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  • In simple terms, a linear output makes it easier in terms of accommodating existing instrumentation and minimising computational software requirements Linearising NTC thermistors. A Betatherm product story. Edited by the Laboratorytalk editorial team Oct 8, 2003. In simple terms, a linear output makes. — “Linearising NTC thermistors: News from Betatherm”,
  • Linearising calibration process. Sensor. output. signal. Input signal. Input signal. Corrected 2.1 Linearising Calibration Methods. A sensor transfer characteristic can have one or more. — “Linearising Calibration Methods for a Generic Embedded Sensor”,
  • Fire detection products from Hochiki - Model DCD-AE3 is a Rate of Rise Heat Detector with a 60°C fixed temperature element using a thermistor and linearising circuit to provide an accurate linear response Heat Detector. — “Hochiki Europe - Product Ranges - Conventional - Detectors”,
  • Linearising Fine-Art Monochrome Prints. From SarahWiki. For some time now, I've been using an Epson R2400 to produce fine-art monochrome prints, with results ranging from sadly lacking to outstanding. The problem has been consistency -- though. — “Linearising Fine-Art Monochrome Prints - SarahWiki”,
  • IOPscience is a unique platform for IOP-hosted journal content providing site-wide electronic access to more than 130 years of leading scientific research, and incorporates some of the most innovative technologies to enhance your user-experience. A general digital linearising method for transducers. — “A general digital linearising method for transducers”,
  • Linearising instrumentation offers the ability to compensate for measurements in a non linear application. Several other instruments have linearising capabilities as standard features. — “Products for linearising applications - Amalgamated”, .au
  • Callback bonanza - linearising asynchronous calls. by Pascal Opitz on November 15 2010, 07:40. 1 Comments. I am coding in node.js at the moment, and one thing drives me mad: The constant need to nest or pass callbacks. So I did a little research on some libraries that help. — “Content with Style - Callback bonanza - linearising”,
  • However, instead of providing local linearisation, contemporary nonlinear control strategies aim to provide 'global' linearisation over the space spanned by the states of the process; Globally Linearising Control (GLC) of Globally Linearising Control. Globally linearising control is a. — “Advanced Process Control”,
  • It has come to my attention that the term used for > linearising a dom may be known as marshalling. i.e. laying > out the whole dom as a flat file xml style. What's > unmarshalling, anyway? Converting the tree to lexical XML usually called "serialization", although that term is overloaded. — “[jdom-interest] Linearising a document”,
  • Before you complete these examples you should be familiar with the sections on error bars, best fit lines, LINEST, error ***ysis and, for examples three and four, linearising data. You may wish to save them to disk and then open in stand-alone. — “A guide to drawing physical graphs”, level1
  • Linearising Transducer Display CLD100. Self contained linearising display for pressure and flow transducers. Download PDF data sheet (50kb) Fully integrated 5 digit display and power supply for a wide choice of gas mass flowmeters, capacitance manometers and all-media pressure transducers. — “Linearising Transducer Display”, chell-
  • Python library for parsing, processing and linearising VRML97 files Python library for parsing, processing and linearising VRML97 files [edit] Less. — “pyvrml97 - Python library for parsing, processing and”,
  • Cox precision turbine meters provide a linear extended range from 15:1 on small meters, ranging up to 100:1 on 2in meters, without the use of linearising electronics. — “Turbine flowmeters handle large pressure range: News from Cox”,
  • 9.2 Linearising to find rules. Because linear relationships are by far the easiest to work with, we tend to try to transform other types. of relationships into linear relations whenever we can. For example, graphing the data set in the table below produces a graph like the one shown. — “9.2 Linearising to find rules”,
  • mCubed ***ogue Extension Set - Emergency switch-off: If a certain temperature is exceeded, or the water flow is below or above a limit, the emergency switch will be activated. It is connected between ATX power switch and mainboard. First a soft. — “mCubed ***ogue Extension Set”,
  • Previous article | Next article | This volume | This issue | Content finder. Radiometric procedure for linearising computer-interfaced display systems Using this information a simple display-linearising mapping can be produced to ensure that screen luminance. — “Radiometric procedure for linearising computer-interfaced”,
  • Subject: linearising TopGit forests into patch series (was: [ANNOUNCE] TopGit - A different patch queue manager) linearising TopGit forests into patch series (was: [ANNOUN , martin f krafft, (Thu Aug 7, 10:56 am). — “linearising TopGit forests into patch series (was: [ANNOUNCE”,
  • Flexible, linearising as: banner, leftbar, rightbar, article, footer (floating positioning) Using hybrid techniques. There is good reason to consider techniques where some layout-tables are mixed within a Flexible, table for 3 columns: linearising as banner, article, rightbar, leftbar, footer. — “Variations on the 5-box 3-column layout”,
  • 1.1 mcrl22lps: Linearising an untimed mCRL2 file yields an LPS with time mcrl22lps: Linearising an untimed mCRL2 file yields an LPS with time. This issue is caused by the use of the conditional operator c -> p. The default. — “User manual/FAQ - MCRL2”,
  • Self contained linearising displays for pressure and flow The linearising functions available in the CLD100. can result in dramatic reductions in. — “I nst ru m e nts”, .tw
  • A two-chip ***og micropower hearing aid circuit is developed which is based on a low voltage three micron CMOS process. The novel features of the application of an adaptive technique in reducing the value of a degenerating linearising resistor in the input differential stage of the AGC block. — “A micropower ***og hearing aid on low voltage CMOS digital”,
  • Shubha, V and Ramesh, TG (1986) ***og linearising circuitry for thermocouples. This circuit can also be used to linearize the outputs of other types of transducers and simulate nonlinear variations with temperature of the physical quantities like absolute thermoelectric power of chromel. — “***og linearising circuitry for thermocouples”,
  • Definition of linearising in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of linearising. Pronunciation of linearising. Translations of linearising. linearising synonyms, linearising antonyms. Information about linearising in the free online English. — “linearising - definition of linearising by the Free Online”,

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  • Linearization | MIT 18.03SC Differential Equations, Fall 2011 Linearization Instructor: Lydia Bourouiba View the complete course: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http...
  • Linearizing Using Logarithms How to linearize data and determine the value of an exponent in an unknown power function.
  • Linearize/Plot Non-Linear Equations (Excel) Demonstrates how to linearize and plot non-linear equations using Excel 2010.

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  • “[Archive] Newby with a question Harlequin RIP Products Could you explain in more detail how are you linearising and when you state you have a linearisation file what do you mean? Ken”
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  • “Liquid mirrors are cheaper and easier to make than glass ones. A new prototype shows how they can also make adaptive optics systems. The Physics arXiv Blog produces daily coverage of the best new ideas from an online forum called the Physics arXiv on which scientists post early versions of their”
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  • “arXiv Blog. produces. daily. coverage of. the best new. ideas from an. online forum. called the This has the effect of linearising the response of the. liquid. The big advantage, of course, is that instead of having to develop”
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  • “In the context you are talking about, dithering is required when you reduce the wordlength from 24 to 16 bit, and it prevents quantising distortion by linearising the quantiser. 0 registered and 15 anonymous users are browsing this forum”
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  • “Examples include models from Anthony Gallo Acoustics (the Nucleus Reference 3 can use a the two parts and more importantly, linearising the spl downward (in frequency) -- which”
    — AudiogoN Forums: Powered woofers,

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