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  • Mustad Longline is the world leading manufacturer of bottom longlining, machinery, lines, hooks and accessories. Visit our web-site to learn about about our products and fishing around the world. — “About Longlining”, mustad-
  • Blue Water Fishermen's Association is dedicated to the production and marketing of healthy and high-quality Atlantic sustainable swordfish and tuna seafood. — “Blue Water Fishermen's Association | Atlantic Sustainable”, bwfa-
  • Thousands of hooks all fish at once when a longliner rolls out the gear. After leaving the lines to "soak" for a time to attract fish, longline fishermen return to haul in their catch. — “Longline Gear”, stpt.usf.edu
  • UN Sea Turtle Recommendations Ignored by Fisheries; Extinctions or a Longlining Moratorium. ( News Service - 2006-02-15 19:22:18). — “UnderwaterTimes | UN Sea Turtle Recommendations Ignored by”,
  • Pole/troll fishing is environmentally responsible and a good alternative to pelagic longlining. Longlining employs a central fishing line that can range from one to 50 miles long; this. — “Fishing Methods| Monterey Bay Aquarium”,
  • Tags: Commercial Fishing Family, Commercial Fishing Captain, Halibut and Blackcod Longlining Season, Commercial Fishing Mom, Commercial Fishing Kids, Commercial Fishing Families, commercial fishing wife Parfet Park Longline this Sunday May 9. SlacklineVisions wrote 6 months ago: This coming. — “Longlining — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress”,
  • inforation and adventures of tuna long lining every job for a good number of years and have all the appropriate qualifications to suit. For more information, stories and adventures feel free enter . and look around. is the world's #1 ICANN-accredited domain name registrar!. — “tuna long lining”,
  • Watch Longlining videos from all over the internet Longlining Explained On the Donna Marie Longlining Explained On the Donna Marie 0. — “Longlining - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • Longlining combines the quality afforded by "one-at-a-time-handling" fishing methods with the conservation Longline gear consists of a continuous mainline supported by float lines, with regularly spaced leaders that end with baited hooks. — “Longlining Page”,
  • What is a Longline? A longline is a fishing line usually made of monofilament. The length of the line generally ranges from 1.6km (1 mile) to as long as 100km (62 miles) What Are These Longlines Doing to the Albatross? A seafaring symbol for centuries,. — “Longlining - Sea Shepherd”,
  • Articles on dressage, movement, longlining and driving. Before you start learning to longline, there are some things you should understand first. These are the seemingly small things that will make a huge difference in how successful you are in getting your horse moving properly. — “The Building Blocks " Axwood Farm Library”,
  • Longlining is becoming increasingly more important as a method of fishing commercially for certain prime species of fish- particulary in the face of declining stocks. Furthermore, longlining allows for the targeting of particular prime species and fish caught by this method. — “Wiley::Longlining”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Longlining. Compare products, compare prices, read reviews and merchant ratings. — “Longlining - Asmund Bjordal - Hardcover - Reviews & Prices”,
  • Snapper, New Zealands top table fish, are the most sought after species around New Zealand's North Island. Good sized snapper are generally shy feeders but can often be caught on longlines when all other conventional methods such as jigging or. — “Snapper Longlines”, fishing.sh
  • Although the Pacific Fishery Management Council wanted to permit West-Coast based longliners to fish for swordfish on the high seas - that is to say, beyond the U.S. 200-mile zone - the Secretary closed that fishery, too, because of excessive hooking of endangered sea turtles. — “Article - West Coast Longlining Banned Until Further Notice”,
  • Longlining is a type of commercial fishing, in use since. the 19th Longlines can be used on the seabed, in midwater or just below the surface. — “LONGLINES - article Mary Stuart p1 of 3”,
  • New Zealand Longlining Ltd. This is a temporary home page for NZ Longlining, a New Zealand If you require any additional information please contact us via email: . — “website powered by”,
  • Longlines are classified mainly by where they are placed in the water column. Longliners commonly target swordfish, tuna, halibut, sablefish and. — “Longline fishing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • When you think of Brazil and birds, you probably think of rainforests and brightly-coloured parrots. However, the recent arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race to the country should make you think again is estimated that over 6 million baited longline hooks were set, resulting in the death. — “Brazilian fish frenzy for albatrosses – and fishermen”,
  • Pew is seeking to protect bluefin tuna, marlin, sailfish, sharks and sea turtles by ending surface longline fishing for yellowfin tuna and swordfish in the Gulf of Mexico, the only known spawning area for severely depleted Western Atlantic. — “Stop Surface Longlining in the Gulf of Mexico”,
  • Longlining. Got questions about Longlining? Products: 1 - 24 of 38 Specially designed for longlining applications. Constructed of twisted high strength polypropylene and polyester. — “Longlining”, go2

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  • “Cape Ann Politics (forum) Folly Cove Fiber Freaks. Get Fit Gloucester. Good Morning Gloucester. Halibut Point State Park. Life's a Typo. NSAA Artists News. Parlez Moi Blog. Peter Todd, Poet Just posted a new longlining video from Susie (topic) Susie Byrd went backman with a bunch of fishermen this”
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  • “Crabwizard Forum. — Crew Forum. Join The Crew. Login as a Crew Member Crew Forum > Longlining. Did anyone catch the Nat Geo show on longlining? One of the boats”
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  • “Pictures of Purse Or Tuna Seiner, Purse Or Tuna Seiner Picture by Randy Morse Recent Blog Posts. All content of this website is copyrighted. All use, reproduction and/or publication rights reserved worldwide”
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  • “bottom trawling, chilean sea bass, delicate habitat, fishing, longlining, love, mercury, mercury content, pacific halibut, patagonian toothfish, bottom trawling, chilean sea bass, delicate habitat, fishing, longlining, love, mercury, mercury content, pacific halibut, patagonian toothfish,”
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  • “In a museum recently, I saw what appeared to be a seagull the size of a turkey. Had the taxidermist supersized this specimen? No, it was a real bird—and, as I learned, an extraordinary and endangered bird: the Wandering Albatross”
    — Steve Krause : Blog: The Wandering Albatross,

  • “Home > Adoption > Methuen ACAC/Nevins Farm > Blogs > Equine Center Blog > Chinook Teaches Long-Lining Adoption Center Blog. Equine Center Blog. Medical Suite Blog. Ways to Help. Nantucket ACAC”
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  • “I'm looking at a few books about training in hand/longlining. hand/longlining. Reply Contact. I think Cherry Hill's 101 longeing and longlining exercises”
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  • “Ryan Dean's blog - a{TEXT-DECORATION:none} A KOREAN-BUILT fishing boat that has been based in New Zealand for more than a decade has returned to Korean ownership following a cut in the quota for the deepwater species bluenose”
    — Social Network - Ryan Dean's blog - Koreans buy back boat to,

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