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  • they will be linearized to get the model equations. 15. 16. 4. Linearized variational Boussinesq model. The variational Boussinesq given in terms of the variations of the linearized Hamiltonian. First,. — “Improving the linear solver used in the interactive wave”,
  • Data are linearized by logarithmic transformation of the predictor (x) variable. Data are linearized by logarithmic transformation of both variables. Simple linear regression of ln(Y) vs. ln(x) gives a = ln(intercept) and b = slope for the function:. — “Linearized regression estimates”,
  • SCM5B47B-11. Linearized Thermocouple Input Module. Datasheet. SCM5B47B-11 Linearized Thermocouple Input Module. Product Availability. Usually Stock to 4 weeks. Popular Links. 4 20ma Transmitter. RS-422 to RS-232. World's Smallest Signal Conditioner. True RMS Input Module. Fiber Optic Converter. — “SCM5B47B-11: Linearized Thermocouple Input Module. Dataforth”,
  • Simplifying signal conditioning for data acquisition, with signal isolation and filtering. Input: -100°C to 100°C, linearized Output: 0 to +5V. — “5B Modules Signal Conditioning Data Acquisition Hardware from”,
  • Implement a linearized version of a baseband phase-locked loop The Linearized Baseband PLL block is a feedback control system that automatically adjusts the phase of a locally generated signal to match the phase of an input signal. — “Linearized Baseband PLL (Communications Blockset)”,
  • Optimal missile avoidance is ***yzed with a two-dimensional linearized kinematic model. It is shown that inclusion of a control-effort penalization term in the payoff function leads to extend the domain of validity of the trajectory. — “Extened Validity of Linearized Kinematic Model for Optimal”,
  • of the objective function during the minimization requires the linearized (tangent-linear and adjoint) versions The linearized cloud scheme. The current linearized diagnostic scheme, which is used in 4D-Var, has recognized weaknesses: the. — “Contract Report to the European Space Agency”,
  • Linearized gravity - Einstein field equations, Perturbation theory, Linearised Einstein field equations, Coherent state, Metric tensor (general relativity) - VisWiki. — “Linearized gravity - VisWiki”,
  • derive exact linearized solutions that exhibit the simplest possible peri But the linearized solutions constructed here show. that more complicated ways of. — “TIME-PERIODIC LINEARIZED SOLUTIONS OF THE COMPRESSIBLE EULER”,
  • Definition of linearized from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of linearized. Pronunciation of linearized. Definition of the word linearized. Origin of the word linearized. — “linearized - Definition of linearized at ”,
  • Linearized gravity is an approximation scheme in general relativity in which the In linearized gravity the metric tensor of spacetime g is treated as a sum of a solution. — “Linearized gravity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • of the linearized Navier-Stokes equations by inves- tigating their spatio-temporal ' dynamics of the linearized equations, and we find. that they exhibit. — “The Spatio-Temporal Impulse Response of the Linearized Navier”,
  • The home of the Transactions of the Wes*** Institute collection, providing on-line access Linearized finite difference methods: application to nonlinear heat conduction problems. — “Linearized finite difference methods: application to”,
  • Particular solutions that correspond to inhomogeneous driving terms in the linearized solutions of the linearized Boltzmann equation for a single-species gas starts (as. — “Particular solutions of the linearized Boltzmann equation for”,
  • Recently a different approach to this problem (Gao, et al., 1990,1992; Wang, et al., 1993) which uses the method called "Direct Feedback Linearization" (DFL), has allowed the design of power systems regulators using techniques well-known in the study of linear systems. — “LINEARIZED-UNCOUPLED CONTROL FOR A SYNCHRONOUS GENERATOR”,
  • However, the linearized cosmid produced an incomplete assembly because the two DNA termini, though linearized cosmid and also near chromosome ends of the fungus Neurospora crassa. — “Systematic overrepresentation of DNA termini and”,
  • Note: More dictionaries have definitions for linearize -- could that be what you meant? We found 4 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word linearized: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "linearized" is defined. — “Definitions of linearized - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Boundary Actuation Structure of Linearized Two-Phase Flow. S. Djordjevic, O.H. Bosgra, boundary actuation strategy is presented using linearized model. — “Boundary Actuation Structure of Linearized Two-Phase Flow”,
  • Libratherm Instruments Manufacturer and exporter of Electronic Process Control Instruments from India One of the application areas of the linearized single and two set points controller is to use it as the safety controller (or. — “Libratherm Instruments Manufacturer and exporter of”,
  • svyset clu [pweight=wt], fpc(fpc) strata(str) pweight: wt VCE: linearized Strata 1: str SU 1: clu FPC 1: fpc svy: total ue91 (running total on svyset clu [pweight=wt], strata(str) pweight: wt VCE: linearized Strata 1: str SU 1: clu FPC 1: svy: total ue91 (running total on. — “Stata: Practical Methods for Design and ***ysis of Complex”,
  • We will use Simulink to plot the velocity response for both the nonlinear and linearized system models. point we linearized the equation about), the linearized model is not. — “First Order System: Linearizing System Equation”,
  • Uncertainties and linearized equations. Recap. Overview. In this document, you'll learn: and linearized equations. Recap. Overview. In this document, you'll learn: what it means to linearize an equation. when to do it. why it's useful. how to handle uncertainties when linearizing. Terry Sturtevant. — “Linearizing Equations - Wilfrid Laurier University”,
  • Suppose you've been asked to design a linearized thermistor circuit, with a temperature range centered around +25 deg C. One technique is easy - place a resistor in parallel with the NTC thermistor. But first, to get a feel for the R vs. T curve, check out the table below. T (deg C) R (Ohms). — “Linearized Thermistor”,
  • Definition of linearized in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of linearized. Pronunciation of linearized. Translations of linearized. linearized synonyms, linearized antonyms. Information about linearized in the free online English dictionary and. — “linearized - definition of linearized by the Free Online”,

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  • “BFO Blog - Java PDF Software tips and tricks. The 2.10.3 release has a number of significant improvements across the board: for the first time the PDF library can now write Linearized, or "web-optimized" PDF's, which are optimized for faster display in a web browser”
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  • “The largest forum for Pro/E professionals, also includes files, forums, jobs, articles, calendar, and more”
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