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  • laxative n. A food or drug that stimulates evacuation of the bowels. adj. Stimulating evacuation of the bowels. — “laxative: Definition from ”,
  • Laxatives. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Laxatives. Smart Shopping for Laxatives, Weight Loss From Laxatives, Laxatives and Colon Cleanse, Abdominal Pain Caused by Laxatives. — “Laxatives | ”,
  • Information about over-the-counter laxatives, from the American Academy of Family Physicians. — “Laxatives: OTC Products for Constipation -- ”,
  • Learn about Laxatives on . Find info and videos including: About Laxatives, About Laxatives, How to Buy a Laxative and much more. — “Laxatives - ”,
  • Yes been there, done that. It is a form of eating disorder to use laxatives when they're not absolutely necessary. Your sister could get a heep of stomach/intestinal problems if she keeps it up. Talk with her! Just because laxatives are. — “Laxatives? Is taking laxatives after you eat like throwing up”,
  • Use laxatives only if a doctor says you should. Most people with mild constipation do not need laxatives. For those who have made diet and lifestyle changes and are still constipated, a doctor may recommend laxatives or enemas for a limited time. — “Laxatives”,
  • Learn about laxatives for constipation treatment. Some of the OTC laxative preparations include: bulk-forming, stool softeners, lubricants, stimulants, saline, enemas and suppositories. Side effects and precautions are included in the information. — “Laxatives For Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Treatment”,
  • MiraLAX® is the #1 doctor recommended laxative for constipation relief and available over the counter. — “MiraLAX® - Over the Counter Laxative for Constipation Relief”,
  • Bupa health factsheet - laxatives, includes information on bulk-forming, osmotic and stimulant, plus laxative side-effects. — “Laxatives”, hcd2
  • Laxatives may be grouped by mechanism of action. Saline cathartics Stimulant and irritant laxatives increase the peristaltic movement of the intestine. — “Laxatives - Definition, Description, General use, Precautions”,
  • Laxatives. Laxatives summary with 5 pages of encyclopedia entries, research information, and more. Laxatives are products that promote bowel movements, and are used to treat constipation (the passage of hard, dry stools). — “Laxatives Summary | ”,
  • Learn how over-the-counter laxatives relieve constipation and which are safe to use. — “Over-the-counter laxatives for constipation: Use with caution”,
  • Laxatives are substances or drugs that stimulate the intestines, causing the body to eliminate waste. They are fiber or bulk laxatives, hyperosmotics or salts, stimulants or cathartics, softeners and lubricants. — “What are Laxatives?”,
  • Laxatives are a type of medicine that can help you to empty your bowels if you are having trouble going to the toilet. There are several types of laxative and each type works in a different way. — “NHS Direct Wales - Encyclopaedia : Laxatives”,
  • Laxatives (also known as purgatives or aperients) are foods, compounds, or drugs taken to induce bowel movements or to loosen the stool, most often taken to treat constipation. Laxatives work to hasten the elimination of undigested remains of food in the large intestine and colon.[1]. — “Laxative - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Laxatives in the Medical Dictionary. Laxatives explanation. Information about Laxatives in Free online English dictionary. What is Laxatives? Meaning of Laxatives medical term. What does Laxatives mean?. — “Laxatives - definition of Laxatives in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • ShopWiki has 19 results for Laxatives, including At Last Naturals, Inner Clean Laxatives, 200 Tablets, At Last Naturals, Inner Clean Laxatives, 80 Tablets, Bekunis Laxatives 2.83 OZ, and Laxatives: CORN SILK. — “Laxatives”,
  • Laxatives have long been used for quick and easy relief from constipation. While they may seem like a quick fix, if not used properly, or if used too often, laxatives can become addictive and make your struggle with constipation more difficult in the long run. — “The Benefits and Drawbacks of Laxatives”,
  • Oral and rectal laxatives - read this before you try them. — “Laxatives for Constipation - unConstipated”,
  • Shop now at , your one stop destination for Laxatives. Here you can find MiraLax Laxatives let's not forget Senokot S Laxatives. It does not matter what you're looking for we can help you find it with the lowest prices online only. — “Laxatives | MiraLax Laxative | Senokot S Laxative | Enemas”,
  • What is a laxative? A laxative is a substance that helps you have a bowel movement. Laxatives are used to relieve and prevent constipation, which occurs when it is difficult to have a bowel movement. What types of laxatives are there? There are. — “Laxatives”,
  • Laxatives can solve constipation but they need to be used properly. Find out about the different types of laxatives and how to use them safely. — “How to Safely Use Laxatives for Constipation”,
  • Laxatives act through various mechanisms to induce the passage When you are constipated and resort to a laxative you never really know where you will be and what you will be. — “Laxatives”, health-information-

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  • Fashion, Beauty & Laxatives Laxatives = LOVE! & so does shopping for bargains ;) Blog for pictures: Bloglovin': Tweet Me on Twitter: Inquiries: [email protected] MakeupOnABudget's Philips MOM video: Disclaimer: Everything purchased by me! Enjoy :)
  • Laxative Abuse: Public Service Announcement This video highlights the purposeful abuse of laxatives as well as the unintentional abuse associate with laxatives. Many people underestimate the potential harm that can occur if too much of an OTC product is taken as most feel that OTC products are safe to take regardless of the dose since they are easily accessible. The video provides several different scenarios where laxative abuse can occur. The creative minds behind the video are 2nd year professional pharmacy students at Northeastern University School of Pharmacy, Therapeutics with Self Care Emphasis course.
  • How to stop abusing laxatives and diuretics Tips on reducing/ stopping abuse of of laxatives and diuretics as an eating disorder behaviour
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  • Jacob does the gallon challenge with milk spiked with laxatives!!! This genius of a kid decided to partake in the gallon challenge. Little did he know that the milk was previously spiked with some Milk of Magnesia (laxatives). This video is the result of milk coming out of two ends..............
  • ( Dating Ad Parody) - Laxative This is aparody of the online ads. The Parody Project follows parody artist Kevin Sage as he writes a pop song parody, records it, produces a music video for it, and tries to reach the original artist to give them the opportunity to choose his next victim...all in 30 days. You can watch his video diary, behind-the-scene footage on the set and in the studio, and of course the final product. And what's even more exciting is The Parody Project is interactive entertainment. Don't just sit and watch! Be a part of it. You can participate in the action through various contests that emerge over the 30 days.
  • Update on Anorexia, Laxatives, BPD... The video got cut off at the end, which is probably not a bad thing! I wanted to make an update video, but I feel kind of numb and empty at the moment, so it's hard to put into words what's going on in my head. I know a lot of people are really struggling just now - please keep making videos, keep talking and sharing your experiences. We *WILL* get through this. Life won't always be this painful. We will win the battle, and be able to truly live. I firmly believe that.
  • All Natural Laxative Found In Herb-Lax This Natural Laxative encourage a mild cleansing action to aid the bodies natural process. Herb-Lax features 9 herbs, including senna leaf. Visit our blog to find out more on healthy digestion at:
  • Bad Girls Club Season4 Laxative Cookies it might sound kinda funny cuz i did this from my tv
  • chocolate laxative eating The girls eating chocolate laxatives. Drugs? i think not.
  • Weeds - The ***s Celia admits to Dean that she put laxatives in Isabella's candy stash...
  • Laxative Commercial This video shows the dangers of being constapated. Nobody should endure the consequences of constapation. Instead they should find a sensible solution, such as laxative, to solve their problem. Starring Mark and Greg Weller. Evolution of dance, lamborghini, halo, breakdancing, smosh, how to, cars, monster trucks, extreme, parkour, freestyle, free running, idaho, america, figure skating, skateboarding, animation, skate, x-box, ps3, ferrari, viper, stingray, lunchables, hayden, coeur d'alene, celebrity deathmatch, south park, avatar, dragonball z, lord of the rings, spoof, the matrix, avril lavigne, my chemical romance, random, bling bling, mcdonald's prank, prank, college, etc, oh my gosh. OK these are all tags so that this video will appear in every search possible. It's science. Comments are welcome. Tell you friends and perhaps the whole world about our video!
  • - Co Workers - Glue and Laxatives It's hard to be productive when you're glued to the chair.
  • How to Detox Your Body : Body Detox with Laxatives Lean how to use body detox techniques such as using laxatives and get expert tips and advice on natural body detoxification techniques in this free personal health video. Expert: Angie Yarid Contact: Bio: Angie Yarid is the owner of LA Tans & Aesthetic Center in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
  • Karen Carpenter Laxatives Sketch comedy from the now-defunct Chicago group, The Flaming Cobras. New stuff at or
  • Laxative abuse A video about my experiences with laxative abuse and what it ment for me.
  • ATWT 4/18/07 Holden finds Faith's laxatives Holden is unnerved when he uncovers Faith's stash of laxatives in the Snyder farmhouse kitchen. She confesses that she considered using them one more time because Parker wants to take her to the pep rally. Holden downplays the importance of looks in a relationship and urges her to "be you." As he worries about what's happening to Faith, Holden accidentally finds Lily's diet pills.
  • Josh vs. The Laxative Go here to watch the real video with sound: You drink the solution, then you poop the water!!
  • NATURAL LAXATIVES FOR CONSTIPATION Susana Belen Founder of We Care Spa recommends the healthy choice for constipation using natural foods and herbs as a laxative. Constipation could be avoided if you eat watery food like fruits and vegetables. If your constipated you could drink some prune juice or soak some prunes over night for less sugar. dried figs, apricots, and fruits will help as a laxative. If you've been constipated for some time and the fruit still don't work then you can try a nutural herb formula in capsule form called fiber regulator which is sold at We Care Spa. To learn more about taking care of your health visit our web site at http
  • Laxatives marcus and zach get in fight
  • Using Laxatives To Lose Weight lose10poundsin3. Since I am typically a level-headed person and do NOT fall for many of the "fad diets" that float around the diet section of the local bookstore, when I first head someone talking about laxatives to lose weight I laughed out loud at the idea. "Oh, so you are going to sh** yourself thin?" I said. However, now I feel that I was a bit narrow-minded about the whole thing. In fact, after doing some intense research in an effort to discredit the idea of using laxatives to lose weight, I actually found enough information to become a firm believer in the idea of using laxatives to lose weight... IF USED CORRECTLY. Here is some of my reasoning for believing that using laxatives to lose weight isn't such a bad idea First, the modern diet of most industrialized nations is horribly lacking in dietary fiber. This causes our bowels to be sluggish and unhealthy. Since our diet is already missing a very essential element, then we have a few choices: 1. Change the way we eat (not very likely to happen) 2. Add the fiber to our diet through the use of laxatives 3. Continue to be unhealthy by not consuming enough fiber Using laxatives to lose weight can actually be very healthy if done properly. "Properly" means consuming the right laxatives to maximize weight loss, and taking the laxatives at the right times of the day as to not over do it (no pun intended). Although this video (and video description) is about using laxatives to lose weight, there are many other ...
  • Using Laxatives to lose weight is dangerous. This works and is safer! Struggling to lose weight fast for Summer or that dream holiday. Get your free trial today for 100% herbal remedy to shift those lbs fast but safely.
  • Funny Laxatives Commercial What happens to a football team on an accidental major overdose of laxatives pills.
  • Using coffee as a laxative Drinking coffee to use as a laxative is not recommended by Dr. Group, find out what's the safest way to promote bowel movements.
  • Laxatives for Breakfast: A Variation of the 1812 Overture **WARNING** DRUG CONTENT AND LANGUAGE A silent film set to portions of the 1812 Overture. A simple morning stroll turns into a deadly race against time to stop a dear friend from ingesting laxatives with his morning cereal. Please sit back, relax and enjoy, Laxatives for Breakfast: A Variation of the 1812 Overture NOTE: The extended lengths of shots and lack of fluidity at points throughout the film, are meant to reflect filmmaking during it's fledgeling stages and after the editing process ws first developed. Please take this into account while viewing our film. Thanks and enjoy!
  • Ackward Moments- Chocolate Laxatives A new series called Ackward Moments. Daniel goes to get a snack after an afternoon nap. Go watch the bloopers at: Be sure to check out and join my website at: Follow me on Twitter at
  • Laxatives to lose weight? This works quicker! Free* Trial @ Want to lose weight for your holidays - struggling to lose weight? Receive your FREE* trial today of new herbal remedy to shift those stubborn pounds today!
  • Briarpatch Nov. 25, 2009: Laxative Hierarchy and Clean Wieners As a caregiver I am responsible for my loved one's well being. Sometimes it requires a lot of self-discipline to convince the patient to do things that they really don't want to do and that I want to do even less (ie baths, enemas, etc.). But these things must be done and it is important that they be done with a sense of humor, love and sensitivity (and sometimes disposable latex gloves are good too).
  • Laxatives to Lose Weight - Does it Work? correct-weight- - A lot of people take laxatives to lose weight. Most people do so without ever realizing if is this ever works for weight loss or without knowing the side-effects. Suresh and Dr Jasvin discuss about what you must know if you are taking laxatives or are planning to take it.
  • Laxative in drink Two 'friends' putting laxative in a bottle of san miguel and passing it off as a fruity taste san miguel is famous for
  • Giving up Laxatives - Cold Turkey Style Said it before in my blog (well written) but Im determined this time to really give it a go.....a number of reasons, a- cant afford it nearly £10 a day b- they dont help me lose weight c- my body is knackered d-many more reasons Thanks for watching any support is welcome
  • Laxatives! Laxatives! When you need to go, but just can't. Just Poo It!
  • Castles Along the Rhine The Otto Family European river cruise traveled the Rhine River from Bingen to Koblenz on the River Discovery.
  • laxative adventures! and rolaids and seltzer water! me rambling about my laxative use and wonderful findings of seltzer water and rolaids!
  • Natural Laxative Foods visit natural- for more information on natural laxative foods
  • Detoxification-Laxative Throughout the 1980s, I experimented with various detox programs with fasts and trying various laxatives that are herb base, including teas and psillum seed based formulas and clolonic and coffee enemas. I tend to feel better after detox, but many of these laxatives are much too strong for me. I use milder ones obnly rarely when I get upset stomach. I am much healthier then I used to be and I am very grateful.
  • The Dangers of Giving Laxatives To Children Ask Dr. Group any health related question at /natural-health
  • Laxatives To Lose Weight Visit for simple 5 step fat loss guide. Can you really use laxatives to lose weight?
  • Laxative Commercial Thank you very much to Joel on that can be found here: NOTICE: I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND A SINGLE SOUL! IM SORRY IF I DID =( If you would like to sign up for campusbug click here (youll earn me points):
  • Laxative Commercial A video showing the positive impacts of ex-lax and other laxatives in our society produced by St. Jimmy's Ghost Productions
  • Alfred Hitch*** was confused by a laxative commercial ALFRED HITCH*** SAID: "May I say I am very confused by that last commercial. Well, it was a commercial for a laxative. And I wonder why all those people doing sports and all that sort of thing--where they would need a laxative after such vigorous movement all over the place."

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  • “does the abuse of laxatives slow down your metabolism in the liong run? will your body Laxatives will cause your body to lose nutrients. Enough laxative”
    — Metabolism and Laxatives " health and,

  • “Effects of Laxatives Used for Colon Cleansing What are laxatives? Laxatives, also known as cathartics, are used for long term constipation as colon cleansing but usually it is used only if other natural methods fail. Nowadays people”
    — Effects of Laxatives Used for Colon Cleansing - Shocklines,

  • “Laxative helps to loosen the bowel and provide relief from constipation. Nature has given us some outstanding laxatives. Although natural laxatives are usually”
    — Natural Laxatives - Senna Laxative - Constipation Laxative, natural-

  • “Those most at risk of developing kidney failure problems after using the Fleet laxatives, according to the FDA, include patients who are: Posted in Defective Drugs, Fleet, Laxatives | No Comments " Search for: AWKOLaw Firm Blog. FDA to Recall Darvon® (November 19,”
    Laxatives " AWKOLaw Firm Blog,

  • “Natural Laxatives? Find answers to your medical questions in our community forum. Natural Laxatives? Which natural foods are good for bowel movement besides fiber? Thanks.Additional Details Oh yeah, I am aware of the stuff. Which natural foods are good for bowel movement besides”
    — Natural Laxatives?, drug3

  • “Forums and message boards for Senna, Stimulant Laxatives (generic) Senna, Stimulant Laxatives Forum. Forums and message boards for Senna, Stimulant Laxatives (generic). Search Forum. Start a Discussion. Email me when the Senna, Stimulant Laxatives Forum is updated. Learn more”
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  • “Home > Giving laxatives is lawful search. Giving laxatives is lawful personnel, and it was hospital policy to administer laxatives to prevent overdose”
    — Wisconsin Law Journal " Blog Archive " Giving laxatives is,

  • “These include laxatives, prescription medications, enemas, suppositories, combination Example of Hyperosmolar laxatives- Lactulose, sorbitol and”
    — ErboLaxa | Herbal Remedies Blog - ErboLab Blog,

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