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  • An article offering tips on how to avoid getting ill in the office, written by DialExpotel for Expotel, the UK's leading corporate hotel, venue and travel booking agency. How to give the office lurgy the elbow this winter. — “Expotel - 5 steps to dodging the office lurgy”,
  • Lurgy. buy lurgy mugs, tshirts and magnets. Approximate British equivalent of the American playground term cooties, meaning a fictitious, yet highly infectious disease. Normally used in the form "the dreaded lurgy". The term originates from an episode of the. — “Urban Dictionary: lurgy”,
  • Genes could explain why some people recover from the flu overnight and others are still struggling with the dreaded lurgy two weeks on. Genes could explain why some people recover from the flu overnight and others are still struggling with the dreaded lurgy two weeks on. — “Search Results”, .au
  • Some call it the lurgy. Some people are chucklingly referring to it If I make it in tomorrow I want it appreciated that I have made it in despite being laid low by the lurgy. — “Losing to the Lurgy - Wharf”,
  • This is not supported by the use of the hard 'g' in lurgy (rhyming with Fergie), as allergy has a softer 'g' sound similar to a based on the Northern English dialectic phrase fever-lurgy ("lazy or idle"). based on a gaelic term indicating a negative change. — “lurgy - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of lurgy with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of lurgy”,
  • In Reply to: Lurgy posted by M.Dobson on October 17, 2001 : Colleagues in my office refuse to think that lurgy/lergy/or similar such spellings is a term for the sniffles or colds. — “Re: Lurgy”,
  • Clive introduced me to the term the dreaded lurgy. He first heard it when he was growing up in England and listened to The Goon Show on British radio. The lurgy is a fictitious, infectious condition or disease. The lurgy had been going around Sydney; a close friend here had it,. — “The Dreaded Lurgy " My Sydney Paris Life”,
  • Definition of lurgy in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lurgy. Pronunciation of lurgy. Translations of lurgy. lurgy synonyms, lurgy antonyms. Information about lurgy in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “lurgy - definition of lurgy by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Lurgy Vale Cottages are two adjacent holiday homes located in a small development close to the centre of Kilmacrennan village in County Donegal. Lurgy Vale cottages feature an open plan ground floor incorporating a kitchen, living and dining area. — “Lurgy Vale Cottages - Kilmacrennan: Self Catering Cottage in”,
  • The Goons Followers: Kevin Coyne Formed: 1952 Disbanded: 1960 Genres: Spoken Word Representative Albums: 'Vol Milligan introduced the fictional malady of lurgi, (sometimes spelled lurgy) which has survived into modern usage to mean any. — “The Goon Show: Information from ”,
  • The lurgy. I have one word for you. Bleeeeeeeeeergh. That's how I've been feeling for the The lurgy. Print media love Hello from mid Autumn. March (7). — “kirin notebook - textiles, design, craft: The lurgy”,
  • The lurgy (or lurgi) is British English slang for an unspecified contagious disease, generally one considered inconvenient and non-fatal with obvious symptoms, such as influenza or the common cold. It is also often referred to as "The Dreaded. — “I have the lurgey? Either say something to make me feel”,
  • Marie Claire magazine's daily destination site is your one-stop shop for celebrity gossip, world news, fashion, beauty and shopping advice, travel reviews, diet and health tips, plus competitions and special offers. — “Fighting the Evil Lurgy | Marie Claire”,
  • lurgy noun - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: an illness or disease, especially one that is not serious. — “Definition of lurgy noun from Cambridge Dictionary Online”,
  • In the episode Lurgi Strikes Britain, Spike Milligan introduced the fictional malady of lurgi, (sometimes spelled lurgy) which has survived into modern usage to mean any miscellaneous or non-specific illness. Milligan was later to make up his. — “The Goon Show - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Lurgy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The lurgy (also spelled lurgi) is British English slang for an unspecified or mythical contagious disease, generally one considered inconvenient and non-fatal with obvious symptoms, such as influenza or the common cold. — “Lurgy”,
  • Click here for more details. L. . Categories : Infected Eye. Eye Health Care. Infection Eyes. Conjunctivitis Symptoms. Viral Conjunctivitis. Origin. — “ | Pink Eye | Infected Eye | Eye Health Care”,
  • Free online dictionary with video examples from comedians, celebrities, sports-stars - and you! Your life, your words, your dictionary. Be the first to explore: lurgy upload. No video for this word, yet. We're a video dictionary, but we're new and there are many words in the English. — “lurgy - wordia”,

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  • Fonzy the Pug Says 'Pets are for life not just for Christmas' (long time no see - Charli and I have both been ill with the winter lurgy :( Remember that puppys are cute and would seem like a wonderful Christmas present, but also remember there is a lot of work needed in caring for them. This time of year so many are abandoned. Music courtesy of Jason Shaw:
  • imogen heap: vBlog#22 Hello my lovelies. I'm back... less the lurgy but daffodil equipped. Spring is here (except it weirdly snowed for a couple of days...) Look at all those lovely shiny CD scraps. A ***y weeny snippet of my little remix and lots of windy wires. I didn't expect this vblog to have been all this time mostly the making of my studio.... but drumroll.... the next stage is on. The making of the album. Next blog and onwards will be much more music musings. ***************************x love fluv ******xx immi x :)
  • Star Wars The Old Republic Crew Skills and Crafting introduction An introduction to crewskills and crafting. I'm just getting over the lurgy so expect very minor sniffles and slightly hoarse voice at times. Here's a link to the chart at the beginning of the video.
  • Frozen Synapse: martyrAD vs Lurgy those lucky rockets. again rockets prove there usefulness, or how o erpowering they can be in certain situations.
  • Lurgy Lou and the Megagerms 22 October The Jolly Sailor Come Wretch 'n' Roll in the Rottenborough with Macclesfield's most miserable hit makers. Reviews: "A moderately tolerable group, No *s" - Rolling Stone Magazine "I should of stayed at home with me mam, and her fella" - The Guardian "Absolute Tripe" - New Musical Express "Woah! What a great sound! *****" - John, a deaf man
  • Greetings from Lurgy
  • Lurgy Lou & The Megagerms Lurgy Lou & The Megagerms performing at the Jolly Sailor public house Macclesfield
  • VaperScene 15-01 - The ZMAX explained - in a slightly different way VaperScene 15-01 - The ZMAX explained - in a slightly different way from VTTV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of VTTV on Blip! Marco has taken to his bed with galloping lurgy, so Dave Kitson, Daz Johnson and Dave Dorn hijack the show to show Daz how to use his brand new toy... the Sigelei Zmax See all episodes of VTTV Visit VTTV's series page
  • RC kamatsu 360 excavator and man 4x4 tipper kamatsu 360 excavator and man 4x4 tipper working in the scale qury
  • Let's Play Alice: Madness Returns - Part 11 - Alice Has the Lurgy Confound these yetis, they drive me to GameFAQS. Twitter: Alice: Madness Returns belong to American McGee/Spicy Horse/Electronic Arts
  • TRIGGERMAN - I got the lurgy From the lads set at the RR666 in the nerve centre. Thanks to Mc Caffs for the upload!
  • RC 8x8 recovery truck 2 RC 8x8
  • TRIGGERMAN- I got the lurgy Taken from the DVD "Live by the horns" [email protected] centre
  • Triggerman Dvd Recording - i come from lurgy this is from triggermans dvd recording in the nerve centre on 26th of nov 2006.
  • Looe Music Festival @the_Levellers battle the lurgy @looemusicfest Day 2 - Jeremy @the_levellers and the crowd @looemusicfest that saved him after a dodgy camembert #LooeMusicFestival
  • Lurgy house (Day 4) elaine12jones #4 **Open me** Hi beauties.. It's new year and a new challenge, tune in for 365 days of vlogging. Also if you want to find me i'm on Facebook /elaine12jones Twitter @elaine12jones Instagram elaine12jones Love you all xx Elaine xx
  • Harry Styles Reveals Liam Payne is Enjoying Single Life - Splash News The curly haired singer has revealed to US station Key 103 that his newly single bandmate Liam Payne has the lurgy because he's been kissing too many ladies. Splash is the leading independent entertainment news and picture agency in America. Splash brings the hottest, most up-to-date Hollywood stories and photos to millions of people round the world through their favourite newspapers, magazines and TV station. We don't deal in gossip. We deal in fact. We have been credited with announcing some of the most memorable and controversial show biz stories to come out of Los Angeles in recent years. We cover the good, the bad and the very ugly. Find out more @: Follow us @:
  • RC Car camera rig first test full rc movement mini dv camera mounted on an rc car for top gear style filming, just for a laugh!
  • kHarmony.carm Al Lurgy kHarmony.carm gives you a sick date from Spookshow's new video dating service
  • Pokémon - FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge 15 - Barely Narrated; as I have The Lurgy Super-strong Pokémon in only three microwaveable minutes! (CORRECTION: Growth doesn't raise S.At + S.Df. It raises S.At + Atk) Apologies for the poor narration quality. I just needed to churn one out to show people I'm alive.
  • SLTV 13: Backcountry Fiordland part 1 Paul and Ronan return to New Zealand this week for Chris and Amy Dore's wedding. Shortly afterwards they head into Fiordland Backcountry with mates Sean and Frazer. Everyone seems to get ill on this adventure but despite the lurgy a bunch of great fish are caught, most of them between 5 and 6 lbs. Mystery River X at its best.
  • GeoffNotJeff Vlog 4 - Christmas Cometh But So Does the Lurgy
  • Triggerman " I Got The Lurgy " Diamond Rock Club 25th April 2011
  • rc man 4x4 tipper bruder / scratch built 4x4 tipper
  • The Lurgy [3 DEC 2012 - VLOG 26] ITU treaty conference: US congress antivax BS: ⧓ Hey, I like your face. Thanks for watching! If you liked the video, a thumbs up is very much appreciated! :) Talk to me - My rather bloggish blog -
  • Triggerman live at Stendhal Lurgy live on the Karma Valley Stage
  • RC 8x8 recovery truck functions a fue pic's and a demo of the trucks functions, sorry about the poor quality video.
  • RC 8x8 recovery truck RC 8x8
  • Me and My Monsters - Monster Lurgy - S2E01 CBBC Eddie pretends to be ill to avoid a maths test, promising the monsters they will have a great day hanging out together
  • Lurgy!!!!!!! I've caught some germy bugs from somewhere *sadface* or a should that be *snotface*
  • x factor lurgy from trethergy.wmv X FACTOR ; LURGY FROM TRETHERGY , THE WEST COUNTRYS CHAMPION ...
  • Loser's Lurgy September 11, 2008 - Thursday @Caryl-***y's house, BGH compound. 2 rounds of pusoy dos
  • Lurgy's 8x8 now with air ride! Rc 8x8 recovery truck. Now with self levelling and height adjustable air ride suspension.
  • My DC2 up Lurgy
  • rc excavator first test first outdoor test of my converted hobby engine excavator
  • Lurgy Ash just finished beatin Danni up =]
  • Cant stop laughing!! got the giggles! lurgy Histerical laughing! Haha over nothing at all!
  • #SBTVHalloween - Rodney P, Fallacy & Zed Bias (Sleepin' Giantz) - Mucky [Music Video] #SBTVHalloween Sleepin' Giantz are carrying the lurgy. This is the new video for 'Mucky', out on 3rd December, featuring Giantz Rodney P and Fallacy as you've never seen them before alongside cameos from album collaborators Jenna G and Fox. "Mucky" is the second single to be lifted from the self-titled album by Sleepin' Giantz (aka UK legends Zed Bias, Rodney P and Fallacy) which dropped earlier this year on Tru Thoughts to major props from the likes of MistaJam, Sinden, DJ Q, Clash Mag, Resident Advisor and many more. Time to spread the lurgy around... Buy the Sleepin' Giantz album on iTunes: Or direct from the label on Etchshop: Don't forget to Like/Share/Subscribe! Subscribe to SB.TV on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like SB.TV on Facebook Follow SB.TV on Twitter:
  • The dreaded lurgy.. I have man flu. Sympathies please!

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