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  • The Reference Code Lyoko Site ! With a great community of Lyokofans ! (In English, French and Spanish) Concept, origins, characters, places, episode summaries, news, Fan Art and Fan Fiction, a large heading of images, many bonus and many other. — “Code Lyoko - The Web Site”,
  • This is an RP based on the French TV show Code Lyoko. no, I do not live in France. Story:Recently Four boarding school students, Jeremy,. — “Code Lyoko : Anime & Manga”,
  • Lyoko is contained within a supercomputer. It is composed of five sectors, the first four of which superficially resemble various real-world ecosystems. The first four sectors are arranged at equidistant points around the fifth, like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. — “Lyoko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Lyoko is a virtual universe run by a super computer called X.A.N.A., who has a bug. There the kids meet Aelita a computer program used to deactivate towers in Lyoko, contaminated by X.A.N.A. He activates these towers because they can help him carry out plans to destroy Earth. — “Code Lyoko”,
  • Code Lyoko Release Date: November 23, 2007 Genre: Role-Playing Style: First-Person Action RPG The player must walk and talk to other people, while collecting items, eventually leading to the Lyoko battles. — “Code Lyoko: Information from ”,
  • Shop for Code Lyoko Quest For Infinity. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Code Lyoko Quest For Infinity - - Product Reviews, Compare”,
  • Buy code lyoko, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay. Find great deals on Video Games, Toys Hobbies items and get what you want now!. — “code lyoko items - Get great deals on Clothing, Shoes”,
  • A site for fans of the french animated tv show Code Lyoko to hang out, talk to other fans, view photos and videos, listen to music and more. — “Videos - Code Lyoko Kingdom”,
  • She has the unique ability to shut down the towers on Lyoko, stopping Xana's attacks on the real world. On Lyoko, Aelita's outfit consists of a pink mini skirt and a. — “Code Lyoko |”,
  • : Code Lyoko: MP3 Downloads A World Without Danger by Code Lyoko $1.42. 3. A World Without Danger by Code Lyoko $0.99. MP3 Songs and Extras (Showing 15 Results) To view this content, download Flash player (version. — “: Code Lyoko: MP3 Downloads”,
  • For the code, see LYOKO (code). Lyoko (pronounced either l'yoh-koh or lee-oh-koh) is a virtual world created by Franz Hopper to be the staging ground for the destruction of Project Carthage (shown in the picture as the yellow sphere in the center). — “Lyoko - Code Wiki”,
  • A crazy cyber world that a few certin people believe to exist. "Lyoko does to exist cus ive looked up x.a.n.a. and aelita and there real so Lyoko has to exist to". — “Urban Dictionary: lyoko”,
  • XANA, the primary adversary of Team Lyoko, is an evil computer program who plots to destroy humanity. — “XANA - Code Lyoko WIKI”,
  • Shop for Lyoko. Search through 3 results from $2.00 like Code Lyoko, Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A., Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, Code Lyoko - Quest for Infinity in Nintendo DS Games. — “Lyoko - Shop ”,
  • Lyoko is contained within a supercomputer within the factory. It is divided into five separate sectors, all with their own unique features. The first four sectors are arranged around the fifth, like a star . Each sector is isolated from the. — “Lyoko - Code Lyoko Wiki”,
  • The hosting at ran up so we moved Lyoko Freak to another server (the same that used to host Tech Links) 12/15/07: Lyoko Freak Fixed! In case you hadn't noticed, the main Lyoko Freak website had been broken for a. — “Lyoko Freak”,
  • IGN is the ultimate Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity resource for trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and news. — “IGN: Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity”,
  • Lyoko (liːˈoʊkoʊ ) is a fictional virtual world in the French animated television series Code Lyoko. Lyoko is accessed through the scanners , large metal tubes which physically transport the Lyoko warriors to Lyoko using a process of reversible mind transfer reminiscent of planar travel in. — “Lyoko”,
  • Official site of the animated TV series, with character info, a game, wallpaper, and a forum. — “Code Lyoko”,

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  • Code Lyoko Episode - 83 - Hard Luck Part 1 this is a episode of code lyoko
  • Code Lyoko French "A World Without Danger" A slideshow i made to the french version of "A World Without Danger" (Un Monde Sans Danger)
  • Code Lyoko long theme Code Lyoko theme a long version of it from the SEASON 1 DVD. PLZ leave comments!If you have any requests on Season 1 shows i would love to upload them on to youtube. Plz feel free to email me on youtube. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
  • Code Lyoko - Toxic I hate Britney Spears, but I do like this song and figured I'd do a CL video to it just for fun (and considering that there currently IS no Toxic video for CL I figured I'd do one! :) This video focuses on XANA and Yumi and yeah.. Clips curtosey of Tech Links EXCEPT all season 1 clips that don't have a logo...those were ripped from my season 1 DVD by ME! Honors for This Video: #31 - Most Viewed (Today) - Entertainment - French #9 - Top Rated (Today) - French #4 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment - French #7 - Most Discussed (Today) - French #2 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment - French #20 - Top Favorites (Today) - Entertainment - French
  • Code Lyoko - TeddyGozilla The XANA super-calculator has mounted another attack against our planet. This time, it has taken control of little Milly's teddy bear. Milly is a student at the same junior high school our heroes. Not only does the teddy bear come to life and become very aggressive, but he grows to be as big as a building before our very eyes. The safety of the whole city is in jeopardy. While Ulrich rushes off to help Yumi, Odd will have to fight on Lyokô alone -- with Jeremy acting as his moral support and guide -- so that their virtual friend Aelita can foil the XANA's attack. In the meantime, Yumi and Ulrich, with Milly in tow, will have to pull off something pretty amazing if they want to escape the giant teddy bear's terrible grips.
  • Code Lyoko - Yumi vs. William Yumi vs. William is it a battle of love or hate??? You Decide.
  • Code Lyoko - Holiday in the Fog Jeremy manages to get himself grounded for the whole school holiday period. He wants to be there in case XANA, the super-calculator, should decide to launch an attack over the break. Sissi, who suspects Jeremy has secret activities, works things out so that she is also at school during the holidays. The Headmaster has put Jim in charge of watching over the two young people. Jeremy's fears are confirmed when XANA succeeds in spreading highly-toxic fumes throughout the school, posing a direct threat to Jim and Sissi who are holed-up in a tiny little room. Jeremy must face the XANA all by himself, so let's just say that it's a hopeless situation. He calls Yumi, Odd and Ulrich to the rescue. Will they get back to school in time to lend him a helping hand ? ...
  • Code Lyoko The hardships of helping Aelita in lyoko! :)
  • Code Lyoko - Episode 78 - Lab Rat English - (3/3) This is the english dubb of the Missed Code Lyoko Episode Lab Rat. Straight from Kabillion hope you enjoy it and remeber CODE LYOKO 4EVER!!!!
  • Code Lyoko Unleashed A video with moving and still pics. ENJOY
  • Sad Code Lyoko :'( Description Edited: 08/05/08 Thanks to the 81599 of you who have watched and commented on my video. I know its not great but at the time.. this was my 4th video to be posted on youtube. So.. anyhooooo.. thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this then why not watch some of my new'er videos. :D Music: Metal Gear Solid [Playstation One]
  • Code Lyoko - Cruel Dilemna XANA doesn't let a single detail of life at the school get by him.The Headmaster has decided to make extensions to the gymnasium and the super calculator wastes no time before turning the bulldozers from the construction zone into weapons. Our heroes must nip this new attack in the bud before the metallic army has a chance to destroy the factory, thus making it impossible for them to get to the secret laboratory. During the battle taking place on Lyokô, Yumi falls into the digital sea and turns into a virtual character forever. It 'sa cruel dilemma for Jeremy who has just accomplished his life's work by working out how to make Aelita into a real person. But he can only bring one person to life : will it be Yumi or Aelita ?
  • Odd Nut song. Code Lyoko A song Odd Nut. Whith alot of Odd's simple free characteristics shine through. Like this video. Scroll down to embed it onto your site!
  • Code Lyoko Theme (Lyrics Style) this english edition has the lyrics
  • Let's Play Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity (Part 1) My First Let's Play I start my first let's play with a nice video game adaptation of the show Code Lyoko.
  • CLU: Code Lyoko MMORPG Test video! Well guys, we have it! A test video for the new MMORPG. Q. When is it coming out? A: We don't know Q. Is this final A: We don't know. Q: Do you think the graphics look wierd? A: Yep. but hey... it's still CL man! _______________________________________ Link to ze video: (this has been run through a translator since the site is in Korean.)
  • Code Lyoko: Episode 31: Part 2 Mister Puck Part 2
  • Code Lyoko - XANA AWAKENS 1 / 2 Every saga has a beginning...One fateful night, Jeremy Belpois, switches on the mysterious computer inside an abandoned factory he had discovered several weeks before near the school. Nothing could have prepared him for what he would find flickering on the screens - a virtual damsel in distress. Jeremy starts researching the Supercomputer and its contents. Before long, he becomes the target of strange electronic attacks, undoubtedly linked to the newly-functioning machine. Realizing he is in over his head, Jeremy confides in his roommate, Ulrich Stern so his friend can help him against the electronic attacks...and rescue the girl in the virtual world !
  • Code Lyoko - Big Bug XANA has created a computer virus and sent it out on the internet. All the city's data-bases have been damaged. Although the problems this causes are quickly solved without major incident, the railway control centre has been hit very hard and can no longer stop two of its trains which are on a collision course. Our heroes are faced with an urgent situation . They must counter XANA's evil plan and stop this deadly collision from occurring. And to think that Sissi is going to go after Ulrich again and make our dream team's mission even more difficult !
  • Code Lyoko - XANA AWAKENS 2 / 2 And so the adventure begins! Before long, the two boys join forces with a new student, Odd Della Robbia, and the serious-looking Yumi Ishiyama, a Japanese girl. The gang finds themselves faced with an electronic offensive like none other -- and, in an incredible journey into the virtual universe, penetrates into a world of danger never imagined. They now realize that turning on the Supercomputer has inadvertently awakened a powerful enemy: XANA -- an evil artificial intelligence which wants to destroy them. Together, our newfound heroes make a pact to continue the struggle against XANA and to keep their secret from the prying eyes of others !
  • Code Lyoko - PSP Official Trailer Gameplay 'Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity' For PSP.
  • Code Lyoko Chipmonk I was wondering what if chipmunks sung the code lyoko theme song. So Enjoy. ~~UPDATE~~ -_-, For all those smart ass's out there...YES ALL I DID WAS SPED UP THE ORIGINAL THEME SONG!!!!
  • Code Lyoko Full Theme AMV This is actually my first technical video, as my other was uploaded for my friend. It's a simple AMV of the show Code Lyoko, with the full version of the theme 'A World Without Danger' in the background. I don't own Code Lyoko, MoonScoop is the current owner of the show, and I therefore don't own the music either, it's just a fan-movie.
  • Code Lyoko Sings Pokemon Johto I thought it was about time for a new video, so when I heard the song I just had to get clips for it. This time I decided to only use clips from the 3d part of the show, I think they look better, although it can be a lot harder to find a clip that works (thats why some don't look perfect) Because every frame is different it is quite hard to edit an incorrect clip to match the words required although speeding up and slowing down parts of a clip can work (see Ulrichs second last line and see if you can tell) If you want to start making a lip sync video for any show I recommend finding the 2d scenes where there isn't a lot of action..... anyway, enjoy the video.
  • Code Lyoko- Chrome... (Sissi) YET AGAIN, SEASON 3 SPOILERS!! ES!!! This video. Was. HARD. The beginning, and the end, especially. But, it was worth it. Let me present to you, the Sissi video! Bow in terror. BOW. There is also swearing in this video, but don' worry- on that CD, this and 'Need You Like A Drug' make up the peak of the cussing. After that it's scanty. There is a warning in the video. Episodes courtesy of Techlinks. I've also noticed that this is the only AMV on Youtube with this song. So, some information for the nonLyokoknowledgeable- yes, this is a children's show. The 'Saturday morning' thing in the end refers to the French school system, where they have school on Saturday mornings. Yes, that blonde kid with the purple spot is a boy. And yes, that pink haired girl's hair is natural. Next video...well, I think it's about Ulrich.
  • Code Lyoko - PSP Gameplay 1 Gameplay 'Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity' For PSP.
  • Code Lyoko - Episode 78 - Lab Rat English - (2/3) This is the english dubb of the Missed Code Lyoko Episode Lab Rat. Straight from Kabillion hope you enjoy it and remeber CODE LYOKO 4EVER!!!!
  • William Sings the Code Lyoko Theme Yep as the title says, William sings with lip sync
  • Lyoko Decoded 1D Part 1D of the fan-made Code Lyoko documentary Lyoko Decoded
  • Code Lyoko - Seeing is believing While Odd is trying to form a new band, the XANA takes control of the school's electricity supply. Leading the investigation, our heroes understand that the fiendish XANA computer is also planning on blowing up a nuclear power-plant. A little concentration during gym class will help them make the right decision ! In fact, the danger is so great that they decide to reveal the existence of Lyokô, the virtual world that only they know about, to the authorities. But it all seems so far-fetched that in the end, no-one believes them. Yumi, Aelita, Jeremy, Odd and Ulrich have only themselves to turn to stop a nuclear explosion from destroying the city.
  • Code Lyoko - Fall Of XANA Trailer The Official Trailer of the second DS game of Code Lyoko. It has been Titled "Code Lyoko Fall Of XANA" The game is said to be released in September 2008.
  • Code Lyoko Xana Attack yove seen the batrtles in lyoko. now see what xana puts them through on earth when he attacks. just a small tribut to xanas attacks. hope you enjoy it just as much :)
  • Code Lyoko - Love Like This This is a vid about the couples of the show.
  • code lyoko theme song another good quality song in french
  • Code Lyoko Fighting! DIfferent various clips to do with fighting and a cool catchy tune :D
  • Code Lyoko Theme Song (English) A clip show of the Code Lyoko theme song. I used the same pictures for all the "Here we are" versies. Please Comment or Rate. Thanks for all the views!!
  • Code Lyoko - Jeremy + Aelita Video This video shows the relationship between Jeremy and Aelita. After about a little over a year of work (due to procrastination) I finally have this long awaited video done. I added a lot of effects and such to make the video more theatric, and I paid extremely close attention to details. Enjoi! Music is "Only This Moment" by Royksopp ~JH
  • Code Lyoko Episode - 83 - Hard Luck Part 2 This is a episode of code lyoko episode 83 hard luck part 2
  • Code Lyoko - 76 Jezioro 1/3 Code Lyoko 76 Jezioro 1/3
  • Code Lyoko - LogBook Sissi uses Ulrich's diary against him so that he will be forced to pay attention to her. The diary contains details of Ulrich's secret activities and of the existence of Lyokô. She takes advantage of a school trip to the swimming pool to attack. But this is no time for Ulrich to get caught in a trap because XANA has taken control of the electric school bus he and the other students are travelling in. The bus, which has now become a kind of prison-on-wheels, is speeding towards the city's chemical complex. Only the skills and daring of Odd, Yumi and Aelita on Lyokô can stop the crazy bus and save it from a deadly catastrophe ...

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