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  • No, they're just absolutely unacceptable to any decent minded person now - look at the most recent examples of two of their top people - Baroness Scotland and Hattie - an absolute disgrace! Brown is probably mouldering in a darkened corner of a. — “Brits: Can the Labour party yet overcome the 'Bullingdon”,
  • Machinate \Mach n. Machinating.] [ L. machinatus, p. p. of machinari to devise, plot. See Machine.] To plan; to contrive; esp., to form a scheme with the purpose of doing harm; to contrive artfully; to. — “machinating”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Machinating - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • alexkrotoski alekskrotoski aleks alex krotoski [The Times] Machinating Machines. Thursday October 07, 2010 @ 10:35 AM (UTC) Times Higher Education, 7 October 2010. Computers can auto-generate processes, so can we really use them for scientific research if we can't control them?. — “Aleks Krotoski : [The Times] Machinating Machines”,
  • We found 8 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word machinating: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "machinating" is defined. General (7 matching dictionaries) machinating: Wiktionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of machinating - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The act of machinating, or of contriving a scheme for executing some purpose, particularly a forbidden or an evil purpose; underhand plotting or contrivance. That which is planned or contrived; a plot; an artful design formed with deliberation; especially, a hostile or treacherous scheme. — “machination - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Definition of machinating in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is machinating? Meaning of machinating as a legal term. What does machinating mean in law?. — “machinating legal definition of machinating. machinating”, legal-
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Most Definitively Machinating by *iamthemindfire on deviantART”,
  • Definition of machinating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of machinating. Pronunciation of machinating. Definition of the word machinating. Origin of the word machinating. — “machinating - Definition of machinating at ”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define machinating as NMachinate \Mach'i*nate\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Machinated}; & vb. n. {Machinating}.] [L. — “Definition of Machinating from ”,
  • Machinating definition, to contrive or plot, esp. artfully or with evil purpose: See more. — “Machinating | Define Machinating at ”,
  • Definition of machinating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of machinating. Pronunciation of machinating. Translations of machinating. machinating synonyms, machinating antonyms. Information about machinating in the free online English. — “machinating - definition of machinating by the Free Online”,
  • Prior to 1970, no one from the U.S. had ever machinated in Chile--in fact, machinating was against the law in Chile! Naturally, the government of Chile frowned on the machinating Americans and several were arrested and confined to a soccer. — “CIA Machinations in Chile in 1970 by Kristian C. Gustafson”,
  • Building a world-class university: video. Vote HE - pre-election 2010 debate. Science Main Page Content: Machinating machines - Comments. 7 October, 2010. — “Times Higher Education - Machinating machines”,
  • Definition of Machinating. Machinating. of Machinate. Related Machinating Translations. machinating in French is intrigant. machinating in German is. — “Definition of Machinating”,
  • Meaning of Machinating: of Machinate Welcome to ARDictionary! Machinating. Definition: of Machinate © Copyright 2004-2010, ExoCrew. All rights reserved. [ Policies ]. — “Definition: Machinating (Meaning of Machinating)”,
  • Things have certainly quieted down in the swirl of mostly vapor plots about the future of Yahoo, although the pondering, machinating and such on the. — “Enter the Chernin? Former News Corp. President and COO in”,
  • machinating. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 16 August 2007, at 02:06. Text is available under the. — “machinating - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of machinating with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of machinating”,

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  • LED DREAD MACHINATION POOR QUALITY,but what the bloody hell
  • DreamScar - Machination/Warpath LIVE 6/26/10 at THE FARM Our opening song of the night with the view from the side of the stage :D
  • Marazene - MachiNation [Live] Marazene performing in VA Beach on 04.05.07 shot by Spiderbite Studios in Virginia Beach, Va, on April 5th, 2007, the kickoff to 2007's DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY/MARAZENE 'Unsaved Part 2' tour
  • LA GRANDE MACHINATION LA GRANDE MACHINATION REVIENT LE 4 FEVRIER 2011 @ LA MACHINE DU MOULIN ROUGE /​lagrandemachination REWIND, BANG BANG et BASS SOCIETY in : LA GRANDE MACHINATION PAGAILLE EXTREME Central : Fidget, Electro, Dubstep # SUKH NIGHT ( True Tiger, Nasha ) UK /​sukhknight # MIGHTYFOOLS ( Lektroluv, Onelove, Crux, Venga Digital ) NL /​mightyfools # KROMESTAR ( Z audio, Aphex, Rinse, Bare Dubs, Hot Flush Recordings) UK /​iron_soul_aka_kromestar # ECARAT (Rewind) /​ecarat # ABSURD ( Bass Society, Kiosk , resofantom, tigerbeat6, Eight:FX , destpub ) /​djabsurd1 # KEVIN DE WAARD (Rewind) /​kevindewaard LE PARADIS SOUS TERRE Chaufferie : Jungle/ Drum'n Bass # EZ ROLLERS (Intercom, Moving Shadow, V recording) UK /​ezrollers # PANIK (Disturbing science, Break Beat Kaos) /​deejaypanik # FRED MATO (Matozoïdes, DTC) /​fredmato # FRANKY BROWN ( Pias, Ozore age, Test) /​frankybrown # 1.100.C Vs Monolythe ( lektroniktou, Ohms) & (Audiovenum, DYWM) /​dj1100c /​djmonolythe # K-SPE Vs DANNY (Taktile touch, Limited Touch) /​alexkspe /​dannydnb # MC K-MI (Qualitytab) /​djkmi L'ENFER D'EN HAUT Bar à Bulles : Dirty/ Grime/ Booty # KAPTAIN CADILLAC ( Booty Call, Tracy, Citizen) /​kaptaincadillac # IDIOT BOYZ ( Dandy kid records - Hot small records) /​boyzidiot # HYBU( Resofantom, Nukod, VCH) /​hybu ...
  • NepUNITY. Natra Lagla Hai Maat, Girish (Gorkhali G), Santosh Sitaula, Pratik (Machination) Just can't believe it's the same dude who sang 'ma estho chu ma thestho chu' - guess this is Nephop Revolution along with Mr KC's tracks. Keep it up guys, It's AWESOME!!! Natra Hai Lagla Maat Santosh Sitaula (Chorus) Lau maya Basi Jala Chadideu mero haat Peeda hola ni pheri samjhera mero Saath Ekanta eklo raat ma chadechha timlai maat. Prateek aka Machination: Garchu sadhai timro maya jaal ko prahar Rath mathi prem ma bhayera timi sawar Kasto tikho prem ko tyo hasilo dhar Dhanya chu ma payeko ma timro phasilo maar Jati pani khaye pani bhari chha eenar Timro prem ko sikar hunchhu sadhai baar baar Apnaune malayi sadhai angalo ma chadhai Hath ma hath milayi sadhai maya layi badhai Kina malai chanchalaune yasari bigari Pagal pan ma mero mann layi sadhai dhwasta pari Mero sparsha layi sadhai aafu tira kina tani Maya ko professor timi kasto daani Kasto chanchalaune malai jani jani Kasto maskine afulai super model thani Jyoti timi aishwarya prateek ko karmali Prakriti layi ramuchau harek dau mari!! Girish aka Gorkhali G: Pauchu harsha ko saprasha hunda timro agamann Mastiska ranthan ragat ko badcha tapkram Mero nasa mero gaas angaloma paunchu baas Huncha naas sabai traas lina paunda sangai saas I am your fan ‐ mayalu, pran‐jyan mero jeu, Charai disa timro view, harek din jasto new, Its true, its u, sanginee timi nai mero crew, Booze peudai jaaula cruise hi‐def ma channel choose Planet Hollywood ma dine‐wine. Casino ma gare loose Lagaula ma tuxedo, timilai designer shoes Into you ...
  • The Musical Machination This is the second percussion ensemble I've posted. I originally wrote this a few years ago, but decided to rewrite portions of it as I converted it to GPO. All the percussion is GPO except the Vibraphone and Chimes. This was written using Finale 2008 This percussion ensemble is written for 12 players. The score you see was the score used to create the audio file, so you may see some strange notation, especially in the marimba 2 part. I hope you enjoy listening!
  • Machination-No repent-Copyright 2008 Steve Brosseau
  • Colorificio San Marco - Marcopolo - Machinated effect Machinated effect Application with visible brush strokes.
  • Machination - 48 Hour Film Project - Providence (2008) Machination - Incredible Machine Production's entry in the 2008 Providence 48 Hour Film Project. Genre: Thriller/Suspense Prop: a pear Characeter: Monica Chaney - Hairstylist Line of Dialogue: "If you see him again, tell me."
  • Hip-Hop Instrumental- Machination **FREE BEAT** As a result of reaching the 50 subscriber bench mark im making this track freely downloadable, the link is bellow. Also thanks to my dad for giving me the guitar samples!
  • Roksonix @ La Grande Machination, Paris, 04.02.2011
  • Animated Doctor Who, "Machination" Chapter Two The second part to the pilot for Animated Doctor Who, a series created for the Outpost Gallifrey Forum Members. The plot thickens, with disappearances and new arrivals...
  • MARAZENE MACHINE: 'MachiNation' (Fan AMV/FMV) Warning contains explicit scenes of graphic violence. Nonconformity AMV/FMV for 'MachiNation'. A fan made video by Superiormind.
  • Machinations - Average Inadequacy (1982) Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1982: Machinations' promo-video for the single 'Average Inadequacy' taken from the 1982 album 'Esteem'. -------------------------------------------- NZOZ NZOZ1982 1982 Australia Early Eighties 1980's 1980s 80's 80s Musical Terms: New Wave, Alternative, College, Indi, Independent, Underground, Synth, Electro, Electronic, Post-Punk, Post, Aussie, Old Australian Band
  • EVE Online - The Great Northern War The Great Northern War First of all I have to say, that this clip was not recorded or created by myself. It was made by LLeBRing from Rona Corporation. This is a clip about that what happend during the so-called "Great Northern War" in the game EVE Online. For more Information about this chapter of EVE histroy visit the following link: eve- For further questions contact me ingame "Jitja" or "Xubell"
  • Animated Doctor Who, "Machination" Chapter Three The third part to the pilot for Animated Doctor Who, a series created for the Outpost Gallifrey Forum Members. Who are the mysterious people behind the capture of the Doctor? UNIT? The Master? And will the Doctor and Sarah Jane escape the Village?
  • Freezing - 6 - Machination (SUB) A manipulative upperclassman uses Rana and Satellizer's mutual affection for Kazuya to lure the two powerful Pandoras into a blood-spilling, clothes-shredding fight to the death!
  • MANIFESTO MIX (Manifesto -- Song, Filip, Machination, Manifes Prague, theatre Na Prádle, May 2007, camera Oliver Malina Morgenstern, editing Petr Váša, Lumír Moučka
  • Who were our ancestors?- Genetic history of Europe - DNA - Truth or Machination from IGENEA ? Who were our ancestors? From where do we originate? Most people can trace their family tree back no further than three or four generations. Thanks to genetic ***ysis, however, it is possible to look back into millennia long past. The story of our ancestors is probably one of the most exciting of all time. It is the story of mankind. For decades the only evidence available to anthropologists and archaeologists were the small amount of bones and objects left behind by our ancestors. Hence, it was not possible to really prove the various theories of evolution. It is only in the past 20 years that researchers have been able to use the DNA of living people as a means of finding evidence of the migrations of their primeval ancestors. DNA is identical to a degree of 99.9 percent for all people. The remaining 0.1% is the source of individual differences (such as eye colour, certain risks of disease, or deviations with no apparent function). DNA-Genealogy makes it possible for you to research your family tree with the most modern methods. It makes fast and exact research into your family history possible, whether as your first venture into researching your ancestry or as a supplement to traditional genealogy. Where traditional research into your ancestry examines birth, marriage, and death certificates, a simple saliva sample is all that's needed for DNA-Genealogy. That's because each of us carries with us the most important and exact set of files needed: our DNA ...
  • Machination ! Demo Demo of Sebastien Llado solo, playing conch shells in "Café des Sports", Paris. ©
  • Machination Mi retorno de NY
  • Machination & Revenge white fronted amazon & yellow side green cheek conure
  • Petr Váša - (film 5) MACHINATION part of the FAMU documentary film Cirkus-Chaos-Minaret, Brno, May 1998, camera Martin Šácha, sound Štěpán Müller, production Jana Kudrnáčková, direction and editing Jiří Fedurco
  • KABYLE fruit d'une machination The kabyle is fruits of a machination of some Berber and African animists close to the power connected to an empirical genetic engineering crossover with some Roman so close to the power, enter the year 200 and 350 after Jesus figure of Christ; So according to the predictions of their experts in economy, they had predicted that the first people white with Europe were going to become much richer than them; and that they would need to migrate towards 20th centuries. So alive already before the Moslem religion with a philosophy of life already very different from whites; they knew that they would have difficulties to become integrated well. Then they would need an interface between them and the whites; an interface which looks like the whites so that the whites are less afraid of them. And what they notice that the Moslem culture does not arise from human being's race, with physiological features . But that on the contrary she can arise from human beings with physiological features being able to be half similar with the Muslims. So the whites will notice that to be Muslim, it is not imposed on an individual by his embarrassment, but that it is a choice. For it they will couple Roman volunteers close to the power who will keep silent for ever in exchange for a big sum of money; with Ottomans close to the power of their empire who will keep silent too for ever; This raise half-blood will have been chased to oblige them to live in places put off the Ottoman empire and which ...
  • NOTHINGFACE- Machination (DEMO) Demo by the band. I'll be offering all the demos i have for free through email. If you're interested, let me know.
  • Let's Play Guile Machination: Part 1 16-bit graphics ftw. All copyrighted/trademarked media is owned by their respective companies. Videos uploaded are commentary in nature, as defined under the 'Fair use' policy of copyright.
  • Machination Demo by Nothingface a demo off their album "Skeletons" (2003)
  • Machinations 1/3 Machinations from Georges Aperghis. With Sylvie Levesque, Donatienne Michel-Dansac, Olivier Pasquet, Sylvie Sacoun, Genevieve Strosser. Creation Ircam 2000. Video capture 2007.
  • LED DREAD MACHINATION song taken from the soundtrack RETURN OF THE MYTH
  • Exces - Machination Buy it :
  • GTA IV 18+ HD thriller,cinematic edit original music Thriller style GTA IV machination with matching original score. One long seamless adventure from car theft to epic shootout with the cops with neat explosions.
  • JESUS CHRIST IS INTERTEMPORAL AMERICAN MACHINATION JESUS CHRIST IS INTERTEMPORAL AMERICAN MACHINATION (comments stemming from a text discovered in Jerusalem) Men come of future, thanks to their advanced technologies go to try to persuade the men since Jesus figure of Christ until 21th centuries by regular and concrete appearances of poltergeists, of ghosts, spontaneous combustion etc..... They will create thanks to the technology of the 40th century, enactment that god exists really and concretely. Indeed, the humanity since which I write you always had a vague thought of the existence of god; what led a state of mind world capitalist in the paroxysm; what made an intolerable planet in 40th century; we arise from the generation of the technology allowing to go back up in the time ; we shall embark our technologies; and we shall arrive in the evening when Jesus figure of Christ will be crucified to begin the impressive divine artificial appearances thanks to our technologies; We will creat appearances regularly in the course of the centuries until day or we shall discover the machine to go back up in the time , when we shall use this evening for our mission in the year 0; when it did not still exist; but which will exist can be with more delay if the world mentality changes considerably the point to slow down the technological headway with the aim of living in accordance with the planet. Indeed we discovered inextremiste the machine to go back up the time, before the 89th world war, which annihilated 99 % of the population ...
  • Machination - Pressure Sway Early 80's animated video from USA Nightflight-- pictures drawn on the film.
  • Ned Rise - Machination (FLASH 031) Get it here:
  • Animated Doctor Who, "Machination" Chapter One The pilot for Animated Doctor Who, a series created for the Outpost Gallifrey Forum Members. The TARDIS takes the Doctor deep into mystery in a simple little village...
  • LA GRANDE MACHINATION LA GRANDE MACHINATION REVIENT LE 4 FEVRIER 2011 @ LA MACHINE DU MOULIN ROUGE /​lagrandemachination REWIND, BANG BANG et BASS SOCIETY in : LA GRANDE MACHINATION PAGAILLE EXTREME Central : Fidget, Electro, Dubstep # SUKH NIGHT ( True Tiger, Nasha ) UK /​sukhknight # MIGHTYFOOLS ( Lektroluv, Onelove, Crux, Venga Digital ) NL /​mightyfools # KROMESTAR ( Z audio, Aphex, Rinse, Bare Dubs, Hot Flush Recordings) UK /​iron_soul_aka_kromestar # ECARAT (Rewind) /​ecarat # ABSURD ( Bass Society, Kiosk , resofantom, tigerbeat6, Eight:FX , destpub ) /​djabsurd1 # KEVIN DE WAARD (Rewind) /​kevindewaard LE PARADIS SOUS TERRE Chaufferie : Jungle/ Drum'n Bass # EZ ROLLERS (Intercom, Moving Shadow, V recording) UK /​ezrollers # PANIK (Disturbing science, Break Beat Kaos) /​deejaypanik # FRED MATO (Matozoïdes, DTC) /​fredmato # FRANKY BROWN ( Pias, Ozore age, Test) /​frankybrown # 1.100.C Vs Monolythe ( lektroniktou, Ohms) & (Audiovenum, DYWM) /​dj1100c /​djmonolythe # K-SPE Vs DANNY (Taktile touch, Limited Touch) /​alexkspe /​dannydnb # MC K-MI (Qualitytab) /​djkmi L'ENFER D'EN HAUT Bar à Bulles : Dirty/ Grime/ Booty # KAPTAIN CADILLAC ( Booty Call, Tracy, Citizen) /​kaptaincadillac # IDIOT BOYZ ( Dandy kid records - Hot small records) /​boyzidiot # HYBU( Resofantom, Nukod, VCH) /​hybu ...
  • Talfast - La machination ( Live at Le Paradis ) Talfast : Robr A. Tony LB *** upcoming album '' La Machination '' Spring '11 *** /talfast look for our other video on youtube/myspace... you can also add us on Facebook ... Thx you for watching
  • Machinations - No Say In It (1985) Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1985: Machinations' promo-video for the hit single 'No Say In It' taken from the 1985 album 'Big Music'. Models were not the only Australian band during this period who were using female backing vocals for their 'big' Dance-Rock sound. ------------------------------------------- NZOZ NZOZ1985 1985 Australia Mid Eighties 1980's 1980s 80's 80s Musical Terms: New Wave, Pop, Rock, Dance, Party, Aussie, Old Australian Band
  • A Partisans Machination- Thir***th Order (Bass Cover) Hey guys i'm doing my old band's song called A Partisans Machination. Since i was the bass player i thought it was fitting to play the bass. Enjoy.
  • Machinations Title: Machinations Song: The Breakfast Machine (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure movie soundtrack) Artist: Danny Elfman Vidder: ricestorm Fandoms: Heroes, Doctor Who Characters: Sylar and the Master Challenge: for the instrumental challenge on multividious Summary: The sound of drums and the way things tick...
  • Machination ! I) Tribal Ritual Sebastien Llado solo with conch shells and electronic devices
  • Over Dramatic Chipmunk. [] Same as the chipmunk ***, but the real video.

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  • “The Coming Storm Sky trailing gloom lathered clouds roiling like the grume of spent soup boiled the croup of thunder groping upon the raspy cusp of dark and machinating storm disrobing to extend its carnal grasp into the brooded nest”
    — Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog: Friday Poem: "The Coming Storm",

  • “Beginning today, anyone can download NIN's new album for free. their music for free--in this case, an up yours to dubious, machinating music overlords--do you think we're close to universally free downloads?”
    — Free Music!,

  • “BoomTown has always enjoyed–although I have not always agreed with–the ruminations of Fred Wilson in his must-read blog, A VC. at Yahoo today, although he has already been busy machinating and taking meetings since he was appointed North American head”
    — blog | BoomTown | AllThingsD,

  • “Her new novel, Bury Me Deep, which is loosely based on the Winnie Ruth Judd "Trunk to sly-eyed grifters, from machinating hangers-on to Arbuckle himself,”
    — Official Site of American Writer Ace Atkins | Blog: February 2010,

  • “ installments other characters keep alluding to) is only stowing away for the story — all the cosmos is a stage, and like the phantom "televisor" images of various machinating villains, all will be reduced to consumable broadcast ectoplasm in time. Blog Home | Posted under miscellenea | No Comments”
    — ComicCritique.BLOG " Blog Archive " Brother, Can You Spare a,

  • “Read Mathon - Muntsulej Reviews by Mathon on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. the following reviews where found on the web since o”
    — Mathon - Muntsulej Reviews: - Mathon's Myspace Blog,

  • “A blog from Commonweal Magazine's editors and contributors, including Paul Baumann, Lawrence S. Cunningham, David Gibson, Cathleen Kaveny, Joseph A. Komonchak, J. Peter Nixon, Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, and others”
    — dotCommonweal " Blog Archive " A. Lincoln, Grandfather and,

  • “ - Quotes, poetry, screenplays, novels, and the blog We must resist playing games or machinating to get the situation to turn out how we think it should be. Be honest in the moment and let things unfold”
    — Lights, Camera, Action!,

  • “Greggamma's blog. The Testament of Music. Posted on June 20, 2008 by Greggamma. It is of great curiosity to me why a professional personality constructs of the phenomenologic field off the wall without success of machinating any cogent thetical construct”
    — Greggamma's blog | Michelle Branch,

  • “Blog Post ~ Monday November 30, 2009 ~ 1 Comments. Here is another incredible animation by you for sharing the way you see the world, and your machinating imaginations with us”
    — Jack Peñate: Monkeys' Teeth by René Laloux,

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