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  • La compagnie Lumen crée des spectacles sur le thème de la lumière: rencontre magique entre cirque contemporain, danse, musique, projections vidéos, lumières led et feu - Lumen company creates shows on the theme of light: the result is a magical. — “lumen”,
  • Lumen Verum means true light - the true light of the Catholic faith. Lumen Verum was founded to bring together both those who love the Catholic faith and those who desire to learn more about it from its authentic sources - Scripture, Tradition. — “Lumen Verum Apologetics”,
  • Lumen Lounge is McAllen's hippest, vanguard nightlife spot geared toward the art-forward nature of the historic downtown neighborhood surrounding it. The 2,400 square-foot lounge melds chic and sultry with cutting-edge sustainable design for an. — “LUMEN LOUNGE”, lumen-
  • Lumen Mundi Home | About Us | Customer Service | Our Policies | Advanced Search | Shopping Cart | Checkout © 2010 Lumen Mundi. All rights reserved. P.O. Box 550278 Fort Lauderdale, FL | (954) 747-1860. — “Lumen Mundi Home Page”,
  • myLUMEN | Stritch School of Medicine | Loyola Medicine | LUC | Health Sciences Library © Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. All rights. — “Medical Education Network (Loyola University)”,
  • A journal of the Western Inner Traditions. Jay Kinney's new book, The Masonic Myth, is released Sept. 8th by HarperOne. "The Masonic Myth: Unlocking the Truth about the Symbols, the Secret Rites, and the History of Freemasonry. — “Gnosis”,
  • Lumen definition, the unit of luminous flux, equal to the luminous flux emitted in a unit solid angle by a point source of one candle intensity. See more. — “Lumen | Define Lumen at ”,
  • Lumen Manufacturers & Lumen Suppliers Directory - Find a Lumen Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Lumen Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Lumen-Lumen Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Definition of lumen in the Medical Dictionary. lumen explanation. Information about lumen in Free online English dictionary. What is lumen? Meaning of lumen medical term. What does lumen mean?. — “lumen - definition of lumen in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • Watch videos & listen to Lumen: Гореть, Государство & more, plus 198 pictures. 1) LUMEN is a Russian rock/alternative band from Ufa, Russia . The band was formed on the 12th of February, 1998. In ten years Lumen became one of the most. — “Lumen – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”,
  • The annual LUMEN symposium, now in its 10th year, is constantly evolving to provide attendees with the latest information on best clinical practices, processes and procedures in achieving optimal outcomes for the STEMI patient. TO VIEW THE 2010 LUMEN PHOTO GALLERY. At LUMEN 2011, we are committed. — “Inviting You to Attend LUMEN 2011 | Lumenami”,
  • lumen (plural lumens or lumina) (physics) In the International System of Units, the derived unit of luminous flux; the amount of light that falls on a unit area at unit distance from a source of one candela. Symbol: lm. (anatomy) The cavity or channel within a tube or tubular organ. — “lumen - Wiktionary”,
  • lumen n. , pl. , -mens , or -mina . Anatomy . The inner open space or cavity of a tubular organ, as of a blood vessel or an intestine The number of candelas or lumens from a source also depends on its spectrum, via the nominal response of the human eye as represented in the. — “lumen: Definition from ”,
  • Volcano Announces Worldwide Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Lumen Biomedical for Xtract(TM) Thrombus Aspiration Catheter FDA Approves Lumen Biomedical's FiberNet Embolic Protection System for Carotid Artery Stenting. — “Lumen Biomedical”,
  • The Lumen Christi Institute engages the rigorous intellectual culture of one of the world's great secular universities with the riches of the Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions. The Lumen Christi Institute recognizes the importance of independent and open academic inquiry, and seeks to. — “Lumen Christi Institute”,
  • Lumen (anatomy), the cavity or channel within a tubular structure. Thylakoid lumen, the inner membrane space of the chloroplast. 141 Lumen, an asteroid discovered by the French astronomer Paul Henry in 1875. Lumen (band), Russian alternative rock band. — “Lumen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn about Lumen on . Find info and videos including: LED Bulb Lumens Vs. Incandescent Bulb Lumens, What Are Lumens? The more lumens a light source has, the brighter the light will appear to the human eye. — “Lumen - ”,
  • Beautiful Table Lamps from Lumen Lamps - Unique lamps you won't find on the mega online lamp sites - or visit our Nashville TN store. When you join Lumen Online, you get access to many exciting features of our site and you can use a 10% discount code on your first order. — “Lumen Lamps”,
  • Lumen's formation in the mid-90s marked the foundation of our unique patent firm. This wide range of experience allows Lumen to serve a broad spectrum of patent needs in the high-tech arenas. — “Lumen Patent Firm”,
  • Definition of lumen in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lumen. Pronunciation of lumen. Translations of lumen. lumen synonyms, lumen antonyms. Information about lumen in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “lumen - definition of lumen by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Lumen-8 Inc. is a specialty lighting agent in southern california, for high quality lighting manufacturers for architectural lighting. — “Lumen-8 - Manufacturer's Representative”,
  • Definition of lumen from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lumen. Pronunciation of lumen. Definition of the word lumen. Origin of the word lumen. — “lumen - Definition of lumen at ”,

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  • Led Lenser P7 (340043) - 200 Lumen Flashlight Led Lenser P7 (340043) flashlight. 200 Lumen.
  • LUMEN-Sid And Nansy Russian Alternative Group
  • MagCharger 600 Lumen TerraLux and comparison lights Wanted to compare some various flashlights side by side. Took 7 different lights, ranging from a 10 dollar LED light to a 150 dollar LED light. I tried to describe each light to you as I tested them. Any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks. I would have been more indepth, but YOutube only allows 10min per video. :-(
  • Jay Lumen - One Moment (A Dawn at the Beach Remix) I believe one of his first awesome releases.... not known by many .... I heard this track in a club 3 years ago and i fell for it at the first listen... too bad the guy changed his style to a more minimal approach
  • Bayonetta - Chapter XVI "The Lumen Sage" Part 2/3 (Pure Platinum Walkthrough) ☆ JPN Ver. ☆ Please Read The Description First Before Watching My Gameplay - Bayonetta (Japanese Version) - べヨネッタ (日本版) - Date Released : October 29th 2009 (JPN) - ESRB : Matured ============================= Well Here We Go For a Climax 2009 Game "Bayonetta" This Girl is Very Hot & ***y, Of Course Her Style Is Cool (Just Like Dante in DMC4) LoL, Btw For Now I'll Upload Just a Walkthrough On This Game, Then After Mastering All Levels I'll Make Climax Mode With All PURE PLATINUM Medals as a Result On Every Chapters, So Enjoy! If You Noticed Some Cuts Of Videos That Means I'm Cutting All Loading Screens Because on PS3 The Loading Time is Long & Sometimes Framerate Are Getting Wierd, But Still My Result on Every Chapters Are Showed In Every Videos. == Watch All My Bayonetta Playlist Below == ☆☆ Bayonetta Platinum Walktrhough ☆☆ ☆☆ Complete Alfheim Locations ☆☆ ☆☆ Boss Battles Pure Platinum ☆☆ ☆☆ Complete Crows Locations ☆☆ ☆☆ Complete Umbran Resting Place ☆☆ ============================ "Gameplay By : hsypersakura2009" "Chapter 16 : The Lumen Sage" "Character : Bayonetta" (Queen) "Item Used : No Item" "Combo : 7222" "Time : 04:48.50" "Damage : No Damage" "Award : Pure Platinum" ============================== Enjoy & Thanks For Watching!
  • Lumen - Coffee (Russian Rock) Just cool song
  • Lumen Ne speshi.
  • Pelican Flashlights: Lumens vs. Candlepower A brief explanation about how flashlight manufacturers measure the brightness of light.
  • The Jay Lumen Vibe - Siren (Original Mix)
  • Bayonetta - Chapter XVI "The Lumen Sage" Part 1/3 (Pure Platinum Walkthrough) ☆ JPN Ver. ☆ Please Read The Description First Before Watching My Gameplay - Bayonetta (Japanese Version) - べヨネッタ (日本版) - Date Released : October 29th 2009 (JPN) - ESRB : Matured ============================= Well Here We Go For a Climax 2009 Game "Bayonetta" This Girl is Very Hot & ***y, Of Course Her Style Is Cool (Just Like Dante in DMC4) LoL, Btw For Now I'll Upload Just a Walkthrough On This Game, Then After Mastering All Levels I'll Make Climax Mode With All PURE PLATINUM Medals as a Result On Every Chapters, So Enjoy! If You Noticed Some Cuts Of Videos That Means I'm Cutting All Loading Screens Because on PS3 The Loading Time is Long & Sometimes Framerate Are Getting Wierd, But Still My Result on Every Chapters Are Showed In Every Videos. == Watch All My Bayonetta Playlist Below == ☆☆ Bayonetta Platinum Walktrhough ☆☆ ☆☆ Complete Alfheim Locations ☆☆ ☆☆ Boss Battles Pure Platinum ☆☆ ☆☆ Complete Crows Locations ☆☆ ☆☆ Complete Umbran Resting Place ☆☆ ============================ "Gameplay By : hsypersakura2009" "Chapter 16 : The Lumen Sage" "Character : Bayonetta" (Queen) "Item Used : No Item" "Combo : 7222" "Time : 04:48.50" "Damage : No Damage" "Award : Pure Platinum" ============================== Enjoy & Thanks For Watching!
  • Jay Lumen - Mooovin (Original Mix) Jay Lumen - Mooovin (Original Mix) Artist : Jay Lumen Title: Mooovin Genre : Tech House Label : 100% Pure Beatport:
  • Jay Lumen - Million Years From Hungarian producer Jay Lumen, 'Million Years' is one of my favourite tunes from the last few years.
  • Elijah Bossenbroek - Carpe Lumen Music Video Elijah Bossenbroek is considered to be one of the most promising piano players of our time. This music video from his album "Carpe Lumen" proves once again that music is the Key to the Human Soul. Directed by: Eytan Rockaway Artist: Elijah Bossenbroek Performing "A Song Simply" Album: Carpe Lumen Closed Captioned Available on ITunes
  • Lumen - Skol'ko Handmaded clip
  • TerraLUX LED 600 lumen upgrade for Magcharger flashlight or D cell Maglite You can order them for a Magcharger w/ bi-pin or for a D cell light. 600 lumen LED upgrade for my magcharger flashlight. Puts my WA 1160 bulb to shame! Will try to put up a new video soon using it in pitch dark to show the throw a little better.
  • Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - Keyboard Cowboys (Jay Lumen Cowgirl Remix) Links to buy iTunes Beatport Audio Jelly Track It Down Juno Dance-Tunes Blending elements of techno, electro and progressive, but creating something totally unique in the process, Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer's 'Keyboard Cowboys' has already been featured as one of the singles of the month in DJmagazine. Beginning with a Balearic-tinged techno groove, 'Keyboard Cowboys' then works in some crazy bleep action before phasing in the stadium-sized melody that consumes the breakdown. Full of sweeping fluorishes and quirky touches, 'Keyboard Cowboys' is a main room summer anthem with a difference. On the remix, Hungarian hotshot Jay Lumen delivers a floor filling rework that shows exactly why he has been topping the Beatport tech-house charts in recent months. Weaving cheeky snippets of the original into his galloping disco-fried groove, Lumen's remix is a direct, driving tech-house bomb that contrasts the symphonic majesty of the original perfectly.
  • Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon (Jay Lumen & Umek Remix) The first Great Stuff Roots Edition release this year with another unforgettable classic, still standing the test of time. Rah Band's "Clouds Across The Moon" entered the UK top 10 in 1985 and became an instant classic in soulful electronic pop music which still causes massive goosebumbs today. You should definitely watch the great video, showing undoubtedly where Lady Gaga found her style. Part 1 of this remixpackage presents new versions from Neuroxyde vs. Aki Bergen, Umek and Jay Lumen (100% Pure).
  • LUMEN "Буря" (with subtitles in English) live @ B1 Maximum club 2007
  • Umek & Jay Lumen - Popgirls (Original Mix) [1605-050] www.six*** Buy @ Beatport: /​s/r1hLpf
  • Eurovision 1995 Interval Act - Lumen Micheál Ó Súilleabháin's interval act for the 1995 ESC, featuring the monks from Glenstall Abbey performing "Lumen".
  • LUMEN "Гореть" (with subtitles in English) live @ B1 Maximum club 2007
  • Lumen- Sid & Nancy Animation to Russian rock group song Sid & Nancy.
  • Nancy Caroline 5 Dual lumen Airway devices Nancy Caroline 4 Adult endotraqueal intubation
  • Dorcy 41-4299 220 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight This 220 Lumen LED Flashlight features an intense beam of light that projects an output of 200 feet. The flashlight is constructed of aircraft grade anodized aluminum and can withstand a 3 foot drop test. This flashlight contains a rechargeable battery that permits a 2 hour run time with each charge. This aluminum flashlight has an optimized reflector system that allows for maximum light output. The LED flashlight comes complete with both AC and DC charging adaptors, allowing for the capability to charge the flashlight at home or while on the go in the car
  • Jay Lumen - Morning ***tail (Original Mix) Morning ***tail Jay Lumen Label: Anjunadeep OUT NOW 1. Morning ***tail (Original Mix) 2. Morning ***tail (L Kubic Remix) Click here to buy from iTunes. Click here to buy from Beatport. Click here to buy from Audio Jelly. Click here to buy from Track It Down. Click here to buy from DJ Download. Click here to buy from Juno. Under his Jay Lumen moniker Hungarian Csaba Lumnitzer has been one of the producers bringing the housier flavours to the Anjunadeep and Morning ***tail is his third effort to touch down on the label. Csabas original mix is a gently grooving, easy flowing soundtrack suitable for both twilight and first light play, and its soft, 80s-esque synthesiser weaving gently all the way through adds a warmly melodic pick-up into the bargain. The flipside remix comes from L.Kubic of Buzzin Fly fame, and heads down a very different path. Its taut and tense intro leads into an edgier rework full of stuttering, stabby synths and techy influences to give a nice twist to the original.
  • Ultrafire WF502B 300 Lumen Torch Flashlight 2/2 - Brightness Test, Nighttime, Snow Buy this item at my online shop Visit My BlogSpot for more info on this video I have owned this flashlight for over a year now and I've been very pleased with it. I've dropped it, it's been in the ocean, I've used it in freezing weather and it just keeps going. I wish the batteries lasted for more than an hour but it's awesome none the less and well worth the money. The CR123A rechargeable batteries will blink some when the batteries are almost empty giving you time to finish. The 18650 (3000Mah) single battery will just go black with no warning when empty, but it seems to last a little longer, you choose.
  • Led Lenser X21 Flashlight Shootout 900 Lumens Raw LED Power Doc here from showing the Led Lenser X21 portable searchlight next to a few lights I happen to have to give you an idea how bright it is and for its size and non pocketability. BTW Some of the comments amaze me, how can anyone make comparisons or state something is better that something else unless they have actually seen with their own eyes what it is and does? Too many people beleive what they read on the web without checking out for themselves what is true. I'm just showing what I have and what they do, if I had other torches I would show them against each other if I had time. If you have the lights that other people Comment about plus the X21 and you fancy doing a shootout, please film it and let me know. I will be happy to share the results. For those who don't know, many brands buy the same product and change the branding, design, packaging and calling it their own. I've seen comments form some claiming x brand is better than y brand when they come from the same place. Here's the page where you can find X21 on GlowGadgets:
  • Jay Lumen - Lima (snake sedrix remix) one of my favorites from Jay Lumen!
  • Lumen Ecclesiae
  • Jay Lumen - Clear Memories (Ormatie Remix) BEST PROGRESSIVE TRANCE TRACK EVER Genre: Progressive Trance Year: 2008 Codec: LAME 3.97 Version.......: MPEG 1 Layer III Quality.......: 320kbps Channels: Stereo / 44100 hz Tags: ID3 v1.0, ID3 v2.3, APE v2á000 1. Jay Lumen - Clear Memories (Ormatie Remix) Playing Time.........: 00:08:08 Total Size...........: 18,62 MB Artist: Jay Lumen Title: Clear Memories (Ormatie Remix) Remixed by Ormatie One of the best progressive tracks I've heard. Just wanted to share it with you :D Enjoy.. xD
  • Lumen Lumen is a concept of an interactive display device that can dynamically change its own mechanical shape in order to communicate information to the users. Lumen therefore is a combination of visual and haptic interfaces. More information on Lumen Project is here: Lumen was developed when I was working at Sony CSL in Tokyo.
  • Ultrafire WF502B 300 Lumen Torch Flashlight 1/2 - Review and CR123A Rechargeable Batteries Buy this item at my online shop Visit my BlogSpot for more info on this video In this video I review the Ultrafire WF502B 300 Lumen Flashlight in combination with the CR123A rechargeable batteries. All I have to say is BUY ONE! I've been using mine for almost a year now and it's the best investment I have made in a long time. The batteries only last about an hour but well worth the investment!
  • Techlite Lumen Master: Tactical Light... Lite. The Techlite Lumen Master multi-mode LED flashlight can be found at most Costco locations in a 2 pack for about $20 ($15 if it's on coupon). It seems well built with good QA in manufacturing (I bought 4 and compared them). While the 160 lumen beam is bright there are some artifacts, but I've seen far worse (my old incandescent mag light for instance, which cost twice as much). With 3 modes (low, high, and strobe), a low battery indicator, and an electronic optimizer for constant output, this is way more flashlight than the low price suggests. The Techlite Lumen Master is marketed as a "tactical" light, and while I'm not remotely an expert on lights, let alone tactical lights, I can imagine this as an effective defensive tool... maybe. Regardless, for camping, hiking, household use, emergency kit use, and many other applications, I think this is an excellent light for the money. I'd buy 4 more in a heartbeat.
  • worlds brightest led Flashlight 2 1800 Lumen useing the 2 of worlds brightest LEDs p7to make worlds brightest flashlight.put your sun gasses on for this one it shines thur a welding mask.a complet how to.For parts led battery controler the swich ~r.87047508
  • Lumen - goret b1 08/04/07 BS
  • Lumen - "Gosudarstvo" Clip by rock
  • Akron/Family - Lumen Amateur video made by Nufonia (mobile film), 2009
  • Dorcy 41-4750 180 Lumen CyberLight The brightest and most durable LED light available from Dorcy, Durable Construction -- 8ft. Drop Test Rubber Grip True Spot Reflector Rubber Booted Push Button Switch Lifetime Bulb - never replace 5 Hour Run Time 500 Foot Beam Includes 4 AA Cell Alkaline Batteries
  • Jay Lumen BE Tour / Live at Club NRG /b2b with Snake Sedrick Jay Lumen Baroque Elements Tour 2008 / Live at Club NRG - Bare Essential Party (Jay Lumen b2b Snake Sedrick)11th may 2008...
  • Lumen - one of the best russian rock bands Lumen - Skolko.avi
  • Fenix Light - HP10 Torcia Frontale - 225 Lumens - Torcia flashlight The Fenix HP10 is the world's brightest headlamp that runs off AA batteries. At 225 lumens, the HP10 will let you see everything in front of you without burdening your hands. The HP10 features four different levels of output, allowing you to dim the light as low as 7 lumens - which will run for up to 210 hours! * Cree XR-E LED (Q%) with lifespan of 50000 hours * 4 output levels, 3 flashing modes Levels: 7 lumens (210 hrs) 50 lumens (22 hrs) 120 lumens (7.5 hrs) 225 lumens (total 2.5 hrs) Flash modes: Strobe (5 hrs) SOS (50 hrs)Warning Flash (44 hrs) * Max lighting distance (throw): 120 meters * Dual switch system with easy operation - one for on/off, the other for output adjustment * Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness * Memorizes last output level * Overheating protection: lamp goes back to high output after 3 minutes continuously in Turbo mode * Uses four 1.5v AA (Alkaline, Hi-MH, Lithium) batteries, inexpensive and widely available * Separated structure to balance weight for comfort while wearing Light body: 54 mm (length) * 43 mm (width) * 33.5 mm (height) Battery pack: 84 mm (length) * 64 mm (width) * 21 mm (height) * Light head is made of aircraft-grade aluminum; the rest is high quality plastic * Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish * Weight: Light body: 40g, Battery pack: 77g (not including batteries) * Waterproof to IPX-8 standard (Submerge 2 meters deep for 30 minutes continuous lighting ...
  • Tactical Flashlight LED CREE TORCH 160 LUMENS W STROBE See more at my online stores: Tactical Flashlight LED CREE TORCH 160 LUMENS W STROBE ~~ This is BRAND HIGH - CREE INTENSITY TACTICAL LED 160 LUMENS FLASHLIGHT. It is the best flashlight I have ever offered and the lowest, I am so confident you will be amazed by it if you don't like it return shipping and a full refund is on me ( Int'l excluded from this )~~~ ( bulk packed to save you $$$, no original packaging. This price is temporary too! PO BOX, HI, Alaska, PR, no problem, no surcharge ~~~ Ship 1st class ( 2 - 5 days or Priority ( 1 - 3 days ) depending on quantity you purchase. AAA Batteries included, and I am selling replacement Duracell AAA too if you need extras ~~~ I We've all seen inumberable gimmick flashlights, there are hundreds to wade through and choose. Now you can stop and BUY IT NOW. These flashlight it amazing! Not sure where to start but I will try. First, the most important virtue of a flash light is light, this light is blindingly bright as a matter of fact it do not recommend it as a toy due to the extreme out put of light. I live in the country and I shinned this light at night and could see it's light path clear across a 5 mile canyon. It is also very rugged, I havent tested it but im sure it would survive most drops and crush tests. It is TACTICAL and has a patterned head for offensive purposes. Has 3 modes: Light, more light and flashing, great for emergency tire changes on the highway. I can guarantee you this is similar ...

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  • “comment number 1 by: Lumen Dei Thailand Details | PixelatedImage Blog | Rick Alberto Homepage here: Lumen Dei Thailand Details | PixelatedImage Blog This entry was posted on Monday, December 15th, 2008 at 6:15 am and is filed under”
    Lumen Dei Thailand Details,

  • “Forum Help. Classified Rules. Classifieds - For Sale. £50 off 1000 lumen Forum Help. Website Help. Exits. ST on Twitter. ST on Facebook. ST on Vimeo”
    — £50 off 1000 lumen Lumicycles lights " Singletrack Forum,

  • “DIY 700+ lumen SSC P7 3D Maglite modding, Lotsa pics! Logged. You know the day destroys the night, / Night divides the day. Lights, Noise, Reviews, Forum, and more”
    — DIY 700+ lumen SSC P7 3D Maglite modding, Lotsa pics!,

  • “Lumen boasts of one of the most experienced and surely the best teams in St. Louis! WELCOME to Lumen Private Event Space Blog! Please check back often for new posts, photos,”
    Lumen Private Event Space,

  • “Welcome to the Lumen forum. Please feel free to post your questions, tips, ideas, and If you have implemented Lumen, we would also love to hear about it”
    — Open Channel Foundation: Lumen Discussion,

  • “Flashlights often come with a lumen rating. For instance, the Phoebus Tactical Mid Size Flashlight boasts 65 lumens while the Princeton Tec Corona Headlamp”
    — What's a Lumen Anyway? | ScoSu :: The Blog,

  • “Nov 24, 2010 | Categories: Blog, Gear, Opinion | Tags: Black Friday, camera bags, David DuChemin, hats, Ladakh, Lumen Dei, Panama hat, Photography, Phottix, Think Tank Photo, tissot t touch, Travel, Workshop | View Comments. Multimedia: Lumen Dei Participant Michael Ettema”
    — Blog – The Digital Trekker Blog,

  • “Jay Lumen lumen's remake of everything but the girl's classic *missing* its quite good! .·`)'..)'..*Microcosmos - 33*.81'- N, 117*.97'- ). ( ̧.·``··*º' Ad Robot. Login or Register. to get rid of ads. Trance Forum "”
    — Jay Lumen*,

  • “my most recent work, hope you dig it! hannah is the sister of my girlfriend rachel who y'all may remember from earlier blog posts! hannah wanted to get some neato pictures – i definitely think we succeeded in that regard!”
    Lumen Photography " my most recent work, hope you dig it!, lumen-

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