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  • From Medieval Latin machicolātus, past participle of machicolāre, from Old French to machicolate (third-person singular simple present machicolates, present participle machicolating, simple past and past participle machicolated). — “machicolate - Wiktionary”,
  • Image of machicolation from . machicolating. machicolation " machicolation (images) Machida. machinable. machinate. machinate (synonyms) machinated. machinating. machination. machination (synonyms) machinator. Related Entries. Your Lookups. machicolation sentence examples. — “machicolation - Images”,
  • Search Results for "machicolating" 1) machicolate. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. Inflected forms: ma·chic·o·lat·ed, ma·chic·o·lat·ing, ma·chic·o·lates To provide or furnish with machicolations. — “Search Results for "machicolating"”,
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app Derived forms: machicolated, machicolates, machicolating. Type of: furnish, provide,. — “machicolate, machicolated, machicolates, machicolating”,
  • machicolate [ mə chíkō layt ] (3rd person present singular machicolates, present participle machicolating, past and past participle machicolated) build castle with projecting galleries: to provide a castle wall with projecting galleries along its top. — “machicolate definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • Definition of machicolating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of machicolating. Pronunciation of machicolating. Translations of machicolating. machicolating synonyms, machicolating antonyms. Information about machicolating in the free online. — “machicolating - definition of machicolating by the Free”,
  • Definition of machicolating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of machicolating. Pronunciation of machicolating. Definition of the word machicolating. Origin of the word machicolating. — “machicolating - Definition of machicolating at ”,
  • Words starting with m: ma,maa,maaed,maaing,maar,maars,maas,maatjes,mabe,mabes,mac,macaber,macaberesque,macabre,macaco,macacos,macadam,macadamia,macadamias,macadamisation,macadamisations,macadamise,macadamised,macadamises,ma machicolating. — “Words starting with m”,
  • 13(thir***) letter words starting with m: macaronically,machairodonts,machicolating,machicolation,machinability,macrocephalia,macrocephalic,macroclimates,macroclimatic,macrodactylic,macrodiagonal,macroeconomic,macroglobulin,macrographies,macr. — “13(thir***) letter words starting with m”,
  • thromboendarterectomies salicylazosulfapyridine polytetrafluoroethylene pneumoencephalographies phenoxymethylpenicillin hysterosalpingographies fluororoentgenographies electroencephalographic electroencephalographes electrocorticographical. — “dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane meningoencephalomyelitideses”,
  • If you like sites like MySpace & Facebook but want some extra features that none of the other guys have, then this is the place for you! THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Linktu has it, MySpace doesn't: Personalized live Chatrooms with webcam! Instant machicolating. — “Captain_Commode's Profile " - It's MySpace”,
  • o n t h e ' n e t. A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M Machiavelli Machiavellian machiavellianism machiavellianly machiavellians machicolate machicolated machicolating machicolation machicolations machina machinability machinable machinate machinated machinating machination. — “The Biggest Online Text Dictionary on the Web”,
  • Words starting with M (page 1): ma, maa, maaed, maaing, maar, maas, maatjes, mabe, mac, macaber, macaberesque, macabre, macaco, macadam, macadamia, macadamisation, macadamise, macadamised, macadamises, macadamising 81 machicolating. — “Words starting with M (page 1)”,
  • Paij M01 of the INGLISH website machicolating. ma'chicoalaiting. macro. macroa. macaronically. maca'roanica'lee. machicolation. ma'chicoalaishun. macrobiotic. macroabieotic. macaroon. maca'ruen. machinate. macinait. macrobiotically. macroabieoticlee. macaw. ma'caw. machinated. macinaited. — “Paij M01 of the INGLISH website”,
  • 13 letter words beginning with M: macaronically, machairodonts, machicolating. — “13 letter M words : 13 letter words beginning with M”,
  • Camelot a site designed by four second graders at Middlefolk School in Northfield, IL allows you to tour King Arthur's world. Use 22. machicolating. 30. wicket. Castle Builder! Try your hand at castle building by completing this web quest. — “castles and knights”,
  • r$ uhi0 d --- fvj m uh0 t sh i1 k uh0 l ei2 t uhi0 d --- fvj machicolates m uh0 t sh i1 k uh0 l ei2 t s --- 3v machicolating m uh0 t sh i1 k uh0 l ei2 r$ iee0 ng --- gv m uh0 t sh i1 k uh0 l ei2 t iee0 ng --- gv machicolation m uh0 t sh i2 k. — “mp1.txt”,
  • Words beginning with the letter machicolating. machicolation. machicolations. machinable. machinate. machinated. machinates. machinating. machination. machinations. machinator. machinators. machine. machineable. machined. machineman. machinemen. machineries. machinery. machines. machining. machinist. — “Words beginning with M”,
  • Machicolating definition, to provide with machicolations. See more. — “Machicolating | Define Machicolating at ”,
  • Associate Producer Joining us from the gearing bushes of a 1:1 scale orrery that actually is the solar system comes William 'Smooth' Richens. game documentation into Etruscan, filling gabions with turf and loam, and machicolating battlements, much in the manner of his sage, guru and mentor,. — “William 'Smooth' Richens | Splash Damage”,
  • Page M01 of the English/Inglish spelings machicolating. ma·chicoelaeting. machicolation. ma·chicoelaeshun. machinate. macinaet. machinated. macinaeted. machinating. macinaeting. machinator. macinaeter. machine. ma·sheen. machined. ma·sheened. machining. ma·sheening. machinist. ma·sheenist. — “Page M01 of the Engish/Inglish spelings”,

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  • Terebinthine Cabotage Machicolation (part 3) Senior citizens get in free.
  • Part 1 - The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (Chs 01-08) Part 1 - (Chs 01-08). Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Nikolle Doolin. Playlist for The Turn of the Screw by Henry James:
  • French Band Reenactors " The French Castle" Fort Niagara From Wikipedia..............René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle built the first structure, called Fort Conti, in 1678. In 1687, the Governor of New France, the Marquis de Denonville, constructed a new fort at the former site of Fort Conti. He named it Fort Denonville and posted a hundred men under the command of Capt. Pierre de Troyes, Chevalier de Troyes. The winter weather and disease was severe, and all but twelve perished by the time a relief force returned from Montreal. It was decided in September of 1688 to abandon the post and the stockade was pulled down. In 1726, a two story "Maison a Machicoulis" or "Machicolated House" was constructed on the same site by French engineer Gaspard-Joseph Chaussegros de Lery. It was called the "House of Peace" or trading post to appease the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois. The name used today, "The French Castle" was not used until the 19th Century. The fort was expanded to its present size in 1755 due to increased tensions between French and British colonial interests.
  • Grey Riding Hood Finally made another vlog! I made this in the morning, and just got back from a not-nearly-as-fun class. :/ atleast it's Friday, right? Here's an awesome band: Here's your weird word for the day: machicolated gallery: the area in a defensive tower with holes in the floor to allow stones or hot liquids to be dumped on enemies below.
  • Chapter 01 - The Turn of the Screw by Henry James Chapter 1. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Nikolle Doolin. Playlist for The Turn of the Screw by Henry James:
  • Padrão dos Descobrimentos & Torre de Belém (Belém) O Monumento aos Descobrimentos, popularmente conhecido como Padrão dos Descobrimentos, localiza-se em Belém, na cidade de Lisboa, em Portugal. Bem destacado na margem do rio Tejo, foi construído em 1960 para assinalar os quinhentos anos da morte do Infante D. Henrique, o Navegador. A Torre de Belém é um dos monumentos mais expressivos da cidade de Lisboa. Localiza-se na margem direita do rio Tejo, onde existiu outrora a praia de Belém. Inicialmente cercada pelas águas em todo o seu perímetro, progressivamente foi envolvida pela praia, até se incorporar hoje à terra firme. Classificada como Património Mundial pela UNESCO, em 7 de Julho de 2007 foi eleita como uma das Sete maravilhas de Portugal. Padrão dos Descobrimentos (pron. IPA: [pɐ'dɾɐ̃ũ duʃ dɨʃkubɾi'mẽtuʃ]; lit. Monument to the Discoveries) is a monument that celebrates the Portuguese who took part in the Age of Discovery of the 15th and 16th centuries. It is located on the estuary of the Tagus river in the Belém parish of Lisbon, Portugal, where ships departed to their often unknown destinations. The monument consists of a 52 metre-high slab of concrete, carved into the shape of the prow of a ship. The side that faces away from the river features a carved sword stretching the full height of the monument. It was conceived by Portuguese artists, architecht Cottinelli Telmo and sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida as a temporary beacon of the Portuguese World Fair in 1940. The Monument to the Discoveries represents a romantic ...
  • Terebinthine Cabotage Machicolation (part 1) You know what guys...I don't think the camera can even see your heads.
  • Terebinthine Cabotage Machicolation (part 2) It's still recording!
  • Carassai Carassai is a small town that offers a great experience, unique in the whole of the Piceno. The town, with its 1300 inhabitants, is placed on a hill between the river Aso and the torrent Menocchia, at 365 m above sea level; it is 18 km circa far from the sea, 50 km far from the Sibillini Mountains and 17 km far from the highway A 14. It is reachable from the National Road 16 leaving from Cupramarittima towards the Menocchia valley and from Pedaso towards the Aso valley. The town of Carassai has changed name several times: in the Middle Age its name was Castrum Guardiae, but the population called it Carrascale or Carnassale. The Castle of Carrascale was cited in the documents together with the Castle of Camporo; both were destroyed in the first half of the 14th century for rebelling against the dominion of the Pope. Some years after, only Carrascale was recognised. Presently, two ancient cores are evident: one of feudal origin, called the "Old Castle" and one of medieval origin, called the "New Castle", built in the 15th century by initiative of the population of Fermo and later annexed to the feudal town. The Old Castle is the most ancient inhabited core, characterised by tortuous streets, and has its religious reference in the Renaissance bell-tower of the Church of St Lorenzo. The New Castle is, instead, characterised by larger and straight streets and it has as reference the secular clock-tower, recently rebuilt. Near the New Castle are the rests of the 14th and 15th ...

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