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  • On June 2, 1958, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, both of Central Point, Virginia, married in Washington DC. They had to wed there because they were forbidden to marry in Virginia, where they lived. Mildred, was "colored", and Richard, 24, was. — “Lovings and Today's Gay Marriage Debate - Associated Content”,
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  • But, as it turns out, simple is a really good thing when it comes to baby toys because Trav loves these stacking buckets. They love them. Which means I love them. Traveler, in particular, has fun playing with them for long stretches of time and it has served as a reminder to me that the. — “Land of Lovings " Blog Archive " eBeanstalk toy review: Nest”,
  • Attorney in landmark case remembers representing the Lovings, a Caroline County interracial couple. — “ - A STORY OF TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY - page 1 FLS”,
  • reinforce the love, the commitment, the fairness and the family that so many Mildred Loving (1939-2008) was an American widow who died last Friday [2 May 2008] in the US state of Virginia. — “Mildred Loving”,
  • Lovings, Inc was established in December 1996 in San Francisco as a premier advertising and design company for Adult Industry. We offer Internet advertising and advertising campaign services, web and print design, and, in our San Francisco studio, professional photography services. — “Advertising on Lovings Adult Guides”,
  • Online obituary for Helen Nelson. Read Helen Nelson's life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a Helen Nelson online memorial. SALISBURY — Mrs. Helen B. Lovings Nelson, 86, passed away on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at The Brian Center Health & Rehabilitation Center. — “Helen B. Lovings Nelson Obituary: View Helen Nelson's”, obituaries.news-
  • In 1958, two residents of Virginia, Mildred Jeter, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, were married in the District of Columbia. The Lovings were found guilty and sentenced to a year in jail. — “ - The Loving v. Virginia Case”,
  • Lovings Frequency: (234) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US. — “Lovings: Information from ”,
  • Social Justice | Human Rights | Commentary CIVITAS: Loving Day by Gregory Travis June 14, 2009 In June of 1958, police broke down the door to Richard and Mildred Loving in the hope of catching them in the act of ***ual intercourse. Why? Because. — “CIVITAS: Loving Day | The Bloomington Alternative”,
  • Lovings Solar System is the premier source for renewable energy equipment and energy efficient products for your home and business. Fight high energy costs by switching to solar or wind power. — “Lovings Solar System - Home”,
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  • Lovings Heating & Cooling, Valparaiso, IN : Reviews and maps - Yahoo! Local, 219.531.7570. Get Ratings, Reviews, Photos and more on Yahoo! Local. — “Lovings Heating & Cooling, Valparaiso, IN : Reviews and maps”,
  • Lovings Webmistress is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Lovings Webmistress and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Lovings Webmistress has 184 friends on. — “Lovings Webmistress | Facebook”,
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  • Encyclopedia Virginia provides searchable articles on the history of Virginia. Articles can be searched by time and place on maps and in timelines. More information The plaintiffs in Loving v. Virginia, Mildred Jeter Loving and Richard Perry Loving, were arrested in July 1958 for violating the. — “Encyclopedia Virginia: Loving v. Virginia (1967)”,
  • On January 6, 1959, the Lovings pleaded guilty to the charge and were sentenced to one year in jail; however, the trial judge suspended the sentence for a period of 25 years on the condition that the Lovings leave the State and not return to Virginia together for 25 years. — “FindLaw | Cases and Codes”,
  • In the summer of 1958, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving left their home city of Richmond, Va., for Washington, D.C., so they could be married. Jeter, who was 18 and pregnant, was of African and Native American ancestry, while Loving, six years her senior, was white. — “STEPHANIE SALTER: Part of the back story of recent same-***”,
  • The Lovings moved to the District of Columbia, and on November 6, 1963, the American On June 12, 2007, Mildred Loving issued a rare public statement, which commented on same-*** marriage, prepared for delivery on the fortieth anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia decision of the US Supreme. — “Loving v. Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • Q. Lovings - All I really want Q lovings. Didnt find it on youtube so decided to upload it myself.. Hope you like it =D
  • Mr And Mrs Loving - Movie Trailer Movie Description - Though white laborer Richard Loving (Timothy Hutton) and his African-American girlfriend, Bean Jeter (Lela Rochon), want to marry, it's illegal for them to do so in 1960 Virginia. With a child on the way, they wed in Washington, DC, then spend years struggling to be allowed to live in their hometown of Central Point. This moving drama is based on the true story that led to the 1967 Supreme Court decision ending the ban on interracial marriage.
  • Drunken Response to 7897Films and Unwanted Lovings from Scarborough Sideshow This is a video response to 7897Films. In it, I am drunk after a concert. The lovely gentlemen who... yeah, in the end of the video are the Scarborough Sideshow. Despite the unwanted humping and embarrassing photo, they were awesome on stage. tony-
  • THE GOODNIGHT LOVING - Off The Hip Records instore 4th Sept 2009 - Part 2 The Goodnight Loving's instore live show at Off The Hip Records, Melbourne, Australia, on 4th of September, 2009.
  • Bon Iver & Bowerbirds @ Botanique, Loving's for fools Bon Iver & Bowerbirds singing 'Loving's for fools', a cover from Sarah Siskind @ Botanique, Brussels (03.10.2008)
  • THE BEATLES - ALL MY LOVING ( CLOSE YOUR EYES ) Video Clip created by Alexandros Molfessis , for Rafael
  • Rick Loving's 63 Corvair Sprint Dyno Pull
  • THE GOODNIGHT LOVING - Off The Hip Records instore 4th Sept 2009 - Part 1 The Goodnight Loving's instore live show at Off The Hip Records, Melbourne, Australia, on 4th of September, 2009.
  • "Summer of Loving" - Roy Zimmerman Words and music by Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby I'm joined by Laura Love ( ), John McCutcheon ( ) and Sandy O. of Emma's Revolution ( ). Shot at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA ( ) and edited by Rick Bacigalupi ( ), audio recorded by Jory Prum ( ). A thousand thanks to all, and a thousand lovings to Melanie. Please visit
  • LOVING 2 of "Loving's" best reviews: "A call from the ancient past" Very simple arrangement, composed of great live piano arpeggios and a couple of electronic breezy pads. Great male vocals, generously reverbed. Due to this fact a certain misty atmosphere is created. Although the lyrics are very optimistic, this track delivers a mood of an ancient greek mourning song to me. Great backing vocals. At 3.33 comes a little enlightment in the arrangement. But overall the mood of this song is sad. Perhaps it could make a wonderful lullaby. Production and mix are good, the sound is very clear. I could say this track sounds like a call from an ancient past to me. - Bellasky from Moscow, Russian Federation on 17May2010 "Good surprise!" The song started with a very introspective mood. Then surprise... comes the male vocals. The first time I hear vocals in the classic style. The vocal performance is stunning, very accurate and suitable for the song. In fact, once you finish hearing the music we come to the conclusion that the song would be empty without the vocals. Nice surprise! - adriano_taveira from Brazil on 21Apr2010
  • Tiel Getting Lovings from Keet My pet ***atiel, Spikey loves to get preened by my pet Parakeet, Pretty Bird!
  • START LOVING's Wild Ride - Pls Follow Along OR Completely Disconnet VLOG March 7 2011
  • Paul McCartney - All My Loving (Born VIH Free 27/06/10 youtube concert) the master of the masters, sir McCartney. He was so great.
  • Loving - Short Stilled Closing Credits (1989-era, Late 90s-style) I decided to be very funky here and remix Loving's August 11, 1989 closing in the 1996-99 (and post '99, off-network) ABC stilled credits style. A few producers and one cast member (at the very end of the list) were all thrown in for fun. Also note a couple of puns on actual cast members.
  • Pierre Loving's Birthday Party Photos- Jan 21 2009 Washington, DC Pierre's Birthday Party Dissident Display Studio & Gallery Washington, DC January 21, 2009
  • ***y Lovings To David Cook Chatter Girls Do it Right
  • Loving Episode 180 - 1984 (Segment 1 of 6) As we are coming up on Loving's 25'th anniversary, let's dip into the vault and dust off an early episode.
  • Report on Loving Case 1967 Mildred Jeter was born in 1939. She was of African and Rappahannock (Native American) descent. Richard Loving was born in 1933. He was of Caucasian (white) descent. Mildred and Richard were childhood sweethearts in Caroline County, Virginia. When they grew up, they decided to marry. The marriage laws in Virginia said that no white person could marry a non-white person, so the Lovings were married in June, 1958 in Washington.. After they returned home, the local sheriff burst into their bedroom and arrested Mr. and Mrs. Loving. To avoid going to jail, the couple had to leave Virginia. The Lovings moved to Washington, but in time were frustrated that they could not visit their families in Virginia. in 1963, Mrs. Loving wrote the US Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, who referred her case to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). The case was taken all the way to the US Supreme Court. On June 12, 1967. the Supreme Court ruled that the laws forbidding inter-racial marriages were unconstitutional. After the Supreme Court decision, Mr. and Mrs. Loving moved back to Virginia to raise their own three children. Mildred and Richard Loving supported everyone's right to marry. In honor of the Lovings, June 12th is known as Loving Day - a day to celebrate mixed-race marriages.
  • START LOVING'S Molestation and Abuse age 5 till College. 'MY TOLERANCE NOW'S ZERO. ZERO.'
  • Loving Curtis Alden Murdered Pt. 1 Loving's Corinth Murders. This was the Curtis Alden was murdered.
  • Loving's Love Inspired by Charles Lindbergh and driven by an early passion for flying, Neal Loving overcame adversity, racism and disability to become an aircraft designer, builder, pilot, engineer and educator. He fell in love with aviation at the age of 10 and built model airplanes and then gliders. After losing both legs in a glider accident, he designed, built, and qualified his own midget racing aircraft. As an aerospace engineer, Loving became the Air Force expert in High Altitude Clear Air Turbulence (HICAT) and later in life was a motivational speaker. "I guess I have a history of people telling me what I cant do. So far they're all wrong."
  • Q. Lovings - Aye (Prod. by Mental Instruments) (2009) Hot !!
  • In loving memorie of sunshine Mila Phillips Mila was born to one of the most beautiful women & lovings Mommy On 17th of August 2004.. They had such a beautiful close bond,Andi[Milas Mum] always did things with her Daughter & was lost when the tragic happened.On September 6th 2006 Mila was dignosed with a Terminal Brainstem Glioma Astrocytoma Tumor.After a long fight Mila died in the arms of her Mommy on 18th of June 2007. Mila was a normal 2 year old,So so beautiful,happy,sweet little girl who loved her sweet little life . even while fighting the worst,most painful Hillness on the inside & out Mila was still smiling,still happy,still been the sweet & beautiful little girl that she was. Mila touched me so much that i couldnt even stop it,Her beautiful memories will remain forever.She brightens up my life So much.I cant even explain how much I love or miss her because you wouldnt understand how One-Beautiful-Pink-Yellow-Sunshine Came into my life,changed me & learnt me how to love & appraicate my sweet little life. I love you so much sweet,precious angel x Andi You was so brave,helped Miila through each day & she appricates that so much.Mila is happy,smiling & playing now in Heaven.cuddles & kisses you before you go to bed & every moring you wake up. She adores & loves you so much. Your so amazingg & beautiful & I wished i could take the pain & hurt from you that you dont deserve. Maybe its unlikly that you'll see this but here is a happy tribute from my heart for Baby Mila.I love you Andi x I know this video isnt ...
  • Chef Loving's Menu Chef Shawn Loving, who's the Executive Chef for USA Basketball, admits the French toast has been "a big hit with the team."
  • Loving - Short Stilled Closing Credits (1994-era, Late '90s-style) This time, Loving's 1994-era credits get the late 1990s ABC stilled credits style. Forgot Augusta Dabney and Wesley Addy, who both returned in 1994 and can be seen in the stills. Oops.
  • After The Lovings Gone
  • THE GOODNIGHT LOVING - Off The Hip Records instore 4th Sept 2009 - Part 4 The Goodnight Loving's instore live show at Off The Hip Records, Melbourne, Australia, on 4th of September, 2009.
  • "Cowboy's Sweetheart," sung by Jamie Loving Jamie Loving's take on LeAnn Rimes' take on Patsy Montana's "I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart," sung live at the Rainbow Room, Soho, Santa Barbara. Here's the part with Jamie's signature lyric changes. What more could a gal want? Yodeley-hee-hee!
  • Remembering Mr. and Mrs. Loving June 12th Loving Day. This year will mark the forty-third anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, a Supreme Court case many of us born post-1967 may not be aware of. In June of 1958, Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter were married in Washington, DC Six months after having been married, the couple was arrested, convicted of a felony, and sentenced to a year in jail. Their crime? Richard was white. Mildred was black. The trial judge suspended the sentence for a period of 25 years on the condition that the Lovings leave the State and not return to Virginia together for 25 years. He stated in an opinion that: "Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix." The Lovings moved to Washington, DC (where they lived for 8 years) and appealed their conviction on the grounds that Virginia law (The Racial Integrity Law of 1924) violated their rights to equal protection of the law and due process under the Four***th Amendment. Their case went through many levels of the justice system and their appeal was denied every time. On June 12, 1967, their case appeared before the United States Supreme Court. The Court decided unanimously (9-0) to strike down Virginia's laws, as well as statutes in 17 other states that still forbade interracial marriages ...
  • THE GOODNIGHT LOVING - Off The Hip Records instore 4th Sept 2009 - Part 3 The Goodnight Loving's instore live show at Off The Hip Records, Melbourne, Australia, on 4th of September, 2009.
  • The Lovings & Interracial Couples Richard & Mildred Loving, of Loving v. Virginia paved the way for Interracial Couples of Today. Celebrate "Loving Day", every June 12th in honor of the abolishment of Miscegenation Laws; now allowing whites and non-whites to marry. Twitter: /Lite_BriteXO Wordpress Blog:
  • Lovings for Talon i haven't been in one of his comics in FOREVER. But he's pretty freaking awesome. :] He's funny, sweet, and SINGLE. o: Subscribe/watch him. He's a really talented guy. :] I do not own the art or the music. Art all drawn by Talon Foxtrot Coppywrite Talon Foxtrot 2008. :] Music is owned by free credit report dot com. xD
  • XTC The Loving From their 1989 album Oranges & Lemons Lyrics: All around the world, Every boy and every girl, Need the loving. The humble and the great, Even those we think we hate, Need the loving. Soldiers of the Queen, All the hard men that we've seen, Need the loving. Babies at the breast, Those in power and those suppressed, Need the loving. Let's face it you just can't hide, Your first taste'll send you reeling, Like a firework to which we're tied, Be prepared to go through your ceiling now. The loving's coming, The loving's more than just an ad man's vision. The loving's strumming, On your heart strings, So loud that you can't help but listen. Sailors on the seas, Or the clergy on their knees, Need the loving. All the rich and poor, Even those we fight at war, Need the loving. That thing that we need most of, That stuff we should try before we've died. Everyone is begging to be loved, With a free gift, a working heart inside. The loving's coming, The loving's advertised in all the papers. The loving's humming, Your favourite song, For once it won't annoy the neighbours. The loving, the loving. All round the world, Every boy and every girl, Need the loving. Cold-hearted or warm, Every single person born, Needs the loving. Way out there in space, Think we'll find that alien race, Needs the loving. And just to end the list, Everything that could exist, Needs the loving. The loving's coming!
  • Now the loving's nearly over Original song that's been hanging around for some time. A friend had suggested that touching the face of someone who had died might ease the process of grieving. Not the most cheerful subject for a song but.....
  • Meet the Author- Jerry Loving Distinguished English Professor Jerome Loving's new book, "Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens" (University of California Press at Berkeley, 2010), chronicles the life of arguably the best known literary artist in the English language after William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.
  • Ginger gives Panda lovings So cute! :]
  • "i need you now" by smokie norful (quinton lovings) slow, gospel
  • Loving's for Fools Cover Me playing Loving's for Fools by Sarah Siskind
  • Product Lovings... Spring Favourites? ***xx
  • Wedding Lovings from the ***oos! To Eyal and Rotem, with love for your special day! Thinking of you Ehud and Yaeli
  • Charlene Lovings - DEMO REEL Demo reel of Los Angeles-based actress Charlene Lovings ()

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  • “San Jose, CA –USTelecom's 2nd annual "Executive Business Forum" event held the this week (Oct 1-3) in Silicon Valley drew about 120 attendees Latest Blog Posts. Wheelin' and Dealin': Belo Jumps Into Daily Deals”
    — Digital Strategies for Broadcasting – BIA/Kelsey " mlovings,

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