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  • Longitude IPA: /ˡlɒndʒɪˌtjuːd/, symbolized by the Greek character Mariners and explorers for most of history struggled to determine precise longitude. — “Longitude”,
  • Definition of longitude from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of longitude. Pronunciation of longitude. Definition of the word longitude. Origin of the word longitude. — “longitude - Definition of longitude at ”,
  • An overview of longitude and how to learn and find longitude on a world map. Learn all about longitude from this expert Geography GuideSite article. — “Longitude - Overview of Longitude”,
  • longitude n. Angular distance on the earth's surface, measured east or west from the prime meridian at Greenwich, England, to the meridian passing. — “longitude: Definition from ”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about longitude at . Make research projects and school reports about longitude easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “longitude Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Longitude connects visionary leaders with the resources they need to affect change in their communities. Longitude Volunteers Featured on CNN. CNN features Longitude in an amazing online video. — “Home | Longitude”,
  • Learn about Longitudes on . Find info and videos including: How to Calculate Longitude & Longitude From Maps, How to Calculate Longitude, What are Latitude & Longitude? and much more. — “Longitudes - ”,
  • Longitude is given as an angular measurement ranging from 0° at the Prime Meridian to +180° eastward and −180° westward. In 1884, the International Meridian Conference adopted the Greenwich meridian as the universal prime meridian or zero point of longitude. — “Longitude - MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy”,
  • Longitude definition, angular distance east or west on the earth's surface, measured by the angle contained between the meridian of a particular place and some pr See more. — “Longitude | Define Longitude at ”,
  • Directed by Charles Sturridge. With Jonathan Coy, Christopher Hodsol, Jeremy Irons, Peter Cartwright. Observing the sun or stars would give you the latitude, but not the longitude unless done in conjunction with a clock that would keep time accurately at sea, and no such clock existed. — “Longitude (TV 2000) - IMDb”,
  • Introduction to latitude and longitude, on the globe and the celestial sphere; part of an educational web site on astronomy, mechanics, and space. — “Latitude and Longitude”, www-istp.gsfc.nasa.gov
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of LONGITUDE. 1. a : angular distance measured on a great circle of reference from the intersection of the adopted zero meridian with this reference circle to. — “Longitude - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Enrich your travels with Longitude - the most informative, entertaining, and useful books and maps on the world's great natural and cultural destinations. — “Longitude Books”,
  • Lines of longitude are often referred to as meridians (pronounced /ˈlɒndʒɨtjuːd/ or /ˈlɒŋ Constant longitude is represented by lines running from north to south. — “Longitude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Longitude is given as an angular measurement ranging from 0° at the Prime Meridian to +180° eastward and −180° westward. Unlike latitude, which has the equator as a natural starting position, there is no natural starting position for longitude. — “BIGpedia - Longitude - Encyclopedia and Dictionary Online”,
  • In 1884, the International Meridian Conference adopted the Greenwich Meridian as the universal prime meridian or zero point of longitude. The prime meridian, and the opposite 180th meridian (at 180° longitude), separate the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. — “Longitude, Prime Meridian, International Date Line; Latitude”, lat34
  • Latitude and Longitude for Middle School. My wife volunteered me to speak to the sixth grade at my son's school several years ago. Before we move on to latitude and longitude, if you split the earth in two along the. — “Latitude and Longitude for sixth grade”, ***
  • This is an article about latitude and longitude The most common way to locate points on the surface of the Earth is by standard, geographic coordinates called latitude and longitude. — “Latitude and Longitude”, nationalatlas.gov
  • Encyclopedia article about Longitude. Information about Longitude in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. latitude and longitude, line of longitude, degree longitude. — “Longitude definition of Longitude in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of longitude in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of longitude. Pronunciation of longitude. Translations of longitude. longitude synonyms, longitude antonyms. Information about longitude in the free online English dictionary and. — “longitude - definition of longitude by the Free Online”,
  • Longitude swimsuit - 398 results from 33 stores, including Chic & Slimming Rajah Surplice Swimsuit by Longitude?, Longitude(R) Watercolor Blouson Swimsuit, Longitude swimwear Long torso, tall swimsuits size 8 to 18: Longitude swimwear long torso. — “Longitude swimsuit - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,

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  • GeoCode Addresses Into Latitude and Longitude Coordinates I've been using Ray Camdens geocode Coldfusion Component for the past 3 years after I was struggling with my code to provide reliable longitude and latitude coordinates from addresses. I have a couple of rental sites that geocodes addresses all day long. It's a great way to display a map of the address to my visitors. And Ray's CFC has done a great job with that task over the years. I was going to create this video about Ray's CFC but since I noticed that a Monte Chan just updated it on RIAForge site, so I thought would show you how Monte's CFC works. Here is the demo page I created. By putting in a street address, city and state I can see the information returned from the CFC and map it below. It can show more results than this, but these are the ones most important to me. The first one 'status' which here reads "OK" is an important for me because if it reads, ZERO_RESULTS, OVER_QUERY_LIMIT, REQUEST_DENIED, or Error I then create a condition where I will insert the phrase 'no parse' into the database so my rental display page will not show a map. The Location type also gives me an indication on how accurate the results are, for instance the accuracy here is at the roof level, which is the best you can get. Let's try another that is not so accurate. Over the years I have receive a few 'no parse' results in my database like this one in Lexington Park, and as you can see by the result it backs it out to the locality level and places the red dot in the ...
  • Tape Five Longitude 54 21
  • The Longitude Problem The discovery of a way to measure longitude revolutionised long-distance sea travel forever, but the institution which made it happen has all but disappeared from memory. Now researchers led by Professor Simon Schaffer are launching a new project to remember the Board of Longitude and tell its remarkable story in full for the first time.
  • Longitude and Latitude This is my follow-up to "5 Themes of Geography". I'm teaching science now but my friend & colleague requested something to help students remember and understand how latitude and longitude work. There are references to Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Bob Dylan. Special thanks to my daughter for making the Dylanesque cards and to my son for loaning me his football jersey. Go Rams! Enjoy! Longitude and Latitude ©2010 James B. White (Chorus) Longitude and latitude Are easy if you have the right attitude Your teacher will show you gratitude If you learn longitude and latitude (2 X) Latitude measures south and north Up and down from the Equator they sally forth They're the lines that run from east to west Like the rungs of a ladder—you'll pass the test Just don't forget they go both ways North is up, south is down, so look both ways Like a number line or a football field To the cardinal directions latitude yields (Chorus X2) The Prime Meridian is where the longitude's counted from Zero at Greenwich is where to get your bearings from To measure west and east the lines are drawn from north to south If it seems too confusing just keep listening to my mouth Just don't forget they go both ways East is right, west is left, just look both ways Like a number line or a football field To the cardinal directions latitude yields (Chorus) Longitude, latitude Have the right attitude Teacher show you gratitude Longitude, latitude Lines are going up down Gotta be a class clown Left ...
  • Latitude and Longitude 3 HS Earth Science Regents Exam question Latitude and Longitude
  • Lost At Sea the Search for Longitude Part 1 Lost at Sea the Search for Longitude Part 1of 6
  • NIST Colloquium Series: The Quest to Measure Longitude Dava Sobel, a writer of popular expositions on scientific topics, has published works such as Longitude: The True Story of a Long Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time; Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love; ,and The Planets. Her work has also been dramatized for television on the A&E Network. In this program from the NIST Colloquium series, she discusses how navigators and scientist like Galileo and Newton had difficulty keeping track of longitude until an unknown self-educated clockmaker offered timekeeping as the unlikely solution.
  • Latitude Longitude and the Dust Dive in Hudson NY Hudson Summer Concerts 08 Campfire Sounds presented by free103point9 and the City of Hudson
  • Tape Five - Longitude Tape Five - Longitude. Music from Cafe Del Mar Volumen Catorce. Posted by Rafael Rodrigues Colombo.
  • Latitude, Longitude, and Time Zones (clip) A skillful combination of animation, live photography and representational models of the Earth clearly illustrate latitude and longitude, the prime meridian and time zones. A Coronet release. (Revised Edition) 13 minutes, color. Direct link to purchase the DVD:
  • Latitude and Longitude 1 HS Earth Science Regents Exam question Latitude and Longitude
  • John HEARTS Green Tea - "Longitude and Latitude" Okay, so John has this entertainment room in his parent's house that is reminiscent to the room featured on the Pink Couch Sessions video series. It has great lighting, four or five musket replicas, this HUGE TV, Rock Band, Larry the Bunny, and (of course) a big 'ol couch. I had already filmed both John HEARTS Green Tea and The Samuel Holden Experience on the couch, so I figured I'd keep the trend going. To explain John's failure to remember the names of his own songs, John said, "I'm not the type of person to sit down and memorize song title or lyrics." So if you know the words to any of John's songs, you probably know more than he does. No joke. Listen to more of John HEARTS Green Tea's music here:
  • Longitude and Latitude Song I wrote yesterday and wanted to record before I forgot it. Needs some work on the bridges and fills. Words and Music by Jason Ellis feb2010
  • Longitude at Clay Park Longitude playing at clay park in syracuse NY
  • Banda Longitude .br/bandalongitude
  • The Music Tapes - Minister of Longitude The Music Tapes return after a brief 9-year interval between albums, as wonderful as ever. The video for "Minister of Longitude" was made by Nesey Gallons with Music Tapes mastermind Julian Koster.
  • Too Many Shadows - Latitude x Longitude Seattle Indie duo, Latitude x Longitude, perform their song, Too Many Shadows @ the Johnny O'Brady studio in the 619 Western Building Seattle, WA. Video by Scared of Genre Films.
  • Longitude and Latitude Longitude and latitude lines, as well as the equator and prime meridian are explained in this clip from "Dig Into History with California Jones: California Regions."
  • Download a Map by Latitude & Longitude How to download a desired topo map in iHikeGPS on the iPhone when you know the latitude and longitude of a point on the map.
  • latitude & longitude hey lets get to know about latitude & longitude...how does gps work....simple explanation....
  • Understanding Latitude and Longitude This video is to help explain latitude and longitude for my students in preparation for getting them to geolocate various features of the school. These geolocated places will be used in an augmented reality application we are building.
  • Real World: Longitude and Time Zones What determines how long a second, minute, or hour lasts? Learn about the development of the units of time and how they depend on the rotation of Earth on its axis. Learn how time zones are related to lines of longitude.
  • Puppets discuss Latitude and Longitude Another conversation between Randy and Julius about tracking locations on earth with latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Longitude 131 Glamping by Great Outdoors Direct Longitude 131 Resort Glamping in Australia
  • Lost at Sea the search for longitude part 2 of 6
  • Latitude and Longitude A brief synopsis of latitude and longitude and how they are used to accurately describe locations on the surface of the earth. Feel free to use this video! If you do, please leave a comment and let us know how you used it.
  • Longitude (2000) TV - Jeremy Irons (Rupert Gould) Jeremy Irons : Rupert Gould I only hope you enjoy this Video. The film's main story is that of craftsman John Harrison: he built a clock that would do the job, what we would now call a marine chronometer. But the Board of Longitude was biased against this approach and claiming the prize was no simple matter. Told in parallel is the 20th century story of Rupert Gould, for whom the restoration of Harrison's clocks to working order became first a hobby, then an obsession that threatened to wreck his life.
  • Latitude: Freemasonry & Longitude: Ununoctium - 11/9/2010 - Th3 Sh3ph3rd Latitude: Freemasonry & Longitude: Ununoctium - 11/9/2010 - Th3 Sh3ph3rd Open your eyes to the latitude of this day. Conspiracy theorists have long associated Freemasonry with the New World Order and the Illuminati. It is claimed that Freemasonry, as an organization, is either bent on world domination or already secretly in control of world politics. The highest Scottish Rite degree held in Freemasonry is the 33rd degree. New World Order. World domination. 33rd degree. --- Open your eyes to the longitude of this day. The last element in the periodic table is Ununoctium. In 2006, researchers indirectly detected a total of three nuclei of Ununoctium-294, produced via collisions of Californium-249 atoms, and Calcium-48 ions. Ununoctium is radioactive and has the negative attribute of being highly unstable. The atomic number for this element is 118. Last element. Californium collision. Radioactive. Unstable. -118. --- Open your eyes to the latitude, longitude, and magnitude of this day. The tipping point is here and few sheep have begun to wander. --- Latitude: 33.58716733904656 Longitude: -118.80615234375
  • Geography Movie: Latitude and Longitude First movie I made so it's quite sloppy, but it takes pupils through the major lines of latitude and longitude to an overly dramatic music score.
  • Longitude Trailer This is the trailer as broadcast on Channel 4 just before the screening of the two part drama based on Dara Sobel's novel on New Years 2000. Directed by Charles Sturridge and stars Jeremy Irons and Michael Gambon
  • Latitude-Longitude Finder - ESRI Education Community - http:///maps This geocoder allows you to find a latitude-longitude by address finding or dragging the map to a selected location. The tool also provides address finding for the USA, Canada, and much of Europe. A world place name finder is also available. Use this tool to support a wide range of curricular activities from locating world events in social studies, viewing biological or Earth science sampling events, or viewing locations referenced in your current Language Arts reading. View:
  • Longitude degrees per hour HS Earth Science Regents Exam question. How many degrees does the earth rotate each hour?
  • Longitude 131° Video of the luxury tented safari-style Longitude 131° at Uluru/Ayers Rock
  • Longitude Mavericks and accidents, not experts, are responsible for many advances in society and organisations. Dave Snowden warns that in complex situations, experts can fall victim to their own thinking, and fail to see innovative solutions to novel problems.
  • Obtaining coordinates in Google Earth This video describes how you can obtain longitude and latitude coordinates in Google Earth. For more tutorials and tips on getting started with Google Earth, please visit our User Guide at Find additional answers, ask questions, and share your expertise with others in the Google Earth Help Group at
  • Longitude (1 of 21) In the early 18th century, John Harrison struggles to build a practical marine chronometer for determining longitude (east/west position) at sea. In the 20th century, a retired naval officer attempts to restore Harrison's time machines to their original condition.
  • Greenwich longitude explanation at royal observatory This funny guy explained us that the greenwich longitude line is, in fact, nothing. ;o) An important nothing.
  • Latitude-Longitude Lookup w/C#, MVC, and jQuery This video is a preview of the blog post of latitude and longitude lookup using c#, jquery, and MVC in action.
  • The Longitude by Dominik Mastrianni The Longitude takes the standard Z-Grip to a whole new level and opens the doors to many new concepts in Cardistry. Watch as Dominik maneuvers packets of cards around each other, reminiscent of Jacob's Ladder — an ancient folk toy which results in a visual illusion of one block flipping over after another. Learn one of our new favorite flourishes On Demand at:
  • The remarkable story of the discovery of Longitude by Dr Callahan Dr Callahan talks about how Longitude was discovered- see all of Dr Callahan's videos search 'drcallahan' (no spaces)

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  • “Blog. Posts Tagged longitude' London Locations: The Sea Clocks at Greenwich's Maritime Museum. Friday, July 30th, 2010. Just over a To get on with it, the book chronicles John Harrison s journey toward solving the problem of longitude”
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  • “Harrison and Longitude. I was also surprised to see that the museum houses the Harrison's The story of Harrison and Longitude was dramatised in a very good 3 hour long docu-drama”
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