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  • Definition of lurched in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lurched. Pronunciation of lurched. Translations of lurched. lurched synonyms, lurched antonyms. Information about lurched in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “lurched - definition of lurched by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of lurch from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lurch. Pronunciation of lurch. Definition of the word lurch. Origin of the word lurch. — “lurch - Definition of lurch at ”,
  • Nov 13 (Reuters) - Guinea-Bissau, which holds parliamentary elections on Sunday, has lurched from one political crisis to another since independence frm Portugal in 1974. There are fears that the problem. — “- FACTBOX-Impoverished Guinea-Bissau faces drugs trade threat”,
  • It is hard to imagine that subways in New York City could be more congested, streets any bumpier, parks any scruffier, muggers in greater abundance, ambulances slower to respond or courts and CITIES: How New York City Lurched to the Brink. — “CITIES: How New York City Lurched to the Brink - TIME”,
  • RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - The tone of Brazil's presidential race has lurched lower and is likely to stay there as scandal accusations and increasingly bitter exchanges between the two main candidates. — “Scandals dominate Brazil campaign as vote nears | Reuters”,
  • What is a lurched, definition of lurched, meaning of lurched, lurched anagrams, lurched synonyms No anagrams for lurched found in this word list. — “Word lurched meaning. Word lurched definition. Free crossword”,
  • lurched. Simple past tense and past participle of lurch. Retrieved /wiki/lurched" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “lurched - Wiktionary”,
  • FORMER crocodile hunter, filmmaker and adventurer Malcolm Douglas died when he turned on the ignition in his car a police report found. Tests conducted on the vehicle support the investigators' favoured theory that the vehicle lurched forward. — “Bush icon killed as car lurched, cops confirm | The Australian”, .au
  • lurched. Reviews Favorites Main. NG Home. lurched. Age/Gender: n/a, Male. Contact Info. Send a Private Message (PM) Newgrounds Stats. Sign-Up Date: 8/2/08. Level: 5. Aura: Neutral. Rank: Civilian. Blams: 0. Saves: 5. Rank #: 192,743. Whistle Status: Normal. Exp. Points: 210 / 280. Exp. Rank #: 168,260. — “lurched”,
  • View on black using Fiveprime's Black Magic 1215/5150285717_fcd8dbf721_b.jpg[/img][/url] [url=http:///photos/snapeverything/5150285717/] and she lurched on[/url] by [url=http:///people/snapeverything/]Axel Bührmann[/url], on Flickr [url=http:. — “... and she lurched on | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Toward the End, Editor and Publisher Lurched Left. By Lachlan Markay | December 11, 2009 | 15:00. With the demise of the Editor and Publisher this week, many media commentators are nostalgic for the hard-nosed trade journalism the newspaper industry publication often engaged in. — “Toward the End, Editor and Publisher Lurched Left”,
  • Marathon UN climate talks lurched into overtime Friday with world leaders deadlocked on a deal to tame global warming, despite pleas for an agreement Latest news around the world and developments close to home - MSN Philippines News. — “Deadlock forces climate talks into overtime - Latest news”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Origin of LURCH. Middle English lorchen, probably alteration of lurken to lurk. First Known Use: 15th century. Rhymes with LURCH. — “Lurched - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Up to 20 African countries mark 50 years of independence from Europe this year. That includes the Democratic Republic of Congo which marks its anniversary Wednesday. But it has lurched from rebellions and coups to dictatorship and civil war. NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports on a country still. — “Impoverished Congo Marks 50 Years Of Independence : NPR”,
  • LURCHED. Dictionary terms for LURCHED in Korean, Korean definition for LURCHED, Thesaurus and Translations of LURCHED to Korean, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew,. — “LURCHED in Korean - dictionary and translation”,
  • EDITOR'S NOTE — An occasional look at how Washington works — or doesn'tWASHINGTON — When Peter Boddeart's Lexus lurched forward an (read more). — “Inside Washington: Missed signs in Toyota recalls”,
  • Drip irrigation creates icicles and forms an insulation and way of protecting oranges on the trees Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007 in Exeter, Calif. California's weather lurched from beach to ski in less than a week as an arctic blast Friday delivered. — “Drip irrigation creates icicles and forms an - Media (3 of 3”,
  • lurch intr.v. , lurched , lurching , lurches . To stagger. See synonyms at blunder . To roll or pitch suddenly or erratically: The ship lurched in. — “lurch: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Doncaster has lurched from crisis to crisis since the collapse of an age-old Labour monopoly of the council, based on an unshakeable alliance with mineworkers and other once-mighty unions. Council in Edlington furore has lurched from crisis to crisis. This article was published on at. — “Council in Edlington furore has lurched from crisis to crisis”,
  • Currency market watch - The stock market lurched into official bear market territory yesterday by trading 20% below its June 2007 peak. — “Stock market lurched into bear territory | Currency watch | News”,
  • lurched use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with lurched. lurched in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “lurched - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,

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  • What Do You Want From Life? -The Tubes (Swearing) Number 16 in the From The Vaults series of miscellaneous nuggets from 25 years of recording obsession--this is The Tubes on July 3, 2000 at Taste Of Minnesota. Under the midday sun on the state capitol lawn, Fee Waybill and his fabulous Tubes assaulted a crowd of diehard fans, passers by and um, lots of KIDS! Weird surreal set, as Mr. Waybill hit the stage on a Harley Davidson with a halter-topped chick on the back, lurched out in his White Punks On Dope outfit--complete with a very unwieldy marital aid stuffed into the front of his skivvies. His attempted jokes about "The Hmongs" was a bit weird. I wondered if he expected a laugh or what? Racist remarks are fairly tough to pull off ironically, and doing them straight--well, whatever--The Tubes. You will no doubt notice a flatulent quality to the recording. My battery was dying, so the mics started to flat-top on the low end, if that makes any sense. Anyway, the battery was low, so they farted out. Enjoy this Six***th offering of the Ruckus Archives [RUCK 0016]
  • Election Protests Turn Bloody in Iran Thousands of protesters defied Iran's highest authority Saturday and marched on waiting security forces as the crisis over disputed elections lurched into volatile new ground. (June 20)
  • PLYMOUTH, MA- Elderly Driver Crashes Toyota Corolla Into Liquor Store (07-29-10) PLYMOUTH — An elderly woman was not hurt when she backed her Toyota Corolla through the wall of a liquor store, Plymouth police said. The car was parked outside the store when the woman got in and started the engine. The car lurched backward into the side of Luke's Liquors at 736 State Road at about 8:30 am Thursday. The car ended up with its rear half in the store's can and bottle redemption center. Nobody was in that section of the store at the time. "I thought a plane hit the building. It was that loud," Patricia O'Donnell, assistant store manager said. "I ran outside and saw the side of the building. She was half in and half out." O'Donnell and a woman who had been passing by helped the driver out of the car. "I was trying to get her out and dial 911 at the same time. I smelled gas and didn't know if it was coming from the car," she said. The elderly woman had been her first customer of the day, O'Donnell said. The liquor store remained open.
  • Gojira- Indians Track 6 from The Link -Lyrics- Alone in his castle the Ghoul Hunter toils, Devising a plan to destroy Feverishly working on a monstrous creation A man of mechanix to cause devastation Gears are adjusted for inhuman power Ten feet tall; a wrought iron tower Death he can bring with a squeeze of his claw, Electrified net, or retractable saw -Killbot is online-All systems go -Tell me my orders but tell me them slow "Go to the graveyard and flush out the Ghouls" "Plunder the catacombs! Murder the fools!" We saw him coming, he couldn't be missed We tried to act brave but our pants were all pissed He destroyed everything with no delay Smashed every villager stuck in his way (round) Glowing laser eyes Controlled by Gammalite Crushing through tunnels and smashing through walls Programmed for vengeance with deadly protocols Iron ignoramous, mechanical sap We four got together and set him a trap We lured him right into a cage And hacked away at his wiring with an axe "Return to Castle" flashed in digital As he lurched forward on a counter-attack He shambled and twitched to the Ghoul Hunter's lair And stomped through the drawbridge as if it weren't there He flailed in a rampage, everything was pulverized The castle walls began to crumble; he was trapped inside Curses from the Ghoul Hunter were echoing within As brick and mortar covered his ungodly creation
  • This Bull has had enough! (and he just heard about LeBron) Ok here is the situation, of course this is not funny at all. MADRID — A bull leapt into the packed grandstands of a Spanish bullring and ran amok, charging and trampling spectators and leaving 40 people injured, regional officials said Thursday. Video showed the bull jumping several meters (yards) high out of the ring, clearing two barriers before landing in the stands and raising a panic as he lurched through the screaming crowd, charging and tossing everything he could. The 500-kilogram (1100-pound) animal was brought under control by experienced bull handlers after several minutes and later killed. The incident occurred Wednesday at the Tafalla arena in the northern region of Navarra during an event attended by about 3500 spectators, in which mostly young people try to get a bull to charge at them so they can dodge it. Unlike standard bullfights, the bulls are not killed in these events. The bull had already attempted to jump into the stands twice. After damaging a horn, he was about to be returned to the corral and replaced with another bull when he tried a third time and succeeded. The regional government said in a statement Thursday that three people remained in hospitals in the regional capital of Pamplona, best known for its annual San Fermin running of the bulls festival. The injured included a 10-year-old boy who was in intensive care after the bull reportedly fell on him. Another man was gored in the back and was said to be in stable condition. In all, 40 ...
  • 2nd Annual Vancouver Zombie Walk On August 19th 2006, once again the zombies took to the streets of downtown Vancouver in the thick of a hot summer day. Take specific note around the 30-second mark. Apparently an irritated driver had grown frustrated by being prevented from moving on this sweltering Saturday, he lurched forward and hit a zombie. While, I didn't hear that the zombie had been further injured, it did enrage him. The driver pressed on and actually struck a number of other zombies. In anger one zombie jumped on his windshield, cracking it as you can see in the picture, and then he and many other zombies started damaging the car of the seemingly reckless driver. Perhaps you needed to be there, but this moment became profoundly surreal as the car lurched forward honking in the crowd of zombies and they persued it. It felt like a zombie movie come right to life. Wow!
  • CRIKEY ! Not so very long ago, some chap called Cook sailed south you know, Down through the southern seas When the sea ran out he found some land, lurched ashore, Union Jack in hand And claimed it all for good king george the english crown Well the weather was good and the beer was cold and the natives did what they were told So we gathered all the scum, murderers and the thieves, We put them on ships and sailed them away, destination Botany Bay, That's how Australia was born Oh Australia, they say, is the place to be, where men are men, sheep are happy and there's good access to the sea Oh Australia you gave technology a well needed kick, with the rotary clothes line and a bent bit of stick I googled Oz culture and what did I see Kevin "Bloody" Wilson and Crocodile Dundee, and under cuisine they mentioned meat pies and vegemite And you say you're good sportsmen, but that's a bloody joke, if you're not bowling underarm then you're in a sulk, Crikey mate, you whinge more than the bloody Poms do. And your women go out on a Friday night, and they brag about how they drink and fight, And they fall upstairs at 3 or 4 AM And the sky line glows from the Barbie's light, as the aussies eat everything in sight Well that's it mate, the end of evolution in Australia Well now you're a country in your own right, beneath your radiant southern cross at night, and there's no-one to tell you what to do but Ausmerica's the word I'm starting to hear, I mean even after a couple beers, do you really ...
  • Cass Lowe & Robyn Sherwell - Kiss Me Kate pretty ditty-------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- /casslowe------------------------------ I stepped into the party like I step onto a yacht Furiously trying to be something that I'm not Lurched across the room and found a girl I thought you knew, Made sure you could see me as I asked her "Hey, would you Kiss me Kate?" I know you can be vicious, yeah I know you can be mean, I know that when you're drinking you know how to make a scene, But I never thought the two of us could lower to these depths, Congratulations honey its another personal best. I'm not taking you back. True love has got nothing on this. I'm not taking you back; We went down with the ship.
  • Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Once there was this kid who Got into an accident and couldn't come to school But when he finally came back His hair had turned from black into bright white He said that it was from when The cars had smashed him so hard Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Once there was this girl who Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room But when they finally made her They saw birthmarks all over her body She couldn't quite explain it They'd always just been there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm But both the girl and boy were glad 'Cause one kid had it worse than that 'Cause then there was this boy whose Parents made him come directly home right after school And when they went to their church They shook and lurched all over the church floor He couldn't quite explain They'd always just gone there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
  • Blade 400 Stuffed Aileron Servo I just tried my first flight (after a few back yard hovers) and on just starting to lift off the ground it lurched over forward and dumped the blades into the ground. Stuffed the tips on the blades and bent the feathering shaft. Got home and replaced both, then did a quick check before next attempt to hover and noticed the swash was not level. Back to the table, disconnect the motor and this was what I found. As soon as any load was put on the servo (as in some pitch coming in) it jumped about 1/4 turn up pushing the back left of the swash up causing forward elevator and right aileron. Net result tilting it forward and into the grass. NOT HAPPY JAN........
  • 200.002 MPH Nitrous Hayabusa Texas Mile The launch blows and the shifts are slow but I went 200 MPH! The lockup clutch is still not dialed in, that is why the bike lurched on the launch. The clutch locks up to soon. The POS Pinglel electric shifter was also still malfunctioning which meant manual shifting against the lockup clutch. But hey, 200 is 200. It is pretty cool especially with the cross wind keeping you all heeled over through the finish. Now I want more! We would like to go faster in October! The motor is built but we need to come up with a real nitrous system so we can challenge a real record. Anyone interested in a sponsorship opportunity please contact us. Next goal for this bike is 220+!!!!! But what I really want is 250 MPH !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stairway to Heaven pt 2 June 3, 1973 Los Angeles, CA US The Forum Important Note: Between most of No Quarter Rain Song and The Song Remains The Same the recording goes a bit well, wobbly Rock and Roll, Celebration Day, Black Dog, Over the Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, The Song Remains the Same, Rain Song, Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven, Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, The Ocean, Communication Breakdown, Organ solo ~ Thank You. It didn't get much attention, because the group paid for everything, but Led Zeppelin was in rare destructive form when they were here recently for some concerts. Things got off to a bad start when lead guitarist Jimmy Page sprained a finger when he lurched against a fence at San Diego Airport. That apparently threw the boys into a grand funk. Not too long after the group got settled in a ninth floor suite at the Continental Hyatt House, a table came sailing out their window. Explanation for the mis-Led table was, the boys were irritated at being told not to toss liquor glasses into an open Lincoln convertible parked on the street below. Then it was off to a theater to attend a party for Jo Jo Gunne. There members of the group were accused of smashing up the rest rooms and defacing paintings in the lobby. Back to their hotel they went to spread a four-foot cake around the swimming pool. It happened to be Zeppelin drummer John Bonham's 25th birthday. When George Harrison and wife Patti dropped by to help ...
  • Marina Gasolina - Leone [HD] Leone is the debut single from the enigmatic Marina Gasolina released on her own label Anfetamina Records. Ditching the baile-funk that she is known for and exploring a more experimental electronic sound, this track should win her an army of new fans while keeping her old ones more than interested. The single grabs your attention from the off with synths that could have lurched straight out of Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange', but this track is a homage to master of Spaghetti Westerns - Sergio Leone. The urgent, rolling drumbeat mirrors the pounding hooves of the cowboy's galloping horses (think 'Johnny remember me' meets 'A Fistful of Dollars'). Produced by Etienne Tron (aka Radio***) and Electronicat, this single is a great example of new meets old with Marina's vocal delivery sounding like no one else past or present. After Playing in several punk bands during her ***age years, Marina founded and fronted Domino signed, brazilian baile-funk band Bonde Do Role. After touring the world for two years straight, they released debut album 'With Lasers' which was produced by a who's who of exciting producers such as Diplo, Chernobyl and Radio***. Marina then left the band to focus on her solo career and broaden her horizons. She moved to London in 2008 and has passed the time recording tracks for international acts such as Crookers, Herve, Maskinen, Severin, The Go! Team, Metronomy, Acid Kids and Architecture in Helsinki. This led to her building her own, new sound and ...
  • Sustainability = Interdependent Project Launch This was the first launch video of the Interdependent Project before 'Bob' and other copyright jackals lurched at us from all directions - serious learning curve. So the original audio has been swapped and The Interdependent Project has RE-BRANDED since this Stage One Launch video - We are going to make a new one but thought we would leave this one up in tribute to our teams innocent naive nostalgic past selves - but...'What about Bob?" IF YOU SEE THIS BOB AND YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WE TRUST YOU WILL CONTACT US.... VISIT MAIN WEBSITE & JOIN THE INTERDEPENDENT PROJECT NETWORK - http Sustainability = Interdependence and the Interdependent Project is launching the first global media portal dedicated to the sustainability movement with exclusive focus on SOLUTIONS. Guaranteed to be a "Fear Free Solution Sphere" the Interdependent Project defines sustainability beyond just being "green" and give new meaning to the term "G" Force. There is a sustainable world emerging right under our feet and the Interdependent Project invites you to "Declare Your Interdependence" and step into the sustainable matrix to begin your own journey of authentic living. IMPORTANT NOTE INTERDEPENDENT DAY HAS BEEN MOVED TO SUMMER SOLSTICE (North Hemisphere) WINTER SOLSTICE (South Hemisphere) JUNE 21ST
  • Zombiepalooza in London, Ontario (2008) October 26, 2008 saw the dead lurch back to reanimated glory. They lurched and lurked and dragged themselves onto Richmond Street in London, Ontario. It was a real scream fest! http
  • 'Zombies' lurch through Brisbane Thousands of 'undead' have lurched through Brisbane for the fourth annual Brisbane Zombie Walk.
  • FRENSWOOD ACADEMY CH.41(A Jonas Story) **************STORY IN DESCRIPTION BOX*********** January 7th, 2008 (the back seat of the car. Alexandria's POV) "He held my hand!" Alexandria practically screamed in her head "he held my bloody hand! But now it's like nothing ever happened. Like we didn't almost share a kiss that day..." She brushed her fingers against her lips. It was like she could almost still feel the heat of his lips against hers. The car lurched as they hit a pot hole and jerked her hand away from her face. Alexandria, Bridget, Haley, Stanley, the boys, and their new guest, Miley were headed to a putt putt center to play some mini golf in celebration of Alexandria's homecoming. She turned to her left and saw Miley whispering with Nick. Nick gave a small laugh and then suddenly looked up, as if he could feel someone staring at him. When his eyes met hers they softened a bit, looking sorry and pained. She almost felt bad for him, almost. Alexandria broke their gaze to turn back to the car window she'd previously been staring out of as she bitterly remembered the afternoon they'd held the web chat. "I wish that day had never happened" she thought to herself. The little voice in her head said "no you don't" "shut up" Alexandria said quietly. "excuse me?" Stanley said from beside her. "huh? Did you say something?" Alexandria asked "yeah. I said would you like to be partners but then you said shut up. I mean it's cool if you don't want to be..." Stanley said hurriedly. "Oh no, Stan I was just thinking ...
  • STS-116 as seen from 3 miles away - captured w/a Blackjack The space shuttle Discovery lit up the night sky to begin a 12-day journey to the International Space Station (ISS) on its second try. It lurched off the launch pad at 2047 EST (0147 GMT on Sunday). "You've got a lot of smiling faces up here," said Mark Polansky, Discovery's commander, just after lift-off. When told of the successful launch, ISS crew member Michael Lopez-Alegria said, "We're going to head out and turn on our porch light so they can find us." Bad weather had threatened to delay lift-off for the second time on Saturday, as forecasters had estimated a 70% chance of unfavourable weather conditions in the morning. That was worse than the odds forecasters had given for Discovery's first launch attempt on Thursday, which was cancelled due to low clouds in the area (see Low clouds scrub latest shuttle launch). But by early evening on Saturday, the weather outlook had cleared up. The primary tasks for this mission are to install a new segment of the station's spine-like truss and to rewire the ISS to increase its power supply, enabling the addition of more laboratory modules. It may be the most complex shuttle flight ever attempted (see Shuttle mission to be most complex yet). Its success is critical to NASA's plans to complete the space station by the time the shuttles retire in 2010. "If we're not able to accomplish what we set out to on this flight, then it likely means another shuttle flight," says lead flight director John Curry. Since every single shuttle ...
  • Second helicopter crash test The second crash test of a small lightweight helicopter at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., was a smashing success, literally -- just as engineers had predicted. The helicopter smacked hard into the concrete. Its skid gear collapsed, its windscreen cracked open and its occupants lurched forward violently, suffering potentially spine-crushing injuries according to internal data recorders. The crash test was all in the name of research to try to make helicopters safer. For full story:
  • 2009 Manitou Springs Carnivale Parade held 21 Feb - Part 1 Video of the 2009 Manitou Springs Carnivale Parade held 21 Feb 2009 Here's an excerpt from a Gazette article: From the Colroado Springs Gazette - 21 Feb 2009 Revelers rock Carnivale in Manitou Springs THE GAZETTE MANITOU SPRINGS - It began weird and never let up. Jesters hurled beads, walked on stilts and did back flips. Zombies lurched among belly dancers, hippies marched with dragons, and a woman in a dinosaur costume looked natural next to a 6-foot-tall bunny. This wasn't your ordinary parade. This was Manitou Springs. On Saturday, the city known for its embrace of all things weird and woolly put its off-kilter spin on the 17th annual Carnivale celebration. The year's theme, Indulge Your Appetites, seemed an unnecessary reminder. "The theme for the crowd is just have fun," said Julia Wright of Manitou Springs, who said she never misses the party. "You can do anything you want and be anything you want with the change of a costume." Dixieland music and propulsive drumming set the mood as hundreds of revelers lined the town's main street, clamoring for beads and other party favors. Many spectators got into the act with homemade costumes and Mardi Gras masks. After the 45-minute parade drew to a close, some performers took to the pavilion stage at Soda Springs Park, drawing a crowd of dancers young and old. Other revelers moved to the taverns, where the celebration was expected to continue into the wee hours.
  • Feds Probe Toyota Prius Crash in NYC Suburb The crash of a Toyota Prius in New York caught the attention of federal regulators Wednesday after the driver said it accelerated on its own, then lurched down a driveway, across a road and into a stone wall. (March 10)
  • Defiant Tehran protesters battle police TEHRAN, Iran Thousands of protesters defied Iran's highest authority Saturday and marched on waiting security forces that fought back with baton charges, tear gas and water cannons as the crisis over disputed elections lurched into volatile new ground. In a separate incident, a state-run television channel reported that a suicide bombing at the shrine of the Islamic Revolution leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini killed at least two people and wounded eight. The report could be not independently evaluated due to government restrictions on journalists. If proven true, the reports could enrage conservatives and bring strains among backers of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi. Another state channel broadcast images of broken glass but no other damage or casualties, and showed a witness saying three people had been wounded. The extent of injuries in the street battles also was unclear. Some witnesses said dozens were hurt and gunfire was heard. Some bloggers and Twitter users claimed that there had been numerous fatalities in Saturday's unrest, reports that could not be immediately verified. The clashes along one of Tehran's main avenues — as described by witnesses — had far fewer demonstrators than recent mass rallies for Mousavi. But they marked another blow to authorities who sought to intimidate protesters with harsh warnings and lines of black-clad police three deep in places. The rallies also left questions about Mousavi's ability to hold together his protest movement ...
  • Ship Merkur Lifted out of Water In 1997, when ship Merkur was towed from Tallinn to Klaipeda, water started flowing into machine space leading to the ship lurched considerably. Since at that moment the ship was not far from Ventspils Port, captain of the tugboat applied for permission to enter the port to pump out water. Before the team of specialists arrived, the ship had considerably lurched to the left and getting over berth, it sank at 9 m depth and listed 500. After unsuccessful attempt of company V to lift the ship, real threat occurred that Merkur would get to the port shipway with depth reaching 12,5 m. That was the reason why Latvian Maritime Administration entered into the agreement with company ASPTR to lift ship Merkur. The group of professionals equipped with relevant diving, search-and-rescue equipment and vehicles was formed. Specialists decided to use block-and-cable system to prevent the situation. After the ship hull became waterproof and water inflow was prevented, pumps of total capacity 900 m3/h were installed in the ship sections. With the ship being gradually lifted out of water, the block system pressed it to the berth wall. It took 26 hours to recover the ship floatability, after which it was delivered to the customer and towed to the Port of Klaipeda.
  • RIP Frances Margay Schee one of my best friends a memorial for frances margay schee.she was one of my best friends that lived fast and died young.she died (CORRECTED) 1 month and 2 days after her 13th birthday.she was such a good friend and will always be remebered.she died in a terrible bus accident on Septemeber 23,2008 RIP Frances aka Margay August 21,1995 Septemeber 23,2008 the bus she was on was bus No. 9601. rip frances we shall meet again in heaven my friend two days after she had died her mom went into her room and found a passage she wrote that said 56 lessons to live by here she wrote life isn't always perfect" "Deal with it" it's the only life you have" "Chase your dreams even if you trip a couple of times" "Everyone who has a loved one die just wants one more hug,one more kiss" she loved animals and spent most of her time volenteering at EARS wildlife sanctuary.some of her best loves were beach surfing,skateboarding,butterflies,and balloons.she wanted to be an airline piolot. You will always be in our hearts. here is some info on the crash A semi had struck the bus from behind. The vehicles lurched forward and erupted in flames. "It just hit. It happened too fast," said Jamar, 14. "It was just so smoky it was hard to see. "I just remembered from television, stay calm in these situations and don't panic," he said. "That's how people get killed." Despite the students' courage, and the bravery of bystanders who rushed in to help, the crash claimed one life. Frances Margay Schee, 13, a North Marion Middle ...
  • #84 (2/2) - 3v3 - Greece vs Scythia So I lurched forward, pushed away the Scythian archers, next tried to envelop a pocket of Julii, then shifted the camera, and to my dismay I noticed that both of my allies were nigh entirely slain. I thought the other Greek army would be able to resist Parthia, but I was wrong. They were completely massacred. I'll take partial blame for that because I allowed Slayer to help in flanking them. Oh well! Live and learn. Belle vs ]HELL[***Y]Slayer{ST} Greece vs Scythia in 3v3 -Part 2 15k (CWB) Normal Notes: - Recordings and opponents are spontaneous. I play everyone. :) - See me online and want your game recorded? Ask! I just might! - Losses are posted if recorded. I don't care. This is for "ego vampires." :b - Assuming the recording falls under 15min, I'll post whatever happens! - 15k or less usually makes for quicker games, so it's preferred. Edits suck. - Opponents are either informed or should be aware from reading the game title. - If you're the opponent loathing this video, harass me a bit. I'll eventually delete. :( - Yes, recording live is kind of annoying. If you've done it, you know why! Enjoy! :)
  • MD-500 helicopter drop tests "Three, two, one, release," said the technician on the loudspeaker at the Landing and Impact Research Facility. With that countdown the helicopter smacked hard into the concrete. Its skid gear collapsed, its windscreen cracked open and its occupants lurched forward violently, suffering potentially spine-crushing injuries according to internal data recorders. The crash test was all in the name of research to try to make helicopters safer. The MD-500 before and after the drop test. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith "The goal of any research program that has an element of impact dynamics is to develop an understanding of the crash response of the vehicle," said Karen Jackson, an aerospace engineer who oversaw the test. "Once we understand that response we can look at ways to improve the crash performance." In December 2009 researchers dropped the same MD-500 at a similar angle from the same height of 35 feet (10.7 m). Inside were the same instruments that collected 160 channels of data and the same four crash test dummies. Three of the dummies were full bodies and one was a special torso model equipped with simulated internal organs. Technicians set up the same cameras to record the impact from inside and outside the helicopter. › Dec. 2009 Test The test conditions on both days were the same too, simulating what would be a relatively severe but survivable helicopter crash. The flight path angle was about 33 degrees and the combined forward and vertical speeds were about 48 feet per ...
  • Bad Penny Camaro 2010 Optima Invitational Road Course We ran our 68 Camaro out at the 2010 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. This year I drove the car on the 2.1 mile road course. It's been a year since I've been on a road course so I was a bit nervous, but the car performed well and didn't let me down. My first lap was a warm up and then I made three times "hot" laps. At the end of my first hot lap, in turn 10, my front sway bar broke and the lurched hard and tried to come around. I recovered and just thought I took the corner too hot. I then ran the next two laps with the front bar snapped. If you look you will see how much the car is rolling, but still she the *** stuck and my third hot lap was my best at 2:00.4 -- Considering my "newb" status and the bronken part I'm pretty happy. In 2011 I plan on getting a ton more seat time.. and a new sway bar. Congrats to Mark Stielow and his bad ass '69 Red Devil for taking home the bit trophy!!!!
  • Stuck in the River with You October 18, 2005 Western Mongolia, White Lake ... We returned to the river after two days in a Ger camp, climbing mountains, riding horses and scree sliding down the side of a dormant volcano. Upon our return we heard that the bridge was impassable. It had been further disassembled by locals to prompt the government to build a new bridge. The locals' rational eluded us but it made sense to our driver. Nema didn't hesitate. His solution? Drive across the river. He searched along the bank for a proper passage, looking for a place where the current moved quickly and without white water, indicating shallow depths and few rocks. He chose his location, turned over the van and told us to hold on tight. We entered the river. He went with the current and turned the van downstream. The van rocked back and forth, lurched forward, hit a rock and stuck fast in the middle of swift moving currents...
  • Earth Cracked and Moved One Side 11 ft. to the Right New Zealand earthquake rips a new fault line across the world... moving one side of the earth 11ft to the right Last updated at 12:50 PM on 5th September 2010 New Zealand's powerful earthquake that smashed buildings, cracked roads and twisted railway lines around Christchurch ripped a new 11ft wide fault line in the earth's surface, a geologist said today. Canterbury University geology professor Mark Quigley said what 'looks to us that it could be a new fault' had ripped across the earth and pushed some surface areas up. The quake was caused by the continuing collision between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, said Prof Quigley, who is leading a team trying to pin down the temblor's source. 'One side of the earth has lurched to the right... up to 11 feet and in some places been thrust up,' he told National Radio. Read more:
  • FRIGHTENING TAKEOFF!! - Boeing 737 in Cuba Leaving Cuba, he day after tropical storm Noel the Sunwing 737 lurched violently side to side upon takeoff. I thought the wings were going to touch and we would cartwheel!
  • Britain's Airports Reopen Britain's government said airports, including London's Heathrow Airport, would reopen later Tuesday, as European terminals lurched back to life. (April 20)
  • Disneyland Paris - PANORAMAGIQUE Balloon ride - August 2009 Soundtrack: "Up, Up And Away" by The Beloved. After Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show The Kins family wandered into the Disney Village and found the PANORAMAGIQUE balloon ride. Pug professed a fear of heights but was out-voted so we all climbed aboard and waved the earth "goodbye"! We never figured out the "send-your-shopping-to-your-hotel-service" hence all the carrier bags and probably why the balloon lurched alarmingly. Hope you like it.
  • Marianas Trench is Oh, so Talented Marianas Trench showing their talent off the stage. from The Legacy DVD. (i'm not sure where you can get it, i got it from thier concert.) song: "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" - Crash Test Dummies Once there was this kid who Got into an accident and couldn't come to school But when he finally came back His hair had turned from black into bright white He said that it was from when The car had smashed so hard Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Once there was this girl who Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room But when they finally made her They saw birthmarks all over her body She couldn't quite explain it They'd always just been there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm But both girl and boy were glad 'Cause one kid had it worse than that 'Cause then there was this boy whose Parents made him come directly home right after school And when they went to their church They shook and lurched all over the church floor He couldn't quite explain it They'd always just gone there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm watch in high quality if available; if not add: &fmt=18 at the end of the URL.
  • Mr. Martin - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies cover (with lyrics) From LP God Shuffled His Feet ~DISCLAIMER~ NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED thnx 4 comments Lyrics Once there was this kid who Got into an accident and couldn't come to school But when he finally came back His hair had turned from black to bright white He said that it was frome when The cars had smashed so hard MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM Once there was this girl who Wouldn't go and change whith the girls in the change room But when they finally mad her They saw birthmarks all over her body She couldn't quit explain it They'd always just been there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm But both girl and boy were glad 'cause one kid had it wors than that 'Cause then there was this boy whose Parents mad him come directly home right after school And when they went to thier church The shook and lurched all over the church floor He couldn't quit explain it They'd always just gone there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
  • Trent & Mersey C*** - Middlewich Locks This could easily have been a Promotional Video for Black Prince Narrowboat Holidays rather than a documentary about a flight of locks. Anyroadup, this is short stretch of the Trent and Mersey C*** (Mail Line -- Middlewich to Preston Brook) from King's Lock No 71 to Middlewich Big Lock No 75 (Quite why this last lock is a broad one when every other lock on the Trent and Mersey is narrow we have no idea). And fun and games it was too. While navigating from Lock No 72 to Lock No 73 around the 90 degree left hand bend, I had people from the bank, people from other boats and my crew on the walkie talkie screaming instructions to "STAY RIGHT", "GO THIS WAY", and "GO THAT WAY". I ignored every bugger and powered me way round regardless. I reckon the guy coming out of Lock No 74 should have "Lock Lurched" rather than being led out on a rope. He ended up against the towing path with his crew seeming to think they should push off the pointy end but couldn't reach it. Then came the wonderful sequence of "Give me the boat hook, never mind I'll do the splits and get it myself" and then the young lady, almost treading on her camera, proceeded to use said boat hook, holding it pike like and ran their narrowboat through! We moored for the night just below the Big Lock. I was sitting there, as you do, contemplating the peak of me cap and anticipating dinner, while the good lady wife was black leading the cat, when I was suddenly aware of a mighty and violent jerking. Leaping onto the ...
  • whisky review 87b - Glasgow's first ever ZOMBIE WALK !!! ... 500 un-dead's lurched and moaned through the West End of Glasgow on Halloween, and I was amongst them as a Zombie-Marshall, introducing the first ever bottle of Zombie Whisky And .... raised £206 for MacMillan Nurses from donations. .... Hooray !!! Thanks to everyone at Co-operative Funeralcare for excellent support.
  • zombies 1.m4v Epic Zombie Marchmarch, Saturday 27 March starting at Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD. I'm told over 500 zombies lurched, which is awesome. This is a quick edit of what i got on the day, set to Nine Inch Nails- The Becoming and Gallows - Graves. Sorry about the colour change at the beginning =/ The video is mine, the songs are not, and the zombies belong to themselves (i assume.)
  • Obummer Is An Extrememist! He Lurched Left Showing His True Colors! The Guy From 97305 It has been reported that Obama lurched so far extremely left that he lost all hist democrat supporters in the congress and senate.
  • Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm I'm sorry, I've redone this song so many times and keep making mistakes, so you'll just have to put up with this recording. My apologies. Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Once there was this kid who Got into an accident and couldn't come to school But when he finally came back His hair had turned from black into bright white He said that it was from when The cars had smashed so hard Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Once there was this girl who Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room But when they finally made her They saw birthmarks all over her body She couldn't quite explain it They'd always just been there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm But both girl and boy were glad 'Cause one kid had it worse than that 'Cause then there was this boy whose Parents made him come directly home right after school And when they went to their church They shook and lurched all over the church floor He couldn't quite explain it They'd always just gone there Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

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