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  • We found 41 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word legume: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "legume" is defined. General (29 matching dictionaries) legume: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of legume - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The word "legume" can also refer to the type of fruit that is characteristic of most of the species of this family. Through a symbiotic relationship (mutualism) with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, legumes are able to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that. — “Legume - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Legume - A legume in botanical writing is a plant in the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae), or a fruit of these specific plants. Pickeringia montana - Pickeringia is a monotypic genus containing only the legume Pickeringia montana, which is known by the common name chaparral. — “Legume | Best Of Web | TutorVista”,
  • Varieties of soybean seeds, a popular legume A legume in botanical writing is a plant in the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae), or a fruit of these specific plants. A legume fruit is a simple dry fruit that develops from a simple carpel and. — “Legume”,
  • Definition of legume from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of legume. Pronunciation of legume. Definition of the word legume. Origin of the word legume. — “legume - Definition of legume at ”,
  • A legume in botanical writing is a plant in the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae), or a fruit of these specific plants. A legume fruit is a simple dry fruit that develops from a simple carpel and usually dehisces (opens along a seam) on two sides. — “Legume - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A selection of articles related to legume ARTICLES RELATED TO legume. legume: Encyclopedia - Tofu. Tofu, sometimes also called bean curd or doufu (nearly always in the context of Chinese recipes), is a food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. — “legume”,
  • a : the fruit or seed of plants of the legume family (as peas or beans) used for food b : a vegetable used for food Fabaceae, the legume family) of dicotyledonous herbs, shrubs, and trees having fruits that are legumes (sense 3) or loments, bearing nodules on the roots that contain. — “Legume - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The legume family (Fabaceae) is the third largest family of flowering plants with more than 18,000 described species. It is surpassed in size only by the orchid family (Orchidaceae) with about 20,000 species and the sunflower family (Asteraceae) with about 24,000 species. — “Legume Family (Fabaceae)”, waynesword.palomar.edu
  • legume (plural legumes) The fruit or seed of leguminous plants (as peas or beans) used Fabaceae) of dicotyledonous herbs, shrubs, and trees having fruits that are legumes or loments, bearing nodules on the roots that contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and including important. — “legume - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of legume in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of legume. Pronunciation of legume. Translations of legume. legume synonyms, legume antonyms. Information about legume in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. legume seed. — “legume - definition of legume by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A legume in botanical writing is a plant in the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae), or a fruit of these specific plants. A legume fruit is a simple dry fruit that develops from a simple carpel and usually dehisces (opens along a seam) on two sides. — “Wikipedia:Legume - Global Warming Art”,
  • Legume. Includes Vegetable, Peanuts, Legume Plants, Bacteria Important To Legume Plants Also What Kingdom, Kingdom Does Paramecium and Yeast Belong, Plant, Clover and English Wikipedia information plus more related topics on . — “Legume (Legumes, Bacteria, Plants, Nitrogen) @ ”,
  • The term legume has two closely related meanings in botany, legume can refer to either the plant itself, or to the edible fruit (or useful part). Legumes are noteworthy for their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, an accomplishment attributable. — “Legume”,
  • Legumes are members of the family Leguminosae and include both edible and inedible plants. Many topical trees in the legume family can be used as fodder for livestock as a rich source of proteins. The primary use of this family of plants is as. — “Legume - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • Use the right inoculant for the legume. Keep commercial culture in cool, dark place until Inoculation of legumes means the. introduction of legume bacteria into. — “Legume Inoculation”, caf.wvu.edu
  • Thus, the manager must attempt to balance the factors favoring growth of the grass with those favoring the legume. It is not the intent of this chapter to critically compare grass-legume mixtures with pure stands of either grasses or legumes. — “Pasture Fertility -- Legume Nutrient Requirement and Ability”, hubcap.clemson.edu
  • Click "Enter" for a Legume Experience. This new environment is rich and information dense -- and powerful. Relax, explore, and enjoy a Legume Diagram. Samples Products Try/Buy. — “Legume Technologies”,
  • Legume definition, any plant of the legume family, esp. those used for feed, food, or as a soil-improving crop. See more. — “Legume | Define Legume at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about legume. Information about legume in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. legume seed. — “legume definition of legume in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Legume - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Legume”,
  • legume ( ) n. A pod, such as that of a pea or bean, that splits into two valves with the seeds attached to one edge of the valves. — “legume: Definition from ”,

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  • How to Soak and Cook Dry Organic Legumes fitfortwo.tv Marta shares how to soak and cook dry legumes for maximum nutrient absorption and digestibility. For a chart with cooking times for dry legumes, click here bit.ly Find us here:
  • Lentils and Legumes How to incorporate lentils and legumes in your ayurvedic diet
  • Docteur Legume's 3D ROBOT MONSTER 45rpm VINYL PROMO Deadlier than DRACULA ! Wilder than the WEREWOLF ! More frightening than FRANKENSTEIN ! DOCTEUR LEGUME'S 3D ROBOT MONSTER - Vinyl 45rpm by Badman featuring three hits of the Weirdo Onemanband !!! CHEEKY BLUES / 2001 CERVEAU SALADE / VIXEN VAMPIRA Out Soon !! Out Soon !! Out Soon !! Out Soon !! place your order here: WWW.BADMAN.IT
  • How I make Legume Honestly, it's never exactly the same twice, but here's the general idea of how I make it...
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  • Grains and Legumes Nestlé implemented a sustainable agriculture strategy to target specific priorities in Central and West Africa.
  • SciFinder - The Soybean, a Legendary Legume In this podcast, we'll explore soybeans and their nutritional value by utilizing the only single source for scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world, SciFinder.
  • Legumes Using local species of the pulse family to nourish the soil and maybe nourish me.
  • Edible Legumes on my Urban Farm Each year October in Tampa signals harvest time for my Velvet Beans (Mucuna pruriens) and Vigna Beans (Vigna unguiculata). John
  • Are Grains and Legumes Bad for You #178 - Smita asked a great question on the blog the other day... "Are grains and legumes bad for you?" She had read about this on a website and wanted to know who was right about all of this. Today, I talk about who's right as well as how much water to drink, and a few other issues. I also (again) show everyone that we DON'T use our microwave. Take a look...
  • VoicesfromHaiti & Genevieve Dumorne make Legume Beregene.mp4 Genevieve Dumorne, a phenomenal woman, shows us how to make a Haitian favorite: Legume Beregene. This eggplant dish is popular everywhere Haitians live. Genevieve gives the instructions in Kreyol, making this a perfect opportunity to learn a few words. Enjoy this recipe! - Katia D Ulysse for
  • How legumes interact with the soil Video on cutting edge chemistry for science class. This is a takeoff on the "world of chemistry" videos.
  • Legumes and lentils.MP4 Nature's superfoods - the importance of adding legumes and lentils into your diet.
  • The New Four Food Groups: A Focus on Legumes The New Four Food Groups: A Focus on Legumes, is the last part of a four-part series highlighting the New Four Food Groups. Jill Eckart, CHHC, discusses the health benefits and cooking times of legumes such as mung beans, lentils, and pinto beans. In the kitchen, Jill uses black-eyed peas in Hoppin John Salad. Eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day brings good luck, according to a Southern tradition. But why wait until January for the fiber, protein, antioxidants, and other benefits this legume offers!
  • Proper Preparation of Grains and Legumes Sarah Pope, Weston A. Price Chapter Leader and The Healthy Home Economist, discusses and demonstrates how traditional societies carefully prepared grain and legume based dishes for maximum digestibility and nutrition. For a complete transcript, click here:
  • Mellow Legume - Home Song 1/2 of the short EP "Seeking Bliss" by Mellow Legume.
  • Sprouting Legumes - Lentils and Mung Beans - Super Easy Method Super Easy and Inexpensive Method - sprout your mung beans, lentils, buckwheat, quinoa, or other live seed, grain, or legume. Assists in digestion and assimilation.
  • Saute legume - en francais Saute legume - en francais Cooking - zuccini, squash, tomato and cabbage
  • Le taille-légumes www.nature-
  • MANT by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks Sons of the Atom ! Warm up your geiger counters and dance the Mant Surf ! Reverb-drenched surf music performed by Docteur Legume Et Les Surfwerks / weird onemanband from Italy
  • Cooking With Legumes (Part 1) What's both a meat *and* a vegetable? K-State Research and Extension nutrition specialists Karen Blakeslee and Sharolyn Jackson give us an overview of legumes (that's "beans" to most folks). In the first part of the program, they introduce us to a wide variety of beans, explain the health benefits of beans, and how beans stack up against animal-based proteins (meat).
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  • Nitrogen fixing legumes & green manures Using field beans to add organic matter and nitrogen to soil
  • Cooking with Legumes (Part 2) K-State Research and Extension nutrition specialists Karen Blakeslee and Sharolyn Jackson continue their look at legumes (beans). In the second part of the program, they focus on dried beans and peas.
  • Tom and Jerry Gradina cu legume 2011 YouTube
  • Cooking with Legumes Legumes are a healthy and delicious food that are easy to cook with.
  • Passe-Partout - CHANSON LES BEAUX LÉGUMES - REMIX2008 Muzik 4 Machines LIVE stereo: Definitive version: MP3: muzik4 (not this actual one, a better, live one from: Forum: muzik4 Passe partout - Chanson les legumes, remix 2008, premiére tentative de remix live, pas encore au point parce que le redsound, ben yé juste pas fait pour ca lol another song i played for the first time on video, remixing a song with 9 32 beats banks on the redsound, so i have to leave about 3 seconds to load the next one, cuts the feel a bit IMOHO but i can't afford a new sampler now(and no sampler does what I need besides ableton live) i splitted the original song by 1 bar divisions in soundforge, (adjusting the loop on each one) and then opened the 59 files in acid and stretched them al to 132 bpm, then exported in 8 bars sections for the redsound execution is pretty lame ATM i will need to program a song for this one too much pattern change, like smells like *** spiritgear used esx1: all sequencing and drum sounds tx81z: reverby/pumpy sawtooth bass/lead (chain:tx81z-mfc42-alesis nanoverb-dbx266 ch1 (pump)-ch2 (compression)-mixer) mks50: hoover/saw/lead/pumpy synth (Chain MKS-boss sl20-dbx266(stereo, mostly pump)-zoom rfx2200-mixer) Redsound SoundBite Pro: vocals/looping korg kaoss pad 2: delay kaoss pad 3: loops, looper(snare rolls), grainshifter kaossilator: noise sweeps (path: k01-mini kp(delay)-mixer) er1: beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-boss v-wha-sansamp gt2-boss volume pedal-boss ...
  • DER TRABANT TWIST by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks 60's Jet Set + deutsche baby cars and motorbikes + pyrotechnical maracas all mixed-up in POP NOSTALGIA MOOD (tm): can you dig it ? a special thanks to VASU who gave me this vintage footage, and thanks to Berlin folks I hope to see you soon ...mit rum !!!
  • Grains & Legumes trailer Introduction "trailer" from "Grains & Legumes" educational video program about world food crops, part of "The Science of Propagation" series. Propagation of "the big three" (corn, wheat & rice) is demonstrated with seeds. Legumes such as soy beans, peanuts, lupins and lentils are also propagated from seeds. In addition to propagation, students will learn how to harvest, process, thresh, winnow, grind, store and cook with these valuable food staples. Runtime = 33 minutes. Production owned by San Luis Video Publishing,
  • LA PLANETE SAUVAGE by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks How will you escape from a *freaked-out* strobe vision of love and life ? Red pill or Blue pill ? follow the doctor ... to the savage planet !
  • RAUMPATROUILLE SURF by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks Superhero's flavour + outer space bicycle ride ! Reverb-drenched surf music performed by Docteur Legume Et Les Surfwerks / weird onemanband from Italy
  • Use of Ancient Legume in Novel Food Products Claire Nicklin of Funadación IDEA explains her proposal to increase rural incomes and soil health for a network of over 6000 women-headed rural households in Central Ecuador through new market development for the lupin, a native legume.
  • Legumes speak to us Legumes are an alternative to the consumption of meat and animal products. Food is a daily activity accessible to everyone and that quickly and concretely lower our impact on the environment. We can feed much more people by directly consuming grains instead of giving them to animals and eat them later. In addition, livestock farming produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions (methane). Our short film is an invitation for people to discover and incorporate legumes into their eating habits through Meatless Monday. Directors: Stéphane Groleau and Mary Marcotte Productions Globules Verts,
  • What are Legumes? Legume is the general name given to beans, peas and lentils. Dried or from a can they are highly nutritious and an excellent source of protein. Visit and find some great ways to use them.
  • LOST AVENUE by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks ingredients: 2 oz of delirium tremens, 3 dash of spooky chords and a dried vampire bat. combine all ingredients in ***tail shaker with cracked ice. shake well. strain over ice cubers into chilled collins glass. fill with sparkling reverb and gently listen !!
  • Can You Eat Beans & Legumes on the Raw Food Diet? Ep214 Today I answer a question about eating raw beans, legumes, lentils, etc.. Can you eat them raw? FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: Acne Program: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to:
  • 15 Legume Salad - Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals
  • Alien Legume Trees useful for Reclamation of Saline and Alkaline Soils. Part-1 © Pankaj Oudhia Pithecellobium dulce is drought resistant, frost hardy and shade tolerant and can be grown in varieties of soil. It is native to Tropical America but in India it is used for many purposes. Fruits are consumed with taste. Leaves are used as fodder for cattle. All parts are used as medicine. This legume tree is useful for reclamation of Saline and Alkaline Soils in India. This film strip was prepared during Pankaj Oudhia's surveys. For details please visit Related Topics in Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Deilephila nerri Toxicity: Avicennia marina based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Otinotus oneratusToxicity: Avicennia officinalis based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Hypolixus truncatulus Toxicity: Azadirachta indica based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Aphis craccivoraToxicity: Azanza lampas based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Plautia fimbriata Toxicity: Azima tetracantha based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Papilio demoleus Toxicity: Baccaurea ramiflora based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal Formulations (Entomophagy and Entomotherapy) for Nezara viridula Toxicity: Bacopa monnieri based Formulations, Pankaj Oudhia's Herbal ...
  • Nutrition Standards Legumes Idaho State Dept. of Education - Nutrition Standards Legumes
  • The Effects of Legume-based Rotational Cropping on Rhizobia Assemblage in an Irrigated Rangeland of Nitrogen is one of the most important soil nutrients in agricultural lands. Soil nutrient is commonly improved through the application of inorganic fertilizers. However, the cost of inorganic fertilizers has gone up in East Africa with the global rise in price of natural gas and oil. One alternative is to enhance biological nitrogen fixation to retain and improve soil fertility (Bala, 1999; Giller, 2001). Biological nitrogen fixation is derived through the symbiotic association of legume roots and rhizobia in the soil. Soils without adequate compatible rhizobia will not achieve much nitrogen fixation with the introduction of grain legume. In East Africa, such soils are normally treated with rhizobium inoculants in order to achieve proper nitrogen fixation and a higher yield of pulse. The main objective of the study was to understand how rhizobia assemblages change in the soil with the introduction of compatible field legume crops. We compared rhizobia assemblages between soils from plots with varying sequences of leguminous and non-leguminous crops. We found that the rhizobia population significantly varies with the introduction of legumes in the rotation systems. (By: Denis Uduogu Austin Teaching Assistant, Student, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Nairobi, Amistin Enterprises Forestry; and Dr. Nathan Gichuki Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, University of Nairobi )
  • Funny: Batalia de la Posada cu legume Batalia de la Posada recreata cu legume.
  • Legume ipmPIPE Tutorial

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  • “What progress in legume genetic improvement in the EU. Genetic and genomic resources from If not already a member, you can ask for a free forum-specific registration”
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  • “An idiosyncratic and opinionated dictionary of Italian words related to food, with audio accompaniment and, in some case, recipes”
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  • “BLOG. FILM. MUSIC. CULTURE. UNCATEGORIZED. SEARCH. Cirque Du Legume Review @ Bewley's. June 13th, 2010. posted by Caomhan Keane. I was A pity, since by the looks of Cirque Du Legume, the fabulous two person show which ran for the last fortnight”
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