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  • Training Potty Training Biting Talking Free Course on Lovebird Life Expectancy: Upto 15 years. About Lovebird. Lovebirds are the second smallest species of parrot. Their. — “About Lovebird: Training, Temperament & Characteristics”,
  • Learn how to take care of a Love Bird, things to consider before purchasing a Love Bird, identify Love Bird diseases, pick the right cage for your Love Bird, different Love Bird foods and much more at ! Lovebird Care and Information. — “How to care for Love Birds - Love Bird Cages, Love Bird Care”,
  • Lovebirds while small can pack a big bird punch. That's why we believe training your lovebird the right way from the start is so important. — “How To Love Your Lovebird”,
  • Translations of lovebird. lovebird synonyms, lovebird antonyms. Information about lovebird in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. love·bird (lvbûrd) n. 1. Any of various small Old World parrots, especially of the genus Aga***is, often kept as cage birds and noted for the. — “lovebird - definition of lovebird by the Free Online”,
  • The African Love Bird Society is dedicated to the preservation, exhibition, and breeding of the nine species of the genus Aga***is, known as love birds (lovebirds). — “African Love Bird Society (ALBS)”,
  • A Lovebird is one of nine species of the genus Aga***is (Greek: Eight species are native to the African continent, while the Grey-headed Lovebird is native to Madagascar. — “Lovebird - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Lovebirds: Comprehensive information on this parrot species, including origin, distribution, physical description and photos, pet potential, diet, nutrition, behavioral challenges and training, breeding, and care requirements. — “Lovebirds: Species information and Photos”,
  • Buy Lovebird from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. — “Lovebird Bird Supplies at Bizrate - Shop online for Pet”,
  • Beautiful Custom Bird Cages & Reptile Cages : Unique attractive custom Reptile Cages and Bird Cages custom tailored for your specific needs. Custom bird cage, snake cages, parrot cages, birdcages, iguana cage, custom cage, macaw cage, bearded. — “Love-Bird”,
  • Learn what a lovebird is, where lovebirds are from, the history of lovebirds, and more. Also provides tips for choosing a lovebird, breeding them, and caring for them. — “Lovebird Mania”,
  • Lovebird definition, any of various small parrots, esp. of the genus Aga***is, of Africa, noted for the affection shown one another and often kept as pets. See more. — “Lovebird | Define Lovebird at ”,
  • Guide about care and breeding FISCHER LOVEBIRDS FISCHER NESTING, ABOUT FISHER'S EGGS, BABY FISCHERS, DIET - all info about FISHER PARROT BIRDS Fischer's Lovebird, Fischer Love Bird, Fisher Lovebird. — “Fischers Lovebird info| Fischer Lovebirds | Fisher's”, parrot-
  • Lovebirds are pint-sized bundles of joy. They have the full personality of parrots while being easy to house because of their size. Lovebirds are little However, if you work long hours and don't think you'll have a lot of time for your love bird, we recommend you get him a companion. — “Lovebirds | Parrot Parrot”,
  • Lovebird. A Lovebird is one of nine species of the genus Aga***is (Greek: αγάπη agape ' Eight species are native to the African continent, while the Grey-headed Lovebird is native to Madagascar. — “Lovebird”,
  • We specialize in unique retro items, and quality antiques and collectibles, hand picked for the discerning collector. — “Retro items, Antiques and Collectibles - Lovebird Collectibles”,
  • Love Bird is the Weekly Alibi's new online dating/friendship community. If you want to meet interesting people in the Albuquerque area, you need to check out Love Bird. — “Love Bird: the Alibi's new formula for Personals”,
  • Lovebirds how to articles and videos including How to Make Your Own Toys for Lovebird, How to Tame Your Lovebirds, Types of Blue Love Birds and much more! The most popular love bird species is the peach-faced love bird. — “Lovebirds - How To Information | ”,
  • Lovebird's Nest is all about lovebirds, including lovebird training, lovebird tricks and lovebirds for sale information. — “Lovebird's Nest ~ Lovebird Training, Lovebird Tricks”,
  • The lovebird is known for being a very social and affectionate parrot. Learn more about the lovebird at HowStuffWorks. — “HowStuffWorks "Lovebird"”,
  • lovebird ( ) n. Any of various small Old World parrots, especially of the genus Aga***is, often kept as cage birds and noted for the apparent. — “lovebird: Definition from ”,

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  • Handfeeding 4 Baby Lovebirds Handfeeding our March 2007 Clutch. 4 out of 5 eggs hatched. See the video before this for introductions of our babies. For more info:
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  • Lovebird Foraging This is a great stimulating activity for a healthy bird! All of our birds love to forage. In this bowl, there are beads, foam beads, paper, finger traps, and seed at the bottom (treat). We make them work for their treat! For more info:
  • Handfeeding Older Lovebird Babies Handfeeding our March Clutch (ranging in age 5-6 weeks old). They are on their way to weaning! All of these babies have found their forever homes. For current clutch/baby info:
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  • Love Bird Colab Project-Part Two Part 2 of the Bing Love Bird Colab Project. Introducing the "Love Bird", the "Whippet", and the "Synchronizer"!!! Featuring the shaping of Matt Calvani, the art and surfing of Chris Del Moro... and their wave riding creations. A Short By John Smart aka "J. Smart Films..."
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  • Learn Spanish - Love Birds For more resources similiar to this one that you have just seen, please visit the above website.
  • Deep House ][ Lovebirds - The Limit "Sebastian Dörings" finest moments can be found on the B-side of this record. "The limit" is by far one of the best deep house records of the beginning of this century. Loud beats with sound strings that are even more beautiful than the ones in "Underworld's Dark & Long". Dreamy tune that makes you beg for more. Although the journey takes more then 10 minutes it is not getting boring. For those who like it deep...
  • Mr.Perfect - Lovebird Mr.Perfect - Lovebird song! Da love bird riddim! *not PERFECT in the photo* mistake ;)
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  • Lovebird Tricks/bird training/SMART PARROT!!! Tico is a peachfaced lovebird who I am AMAZED at because of all the tricks he does! He is one of the smartest lovebirds that I've ever SEEN! Thanks to a VERY helpfull person who tought me how to train Tico! :) I absolutely do NOT know what I would do without my baby Tico! He's my little angel and he loves me as much as I love him! Check out my other videos too! There's a part 2 to Tico's tricks and a part 3 coming soon! I hope you enjoy the video! Comments and ratings are always welcome! :)
  • LOVEBIRD SAYS, "ITS GOOD" then bites my nose. Lily'N Mozart Teague.. an adorable talking lovebird.. ransacks through a tube, flings out the other side, only to catapult straight onto my nose. LOL. Lily'Mo sadly passed away this year, we Miss Her BigTime. Thankyou so much for your comments. xoxoxoxo
  • Lovebird Sprinter & Climber BeBe making a "run" for it and then "climbing" for a visit! He is a quick one! (not sure where Evee decided he needed to go!) For more info:
  • Love Birds Singing My beautiful love birds singing :)
  • Swinging Lovebirds Lovebirds on swing
  • Setting up a Lovebird Nest Box Additionally to this video (I forgot to mention), we prefer to mount the nestbox on the outside of the cage for easier access to the babies for checking/weighing them. That way, we don't have to go into our breeders' territory! For more info:
  • lovebird my love bird fake sleeping plz comment AND SHOW TO YOUR FRIENDS
  • in memory of a peach faced lovebird He died on 7/30/07; I had him for 10 years. His name was Budgie.
  • Sneezing Lovebird My pet lovebird learnt to sneeze
  • Love Birds Lovebirds set up house in a tree hollow and begin their courtship rituals.
  • Talking Lovebird This is a video of my sweet bird, Peaches, who passed away on Boxing Day, 2006. This bird was a real talker. In this video you can hear her say, "Cute bird" and "pretty bird" and finally, "you're cute". She also says "ä-tweet", which I know isn't really a word but it's basically her imitation of me imitating her and so it's still impressive :) She also imitates my laugh a couple of times during the video.
  • The Lovebird Speaks Peachie? PEACHIE!!!
  • Baby Lovebird This is a video of my baby lovebird. He was approximately 8 days old at the time of this video =)
  • Birds of Paradise - Lovebirds Lovebirds set up house in a tree hollow and begin their courtship rituals. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Owning & Caring for Lovebirds : Consider Your Lovebird's Gender, Lifespan & Weight DNA *** tests and a pet lovebird's diet isdiscussed in this free video . Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau
  • Roy D. Mercer - Love Birds Classic Prank Call by Roy D. Mercer
  • Lovebirds Love birds set up house in a tree hollow and begin their courtship rituals. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Handfeeding Baby Lovebirds A video showing us handfeeding our baby lovies! Audio included!
  • Love Bird Colab Project-Part One Surf Art Film promoting the creation of three new board designs created by Matt Calvani and Chris Del Moro for Bing Surf Boards.
  • Lovebirds Shredding Paper This is a video of our breeders shredding paper for a nest, and then our Angel comes in and makes a claim over the paper!! For more info:
  • Lovebird Cage Set-Up This is how we set up the cages for our lovebirds. We do not use any cages smaller than 18" x 18". For more info:
  • Peach Faced Lovebirds Mating Sorry about the TV blaring in the background... as well as the subject matter... I was watching Law and Order SVU and didn't have time to turn it off before taking this video. OK - first let me just say that I did not post this video for any other purposed but to educate! Comments can be left after approval only as I can just imagine the amount of idiotic smart assed comments it will get. If you have a genuine question about Lovebirds, mating/breeding - send me a message. I'm here to help. So this is Cupid (RIP) and Valentine, my PFLB mating. They met last August when in effort to rescue Cupid (dark green lovie) from my neighborhood, I put Valentine (yellow) in a small carrier inside the capture cage I had been using for 9 days to try to rescue him! Low and behold... twenty minutes after she was in the cage - Cupid climbs down the tree trunk and hops right into the cage. It was love at first sight and one of the most romantic love stories I've ever known. As a result of this romance, Cupid and Valentine have since had two babies... QP and Safari, currently 3 months old. Sadly, we lost Cupid on January 9, 2008 due to a tragic accident when his kids were only two weeks old. (see my other videos to see more about their love story and our beloved Cupid's death). QP and Safari look just like their daddy... QP's personality is more like her mom's - and Safari's personality is more like his daddy's. RIP Cupid - I love and miss you so very much.
  • Lovebird Loves Soda Can Sammy the Lovebird pushes a soda can on the dining room table. Bridget comments from the background.

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