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  • Consumer advocate Michael Royce reveals the car salesmaen's scams and tricks including lowbaling. You were the victim of a common scam called "lowballing. — “Car Salesman Tricks - Lowballing Lowball”,
  • Lowballing versus "Junk Fees" By Dan Melson on June 18, 2007 10:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (0) One of the things that most mortgage and real estate consumers get mixed up on is the distinction between low-balling and junk fees. Junk fees are. — “Lowballing versus "Junk Fees" - Searchlight Crusade”,
  • Definition of Lowballing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Lowballing. Pronunciation of Lowballing. Translations of Lowballing. Lowballing synonyms, Lowballing antonyms. Information about Lowballing in the free online English dictionary and. — “Lowballing - definition of Lowballing by the Free Online”,
  • We get mail at FOT! And you guys are facing some challenging issues out there. Here's a recent question from our mail bag that I liked and wanted to share - Does anyone have thoughts about what to do when FOT Mailbag: Lowballing on Job Offers - Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should. — “Fistful of Talent: FOT Mailbag: Lowballing on Job Offers”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Lowballing - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Stay up-to-date on Canadian housing markets, American housing markets & foreclosure news. Learn the best and worst real estate markets & read mortgage market trends. Posted by: Peter Coy on November 21, 2005. Lowballing is the profitable game of submitting a ludicrously low bid on a house just. — “The Hot New Game of Lowballing - BusinessWeek”,
  • Call this one, "lowballing the costs." To gauge the amount of new debt, it's necessary to add up the lockbox money, phantom funds, and lowballing of costs for two The "lowballing" issue is the biggest, and most overlooked, threat to. — “Health care reform: VAT or Sinkhole? - Mar. 26, 2010”,
  • The job market may be recovering, but some salary offers are still a few years behind. JUNE 5, 2010. Employers Lowballing New Hires. Article. Comments. more in Investing " Email. — “Employers Lowballing New Hires - ”,
  • Rep. Ed Markey, who chairs House committees on energy, says BP is vastly understating the amount of oil flowing into the Gulf in order to decrease fines, which are based on the number of barrels leaked per day. Host Scott Simon talks with Markey BP Lowballing Oil Flow, Rep. Markey Says. — “BP Lowballing Oil Flow, Rep. Markey Says : NPR”,
  • Welcome to the lowball culture. In a world of sluggish growth, excess capacity, and depressed expectations, buyers of goods and services—labor, houses, and restaurant meals, among others—have come to believe that desperate sellers should take any. — “How Our Quest for Bargains Could Hurt the Economy - Newsweek”,
  • Methodic lowballing. Robert Hunter understands the need for strong insurance companies and doesn't begrudge them profits. the Consumer Federation of America, believes the industry is "methodically" lowballing. — “Will your insurer pay up? - MSN Money”,
  • Lowballing' is the loss-leading' practice in which auditors compete for clients by There is a risk of incompetence if the non-audit work does not materialise and the lowballing firm comes under pressure to cut corners or resort to irregular practices (e.g. the falsification of audit working. — “Lowballing”, managementaccountant.in
  • VA CONTINUES TO COOK THE BOOKS, ASKS FOR LESS THAN IT NEEDS -- GAO report finds VA is still lowballing budget estimates to Congress to keep its spending down. -- VA Watchdog dot Org - VA NEWS FLASH - 01-23-2009. — “VA CONTINUES TO COOK THE BOOKS, ASKS FOR LESS THAN IT NEEDS”,
  • Definition of lowballing from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lowballing. Pronunciation of lowballing. Definition of the word lowballing. Origin of the word lowballing. — “lowballing - Definition of lowballing at ”,
  • Lowballing. weblog. photos. videos. albums. audio. pulse. profile. chatboard Lowballing. Member Since: 7/25/2007. View full profile. Connect. Subscribe to Lowballing. Get. — “Lowballing on Xanga”,
  • (09-27) 11:13 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) -- The head of a White House-appointed panel examining the BP oil spill compared the federal government's underestimate of the spill's size to Gen. George Custer's fatal lowballing the. — “Panel: Lowballing oil spill number akin to Custer”,
  • BP Lowballing Oil Flow, Rep. Markey Says. Listen (0:0) Saturday, 05/29/10 8:00am - Weekend Edition Saturday And I think that right from the beginning, either through incompetence or prevarication, they were trying to lowball how big this actual spill is. — “VPR News: BP Lowballing Oil Flow, Rep. Markey Says”,
  • McDonald's Caught Lowballing Nutrition Numbers. Print | Share. Ice Cream Cone Serving Sizes Exceed McDonald's Official Numbers But CSPI researchers found two sizes on sale in Washington, DC, and even the smaller size exceeded McDonald's. — “McDonald's Caught Lowballing Nutrition Numbers ~ Newsroom”,
  • CONSUMER RIGHTS / PRODUCT REPORTS Investigation Finds Radiation in Texas Drinking Water: TCEQ was lowballing radiation levels Investigation Finds Radiation in Texas Drinking Water: TCEQ was lowballing radiation levels. — “Investigation Finds Radiation in Texas Drinking Water: TCEQ”,
  • Watch video clips and full episodes from your favorite HGTV shows. Landscaping costs and lowballing offers create problems for two couples. — “Landscaping and Lowballing : Home & Garden Television”,
  • Remember when dot-com companies were being criticized for underpricing their initial public offerings in order to create first-day trading pops, and helping expand the market bubble? The World Bank thinks much the same thing is happening now - in Is China Lowballing Its I.P.O.'s?. — “Is China Lowballing Its I.P.O.'s? - ”,
  • Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers shows that low-wage workers are routinely robbed of time and money. — “Lowballing Low-Wage Workers”,
  • How many lowball projects will it take to earn that $100,000? (no matter how we try), but also, sooner or later, someone else will lowball the lowballers and the downward spiral will continue. — “AIGA Center for Practice Management - New Challenges from the”,
  • Use Asterisk (*) as a Wild Card. Selected Terms List: LOWBALLING. Setting the early price in an arrangement at a low amount to secure business with the intent later to raise the price. Copyright © 1994-2003 by Carl O.Trautmann. Web site design by Berezin Software. — “LOWBALLING | Dictionary of Small Business”, small-business-
  • There is more evidence that the Pentagon has been lowballing its count of the dead and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan by only counting those killed in battle and not the wounded who died in transit for care. Now we have more evidence according. — “OpEdNews - Article: PENTAGON STILL LOWBALLING ATHS”,

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  • paintball gear for sale hello im selling my whole lot of paintball gear take everything and i will work out a really good deal with you and i will pay shipping no lowballing post here first but email me at [email protected] here is a list of everything... make me some offers!! Item:dye dm7 Condition:10/10 Known Problems: none Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included: gold dm7 with case and repair kit (orings) lube tools and barrel sock Item: paintball bag Condition:10/10 Known Problems: none Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included: paintball bag(can hold everything below) Item: nike cleats Condition:5/10 Known Problems: torn Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included: nike cleats size 10.5 Item: tank Condition:10/10 Known Problems: none Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included: pure energy 4500 psi compressed air tank with dye rhino cover Item: empire reloader b Condition:11/10 lol Known Problems: none Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included: empire reloader b virtue crown hybrid backplate gold shell Item:4 pod pack Condition:7/10 Known Problems: dirty Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included:diablo 4 pod pack 4 pods Item:dye i3 Condition:9/10 Known Problems: none Trades of interest: none cash only Location of item: Alamo, Texas What is Included ...
  • Learn Business English 167 (bait and switch, browbeating) Today's ESL lesson words: upselling, bait-and-switch, browbeating and lowballing This video describes business English as a second language conversation vocabulary. Practice with your friends or listen to the videos. Speaking fluent English requires patience and practice. I am an English as a second language (ESL) school teacher and I post videos every day for the students of the world. Study hard and have fun!
  • Wholesaling Real Estate: Low-Balling REOs- Good Idea Or Not? Wholesaling Real Estate Tips! Real Estate wholesaler, Steph Davis talks about making blind low-ball offers on properties listed on the MLS. Want to learn how to wholesale real estate? Check out my blog to learn how to wholesale houses!...
  • sneaker collection pt. 21 / sneaker sale!!!! update on the sneaker i have left....willing to negotiate on all prices but please no low-balling... TRADES ONLY FOR AIR MAXES AND XBOX 360 W/HDMI OUTPUT
  • MLB - This is Baseball - Part 2 MLB - This is Baseball Pt2
  • Sales Negotiation Skills.wmv In this highly competitive global economy, with off-shore suppliers lowballing everything, account managers, sales executives and all the support personnel need to understand and apply effective business negotiation skills. Our focus is to maintain good customer relationships while insuring your company's goals and objectives are met.
  • Psychology of Belief, Part 5: Compliance Techniques Which is more likely? That missionaries generate converts through the power of holy inspiration? Or that missionaries are really clever marketers? EDIT: Ray's method here is probably more than just a foot-in-the-door effect. You will also notice a few "door-in-the-face" questions as well. These are designed to elicit an immediate rejection, followed by a lesser concession. See reference #4 at the end for an experimental demonstration of this effect.
  • It's low-balling season, let's head to Spectrum Condos Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #139 - September 17, 2008 It's low-balling season, let's head to Spectrum Condos Ian Watt video blogs how at Spectrum Condos there are 78 listings and only 1 unit has sold so far this month. If want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to [email protected] and visit www.ianwatt.ca for all the Ian Watt Real state Video Blogs.
  • lowballing 32.wmv
  • GLASS FOR SALE - SLIDES Glass For Sale Send any inquires about the glass in this video in a PM to *** some of the prices are negotiable. but no lowballing he wont go much lower unless you buy multiple pieces in one order... the glass is priced for what it is worth... however if you buy multiple pieces in one order (3 or more) he will do a better deal. *** he can accept paypal, money orders, or checks for payments. if paying with a credit card through paypal the buyer must pay the paypal fees (3.9%) which will be added into the price. private message me or contact deee661 on youtube directly and we can help you out. thanks! - COWBOY SHERLOCK - $240 SHIPPED - DOMS RASTA COLORED SLIDE WITH WHITE KNOBS (14MM) - $55 SHIPPED (SOLD) - EL HEFE DRY PIPE - $110 SHIPPED (SOLD) - EL HEFE TINI WITH ROUND PADDLE HANDLE (18MM) - $55 SHIPPED (SOLD) - EL HEFE LARGER SLIDE WITH THE CLEAR KNOB WITH MILLIE IN IT (18MM) - $80 SHIPPED (SOLD) - EL HEFE SLIDE WITH THE LEAF SHAPED HANDLE AND FACETED TOP (14MM) - $85 SHIPPED (SOLD - THE EL HEFE SAUCER TINI (14MM) - $55 SHIPPED (SOLD) - THE FADE TO CLEAR JAH FREE WITH YELLOWS & ORANGE (14MM) - $85 SHIPPED - THE FADE TO CLEAR JAH FREE WITH GREEN AND GOLD (14MM) - $85 SHIPPED - THE FADE TO CLEAR JAH FREE BENT SLIDE WITH SPIRAL WORK (14MM) - $85 SHIPPED - THE JAH FREE SLIDE WITH THE SPIRAL HANDLE AND WINDOW WORK (14MM) - $95 SHIPPED ^^^ $300 SHIPPED FOR ALL 4 JAH FREE SLIDES ^^^ THE NEXT PICTURE SHOULD BE THREE JAH FREE SLIDES - THE SLIDE ON THE LEFT WITH THE ...
  • No Lowballing New product coming soon.
  • if you get offers at same price - are they low balling or is it value Lets also connect on twitter an facebook while were here.. /burtbakman and /burtbakman
  • Psychology low balling skit Skit exposing low balling being used in travel agents
  • sneaker collection pt. 18 / SNEAKER SALE......I'M BACK!!!!!!! getting rid of all my kicks...so if ur interested PM me for prices...and pls no low-balling and serious buyers only...and if u want me to make vids wit closer details on shoes get at me
  • Ingraham on Sebelius "lowballing" donations from abortionist George Tiller Laura Ingraham was on Fox & Friends April 14 to discuss revelations of "lowballing," as the Associated Press called it, by Health & Human Services Secretary nominee KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on donations late-term abortionist George Tiller has given her.
  • REZRECTIONS PERSONAL JERSEYS FOR SALE 2ND WAVE! (Spring Cleaning 2010) It's time to part with some of my personal jerseys from my PERSONAL collection =/ HOwever I am in serious dept, and need to sell these ASAP. Get at me, b/c I am VERY reasonable to offers, however, no low balling! Help me out guys!
  • Lowball Offers Don't Work & Why Low ball offers sound ***y, but they don't work when buying a Northern Virginia home for sale. I explain why here.
  • Bridie Carter - Dancing With The Stars - Week 9 - Pt 1/3 Vote for Bridie! 1902 55 77 16 or SMS 'Bridie' to 19 19 77 FINAL NEXT WEEK!! Salsa. Scored 31 points and finished =2nd in this part of the night. I thought this was good, not their best but still good. What is up with Paul? Lowballing but much ... for weeks now. No more shocked looks at Mark (see when results are handed out) Paul for rewarding Bridie fairly. After Hobo's supremely ridiculous 10 in Disco, it truly is a case of the pot calling the kettle black ... not to mention your 9 for the Hobo Tango tonight when he fell over his feet more than once ... tut tut! :PI wonder who he will side with now his fave has departed! :P
  • sneaker collection pt. 19 / SNEAKER SALE PT. 2!!!! all the sneakers i have left for sale...pls no low-balling..taking trades for blk cement 3 / am90 / am95 / UNDFTD CLOTHING SZ. XL
  • Anonymous On ... Not Working On Spec [10 of 27] No- and not working for free.
  • The Blueprint Project Black Edition Review and News The Blueprint Project Black Edition by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. What is all the buzz around The Blueprint Project Black Edition? Well, one of next year's highly innovative and quite possibly the most celebrated instructional product to hit the market will be The Blueprint Project Black Edition. Highlighted on Fox's Business Channel, The Blueprint Project Black Edition was developed and designed by the architects of the Niche Blueprint 2.0. This new edition will, without a doubt, transform the methods utilized by internet businessmen actively involved in E-Commerce. The Blueprint Project Black Edition prior product, Niche Blueprint 2.0, came equipped with multiple selections of tutorials and tools that were aimed at beginners as well as specialists, and successfully opened the eyes of scores of self-employed individuals to the simplicity of conducting business online. Theories abound indicating The BluePrint Project Black Edition substantially upgrades the dropshipping method used previously with the addition of new techniques, educational information and software superior to the Niche Blueprint 2.0 edition. But, just was does dropshipping mean? The Blueprint Project -- The e-commerce Solution A popular method of retailing, dropshipping allows you to locate a product from either a distributor or fabricator, advertise that product on your E-Commerce internet site and as purchases are made the clientele mailing information is ...
  • GopherHaul 8 - Lawn Care Business Show GopherHaul is a show for lawn care operators and small business owners. In this episode we learn how to make a killer lawn care business flyer. We meet Santos who gets a GopherHaul lawn care business makeover. We check out a kit car one of our forum members is building. Also we learn how to download a free lawn care business book "Stop Lowballing." Which includes page after page of landscaping business and marketing tips. Check out for more information and download the free trial of our lawn care business software.
  • MLB:DH Lowballing and Sitting
  • $40 Silver! Disturbing Employment Trend! Deceptive Libya War Cost! My commentary on companies replacing full-time positions with part-time jobs, silver hitting $40/ounce, antibiotic superbugs CRKP & MRSA and a Democrat calling the White House out on presenting deceptively low numbers for the cost of the war in Libya. World Predictions for 2011 DEMCAD's Corner Blog Is America Becoming The Land Of The Part-Time Job? McDonald's one-day hiring spree sparks controversy Antibiotic Superbugs CRKP & MRSA: Who's at Risk? Democrat: White House is low-balling costs of Libya mission Shocking experiment shows talk is cheap Breast milk may harbor cancer clues
  • Lowballs by Mike Stewart Vancouver Realtor www.mikestewart.ca Lowballing is a great way for buyers to get the best possible deal in a falling market. Check out my blog for more details!
  • Psychology 101- Compliance (Part 1/2) We follow Lily, a naive Baruch College student, as she uncovers the mysteries of psychological compliance methods. Walking in her shoes, we go through the ups as well as the pitfalls of the method. Word of warning- don't try these at home! Some methods are: 1. Door in the face 2. Foot in the door 3. That's not all and that's not all!! 4. Low balling As well as some norms, namely: The reciprocity norm, and happy mood, etc.
  • Dr Evil 1 million dollars
  • How Can Independent Cleaning Businesses Beat Low-balling Competition? - Part 1 Someones got to say it! Don't miss this episode of our video series Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE! where we call out those slick talking big guys who have been making a mess of the cleaning business with their empty promises and low-ball prices. We reveal their hidden weakness and how independent cleaning companies can use it to their advantage NOW!
  • A Listing Price Is Just An Asking Price But Nobody Is Low-balling Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #564 - June 11, 2010 A Listing Price Is Just An Asking Price But Nobody Is Low-balling Ian Watt video blogs about how a listing price is just an asking price and unfortunately the Canadian culture of not wanting to insult the seller by lowballing the seller leaves sellers with no choice but to price their Vancouver condos accurately. If you want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to [email protected] and visit www.ianwatt.ca for all the Ian Watt Real Estate Video Blogs.
  • Stupid Move Of The Month Winner Is BP plc (BP) Five thousand barrels spilling minus five thousand barrels sucked up equals 0 barrels of oil spilling. In this episode, Lance takes a humerus look at BP plc (BP). Obviously we understand what BP plc (BP) is doing by low balling the estimated barrels of oil spilling out of the busted well head each day. They are protecting share holder value as well as their own fat paychecks. Especially being that they could be fined $4000 per barrel of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. But that's not what is stupid. Discover what BP does next that earns them the stupid business move of the month award.
  • Alan Grayson Fights Cost Overruns in Defense Contracts As a private citizen, Alan Grayson has a long record fighting defense contractor corruption in Iraq. Now, as a Congressman, he's writing laws to end the culture of waste and greed in defense contracting. This amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill Currently, if a government contractor incurs a cost overrun, the government bears 100% of the cost overrun. This encourages low-balling in proposals, when a contractor deliberately underestimates the cost of a project so as to secure the business, and then sticks the taxpayer with the bill when the project goes over-budget. This amendment commissions a GAO study to look in-depth at cost overruns. The Comptroller General would list, for fiscal years 2006-2009, contracts with a cost overrun, the cost estimate of the covered contract, and the cost overrun for the covered contract. The GAO would also list findings and recommendations. Once Congress better understands the contours of this specific problem, Congress can put together legislative proposals that will reduce cost overruns. Grayson's amendment text is here: les.house.gov
  • IanWatt Lowballing in Downtown Vancouver is Done Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #345 - June 22, 2009 Low Balling Season Is Over In Downtown Vancouver Ian Watt video blogs about how the market has changed and the days of bringing people offers 20% below market is over. If you want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to [email protected] and visit www.ianwatt.ca for all the Ian Watt Real Estate Video Blogs.
  • Brand New Blackwing Deck For Sale! Hey folks this is my new blackwing deck for sale plz send your offers to me thru pm and no low balling plz rate, comment, subscribe thanks for watching oh and i don't play with this deck this is strictly for sale!
  • Tanaka M700P Chrono Test Cold Shot Rig *THIS RIFLE IS FOR SALE* No lowballing please. If this video does not convince you of the capabilities of this rifle, stay tuned for my shooting video, where I will be engaging targets at 250' +. Otherwise, PM or email me with an offer and I'll let you know. My Tanaka M700 Police Model. Gas operated airsoft sniper rifle. Hooked up to regulated air source, with the following upgrades: 1. PDI 6.01 554mm Tight Bore Barrel 2. Nine Ball Bucking 3. King Arms/2Roy VSR Hop Up Conversion Kit 4. Best Gun Aluminum Hop Up Chamber 5. Camoflauge Paint Job 6. Electrical Tape/Duct Tape Barrel Spacer 7. Cold Shot Rig This rifle is INCREDIBLE. I have achieved hits at over 300' using Madbull .4g BBs under skirmish conditions. The Fps is changeable from 350fps all the way to 650fps. Consistency is shown in the video. Any Q's ask away! Email: [email protected]
  • Deepwater Horizon - May 14, 2010 - CNN-BP low balling estimates
  • Skepsis esittää: Kuinka sinua huijataan (osa 1 / 4) Tieteiden talo, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki. Keskiviikko, 03.02.2010, klo 18:00 - 20:00. Skepsiksen yleisötilaisuus, taikuri ja mentalisti Pete Poskiparta antaa esimerkkejä siitä miten ihmisiä huijataan uskomaan mitä uskomattomimpiin asioihin, paranormaaleista kyvyistä aina näkymättömiin miehiin tynnyrissä. www.skepsis.fi Luentoon liittyvät linkit: JAMES RANDI EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION: PETER POPOFF "Financial details: At Popoff's peak in 1987, according to his comptroller, he took in $4.3 million a month. After his exposure on the Tonight show he declared bankruptcy in 1987. According to Charity Navigator, in FYE 2004, Peter Popoff received $548167 as president of his organization and the Peter Popoff Ministries raised $16220066 in revenue in FYE 2004." SYLVIA BROWNE: "How much does she charge per reading? Her phone readings currently run $750 for a 20-30 minute reading (although people have reported to me that it is often far shorter than even twenty minutes)." "How much does she earn from readings in a year? $3000000.00 income from readings per year. Note that the three million dollar figure was arrived at by "lowballing" - using the low value in each step of our calculations. Had we assumed a higher value at any of these steps, our estimated total would have risen accordingly." PROJECT ALPHA: URI ...
  • Custom JTAG Mods and Patches READ! 1st Patch- My CoDJumper Patch 2nd Patch- Dudeeitsbrian's patch just I redid the hole thing. I just used these so there was a video, stop ***ing I am going to be selling Custom MW2 and CoD4 Patch files, it can be almost anything, prices will vary, no low balling prices, tell me what you want along with what you offer ONLY IN PRIVATE MESSAGE. I will accept some Xbox LIVE cards and a few CANADIAN Microsoft Point Codes. NO AMERICAN
  • The Open House Calgary, Alberta. When a stereotypical agent meets a low-balling buyer ;) You can view Calgary MLS® statistics updated daily on my website at bit.ly Or join the discussion at
  • MITSUBISHI EVO 8 for SALE 05 MR 43000 Miles $12000 Hello everyone i have a 05 mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 MR for sale it has 43,*** miles. This car was owned and driven by my bros girl so its never been raced really or highly modded. It has a salvaged tittle due to a small wreck on the front driver side not noticeable anymore its all fixed and running with no problems. New JDM fenders, bumper is from an evo 9. Headlights are HID and new also had 272 cams and a down pipe and 3inh exhaust. Has upgraded antenna at the top not the long ugly stock one. Has minor tint and wind deflector on all four windows. Has all bbs wheels except one that got damaged so it has an evo 9 rim only temp. Also has a mizu aluminum radiator. If u have any questions just give me a call or text me at 424-204-2925 Hector If this post is still up i still have it for sale. Taking offers so dont hesitate to make me an offer but please no low balling.
  • Jerseys for Sale from REZRECTION'S Personal Collection (Shaquille O'neal, Tim Duncan DUNCAN SOLD) Selling two jerseys from my collection that I never wear. Need closet space so im selling these! I got these in doubles so I don't mind getting rid of them. The prices are for the Shaq im selling around $35-40 and Duncan would be around $50-60 If you buy both i'll let both go for $90 LMK cause I take offers as well but NO LOW BALLING PLEASE lol.
  • What's Happened to the Cleaning Business? Don't miss this episode from CleanBid's video series Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE! We come out blasting with both barrels revealing WHO we think is killing the cleaning business with their empty-promises and low-ball prices.

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  • “Vancouver Real Estate Video Blog by Mike Stewart 604-763-3136 " lowballing Lowball Offers – What they are, how to do it, and how to deal with one if you are a”
    — Vancouver Real Estate Video Blog by Mike Stewart 604-763-3136, mikestewart.ca

  • “Just in time for the Bush administration's latest estimate of the Medicare drug benefit's cost ($720 billion during its first 10 years), the Cato Institute”
    — Still Lowballing the Drug Benefit - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine,

  • “Article from detailing how the job market may be recovering, but salary offers are still a few years behind. "Companies are more worried these days about margins, profitability, and they are cutting costs across the board. Even”
    — Employers Lowballing New Hires - The Career Coach's Blog,

  • “I recently read this blog about soliciting bids in the midst of our business, good contractors, low bids, lowballing, quality, recession, trust, undercutting”
    — Contractor Marketing Blog " lowballing,

  • “Author and educator Jillayne Schlicke attended a bank auction for a foreclosed property in Bellevue, Washington last month. Schlicke noticed, and was thus”
    — (Update1) Lowballing Foreclosure Auctions? | HSH Financial,

  • “That's the word from Packer Update. If this is even remotely true, I can't tell you how pissed I will be. Thompson's whole philosophy is to reward guys who”
    — Packers Lowballing Jennings | Cheesehead TV,

  • “The Art of Lowballing. The national weekend newspaper magazine PARADE View more entries tagged with: Lowballing Offer. Write a Comment. Your Name: RealTown”
    — The Art of Lowballing : Kansas City Area Real Estate Blog,

  • “John Clayton Blog on John Clayton Blog. Packers lowballing Grant? July, 28, 2008. 07/28/08. 12:58. PM ET. Email. Print. Comments. Ryan Grant's holdout in Green Bay is particularly weird because it comes when Devin Hester of the Bears received a four-year extension that could be worth as much as”
    — Packers lowballing Grant? - ESPN,

  • “Window Tinting Forum > Main > Shop Owners Forum > Marketing Strategies. Lowballing shops everywhere. Lowballing shops everywhere, I I see nothing wrong with what your doing (IMG:http:///forum/style_emoticons/default/orngbiggrin.gif)”
    Lowballing shops everywhere - Window Tinting Forum,

  • “Dave Hyde says UM is lowballing Randy Shannon I've written many times here that I'm a the University of Miami lowballing Randy Shannon, stalling contract”
    — allCanesBlog : #1 Miami Hurricanes Blog... All About The U!,

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