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  • Bibliomania e-text: Chapter Lungie to Luster of L by Webster's Dictionary (1913 Edition) by which a fowling net was pulled over so as to inclose the birds. Lurdan (Lur"dan) a. — “Chapter Lungie to Luster of L by Webster's Dictionary”,
  • Interestingly enough, the Collegiate lists the word as lurdane, while both the OED and Century have entries under lurdan for the same word. A lurdan is a "blockhead; a stupid or useless person. Puttenham's Arte of English Poesie. — “Lurdane and lurdan and lunkhead and lummox and lummakin”,
  • Lur·dan a. Stupid; blockish. [Obs.] Lur·dan n. [OF. lourdin , fr. lourd heavy, dull, thick-headed. — “lurdan: Information from ”,
  • The Merczateers is a Second Life paramilitary group, led currently by Lurdan Huszar and Anthony Lehane. The Merczateers operate in the sim Badnarik. The Merczateers are an Iron Symphony military. — “Merczateers - Second Life Wikia”,
  • Reference > Brewer's Dictionary > Fever-lurdan or Fever-lurgan. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898. Fever-lurdan or Fever-lurgan. A fit of idleness. Lurden means a block-head. — “Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Fever-lurdan”,
  • lurdan. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 26 March 2010, at 11:46. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “lurdan - Wiktionary”,
  • About lurdan @ USTREAM: . User Information, stats, shows, schedule and archived videos. lurdan started broadcasting: kansaidebian 37 days ago. — “lurdan @ USTREAM - User information, live shows and recorded”,
  • Merczateer Proteus HandI was going about some routine editorial work in the Herald bunker in Jessie when an urgent communiqué from a Herald informant splashed Lurdan Huszar (M): I could break out both knives right now and show you all, they are not exact copies, not even close, I even. — “Talks between Alliance Navy and Merczateers Stall. Will it be”,
  • Definition of lurdan in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lurdan. Pronunciation of lurdan. Translations of lurdan. lurdan synonyms, lurdan antonyms. Information about lurdan in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “lurdan - definition of lurdan by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Translation of lurdan on the Internet's leading Spanish English dictionary. — “Lurdan Spanish English Translation | Traductor español ingles”,
  • lurdan started watching nogajun/debian-study-live-cd Sun Jun 27 18:59:52 -0700 2010 lurdan forked uwabami/beamerthemeKyoto Thu Jun 24 16:37:14 -0700 2010. Forked repository is at lurdan/beamerthemeKyoto. lurdan started following uwabami Thu Jun 24 16:36:10 -0700 2010. uwabami has 6 public repos. — “lurdan's Profile - GitHub”,
  • trust paths -> 1D21B4BE stats KURASHIKI Satoru trust paths -> FA4C5298 stats Tatsuya Kino***a trust paths -> E358BEFB stats Yoshida Shunsuke other keys signed by this key : 1. — “PGP key statistics : KURASHIKI Satoru -”,
  • Lang-8 is the best place for learning and practicing foreign languages.Write a entry in the language you are learning, then native speaker will correct your entries.More than 70 languages are available in Lang-8. — “Profile: lurdan | Lang-8”,
  • Lurdan definition, a lazy, stupid, loutish fellow. See more. — “Lurdan | Define Lurdan at ”,
  • What's new? | Help | Directory | Sign in. lurdan. User Profile. Updates. From lurdan | Starred Projects | Starred Developers. There are no updates yet. ©2009 Google - Code Home - Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Site Directory. — “lurdan - Google Code”,
  • . @lurdan @t_wada @kmuto @YukiharuYABUKI Thank you!. — “Twitter / Nobuhiro IMAI: . @lurdan @t_wada @kmuto @”,
  • Lurdan google map. Satellite image of Lurdan, Iran and near destinations. Travel deals. See Lurdan photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Lurdan in Iran. — “Lurdan Map | Iran Google Satellite Maps”,
  • Official Blog for the Second Life Combat Community Lurdan Huszar. TAC. 25 comments. Quick Update (Aug. 11th) Just a quick update: I woke up late Tuesday morning with a grinding hangover, loaded up my favorite news source (The Battlefield Gazette) and sank into the deepest despair I've ever known. — “West Oasis Chronicle”,
  • Definition of lurdan from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lurdan. Pronunciation of lurdan. Definition of the word lurdan. Origin of the word lurdan. — “lurdan - Definition of lurdan at ”,

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  • Operation Crucify This! - Escaping STRANGELOVE Short scene of Merczateer forces moving from the ANMD barracks to the ANAD hangars after the Alliance Navy detonates a nuke in an attempt to clear the marine barracks. Don't expect any intense fighting in this particular clip, just a re-location.
  • 12 day's of gruntmas Lyrics; On the first day of Gruntmas Lurdan gave to me, A angee punch in the dick. On the second day of Gruntmas Lurdan gave to me, Two bouncing nades and an angree punch in the dick. On the third day of Gruntmas Lurdan gave to me, Three Mladshiys...
  • New Jessie Funzies Lurdan teaching us how to make big macs, getting griffed, and Caine pledging to never cheat again
  • Rezzing in for the Grunt Dinner My first weekly meeting as a Merczateer. My computer is total fail... Obviously. At least I didn't crash. Apparently there were 47 people in Badnarik, I counted around 30 rezzed on my screen. Music is Jason Webley - Dance While the Sky Crashes Down (Been looking for an excuse to use this song)
  • Takkun Gray: Alliance Navy Marine 2/13/09, a random scrimmage with the Alliance Navy... Started out 9v9 but a grunt spilled the beans and tons of mercz (including me) came to participate. Takkun Gray, Merczateer Kommisariat, joined the AN to help even things out. The resulting confusion from all the grunts on base was amazing as all of a sudden their leader was pew-pewing them in Badnarik, doned in AN Marine armor. Crazy fun times, Navy troops managing to push into Badnarik several times even though drastically outnumbered. Mercz ended up pulling themselves together as the fight stretched into its second hour. The AN claimed to be enjoying themselves and kept going but by the time hour 3 rolled around the TPs back were starting to thin out, defender numbers shrinking as well. Filmed with FRAPS by Maza Rau in Second Life. Music is US Marine Band - Hungarian-Melodies Charles Erwin cornet 1959 Merczateers, best SL conventional combat military on the grid! Download Second Life today and get involved with this interesting world of guns and ...furries. Drop me a line if you have any questions.
  • Merczateers - Tank'n it Since this video was made, I've been perma banned from Mercz because of my "attitude" ... Oh well! :D Yet another Second Life combat video. Attacking the Merczateers sololol. Enjoy.
  • [Mercz] All Class training People were very bored so... we made a All class training in Badnarik/Salamis. Blue team defends and Red team attacks. Objective: Admin tower. (Are fragments of the defence, not very focus to the attack team) Music (In order): 02) Basil Poledouris - Nuclear Scam 00-vodean-brothersall 10) Basil Poledouris - Kaboom!!!
  • sto rosario parish_hp1-b_final yahahahaha
  • Merczateers: Spartan Spam Bruno Ziskey: You never do learn... Lurdan Huszar: Sorry, you have nothing to teach. Bruno Ziskey: Says the guy who can't resist making all his weapons spammy. Five versus five. Guess who caused all the lag?
  • Graznovik A nice walk in Graznovik during the sunrise. Graphics at Ultra. Some lag yeah....
  • All Your Fails Belong on YouTube During an attack on Silverhawk, we begin to die from dancing projectiles, particularly those flying through walls. Much fun ensues.
  • [Mercz] & Ordo photos Chea this is the IS well two of them!
  • TANK The Merczateers wage a three day campaign against the German Army. They deploy a squad of their finest and roll out some new toys in what will result in the ultimate humiliation for the Germans. All recorded live, I didn't think about the fact Fraps would pick up all the Ventrilo chatter...including mine, so you can hear me breathing and giggling like a schoolgirl throughout. Hey, it makes it more entertaining! Another little experiment that ended up a full video. Turns out recording sound through Second Life turns out like crap. F**king around with audio and SFX is fun though. Oh hey, this is my longest game video yet, hasn't reached the degree of FFC yet, but eh, good things are still to come. Had to cut stuff for time's sake so, Credits: Márshal Huszar, Márshal Lehane, Leytenánt Hultcrantz, Leytenánt Flare, Serdzhánt Gray (oh *** I got promoated), Serdzhánt Rau, lots of dead Germans. "If there's a Second Life Hell, we're going to it..."

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  • “Message: 44292. BY: Satoru KURASHIKI (lurdan) DATE: 2008-02-20 06:52 This blog (in Japanese) says that developer team of ruby language examines Redmine as the candidate for issue tracking system of”
    — RubyForge: Redmine:,

  • “watanabe, http:///Watanabe/blog/ YAA, wozozo, lurdan, masayashi, http://www.masayashi”

  • “Get QDBM: Quick DataBase Manager at . Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. QDBM is a library of routines for managing a database. It is developed referring to GDBM for”
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  • “The New English Review - A monthly political/cultural magazine with a literary slant. The Iconoclast is a group blog featuring Hugh Fitzgerald, Mary Jackson, Rebecca Bynum, Theodore Dalrymple, Jerry Gordon, Norman Berdichevsky, Artemis Gordon”
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  • “Hi, I have been working on a piuparts rewrite that makes it easier to find install/removal/upgrade bugs. When running it on all packages in squeeze, I'm currently getting 682 failures. That does”
    — Full install/removal/upgrade test results available,

  • “The Largest Xbox Message Boards on the Internet. Xbox games, Xbox Cheats, Xbox Codes, Xbox Live, Xbox Reviews, Xbox News, etc”
    — Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums - View Profile: Lurdan,

  • “WordPress blog about Lurdanism. Lurdanism. And him, this [of a stong preathey to the hadst lur danism lurd anism lurda nism lurdan ism lurdani sm lurdanis m lurdanism urdanism”
    — Lurdanism,

  • “But checking the Online dictionary it suggests I meant lurdan meaning stupid or blockish or as a noun a blockhead. I just came to your blog because I saw a car with that same bumper sticker driving on 15-501. This page is the only reference to”
    — oppugn nescient lurdanes | PomeRantz,

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