sao Paulo Forum XIII, an ongoing meeting whose first session was in Brazil in 1990”
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  • “Outsourcing up in maquilas. Cd Juarez, Chihuahua,- In the last twelve months, new jobs in employed 9 thousand 154 workers for maquilas, only 3 thousand 76 direct jobs were”
    — Outsourcing up in maquilas - Maquila Portal,

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