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  • Magnification is the most misunderstood aspect of telescopes, but not only by beginners. There are several reasons why increasing magnification might not be preferable. — “Starizona's Telescope Basics”,
  • magnification n. The act of magnifying or the state of being magnified. The process of enlarging the size of something, as an optical image. — “magnification: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Hands-Free Magnifiers are great for magnifying reading material and other everyday activities that require magnification. Hands-free Magnifiers come as an illuminated magnifier, non-illuminated magnifier, magnifier lamp, or a head-worn magnifier. — “Hands-Free Magnifiers”,
  • The Magnification Game. by J.T. Kozak. The first question people typically ask about binoculars is, "What do the numbers mean? For sure, magnification is why birders buy binoculars, but it is also one feature that generates a lot of hot air. — “Bird Watcher's Digest: Optics: Magnification”,
  • Telescope magnification factors: objective magnification, eyepiece magnification, magnification limit. — “Telescope magnification”, telescope-
  • Magnification definition, the act of magnifying or the state of being magnified. See more. — “Magnification | Define Magnification at ”,
  • Formulas you can use to figure out how your telescope will perform, how best to use it and how to compare telescopes. To understand magnification, and for that matter resolution, it is important to understand that distances in your visual field are measured in terms of angles from your vantage point. — “Telescope Equations: Magnification”,
  • The article is the best guide to know in detail about the Binocular Magnification and all factors that co-relate with the binocular magnifications. — “Magnification - Power, Focal Length, Close Range, Long”,
  • We'll review what magnification is used for, how you calculate it, and what are its practical limits. Customers who do buy such a telescope (often as a gift for a child) will never be able to use the claimed high magnification. — “Understanding Magnification - McWiki”,
  • The microscopes that you will be using are parfocal, meaning that the image does not need to be radically focused when changing the magnification. Total Magnification: To figure the total magnification of an image that you are viewing through the microscope is really quite simple. To get the. — “Magnification”,
  • Definition of magnification in the Medical Dictionary. magnification explanation. Information about magnification in Free online English dictionary. What is magnification? Meaning of magnification medical term. What does magnification mean?. — “magnification - definition of magnification in the Medical”, medical-
  • Just what exactly is telescope magnification? If you've never used a telescope before, it's easy to fall for department store advertising hype that sounds like. — “Telescope Magnification | Universe Today”,
  • Top questions and answers about Magnification. Find 17233 questions and answers about Magnification at Read more. — “Magnification - ”,
  • Magnification as a number (optical magnification) Optical magnification is the ratio between the apparent size of an object (or its size in an image) and its true size. — “Magnification”,
  • The simple magnifier achieves angular magnification by permitting the placement of the object closer to the eye than the eye could normally focus. The standard close focus distance is taken as 25 cm, and the angular magnification is given by the relationships below. — “Magnification”,
  • For Magnification in the sense of exaggeration, see Exaggeration. Typically magnification is related to scaling up visuals or images to be able to see more detail, increasing resolution, using optics, printing techniques, or digital processing. In all cases, the magnification of the image does. — “Magnification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If a subject of length X forms an image of length Y in the image, the magnification of the lens is defined to be Y/X. This is the lateral magnification of a lens, which is commonly used for close-up and macro photography, because it only measures in one dimension. — “Magnification”,
  • Definition of magnification in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of magnification. Pronunciation of magnification. Translations of magnification. magnification synonyms, magnification antonyms. Information about magnification in the free online. — “magnification - definition of magnification by the Free”,
  • Magnification Manufacturers & Magnification Suppliers Directory - Find a Magnification Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Magnification Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Magnification-Magnification Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Learn about Magnification on . Find info and videos including: How is Magnification Calculated? Those who typically speak about magnification are scientists and perhaps bird watchers or photographers. — “Magnification - ”,
  • This concentration of the beams of light results in a magnification of the image reflected by the mirror. However, once you pass the focal point, the magnification will start to reverse itself, and the image. — “ | Info and recommended product for”,
  • The concept and principles of magnification using simple lenses is discussed, along with how these concepts can be used to construct a microscope. — “Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Anatomy of the”,
  • This is NOT to say that magnification isn't important to you .certainly it is. Of course "magnification" is important .just not THAT important. Let's say, for the sake of starting, that the human eye has a. — “Weasner's Meade ETX Site”,

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  • Yes - Magnification Yes performs "Magnification" at Glastonbury Festival June 29, 2003.
  • 400x Magnification of Stagnant Rain Water I bought a new Compound Microscope with upto 1600x Magnification. So I decided to put it to use. After collecting some stagnant rain water from the side of the street I used my Samsung 5.0 MP camera to record a video of what I saw at 400x Magnification. I would of did a larger magnification but the light going through the eyepiece is not sufficient at larger magnifications. I do not know the species in the video. Please remember this was all filmed through the eye piece so the quality is what it is. I hope to post more videos of the micro-world i hope to discover on my on.
  • Pictures of The Moon at High Magnification with an Orion XT-10 My first attempt at some Moon Astrophotography, using various setups, mainly a Televue 9mm Nagler T6 and a Pentax XW 5mm Eyepiece with a Televue 2x 1.25" Barlow for 133x, 240x, 266x & 480x Magnification.
  • Yes - Don't Go (From "Magnification") For more info - www.eagle- Yes - Don't Go (from Magnification) Magnification track listing: 1) Magnification 2) Spirit of Survival 3) Don't Go 4) Give Love each Day 5) Can You Imagine 6) We Agree 7) Sot As a Dove 8) Dreamtime 9) In The Presence Of 10) Time Is Time
  • Magnifier, Speech, and Customizing Your Cursor - Windows 7 The Ease of Access features in Windows 7 make it easy for anyone to use their computer, regardless of your disability or environment.
  • Celestron Moon The Max magnification Celestron Moon The Max magnification Equipment; Celestron Nexstar 8"SE - XLT & Casio Exilim Z25 throug Baader Hyperion 8mm Eyepiece with finetuning rings and 2x barlow and the Zoom from the Camera
  • Magnifying Glass Fire Starter - Urban Survival Want to add an inexpensive yet effective tool for firemaking to your bob? Then grab a magnifying glass sheet. They come in different sizes, and are only a buck or less. This one is the same size and a regular sheet of paper, and it's very thin. It packs up really small and will tuck into my backpack easily. As you can see, it starts a fire easily and would be good for other tasks such as cleaning a wound, removing a tick, removing a splinter, reading small print, or melting plastic army men.
  • Magnifier Mouse for People With Low Vision A demonstration of the Microsoft Wireless Laser 5000 Mouse using the Intelipoint software driver and its on-screen magnifier feature. It is an absolutely amazing feature for anyone with low vision like myself with Stargardt's Disease to use the computer and read large amounts of text without straining your eyes.
  • Jason Mighty-Be magnified [email protected] gospel fest 09
  • Yes In Camden '02 - "Magnification" Full Circle Tour in Camden, NJ August 8, 2002.
  • Better manual focus! -Tenpa 1.36x magnifier FASTER, EASIER and more ACCURATE FOCUS with your manual DSLR lenses!
  • Adventure Thru Inner Space Virtual Ride thru A sample of my re-created 3D attraction from an old extinct ride from Disneyland's Tomorrowland that Star Tours now resides. This recreation took over two years build on my old PC. Find more info about this classic attraction on my website at:
  • Pulse motor running on dead battery inverters maxed This was the first video we shot of the unit with moving parts. i now have a unit that does not move the coils or the magnets but will produce power. we pulse in DC power in between magnets and multiply Voltage, Amperage and Freq. we have a new unit out now that can put out 50 KW of poweer there is also no heat loss.
  • Onion Skin at varying magnification Microscope video of an Onion Skin at varying magnifications. 40x 100x 200x 400x
  • Blood Cells at 1000x Magnification (Oil Immersion) Be sure to check out the 1000x Magnification version of this video. As usual i make this videos with a hand held camera overlooking the eye piece of the microscope, so forgive the quality. I have removed the audio from all videos to save from annoying background noise and file size. Enjoy.
  • Screen magnification software demo AbilityNet Consultant Johann De Boer demonstrates screen magnification software. He explains the impact page layout and design can have on web users with low vision
  • Deep Mandelbrot Zoom , final magnification 2^838 . This is the deepest zoom I have renderd sofar. I first rendered this in 2002. But I recently remade it with nicer colour rendering. It goes very near the the left tip of the Mandebrot Set - so it does no look quite like the ordinary zoom sequences you see. One problem with really deep zooms is to get to some interesting point without hitting "the computational wall". Ie The computation takes "forever". If done on a single computer it would take about 3.5 years on a 1 HGZ Athlon Thunderbird, and on a 2x2HGz Core2Duo about 1 year (assuming 32 bit code). If on the other hand you would do this on 25 MHz 386 sx:es you would have to have 135 of them running continously from 1990 until now. Cost for electricity (assuming 50W / machine) would be close to 1.1 million SEK or 150000 USD with current prices. Well of course you would have plenty of time thinking about optimizations :-)
  • SID THE SCIENCE KID | I Magnify Music video | PBS KIDS I Magnify is the song featured in the Sid the Science Kid episode The Rolie Polie. Teacher Susie turns herself into a magnifying glass and explores a whole new world that is visible through magnification. Things look ultra cool when they are magnified. Come observe the delicate wings of a butterfly, the seeds of a strawberry or a tiny blade of grass! Youll be amazed at how different they look up-close. Dont miss Sid the Science Kid, the animated preschool series from The Jim Henson Company and KCET! (check local listings). For more information visit
  • Dragon Stop Motion tutorial - Live View Magnification Covers the live view magnification feature of the Animation window in Dragon Stop Motion. You will learn how to use Canon or Nikon live view magnification to punch-in to a section of the video assist image for animation.
  • Eotech 3x Magnifier (new version) by L3 - overview, close view and through the tube view Taking a closer look at my Eotech 3x Magnifier mounted with an Eotech XPS2-0. Also got the camera mounted behind the scope so you can see the difference with and without the 3x magnification. As seen in Modern Warfare 3 as the Hybrid sight
  • Magnify THIS! Me playing with a magnifying glass xD
  • SmartView Pocket - The Versatile Handheld Video Magnifier for low vision The SmartView Pocket is a lightweight and compact handheld video magnifier that helps you when things are too small to see and read. Supporting up to 9x magnification and containing powerful features found in products twice its size, the SmartView Pocket is still small enough to easily fit in your pocket or handbag.
  • Windows 7 Magnifier The magnifier utility set to ship free with Windows 7 has been significantly improved over previous versions. Features include full screen magnification and a moving lens. Find out more at .
  • Understanding Binoculars: Magnification Here we take a look at a binocular's magnification. What does it mean and how does it effect the user's experience. If you're wondering what size binocular is right for you, you've come to the right place!
  • Leatherwood M1000 Manual Magnification Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Leatherwood Hi-Lux M1000 ART Scope & How to do Manual Magnification settings. There has been a lot of questions about setting various magnifications and here is a simple how to demonstration. . M1000 Specs Video: M1000 Field Test Video: Leatherwood M-1000 scope: Thanks for watching!
  • IB Biology 2.1.5 Calculating magnification IB Biology sl and hl topic 2.1.5 explaining how to calculate magnification
  • Biomagnification! A video I did for science class that helps explain Biomagnification. The text rolls by a little fast, but other than that, I really like it. Uses the song 'Tank!' from Cowboy Bebop.
  • 'Magnifier for Safari' Brings Dynamic Text Magnification to Safari Retweet: Name: Magnifier for Safari Description: Adds a magnification option to the share menu in Safari Price: $0.99 Repo: BigBoss Developer: tom-go View More Videos: Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter: Like iDownloadBlog on Facebook: About iDownloadBlog: iDownloadBlog is an iPhone Blog that covers the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, mods, firmware, breaking news, apple hardware, and more.
  • An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography A relatively brief introduction to high magnification macrophotography or arthropods. To see more of my work, go to or
  • SID THE SCIENCE KID | The Magnification Investigation | PBS KIDS Try this fun investigation from the The Rolie Polie episode. One of the coolest scientific tools you can use is a magnifying glass, just like the ones Sid and his friends used. With this, you can observe and magnify small objects like teeth and rolie polies it will make these things look much bigger! Dont miss Sid the Science Kid, the new animated preschool series from The Jim Henson Company and KCET! (check local listings). For more information visit
  • Yes Magnification 4 Give love each day Yes Magnification album (2001), Track 4 Give love each day Enjoy the masters
  • Vocatex - Read Aloud Video Magnifier - News Broadcast RTBF 14/10/2009 - KOBA Vision News Broadcast RTBF - October 14th 2009 Vocatex is unique since it combines a video magnifier and a reading machine! A revolutionary innovation for the visually impaired. Get to know tomorrows technology. Move the magnified text and use the red line to select the text which Vocatex should read to you. A clear voice immediately starts reading. From now on it will be much less tiring to read texts, books and newspapers.
  • iZoom - Screen Magnification and Reading Software iZoom Screen Magnifier and Reader is an application designed to help those with visual impairments such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration or Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Mandelbrot set deep zoom to 190 trillion magnification factor The Mandelbrot set, a wonderful illustration of how simple rules can lead to great complexity. The Mandelbrot set is a mapping of the complex plane into itself under z = z^2 + c, and that's it! Iterate every pixel until it diverges beyond a certain radius (minimum 2) and then shade the result based on the number of iterations that point took to escape. Points that do not escape are coloured black. Each image in this movie was contrast stretched with 2% clipping of the shadows such that the region around the prisoner set is clearly visible at all times. A 0.1% clipping of highlights was done to ensure that there is always some white in the image to maximise the dynamic range. Furthermore, each image was supersampled 4x and then bicubically interpolated during shrinking to prevent nasty jagged edges. Computation time was somewhere around 30hrs. At the end you will see what happens when the limit of 64-bit double precision is approached....! Enjoy and be mesmerised! For those who wish to replicate this, the complex coordinates (x + iy) of the final viewport are: Top right corner: -0.784345314119042 + 0.146482382083744i Bottom left corner: -0.784345314119062 + 0.14648238208373i zoom factor: 1.0138 The viewport centre was kept fixed (just a straight zoom). All coded from scratch in Visual Basic ;-)
  • EOTech Type 3X-FTS Magnifier Scope Gen II With The Flip To Side Mount (Airsoft Club) Review [HD] A review on the EOtech Type-FTS Magnifier Scope Gen II With The Flip To Side Mount The EOtech 3x Type -FTS Magnifier Scope can be purchased at Airsoft- for $77 USD. It is a great addition to your weapon if you have the 551 or 552 Holographic Sight. It has a 3x magnification to the scope and it features the flip to side mount, it is very useful when you fight in a close quarter combat because you can just simply press on the lever and the EOtech Magnifier will flip to the side allowing you to use the Holographic sight that you have on the weapon already or you can use the normal iron sights as well... Click the link below to see the product itself... airsoft- FEATURES: • Full metal casting with shock-absorbing rubber armor 3x magnifier scope. • 3x magnification scope for all Aimpoint/EOTech sight. • 2nd Generation tactical design. • Made by aluminum & rubber material. • Full metal flip to side mount included. • The magnifier is mounted on a QD throw lever platform, and the platform is mounted on a spring loaded hinge. • Button on the platform allow magnifier flip to side for CQB with close range shots. • Flip orientation: ambidextrous mount to allow left or right flip. • Mount on any 20mm weaver standard rail. • Windage and elevation adjustments inside of the optic. • Comes with a 7mm riser to accomadate the 7mm raised sights. • Increasing aiming accuracy and reducing miss-fire. • Provide extended range for the aiming device. • Perfect for outdoor war game ...
  • Centerpoint AR22 32mm Walmart Scope 3-9 Magnification A quick Look At A Centerpoint I bought for My .22 I could not find any videos of this scope on youtube, so this may help someone who is looking for a cheap scope.
  • The Portable Video Magnifier The portable video magnifier is a tool developed to aid people who have low vision, in reading & viewing objects that are hard to see, in their day-to-day lives. This video talks about what it is, and how it can help. For an example of what using a desktop version of these is actually like, please watch this video:
  • ONYX - Magnification camera for low vision users This small yet powerful camera provides magnification up to 100x and is uniquely mounted on a swinging arm. By Freedom Scientific
  • Carbon Fiber *I do not own the rights to this video. This is not my video. I got it from to share here on youtube. Explore the inner compounds of a carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the common name used to refer to plastic reinforced by a graphite textile. Less frequently, the term is used to describe the textile itself, but it is pretty much useless unless embedded in plastic. Carbon fiber is known alternatively as carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber is very expensive, but has a fantastic weight-to-strength ratio. Attempts to put it into mass production have so far failed, due to inadequate demand, the customized nature of most carbon fiber parts, and a lack of skilled craftsmen. The material is employed in high-quality cars, boats, bicycles, and planes, including popular Formula One racecars. Depending on the orientation of the fiber, the carbon fiber composite can be stronger in a certain direction or equally strong in all directions. A small piece can withstand an impact of many tons and still deform minimally. The complex interwoven nature of the fiber makes it very difficult to break. In terms of weight-to-strength ratio, carbon fiber composite is currently the best material that our civilization can produce in appreciable quantities. Introducing carbon nanotubes into the fiber is currently in research stages, and may offer improved ratios of 10 times or greater a space age material indeed. Carbon fibers are chemically grown on ...
  • Eyeclops BioniCam - A Digital Microscope - Magnified Fruit Fly, Sugar, Carpet Yarn, and LCD This video shows a few clips taken with Eyeclops Bionicam which is a digital microscope that I gave to my son on his birthday. The clips include 100x, 200x and 400x magnification of a living Fruit Fly (no more than 3mm size), sugar crystals, carpet yarn, and LCD screen. A really cool educational toy.

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  • “Pentax User Magazine: A quarterly magazine for Pentax users. With a web-site containing forums, galleries, news and information on the magazine”
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  • “Being comfortable in looking at the screen is very important when using the computer. For people with perfect vision, this does not pose a concern. But for people with limited or low vision, it may be difficult to see images and regular text on”
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  • “Learn about the Pebble Hand Held, the Sapphire Portable, the Mano Portable, and the Graduate PC Based Portable and many more! blog search and sidebar. You are in the following section of the site: Home > Blog > Podcast: Portable Video Magnification Seminar”
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  • “If I'm using a prime 50mm 1:2 lens, which of the following methods will change magnification to 1:1, and which will produce the best imag”
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  • “Halim Semihardjo: konsep perbesaran/magnification pada macrophotography. Blog. Forum. Market. Survey. Calendar of Event. Who's Online. Invite Friend. Shop. Catalog. Most Wanted. Hot Items. Corporate. Overview”

  • “Extension tubes are really handy. Because they have no glass elements, they aren't very heavy, and you can couple two or three together and put them into one”
    — An Exercise in Magnification with Extension Tubes | Martin,

  • “FORUM. A closer look at High magnification - Rodger W. Gordon. Open almost any guide book The "taboo" against high magnification, however, has crept into the more advanced. amateur”
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  • “Archived from groups:, (More info?) I'm not sure how to interpret magnification factors. I'm looking into the possibility of picking up a wide-angle converter l”
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