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  • Over the past thirty-five years, legislatures have been transformed from institutions of nearly complete homogeneity to diverse bodies that increasingly reflect the American population. — “Legislator Demographics”,
  • THE LEGISLATOR | July 2010. Most legislators would agree that the first half of 2010 has So as you review this issue of The Legislator, we invite you to enjoy. — “LEGISLATOR”,
  • I have also expanded it into another document "Getting Your Legislator to Listen" Personal Meetings with your Legislator(s) Nothing is more effective in building personal. — “legislator Documents, eBooks and Manuals”,
  • legislator. c. 130-180 CE, Gaius, Institutiones, 3.76. nec me praeterit non satis in ea re legislatorem voluntatem suam verbis expressisse. It has not escaped my observation, however, that the legislator did not express his intention in this manner in a way which is sufficiently clear. — “legislator - Wiktionary”,
  • Legislator". Once I started I realized it was going to be a very large article so it is going to be posted on our. website. I have also expanded it into another document "Getting Your Legislator to Listen" your legislator expresses his or her standpoint on the topic at hand. — “Getting to Know Your Legislators”,
  • Definition of legislator in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is legislator? Meaning of legislator as a legal term. What does legislator mean in law?. — “legislator legal definition of legislator. legislator”, legal-
  • Definition of legislator from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of legislator. Pronunciation of legislator. Definition of the word legislator. Origin of the word legislator. — “legislator - Definition of legislator at ”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Does a Legislator Do? This process can often require dozens or hundreds of individuals, meetings, and debates but, in the end, the result is that a legislator is a person who establishes the laws of a country. — “What Does a Legislator Do?”,
  • Search Legislative. Members by: Alphabetical List of Members. Municipality. Legislative District. Interactive Map of Legislative Districts. Electronic Correspondence. home | back. — “New Jersey Legislature - Find Your Legislator”, njleg.state.nj.us
  • A legislator (or lawmaker) is a person who writes and passes laws, especially someone who is a member of a legislature. In continental European jurisprudence and legal discussion, "the legislator" (le législateur) is the abstract entity that has produced the laws. — “Legislator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find Your Legislator. You may use the information below to find your legislative district and congressional It uses district boundaries available from legislative redistricting in 2000, but those boundaries were not designed to be accurate when zoomed in at a close level on. — “Find Your Legislator”, apps.leg.wa.gov
  • legislator n. One that creates or enacts laws, especially a member of a legislative body. [French législateur , from Old French, from Latin lēgis. — “legislator: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of legislator in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of legislator. Pronunciation of legislator. Translations of legislator. legislator synonyms, legislator antonyms. Information about legislator in the free online English dictionary and. — “legislator - definition of legislator by the Free Online”,
  • Legislator definition, a person who gives or makes laws. See more. — “Legislator | Define Legislator at ”,
  • Legislator - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Legislator”,
  • Get to know the legislator's staff and communicate with them often. 9. 1. Ask important questions that force the legislator to think and respond, rather than spending most of the time doing the talking while the legislator simply listens and responds with a nod or a "Yes, I see. — “Abortion - Pro Life - Lobbying on Life Issues”,
  • US Congress. In The Lobby. Find Your Legislator. Contact us. IF Movie Does Not Start, Please Click Here To Download Quicktime. Senator. Harry Coates. Representative. Mike Jackson. Senator. Charlie Laster. Representative. Danny Morgan © 2009 Shaughnessy Group, LLC All rights reserved. — “My Legislator TV - Home”, mylegislator.tv
  • Legislator. A legislator (or lawmaker) is a person who writes and passes laws, especially someone who is a member of a legislature. A legislator (or lawmaker) is a person who writes and passes laws, especially someone who is a member of a legislature. — “Legislator facts - Freebase”,
  • Get all the latest news, stories and web pages tagged with legislator on Zee News. — “legislator : Zee News”,
  • Legislator Quotations. It is clearly better that property should be private, but the use I was a Georgia state legislator for a great many years. Julian Bond. I remember coming to this college in the 1960s as a new legislator when a road divided the campus. — “Definition of Legislator”,
  • Expenditures by Legislator. 74th Session (2007) List of Paid Lobbyist Expenditures by Legislator. Lobbyist Registration & Reporting. Documents for Lobbyists. — “Nevada Legislator Expenditures”, leg.state.nv.us

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  • Vermont's Facist Legislator At a Vermont Legislative Breakfast in the Northwest Kingdom; open question and answer session
  • Newsnight investigates Jacqui Smith's expense claim (18Feb09) BBC Newsnight team investigate Jacqui Smith's fiddled home expenses claim
  • Dobbs goes off on Arizona legislator over immigration bill Lou Dobbs tonight.
  • Part 1 - Erie County Legislator Maria Whyte Part 1 of our 2 part interview with Erie County Legislator Maria Whyte. Legislator Whyte takes Erie County Executive Chris Collins to task for his proposal to cut the day care subsidy for low income working families in Erie County.
  • Citizen Legislator Class Live This panel "Tools for Citizens to Control Property Taxes & Cut Government Waste" was from the South Jersey Call to Service Summit on March 16th at Stockton College. Citizens learned about proposals to cut waste that they can introduce that can bring savings and help their communities avoid service cuts. Panelists included Harry Pozycki, Citizens' Campaign Chair, Deb DiLorenzo, President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey, and Christopher Daggett, former DEP Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate. The event was part of the Jersey Call to Service, a nonpartisan effort to inspire 5000 New Jersey citizens to participate in the leadership of their communities and build a culture of service and frugality.
  • FluorideGate: US Legislators Calling for Hearings on Water Fluoridation Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US — (TENNESSEE) Legislators Ask State Health Department Not To Promote Water Fluoridation... A bipartisan group of Republican and Democrat legislators in the Tennessee House of Representatives has sent a letter to State Health Commissioner Susan Cooper, asking that she direct state health department employees to halt activities that promote the practice of water fluoridation. The group includes Beth Harwell, Speaker of the House, legislator-physician Dr. Joey Hensley, and Representatives John DeBerry, Jr., Joe Towns, Jr., and Frank Niceley. The legislators' letter points out that the Gerber baby products company is now selling an unfluoridated water so that parents of young babies will not use fluoridated water when mixing milk formula. Noting that fluorides can cause a permanent disfiguring staining of teeth called "dental fluorosis," the group expressed concern that "many Tennessee families are unaware" about Gerber's water, and that citizens may not be able to afford unfluoridated water for their babies' milk, nor have funds to repair fluorosis stains on their or their children's teeth. The group also noted growing calls for "Fluoridegate" investigations, inquiries that would look into questions now surfacing about why the Centers for Disease Control and other groups have not openly communicated important science that contradicts years of assurances that fluoridation has been exhaustively researched and poses no health risks. The letter ...
  • NH: "Free stater legislator" beats cancer, wins seat. 1/2 Sponsor: - State Rep-elect Jenn Coffey is one of SIX "Free Stater" liberty activists elected to the New Hampshire state house in '08. This video was shot in 6 and first uploaded around 1/13/09 new hampshire liberty alliance dave ridley report ridleyreport ron paul nh free state project house surrey dam lake carol shea-porter judd gregg john sununu tammy simmons frank guinta republicans democrats barack obama sarah palin cancer survivors treatment hooksett second amendment sisters real id guns firearms shooting safety crime gun rights glock pistol concealed carry open.... Please thank our sponsor by visiting ...
  • Parliament legislator slaps lawmaker in face in Argentina Congress (19 Nov 2010) A budget disagreement turned into violence in the Argentinian parliament with opposition legislator Graciela Camano slapping fellow lawmaker Carlos Kunkel in the face. This happened at the Upper House's constitutional affairs commission, in the capital Buenos Aires. TrashTVChannel
  • Suffolk Legislator D'Amaro at PARP Kickoff News 12 Long Island report on Paumanok Elementary School PARP reading program Olympic-style kick-off event on 1/28/08 featuring Suffolk County Legislator Lou D'Amaro as special guest reader.
  • Usool ul fiqh: Al Hakim (the Legislator): Ustadh ibn Kamaludeen al-Hanafi A study circle by Ustadh ibn Kamaludeen al-Hanafi around the basis for legislation in Islam -- Who is the Legislator -- and how the Islamic basis for legislation differs with secularism.
  • Legislator's slap on the face of the electorate MPs taxes
  • KMT Legislator John Chiang thundered "Do you miss CKS?" On March 12, 2007, in the Legislature Yuan of Taiwan, KMT Party Legislator John Chiang (蔣孝嚴) thundered "Do you (General Lee Jye, the Minister of National Defense of Taiwan) miss (my grandfather) old Chiang Kai-shek?" This questioning certainly had nothing to do with Taiwan national defense. Chiang may as well question "Do you miss all my ancestors?" Actually, General Lee rebutted "No one even care to miss Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (the founder of ROC) today!" While Legislator John Chiang hesitated, Lee continued "Do you (John Chiang) know what day is today?" Chiang still hesitated. Lee said "Today is Dr. Sun's birthday!" Legislator Chiang still did not get it and became confused. Then, Lee said "Oops! NO! Today is his (82th) death anniversary." Chiang was silenced at last. KMT party actually expelled Defense Minister Lee from that party earlier, saying that he had damaged the party's name and disrespected former KMT leader Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek by agreeing to remove Chiang's name and statues from all military grounds on Taiwan. It is estimated that there exist more than 45000 Chiang Kai-Shek's statues on Formosa island - more than one statue per square kilometer.
  • Reid Honors Boxer & Legislator Manny Pacquiao on Senate Floor Nevada Senator Harry Reid today welcomed his friend and Filipino Congressman and boxing champ Manny Pacquiao to Washington. Reid honored Pacquiao's achievements in public service and boxing on the Senate Floor. "Manny is a fighter. There is nearly unanimous agreement that he is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet," said Reid. "But he knows it's not enough just to fight for yourself, or to be a world champion. You have to be a champion for others."
  • DVRPC Legislator's Express Part Two Private varnish special DVRPC Legislator's Express Train passing the SS United States on Delaware Avenue Philadelphia PA May 9 2002
  • Wis. union workers, legislators clash Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's controversial plan to fill the state's budget shortfall is fueling fiery protests. The proposal includes a provision that would take away public sector unions' right to collective bargaining. Cynthia Bowers reports.
  • Author: Kennedy Greatest legislator of his time Adam Clymer, the author of 'Edward M. Kennedy: A Biography' discusses the impact Ted Kennedy had on the Senate since taking office in November 1962. (Aug. 26)
  • DVRPC Legislator's Express Part Seven Private varnish special DVRPC Legislator's Express Train returning on Delaware Avenue Philadelphia PA May 9 2002
  • Lobbying Your Legislator Part Two Empire State Pride Agenda Training Video for Lobbying Your Legislator - Part Two
  • Visiting Your Legislator in Support of CTE: A How-To Video This video from the Association for Career and Technical Education walks you step-by-step through a meeting with your legislator or his/her staff, whether on Capitol Hill or in your hometown, so that you can effectively advocate for career and technical education. Video production and editing by Victor Akosile, Ciara Bell and Othneil Blagrove. Many thanks to Congressman Phil English and his legislative aide, Kelly Lavin, for their support and participation. Copyright 2008 ACTE. .
  • State of the Illinois Economy - Q&A At a joint hearing of the Illinois House and Senate Revenue Committees at the State Capitol on February 8, 2011, economist Dr. Geoffrey JD Hewings presented a report on the status of the Illinois economy, the jobs picture and the important role the housing market plays in the state's economy. The special hearing was arranged by the Illinois Association of REALTORS® in cooperation with legislative leaders in the Illinois General Assembly.
  • AC 360 Anderson Cooper Challenges Birther legislator CNN's Anderson Cooper is joined by an Arizona state lawmaker who still doubts that President Obama was born in America.
  • Pakistani Legislator Stands Up to Extremists Over Blasphemy Law Transcript: In Pakistan, calls to reform a blasphemy law have resulted in the assassination of two key moderate politicians. Margaret Warner talks to Pakistani Parliament member Sherry Rehman, who has challenged the law and become the focus of several protests and drawn ire from conservative imams.
  • Legislator, state needs currency backed by Silver & Gold (Japan close YT) You Tube Has Been Restricted In Japan. A Last Message Sent Out From Man In Japan LINK No silver bullet to prevent financial crises,LINK (1) Link (2) The UK Foreign Office (FCO) has urged Britons to leave Bahrain Link. Britons increasingly fretful about finances - poll Link Legislator says the state needs its own currency Link Read more:
  • Lobbying Your Legislator Part One Empire State Pride Agenda Training Video - Part One
  • NASSAU DEMS RACIST AND DIVISIVE ROBOCALL AGAINST LEGISLATOR HOWARD KOPEL Racisit and divisive robocall sent by the Nassau County Democrat Committee into the Five Towns, part of LD-7. This racially-charged and code-worded robocall was purposely sent to residents of Cedarhurst, Woodmere, North Woodmere, Mill Brook to scare residents. With an inflected voice, the caller/hack asks "What does Cedarhurst have in common with Elmont?" Elmont has been recognized by the New York Times as "is among the most diverse communities on Long Island." Nassau Democrats: STOP USING BLATENT RACISM AND DIVISIVE ETHNIC POLITICS FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH PURPOSES.
  • A Day in the Life of a Legislator (Part 1 of 2) (Click "HD" button for better quality) Representatives Sharon Tomiko Santos and Dan Kristiansen take us through a day in their lives as Washington State Legislators. (Part 1 of 2)
  • Washington Legislator Moves To Legalize Marijuana! December 17, 2009 KING 5 News
  • GOP calls for County Legislator 's resignation after DWI, disorderly conduct charges Monroe County Legislator Willie Lightfoot was arrested Wednesday night, accused of getting in between police and a man they were questioning.Lightfoot, a Democrat,  was arraigned in front of Judge John Elliot. Now, the head of the Monroe County Republican Party is calling for Lightfoot's
  • St. Louis American: Legislators call attention to North County radioactive dump READ STORY A river floodplain is probably the worst place to store radioactive waste, said Robert Criss, a geology professor at Washington University. But in fact, thats where such waste has ended up after Mallinckrodt Chemical Works started producing uranium for atomic bombs in 1942 right next to the Missouri River floodplain. The waste landed only eight miles upstream from Missouri American Water Companys intake for drinking water in Florissant that supplies all of North County. Thats also upstream from the Chain of Rocks water intake, a main supplier for St. Louis citys water. Dumped illegally in 1973, the waste is now buried in the West Lake landfill, west of Interstate 270 on St. Charles Rock Road. As the radioactive waste gets older, it becomes more dangerous, said representatives of Missouri Coalition for the Environment.
  • Erie County Legislator Lynn Marinelli WNYmedia sat down with the former Chair of the Erie County Legislature to get her take on this years coup, the Erie County Executive, cutting human services the ECIDA and what will be a controversial conversation this upcoming summer as the municipal sharing of the 8% sales taxis set to expire in Novemeber
  • Allah is The Lawmaker (Legislator) - Abdur Raheem Green The most basic of our duties to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala), is to establish His laws and make Him the Sovereign of the land . Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala) has given man the freedom to make whoever or whatever the Rabb. In the heavens, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala) has put loyal creatures, the Angels. Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala) has made it the responsibility of the Muslims to make Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala) the King of the earth as He is the King of the heavens. After the belief in Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala), the establishments of Allah's (Subhanahu Wa Taala) laws are the most important subject in the Quran. "And Allah judges, there is none to put back His Judgment and He is Swift at reckoning." [Surah Ar- Rad, 13:41] The Law (Al Hukm Ash-Sharee) The Islamic rule in the form of command which came from the law maker, Allah taala. Establishes Islamic rule which falls in different categories (wajib, haram, etc.) This video is edited out from : "The Many Aspects Of Shirk by Abdur Raheem Green"
  • Longest-serving US legislator Robert Byrd dies Robert Byrd, the longest-serving member in the history of the US congress, has died. Byrd, who was 92, served for 57 years, held more leadership positions and cast more votes than any other US legislator. A Democrat, he was also a vocal opponent of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al Jazeera's Tom Ackerman looks back at the career of the man who was seen as an institution. (June 29, 2010)
  • You Can Beat Your Wife FREE SONG DOWNLOAD NOW AVAILABLE: . Song about Republican representative David Weiler who was arrested twice for assaulting his wife.
  • Citizen Legislator I'm Dr. Tom George and I'm running for governor. Michigan deserves a governor who will reform our state health programs, the single biggest expense within our budget, freeing up resources to afford tax relief and investments in education and roads. With our hard working people and bountiful natural resources, Michigan's has a bright future. If we work together we can fix Michigan! Join my team at and let's fix Michigan.
  • Obama: Kennedy 'Greatest Legislator Of Our Time' In a moving eulogy, President Barack Obama said that giving a voice to those who were not heard was the lifework of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.
  • Texas Legislation Which should bother you more, that half aren't even there, or what happens when they're not?
  • Florida legislator wants random drug tests for the unemployed David Edwards and Muriel Kane Raw Story March 16, 2009 Employers have justified drug tests in the workplace by pointing to such negative effects of drug use as absenteeism and work-related injuries. Now a Florida legislator has proposed that random drug-testing also be applied to those receiving unemployment insurance, justifying it as a way to make state funds go further. Florida State Senator Michael S. Bennett told Fox News host Steve Doocy on Monday that with the unemployment rate in his recession-battered state running between 10% and 11%, he worries that the Unemployment Trust Fund might be exhausted. "I wanted to ensure that people who are qualified for unemployment — that the money would be there when they actually go down and get unemployment and that we werent supporting the people who were not able to go to work," Bennett explained. "It was nothing against the people who were using the drugs as much as it was to ensure that the people who needed unemployment, it would be there when they got there." Bill Piper of the Drug Policy Alliance, which is dedicated to ending the "war on drugs," responded that "to require someone to pass a drug test to get their unemployment insurance after theyve been laid off is pretty cruel — and to require them to pay for the test themselves is even more cruel." "Its a pretty degrading process," Piper went on. "You have to urinate in front of another person. You have to tell complete strangers if youre on birth control ...
  • Kennedy: Liberal Legend, Able Legislator Saturday's news that Massachusetts Democratic Senator Edward M. Kennedy was hospitalized after an apparent seizure served as a sharp reminder that he is 76 and has been in the Senate 45 years -- longer than most Americans have been alive. (May 17)
  • McCaul: High Tech Legislator of the Year McCaul is awarded for his commitment to advancing high tech policy in Congress during a presentation at IBM-Austin.
  • Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief New Update:Behind the Story and How It Began Update: From the Communication Team for Henry McElroy, Jr. Statement on an un-released brief to President Eisenhower. Transcript for the speech here:
  • Mau Piailug Meets With The Legislator's of the Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands Part 2 Mau Piailig meets with the Legislator's of the Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan 1999 .

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  • “Next week, State legislators will participate in an ‘Ask Your Legislator’ Forum. Local citizens will have the opportunity to ask questions, face to face, with 1 st District Legislators Senator Rosemary McAuliffe and Representative Al”
    — Ask Your Legislator' Forum, Monday, May 17 : Washington State, blog.senatedemocrats.wa.gov

  • “Mizoram Legislator Forum on HIV/AIDS. Mizoram Legislator Forum on HIV Mizoram Legislator Forum ah hian MLA an kal tha hle a, mahni bial theuh bakah an”
    — Mizoram State AIDS Control Society, mizoramsacs.nic.in

  • “A place to talk about government closer to your home /departments/legislature/legislator.asp?id=305). He's more concerned with his self-serving butchering of the English language on his joke of a blog”
    — Poll: Should Albany County Legislator Brian Scavo resign,

  • “The Burlington Hawk Eye is Iowa's oldest daily newspaper, serving the Southeast Iowa/Western Illinois region. Everything from dead man's curve to tax increases entered the discussion at a monthly state legislative forum Saturday morning”
    — The Hawk Eye,

  • “Forum. Blog. Contact. Search. Links. Kirkbride Buildings " Blog " Maine Legislator Calls for Closure of Bangor Hospital. Kirkbride Maine Legislator Calls for Closure of Bangor Hospital. Maine's Health and Human Services Committee co-chair,”
    — Maine Legislator Calls for Closure of Bangor Hospital,

  • “Nearly 100 people showed up at Kent City Hall last Saturday (Feb. 20th) to attend a Community Jobs Forum sponsored by state legislators from the 33rd”
    — Nearly 100 Turn Out For Legislator-Hosted Jobs Forum | The, b-

  • “The Fargo Forum has an opinion piece up today about the Antigua trip I posted about yesterday: When North Dakota legislators take an all expenses-paid trip from special interests that might have business before the Legislature, North Dakotans”
    — Say Anything " Forum Editorial On ND Legislator's Antigua Trip,

  • “Oklahoma Political News Service provides daily news article posts on all things politics in Oklahoma Labels: OK Legislator's Blog, Rep. Jason Murphey”
    — Oklahoma Political News Service,

  • “Home > Our Blog > Suffolk Legislator Viloria-Fisher Slams Guv Candidate Paladino racist emails and ***ography, Suffolk County Legislator Vivian Viloria-Fisher (D”
    — Our Blog : Suffolk Legislator Viloria-Fisher Slams Guv,

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