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  • Young and green horses almost always start their training on the lunge. Of course, there are many benefits from lungeing, provided that it is done properly. — “The Art of Classical Riding--Lungeing Your Horse”,
  • lungeing Exercising a horse by having it circle at the end of a long lead, encouraged if necessary by a lungeing whip. — “Longeing: Definition from ”,
  • In the pursuit to produce an obedient, supple horse that is a pleasure to ride, many riders and trainers elect to use an artificial aid of some type when lungeing - the aim of this being to encourage the head to lower and the horse's overall outline to become rounder. — “Hoofbeats Magazine : An Australian riding, training and horse”, .au
  • If a horse is not completely halterbroke and responsive to being led and handled, you should not attempt to train the horse to lunge. The ideal location to begin lungeing is an indoor arena or open space that is far away from other horses or distractions. — “Training A Horse To Lunge, How To Lunge A Horse, Horse”,
  • A user suggests that this entry should be cleaned up, giving the reason: "Defined as a verb - but wouldn't that be lunge? lungeing. to train or exercise a horse with the use of a lunge line. — “lungeing - Wiktionary”,
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed at Dover Saddlery. Wide variety of lungeing and training equipment including cavesons, lunge lines, surcingles, and more! Quality lungeing supplies for your horse or pony! Dover is The Source for fine English horse. — “Dover Saddlery | Quality Horse Lungeing and Training Equipment”,
  • A well-made lungeing cavesson is a very useful tool (another article dedicated to it coming soon) although - as in the case of some TBs, who find them too over-powering - you can make do with a snug-fitting nylon head collar. And I mean snug. — “Lungeing - The Basics”,
  • Coventry Equestrian Center article describes the qualities of a good lungeing horse - calmness, balanced, steadiness, and how you might even have one of these unflappable horses in your own stable. — “Qualities of a Good Lungeing Horse”,
  • I personally feel that lungeing is a technique that is invaluable in the training of the horse. Lungeing is a technique used for training or exercising the horse from the ground. — “The Lunge Work”,
  • Lungeing (also spelled longeing) is a form of groundwork using a lunge line to exercise or train a horse. "Lungeing is a process of the horse and human getting together on the same page," Clark says. " It helps the owner learn to better. — “Lungeing Around”,
  • Windsong's large size lunging pen is ideal for warm ups. Lessons are given in the crucial art of lunging.Riding instrucion for you with the horse on the lunge are often recommended. — “Windsong Dressage and Equestrian Center's large size lungeing”,
  • Qualities of a Good Lungeing Horse. A Good Lungeing Horse. The Spanish Riding School knows what it is doing when it requires novice dressage riders to sit on a lunge horse for more than 300 hours (without reins and stirrups) to develop the rider's seat. — “Qualities of a Good Lungeing Horse - ©”,
  • Lungeing how to articles and videos including Pets & Lung Cancer, Fistulas in Cats After Surgery, How to Train a Hackney Pony and much more!. — “Lungeing - How To Information | ”,
  • Lungeing, sometimes known as longeing, is a very useful training tool. By lungeing your horse, you are given the ability to watch him from the ground, so you can monitor his movement, his soundness and his natural frame. — “How to Lunge a Horse - wikiHow”,
  • : Lungeing The Art of Classical Dressage with Arthur Kottas Part 2: Basics - Lungeing the Rider Devised and Demonstrated by Arthur Kottas, Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna (VHS Tape). — “: Lungeing”,
  • Taining Surcingle Lungeing Attachment Stirrup Keeper Lunge Lines Lunging Caveson Surcingle Pad Lunging Rope Side Reins. — “Lungeing Equipment ”,
  • Definition of Lungeing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Lungeing. Pronunciation of Lungeing. Translations of Lungeing. Lungeing synonyms, Lungeing antonyms. Information about Lungeing in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Lungeing - definition of Lungeing by the Free Online”,
  • This invaluable handbook explains the importance of lungeing in the education of young horses, describes its usefulness in reschooling older horses, and discusses its value for exercising. The author gives practical advice on fitting equipment. — “Lungeing and Long Reining - ”,
  • Dressage Extensions: Premiere Dressage Catalog specializing in tack and riding apparel for the discerning dressage rider. Lungeing & Training Side Reins Surcingles Lunge Lines. — “Dressage Extensions Products”,
  • Longeing (USA) or lungeing (UK English, informal USA) is a technique for training horses, where a horse is asked to work at the The Oxford English Dictionary in its entry under "lunge, longe" quotes the "lungeing" spelling for the verb used as early as 1806 ('You might as. — “Longeing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Vaulting supplies and accessories. Pegasus Vaulting Supply. America's Choice For Vaulting Equipment & Supplies with the world's largest selection of vaulting surcingles. — “Pegasus Vaulting Supply Home Page”,
  • Jane Armour shows how to use lungeing as part of your training session, rather than just a way to let a horse blow off steam before you mount. — “DVD Review: Lungeing for Longevity”,
  • Dressage Extensions: Premiere Dressage Catalog specializing in tack and riding apparel for the discerning dressage rider. Lungeing & Training Side Reins Surcingles Lunge Lines. — “Dressage Extensions, Your Source for Specialty Dressage”, dressage-
  • Definition of lungeing in the Medical Dictionary. lungeing explanation. Information about lungeing in Free online English dictionary. What is lungeing? Meaning of lungeing medical term. What does lungeing mean?. — “lungeing - definition of lungeing in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Lungeing Cavesson. Leather lungeing cavesson with one ring. €25,95. Lungeing Cavesson Lungeing Cavesson. Leather lungeing cavesson with three rings. €49,50. — “Bridles - Lungeing Cavessons -”,

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  • Nilo lungeing Absolutely stunning 4-year-old palomino pure bred papered Lusitano stallion. this boy began being broken-in in the summer of 2009 and is still in training at present. He is trained several times a week on the lunge and is also ridden in English tack on the lunge. He has been ridden off the lunge several time but is still quite green and would benefit most from an experienced rider. He has masses of potential and will make an excellent breeding stallion due to his "Maura" bull-fighting ancestry. He stands at just under 16hh.
  • Lungeing for Respect - Stage One Teaching Remy to lunge in a soft arc around me.
  • Gary Rollans International Coach & Coach Educator Double Lungeing Gary goes through the art of Double lungeing an Oldenburg Ride Drive horse in Denmark. He displays the types of bits and the technique of Double Lungeing plus some safety tips also.
  • Longeing - Lungeing a horse - Longeren paard Get your FREE eBook at www.academic-art-of- 29 juni 2008 Holland 3 years old Frederiksborger Stallion, after 2 months training for the first time in clinic with Bent Branderup
  • Sheza Fling - Lungeing Sheza Fling 16h Thoroughbred Mare, born March 2000. Entered in the the Main Mare Book for German Oldenburg Verband. Offered For Sale. Video taken September 2nd, 2009. This is the first time Ellie was asked to canter on the lunge line.
  • Horse training aid, the EquiAmi lungeing aid A short demo of fitting, adjusting and changing the rein with the EquiAmi lungeing aid, showing the horse's soft, round acceptance. EquiAmi - Working in harmony with horses and people How EquiAmi training aids work and why they are different. When we ride our horse, we ride it in a loop. This loop consists of our right arm, right shoulder, left shoulder, left arm, left hand, left rein, the bit, the right rein, the right hand and back to the right arm. This loop gives and takes with the horse as he lengthens and shortens and moves with the horse around turns and circles to keep a soft, consistent contact. We are taught that, in order to have softness and acceptance in the horse, we need to keep a soft, consistent contact with the horse via this communication loop. When there is tension or rigidity in the loop caused by fixed hands or tight arms, we are met with resistance and tension in the horse. We lunge our horses to give them exercises to do that build up their musculature and fitness in order to improve their performance under saddle, yet when we lunge them we generally put them in a training aid that places them in some sort of restraint by fixing or applying pressure. This is the opposite of what we endeavor to achieve under saddle. It is more logical to lunge the horse in a training aid that works in a similar way to the way we ride them; to encourage a soft, relaxed, equal contact and to discourage leaning and resistance. The unique, patented design of EquiAmi ...
  • How to Care for Horses : How to Lunge Horses Learn tips on how to lunge horses in this free equestrian-care video. Expert: Sharon Booth Bio: Sharon Booth is the founding breeder for Goldenrod Performance Horses. She has been breeding , training, riding and showing horses for 35 years. Filmmaker: Jay Windland
  • Clinton Anderson "Yield on the Lunge Line"
  • Orion Lungeing !This is my 1 year old Friesian Paint cross stud colt Orion and his first time free lunging in a round pen he did wonderful in just 2 sessions he turns away from and into me to switch directions.
  • Lungeing the Scariff way! A lungeing demonstration/experiment in clonshire
  • Lungeing Jackson lungeing!!!!! He is for sell!!! please contact me if you would like more information on him.
  • JD Lungeing 2 "JD" being lunged in the arena at Champion Equine Rehabiliation and Training Center in Carstairs Alberta Canada
  • Lungeing Kita Me Lungeing my pony kita at knapp farm was just letting her stretch her legs in the lunge pen. Song: Ne yo - Miss Independant (do not own song)
  • Horse Training - Lungeing - Longeren Get your FREE eBook at www.academic-art-of- January 2009 Prince Elmelund Frederiksborger stallion
  • Lungeing for Longevity DVD Preview Lungeing for Longevity shows with slow motion ***ysis and clear graphics, exactly how to improve your horses way of going. Jane guides you through the classical European method of lungeing to enhance your horses way of going. She says, Any horse, at any level and at any age can improve with correct lungeing, and therefore last longer. Isnt that what every one of us want? In this DVD, Jane provides an excellent tutorial which outlines the many benefits a lungeing program can offer horses of every level and discipline. Jane provides a thorough explanation of technique and equipment that will benefit horsemen from novice to expert
  • Groundwork Training With a Young Horse : Teaching a Young Horse to Lunge Teaching a young horse to lunge prepares the horse to be ridden. Learn how to teach a young horse to lunge in thisfree horse training video. Expert: Mara Keith-Hunter Contact: www.sycamore- Bio: Mara Keith-Hunter is a lifelong equestrian and head coach for the Hampshire College equestrian team. Filmmaker: David Pakman
  • Appaloosa x Thoroughbred Lungeing This is dear Duke proving that despite all odds there is life in the old horse yet!
  • lungeing Us lungeing Merry-legs :) Dont leave mean comments as 1) This is only our second time lungeing 2) we haven't lunged anything for over a year. 3) You don't know Merry-legs or what shes like :P ( cute, funny, loves people:) ) 4) It was our mistakes and we learn from them. Thanks :) personally i find my attempt quite amusing :)
  • Horse Hero Lungeing Rope The quality of workmanship in this lungeing rope is second to none. It has been hand made with solid brass clip hooks and the best sailing rope. The thread is hand wound and varnished and laquered for extra strength to secure the clips to the rope. The lungeing rope is similar to that used in Laura Bechtolsheimer's lungeing video. Her father and trainer Dr Bechtolsheimer has made some refinements to the design and all materials are to his exacting specifications. This product is best used in conjunction with the Horse Hero Cavesson.
  • Training Tips: Lungeing gadget different set-ups A few variations on the long-and-low lungeing gadget which I showed in my other video. It's made from a pair of draw reins and is kind, and simple for the horse to understand.
  • Jack lungeing ///1st time in the Passoa/// 16th June /// Jack's back isn't getting any better, if anything it's got worse. I've done some (allot!) of research and decided to try a passoa training aid, it should get him to use his back correctly and while it wont be pretty at first if we stick at it it should help build up the muscles in his back. He really suprised me today, this was the first time he's ever had anything like this on him, I thought he's go mental when he felt the rope round his back legs but his wasnt bothered at all. It just shows how willing this little horse is, he so wants to please me, he tries his best with everything I ask of him and I love him for it. I didnt have the Passoa tight enough to actually do anything today, I just wanted him to get used to having it on, I'll slowly tighten it up over the next few sessions, he gets tomorrow and Friday off as I'm away at a show, then we try this again on Saturday. In the parts where he's leaping about, thats because the muscles in his back are so tight its hard for him to canter in any kind of outline, he can gallop around the field without a problem but when he has to canter on a small circle its hard and it hurts. I have a vid from the wkend of him lungeing in just a bridle which I might put to later, he was a total nightmare then, the Passoa really seems to help, fingers crossed :) Essay done! Write 'Peeps' (my new fave word!) somewhere in your comment if you have read this far! Follow me on twitter; Or find me on Facebook; I do ...
  • Lungeing a broncing, bucking, crazy horse. =D this is a video of me lunging my irish sport horse mare for the third time after she has been lame fro 3 months. we were told that she was never be able to be ridden ahgain but after alot of time, praying and care shes on the mend and i am now riding her at walk and bringing her back into work on her healed leg :D shes a crazy horse :P sorry about the crazy bit at the beging, my mum doesnt no how to us a camra :D and watch all the way to the end :P you think shes carmed down and then you change the rein and its a whole different story LOL and yes she will be doing this with me when i start trotting her again :P i think its best if i start riding with her saddle on :D howsecrazy productions i own this clip do not steal and i will not let you use it unless tou ask me :D ***
  • Highland Pony Lungeing This is Jay-Jay being a sweetie despite me saying that he wasn't...he proved me wrong :)
  • How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Canter a Horse on a Line Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to canter a horse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaBar Bio: Kelli LaBar is a practicing aesthetician and makeup artist in Wilmington, NC Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
  • How to Lunge a Horse/Chazot's Recovery Chazot's Recovery After nearly 4 months off work due to abscess on 3 hooves Chazot resumes work. This video shows how to lunge without the many side effects normal lunge work does to a horses body. The Making of Chazot DVD A
  • Training 1: Backing and Early Lungeing Backing and starting to lunge Thorne as a 3 year old. Thorne is a thoroughbred cross welsh section D, grand sires Diesis and Pentrepiod Welsh Flyer. The aim of our early lungeing sessions are to improve Thornes self confidence in going forward.
  • Young Horse Management: Longeing a Horse, from eXtension This video demonstrates how to lounge your horse. This video is a part of the Young Horse Management Series developed by Dr. Craig Wood and Ashley Griffin at the University of Kentucky. For more information, check out /horses.
  • Longeing - Lungeing a horse - Longeren paard Get your FREE eBook at www.academic-art-of- 29 juni 2008 Holland 3 years old Frederiksborger Stallion, after 2 months training for the first time in clinic with Bent Branderup
  • Lungeing with the EquiAmi Lungeing Aid EquiAmi demo video clip. A four year old with poor carriage, not stepping under shown on the lunge in her natural way of going and then how she goes in the EquiAmi lungeing aid. Note the change to the way she steps under, lifts her shoulders and starts to soften and swing through her back. Note also no leaning, no displeasure and absolutely no pressure or restraint. EquiAmi, wirking in harmony with horses and people.
  • free lungeing without the lunge line, he is pretty good at this, well, fun is where the source of treats are *g
  • Hempfling - NEW - Magical Stallion-Dance at Liberty - Bond, Expression, Freedom, Happiness Fantastic pictures from a play-dance-working-session in the wild nature at liberty. Very clearly you can see the fantastic effects of the Magic-Lungeing, which Klaus founded in this form and evolved into a true art and unique way. Here one of the most important bases in Klaus's work. A horse needs a very good preparation to carry a rider. Klaus has raised the Art of Lungeing - learn more about it here and what this means. This clip is also a first entrance into Klaus' unique way of being with horses in the highest sense of their culture which has made him known worldwide. ‪‪‬‬ - facebook This video features the horse therapist Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling's work. With his professional background in communications he has shaken up the international horse world. He is working with these powerful, dignified creatures in accordance with nature. The development of the rider's "presence" and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to this work. Klaus has the ability to "know" a horse within a few seconds and within a few minutes of the first meeting, he establishes a relationship so firmly that anything after that is completely based on trust -- creating lifelong friendship with the horses. Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling (latest book The Horse Seeks Me) is touching equestrians worldwide, with response in fields like natural horsemanship, horse whispering, classical and freestyle dressage, equestrian sports, western riding, endurance, eventing ...
  • Lungeing Sunny - Canter Lungeing my horse.
  • Lunging Demo - Young Horse Part I Erica K. Frei demonstrating and discussing lunging with a young horse. Shown here is a 4 year old Dutch Warmblood/Bashkir Curly gelding in one of his first lunging sessions. For more information visit or http
  • Training Tips: Lungeing Gadget for horses The best, kindest 'gadget' I've found so far for encouraging horses to stretch forwards and downwards while working on the lunge. Apologies for the pinkness, it makes it easy to find in my tackroom and easy to see on the video how it's fitted! I've never had this rub under the horse's underarms, although I realise that could be a concern depending on the material of the draw reins. It doesn't have to be fitted tight to be effective. If you are concerned that the horse might step on the draw rein, thread it through a loose neckstrap. It can be attached to the lunge cavesson or to the bit rings.
  • Horse training: work at hand, riding and lungeing Get your FREE eBook at www.academic-art-of- http Training indoor 14 september 2009 The young horse Prince Elmelund, 4 years old, doing shoulder in, quarter in and half pass at hand, longeing and riding
  • Isabel lungeing More of the caballo
  • Foxwin Gemini (Gem) Free Lungeing w/surcingle 8/1/09 Gem's first lunge session with the surcingle
  • RIP Satine - She's so lovely - Lungeing and Jumping Satine is getting back to work after the vet came, it's the second vet that we see because she looked really bad 2 weeks ago and we thought she could have a neurological problem, but you'll see in the video that she doesn't seem to !! Enjoy and don't forget to rate and comment !! ^^
  • my horse lungeing a horse lunging
  • Me and a lunge whip CHIPMUNK VERSION!!! Last day of camp...I spent it with a lunge whip.
  • For Sale: Mozart Friesian- Lungeing 12/2010 For Sale: Imported from Holland, 2002 FHANA gelding, standing 16.2hh. Completely Black (no white hairs) a rare find! Goes English and Western. Great on trails. He is naturally forward and easily moves laterally. Mozart has a super disposition and temperment ~ Easy to sit and ride. An overall lovely fun horse! Suit junior / youngrider or adult amatuer. Price: $25k Contact: Rochelle Kilberg (604) 202-4869
  • Double Lungeing a Newfoundland Pony This is my (since fired) trainer, Deb, double lungeing my pony Dwyer's Celtic Star.

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  • “When we lunge our horses and prepare them for the rider we attach the rubberband as on Jessica, please put another photo of the rubber string you use for training on the blog”
    — KaraKum Stud Blog | Rubberband attachment for lungeing,

  • “My horse is basically a really nice guy but every once in a while (not with a rider, typically lungeing”
    Lungeing and bucking - Equestrian Pages Forum,

  • “Forum Hall of Fame. Re: Lungeing. Reply Contact. I don't see why you should "always" start at a jog, but I also don't see where lots Forum Hall of Fame. Re: Lungeing. Reply Contact. JMFriedman: I'm going to go out on a limb here and risk my”
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  • “as titlewhat age would anyone stat to lunge.i mean im talking only walk and only like 2 mins if that each side.Also talking with or with out bridle(m”
    Lungeing - Native Pony Discussion Forum - Mountain & Moorland,

  • “One day i was lungeing him and i accidentley jerked his head a bit and he pulled back, Do you have an area to work on free lungeing him? It's not as easy as it looks but once”
    — AtlanticRiders' Forum - Confidence while lungeing,

  • “The British Dressage website is essential, regular viewing for all dressage enthusiasts. Containing the latest news from around the world and vital information for the dressage competitor. You are in: Forums > Members Forum > JAL and all; Lungeing - flexion > JAL and all; Lungeing - flexion”
    — British Dressage,

  • “I also noticed that the quad is lungeing from a dead stop when you take off. Forum Index > Suzuki King Quad > 700 KQ acting funny after 2mm shim mod”
    — Nyroc's ATV info website,

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