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  • Libel FAQs. Frequently Asked Media Law Questions. Note that these answers are based on general principles of United States law. But laws vary from state to state within the United States, and the law in non-U.S. jurisdictions is likely to be very different from the statements below. — “MLRC | Libel FAQs”,
  • Libel definition, defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures. See more. — “Libel | Define Libel at ”,
  • Libel Basics. As a reporter it's crucial to understand the basics of libel and libel law. Libel law is where the press freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment meet the requirements of responsible journalism. — “Libel Law - Libel and Libel Law”,
  • Our focus in the next few messages will be on libel, since most of the defamation that would exist on the net is defamation by writing. ( Not to say that slander is impossible when voice telephone messages are transmitted over the net, there can be real slander on the net without libel. — “Libel”,
  • One early Massachusetts case held that evidence that a libel plaintiff had "***ual connection with a cow" could not be offered in defense of a libel claim charging that the plaintiff had been falsely accused of sodomy with a mare. Libel plaintiffs are allowed to prove that non-defamatory statements. — “Massachusetts Bar Association : Libel”,
  • Top 10 libel definitions are offered including the differences between libel and slander. — “Definition of Libel - Defamation of Character”, personal-injury-
  • (Redirected from Libel) In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of making a false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation. — “Slander and libel - Academic Kids”,
  • Examples of LIBEL. He sued the newspaper for libel. The newspaper was found guilty of libel. The newspaper's attorneys argued that the article was not a libel. To meet the Supreme Court's definition of libel involving a public figure, a quotation must not only be made up or materially altered. — “Libel - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of libel in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is libel? Meaning of libel as a legal term. What does libel mean in law?. — “libel legal definition of libel. libel synonyms by the Free”, legal-
  • Libel - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Libel”,
  • When should you sue for libel? When you or your company is attacked by the media, competitors, or members of Counsel must quickly answer some important questions when deciding whether or not you should sue for libel. — “FAQ's”,
  • libel n. A false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person's reputation. — “libel: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Fixing a gallows at a man's door, burning him in effigy or exhibiting him in any ignominious manner, is a libel. The malicious reading of a libel to one or more persons, it being for sale on the shelves in a bookstore; and where the defendant directed the libel to be printed, took away some and left. — “Legal Definition of Libel”,
  • Home > Catholic Encyclopedia > L > Libel. Libel (Latin libellus, a little book) A malicious publication by writing, printing, picture, effigy, sign, or otherwise than by mere speech, which exposes any living person, or the memory The use of the word libel, as relating to defamatory writings, seems. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Libel”,
  • Learn about Libel on . Find info and videos including: About Libel, About Libel, How to Prove Libel and much more. — “Libel - ”,
  • Libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort of making a Many nations have various civil and criminal penalties for libel and slander, and different conditions for determining whether an offense has occurred. — “Slander and libel - Wikinfo”,
  • NEWS MEDIA UPDATE Ohio · June 16, 2010 · Libel. Ohio high court extends libel reach to Virginia resident. A Virginia resident who posted allegedly defamatory comments on several websites may be sued in an Ohio court even if his comments were not. — “RCFP: Libel keyword search”,
  • Libel - Definition. In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of making a false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation. — “Libel - Definition”,
  • libel and slander, in law, types of defamation. In common law, written defamation was libel and spoken defamation was slander. The term libel is also often used if a wide audience for the defamation is possible. — “libel and slander — ”,
  • Free Business Information, Defense, Libel, Slander, Harassment, Attorney, Invasion, Privacy, Legal, Malice, Defamation, Negligence. — “ - Business, Attorney, Against, Defense, Libel, Slander”,
  • Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of. — “Defamation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (Redirected from Libel) In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of making a false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation. — “sociology - Slander and libel”,

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  • Tilt - "Libel" Fat Wreck Chords Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy punk, ***, indie and alternative music video site, ! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube! Free! Uncensored! Retarded! ! Director:
  • Libel Tourism: The Soft Jihad Highlights from the conference "Free Speech in an Age of Jihad" presented by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and The New Criterion.
  • Berezovsky wins libel suit over Litvinenko murder A British court has ordered a Russian state TV channel to pay exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. Berezovsky filed the lawsuit after a 2007 report claimed he was involved in the poisoning of the former KGB agent. But the company claims the trial was unfair and violated international conventions of freedom of speech. RT's Laura Emmett is LIVE in London to give us the details.
  • McLibel - McDonald's libel trial [1/6] The McLibel Trial is the infamous British court case between McDonald's and a former postman & a gardener from London (Helen Steel and Dave Morris). It ran for two and a half years and became the longest ever English trial. The defendants were denied legal aid and their right to a jury, so the whole trial was heard by a single Judge, Mr Justice Bell. He delivered his verdict in June 1997. The verdict was devastating for McDonald's. The judge ruled that they 'exploit children' with their advertising, produce 'misleading' advertising, are 'culpably responsible' for cruelty to animals, are 'antipathetic' to unionisation and pay their workers low wages. But Helen and Dave failed to prove all the points and so the Judge ruled that they HAD libelled McDonald's and should pay 60000 pounds damages. They refused and McDonald's knew better than to pursue it. In March 1999 the Court of Appeal made further rulings that it was fair comment to say that McDonald's employees worldwide "do badly in terms of pay and conditions", and true that "if one eats enough McDonald's food, one's diet may well become high in fat etc., with the very real risk of heart disease." As a result of the court case, the Anti-McDonald's campaign mushroomed, the press coverage increased exponentially, this website was born and a feature length documentary was broadcast round the world. The legal controversy continued. The McLibel 2 took the British Government to the European Court of Human Rights to defend the ...
  • Ch-Check it Out -- The Virginia Law Libel Show The 2006 Virginia Law Libel Show presents... Ch-Check it Out, a Beastie Boys spoof.
  • Dukan Diet Founder Sues Rival Doctor For Libel Transcript by BY ALEX BELCHER You're watching multisource health news ***ysis from Newsy. When a French nutritionist criticized the trendy Dukan diet-- he found himself on the ugly end of a libel suit-- brought on by the diet's creator. "Well the firestorm all started when a rival doctor claimed the wildly popular diet could be serious health problems for certain patients. Well those are fighting words and Dukan is suing for libel." Pierre Dukan cooked up the high-protein fad diet and has sold more than 3 million copies of his Dukan Diet book. Celebrities including- (CUBE3 Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Kate Middleton have reportedly trimmed down by dieting Dukan-style. But Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen- a French nutritionist and rival author- says Dukan's method is dangerous and could pose long-term health problems. Cohen tells ABC's Good Morning America- "This is a very dangerous diet because you have too much protein so you eat too much fat ... you have no fiber and you have constipation, breast problems and also sometimes a very frequent heart disease." Dukan denies the allegations and defends the diet -- saying -- it's perfectly safe as long as dieters drink at least six glasses f water a day. He's suing Cohen for about $20000. But Dukan diet critics are still cautious-- saying long-term costs outweigh any short-term benefits. (Dr. Mark Siegel): "The problem is it cuts out fruits and vegetables and fruits and vegetables are an important source of vitamins ...
  • Simon Singh Wins Landmark Libel Ruling A science writer has won the right to rely on the defence of fair comment in a libel action, in a landmark ruling at the Court of Appeal. Simon Singh was accused of libel by the British Chiropractic Association over an article in the Guardian in 2008. Dr Singh questioned the claims of some chiropractors over the treatment of certain childhood conditions. The High Court had said the words were fact not opinion - meaning Dr Singh could not use the fair comment defence. However, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger and Lord Justice Sedley ruled High Court judge Mr Justice Eady had "erred in his approach" last May, and allowed Dr Singh's appeal. BBC News science correspondent Pallab Ghosh says that, had Justice Eady's ruling stood, it would have made it difficult for any scientist or science journalist to question claims made by companies or organisations without opening themselves up to a libel action that would be hard to win. Dr Singh described the ruling as "brilliant", but added that the action had cost £200000 "just to define the meaning of a few words". "After two years of battling in this libel case, at last we've got a good decision. So instead of battling uphill we're fighting with the wind behind us," he said. "The Court of Appeal's made a very wise decision, but it just shouldn't be so horrendously expensive for a journalist or an academic journal or a scientist to defend what they mean. "That's why people back off ...
  • PJTV: Blood Libel? You and Sarah Palin Turned Jared Loughner Into a Cold, Calculated Killer The media and the left wasted no time blaming everyone except for Jared Loughner for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). From Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh, the MSM blames everyone but Loughner. Hear more as Bill Whittle, Steve Green and Scott look in depth at the recent Arizona .
  • Tort Law project: Slander vs Libel The TORT LAW project is a corporate video that was created for use as an educational supplement to a series of Legal textbooks. This series of videos was produced by James Huffman and Indie City Entertainment for an established legal publishing company. This video features Diana Hart as the Attorney and James Huffman as the Client.
  • Tim Minchin at The Big Libel Gig Sunday, March 14 was The Big Libel Gig in London where scientists, politicians, and performers raised awareness of the need for serious libel reform in the UK. Neil Denny and Rebecca Watson sat down with Tim Minchin for a quick interview. To hear more, subscribe to the Skepchick and Little Atoms podcasts on itunes or via the links below. Other interviews include Dara Ô Briain, Marcus Brigstocke, Robin Ince, Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi, Professor Brian Cox, Simon Singh, Professor Richard Wiseman, Dr Ben Goldacre, and Ariane Sherine. Thanks to Jeff for the transcript!
  • Barbri Video -- The Virginia Law Libel Show The 2005 Virginia Law Libel Show's humorous take on Barbri professors.
  • Thom Hartmann and Sarah Palin discuss Blood Libel Thom explains the bigger picture message in Sarah Palin's video from the Cave
  • The Negotiator -- The Virginia Law Libel Show The 2006 Virginia Law Libel Show Presents... The Negotiator.
  • Sarah Palin 'Blood Libel' Controversy Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) breaks down Sarah Palin's deflection of criticism after the shooting of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona including her use of the phrase 'blood libel'.
  • Libel Lawsuit Against The Carmel Pine Cone Longtime Monterey Peninsula newspaper, the Carmel Pine Cone, has come under fire for charges of libel stemming from a 2008 headline.
  • Richard Dawkins: Keep Libel Laws OUT of Science Professor Richard Dawkins' speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth, UK - 20th September 2009 SUPPORT SIMON SINGH: Ben Goldacre WhatsTheHarm Richard Dawkins
  • The UN Blood Libel: The Goldstone Report at the UN Human Rights Council September 29, 2009 Geneva UN Human Rights Council
  • Sweet Addie- Virginia Law Libel Show A love song of sorts from UVa's 99th Annual Libel Show.
  • Jeffries & Jeffries - Virginia Libel Show A video from the 100th Annual Libel Show at the University of Virginia School of Law. A commercial from the new plaintiff's law firm founded by outgoing UVA Law Dean John C. Jeffries. See the performance that convinced Harvard to invite Professor Michael Klarman to join their faculty.
  • AMATEUR TRANSPLANTS: Libel Case LIVE New Live Shows in London from April 08! Go to for full length DVD. Contains funny songs, strong language and doctor jokes... Oh, and the infamous London Underground song!
  • The Magic Professor -- The Virginia Law Libel Show The Virginia Law Libel Show Presents... The Magic Professor.
  • The Libel Tourist UPDATE: 12/20/07 -- The First Amendment is in danger after NY State's highest court failed to protect American authors from libel judgments awarded by foreign courts. This documentary short film, produced by the Moving Picture Institute, shows how Saudi billionaire Khalid Bin Mafhouz exploits the British legal system and sues for libel whenever he is the subject of a terrorism accusation. Directed by MPI fellow Jared Lapidus, the film explains how Mahfouz filed a libel suit against Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of Funding Evil; How Terrorism is Financed -- and How to Stop It. The suit was not filed in the United States, where the book was published and sold, but instead in London, where Mahfouz associates ordered 23 copies online. The judge ordered all copies of the book pulped, and ordered Ehrenfeld to pay the legal fees and damages, despite the fact that nothing in her book about Saudi funding of terrorism was ever disproved. Ehrenfeld, however, is fighting back. In The Libel Tourist she speaks about her shocking experience of modern-day book burning by British courts, and the First Amendment lawsuit she filed against Mahfouz. Unfortunately, on December 20, 2007, NY State Court of Appeals sidestepped the First Amendment rights and protections. Learn more about the case at and at Learn more about MPI at
  • Robert Maxwell's libel writs 1of3 From 1992, Francis Wheen looks at Robert Maxwell's attempts to stifle journalist by using the British libel laws
  • Richard Wiseman at The Big Libel Gig Sunday, March 14 was The Big Libel Gig in London where scientists, politicians, and performers raised awareness of the need for serious libel reform in the UK. Neil Denny and Rebecca Watson sat down with Richard Wiseman for a quick interview. To hear more, subscribe to the Skepchick and Little Atoms podcasts on itunes or via the links below. Other interviews include Dara Ô Briain, Marcus Brigstocke, Robin Ince, Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi, Professor Brian Cox, Simon Singh, Tim Minchin, Dr Ben Goldacre, and Ariane Sherine. Thanks to Jeff for the transcript!
  • Defamation, Libel, and Slander Law A person who destroys another's reputation may be referred to as a defamation, libel, and slander law.
  • The Listening Post - Israel settlements in East Jerusalem, Libel reform in UK Media coverage of growing Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the chilling effect of British libel laws on press freedom
  • The Geeks on Libel Reform ***Get your hands on a Geek Calendar at *** Geek Calendar is a project about geeks, for geeks and in support of geeks. It's a celebration of nerdishness in all its glory. And it's raising money for a very good cause: Libel Reform. Geek Calendar showcases the UK's geek heroes in ways you will have never seen before. This is not a 'pin-up' calendar in the traditional sense (and no, they are not ***), instead it features interesting photos of intriguing people, reminding us of each person's ideas, achievements and creativity. Some of our geeks are famous, some are not, some are scientists, some are artists. All are nerds to the core. Video was edited by Greg Foot and filmed by Barry J Gibb & Tom Ziessen.
  • Wonkbot TSA-1138 "America's Enduring Blood Libel" Sarah Palin Fireside Blood Libel Robot Terror Chat Wonkbot ***y fireside chat about blood libel and Sarah Palin and America the only good place except for Alaska and Arizona.
  • Old Ball Coach -- The Virginia Law Libel Show The Virginia Law Libel Show Presents... The Old Ball Coach.
  • Libel Lawfare: Silencing Criticism of Radical Islam (4) Panel 2, including David Rivkin, Alan Mendoza, Douglas Murray, David Harris, Elizabeth Samson and Barak Seener.
  • No Constitution! - Virginia Law Libel Show A funny skit from the 100th Annual Libel Show at the University of Virginia School of Law. Wonderkind manchild Rob Painter stars as the Living Constitution, a frightening imp only too happy to extol the virtues of our country's founding document.
  • Swedish Blood Libel The modern Anti-Semitism of the ***s. We, the undersigned, call upon the Aftonbladet newspaper and the Swedish government to unequivocally denounce the blood libel against Israel and the Jewish people.
  • Max Blumenthal On Palin's 'Blood Libel' Comment
  • Atlas Shrugs Vlogs Libel Blogging: Huffington Post Slander with Fauxtography with Screenshots Screenshots added to video: The nerve of these thugs. They are fascists. Ridicule is a rule for radicals, a tactic -- don't forget it. Do not back down. Do not cower. Do not go quietly into the night. The Puffington Ho ran this pic cropped and calls it a "hitler salute," when in fact he is carrying a sign. Devils. Here is what evil-tongued liars wrote: In one image, a young man with a shirt that reads "Hitler Gave Great Speeches Too" is photographed making what looks like a Hitler salute. TalkLeft blogger Jeralyn Merritt interviewed the ***, who told her was 16 and hailed from former Gov. Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. The progressive website FireDogLake, has more This sweet boy should sue. It is libel. He should sue every blog that ran this fallacious smear, and I have a screenshot of every blog that made the accusation. Every one. If any Atlas readers have this fellow's contact info, please email me, I have the screen shots and the owners of every blog that libeled him. Let's file a lawsuit. Any Atlas lawyer who wants to assist, please email me at [email protected]
  • TILT - LIBEL TILT Bay Area punk band video of LIBEL
  • Sarah Palin Blood Libel The logic of blaming Sarah Palin for the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords. UPDATE: I'm well aware that the ***'s are hard to fit on a fixed left/right political line and that ***'s calling themselves socialists doesn't mean they are socialist. However, I've heard the media portray anyone involved with guns and semi-associated with *** tendencies as being painted as the extreme right wing (by so-called independent neutral journalists too). Before any facts were known the gunman was immediately painted as being right wing (under the influence of Sarah Palin no doubt). He was identified as being extreme right wing with no evidence at all other than the target was a democrat and he obviously had guns. When the news the gunman read Mein Kampf came out it was used further as an excuse to paint him as being extreme right wing, following Sarah Palin. The ***s = extreme right wing mime was further propagated at nausea. Even in their name, the ***'s never claimed to be right wing. They enacted many left wing policies (as well as right and 'other'). They were anti-capitalist as well as anti-liberal. They were not the extreme form of 'all that is right wing'. This smear is just accepted because academics have accepted it as the norm [being majority left wing themselves would they really want to smear themselves with being ***, would they?]. I find it interesting that the media have no problem and never get upset when the ***'s are referred as extreme right wing ...
  • Law Student Court -- The Virginia Law Libel Show The 2006 Virginia Law Libel Show Presents... Law Student Court
  • Blood Libel - History israelpalestine- Blood libels against Jews are false accusations that Jews use human blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays. In general, the libel alleged something like this: a child, normally a boy who had not yet reached puberty, was kidnapped or sometimes bought and taken to a hidden place (the house of a prominent member of the Jewish community, a synagogue, a cellar, etc.) where he would be kept hidden until the time of his death. The descriptions of torture and human sacrifice in the antisemitic blood libels run contrary to many of the teachings of Judaism. The Ten Commandments in the Torah forbid murder. In addition, the use of blood (human or otherwise) in cooking is prohibited by the kosher dietary laws. Blood from slaughtered animals may not be consumed, and must be drained out of the animal and covered with earth. (Lev 17:12-13) According to the book of Leviticus, blood from sacrificed animals may only be placed on the altar of the Great Temple in Jerusalem (which no longer existed at the time of the Christian blood libels). Furthermore, consumption of human flesh violates kashrut. While animal sacrifice was part of the practice of ancient Judaism, the Tanakh (Old Testament) and Jewish teaching portray human sacrifice as one of the evils that separated the pagans of Canaan from the Hebrews.(Deut 12:31, 2 Kings 16:3) Jews were prohibited from engaging in these rituals and were punished for ...
  • Sarah Palin's Blood Libel, Denies to Violent Rhetoric with Violent Rhetoric --Obama gives an actual good speech, while Sarah Palin gives a blood libel speech, turning herself into the victim with anti-Semitic references, responding to accusations about violent rhetoric with unprovoked violent rhetoric. The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman http 24/7 Voicemail Line & Studio Number: (219)-2DAVIDP Broadcast on January 13, 2011
  • PharmaWHO Murders & Libel Scandal Part 2: Why Dr. Horowitz was Framed by CIA Agent Provocateurs CIA STING OPERATION BUSTED: MURDER & LIBEL CONSPIRACY TARGETS DR. LEONARD HOROWITZ IN INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM & ASSASSINATIONS RING Why has Benjamin Fulford using Greg Szymanski's forged "Knights of Malta" list to frame Dr. Horowitz in Edward Harle's murder? Dr. Horowitz is the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas Journal. Dr. Horowitz was the first researcher to charge the World Health Organization with fraud and pharmaceutical industry criminality at the start of the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu campaign and media manipulated fright. One third of the WHO's emergency committee persons were on the take from drug firms. Dr. Horowitz advances an alternative to deadly vaccinations, and poisonous antibiotics, called OxySilver. He also advances an array of natural healing products and simplifies health care for consumers. He also advances Healthy World Organization, an alternative to the criminal, drug-industry-corrupted, WHO. This is why this high profile natural healing doctor and public health expert was "set up" by libels and forgeries to be discredited in the murder of world leading financial industry whistleblower, Edward Harle. As news from England surfaced, Horowitz, and investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, realized that Harle's last writing was forged by Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian financial journalist living in Japan, who threatened Harle's life, and then doctored Harle's "last report" to make it seem like the "Knights of Malta" assassinated Harle. Horowitz's name was on ...

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  • “Philippines, Technology News & Reviews While of you may have already heard about the libel case against me was dismissed last month, I wasn't able to properly announce it here in my blog. We were waiting for a possible motion for reconsideration to elapse before bringing it out into the public”
    Libel | YugaTech | Philippines, Technology News & Reviews,

  • “Philippine laws and legal system (JLP-Law blog)”
    Libel archive at Philippine e-Legal Forum, jlp-

  • “The English libel law is particularly dangerous for bloggers, who are generally not your own blog, you can join hundreds of other bloggers by posting this blog on your own”
    — New Humanist (Rationalist Association) - discussing humanism,

  • “This week is the first anniversary of the report Free Speech is Not for Sale, which highlighted the oppressive nature of English libel law”
    — The Mass Libel Reform Blog - Fight for Free Speech! :: Blog,

  • “Defamation. The reform of British libel law has been something of a will o' the wisp in recent years. Hopefully it's less about "publication" as the organization than as the article—surely, a blog post or a forum comment about an issue of the day is as much "in the public interest" as a”
    — British Libel Reform: Finally to Be a Reality? | Citizen,

  • “I don't normally do this sort of mass-blog thing, but I'll make an exception for this: Sale, which highlighted the oppressive nature of English libel law”
    — Apathy Sketchpad " Libel,

  • “On April 28, 2008, New York Governor David Paterson signed into law the Libel Terrorism Protection Act, the nation's first legislative attempt at protecting American authors and publishers from a recent explosion of forum shopping, aptly called "libel tourism"”
    — Media Law Prof Blog: The End of Libel Tourist Holidays?,

  • “Blog Media and Libel Law. News Type: Other — Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:51 PM EDT. arts, journalism, artsvine, libel, In the case of libel, legislation is already developing and recent Internet libel cases are being decided based on basic libel law”
    — Newsvine - Blog Media and Libel Law,

  • “The Glexia Blog is a composite of company information, recent events, and employee insight in the web design, web hosting, and computer service industry. Twitter: Libel Forum. Twitter is seemingly causing problems again: Love's Online Spat Sparks First Twitter Libel Suit. Courtney Love's angry "tweets"”
    — Glexia Blog - The Offical Company Blog of : Twitter,

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