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  • Discover the traditional way of life of the local Maasai people. Masai handicraft The Manyatta (Masai village) you will be invited into is nor an artificial tourist trap and the family of our landlord still live there!. — “Visit a Maasai Manyatta”,
  • Meaning "place of the rock" in the local Swazi tongue, Kwa-Madwala lies on the southern side of Kruger National Park and is home to the fabulous 4* Manyatta Rock Camp. Manyatta has been skillfully designed to blend in with the surrounding natural. — “Kwa-Madwala Private Game Reserve Safari”,
  • Aspects of the topic manyatta are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Arranged in a circle around the cattle enclosure, or manyatta, the frames are packed with leaves and plastered over with cattle dung, which acts as a deterrent to. — “manyatta (cattle enclosure) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is perched on the edge of the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater at the eastern edge of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. Inspired in design by the Maasai mud-and-stick manyatta (homestead), Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is without doubt one of the most architecturally. — “Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - Tanzania Reservations”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. Not far from the road was a Samburu manyatta, a small cluster of houses of the tribe inhabiting this territory of harsh plains. — “Kenya; ENCOUNTERING A GENTLE PEOPLE / The Christian Science”,
  • Located just within the boundary fence of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the Ereri Manyatta (village), offers a charming and unusually authentic cultural experience that is not to be missed. — “Ol Pejeta House - Ereri Cultural Centre”,
  • Manyatta Primary School has 320 students. 60% of the students suffer from either Typhoid, Malaria, or diarhea. Harvest funds so that Manyatta can harvest the rain click here to donate. — “manyatta”,
  • On TripAdvisor's Tsavo National Park East travel forum, travelers are asking questions and offering advice on topics like "Voi wildlife/manyatta lodge/man eaters camp?. — “Voi wildlife/manyatta lodge/man eaters camp? - Tsavo National”,
  • Safaris Kenya including Masai Mara safari Kenya from Masai Mara Manyatta Camp. At Masai Mara Manyatta Camp guests have the opportunity to experience the real Africa of Kenya's earliest settlers - days of heart stopping game viewing, with evenings. — “Masai Mara Manyatta Camp | Camping in Masai Mara | Self”,
  • He wandered into a Maasai Manyatta seeking the company of the cattle. On the 27th May 2008 a tiny 3 week old elephant bull calf simply wandered into a manyatta' (homestead) seaking the company of the cattle at Kimana Springs, close to the Amboseli National Park. — “KIMANA - Elephant Orphan History - David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”,
  • Very early next morning, a good hour before sunrise, Samuel leaves the manyatta in company with other newly-circumcised boys. In the middle of the manyatta among the fifty odd cattle which are just awakening, a half-circle of olive saplings has been prepared. Inside the. — “CIRCLIST - Maasai tribespeople”,
  • Manyatta Real Estate - The Property One-Stop-Shop for Africans in the Diaspora - Home Page Search with Manyatta. You can search by location OR price and save whatever you find under your login name. — “The Property "One-Stop-Shop" for Africans in the Diaspora”, manyatta4
  • April 16, 2006 (NAIROBI) — Tension continued to mount in northern Kenya as armed bandits raided another manyatta homestead, and stole 28 cows in. — “Armed cattle rustlers continue attacks in north Kenya - Sudan”,
  • manyatta. manyfold. manyplies. manzanilla. manzanita. Mao jacket. Mao suit. MAOI. Maoism. Also manyatta. man·yat·ta [ man yáttə ] (plural man·yat·tas) noun. — “manyatta definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Welcome to Manyatta Camp, located on the Tsavo East National Park boundary along Voi River. Manyatta Camp is easily accessible by road, a mere 4-hour drive from Nairobi and 2-hour drive from Mombasa, located 5km off the main Highway and only 1km away from Tsavo East airstrip. — “Manyatta Camp”,
  • Manyatta vocational training centre. With some external support the group hopes to turn their hair beauty project into a full institution offering training for all their young people in the area of hair and beauty therapy as well as other courses. — “Manyatta self help group”,
  • Humphrey, my Field Co-ordinator just called to tell me that the finishing touches are being put on the new classrooms we have been building for Manyatta Priamary School near Naro Moru. We were given funds from Kuoni via Born Free to build classrooms and start a tree nursery there. — “Vets and Manyatta School – Mount Kenya Trust”,
  • Bollywood's most talented actor Sanjay dutt and wife Manyatta invited close f It was a magnificent night at actor Sanja Dutt and Manyatta Dutt's residence. — “Videos tagged with Manyatta - Metacafe”,
  • manyatta interactive solutions - reliable and affordable web hosting, kenya domain registration (,,,,, uk domain registration (, ) and more. — “manyatta interactive solutions - web hosting, domain”,
  • US Home Page. Manyatta. Home Page. Who We Are. Contact Us. Beliefs. Booklets. Links. Last Updated: 22 March 2010. Great Commission Church [US Home Page] [Manyatta Home Page] [Who We Are] [Contact Us] [Beliefs]. — “Great Commission Church of God - Under Construction”,
  • Kwa Madwala is a private game reserve in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, close to the Kruger National Park. We offer many different types of safaris including Manyatta Rock Camp. Sawubona, and welcome to our 4,000 hectare private game reserve located in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. — “Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve, South Africa | Wildlife”,
  • Vacation villas, apartments and condominiums. Luxury private homes with staff or self-catering. Located on the ridge overlooking the island's Gold Coast, the Manyatta is surrounded by well established gardens and boasts a very private setting for a relaxing holiday. — “Vacation villas on Barbados by Four Seasons Villas, Manyatta”,
  • Manyatta Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. Center for Multiparty Democracy: Politics and Parliamenterians in Kenya 1944-2007. — “Manyatta Constituency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Visiting the Manyatta Primary School (3/3) The last part of our walk on the terrain of the Manyatta Primary School.
  • A MASAI MANYATTA village
  • Cultural sites Tourist attractions are fast moving beyond animals and five star resorts to something more memorable; cultural sites. For the main tourist hot spots of Maasai Mara, Samburu and Amboseli, the trip is not complete without visiting a Manyatta to sample the Maasai and Samburu culture. But as Gladys Mutiso found out, owners of the Manyatta are now crying foul. And it is all about money.
  • Kangana faces fashion scare Kangna Ranaut, who plays a journalist in 'Knockout', recently went through some nervous hours as her entire wardrobe had to be changed at the last moment.
  • Sanjay Denied US Visa Sanjay Dutt has been denied US visa to visit his daughter Trishala who will be graduating this year. For more such stories log onto :
  • Visiting the Manyatta Primary School (1/3) While visiting the child we sponsored, we visited the Manyatta Primary School.. Unfortunately all the children were having their break and wanted to touch a mzungu ;-).
  • Child abuse A standard one-pupil in Kisumu's manyatta estate is nursing 20% burns, after his grandmother allegedly scalded him in yet another case of domestic violence. NTV's Ouko Okusah reports from the lakeside city.
  • Isiolo residents in protest over killings Residents in Isiolo Town demonstrate to protest the killing of 11. The eleven including 8 home guards, 2 herders and a raider were killed when armed raiders attacked a Manyatta located about 6 kilometers from Isiolo town. Area residents are blaming the police for failing to act to quell the 6am attack. Dozens were driven away by the raiders. Several people who were injured are nursing gun shot wounds.
  • T4D Kenya - Clip 3 - Il Ngwesi Cultural Manyatta A special visit to the Il Ngwesi Cultural understand more about Maasai culture, ritual and way of life...
  • Maasai Girls In A Manyatta : MED mentoring Camp The future of many girls is in the hands of their father's the girls here attending MED mentoring Camp sing songs about their relationship with their fathers ... My father has hated me they say when i complete primary school instead of helping me get to college he is busy marrying me of " My father why do this to me ? i need an education they plead...
  • Manyata keeps Roja for Sanjays Dutt Visit for more Bollywood news and videos. Manyatta Dutt has kept roja for the wellness and happiness of Sanjay Dutt.
  • Morning inside the manyatta (Massai village) I take pictures of Massai life early in the morning after the cows have been milked. Three dogs are always around my feet, they jump up and scratch my legs and cover me with cow-*** all over. That is why the camera is a bit unsteady at times. These dogs are very fond of me because I feed them mashed potatoes every day and they are still waiting for their meal. My stepson Pololet is showing me my cow, his own bull and some of his fathers'. Some guy asks me to charge his mobile-phone (simu). The women in the end is Kilokunge, my husbands second wife. I am his third. I am married because of practical reasons, the Massai are a very practical people which makes life a lot less complicated.
  • Bollywood stars attend Sanju Baba's 'Mata Ki Chowki' It was a magnificent night at actor Sanja Dutt and Manyatta Dutt's residence when almost all of the Bollywood celebs turned out in full swing for the auspicious occasion of 'Mata ki chowki' .
  • Hyena kills girl in Samburu Residents of Soit Nyiro village in Samburu central are mourning the death of a six-year-old girl allegedly killed by a hyena. The hyena is said to have sneaked into the familys Manyatta in the night and attacked the child.
  • Maasai Fire How to make a fire Maasai style
  • Samburu massacre: Dozens dead in manyatta raid 15/09/09 A shocking massacre has taken place claiming 32 lives including 8 children. Armed raiders descended on a manyatta along Laikipia North and Samburu Central District boundaries, visiting death and destruction upon villagers at dawn. The raid once again caught security agencies napping in the arid part of the country where killings remain commonplace.
  • Visiting the Manyatta Primary School (2/3) Part two of our walk along the Manyatta Primary School's schoolyard.
  • Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve, South Africa This is a 2 minute video showing the guest facilities at Manyatta Rock Camp, game drives, bush walks, elephant back safaris, aerial safari flights and excursions possible at this private game conservancy. The reserve is located on the southern edge of Kruger National Park, with 4 star Manyatta Rock Camp located on a stunning hillside location with 27 guest rooms.
  • Kenya Video 2 - The Masai Check out our travel blog at: Our encounter with the Masai people of Kenya. We visited a manyatta in the Mara. Very friendly people.
  • Isiolo residents protest over killings Residents in Isiolo Town demonstrate to protest the killing of 11. The eleven including 8 home guards, 2 herders and a raider were killed when armed raiders attacked a Manyatta located about 6 kilometers from Isiolo town. Area residents are blaming the police for failing to act to quell the 6am attack. Dozens were driven away by the raiders. Several people who were injured are nursing gun shot wounds.
  • Manyatta Video Clips of Manyatta around the farm and at the shows.
  • Is Sanjay Dutt is a fraud? Sanju Baba is in the center of a new controversy again, but this time it's the industry people that have gone up against him. Sanjay Noorani, producer of the movie 'Joru Ka Ghulam', has filed a complaint against Sanjay Dutt with IMPA (Indian Motion Pictures Associations). He says that Sanju signed a movie with him, title 'Jaan Ki Baazi' but never gave him dates and left the film midway. While co-star Priyanka Chopra agreed to having signed the film opposite Sanjay and then returning the signing amount, Sanjay made no such comment! What will be the verdict of the IMPA, remain to be seen. Watch the video to see the claim of the producer and find out how much money is at stake here!
  • Massai Children fooling around There are always children around me at the manyatta (Massai village) and dogs... I spent half of the day making fruit-salad for the kids (better than sweets and very popular) boiling potatoes for the dogs, getting water and firewood. I speak mostly German on this video but also English and some Maa. Two of the children are sort of adopted by me because I married their father.
  • Vivek GATECRASHES Sanjay Dutt's party!! Bollywood's most talented actor Sanjay dutt and wife Manyatta invited close family and friends from the Bollywood industry on the propitious occasion of 'Mata ki chowki' at his Bandra residence. However according to reports a cerain Mr. Vivek Oberoi turned a gate crasher since it has been claimed that Sanju Baba had not invited him.
  • Sanjay Dutt patches up with sisters After squabbling over his choice of spouse and his political leanings,Sanju Baba and his sisters finally buried the hatchet at a recently held event when they met each other.
  • Ashmit Patel's voting EXPOSED! While everyone is wondering how Ashmit Patel could upstage Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari in Bigg Boss, here's how he won the round.
  • Samburu wedding In this short clip, the Samburu men are singing as they lead the groom and best man (both in white) into the manyatta (homestead) for the traditional bull slaughter that begins the wedding celebrations. This wedding took place in July 2006 in Wamba, Kenya, and I attended while I was an Earthwatch volunteer in the town.
  • Morans take culture to the Coast As the country continues to ride on a high crest of a tourism boom characteristic of the high season, a group of Masaai Morans is seeking to earn their share from the influx of tourists. The group has erected a small Manyatta in Diani South Coast, hoping to entice tourists with their rich culture. Kaara Wainaina with the Morans' eco-tourism bid.
  • MASAI VILLAGE (Manyatta) We had made friends with Moses Topua many years ago. This year we visited his home & family.
  • Manyatta's lavish baby shower It was a fun filled evening for the Dutt family. Well, it had to be..afterall it was Manyatta Dutt's Godh bharai function. Married to actor Sanjay Dutt the couple are expecting their first child and if rumours are to be believed it will be twins for them...
  • Amazing Amboseli Safari in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Kenya! A wonderful Wildlife Safari in Amboseli near Kilimanjaro. Great game viewing, luxurious tented camp, authentic Masai village - just perfect!
  • Ameesha Patel throws baby shower for Manyata Dutt Mumbai: Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel threw a lavish baby shower for the mom-to-be Manyata Dutt, who is expecting twins. Everyone in the industry turned up in blue and pink, which was the theme colour for the party.
  • Warrior Manyatta A short video taken at a Maasai warrior manyatta near Ewuaso Kenya.
  • Cordaid Kisumu Workweek with Boda Boda through Manyatta A boda boda drive trough Manyatta Kisumu
  • Crime in Kisumu Police in Kisumu have launched investigations into the killing of a middle aged man, whose body was found dumped in a maize plantation, at Mamboleo Estate. In another incident, a suspected robber escaped death by a whisker, after an irate mob caught up with him at Manyatta Estate.
  • Kenya.06 part.3 the men's welcome dance at a Maasai manyatta in Kenya
  • Urban Matters Work Week Kisumu Kenya Sept/Oct 2009 - general Cordaid organised an Urban Matters Work Week in Kisumu Kenya in Sept/Oct 2009, bringing together different stakeholders for a combined approach to develop the slum area Manyatta.
  • Masaï Dance A visit to a Masaï manyatta in the Masaï Mara Kenya 2007
  • Walking in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands Several short walks including Ngorongoro Crater forest walk, Olmoti Crater and Empakaai Crater. Including visits to Maasai manyatta. All based from the Highview Hotel. ZARA EWP 2009. More information:

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  • “The bride is finally welcomed by her mother -in-law by a blessing of traditional milk poured on the brides head and lead into the manyatta. was allowed to get into the manyatta with the bride and observe the”
    — April " 2005 " sixoone,

  • “Artist - Sanjay Dutt - Sanjay And Manyatta To Meet Trishala,Sanjay, Dutt, Manyata, Sanjay Dutt Add Blog. Blogs. View More Blogs. Artist - Sanjay Dutt. ritzzz. Posted on May-26-2008. Sanjay”
    — Artist - Sanjay Dutt - Sanjay And Manyatta To Meet Trishala,

  • “Page #1 of Manyatta baby Shower photo gallery, here you can find all the latest photographs, pictures, images and photo gallery”
    — Desimad | Photo Gallery | Manyatta baby Shower,

  • “The afternoon tour of Manyatta was the crown of it all for the first The tour of Manyatta even though brief, gave a true picture of the situation in Manyatta”
    — First Day – by Beldina Opiyo-Omolo - Cordaid Urban Matters,

  • “Turkana Basin Institute - Exploring Human Evolution and Prehistory in the Turkana Basin, Kenya two manyatta four kilometers apart ; the first manyatta had six household and the second five household there”
    — Turkana Basin Institute - What to do when the need is higher,

  • “Stephanie Hatfield, Kenya Safari 2008, trip, client, blog, client travel logs, photo collection, video collection, client webpage She takes us on a 5 km walk to the nearby Manyatta (village), all the while allowing us to ask her question after question about the challenges”
    — Stephanie Hatfield - Kenya Safari 2008,

  • “The problem with our first research question was the fact that it's very hard to imagine how life is for the inhabitants of Manyatta. we could brainstorm about, as mentioned in our previous blog, we did have lectures about this problem and we”
    — Cordaid Partners,