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  • The Canadian 1 dollar coin (commonly called Loonie) is a gold-coloured, bronze-plated, one-dollar coin introduced in 1987. Newspapers often discuss the rate at which the loonie is trading against the United States dollar (actually a reference confusing. — “Canadian 1 dollar coin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Get current exchange rates of major currencies of the world. Check updated currency values and use the currency converter. — “Major World Currencies: Exchange Rates & Values - Bloomberg”,
  • The Canadian dollar is the 7th most traded currency in the world, and the Canadian Loonie is the coin of the realm. This bronze electroplated coin feature on the reverse a Loon and the name "Loonie" became so beloved that on March 15, 2006 the. — “The Canadian Loonie Brass-clad One Dollar Coin with History”,
  • loonie n. Informal A Canadian coin worth one dollar. The Canadian dollar. [From the image of a loon on one side of the. — “loonie: Definition from ”,
  • Home of the world-famous Kiltmeister. Won't anyone face the camera ? The prez and her favourite sidekick, aka This was her first BMW. Bike # 3 added in 2010. The second bike, she wore this one out !. — “Home”, loonie-ticbmwriders.ca
  • loonie (plural loonies) (Canadian, informal) The Canadian dollar (both the coin and the "http:///wiki/loonie" Categories: English nouns | Canadian English. — “loonie - Wiktionary”,
  • Stay informed on the latest Loonie news. TheStreet is the source for financial market and Wall Street news, trading stock and personal finance advice. — “Loonie | Forex | GLD | TheStreet”,
  • Loonie - Definition of Loonie on Investopedia - A slang term for a Canadian dollar. It is derived from the picture of a loon on one side of the coin. — “Loonie Definition”,
  • Loonie definition, a dollar coin. See more. Link To loonie. World English Dictionary. loonie (ˈluːnɪ) —n. slang (Canadian) a. a Canadian dollar coin with a loon bird on one of its faces. b. the Canadian currency. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. — “Loonie | Define Loonie at ”,
  • Definition of loonie in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of loonie. Pronunciation of loonie. Translations of loonie. loonie synonyms, loonie antonyms. Information about loonie in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “loonie - definition of loonie by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A Canadian dollar coin, so named, because it has the image of a wild loon on its face, and Queen Elizabeth on the other, it's hard to tell which is Shoot me a loonie for a pop, I'm thirsty. — “Urban Dictionary: loonie”,
  • Definition of loonie from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of loonie. Pronunciation of loonie. Definition of the word loonie. Origin of the word loonie. — “loonie - Definition of loonie at ”,
  • Custom mascots, costumes & characters for sports, corporate, schools, colleges, and more. From small town carnivals to international sporting events, Loonie Times' mascots are the perfect addition to your event!. — “Custom Mascots, Characters and Costumes by Loonie Times”,
  • Loonie Notes. The Loonie Home Page. Welcome to the Loonie Home Page We five sisters are Loonie Women who love each other, our families, our friends, our. — “”
  • Brandon, Manitoba, Westman, Dollar store, Canada, Dollar Stores, dollar, retail, low cost, discount, low price, cards, gift bags, candles, value, gifts, Canadian dollar, Canadian Dollar Store, Canadian Dollar Stores. — “Loonie Twoons Discount Store - Brandon Manitoba Dollar Store”,
  • Loonie is the unofficial but commonly-used name for Canada's gold The switch occurred when Brian Mulroney (which rhymes with 'loonie') was Prime Minister; hence the coin was in its early years sometimes called 'Mulroney's loonie,' but this term has largely died out. — “Loonie - Definition”,
  • The Loonie Stamper Girls continue to throw down some great challenges and create amazing cards for them. With the Canadian loonie flirting around parity with the U.S. dollar, and the Federal Reserve undertaking a. — “Loonie - Blogs, Pictures, and more on Blogged”,
  • Loonie is the name Canadians gave the gold-coloured, bronze-plated, one-dollar coin shortly after its introduction. It bears images of a common loon, a well-known Canadian bird, on the reverse, and of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The design. — “Loonie | ”,
  • Top tracks from Loonie: Akallabeth, 春ウララ ルララ & more. There are at least 2 hip-hop artists called Loonie. 1.) PASSER (ex 麻波25) (MC/BEAT MAKER) BIRTH : 1976.5.4 RYO (VOCAL/MC) BIRTH : 1976.5.8 YUICHI (MC/BEAT MAKER) BIRTH : 1974.10.8 Formed in. — “Loonie – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”, last.fm
  • Loonie Energized: Canadian Dollar Achieving Parity With The US Dollar - This literally seems to be the case, with the Canadian dollar commonly called the Loonie achieving parity with the US dollar on the back of firming up of energy and crude prices. — “Loonie Articles at Big Free Articles - Only Big Free Articles”,
  • New and used loonie, Coins Paper Money on eBay Canada. Find Sports Mem, Cards Fan Shop, Collectables items at low, discount sale prices!. — “New and used loonie, Coins Paper Money, Sports Mem, Cards Fan”, shop.ebay.ca
  • Loonie was just a name that was floating around in various local hip-hop forums and YouTube before his group Stick Figgas got its first big break after releasing their debut album under 6000 Goonz entitled Critical Condition. His crisp delivery. — “Friendster - Loonie”,
  • The Canadian 1 dollar coin (commonly called Loonie ) is a gold-coloured, bronze-plated, one-dollar coin introduced in 1987. It bears images of a common loon, a well-known Canadian bird, on the reverse, and of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. — “Loonie”,
  • American market pundit Peter Grandich is still bullish on both Canada's economy and the loonie, according to this essay circulating today on the web. He says America is now in the "fiscal mess" Canada was in Grandich describes the Canadian dollar (the loonie) as a "safe-haven currency" that's. — “Stories tagged "Loonie" | Financial Post”,

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  • Extreme Rollerblading Here is a guy going down a hill with what looks like a full body rollerblading suit. This guy is really awesome. I did not make this vid
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  • Loonie - F With This G Loonie F With This G Lyrics Dararah dararah You can never F with this G My life is like a movie but the plots are thicker Got people callin' me champ like I'm a boxing figure Became a toxic spitter from drinkin lots of liquor Pollute the mainstream like Pasig River Call me sensei I teach mcs how to kill In a ceasefire I still freestyle at will Just gimme any line In five minutes time limit I'll give you 9 million lines that'll rhyme with it Would it be possible to mimic me lyrically Cuz I spit it vividly with HD imagery Rhetoric and rhyme in perfect symmetry I get better with time, I don't let lines limit me Inevitably ain't nobody better than me The best there is there was there ever will be Listen as I effortlessly step to this beat Definitely you can never ever F with G You can never F with this G You can never You can never F with this G This is destiny, you're gonna see it eventually It's meant to be, I'm the MC of the Century Schizophrenic with a Messianic Complex It's a euphemism for may sayad ng konte Satanic Santa with his bad little elves A black Sabbath fanatic who needs Sabbatical help The Vatican knelt to nobody but the baddest himself the new Lucifer, Loonie with a capital L It ain't easy bein me but I handle it well I'm so bad that I've got my own bathroom in hell Like a nuclear warplane I travel with stealth If I wanted a real challenge, I'll just battle myself Inevitably ain't nobody better than me The best there is there was there ever will be Listen as ...
  • LOONIE - WALANG BABALA Loonie's album "The Ones Who Never Made It" is out now! Free download and Please spread the DL link. Every hiphop fan should listen to this album! The ones who never made it download link -- Loonie stick figgas ron henley 6000 goonz fliptop pasig 187 mobstaz pne mic manila rapublick of the philippines rap battle francis magalona soulfiesta turbulence productions loonie vs zaito part 1 2 cebu luzon visayas mindanao, cainta antipolo hi-c mobstarr gloc-9 soulsonic tv love radio pinoy big brother love song wowowee eat bulaga magic rx angel tagalor rap rapper underground shockra repablikan dice & k9 tuff tatoo p&p dello dongalo palmera ampon watawat clothing 1234567890 abcdevghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • FlipTop - Loonie vs Zaito pt. 1 FlipTop presents: Ahon @ Guerrilla Radio, Pasig City, Philippines. May 15, 2010. Filipino Conference Battle - LOONIE vs ZAITO - pt.1 *DOWNLOAD NOW* Loonie - TheOnesWhoNeverMadeIt
  • Loonie Datu VS Dello Target *Sunugan 2010* PT.1 (GOOD AUDIO QUALITY) Loonie Datu VS Dello Target *Sunugan 2010* (GOOD AUDIO QUALITY) Video slightly out of sync with audio. Audio is nice.
  • Battle of the Twin Towers (Loonie Datu VS Dello Target)
  • FlipTop - Loonie Vs. Ron Henley Filipino Conference Battle (Stick Figgas) Courtesy of: beerocc
  • LOONIE - Haru Urara Rurara Cool j-rap band ^^
  • LOONIE - ALL RIGHTS REVERSED THE EMINEM LIKE... HEHE PEACE IDOL!!! THIS ONE GOES FOR THOSE WHO WORK TO LIVE... HERE'S THE LYRICS.. Time seems to pass me by when I write rhyme schemes to satisfy the minds of those who close their ears and use their eyes to listen, I don't have time for dissin cuz I've been workin, grindin 9 to 5 to survive, writin rhymes while I'm alive But I gotta hustle, everyday I pray God, graveyard shift, can't call it a dayjob Aren't you glad you waited for the day you graduated? Hey you made it, way to go! Yeah hurray kid Education takes you places Hospitals with cancer patients Airplanes, 2 Days to Vegas Mainframes and databases Pay's great but I hate to say this It's a case to case basis And I hate to break your faith but the Bathing Apes will have to wait cuz you're an undergraduate and you can't backtrack the path you went To add to it, you had to quit Your job stinks like a fat-ass when it's flatulent I carry this cross everyday and I'm lost in a maze I get applause or a raise If my boss is amazed Torture and pain before fortune and fame I was born to be paid as a corporate slave What do you wanna be when you grow up? So you're a call center agent and you're yappin away With more slang than Filipino cats in LA You can't evade taxes, your taxes evade you Work without no play baby that's what the slaves do And now you're feeling like a slave Trapped in a cage with your master whippin you while you're askin for stale food Can't pass the test Guessin random answers will save ...
  • Loonie *** Music Video (Mixtape) Loonie rapping about his past Love Story
  • Show Me Da Manny (FlipTop ft. Abra, Loonie, Jskeelz, SinCity) pt1 December 5, 2010 FlipTop @ Show Me Da Manny part 1
  • *Sunugan 2010*DELLO TARGET VS. LOONIE DATU CLEAR VERSION FLIPTOP FLIPTOP DELLO AND TARGET VS. LOONIE AND DATU SUNUGAN BATTLE SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 we dont encourage for people to upload footage from Sunugan,, But we are not mad atchu.. camera gangster.. "Mike Swift"
  • ESTRANGHERO ANDREw E MIKE KOSA LOONIE BADANG FLICT G j-skillZ!! CNU MALUPET? loonie estranghero andrew e mike kosa badang j-skillz crazymyx flict g.. greatest rapper in phil... hahahahha!
  • loonie DITO SA MAYNILA ft. Toney Chrome Ron Henley Mike kosa j-skillz i got 2 more songs from the ones who never made it just click on my other video.. and enjoy :D
  • Loonie Tune - Zooted Wayyy better quality version --Download link-- New track I just made, leave feedback if your feelin' it. Changed back to my old name Loonie Tune because Lil' Wayne been reppin' Young Tune really hard and I dont wanna be ever looked at as a biter. enjoy the trackk!! Kush blunt juicy jay, boy get higher then an astronaught/ Nick B the human being, Loonie Tune the avatar/ I speak intelligent like every song a seminar/ If y'all don't like this one go check the rest of my repetoire/ And if you are a fan of me, then I'ma fan of you/ Blunt wrap blueberry, and a gram or 2/ High amplitude, lyrical mad hatter/ Gimmie, girls or weed and I'll probably choose the ladder/ Mary Jane and me livin' happily ever after/ Nothin' but smoke rings, doritoes, and laughter/ ... I'm high right now/ Cause when I'm with Mary Jane I just cant put the mic down/ Y'all cant rap ***, you dunno my language/ Fly as hell, you 'bout as fly as a penguin/ Ever since grade 10, I been a deliquent/ Representin' London and I aint talkin' England/ (chorus) I got my moolah, my girls like oh la la/ I need some chronic, somebody tell me who got a lot/ Only puff kush, y'all know how we do it/ Find me in the VI with my dudes gettin' Zooted/ Im zooted/ high as a muhha***a Im zooted/ high as a muhha***a Im zooted/ Im zooted baby We gettin' zooted off that buddha every time we got the moolah/ We smokin' purple haze, OG, and widow/ If I got the money then I'm coppin' that medicinal/ We smokin' purple haze ...
  • Loonie vs Datu (Official Video / Rap Battle) A Loonie Vs. Datu Rap!!!! Round 1 Loonie = Eminem Datu = Negro??? Round 2 Loonie = Negro???? Datu = Eminem Winner is Loonie!!!!!! Rate And Comment And Enjoy :D
  • loonie myx song loonie estranghero mike kosa flict g da best rapper ever!
  • Loonie Feat Hi-C - LOONIE Lyrics Yeah Another classic for y'all Sh*ts about to explode! I'm about to blow up this joint right now You better call the bomb squad for this one, I'm dead serious cuz.. I got the bomb detonator so best believe I'll press release now Rest in Peace Blaow! Destiny's child, the best in freestyle Wanna battle? Get knocked out less than 3 rounds I'm the future son, so invest in me now My expertise: I make the best mc's bow I just wanna get this *** off my chest and breathe out Addressin these clowns is stressin me out All these wannabe rappers, I'll leave em horribly damaged They're not wack, I'd call em metaphorically challenged And radio stations filled with arrogant ***s who won't play you unless you're a Fil-American rapper Yet they play rock acts if they're rapping in bands While we're forced to mimic a fake American accent Though we get a lotta hate and a lack of advances I ain't suckin my own d*ck like Marilyn Manson Champion! I'm not about to lose my belt You don't know me? Then let me introduce myself My name is.. LOONIE Mental institutions labelled me the craziest That is how my name today came to be my alias Back in 95 I was battlin with aliens If you don't believe in me you're probably an atheist Cuz I'm a hip-hop god; The *** you praise so F*CK YOU LOONIE is a blasphemous phrase Set the underground in flames, burn the basement This is my new flavor, be the first to taste it Your verse is basic, worthless gay sh*t F*ck RX, in other words I'll stay sick ...
  • Show Me Da Manny (FlipTop ft. Abra, Loonie, Jskeelz, SinCity) pt2 December 5, 2010 FlipTop @ Show Me Da Manny part 2
  • FlipTop - Loonie vs Zaito pt. 2 FlipTop presents: Ahon @ Guerrilla Radio, Pasig City, Philippines. May 15, 2010. Filipino Conference Battle - LOONIE vs ZAITO - pt.2 *DOWNLOAD NOW* Loonie - TheOnesWhoNeverMadeIt
  • Loonie to invest in Canada? Maria from Holland asks, "Should I invest in our neighbor to the North?" I heard that opening a savings account in Canada might be a good idea." Some worry that because there's so much cash being injected into the American economy right now, the dollar's value will fall, and their savings value right with it. That's where this notion comes to move some money offshore, or in this case up north. If you decide to send some of your savings elsewhere, consider that currency's condition first. Now if you would have asked about moving money to Canada several years ago, some might have thought you're "loonie." The American dollar used to be worth much more than Canadian Loonies. Now, it's at par with our dollar, and recently, it was even stronger. Other positives to Canada's economy is that it's commodity based, or based on basic resources that have continual demand, like oil and gas. Canada supplies places like China and even the US with those commodities. Our neighbor up north never securitized their mortgage industry, so its banks are in better shape. If you decide to open a foreign savings account, research the best way to do it and make sure that your account is in its currency.
  • Classified - Loonie feat D-sisive, Shad, DL Incognito & Buck 65 Classified Album: Self Explanatory
  • Canadian Coins Dollar Loonie Canadian dollar coins are funny they are called a loonie and the two dollar coin is called a toonie, eh!
  • [VC] Loonie Hooker Escapade If any of you guys understand this convo you win 8 internets. 8 symmetrical internets. Also vee fell asleep so she only talks once orz orz Features: Chiikaboom, LostSoulShiro, VeeBeeAMV, SammyPacks, MagdaleneOrder
  • Biohazard by Loonie I originally heard this on a chiptune compilation video, but couldn't seem to find a video with just this song, so I figured I'd rectify that fact. I got the original image off Google, but edited it a little in Photoshop.
  • Rising Loonie Worries Industry, Frustrates Travellers VICTORIA - Victoria's Inner Harbour attracts the world, but for the last decade potential visitors from "the land of the free and the home of the brave" are choosing to wave their star spangled banners somewhere else. Frank Bourree of Chemical Consulting says visits from the US are down 39% since 2000. The dramatic drop has a lot to do with the American economic meltdown, but the dramatic rise in the Canadian dollar isn't helping Vancouver Island tourist operators find business elsewhere. Bourree says it forces Canadians to go south while we also lose Americans coming north. The coastal forest industry is facing the same reality - as the dollar goes up, profit goes down. "Every cent the dollar goes up has a huge impact on the bottom line" says Levi Sampson, President of Nanaimo's Harmac Pacific mill. Fortunately for the employee-owned operation, the demand for pulp is giving our currency a run for its money. "The saving grace here is pulp prices continue to rise as the dollar is rising, so it's offsetting that completely" says Sampson. Along with the challenges facing the tourism, forestry, and manufacturing industries, the flying loonie is supposed to be putting smiles on the faces of Canadian travellers booking trips out of the country right now. Victoria's Judith Barnaby is heading on a Mexican cruise and thought the timing couldn't be better. But then she discovered online the Royal Caribbean cruise she had just booked for $709 Canadian, leaving from Los Angeles, is ...
  • RAP BATTLE Krazykyle vs. Loonie topic: SINONG MAS GWAPO krazykyle vs loonie classic battle. Ended on a tie between both rappers. Topic: Sinong Mas Gwapo? aired over channel 5 ON AIR TAMBAYAN
  • The Loonie Spreads its Wings The lofty loonie: a good deal for some, a bad deal for others. Guests: Craig McIntosh is CEO of Acrylon Plastics. Donald Coxe is a strategy advisor at BMO Financial Group and chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP/ In his 36 years of experience as a respected portfolio strategist and investment manager in Canada and the US, he has developed a reputation as a savvy thinker about historys major trends that shape long-term investment performance. Dene Rogers is CEO of Sears Canada. Prior to Sears Canada, Dene was Executive Vice President and General Manager at Kmart, where he oversaw the operations of approximately 1500 stores and $18 billion of revenues. Janine Chapman is marketing director of Sunwing Travel Group. Jim Menzies is national leader of Manufacturing and Distribution at Grant Thornton LLP. Jim brings in excess of twenty years of experience in providing professional services to his clients.
  • #505 TDES mission statement? Loonie vs USD, Wine tasting Do you have any suggestions for a TDES mission statement? STICK NEWS: loonie matches US dollar Asking Acadia: What do you think of the Axe? cws: Wine tasting event qa: mission statements Sorry to the people we asked who were sitting in the sun - it's not much fun squinting into the camera ... we should really only ask people in the shade. English script: 日本語: plaza.rakuten.co.jp Deutsch: Show 505 Thursday 20 September The Daily English Show
  • Fredo wants to battle Loonie of FlipTop Fredo Algebra, a member of Filipino Hip Hop group Great Muta and Grind Time Battle Rapper, challenges Loonie of Stick Figgas in FlipTop, the Philippines' largest battle league. Video by Truth Esguerra Fredo Algebra Loonie Joshroxx Swarm Shogun Interact with Philippine News Website Facebook http Youtube Twittter

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  • “Blog. Loonie Days. Loonie Days. Monday, June 7, 2010 8:55:07 AM PDT. After the successful closure of our Green Tag Sale Event' last month, we bring you the exciting Loonie days sale event. Throughout the month of June we will be celebrating our annual Loonie days sale event”
    — Blog - Loonie Days,

  • “With hotels in Grand Forks and Fargo, ND lower in price than say Winnipeg and pay with a 98 to 99 cent dollar makes staying their even more relaxing, but those of you who rely on exports to make your living, the Canadian government's promise to”
    Loonie slips as risk fades - ,

  • “Forum | Look to the Loonie. This is the NEW Stock Gumshoe forum, with updated software and the same login as the rest of the site. Current Forum. All Forums. Match Any Word. Match All Words. Match Phrase”
    — Stock Gumshoe Investigates: Look to the Loonie | I think you,

  • “Forum is Open Board|Threaded. Dragons - by Loonie - Apr 27, 2004 6:14pm. RIDDLE - by Joni Get your own FREE Forum today! Report Content · · Email Forms Counters & Site Stats Cheap”
    — Loonie's Forum - A Forum, pub43

  • “Today the Canadian dollar reached parity with the U.S. currency for the first time in 31 years”
    — Loonie=$1.0 - Objectivism Online Forum,

  • “Welcome to the PWE blog, after months of watching the team over here get it setup its exciting to finally see it live. Now the community will be able to follow”
    Loonie is here! | Perfect World Community Blog,

  • “A Loonie for Luck, written by MacGregor, illustrated by Bill Slavin, and published by From that point on, the loonie marked the center ice location at the E Center. Once the”
    — Hockey Blog In Canada: TBC: A Loonie For Luck, hockey-blog-in-

  • “Loonie Weakens on Global Growth Concerns. 06/07/2010 1:07:26 PM by the Canadian dollar, also known as the loonie, has emerged as one of the strongest”
    — Loonie,

  • “It's official Canada. We are in the month of February. And that means we are just under a couple of weeks away until we host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in”
    — Rub The Lucky Loonie | Merchant Cash Advance Blog, Funding,

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