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  • Lavishly Undone is dedicated to the fight to limit government intrusion into the lives of citizens and the American economy. — “Home”,
  • NUMBER:19951 QUOTATION:We see young men who owe us a new world, so readily and lavishly they promise, but they never acquit the debt; they die young and dodge the 4) grand opera. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000. — “Search Results for "lavishly"”,
  • Shop Women's Gifts Under $150 at , the Official Site of Ralph Lauren. Romance Eau de Parfum - The women's fragrance that evokes the of velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk. Spray on lavishly for a distinctly feminine sensuality. Available in 1.7 oz. and 3.4. — “Romance Eau de Parfum - Gifts Under $150 For Her”,
  • Lavishly spritz our refreshing fragrance mist all over your body Lavishly spritz our refreshing fragrance mist all over your body First Added by. — “Twilight Woods™ Fragrance Mist - Signature Collection - Bath”,
  • Members of the state Board of Education often live lavishly when they're on the public tab, charging taxpayers for expensive meals, themed (read more). — “Colorado Education Board can live lavishly, report shows”,
  • They loved each other, not driven by necessity, but the "blaze of passion" often falsely They loved each other because everything around them willed it, the trees and the clouds. — “Love Lavishly”,
  • Lavishly. Learn about Lavishly on . Get information and videos on Lavishly including articles on harvest decorations, disney mix, modern bedroom decorating and more!. — “Lavishly | Answerbag”,
  • Hillary Spending Lavishly Secondly, the Clinton effort spent money lavishly up front, as if the race was going to be over after a handful of early states had voted, and was ill prepared for a battle stretching for months, Trippi told the Times. — “Hillary Spending Lavishly”,
  • While the nation was mourning the death of Cory Aquino, President Arroyo and other officials were seen dining at an upscale French restaurant in New York with their bill reportedly reaching $20,000. Malacañang confirmed the dinner took place but. — “Arroyo dined lavishly in US before attending Cory's wake”,
  • Asian Journal Online - Fil-Am News, Filipino-American Community Newspaper Arroyo and her party lavishly feasted on in New York's fourstar restaurant, Le Cirque. — “Lavishly unpopular”,
  • Lavishly rewarded for making a loss. Scott Rochfort. August 23, 2010 Verticon Group has consolidated its reputation for being one of the biggest payers of. — “Lavishly rewarded for making a loss”, .au
  • Marbaya in Fremont, CA - Apartments For Rent - Spacious apartments and a great location! Marbaya Apartments stands out with our lavishly generous floorplans and professional management staff. — “Marbaya Apartments For Rent in Fremont, California”,
  • World news headlines from the Washington Post,including international news and opinion from Africa,North/South America,Asia,Europe and Middle East. Features include world weather,news in Spanish,interactive maps,daily Yomiuri and Iraq coverage. — “Indian Museum Director Spent Lavishly on Travel”,
  • Buy Games Software CD Key: DOOM 3 CD-KEY. Friskies Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna Feast Gourmet Cat Food- net wt. and essential oils known for millennia to lavishly. This group spends lavishly, and yet is discerning enough to seek quality products. — “Lavishly Net Products”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb lavishly has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : in a wasteful manner. — “lavishly: Information from ”,
  • NEW YORK — A former bank director built himself a financial fiefdom out of automotive-chemical companies, then plundered it through a series of stock frauds that let him live lavishly even though he'd declared bankruptcy, prosecutors said. — “John D. Mazzuto CHARGED: Former Bank Director Allegedly Part”,
  • spectacular adj 1: sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect; "a dramatic sunset"; "a dramatic pause"; "a ghettospectacular display of north To spend money lavishly at a social or private event. — “Urban Dictionary: lavishly”,
  • Definition of lavishly from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lavishly. Pronunciation of lavishly. Definition of the word lavishly. Origin of the word lavishly. — “lavishly - Definition of lavishly at ”,
  • Lavishly Dunn provides custom Boston & Cape Cod catering and event planning. Visit our site to see our work and learn why we stand out among Cape Cod Caterers. — “Cape Cod Catering - Boston Event Planning | Lavishly Dunn”,
  • Definition of lavishly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is lavishly? Meaning of lavishly as a legal term. What does lavishly mean in law?. — “lavishly legal definition of lavishly. lavishly synonyms by”, legal-
  • Definition of lavishly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lavishly. Pronunciation of lavishly. Translations of lavishly. lavishly synonyms, lavishly antonyms. Information about lavishly in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “lavishly - definition of lavishly by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Lavishly - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Whatever your dreams may be, Lavishly Luxe Floral Designs can make them come true above and beyond, down to every impeccable detail that you desire. — “Lavishly Luxe Floral Design”,
  • lavishly. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: He was noted to entertain lavishly, throwing the biggest and best parties in town. — “lavishly - Wiktionary”,

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  • happy Diwali 2010 -Lightning your life..By Siddeswar Manoj One of the most widely and lavishly celebrated Hindu festival in India, Diwali or more accurately called 'Deepawali' is also known as the 'festival of light'. It marks the beginning of a new year in the traditional Hindu calendar. Most of the people, consider this to be the most auspicious time of the year to lay foundations for any new venture There are many myths and legends related to the celebration of the day and the way it is celebrated. Here are few of these myths that have been prevalent since time immemorial in the history of the festival. Lord Rama and Sita The most widely believed and oft told story is the one, where Devi Sita, the wife of Prince Lord Rama was kidnapped by the evil demon king Ravana, when they along with Ram's brother Laxman were residing in the jungle as part of an exile. After Lord Rama defeated and killed Ravana and came back to his home back in Ayodhya, he was welcomed to the city with beautifully lit houses with candles and clay lamps. This day since then has been celebrated as "Deepawali" meaning a string of clay lamps. King Bali and Vamana Avatar There is another story that involves King Bali and Vamana Avtar (Dwarf). History has it that King Bali was a generous ruler, but his immense success led a few gods to plead to Lord Vishnu to test the worth of the king. Lord Vishnu then turned into a dwarf and went to King Bali's court to test him. As Vamana, Lord Vishnu asked Bali, the ruler of Earth, Skies and Underworld that if he could cover ...
  • Kit & The Widow with Edward Fox: Huntin' (Lavishly Mounted 11/18) Kit and the Widow are accompanied by Edward Fox. From the 1992 TV Special 'Lavishly Mounted'. Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • Kit & The Widow: People Who Like Sondheim (Lavishly Mounted 15/18) From the 1992 TV Special, 'Lavishly Mounted'. (See Julia McKenzie's response to this song in Lavishly Mounted Part 16) Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • 31st Bangkok Motor Show: Audio Zone & Coyote Dancers The Bangkok Motor Show places an emphasis on the word "show" and alongside the pristine, immaculate production cars arrayed in the lavishly styled booths in the gleaming halls, outside the front doors of the BITEC Bangna complex there is a swirling "Audio Zone", a sea of raucously pumping music, flashing neon lights and wildly gyrating dancers. The shows start as soon as dusk rolls in over Bangkok and continued relentlessly each night for the duration of the show, without any break, until the event finished for the night at bang on 10PM. It's always popular entertainment for the crowds in a city that sets much store by customised "blinged" up cars with huge sound systems that deafen the senses with a beat that oozes from clusters of loudspeakers. The vehicles - mostly intensely converted pick up trucks - are lavishly reinterpreted as mobile sound systems, expense is not spared as they become festooned with speakers, amplifiers, brightly coloured flashing neon lights, and illuminated platforms - mini "dance floors" - where perspiring, coyote-style dancers strut themselves in front of a wave of camera phones. DJs command the rhythm of the beat from several stages, one is actually a converted 'matte' finished Toyota Yaris, hoisted up onto its own podium for the occasion, the tailgate now rolling out on runners to reveal a full mixing deck astride on a steel platform. Dozens of pick up trucks mirror the beat, lights flash in harmony, and there are more than 20 makeshift ...
  • Legs & Co - Working My Way Back To You - Top Of The Pops 1980 Legs & Co dancing to Detroit Spinners hit Working My Way Back To You. Top Of The Pops 1980.
  • Shilpa Shetty finally gets MARRIED! In London hes used to zipping around in luxury cars and sports models, but in Khandala on Sunday, UK billionaire and businessman Raj Kundra arrived on a white horse to claim his Bollywood bride Shilpa Shetty. He rode from his hotel to Kiran Bawas bungalow, where the blushing bride was waiting, while his baaratis danced around with great gusto. Dressed in a sherwani, heavily garlanded and bearing a sword, Raj was greeted by bridesmaid Shamita at the entrance to the bungalow with a big hug. His men carried bundles of crisp, 500 rupee notes which they distributed to the band while Raj walked to the lavishly decorated mandap for the pheras which was done in the Bunt style with Shilpa looking every inch the South Indian bride. The actress was seen getting emotional after the ceremony and crying as she hugged her father who had discharged himself from hospital following a stomach infection to be there. It was almost 9.20 pm when the couple stepped out to pose for the media. They then left for Mumbai as Shilpas bidaai was to be done from her house in Lokhandwala. Meanwhile, BTs wedding correspondent reports that all of the 70 guests who were present at the wedding had a hairdresser, a makeup artist, and a chauffer-driven car at their disposal. Even their hotel rooms were done up with gift hampers, pink roses and chocolate fudge. For the two days that the guests were in Khandala, there was buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Bawa bungalow and a wedding menu made up of ...
  • Kit & The Widow: Norma (Lavishly Mounted 4/18). John and Norma Major sing along to a slide show of their tumultuous year. From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". If anyone knows the correct title of this song, please post a comment or send a message. Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • VERSAILLES France Versailles was the former palace and dream castle of the French 'Sun King', Louis the Four***th. The history of Versailles covers the rise and fall of the Bourbons whose reign covered the most remarkable period of French history. Here, the French king lavishly entertained the decadent nobility, oblivious to the unrest caused by their false pride, supreme arrogance and almost total disregard for the poverty of the French people that would eventually lead to Revolution. Magnificent fountains decorate the palace's huge park that was created by 35000 workers, a hundred hectares of ingenious garden design with a strict symmetry of wide star-shaped garden paths that seem to be without end. Drawn by four horses, the god Apollo emerges from the waters of a fountain. This and further fountains and ponds were designed by Tuby and Lenotre, and are masterpieces of both garden design and the sculptor's art. Playful figures and statues adorn the park's many paths and even today emanate the joy and merriment of past days. Construction of the royal palace was completed some time after that of the gardens. The palace was to be the epitome of majestic splendour and was designed to accommodate the entire French Court, 20000 people! Containing more than 700 lavish rooms, the palace is a unique architectural masterpiece. In the opulence of the private rooms there are grand four-poster beds and splendid canopies. Ceiling paintings, gold and marble intarsia, carvings, goblins and superb ...
  • Esenin, A Song / Есенин, Соловушка / Песня (subs by V. Chetin) There is a becoming song that a nightingale can share, That song is a funeral dirge for my wretched brawling head: Careless, flourished lavishly, and matured at knives drawn, Now, as if bereft of life, suddenly got bent down. My reflections-muses! Crown and whiskers are all pain. Somehow dissipated youth before time, ahead of age. How it should have happened, cannot figure out. Clasp to heart a hardened pillow tenderly at night. Broaden you song resonant, do make up a doleful warble. In the dark it feels as if clasped to bosom a heartthrob. There is a harmonika an' crescent's radiance outside, Yet I'm certain I will not come across a honey mine. Love is like a guilder-rose, blood's a cherry break of day, Like a seasoned, old guitar, like a virginal refrain, With the likewise countenances, with the likewise joys and pains, Sung about by ancestors, sung about by their heirs. Drink and sing when you are young, hit your lives without a miss; Anyway, your honey will wither like a cherry tree. I have withered, don't know where: on a bender or in fame. Was adorable, when young, whereas left alone, these days. Hence there's a becoming song that a nightingale can share. That song is a funeral dirge for my wretched brawling head: Careless, flourished lavishly, and matured at knives drawn, Now, as if bereft of life, suddenly got bent down.
  • Kit & The Widow: Lavishly Mounted 1/18 Cabaret act Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann. Their 1992 special, "Lavishly Mounted", was a TV program which followed their show of the same name in the West End. This section contains the introduction and the first song.
  • Kit & The Widow: A Policeman's Lot (Lavishly Mounted 14/18) From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • Amrapali Platinum Noida Sector 119 | +919560214267 Call Arun @ +919560214267. Amrapali Platinum, Noida is on of the biggest projects of the Amrapali Group. Over the past years Noida has emerged as a planned, integrated, modern industrial city that is well connected to Delhi. It is also one of the largest planned townships of Asia. Amrapali Platinum offers the best and the highest standard of living in all respects. Amrapali Platinum offers the best and the highest standard of living in all respects. 80% open area offers free flow of light & air to each apartment. Vastu compliant, lavishly built entrance lobby in each tower, state-of-the-art club features are a few insights to the project. Accommodation offered includes Duplex Villas, Penthouses and Apartments ranging from 1495 to 6000 sq. ft. Approx 80% of the Plot Area open to have free flow of Light & air to every Corner of each Appartment. Earthquake resistant RCC Structure as per ISI codes. Land Alloted by Noida Authority. Lavishly built entrance Lobby in each Tower. Vastu & Eco Friendly. FIRM PRICES - NO ESCALATION for units already sold. Two State of Art High speed Capsule Lifts in each Tower. 100% Power Back up for each flat. Assured Timely Possession with Penalty Clause. Jogging Track, Beautifully landscaped park with water body within the complex. Uninterrupted Water supply from water softening plant along with separate RO for each Kitchen. Installation of fire fighting as per latest norms. Ample Parking Space. 24 Hours twin level centralized security with video ...
  • David Thomas Presents: The World Of Magic For booking info please call David Hira 469-688-3954 Illusionist David Thomas and the award winning World of Magic present a Las Vegas style magical stage production. Packed with amazing escapes, fire illusions, lavishly costumed dancers, and stunning choreography. The World of Magic contains the world's greatest illusions! Magic's best kept secrets are presented in spellbinding precision by the foremost artist in the World of Magic, David Thomas. The World of Magic's David Thomas won the Entertainer of the Year Award from Event Solutions, and won an Emmy Award for Best Special Event Producer. The World of Magic has four different production levels to suit the size and budget of any event. The World of Magic Delivers "to the stage" and "from the stage" an affordable, worry free production for the ultimate in event entertainment.
  • Richard Rattenbury - Arena Legacy: The Heritage of American Rodeo - Book Video From its roots in cowboy and vaquero culture to the big-business excitement of today's National Finals competitions, rodeo has embodied the rugged individualism and competitive spirit of the American West. Now the long trajectory of rodeo culture comes fully alive in Arena Legacy. Showcasing the unrivaled collections of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, this lavishly illustrated volume is the first to depict rodeo's material and graphic heritage. Richard Rattenbury opens Arena Legacy with an engaging and richly illustrated history of rodeo, from its first recorded competition in Colorado in 1869, to its role in county fairs, cattlemen's conventions, and old settlers' reunions across the West, to its rise to national prominence between 1920 and 1960. Following its historical overview, Arena Legacy features an extensive pictorial gallery of signature materials. A series of colorful portfolios reveals treasured artifacts from rodeo life, including costumes, trophies, buckles, and riding equipment. Here the reader will discover lavish artistry in leather and silver, flamboyant expression in western dress, and the interpretive work of both fine artists and commercial illustrators. Certain to delight a diverse audience of rodeo aficionados, participants, collectors, and historians, this stunning volume is a fitting tribute to America's truly western sport.
  • Kit & The Widow: Finale (Lavishly Mounted 18/18) Preditions for the year ahead. From the 1992 TV Special, 'Lavishly Mounted', which followed Kit and the Widow's West End show of the same name. Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • Congress & Staff Travel Lavishly on Your Dime When your Congressman or one of his staffers travels overseas, guess what? They get to travel business class on the taxpayer dime. They dont have to bother with being uncomfortable in the cheap seats, or amazingly, what they refer to as voter class. If that makes you mad, click here to watch more from ABC News Correspondent Jonathan Karls investigation into how the government is traveling on your dime, no receipts necessary.
  • Leslie Crowther & Lesley Collier (Lavishly Mounted 13/18) Lesley Collier was a dancer with the Royal Ballet for many years, and performs here to a piece played by Leslie Crowther. From "Lavishly Mounted", Kit & The Widow's 1992 TV special.
  • Luxury Condos at Trump Plaza Jersey City 88 Morgan Street, Jersey CIty, NJ 07302 The Marketing Directors, Inc. The Marketing Directors Inc Trump Plaza Jersey City 201.244.0777 Trump Tower is a new condominium offering everything from riverfront and city views to lavish amenities and services in a convenient urban location. With the additional cache of the Trump name, the tallest residence in Jersey City is dramatic in every detail—anodized bronze doors, uniformed attendants and decorative flags welcome residents to their home. Trump Tower will appeal to childless professional couples young married couples, pied-a-terre buyers and empty nesters. They are offering "At Your Service" lifestyle management program, featuring premier hotel style services, convenience, and amenities. Indoor/Outdoor Amenities:  24-hour doorman and around the clock concierge available to greet and assist residents and their guests.  Trump Plaza's extravagant indoor and outdoor lifestyle amenities span over 42000 square feet of space.  Fitness center superbly equipped with cardiovascular and weight-lifting machines, private training and Yoga rooms.  Lavishly appointed men's and women's spa complete with walk in showers, frosted glass curtained walls, rainfall shower, men's and women's' steam and treatment rooms  Spa Salon offering dim lighting, a surround stereo system, top of the line audio visual equipment and snack bar enabling residents to relax before or after treatments.  Spacious ...
  • Kit & The Widow with Geoffrey Palmer (Lavishly Mounted 9/18) The dire social consequences of the Channel Tunnel. From Kit & The Widow's 1992 special 'Lavishly Mounted'.
  • Lecrae Rehab "New Reality" Lyrics Lecrae Rehab "New Reality" Lyrics: [Verse 1] Yeah you, yeah you The person listenin' Is God usin' me, tryna get your attention, yeah See He remembers the first day that He made you Moldin' your lungs for the breath that He gave you Not to mention the day He saved you Oh when He opened your eyes by the Spirit Christ was raised through Did I mention that He forgave you? And had His flesh ripped off for the sin you was a slave to? Now it seems you're too far gone You wanna turn back, but you're not sure if you'll be welcome home So you figure you'll just leave it alone But you're addicted to yourself, we both know you can't see it alone This is an intervention, Jesus intervened He intercedes on behalf of a sinner's deeds This is an intervention, because the Lord hurts Before it gets worse, stomach another verse [Chorus] Most times I pay no attention, lose my direction All I chase is vanity I forget I've been forgiven Your love I've been given You grace on me lavishly You were born on earth On the cross You died for me (cross you died) Forgive my depravity You are my reality Yeah [Verse 2] Cold water we drink Hot water we cook But lukewarm does nothin' it just sits and it looks And that's you, imagine these as the words of Christ I remember you love Me, I remember your light It used to shine bright, but now it's so dim It used to be about Us, but now its 'bout them You can't win playin' heart games But I love you even when your light's off in your dark shame When you lay down ...
  • Customised & Modified Cars @ 31st Bangkok Motor Show Extreme car customisation has a loyal following in Bangkok just as it does across Asia as a whole, and this genre of personalisation, resculpturing every surface inside and out, was one of the biggest draws for the masses of visitors during the just-gone 31st Bangkok International Motor Show as an array of machines, barely recognisable from their more humble mass-production origins, literally scraped their lowered-to-the max lavishly kitted bodywork into the car parks, announcing their arrival with dazzling paint finishes, glittering neon lights and pumping sound systems. Custom enthusiast here spend small fortunes and uncountable hours turning anonymous production runabouts, cars such as Toyota's tiny Yaris to its bulky big sister Camry and every size in between, into utterly bespoke cars where almost nothing is left untouched. Huge body kits with asphalt-hugging front spoilers, flaring side skirts and racing style splitter-effects at the rear swathe these cars as they are dropped to mere millimetres from the ground, defying the torment of the city's roughly-surfaced roads. Bejewelled exhaust tailpipes thrust out (one flat-black Nissan Teana sported no less than six chromed oval exits), huge high-polished chrome wheels shod with ultra-low profile tyres, neon lights embedded all round - including behind the wheels - exotic metallic patterned or pearlescent paint jobs, jet-black tinted glass and scissor doors are all elements that combine make these projects stand out from ...
  • Kit & The Widow with Julia McKenzie: The Boy From ... (Lavishly Mounted 16/18) From the 1992 special 'Lavishly Mounted'. Julia McKenzie sings Stephen Sondheim's 'The Boy From...', a parody of The Girl From Ipanema. Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • Kit & The Widow: West End Score (Lavishly Mounted 2/18) From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann. If anyone knows the correct title of this song, please post a comment or send a message.
  • 10 Years Of Eco-Challenge Promo A kick ass Eco-Challenge internal promotional video sent to teams and sponsors just prior to Eco-Challenge Fiji. For more Adventure Racing Stuff visit:
  • Kit & The Widow: The Swan (Lavishly Mounted 17/18) From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • life lavishly johnny b
  • Get Down-Audio Adrenaline w/lyrics "Get Down" Lavishly our lives are wasted Humbleness is left untasted You can't live your life to please yourself, yeah That's a tip from my mistakes Exactly what it doesn't take To win you've got to come in last place To live your life you've got to lose it And all the losers get a crown [CHORUS:] I get down and He lifts me up I get down and He lifts me up I get down and He lifts me up I get down All I need's another day Where I can't seem to get away From the many things that drag me down, yeah I'm sure you've had a day like me Where nothing seems to set you free From the burdens you can't carry all alone In your weakness He is stronger In Your darkness He shines through When you're crying He's your comfort When your all alone, He's carrying you [CHORUS] This valley is so deep I can barely see the sun I cry out for mercy, Lord You lift me up again
  • Kit & The Widow: Madonna (Lavishly Mounted 6/18) The Madonna song, followed by The Widow's Pit Bull Lament. From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann. If anyone knows the correct title of this song, please post a comment or send a message.
  • San Felipe, Baja California - Living Lavishly South of the Border Low cost of living, gorgeous weather are just two of the reasons you should consider a trip down to San Felipe, Mexico. A one way ticket is all you'll need.
  • Roswell Homes For Sale, 330 Arbor Creek Trail, Roswell, GA, Roswell Foreclosures, Winter Baserva for other Roswell homes like this one. HONEY STOP THE CAR!!!! This LAVISHLY-DESIGNED pottery barn perfect home boasts over 3500 square feet of pristine appointments and luxurious finishes all in a highly-sought out area known for its top-rated schools and acess to some of Roswell's BEST recreation! Perfectly situated near all the major highways, your eyes won't believe this hand-tailored renovation by a PROFESSIONAL interior designer. From the STUNNING chef's kitchen complete with breakfast bar and breakfast area overlooking the fireside family room to the LAVISH master suite, you are sure to experience the LUXURY life, all for a fraction of what you might expect to pay. Pride of ownership is an understatment and breathless is about the only way you can describe this entertainer's estate masterpiece. The hard-to-find fully-finished basement complete with its own bedroom, FULL bath, living areas and bonus room makes this gem a slam dunk! But, don't take my word for it, call me today at 678.463.3173 to set up your own private showing.
  • Ulterior Motive- Live Lavishly Charlottesville underground band: Lyrics- I live it loud, Iiving it lavishly. If you say right words than you can ravish me I ain't got time for your anatomy equations or your interpretations of the language your speaking because I.. I live it loud, living it lavishly an incredible symptom that surpasses reality I live it loud, living it lavishly almost forgot my world cause I bought multiple galaxies. The devils getting sick in anticipation Seeing the suspense of what I gonna do their *** and I got three bottles of booze and an electric guitar teling everybody how i'm gonna be a star. I live loud, living it lavishly if you want a piece of me than you have to stop me I live it loud, living it lavishly if I keep on going than I i'll be a catastrophe I feel like a hurricane in the rain in the storm
  • The REAL Dalai Lama Just do some intensive research yourself: Michael Parenti is an American political scientist, historian, and author. He received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. His works have been translated into at least eigh*** languages. His book, "The Assassination of Julius Caesar, A People's History of Ancient Rome", was selected as a Book of the Year for 2004 by Online Review of Books and Current Affairs. "He (the Dalai Lama) headed a social system that was exploitative, terribly terribly unequal, and terribly brutal." "You had a privileged priest class, living in utter luxury and opulence, and you had a mass of serfs living in utter misery." "His holiness would tell you that he must return to power for the good of his people. In this case "good" may translate to his people living in squaller and his government condoning slavery." "As this State Department internal memo reveals, the Dalai Lama at one time took $180000 a year from the CIA for his living expenses. and $1.5 million a year from the spy agency to finance Tibetan guerrilla operations against the Chinese, which included, running a covert guerrilla training center in Colorado."
  • Kit & The Widow: Swing Together (Lavishly Mounted 7/18) From the 1992 TV special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann. If anyone knows the correct title of this song, please post a comment or send a message.
  • Nefer Ligeia lavishly (Nefer Ligeia Lavishly official fan page!) on Myspace nefer
  • ♥ `* ☆ Goddess of Peace and her Gift of Peace ♥ `* ☆ ♥ Radiant Rose Academy Inc.♥ In this video :Receiving "the Peace Commanding Presence" from Beloved Goddess of Peace from the workshop "Universal Laws of Manifestation II ", such a beautiful gift ♥.....for more info about this workshop click here: The Ascended Masters suggest us to give us this messages several times a day : "I choose peace. I choose to be at peace with myself and with my history. I choose to be at peace with Life and with all who have ever touched my life. I choose to be at peace with my Creator and I have crossed that Bridge of Peace and I am ready to encounter Love in all its Grace." "I know I am not my physical garment. I know I am a Being of Light and Love. I know I am a Spiritual Being of Divine Consciousness and that I have come to express myself through a physical garment and I know this." "I will not fear, I will embrace, I will discover, I will lavishly allow the Love in my heart to pour to others. I will lavishly allow a smorgasbord of Love to come into my life that I can share with others." "I am willing, and allowing, and giving myself permission to get in touch with all parts of my being that are yet in denial. I am willing, allowing and giving myself permission to stop the withholding of greater Love to all that I desire manifest in my Life." "There is nothing to hold on to. Don't hold on to anything, let everything flow, be in the flow, for life loves to be in perpetual motion ...
  • Kit & The Widow: Norwegians (Lavishly Mounted 10/18) From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann.
  • Kit & The Widow: The Elements (Lavishly Mounted 3/18) Mary Archer joins Kit & The Widow to perfomr 'The Elements', Tom Lehrer's song about the Periodic Table of The Elements. Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann. From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". If anyone knows the correct title of this song, please post a comment or send a message.
  • Dinotopia, The World Beneath A Victorian Steampunk episode from the lavishly illustrated book by James Gurney.
  • Kit & The Widow: Chanson (Lavishly Mounted 8/18) In which Kit plays the part of the Little Sparrow, with The Widow translating freely. From the 1992 special "Lavishly Mounted". Kit and The Widow have been likened to Tom Lehrer, Anna Russell, Fascinating Aida, Victor Borge and Flanders & Swann. If anyone knows the correct title of this song, please post a comment or send a message.

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