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  • I was told that I was mac/ macing on some girl I know but i dont know what it means. Help it may not have been macing but something similar, it sounded bad anyway. — “What does mac/macing mean? I was told that I was mac/ macing”,
  • Today, Fort Collins Police will reportedly review video footage from rioting that broke out early Sunday morning following Bohemian Page through below to check out multiple clips of the craziness, including shots of macing and a snippet (after the first jump) in which an admittedly drunk cell-phone. — “Macing and mayhem video from Fort Collins' NewWestFest: "Riot”,
  • When someone tries really hard to flirt with someone. Not to be confused with the common word "macking". — “Urban Dictionary: macing”,
  • Definition of Macing in the Medical Dictionary. Macing explanation. Information about Macing in Free online English dictionary. What is Macing? Meaning of Macing medical term. What does Macing mean?. — “Macing - definition of Macing in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • This video is storming the web - a cop in Paterson, NJ is caught on tape macing a black man on the ground. — “Paterson NJ Cop Videotaped While Macing a Black Man”,
  • A tranny hooker got upset because grade school aged children were making fun of the way he was dressed, so he sprayed pepper spray in one of the macing the kid might not have been an entirely sensible move but maybe the little git will think twice in future before mouthing off. — “Macing the kid might not have been an | HollywoodGrind”,
  • Definition of Macing from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of Macing. Pronunciation of Macing. Definition of the word Macing. Origin of the word Macing. — “Macing - Definition of Macing at ”,
  • Yesterday afternoon, Mr. DeFazio, 57, of Baldwin Borough, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one count of macing -- that he coerced employees into contributing to his campaign fund by threatening them with bad job assignments. It is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison. — “Ex-sheriff pleads guilty to macing”, post-
  • We found 7 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word macing: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "macing" is defined. General (4 matching dictionaries) macing: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of macing - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Macing is a hammer and mace weapon combat skill. It uses the slowest of all weapons but this lack of speed is well compensated by uber damage, the ability to drain the stamina of your opponent. To increase the amount of damage you will deal, the Anatomy skill is also a must. — “UOTH - Macing Skill”,
  • Mace (club), a weapon with a heavy head on a solid shaft used to bludgeon opponents Mace (measurement), an English term for a traditional Chinese measurement of weight. — “Mace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For Too's Spirits Under High, Tuesday night usually draws crowds of students with its drink specials. Last Tuesday was no different, until an unknown woman sprayed Mace in the main room of the High Street bar shortly after midnight, prompting Macing kills the buzz at Too's. — “The Lantern - Macing kills the buzz at Too's”,
  • DMX frat house concert ends in macing, A DMX concert on the campus of Indiana University turned violent April 9, with unknown persons spraying attendees with mace after the show ended abruptly. — “DMX frat house concert ends in macing”,
  • Finduo is an Ultima Online vendor search of over 250000 items updated every 3 hours! Buy cheap Ultima Online Gold, and UO gold! Swords Fencing Macing Archery Music Arrows & Bolts Throwing. — “Ultima Online Macing - Search Results - FindUO - Buy UO”,
  • . Related Searches: Search: Sponsored Listings. Associated Sites. — “ | Macing Vale”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Macing. Information about Macing in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Macing definition of Macing in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A jury of four men and three women found in favor of macing victim Jarrod Hollinger yesterday in District Civil Court. For his pain and suffering, They also found in Hollinger's favor regarding a counterclaim by defendant Scott Courts, who said the macing was justified because Hollinger threatened him. — “Jury awards $1 in S-curves macing lawsuit | The Law Office Of”, oginski-
  • Man accused of chaining, Macing child, Man accused of chaining, Macing child. Father said he was frustrated with son's behavior. Updated: Monday, 06 Jul 2009, 11:54 AM CDT. Published : Monday, 06 Jul 2009, 11:13 AM CDT. TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) - A Southeast Texas man is accused of wrapping. — “Man accused of chaining, Macing child | ”,
  • Wyclef called in to Shade 45 today to fill Whoo Kid in on the details behind deaths of his friends in Haiti and what has been happening there the past two weeks Tragic Deaths, Macing Victims and How to Help!. — “Wyclef and DJ Whoo Kid Discuss Haiti on Shade 45! Tragic”,
  • Macing definition, to attack with Mace spray. See more. — “Macing | Define Macing at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Macing - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • She thought her work had made arrangements for this already but at the last minute she Too late for her since she's already at the airport and was about to board. — “.::My Wonderful Journey::”,

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  • Mutya sa Azeras - mama macing's demise Mama Macing arrives just in see her son get arrested and she has a nervous breakdown!!!!!!!!
  • Day 5 of Mac-ing Its a stupid rainy day and my parents wont let me drive so here is what i did instead of doing something.
  • Day 3 of Mac-ing Just what me and my friends do on any given night.. and cameron is pooping...oh and meet dustin(george)
  • Me being maced. This video is of my parents macing me so i can learn the effects and how i react to it in a controlled situation.
  • Shawn macing himself 2010-03-03 My roommate Shawn Macing himself on a Tuesday night at 2 am in front of everyone random stunt! COMMENT PLEASE!!
  • Idiot Gets Maced This is the second time that I maced my friend. The first time there were no video cameras present, and that was the purpose of his second macing.
  • Day 2 of Mac-ing Meet my sister Lauren the chalk artist, Iris the interior rearrager, and Cameron as himself.
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  • I'm macing cotton candy ! At Christmas Eve, i got a cotton candy machine. So now I'm making cotton candy for the first time in my life ! The language in this movie are Norwegian.
  • Tyler gets Maced Basically, i wanted cigs and didnt want to mow the lawn for Tyler Novacek so Tyler gets this grand idea of macing me in the face for them....i am dumb..
  • Air Jordan 11 Retros Cause Riot!!! Towne East Mall (Texas) Shoppers Maced SMDH! MESQUITE, Texas - Mesquite police early Thursday used pepper spray to control an unruly crowd of sneaker shoppers. The incident happened at Towne East Mall, where dozens of people had lined up top buy Nike's new Air Jordan 11 Retro, which went on sale at 6 am Sisters Laurie and Lorraine Martinez, who said they had been in line since 7:30 pm Wednesday, described the scene as frightening and chaotic. "Nothing like I've ever experienced before," Lorraine Martinez said. "I got pushed in a corner and we all got maced. And if it wasn't for my sister covering my face, I think my face would have ended up worse ... our noses are burning." The women said the trouble began when people in line began pushing forward. "At 4:30 the people at the back of line decided to bum rush and run to the doors ... As much as we tried to tell people to move, they wouldn't. So [police] started macing," Laurie Martinez said. -SMDH
  • Week 3 of Mac-ing
  • Kelly Alwood macing kidnap escape students during training Here Kelly (special operations SERE instructor) runs students through Urban escape and evasion training. These guys were handcuffed and put in an SUV and then I threw in a Fox CS grenade.
  • Mat's Macing Advice After being maced, Mat decides to offer some friendly advice about mace and being maced
  • Mike gets Maced Mike and I decided to try out some military grade Mace....Nick was just kinda there and ended up macing himself as well....
  • Day 4 of Mac-ing Meet Chandler and Elvis and watch our night of fun . i dont think ive ever laughed so much in that short of time.
  • Macing Azz Mainjoe
  • kids being maced by security at the bamboozle roadshow in arlington security macing kids during all time low! for no reason!
  • Me macing my friend I handcuff my friend and have him cornered with mace an fake spray him
  • Exploitng armor and Macing in gun fight
  • Tranny on Train Maces kid - subway shocker! Mace spray by the macing macer, with a can of mace (not whoopass)
  • Chased and maced Pregnant PI gets her man. Chattanoogan Jennifer Crutchfield, then pregnant, chased and maced this would-be thief.
  • new year macing rebels bar funny
  • Cop gets maced the macing of a police school cadet by his retarded friends
  • football macing for pesky football players
  • Taylor Macing Taylor lived up to his facebook group and got maced finally
  • Maced in the Gap Crazy lady macing a child in the face. Based on a true story. Different dialog added for humor but the real incident was still just as crazy. No children were harmed in the making of this film. Although in real life an 18 month old child was maced in the face twice by a park ranger's wife while he stood by and watched. Article and News story found here: Article: News clip:
  • 'MAC'ing out to britney gimme more
  • Kane Macing Kane agreed to getting maced by steve. ...and he says it wasn't worth it
  • human vs bear spray testing the effects of bear spray on a human :)
  • Back to MAC-ing at the MAC store...and the lady was mean to me!! **in case of confusion, the mean lady was at sephora. she was mean and not helpful. the mac artist was polite about the back to mac thing, i mean she was nice for accepting them. she just wasn't clear about explaining the real policy for back to MAC. so sephora lady = mean, MAC lady = nice for taking my items...sorry for the confusion! i promise i was totally grateful she gave me my free items!! also, the back to mac policy has changed, so if anyone's wondering, YES you have to have the METAL PAN and the plastic packaging cannot be damaged. there are ways to get around it, just search on youtube. also, some stores/counters will accept just the plastic, it all depends on who you get!! ** Please clue me in on the REAL story behind back to mac! i thought i had it figured out, but obviously i dont'!!xoxo Meg All products mentioned in this video were purchased by me for personal use. All videos contain my own personal thoughts and opinions and were not influenced by any one or any company. I have no affiliation with any company or their products.
  • D-Macing Derek2 Me doing the D-Mac
  • Nothing says "Brotherhood" like macing each other... 1 of 2 Bored brothers macing each other for charity.
  • Foreclosure protesters maced kicked arrested Minneapolis police @ Rosemary Williams-9-11 2009 Today Minneapolis police kicked Rosemary Williams out of her home, 35 days into the popular occupation @ 3138 Clinton Ave. Rosemary and 3 supporters were inside and she emptied her home. A handful of activists crossed the police tape; on both sides of the police line many got maced, and one was kicked, 7 arrested. See for more news, http more video:
  • Alex Gaskarth and Martin Johnson caling out six flags for macing a fan read about it there. they're amazing.
  • Smallville- Macing 101
  • The Epic Battle of Kaden/ Day 5 of Mac-ing This is the kid Izze Babysits Kaden. :) he is a starwars fanatic
  • Macing the Video: Goodbye Waves Sneak Peak On location(s) at the Goodbye Waves music video shoot with Mace Ballard and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette videographers. Footage by Bridget Daley: /bridgetjdaley
  • We Mac'ing Mac Flyers
  • Annie and Shirley Chase Jeff - Community 1.20 After an "anonymous" tip, Annie and Shirley go after Jeff. From Community 1.20, "The Science of Illusion."
  • jaida i macing it to a beat [ no not really ] me & the main guy from Gym Class Heroes in school

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  • “Rules Forum. Status. Subject. Originator. Reply. Last Post. MACing. StevieR Okay rules guys, what do you think the rules say about MACing (Mid Air Correction) the disc?”
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  • “Check out the photo of the lady macing a dog with Cirtronella spray lol Website. Trailers. My Movies. Latest Releases. I Hit It With My Axe. My Amazon Wishlist. Blog Archives. November 2010”
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  • “Comment on Man accused of macing girlfriend after post-Valentine's Day break-up Comment on Man accused of macing girlfriend after post-Valentine's Day break-up”
    — Comments on the entry: Man accused of macing girlfriend after,

  • “It's good to see that Capitol Hill Blog values our right to free speech. FYI, that was sarcasm. Comment by Anthony. November 12, Either way, macing the bigots was not the correct answer. If they were engaging in speech”
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  • “This past summer, I sat in a little pizza and wing pub in a town outside Pittsburgh and In our blog you can find new reviews and articles everyday or say hello to our Editors”
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  • “I had a list of things to buy including nuphedragen an order of my cousin in the berry blog. ***oostrider. buddah. cheche. chi. chic shopaholic. ch13f. cory”
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  • “Although quantum mechanics has received thorough experimental testing, diplo dj John Quincy Adams lasers legalize it macing police offices mashup Michael”
    — Quantum Theory for the Real World, Part 1 - ALIVE AS ***, aliveas***.com

  • “Macing yourself in the face [url=http:///forum/index.php?topic=7053.0]Macing yourself in the face[/url] In a site/blog (HTML) Macing yourself in the face”
    Macing yourself in the face,

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