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  • We are pleased to present our new Web-Store of Lowe's Car Supplies. At Lowe's Inc. we strive to give the best customer service, in order to continue doing. — “Lowe's Inc- Used Car Dealer Supplies”, lowes-
  • Lowe's has the answers you need to help with all your home improvement projects. — “YouTube - Lowes's Channel”,
  • Shop Lowe's selection of tools, kitchen appliances, cabinets, cabinet hardware, countertops and paints. — “Lowe's Home Improvement”,
  • Find quality service, superior products and helpful advice for all your home improvement needs at Lowe's. Everyday Low Prices. Guaranteed. Find Your Closest Store at Lowes.ca. — “Lowes Canada”, lowes.ca
  • Lowe's now offers streaming how-to videos for many home projects. Want to Install a ceiling fan or make your home energy efficient? Lowe's has the instructional videos to help make your project a success. — “Lowe's How-To Videos | Home Improvement Videos”,
  • Lowe' offers a wealth of advice articles and useful online resources for commercial contractors, professional builders, home remodelers, property managers, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and facilities managers. — “Home | LowesForPros”,
  • In books by Lowe's Creative Ideas. Shop Books. Join Us. Visit us on the Lowe's®. All rights reserved. Lowe's and the gable design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. | DMCA Notice. — “Lowe's Creative Ideas”,
  • Lowe's Home Improvement store is a retail chain that may offer many types of product for home improvement projects. They carry appliances, electronics, and home and gardening projects that help customer save money by doing the work themselves. — “Lowe's”,
  • Find quality service, superior products and helpful advice for all your home improvement needs at Lowe's. Shop for appliances, paint, patio furniture, tools, flooring, hardware and more at . — “Lowe's Home Improvement”,
  • Find a Store. Quick Find • Browse by State/Province. Narrow Your Search By: Grand Opening. Equipment Rental. Installation Services. Find Store. — “Store Locator Lowe's Stores”,
  • Since 1946, home is what Lowe's has been all about - helping our customers improve their These simple ideas have transformed Lowe's from a neighborhood hardware store into a. — “Lowe's Career Opportunities”,
  • Lowe's offers consumer and business credit accounts for all of your home improvement and business needs. Apply now for one of Lowe's credit products at . — “Credit Services at Lowe's: Consumer, Business, Credit Cards”,
  • Official sponsor page, includes news, schedules and team biographies. Season's Greetings from Team Lowe's Racing! 10.12.10Team Lowe's Members Show Their Style. — “Team Lowe's Racing - Home Page”,
  • Lowe's Newsroom official site for press releases, photos, video, audio, pr contact information, presskits and more. — “Lowe's Home Improvement”,
  • Lowe's Companies, Inc. (NYSE:LOW) Company Financials Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Contact Information Lowe's Companies, Inc. — “Lowe's: Information from ”,
  • Lowes Foods is a unique chain of supermarkets based in Winston Salem, North Carolina. — “Home - Lowe's Food Stores, Inc”,
  • Lowe's Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW) is a US-based chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores. The chain now serves over 14+ million customers a week in its 1,616 stores in the United States and Canada. — “Lowe''s - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • How to Paint Exterior Trim and Wood Home Siding Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, gives helpful tips on how to paint the exterior of your house. Learn the best ways to store outdoor paint, products you will need, and techniques for painting wood siding and window trim. For more painting advice and videos, visit
  • Lowe's Tax Refund Card Visit Lowe's and boost your tax refund by 10%. No tax documentation is required. Just get a Lowe's tax refund card at your local Lowe's or from February 8th through March 14th. Then, load $500 - $4000 on your card. Use the money in-store or online and on March 18th, Lowe's will put 10% of the original amount back on your card. Using the Lowe's Tax Refund Card, you can buy even more of what you want! Visit for more details.
  • Lowe's Commercial - First Home Figuring out how to care for your first home isn't easy, but Lowe's is here to help. Visit our Lowe's experts that can provide helpful tips and advice on any do it yourself home repairs. For more first time home buyer tips and videos, visit
  • LOWES VACANCY The Lowe's at Midtown Center in Milwaukee closed because it was not making a profit.
  • Tornado footage from inside Lowe's in Sanford NC Sanford Police officer Keith Frye was off duty and shopping inside Lowe's Home Improvement in Sanford NC when a large tornado — one of more than 20 in North Carolina on April 16, 2011 — approached. With his cell phone, Frye recorded the tornado as it approached, turned off his camera as he sought safety in the rear of the store, and turned it back on as the more than 100 customers and employees stumbled out of the wreckage. I apologize for the video's ratio, it was a skinny cell phone camera that did not transfer well when converted into an .mov file ... so the image appears "stretched". *There is a slight language warning for those who may be offended.*
  • Beat Box...Home Depot VS Lowes We went to Lowes and Home Depot to have a beat box throw down.
  • Lowes Warehouse Fun At Work Part 2!!!! I worked at lowes store 1502 go to ull love it Watch as I perform much more intense and dangerous shenanigans at work. ENJOY Cus my heart beat was aracin' that shift hahaha.
  • How to Install a Glue-Down Engineered Hardwood Floor Hardwood flooring adds warmth and beauty to any room, and is also a great way to increase the value of your home. At Lowes, youll find a variety of hardwood flooring styles and colors, from domestic species like Oak and Maple to exotics like Brazilian Cherry and Bamboo. Engineered flooring can be installed on any level of the home, but different installation methods are necessary for different types of subfloors. These instructions will show you how to glue down an engineered floor to a concrete subfloor.
  • The Lowe's Loader Rap Part 3 of the Lowe's raps by Brad Crookshank
  • How to Can Tomatoes and Vegetables Many people are taking up gardening, and an excellent way to preserve the harvest is by canning. Canning is easier than you may think, and can be a fun project for the entire family. When food is exposed to air, its also exposed to bacteria that can cause the food to spoil. Boiling food in a glass canning jar kills bacteria that may have come in contact with the food, and also creates an air tight seal to prevent new bacteria from getting into the jar, allowing food to stay fresh and edible longer. Following are instructions for canning tomatoes, one of the most popular of home-canned foods, but many other fruits, vegetables and meats can be preserved following similar steps.
  • Lowe's Driver Caught with Hooker on the News 6/20/07 - Oklahoma City, OK USA - KFOR News Channel 4 - From and the Video Vigilante. This is a news story regarding a Lowe's driver that is caught on tape engaging in *** with a street hooker in South OKC.
  • The Lowe's Flooring Rap I work at Lowe's (Bremerton, Bellingham, Union Gap, WA). I was bored one night and wrote a rap about the lowe's flooring department. ENJOY!!!
  • Weaverville NC Lowe's Home Improvement Store, Grand Opening 5 22 09 Lowe's Home Improvement in Weaverville North Carolina is officially open for business with Wal-Mart right on their tails. Here are some clips of the big picnic on opening day. Mars Hill College already there buying supplies, Harry's Cadillac sponsoring some, free paint, Weaverville Police and Fire Department.
  • Lowes ceiling fans 08/27/09 Lowes ceiling fans
  • How to Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain The Lowe's Creative Ideas team shows how you can easily create an outdoor water fountain for your garden. Learn what materials you will need, how to hook up the water feature and what decorative touches you can add. For more creative ideas and videos like this one, visit
  • Snake Rack System-From Lowe's Home Improvement: This video is for reptiles cages alike, bigger or smaller.
  • Lowe's Creative Ideas: Building an Outdoor Privacy Screen Jeni Wright from the Lowe's Creative Ideas team shows how to build privacy screens for your backyard. Download the complete instructions from First, lay out all of your supplies. The screens will be built inside out, so start by building the interior frame. Once the inner frame is built, attach to the outside posts with screws. The posts are just two 2 x 6s with a 2 x 4 in between. Make sure everything is squared up before attaching. Now you can add the rest of the horizontal rails and the metal flashing. Weave the metal flashing (while wearing gloves) and screw them in with sheet metal screws. The last step is to attach the last two 2 x 6 posts. Stain the lumber to your liking. After the building is complete, think about the layout of the screens. Once you have marked the spots for the posts, dig the holes (check with your local utility locating service beforehand). You may want to use an auger to help dig the post holes. Consult with your local building officials to see how deep you can dig. Then, to prep the holes, add some gravel. Now you can place the screens into the post holes and add concrete. Adjust your screens until they are level and the concrete is still setting. Once the concrete has set, you are ready to enjoy your backyard patio screens! For more great ideas like this one, visit
  • How to Lay the Foundation for a Patio or Walkway Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to lay the foundation for a patio and walkway. The first layer is the gravel base, followed by leveling sand. These two layers will create a level area for your backyard patio. Learn how deep you should dig and what grade you should use around the house. Then, use a plate compactor to level the base foundation. Add gravel and compact again. Finally, use PVC pipe and leveling sand to create the top layer of the patio foundation. To find out how to finish installing your patio and walkway, visit
  • IdeaPaint at Lowes IdeaPaint, the award-winning whiteboard paint that turns almost any surface into a dry-erase canvas, is now available at select Lowes locations. Learn more at /lowes
  • How to Replace a Faucet - Home 101 Lowe's Home 101 experts, Joel and Courtney, demonstrate how to remove and install a new kitchen faucet. If your current kitchen faucet is dripping, you might be in need of a new faucet. Before starting, see how many holes are in your sink to find a faucet that will fit correctly. Then, make sure that all water is shut off. Remove the old faucet and put in the new one. Put in place the correct mounting hardware and use any plumbers putty or caulk to prevent water leaks. Now your kitchen sink should look brand new. For more helpful Home 101 videos, visit
  • Around Lowe's Motor Speedway Two laps around Lowe's Motor Speedway. Almost crashing.
  • John Lowe's Perfect 9darts Game John Lowe's First Perfect 9darts Game in a televised Match
  • Lowes Warehouse Fun at work the store number is 1502 go to ull love it A video blog about pranking and goofing off at Lowes while i work. this is a fun video blog i did to help pass the time. Hope you enjoy please comment and rate and subscribe or i will eat your soul.
  • Vinnie Van Lowe's Finest Hour Of all the cast members of "The State," Ken Marino has done the best work since. No contest.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement Video Bloopers Watch some funny outtakes and bloopers from Lowe's collection of home improvement videos. For more Lowe's videos, visit
  • Jamie McMurray 2002 Lowe's Cup Win Jamie McMurray, subbing for Sterling Marlin, pulled off a huge upset in the 40 car is only his 2nd career start.
  • How to Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, gives helpful tips on cleaning gutters and downspouts. Learn what tools you will need, how to remove leaves and branches, as well as other gutter maintenance tips. To find how to install gutter screens to keep out debris, visit
  • Lowe's Tractors stolen The search is on for a man caught on camera stealing a tractor from Lowe's
  • Nova Car Show Autofair Lowes Motor Speedway Charlotte NC Nova car Show Autofair lowes motor speedway
  • How To Measure for Window and Door Blinds Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shows viewers how to measure blinds for windows or doors. Discover hundreds of helpful Lowe's videos at
  • Mumbles in Lowes This is a sneak peak of upcoming videos. I am going to be doing a lot of out and about videos as different characters, so stay tuned...please:)
  • The Last Day at Lowe's What really happens in the employee only section of Lowe's
  • How to Install Lighting Under Your Kitchen Cabinets Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shows how to properly and safely install low voltage lights under cabinets in your home kitchen. For more tips and instructional videos on how to update your home, visit
  • Thief Caught On Tape In Lowe's Parking Lot Police are looking for a robber, caught on tape stealing in broad daylight before hitting a man with a car.
  • Lowe's Commercial - First Time Home Buyers Getting your first home can be intimidating, but Lowe's is here to help you with any home improvements or repairs. Visit our Lowe's experts for do it yourself home repair materials, tips and advice. To learn more about home improvements in your first home, visit
  • My life with Lowe's Yo! Title states it all!
  • #6 HHO Dry cell construcion technique from Lowes parts This video goes through the construction of my dry cell using only parts from Lowes. Note the annotations in this video: 1) I moved to an 8 bolt system from the original 4 bolts. 4 bolts will seal a small system fine but won't work on a larger system. 2) I'm now using PVC showerpan liner for my gaskets, 0.40" thick. The plumbers pack was too thick and needed too much catalyst.
  • Mumbles in Lowes...again This is addicting...I am up for anything:D
  • Lowes Christmas Commercial
  • Lowe's Lunch Break My Lowe's spot... maybe the only chance I get to "work" with Gene Hackman.

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  • “Lowe's Floral delivers fresh flowers and live plants to Minot, ND and its surrounding including Burlington, Surrey, Sawyer, Velva and Minot Air Force Base (MAFB). Lowe's Floral features wedding bouquets, funeral flowers, anniversary bouquets,”
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