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  • Lorikeets are very untidy eaters and spoil the cage and its surrounds with their large, wet droppings. The smaller lorikeet varieties (varied and musk) make better pets because of their soft bite, but well-trained rainbow or red-collared lorikeets are good talkers and a. — “Bird Health - Lorikeets”, .au
  • ShopWiki has 285 results for LORIKEET , including Plush Lorikeet 7", lorikeet Painting Canvas Giclee Wall Art Print, Zupreem Lory Nuggets Premium Nutrition for Lories, Lorikeets, Nectar-Eating Parrots - 2.5 lb, and Daffodil, Lorikeet (Qty 10). — “LORIKEET”,
  • with bird vet Dr Ross Perry describes Lorikeet cages, behaviour, food, diets, taming, disease, symptoms, management. — “ is bird vet Dr Ross Perry\'s advice re”,
  • Definition of lorikeet in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lorikeet. Pronunciation of lorikeet. Translations of lorikeet. lorikeet synonyms, lorikeet antonyms. Information about lorikeet in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “lorikeet - definition of lorikeet by the Free Online”,
  • A E Cage Company - Lorikeet - Secure Online Store. — “Lorikeet by A&E Cage Company”,
  • rainbow lorikeet trichoglossus haematodus. The Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) is a species of Australasian parrot found in Australia, eastern Indonesia (Maluku and Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. — “Rainbow Lorikeet: Definition from ”,
  • Facts and figures about Lorikeet, taken from Freebase, the world's database. — “Lorikeet facts - Freebase”,
  • Experience a rainbow on your shoulder in the Wild Animal Park's Lorikeet Landing aviary. But in Lorikeet Landing, the birds don't have to put in as much effort because you lend a hand—literally—in feeding the lorikeets!. — “Wild Animal Park Exhibit: Lorikeet Landing”,
  • Lories and Lorikeets are active and curious parrots that love to play and desire to interact with their owners as much as possible. — “All the Reasons why you should have a Lorikeet as a Pet”,
  • Rainbow Lorikeets. — “Our friends the (wild) Rainbow Lorikeets”,
  • Rainbow lorikeets found in Australia are very colourful RAINBOW LORIKEET. This most striking coloured and noisy bird is one of 328 species of parrots found and 1 of 21 subspecies of Lorikeets found over the south west Pacific. — “Unique Australian Animals”, australian-
  • Stock photo search results for lorikeet - SuperStock is a leading provider of Contemporary, Vintage and Fine Art stock photography. — “Lorikeet Stock Photography Images From SuperStock”,
  • Lories and lorikeets are small to medium-sized arboreal parrots characterized by their The multi-colored Rainbow Lorikeet was one of the species of parrots. — “Lories and lorikeets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Lorikeets and lories are small, brightly coloured, highly arboreal parrots. The Ultramarine Lorikeet is endangered. It is now one of the 50 rarest birds in the world. — “Lorikeet”,
  • Rainbow Lorikeets / Rainbow Lories aka Green Naped Lory / Lorikeet: Comprehensive information on this parrot species, including origin, distribution, physical description and photos, pet potential, behavioral challenges and training, breeding,. — “Rainbow Lorikeets / Rainbow Lories aka Green Naped Lory”,
  • lorikeet (bird), any of 53 species of medium-sized vocal and exceptionally colourful parrots of Australia and New Guinea that feed on pollen and nectar. They have brush-tipped tongues that help sweep food into the mouth. They also eat small. — “lorikeet (bird) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Labels: Bird, Birds, HONEYEATER, Lorikeet, Noisy Miner, PARROTS, Rainbow Lorikeet I hear he's lost but should be easy to find because he's the best looking Lorikeet and has a bonza personality!. — “Bird Anonymous: Rainbow Lorikeet”,
  • Rainbow Lorikeets are colourful parrots that are very active and entertaining as companion pets. This species is monomorphic, meaning both ***es are identical in appearance. They are approximately 30cm (11. — “Rainbow Lorikeet Pets”,
  • Lorikeet Forest also features two close relatives of Rainbow Lorikeets and the Violet-necked Lory. At least 13 lorikeet species are considered endangered or vulnerable to extinction. — “Aquarium of the Pacific | Exhibits | Lorikeet Forest”,
  • T.h. haematodus: both adults brown/black head with lilac/blue streaks on face; collar yellow/green; red breast banded with blue/black; dark green abdomen; green/yellow thighs to undertail , parrot, parrots. — “Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) | Parrot Encyclopedia”,

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  • Tribute to my Rainbow Lorikeet, Zellkai A tribute to my gorgeous bird who passed away a couple of days ago. He did so much for me and left this world too soon. Unfortunately compressing the video has really stuffed up the sound. I'll try to fix it later. Thank you for everything, what a privilege it was to know you. There was so much more time I wanted to spend with you. Song is from the anime Wolf's Rain. The picture right at the end was drawn for me and Zell last year by the lovely Plaguedog at
  • Lorikeets Playing Two rainbow lorikeets play wrestling
  • Two Rainbow Lorikeets Eating on my Front Porch You can see how they lick the sugar powder with their tongues from their open beaks. Their beaks are shaped so that they can open fruit and flowers and lick the nectar. Sydney, Australia
  • Lorikeets Animal Facts infographic on lorikeets. Lorikeet Landing is an interactive exhibit at the Oregon Zoo where you can come face to face with some beautiful birds!
  • Very Friendly Lorikeets Some friendly Lorikeets.
  • Geek, the Rainbow Lorikeet Playing with our pet parrot. He's a Rainbow Lorikeet (Massena's or Coconut variety, we think) and he loves to wrestle and throw things off our desks. Made with iMovie. Due to copyright issues the song has been changed to "Thunder Bird" by Josh Arnold.
  • A cute baby Rainbow Lorikeet named 'Drizzle' After a big feed, Drizzle decided it would be more comfy to lay on his back and snuggle into the blanket while having a bedtime scratch. :o)
  • Rainbow Lorikeets - Feeding Bossy lorikeet June, 2007 Tuross Head, NSW
  • Lorikeets, Corellas and a Kookaburra Two corellas muscle in on a lorikeet family having breakfast. A bemused kookaburra flies in to check out the action until it begins to get a little too close for comfort. Although the kookaburra makes some token attempts to repel the loris, I think he really enjoys their antics. He is the teacher to their Sunday school picnic almost every day! And the loris seem to enjoy teasing him. Note that they give his feathers a tug at 2:30.
  • My funny Lorikeets 2 Petting each other
  • eric the rainbow lorikeet attacks dog Our rainbow lorikeet Eric is playing with our poodle, Jack...
  • rainbow Lorikeets this is a video about rainbow lorikeets
  • WOLFETTE "Waiting For The Explosion" photo-shoot BUY ON ITUNES! Montage / Behind the scenes of the photos shoot for Wolfette's PR photos. The photographer is Victoria Dawe. BUY ON AMAZON
  • Rainbow Lorikeets ~ Australia Rainbow Lorikeets of Queensland Australia are a creation wonder. Snuggle up close to them here, with Matty, Will, Martin (Dad) & Ken (Grandad). Lorikeets have specially designed brush-tipped tongues enabling them to feed on flowering gum nectar and pollinate the flowers. Their unique characteristics reveal aspects of God as our creator, lifegiver, lawgiver, sustainer, & designer.
  • My funny lorikeets Australian Lorikeets having fun
  • Bloody lorikeets The flowering gum outside my window is flowering and the lorikeets are out there having a feeding frenzing at ohgod o'clock every morning.
  • Dancing Lorikeets A Happy Lorikeet dancing in my balcony, Sydney, Australia
  • Rainbow Lorikeets (Sydney Australia) Funny and cute wild parrot Rainbow Lorikeet.They vist our balcony.
  • Sulphur-Crested ***atoo picks up Rainbow Lorikeet by tail To make room on feeding table the ***atoo (on the left) reaches down to pick up a Rainbow Lorikeet by its tail feathers.
  • Local Friendly Lorikeets Friendly but timid.
  • Lorikeet wrestling match Two wild rainbow lorikeets engage in a friendly wrestling tussle.
  • Angry Angry Little Lorikeets! They may be 1/20 the size of the ***atoos, but they don't take any *** when it comes to good quality seedage!
  • Kuhl's Lorikeet Conservation: 'Ura: The Spirit of the Queen, Pt. 3 In three parts, 'Ura: The Spirit of the Queen walks us through the conservation of the Kuhl's Lorikeet and recent efforts to save this species by moving it among spectacular South Pacific islands. To learn more about these beautiful birds and how to help save them, please visit
  • Ollie the Rainbow Lorikeet singing and dancing to his favourite song Our Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Lorikeet Playing This is a short video of one of my lorikeets hopping around and enjoying life.
  • Kuhl's Lorikeet Conservation: The Spirit of the Queen pt 2 In three parts, 'Ura: The Spirit of the Queen walks us through the conservation of the Kuhl's Lorikeet and recent efforts to save this species by moving it among spectacular South Pacific islands. To learn more about these beautiful birds and how to help save them, please visit
  • Frell - the Rainbow Lorikeet - Ball play and talking This is Frell, hes my pet rainbow lorikeet. I hand raised this baby since he was 2 weeks old. When he raises his foot and says hello hes pretending his foot is the phone.
  • It's a Pool Party! "Rainbow" and "Musk" Lorikeets... having an eary morning Pool Party!....Lots of Hot Gossip and Drinking going on!
  • Scaly-breasted Lorikeet having a bath 'Bird' having his daily swim. Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Scientific name: Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus Family: Psittacidae Order: Psittaciformes Video: (C) Steven Mack 2008
  • Feeding Lorikeets-Cincinnati Zoo Thane Maynard shows how our Lorikeets are trained to eat out of your hands.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets Feeding - Most Exotic Parrots The Rainbow Lorikeet is a species of parrot found in Australia as well as several other places including Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Eastern Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The Rainbow Lorikeet is a parrot of medium size with a wing span of approximately 17cm (the equivalent of 6.7 inches). The actual length/size of the Rainbow Lorikeet ranges from 25 to 30cm (the equivalent of 9.8 to11.8 inches). Rainbow Lorikeets feed primarily on nectar, pollen and fruit. To cater for the specific needs of their diet, Rainbow Lorikeets have a papillate appendage equppied to the end of their tongue to allow them to collect nectar from flowers. DONATE TO SAVE AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE: .au Featured Music "Fluffy Jet Theme Song" - Copyright 2010 © Fluffy Jet Productions
  • Lorikeets in Sydney a Trip to Sydney with my children and we have discovered a love for a bird that is so colourful and friendly
  • Rainbow lorikeet enjoy petting This is keet my new young rainbow lorikeet, he/she enjoy petting but doesn't want to step up to finger, keet is currently under taming process and hopefully it will get tamer, he/she lives on bird stand. I dont know keet's gender yet.
  • Tootsie Talks Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow Lorikeet Tootsie Chatters
  • fat tony red collared lorikeet my bird fat tony, he is a red collared lorikeet, taking a bath...
  • Lorikeet talking This is Aussie, a 12 year old Rainbow Lorikeet. He lives with Ruby, a 12 year old Blue-Streaked Lory. They are very interactive and are looking for their new home!
  • A Lorikeet and ***atiel acting very silly Be sure to watch this in High Definition by clicking here: This is Spunky (our whiteface cocaktiel) and Steve (our Rainbow Lorikeet) playing their favourite wolf-whistle game before bedtime. Both are two years old now, and have pretty much grown up together. (This went on for nearly 10 minutes!)
  • Feeding Lorikeets and Lories at the Indy Zoo I enjoy feeding the Lorikeets. Their tongues are long, and they lap up nectar with it. The Dusky (the orange one) was my favorite. These birds have amazing personalities, but they're very loud, so many of them get abandoned when the owners can't take the noise anymore. The Dusky tried to steal the cup when it was almost empty, I had to touch his beak to get him to stop and he sulks away, it's pretty funny.
  • Ridiculous lorikeets This is one of the lorikeets at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I think they may have been doing some sort of mating thing, though I don't know. I apologize for the blurs--it's my first video!
  • Telus - rainbow lorikeet Telus commercial with rainbow lorikeet
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Lorikeet Arena Swoop in to the Lorikeet Arena at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and you can get closer to hundreds of native Australian birds.
  • Rainbow Lorikeet One of the Rainbow Lorikeets that frequents my garden.

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