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  • Man and Superman (by George Bernard Shaw; produced by Maurice Evans) sets forth what is very likely Shaw's best-known theory but remains one of his least-seen plays. Longwindedness is its only. — “The Theater: Old Play in Manhattan, Oct. 20, 1947 - TIME”,
  • And to celebrate, I'm giving you a break from my trademark longwindedness. There's a reason that longwindedness is my trademark. UPDATE 7.10.07: Samsung K3 review now available!. — “Unboxing the Samsung K3”,
  • Tetris - The truth and lie like the desire. 3-30-2009, 21:19 / from longwindedness permalink (via longwindedness) (via longwindedness) Theme Designed by closer. — “Tetris - (via longwindedness)”,
  • "The Invention" of Comedic Longwindedness ** By Lance Kosher Reporter. Published on October 8, 2009. Imagine a world where flattery and fiction fail to exist. Now, combine that with the writer of "The Office" and add Jennifer Garner. One Response to ""The Invention" of Comedic Longwindedness. — “"The Invention" of Comedic Longwindedness ** | The Daily Nexus”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. Rescuing business prose from jargon and longwindedness. — “Rescuing business prose from jargon and longwindedness / The”,
  • Longwindedness. with one comment. Do you know someone who's longwinded? Longwinded as in someone who talks and talks and talks yet gets to the point like 400, 000, 000 minutes later. I mean, I love talking and engaging in So because of longwindedness, something that could've been done. — “Longwindedness " Turquoise and Roses”,
  • YouTube - Bartlet tells Toby about the MS. 日本語吹き替えの佐々木勝彦 名演技のせいで英語オリジナルを聞く(読む)気になれないw Toby looks at the President. LEO [to Toby] I was there with him. So. — “むっつり長広舌 THE WEST WING 17people”, longwindedness.blog45.fc2.com
  • Even when clear of entanglement, longwindedness, it has been seen,‡ has obscurity for its proportionate result;—but when to longwindedness, entanglement is added, the obscurity, it is evident, will be apt to be increased in a ratio greater than that of the longwindedness. — “Online Library of Liberty - CHAPTER V.: EXPLANATIONS RELATIVE”,
  • most of it is a case of cutandpasteitis. — “Is "longwindedness" a form of speaking in tongues on YA/RS?”,
  • Chicago question: Chicago has been referred as the windy city and second city? The following are the major nicknames of Chicago: The Windy City - Its really not that windy. May have referred to the longwindedness. — “ - Chicago has been referred as the windy city and”,
  • Definition of aeolism in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of aeolism. Pronunciation of aeolism. Translations of aeolism. aeolism synonyms, aeolism a tendency to longwindedness. — aeolisdc, adj. See also: Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices. a tendency to longwindedness. — aeolistic, adj. See also:. — “aeolism - definition of aeolism by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • 1 posts tagged with longwindedness. ( View popular tags) Displaying 1 posted by rorycberger on Mar 24, 2006 - 16 answers. Features - Login. — “Posts tagged with longwindedness | Ask MetaFilter”,
  • Longwindedness and the presidential campaign. Reliable and revered reader t.p. calls my attention to this piece in the Economist. I don't mean the fact that they haven't culled the vast amount of blog spam, but this comment:. — “Mr. Verb: Longwindedness and the presidential campaign”, mr-
  • Swift City is map of the best things to do in Chicago, Illinois, USA - including the best restaurants, hotels, atttactions, bars and clubs. City', this nickname resulted not from Chicago's gusty winds (which unfortunately do exist) but as a comment on the longwindedness of its politicians. — “Travel Guide for Chicago, Illinois, USA”,
  • Sort of difficult to read as the author has a strange manner of speech probably just british longwindedness. Sort of difficult to read as the author has a strange manner of speech probably just british longwindedness. — “: Brad's review of Gliding: The Theory of Flight”,
  • Definition of Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices. Pronunciation of Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices. Definition of the word Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices. a tendency to longwindedness. — “Rhetoric and Rhetorical Devices - Definition of Rhetoric and”,
  • tetris: "longwindedness: "http://kamisoku.blog47.fc2.com/blog-entry-1092.html". — “no reblog, no like”,
  • longwindedness. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 22 February 2010, at 02:55. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “longwindedness - Wiktionary”,
  • With an Infinite God, You can have it both ways. Anti-Calvinists say that they don't like the idea that God is the Universal Puppetmaster. This description implies two ideas: (A) That God is in control of everything that happens Tuesday Stand Alone Statement: Longwindedness. — “Tuesday Stand Alone Statement: Longwindedness " The”,
  • DeSales University is a private, four-year Catholic college for men and women administered by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, providing undergraduate, graduate, lifelong learning and distance education degree programs. DeSales University is. — “Air of Elegance”, desales.edu
  • F:NV got me thinking about this because it's fairly natural to want to contrast it with Fallout 3, let alone Fallout 1 & 2. But On the other hand, it's tonally a pitch perfect successor to the original Fallout. — “ology dot org: Longwindedness Archives”,

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  • He Saw The Best in Me This is me sitting at my piano...Felt like doing a cover to Marvin Sapp's 'He Saw the Best'....Excuse the longwindedness! Lol I started to feel it...Some of the chord changes I took from my rendition of Open my Heart Lol
  • Д.Медведев.Встреча с руководством РАН.15.12.09.Part 7 Meeting with Senior Management of Russian Academy of Sciences and Representatives of Scientific Community.Part 7 December 15, 2009 Russian Academy of Sciences.Moscow Встреча с руководством Российской академии наук и представителями научного сообщества. 15 декабря 2009 года Москва, Российская академия наук VICE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NIKOLAI LAVEROV: I would also like to emphasise that in considering this climate change trend as leading toward a cooler period (with occasional upward temperature fluctuations), it must be said that we have observed a lot of negative effects in the last 30 years. We see an increase in the size and number of glacial lakes, a reduced soil stability in permafrost areas. In the Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems the variety of predators living there has changed significantly. In various regions river flows increased, spring floods shifted to earlier dates and water temperatures in rivers and lakes went up. There is a much sharper regional factor in climate change as compared to, say, the Middle Ages. We are seeing earlier spring and earlier foliage expansion and birds migration, as well as a change in the areals of many plants, animals, etc. Water plants and zooplankton abundance in lakes as well as river fish areals fluctuations and earlier migration have been recorded along with many other problems. The large cities experience air pollution. The overall assessment of the climatic situation, particularly in light of the ...
  • Raw Food Grocery Haul! Sorry for my long-windedness, but I'm sure you guys are used to that by now! I promise all the vids over the next few weeks will be about food. i'm just excited and wanted to share. watching other people's shopping trips kinda helped me out too, so maybe this one will help someone else! I have another ranty rant planned and a couple book related vlogs i'd like to do too so if you were bored by this one, fear not! i will deliver the normal random goofiness you have come to expect from me as well in the near future : ) love you guys! : p
  • I Have A Right To An Opinion!!!!! Ranting makes me less tired. Sorry about the long windedness. When Zach posts the film on his channel I will link it. :) THen you can leave comments talling him to be nicer to me... jk don't do that!
  • 12 Gauge Snow Twister By SnowLobo95 Here I run my Hatsan Escort (Remington 870 clone) 12 Gauge shotgun in Snow Twister. This is just part of a fun and rewarding day I was able to spend shooting with TheLateBoyScout and Cr0cket20. I give a little commentary and philosophy. Also shown is some behind the scenes clips that you may get a chuckle out of. I apologize for my long windedness. Music: By TheLateBoyScout. Used with his permission.
  • LGWI - Daggerfall 002 (Character Creation 2/3) Considering my verbosity, I have no idea how I originally thought I could fit all of my long-windedness into eleven minutes. So, rather than fret over a timelimit, I decided to record for however long I needed. Consequently: Three videos. This session confirmed my love for LPing games I know intimately; I certainly couldn't provide such wonderful detail when I played Master of Orion. And Liberal Crime Squad? There's only so much I can say about that game, y'know. Even I ran out of knowledge to share.
  • Rambling and Documentary.AVI This video is about a documentary thats coming on tonight and also me just rambling on. I apologize for my long-winded-ness.
  • How to setup a Behringer BCR2000 to control the MicroKorg parameters (Part 1 of 2) I set up a BCR2000 to control most of the parameters of a MicroKorg. Download instructions and overlays to make your own here... I spent quite a while considering how to lay it out best, and tried to explain it all clearly! Hope it makes sense! I'd love to find a way to send all the MIDI CC values from the MicroKorg to the BCR2000 each time you change the preset on the MicroKorg. Let me know if you find a way to do this (via a Data Dump or something)! Post me a comment on my blog at if you know how to do it. That'd be magic! See Part 2 here... sorry for my longwindedness in these videos, jeez!
  • THEantiTROLL thinks I'm special THEantiTROLL sent me 10 questions and I decided to answer them. :) Part 1 of 2 due to my longwindedness.
  • Long Windedness Toastmasters promo with Eddie Pratt as Reverend E. Rutherford J. Stubbs, Jr. Toastmaster: Fellow Toastmasters and guests please welcome to the podium Drill Reverend E. Rutherford J. Stubbs, Jr. Rev Stubbs: For those of you who missed my sermon entitled, Dont Fry my Chicken in Bacon Grease I am the Reverend E. Rutherford J. Stubbs, Jr., pastor of the High and Low Take Out all the Ribs in a Sack Shack Eddie Pratt Street Baptist Church and the sermon today is titled The Need for Change. The need to change means Im gonna look in the mirror. Ha! Immo start with the man in the mirror, ha shamon, shammon, ha shammon! Voiceover: Are you long winded? Toastmasters can help!
  • In Which We Learn Chris Can Talk Way Too Long So I uploaded this video about 6 hours ago, but youtube ate it, blame them. Man this video is way too long. I kind of ranted in an attempt to waste time and avoid studying longer. Sorry about that. Also my black shirt blends into the chair and I kind of look like a giant blob, oops.
  • LGWI - Daggerfall 001 (Character Creation 1/3) Considering my verbosity, I have no idea how I originally thought I could fit all of my long-windedness into eleven minutes. So, rather than fret over a timelimit, I decided to record for however long I needed. Consequently: Three videos. This session confirmed my love for LPing games I know intimately; I certainly couldn't provide such wonderful detail when I played Master of Orion. And Liberal Crime Squad? There's only so much I can say about that game, y'know. Even I ran out of knowledge to share.
  • #12 - Pony Puff Tutorial Just recently realized that my hair can finally be pulled back into a pony puff. Here's how I do my pony puff. Sorry for the long-windedness y'all I talk way too much lol
  • Persona 4 Expert mode - March 20 (Priestess, Justice, Hierophant) Hey, MC's leaving town tomorrow. So...send off time! Maxed all S.Links so, this ended up being pretty damn long. In this video: The S.Link conclusions to Priestess (Lovers), Justice, Hierophant Saved the best for last. Justice/Hierophant are both good while they are developing and the conclusion scene is just as good. It's like a package, but it is quite awesome. Priestess, I went lovers route with. Pretty much a duh if you know me well. This S.Link...well a lot of people I know say it's not that interesting. Personally...I found a lot of common ground in it. Some long windedness ahead...so I advise you to just scroll down if you're not interested. I was at a point in life where I felt all the choices I made couldn't be controlled by me and that I basically had no say in the matter. I seriously contemplated on switching majors since it felt like that would give me back some happiness and control within my life. Then I worked 8 months at a company with a lot of awesome people, which pretty much rekindled my faith. And I knew this is something I want to do and kept on pursuing the path. Which...if you look at the actual Priestess S.Link itself (minus the cooking parts), is pretty much what its about. She starts off not wanting to work at the Inn since she felt bounded to it from her parents, but during the process eventually learns that there are people there who took care of her and this is actually something she ends up wanting to do. I guess that's another part of the ...
  • Keeping It Simple - August 14, 2009, 01:44 AM Once again the curse of long-windedness gets me! I'll have to elaborate on this next time I guess. My heart is just to convey that we need to keep this day to day walk with Jesus simple. Don't get anxious about tomorrow or whether or not we're doing all God wants us to do. Just find that place of fellowship with Him and let Him take the lead. We don't have to plan anything or worry whether we're doing enough. Let's just get the relationship part down and see where it leads. Keep it simple! Watch out for those preachers who want to cram a lot of details down your spiritual throat. We have One Lord and He is able to give us our daily bread. Yeah, I talk to much... hehehe... and got cut off again. Oh well. Why don't you try it? hehehehe... I'd love to hear it! God bless guys!! :)
  • Kyou Kara Dork - January 15, 2009 Emily is in shock from Stephanie's long-windedness and wonders why it's not as cold as it should be here.
  • Д.Медведев.О северокавказском регионе.19.08.09.Part 1 Speech at Meeting on Measures to Stabilise the Socio-Political Situation and Neutralise the Terrorist and Extremist Threat in the North Caucasus.Part 1 August 19, 2009 Stavropol Выступление на совещании о мерах по стабилизации социально-политической обстановки и нейтрализации террористических и экстремистских угроз в северокавказском регионе. 19 августа 2009 года Ставрополь PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Colleagues, Today we are meeting to discuss additional measures for neutralising terrorist and extremist threats in the North Caucasus. I specifically chose to gather you here in this format: in addition to federal-level executives of law enforcement and security agencies, other meeting participants include interior ministers, heads of the main departments and local departments of the interior from various Russian constituent entities, and directors of the Federal Security Service [FSB] branches in the North Caucasus. The reason for this meeting should be clear to everyone. I would like to say a few words regarding my views on this situation. Some time ago, it started to appear that the situation concerning acts of terrorism in the Caucasus had improved significantly. Unfortunately, recent events show that this is not the case and that if efforts of countering terrorism are halted, there are serious negative consequences. Thus, despite certain progress reached in recent years, the measures to counteract terrorism will be continued and enhanced and new approaches ...
  • LGWI - Daggerfall 003 (Character Creation 3/3) Considering my verbosity, I have no idea how I originally thought I could fit all of my long-windedness into eleven minutes. So, rather than fret over a timelimit, I decided to record for however long I needed. Consequently: Three videos. This session confirmed my love for LPing games I know intimately; I certainly couldn't provide such wonderful detail when I played Master of Orion. And Liberal Crime Squad? There's only so much I can say about that game, y'know. Even I ran out of knowledge to share.
  • ITS HAPPENING AGAIN... READ!!! LOL. I thinking I'm about to turn into Insane in this video. XD Anyway...sorry for my long winded-ness. I had to make a video that didn't involve the battle. More will be explained in the vid. And, if its not, which I think it might be, ask. :)
  • Summer Vlog #1 Hey! Candace here...just sharing a few things about week 1 of project. Please excuse the long-windedness (I know that's not quite a word lol) and droopy eyes. I was tired, but I wanted you to see my face :) Anywho, for those of you who are not as visual, I will have a written update for you later today at www.crimsonpurple1. Thanks to all who supported me and who are praying for me. I looooove yall! More good stuff coming soon
  • a racist comment? - quote from Tommy Tiernan's 'Bovinity' gig Just so we're clear about the 'racist comment' tag, the NCCRI and Pavee Point [a partnership of Irish Travellers and settled people working to improve the treatment of Irish Travellers] consider prejudice against travellers to be racism. In relation to the comment above, I would like to ask: Is it racist? and why would you consider this particular example acceptable. --- Opinion: You might baulk at the long windedness of this, but given the reactionary responses I have been getting, I felt I should explain myself as thoroughly as possible. The maker of this video does not condone any censoring of Tommy Tiernans comedic material. While the regulation of speech is inevitable/a necessity for a society to exist, if a democracy is to function one must be incredibly wary of censorship. Freedom of speech (including Mr. Tiernans) must be ensured, because of the obvious importance in expressing your views freely. With this in mind, one must also be aware that some expression can be costly. eg speech which directly or indirectly causes harm to another party (such as contributing towards racial hatred). So a bit of discernment/criticism is required obviously. Given the situation, there may be a need to evaluate whether certain speech comes at too much of a cost, or whether the importance of saying such speech outweighs the vulnerability of the subject matter being discussed. In this case, It is not a matter of offence/taste, or if I find the joke funny or not funny; by using the ...
  • Preaching the Gospel at The DOORWAY Coffeehouse "The Doorway" is a Christian Coffeehouse hosted by Fellowship Bible Church in Woodbridge, NJ. With a few brief minutes to share from the mike, I tried to capture the essence of the Gospel - that we've sinned by breaking God's laws and therefore face His wrath and judgment, but God demonstrated His love for us by the sacrificial death of His Son Jesus Christ. If any person will repent - renounce and turn from their sinful ways - and trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for them and rise from the dead, God will spare them from that wrath, forgive their sins and grant them everlasting life. So it's sort of a condensed presentation under the time constraints, but know that God's gospel being preached is not dependent upon man's long-windedness!
  • Tone/Gleam Duet The result of what has come before. scotch tape. light beat. Hi-Fi. cocorosie after effect. if you have nothing to talk about then don't say anything but if you have a specific way of saying nothing then please err on the side of long winded-ness. the words phonograph and dictaphone are better far than purple mountains majesty.
  • Well, I Never! If there's a point, I usually put it near the end.
  • Pure Heart Tutorial Tutorial for Vinfx for PassionSF's version of Pure Heart. Sorry for the long-windedness, just trying to be thorough ;)
  • Wild ARMS 4 Arnaud solo - Spriggan This is asolo run done in Wild ARMS 4. As the name implies, a solo run is one where you run through it with only one character. However, Wild ARMS 4 revives all your dead allies after battle and there's no way to remove them from the party permanently. As such, in the design process, Talaysen and I set up the rules as follows: - Characters other than the solo character can only Guard or Move. They are not allowed to take any other action. -Characters other than the solo character must be level 10 or under. To do this, you need to Monopoly Gourd. So in exchange for faster level up gains, you sacrifice one accessory slot and three characters. -Characters other than the solo character must use their initial equipment. No Alter Parts may be used for Jude's ARM. - No items that can be only gotten through New Game+ carry overs can be used. This last rule is to ensure you don't go into battles with Sheriff Stars equipped at the beginning of the game. It is not meant to be a "hard" rule. But you should try to follow what is reasonable for where you are in the game. To do a solo game, it has to be done in a new game+. It is the only way to have access to the Monopoly Gourd in the beginning. Using this, we keep other characters' levels in check (read: low!). Whoo boy. Ready for some long windedness? The Spriggan fight series is unique in that every character must be used. In a solo, this means, low levelled characters must also partake in their portion of the fight. Aside from ...
  • TL;DR adventures 1: tracking the seedy CD Satan some of these comparisons are more apparent if you've actually played/watched the games being played. Of all the games mentioned, Snatcher is mandatory playing/viewing. That way you can experience all its preachy long windedness and occasional Asian superiority complex. Based on what I know (not much), The Kojima has a strong aversion to being asked about why Policenauts never came to America. Didn't come out on PS because it had smoking, and was slated for the Saturn before mysteriously disappearing. If I had my way, he would be chased out of America every time he came here because the only thing he'd be asked about is Policenauts. How the *** is he gonna release a PS game like Metal Gear that features BOTH smoking and teases players with Policenauts?! What a fag!
  • Uhfgood's 7th map editor video The culmination of weeks worth of work. Sorry for the long windedness of it though. I'm not really used to talking with my voice for any period of time. So it will show you, I've added some extra UI stuff (checkboxes and number boxes, which look really lame but are usable)... added parallax scrolling, and so forth.
  • MIS-At the Gates Nicole talks about the Daddy's Day video. And argues with the Human Hotdog about her longwindedness.
  • Let's Play Grandia 2 [Pt. 72b]: That Creepy Old *** After Zera's long-windedness, we discover the truth about Granas, Valmar, and the Battle of Good and Evil. But after that, he has the nerve to kidnap our woman!
  • The 411: What IS beauty? Nice to see you, to see you NICE! HELLO FRIENDS! S'been a while... For those not yet in the know: I'm Emma, aged 18 from the UK, and this is yet another addition to my vlog full of STUFF. This time around, after watching 'Katie: My Beautiful Friends' on Channel 4, I decided to tackle beauty. Beauty is almost a taboo subject among girls these days, when talked about seriously, because they seem to have so many personal hang ups. I'm here to tell you what I think about beauty... and to show you what different kinds of beautiful are, by taking my make up off. I apologise for the long-winded-ness - got a little carried away with the rant. But yes, do watch, do comment, and do giz a cheeky like if you agree! Tumblr peeps can follow me here: Twitter people can find me @betseybunny Annnnd, youtubers, feel free to add or chat on here - I'd like to know what you think about all this beauty malarky! Hope you're all well! Much love Kingston x PS - STILL using michael jackson burnhams mrs/free talking *** as tags ;) PPS - find out about Katie and her wonderful foundation here: She's an inspiration! PPPS - google/youtube IMELDA MAY. NOW!
  • How to play Primus' "Spegetti Western" on bass - LRRG Here is the other half of my instructional video. My long-windedness made a 7 minute video into an 11 and a half minute long one. Oh well. Standard disclaimers apply.

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  • “The Following is from a friend of mine:Thought you guys might enjoy my brothers enthusiasm, prediction and longwindedness:Pats will dominate Sunday, then go into Peyton's house and take awayhis lunch money, putting a wet blanket on all the BS”
    — Patriots Will Dominate Sunday,

  • “Eurogamer's computer and video game discussion forum (Scuse the longwindedness and pop up hell - bloody tripod! Worth it though) Peej. Edited by pjmaybe at 11:09:24 18-02-2003. Edited by pjmaybe at 11:10:”
    — Romantic movies - Page 1 - General Gaming - Forum | ,

  • “A bipartisan commission appointed by Rep. out ways on Friday to eliminate almost $1 trillion in defense spending. Please excuse any typos and my longwindedness. I had to have my say though, LOL.BY Molon Labe on 06/14/2010”
    — Commission outlines ways to cut defense spending by $1T over,

  • “a few years ago I happened to notice, and skim through, a book that illustrated my point unfortunately I no longer have access to it & never”
    — Time & "wheatfields" - ULC Online Forum,

  • “Funny I was thinking a couple of weeks ago with all the comment traffic on Robins blog that what she really needed was a Forum I don't think you need to apologize for longwindedness on this forum, given the length of Robin's posts (and footnotes)”
    — Robin McKinley. Official Web Forum.: Talk => Welcomes and,

  • “Football Forum. Open Forum. The Hoopty. Chat Room. Register. Rules. Search I will apologize now for the longwindedness but there is no short answer here”
    — Re: Health Care reform boils down to one question:,

  • “funny reasons for the digimon villians to be evil Apocalyomon (mispelled): People fall asleep due to his longwindedness Ken: Digimon stole his lolli-pop and then quoted the stupid rap son >”
    — funny reasons for the digimon villians to be evil,

  • “Pick Up If Voicemail Drives You Crazy - NPR News There's a movement afoot to protest the longwindedness of voicemail messages, both on cell phones and land”
    — If an RSS feed is the Yahoo Backdoor, is a Blog Googles?,

  • “THE WEST WING Let Bartlet be Bartletのページ http://longwindedness.blog45.fc2.com/tb.php/1041-5efea8b7 | ホーム | Page Top. Blog 内検索. 現在までの閲覧者数. undefined. Twitter. ほしいもの. キャサリン[PS3] 坂本真綾 7thアルバム「タイトル未定」(初回限定盤:レア盤CD付) [Limited Edition] 菅野よう子 マクロスF コンセプトアルバム「cosmic cuune」 アマガミ 2”
    — THE WEST WING Let Bartlet be Bartlet むっつり長広舌, longwindedness.blog45.fc2.com

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