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  • Introduction to Longbows and origins of archery. — “Longbows main page”,
  • A long list of links to longbows information and boyers Loncosky Long Bows. Specializing in homemade longbows and recurves made to order. Made of American hard woods and exotic woods. — “Longbows and bowmakers”,
  • Long Bows For Sale. Longbows for sale. Recurve bows are available with many different features and seem to house the most advanced technologies of today, yet there is an increasing demand for longbows and a considerable number of hunters and shooters often look for offers like longbows for sale. — “Long Bows For Sale”,
  • Maker of fine yew longbows. Pacific Yew Self Longbows. English Style "D" Section Longbow - Hickory-backed Ipe. General Order Information for all bows. Books Videos/DVDs. Archery/Bowhunting Books, Videos/DVDs by Glenn St. Charles Description and Book Order Info. — “Pacific Yew, Inc”,
  • Longbows are two-handed ranged weapons usable by Forces, Guntechers, 1. Longbow. 598. 80. 1012. 662. 34. 14. Alteri. 688. 67. 1027. 340. 43. 16. Set bonus with Al-senba. 2. — “Longbows - The PSUPedia”,
  • Offering traditional bow hunting and longbows designed by the Greatest Name in Archery, Howard Hill. Handcrafted traditional longbows, quality archery accessories and leather goods., Howard Hill Archery, Designed by Howard Hill and passed on to. — “Longbows - Howard Hill Archery”,
  • What defines Longbows .Well we at Longbows provide you with with up to date information you need to know about Longbows that you don. — “Welcome to Longbows”,
  • Custom made longbows for sport or hunting. Home Longbows Recurves Miscellaneous Bowyer Testimonials Sheep Hunt Bow Tuning Custom Bows Bows in Stock Forums Photos Polls Shopping My Profile Contact Us Sitemap Avian Bows. Networking. — “Bear's Paw Bows”,
  • Custom Longbows. Longbows. Available in: 58" 60" 62" 64" All of our Bows draw weight is St. Joe River Bows is proud to offer one of the finest long bows built today. — “St. Joe River Bows Longbows”,
  • Longbows are ranged weapons that use arrows for ammunition. Longbows are moderately powerful and can hit targets at much greater distance, but fire more slowly than shortbows. Longbows can be used with special arrows which deal additional. — “Longbows - Dragon Age Wiki”,
  • Pine Hollow Longbows Inc. web site we specialize in quality air dried snake skins and bow staves as well as a full line of other primitive and traditional supplies. — “Home Page”,
  • Black Rhino is the site to find bows for the whole family. Handcrafted longbows and bows for men women and children. — “Youth bows, kids longbows, children's arrows and traditional”,
  • A longbow is a type of bow that is tall (roughly equal to the height of the person who A longbow is not significantly recurved. Its limbs are relatively. — “Longbow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 3Rivers Archery offers archery equipment, long bows and arrows, recurve bow and arrows, carbon aluminum and wood arrows for bowhunting, as well as recurve and long bow hunting equipment to the world. — “Bows-Longbows-3Rivers Archery Equipment, Traditional Youth”, 3
  • Quality Archery Bows offers traditional longbows and recurve bows from Martin Archery including the Stick longbow and the X-200, Mamba, Hunter, Rebel and Dream Catcher recurve and longbows. — “Martin Archery | Martin Bows | Martin Recurve | Quality”,
  • black widow bow company makes the finest recurves and longbows on the market. Built for speed and performance, they are the number one choice for bowhunters and traditional archers. — “Black Widow Bows - traditional recurves and longbows for the”,
  • when you pick up a custom made long or recurve bow by Robert Lutkenhaus. Robert has been designing, building, and shooting bows since he was a boy on his father's farm. Home of the Triple Carbon Longbow. — “Predator LongBows”,
  • Red Mountain Archery, has hand made traditional longbows, custom bows, custom longbows, unfinished longbows, reflex deflex longbows, Traditional archery equipment, Cedar arrows, bow staves, cedar arrows for bow hunting, as well as longbow and bow. — “Custom and Unfinished Longbows - Red Mountain Archery”,
  • Homemade Longbows. The longbow is an increasingly rare sight among contemporary archers. However, for those interested in primitive marksmanship, there is no better bow than the longbow. Because of its classic lines. — “Homemade Longbows | ”,
  • Northern Mist Longbows: Traditional Design-Uncommon Performance-Our longbows combine the stability and durability of traditional designs with the performance of more radical hybrid bows. — “Northern Mist Longbows”,
  • longbow n. A long, hand-drawn bow, such as that used in medieval England, which sometimes exceeded 6 feet (1.8 meters) in. — “longbow: Definition from ”,
  • This bow features a reverse/forward handle and a deflex/ reflex design to make an extremely smooth, fast, stable, low shock longbow. This bow incorporates tendencies of both my recurve and longbow in its' design. The riser is cut to 3/16". — “Acadian Woods : Longbows : Custom Longbows & Recurves”,
  • Longbows For Sale-Find the lowest prices on the best quality longbows online and save up to 50% off today!. — “Longbows For Sale | Longbows For Sale 50% off”,
  • Dwyer Longbows, LLC is located in Holmen, Wisconsin, just North of La Crosse. They custom design longbows, and offer quivers, bow strings, bow cases and other bow hunting accessories. Dwyer Longbows is a traditional archery resource for longbows. — “Dwyer Longbows offer custom made longbows for traditional”,

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  • making a bushcraft bow English longbow bushcraft and survival The English longbow, also called the Welsh longbow, is a powerful type of medieval longbow (a tall bow for archery) about 6 ft (1.83 m) long used by the English and Welsh for hunting and as a weapon in medieval warfare. English use of longbows was effective against the French during the Hundred Years' War, particularly at the start of the war in the battles of Crecy (1346) and Poitiers (1356), and most famously at the Battle of Agincourt (1415). They were less successful after this, with longbowmen taking casualties at the Battle of Verneuil (1424), and being completely routed at the Battle of Patay (1429) when charged before they had set up their defensive position. The term "English" or "Welsh" longbow is a modern invention to distinguish these bows from other longbows, though in fact identical bows were used across northern and western Europe, indeed a very large proportion of yew bowstaves were imported from Spain from the four***th century onward, if not earlier.[citation needed] The earliest longbow known from England, found at Ashcott Heath, Somerset, is dated to 2665 BC,[1] but there are no surviving longbows dated to the period when the longbow was dominant (c. 1250--1450 AD).[2] This is probably because it was in the nature of bows to become weaker, break and be replaced, rather than be handed down through generations.[3] There are however more than 130 surviving bows from the Renaissance period. More than 3500 arrows and 137 whole longbows were recovered from ...
  • Traditional Archery: Using a English Longbow for Hunting Trail Boss Steve Doran gives you some awesome tips on the use of traditional bows for hunting, and target., he provides you with information on buying or making your own bow as well as accessories to help you in the field. Just like medieval Robin Hood or Russell Crowe you too can master the traditional English longbow. For the full article and more free information, outdoor articles and videos go to
  • Key Differences Between Flatbows And Longbows Me showing you guys the key differences between American Flatbows and English Longbows, good for beginner archers and those who wish to do some traditional archery. This video is also made to dissolve any falsehoods people have made saying that Flatbows are 'longbows' and real Longbows are called 'warbows' (war bow could mean ANY bow used in a war!)
  • AH-64D Longbow Apache Attack Helicopter 2 of 2 NASCAR #25 Driver Casey Mears gets dropped off at Miller Motorsports Park in an AH-64D Longbow Apache Attack Helicopter
  • Basic Archery ( Longbow) Simple demonstration of shooting a Hummingbird Kingfisher longbow.
  • HD Longbow goose hunting clip - Decoying Geese At Your Feet Style This is an HD clip from a longbow goose hunt with Geese At Your Feet Outfitters out of Central Pennsylvania. The archer is Shaun Bitner of PA. Shaun has set himself a goal to harvest a Canada Goose with a longbow. Here is late season HD clip of 3 chances at a pair of decoying honkers, on his first attempt with Geese At Your Feet Outfitters. Watch on the second shot, as the goose ducks the arrow!! So close to being the sickest headshot of all time!! For guided goose, duck, or snow goose hunts, check us out at
  • Shooting Traditional Longbows Shooting all wood traditional longbows.
  • Survival Bow, How to build a long bow, DIY bow While hunting elk with Olympic Mountain outfitters I was able to make this survival long bow in 90 mins. It shot very well up to 25 yards with about 7 inches of penatration into target. Good for deer sized game.
  • Cresting Longbow Arrows A short video on how we at Richard Head Longbows `Crest` (a form of decorating Arrows as used by Edwardians/Victorians) our Arrows using enamel paints to form bands of colour, usualy to the customers specifications such as a coat of arms or club colours. www.english-
  • Bushmen Custom Longbows Amazing archery longbows, custom handcrafted by Steven Jewett. Fast, accurate, beautiful...and innovations by Mr. Jewett are making these longbows the bows of choice for many discriminating archers. Technology meets beauty! Check out the Bushmen Custom Longbow website at for more details on these remarkable longbows.
  • Longbow making and Arrow making demonstration at TREEFEST Richard and Lindsay Head demonstrating the art of the Bowyer and Fletcher at the recent event in Westonbirt Arboretum.
  • Bamboo Backed Hickory Reflex Deflex Longbows Bows I make from bamboo, hickory and other woods, inspired by a European bow maker.
  • ARMOUR PIERCING TEST ETELON LONGBOWS-DEMONSTRATION VIDEO.wmv armour piercing 2mm thick steel with my hand forged lozenged shaped bodkin
  • Longbows More than a hundred archers let loose a storm of arrows in a massed longbow shoot across acres of historic parkland at Godinton, near Ashford. Follow us on Twitter at
  • Bamboo Backed Ipe Longbow 80# @ 28" This is my newest bow. It is a bamboo backed Ipe(brazilian walnut) longbow. The riser consists of Zebrawood and hickory laminated vertically to create the striped pattern. This bow has outperformed all of my other bows. It boasts a 80# draw at 28". But even at that weight it has very little handshock and no stacking. It shoots a Carbon Express Heritage 250 29" with 125 gr field point at 202 fps through the chrono. Check us out at
  • Runescape - Longbow Sight Review - Dungeoneering Item Reward Hi =D Wanted to test out the longbow sight! It costs 10k tokens and can be added to either the Magic or Maple Longbows. Enjoy!
  • Making An American Long Bow With John Green How to make an American Long Bow with John Green. From the selection of the wood to measuring, tillering, filing nocks, bending, tension, shooting and terms to describe the different parts of the bow, it is an excellent instructional video for anyone ready to take on the project of making an American Long Bow.
  • Traditional Long Bow Hunting Grouse Nov-09.avi This is my second year and my second time out in 2009 Long bow Hunting I'm still learning as I go on with the years and getting better I hope. I have changed certain things such as my tips. I still need a lot of practice. It sure is a lot of fun. Remember this is for entertainment purposes only.
  • T-Mac Reviews: Adirondack Hunter longbow T-mac reviewing the Adirondack Hunter longbow an October Mountain Product
  • Custom Longbows:Ojibwa and Lakota Style Native American Bows Pair of Longbows. Ojibwa 60#@29", 65" t2t, 63"n2n. Texas Ratsnake backing over birch wood. Lakota Osage orange backed with sinew and Burmese python skins. 60#@29", 54"t2t 52"n2n (I say different lengths in the video which is a boo boo, ooops!)
  • Carving a string groove in a Longbow nock A brief video of Richard Head putting a string groove into one of our `finished horn nocks` we sell on our site, we are often asked how, so here it is! www.english-
  • Traditional archery longbows: Do I sell my Bows? Answering the question I am being asked a lot lately. Yes, I will sell a bow or make one from scratch if requested. Just PM me for details.
  • Longbow Game Intro Introduction to the classic helo sim from Jane's Combat Simulations (very good quality game at the time). A pair of Longbows takes out an armoured convoy.
  • Richard Head teaching The English Longbow on BBC Richard on Ben Fogles `Escape in Time` showing contestants the art of Longbow Archery
  • U-Complete Hickory Longbow - These are the U-COMPLETE hickory self bows we make. not much need to be done to them, just finishing the handle, finish sanding, and seal the wood. We also make laminate U-COMPLETE bows as well, email me for more info.
  • Weapons that Made Britain: The Longbow (Part 1) Historian Mike Loades shows the history behind the weapons that helped to forge Britain, as well as demonstrating their use.
  • On the English Longbow Maintenance, usage, stringing, etc. Good for new Longbow owners.
  • Paper Tuning a Long Bow .wmv Here is a short video to help explain why and how I paper tune my Long Bows.
  • The Longbow Vs The Crossbow Speed Test - Video 17 The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the comparative SPEED of shot between the English longbow and the hand-spanned crossbow. It is NOT an attempt to show which is better. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. As you can see in the video, the crossbow wasn't as slow to shoot as many people make out, but please keep in mind that the hand-spanned crossbow is a very quick type of crossbow to span and shoot due to its relatively low poundage, much quicker that the other types of crossbow in use during the middle ages which would typically have been more powerful. Please also note that while Martin is a very experienced and proficient archer the same cannot be said for myself as a crossbowman. I had only owned the crossbow for a short time when this video was made, but we felt that helped the demonstration as it shows that even in inexperienced hands the crossbow could be shot with some degree of proficiency. Some users have commented that both of us could have shot quicker but they fail to see the point of the video. We are trying to show a realistic speed of shot, where both the archer and the crossbowman are aiming their arrows/bolts rather than just shooting them off as quickly as they can without any thought for draw length or accuracy. Due to the heavy construction of the crossbow's steel prod, or bow, and the short draw length along the crossbow's tiller, the crossbow was a very inefficient weapon. Although the crossbow in the video has a draw weight ...
  • How to make an Arrow - English Longbow Making your own arrows. Been a bit busy the past few days churning out arrows. So I've decided to make a basic guide. The first thing I do is ordered up some pre-cut and rounded arrow shafts that suit the bow you've got. Ebay is where I get my supply's. Note: If you have a timber supplier nearby and your own electric band-saw you could try making your own shafts for arrow-making. This is advanced stuff though and for another guide. For this guide I've assumed you've got a pre-cut and shaped arrow shaft. Having the correct 'spine' or stiffness counts here. If you don't get the right 'match' your arrow will veer off to the left or right. The more powerful your bow, the more 'spine' or rigidity it needs. Once you've got a bundle of arrow shafts (buying in bulk is cheaper) check each one for straightness, if it's badly bent try and straighten it (sometimes steaming can help with this). Nocks Next step is making the nock, where you notch an arrow. You can do this the fancy, easy way, or the old-fashioned way. The former is where you stick on an external plastic nock. To do that you should taper the last half-inch of the shaft to accommodate a plastic-nock. The old-fashioned way is to make your own nock out of the wood itself. This my way of doing it as you don't require purchase a nock. It also means there's no nock piece to 'fall-out' during the course of the arrows life being shot etc. The grain of the arrow is important, you must go at a right-angle to the grain. That is to ...
  • Barry Johnson LongBows Some of Barrys Bows
  • Handcrafted longbow hickory 45# KP Archery handcrafted longbow made in the USA with 30 years experience.
  • 102# heavy longbow from 100 yards!!! BamaBows custom longbow shooting 102# Hunter by BamaBows from 100 yards.
  • How to shoot a medieval Longbow - English Heritage **WATCH NEW DIRECTOR'S CUT** at Ballista TV on YouTube. Kevin Hicks from the History Squad demonstrates the medieval longbow at English Heritage's Bolsover Castle. .
  • Biulding a long bow part 2 In the off season I come up with projects to keep me sane, I like to build long bows: preset your jig to plan ahead for any mistakes and to ensure even bends mark out your clap placements place plastic to prevent dripping on flooring light even coat of glue, wet first and clean surface clamp in all areas to prebent delamination in future tune into tips like this one at
  • Building a long bow In the off season I come up with projects to keep me sane, I like to build long bows: First start with hardwood you can laminate or glue together map out your bow design in pen, cut the pieces then glue togther next week we will show you the next step tune into tips like this one at
  • Rudderbows: Shooting our Longbows and Flatbows Rudderbows makes tons of great shooting long bows and flatbows. Join Jim Boswell as he demonstrates many of his favorite bows. All wood and bamboo - wood combination bows can be great shooters. If you're interested in traditional archery and wooden bows in realistic medieval designs or our own native American versions, check out For the best deals and low prices on quality finished bows, bow blanks, bow kits and even bow making tools, visit our website at
  • Future Weapons: Apache Longbow The world's most fearsome attack helicopter is more powerful than ever.
  • Custom Traditional Archery Longbows A simple introduction to my channel and the custom longbows I build/design. Also a quick intro to "How to back a bow with snake skins."
  • Turdy Longbows Turdy Longbows, the Pippi Longstocking of the new millennium! In this adventure, Turdy (Kate Freund) meets some new friends: a little boy, Henry (Todd Bishop) and his sister, Leena (Deanna Rooney). They go to a candy store and encounter Armen Weitzman. With voice talent by Rob Schrab, Matt Freund and Kate Freund.

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  • “custom longbows. April 14, 2008 08:29 AM [#1] kesoliver. Points: Y (81) Please check the thread 'Custom Wood longbows' , in the Classified forum for some info and pictures of my brother's custom-made”
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  • “: Shooting Longbows with Tred Barta Related Categories: Big Deer Blog. Last Thursday we gathered up in the Adirondacks of New York and for 10 hours filmed commercials and promo spots for Versus' "Hunting in Primetime" on Friday nights. I think we got some good stuff; they'll show up on your TV soon”
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  • “Black Widow Bows announces the He was also selling longbows-not recurves. SL. Contributions to this forum are limited to Black Widow Owners with an approved Registration. If you own a Black Widow Bow and wish to contribute, please register”
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  • “This summer we gathered up in the Adirondacks to film the new hunting promos that you are seeing on Versus. Show hosts Kristy Lee Cook (Goin' Country) and Benny Spies (Gun It!) were there. A good-size”
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  • “Lucid from Dulles Research LLC is a software system that identifies hidden illicit networks such as terror cells or other criminal groups that hide in plain sight”
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  • “The Scarred Lands, and the World of Darkness RPG games, with write ups on White Wolf\\\'s MMORPG of World of Darkness presents an RPG game in which you are a monster, struggling to recover your humanity, while fighting, more or less, the rest of”
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