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  • 1 Moreover take thou up a lamentation for the princes of Israel, 2 And say, What is thy mother? This is a lamentation, and shall be for a lamentation. The King James Version of the Holy. — “Ezekiel: 19”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Lamentation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Depictions of people (usually including Virgin Mary) lamenting the dead body of Jesus Christ. English: The Lamentation over the Dead Christ. Español: Lamentación sobre Cristo muerto. — “Category:Lamentation of Christ - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Lamentation. Download Lamentation Death Metal / / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Lamentation's blog. — “Lamentation on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • A lament or lamentation is a song or poem expressing grief, regret or mourning. Laments are present in both the Iliad and the Odyssey, in Beowulf, in the Hindu Veda s, and in ancient Near East ern religious texts, including the Mesopotamian city laments such as the. — “”,
  • Sign our Guestbook. Photo by: Daniel Dubbeldam. Last updated : 08-25 Sign our Guestbook. Photo by: Daniel Dubbeldam. Last updated : 08-25-2008. — “Welcome To The Dark Realm”,
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  • Lamentation definition, the act of lamenting or expressing grief. Link To lamentation. World English Dictionary. lamentation (ˌlæmɛnˈteɪʃən) —n. 1. a lament; expression of sorrow. — “Lamentation | Define Lamentation at ”,
  • Definition of lamentation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lamentation. Pronunciation of lamentation. Definition of the word lamentation. Origin of the word lamentation. — “lamentation - Definition of lamentation at ”,
  • : Lamentation for Christ Grief And Pain In The Plan Of God: Christ assurance and the message of Lamentations by Walter Kaiser (Paperback - Oct. 15, 2004). — “: Lamentation for Christ”,
  • Lamentation (The Psalms of Isaak, #1) 3.75 · rating details · 377 ratings · 126 reviews. An ancient weapon has completely destroyed the city of Windwir. From many miles away, Rudolfo, Lord of the Nine forest Houses, sees the horrifying column of smoke rising. — “Lamentation (The Psalms of Isaak, #1) by Ken Scholes”,
  • Definition of lamentation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lamentation. Pronunciation of lamentation. Translations of lamentation. lamentation synonyms, lamentation antonyms. Information about lamentation in the free online English. — “lamentation - definition of lamentation by the Free Online”,
  • Praise for Lamentation "This is the golden age of fantasy, with a dozen masters doing "Ken Scholes's Lamentation is an iconic SF story cloaked in fantasy,. — “Lamentation | IndieBound”,
  • The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Upload, share, and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free online. Discover our featured content. Videos tagged lamentation. — “Dailymotion videos tagged lamentation”,
  • plural The shorter title of the Lamentations of Jeremiah, one of the poetical books of the Old Testament. plural The music to which the first three lessons, taken from the Lamentations of Jeremiah, are sung in the Roman Catholic Church, in the office called Tenebræ, on. — “lamentation - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • recorded since 1375, from Latin lamentatio "wailing, moaning, weeping", from the deponent lamentari 'to lament', from lamentum "a wailing", itself from a Proto-Indo-European root la- "to shout, cry", presumed ultimately imitative. Replaced Old. — “lamentation - Wiktionary”,
  • eBay: Find The 6th Lamentation by William Brodrick (2003, Hardc in the Books , Fiction Literature category on eBay. — “The 6th Lamentation by William Brodrick (2003, Hardc”,
  • Listen to and buy Tunde Jegede music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Lamentation by Tunde Jegede on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. — “Tunde Jegede | Lamentation | CD Baby”,
  • lamentation n. The act of lamenting. A lament. Lamentations (used with a sing. verb) ( Abbr. Lam. or Lm ) A book of the. — “lamentation: Definition from ”,
  • The Lamentation of Christ[1] is a very common subject in Christian art from the High Middle Ages to the Baroque.[2] After Jesus was crucified, his body was removed from the cross and his friends and family mourned over his body. Lamentation works are very often included in cycles of the Life of. — “Lamentation of Christ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Complete detailed profile of Chris Carter's Millennium television episode Lamentation (#MLM-117) featuring Lance Henriksen as Millennium Group Criminal Profiler Frank Black. — “Lamentation - Millennium Episode Profile - Episode and”, millennium-
  • Macmillan: Lamentation: (The Psalms of Isaak): Ken Scholes: Bonus Publisher Materials: Excerpt, Praise, Author Biography, Audio, An Excerpt from The Rise of the Named Lands, Pick up your Lamentation banner here, Video: Jay Lake interviews Ken. — “Macmillan: Lamentation: (The Psalms of Isaak): Ken Scholes: Books”,

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  • Lamentation - Brianna Haire Brianna Haire Lamentation Choreography: Orialis Serrano Murrieta Dance Project Hall of Fame 2010
  • Lamentation - Martha Graham Choreography: Martha Graham Music by: Zoltan Kodaly Danced by: Peggy Lyman Created in 1930, filmed in 1976. Martha Graham Dance Company
  • The Lamentation Of Turlough O'Carolan - John Doan "The Lamentation Of Turlough O'Carolan" by John Doan set on slideshow of beautiful landscapes. The pictures can be found in eWallpapers.
  • Lamentation - WoW A music video using Lamentation by Delerium
  • Xenosaga 2 - Lamentation RPG Music has all your favorite RPG OSTs to browse through! Visit us at:
  • The Good Players - "David's Lamentation" (Sacred Harp- 268) From the Album "Awake My Soul (The Orig. Soundtrack) & Help Me to Sing" (2008). Disc 1, "Awake My Soul (OST)" contains traditional Sacred Harp singing from the acclaimed Sacred Harp documentary, "Awake My Soul". Disc 2, "Help Me to Sing" is a compilation of various artists performing their own arrangements of Sacred Harp songs. This song was written by William Billings in 1778, and the text is from II Samuel 18 on the occasion of the death of King David's rebellious son, Absalom: "David the king was grieved and moved He went to his chamber, and wept; And as he went he wept, and said, 'Oh my son! Would to God I had died For thee, Oh Absalom, my son.'" The Good Players are from Chattanooga, TN. Tracklisting for "Help Me to Sing" Disc Two: Help Me To Sing: Various Artists performing Songs Inspired by the Film 1 "Blooming Youth" - Rayna Gellert (Uncle Earl) & John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) 2 "Weeping Pilgrim" - Elvis Perkins in Dearland 3 "David's Lamentation" - The Good Players 4 "Africa" - The Innocence Mission 5 "The Christian's Hope" - Jim Lauderdale with Jeni & Billy 6 "Help Me To Sing" - Mac Powell (Third Day) 7 "Columbus" - John Wesley Harding 8 "The Traveler" - Cordelia's Dad 9 "Abbeville" - Liz Janes 10 "China" - All Things Bright & Beautiful 11 "Essay" - Tenement Halls 12 "Windham" - Richard Buckner 13 "Sermon on the Mount" - Danielson 14 "And Am I Born to Die?" - Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton 15 "Kedron" - Sam Amidon 16 ...
  • Dua Nudba - Supplication of Lamentation - Syed Walid Mazeedi Download here: al- 'Dua' means 'to call or to seek help'. 'Nudba' means to cry or wail. The Shia books of traditions lay great stress upon 'Dua'. Dua is the weapon of the believer, the essence of belief and the connection between the Creator of the universe and his slaves. One of the treasure of Duas is a pearl, known as Dua-e-Nudba. It is an important and authentic Dua. It's deep meaning penetrates to the depths of the heart. This is enough proof that these are not the words of an ordinary person. They are uttered by the personality who has connection with the celestial world (Aalam-e-Malakoot). Allamah Muhammad Baqir Majlisi (ra) has quoted this Dua in 'Zaad-ul-Maad' from Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (as). It is for the Imam of the time. And Muhammad bin Ali bin Abi Khura has quoted this dua from the book of Muhammad bin Husain bin Sufyan Bazoofari, from Imam-e-Asr. Apart from this, great Shia scholar Sayed Raziuddin bin Tawoos has mentioned it in his book, "Iqbal" on page no.295 to 299. Muhammad bin Jafar Mashadi Haeri has recorded it in book Al-Mazaan (Dua no.107). Qutb Rawandi in Al-Mazaar also records it and so does Allamah Majlisi in 'Zaad-ul-Maad' and 'Beeharul Anwaar'. Shaykh Abbas Qummi too has narrated it in his book, 'Mafatihul Janan'. Let us see how the magnificent personality of Imam-e-Asr (as) is introduced in this Dua: "Where is the Last Proof of Allah. The one who is a link of the chain of guidance of the purified progeny of the Prophet (sawa) without ...
  • "Lamentations" (Favorite Poem Project) "Lamentations" by Louise Glück read by Annik Stahl for FPP, 1999
  • Opeth - Demon of the fall I know that this song is not from blackwater but I did not wanted to look for a pic from My arms,Your Hearse...Anyway...Enjoy it!!!!Only pic :p
  • Squire Woods Lamentation - Celtic Harp tune by Carolan My arrangement of Squire Woods' Lamentation on the Refusal of his Halfpence by O'Carolan. In 1722 Ireland ran out of low-value copper coins, and William Woods was given licence by English parliament to produce them. The Irish didn't like this idea and boycotted the coinage. This piece was written the same year to commemorate the boycott. This video was recorded in high-definition with a Canon XH-A1 camcorder, and edited in Sony Vegas and Adobe Audition. I exported a standard-definition version which is the version you see here. If you want to see better-looking versions you can go to and the high definition version is much, much better than YouTube quality. You can also download that in standard or hi-def to keep on your own machine. If you want to see examples of the actual coinage, here's a page about the "Woods Halfpenny": Enjoy!
  • David's Lamentation This is Graham Kapowsin Choir singing David's Lamentation by Craig Courtney. They are singing this at their Spring Concert before leaving to perform Maurice Durufle's Requiem in Carnegie Hall. They had also performed this pice in New York City at Ground Zero.
  • Delerium - Lamentation 1997 "Karma"
  • FreshFabrik - Lamentation FreshFabrik - Lamentation from the album "Drive My Hand" (R) Warner Music, 2000 Style: metal
  • Hammered Dulcimer: Limerick's Lamentation Dick Glasgow on Hammered Dulcimer playing 'Limerick's Lamentation' in the Banquet Hall of Carrickfergus Castle, Co. Antrim. Dick Glasgow: The Hammered Dulcimer in Ireland: **************************************** I played this tune on a Hammered Dulcimer, an instrument which has a long & interesting history in Co. Antrim: The County Antrim Dulcimer: ********************************************** The tune Limerick's Lamentation or the Lament for Limerick has been dated by Flood to the year 1691. However, the melody first appears in Neales' Collection of the 'Most Celebrated Irish Tunes' (Dublin, 1726), and was printed by Thompson in his Hibernian Muse of 1786. It also appears in the Bunting Collection of Irish music (1840). For more details on the history of this beautiful piece of music, please check out: LIMERICK'S LAMENTATION, The Fiddler's Companion ********************************************************* Carrickfergus Castle: *************************************************
  • David's Lamentation By Joshua Shank Performed by the 2008 Harford County All-County Chorus under the direction of Dr. Karen Kennedy of Towson University. Hosted by Havre De Grace High School.
  • Conan the Barbarian: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Now available on iTunes in great sound! Arnold Schwarzenegger performs "Crom!" from Conan the Barbarian: The Musical. Music and Lyrics by Jon and Al Kaplan (Silence! The Musical) Contains some Basil Poledouris variations http Another day, Walking in circles Haunted by memories, I push on this wheel. I pray to Crom Grant me revenge And help me to answer the riddle of steel. A shy little boy, I couldn't protect them Helpless and timid, as weak as a girl. They butchered my people, the dogs ate my father My mother beheaded, they took my whole world. Crom, where is the wizard who killed my mother? Still, I can recall his terrible gaze. Crom, where are the two snakes facing each other? Crom, if you're my god then show me the way. I'm on the path, chopping up bodies Hacking and slicing, and look at me now. With loyal friends joining my party Each step I take I'm fulfilling my vow. Crush your enemies, See them driven before you, And hear the lamentation of the women! (Repeat) Crom, show me the wizard who killed my mother. True I've never prayed to you before. Still, what would I give if you could help me see this through? And if you do not listen, then the hell with you! Crom, where are the two snakes facing each other? Crom, if you're my god then show me the way. Anyaaah, gnyaaaaahyaaaayaaaaa Yaaaaa ah aaaah ahhh I swear this wizard will fall 'cause This has begun They murdered them all, I'm the last one I issue the call, revenge for my mom, I ...
  • Delerium - Gothic Lamentation Gothic Slideshow to Delerium Music
  • The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-14-Lothlorien This is the four***th song in the Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack. It is called Lothlorien.
  • Eminence Ensemble - ANIF07:AE - Lamentation Lamentation from Xenosaga II by Yuki Kajiura Eminence Ensemble - A Night in Fantasia 2007: Anime Edition
  • Chaostar - Lamentation Chaostar Threnody Lamentation "When the cursed all are banished Doomed to that devouring furnace Summon me among the blessed. On my knees I fall (before them) Grant the dead eternal rest perpetual light shine. Day of bitter Lamentation When man rises up from ashes Doomed to Judgement Lost and Guilty Grant me grace for my atonement Ere the day I stand I lament for I and I am (Guilty) and I blush for my wrong doing I implore Them Saviour spare me Grant the dead eternal rest perpetual light shine. I lament for I and I am (Guilty) and I blush for my wrong doing I implore Them Saviour spare me." RIP (For a Dream)
  • Caitlin Cucchiara: Lamentation Full Length um this is my baby and she dances really good and im in love with her and this is the real raw and never before seen real version of lamentation... as seen on TV SYTYCD
  • Opeth - The Drapery Falls [Lamentations] Please remedy my confusion And thrust me back to the day The silence of your seclusion Brings night into all you say Pull me down again And guide me into pain I'm counting nocturnal hours Drowned visions in haunted sleep Faint flickering of your powers Leaks out to show what you keep Pull me down again And guide me into There is failure inside This test I can't persist Kept back by the enigma No criterias demanded here Deadly patterns made my wreath Prosperous in your ways Pale ghost in the corner Pouring a caress on your shoulder Puzzled by shrewd innocence Runs a thick tide beneath Ushered into inner graves Nails bleeding from the struggle It is the end for the weak at heart Always the same A lullaby for the ones who've lost all Reeling inside My gleaming eye in your necklace reflects Stare of primal regrets You turn your back and you walk away Never again Spiralling to the ground below Like Autumn leaves left in the wake to fade away Waking up to your sound again And lapse into the ways of misery
  • The Holy Friday Lamentations-1st Stasis Stasis 1 In the tomb they laid Thee, Thee, 0 Christ, who art Life; in amazement angel armies lift up their song as they glorify Thy self-abasement, Lord. -Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, teach me Thy statutes. Blessed are the blameless in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord. Life, how can Thou perish, or how dwell in a tomb? Yet the royal hall of Death Thou now bring to nought, and from Hades realm Thou raise the dead again. -Blessed are those who search out His testimonies, they will seek for Him with their whole heart. Now we magnify Thee, 0 Lord Jesus, our King, we pay honour to Thy Passion and Burial for from foul corruption Thou saved us through them. -For the workers of iniquity have not walked in His ways. He who governs all things here is seen as a corpse, new the grave in which His body is laid to rest, He the one who empties graves of all their dead. -Thou have commanded that Thy commandments be strictly kept. Fairer He in beauty than are all mortal kind, now a corpse we see, unsightly, bereft of form, He who beautified the nature of all things. -Would that my ways might be directed to keep Thy statutes. Light that saves, 0 Jesus, Thou art sweetness to me, in the darkness of the grave how can Thou lie hid, 0 forbearance that no language can express! -Then I should not be ashamed when I look on all Thy commandments. Tears of lamentation she pours out over Thee, as Thy mother the pure Virgin, 0 Jesus, cries: "How, my son, am I to lay Thee in the tomb?" -I shall ...
  • FreshFabrik 3. Lamentation Lamentation
  • Linda Thompson - Paddy's Lamentation Linda Thompson - Paddy's Lamentation. As heard in the movie Gangs of New York.
  • The Irish in the American Civil War- Paddy's Lamentation Many Irishmen fought on the Union side in the American Civil War. We kept it going. Some on the South side as well but not as many because most of the Irish immigrants went to Northern Cities. Paddy's Lamentation music video by me :D
  • Pan Lamentation - Trinidad All Stars Winner 2007 Winning Panorama 2007 performance by Trinidad All Stars of De Fosto's Pan Lamentation. Arranged by Leon Smooth Edwards
  • Tallis -- "Lamentations of Jeremiah" Four parts ("Incipit lamentatione", "Aleph", "De lamentatione", "Jerusalem") of Thomas Tallis's "Lamentations of Jeremiah" (published in 1565), performed by the King's Singers in 1995, with pictures of Prophet Jeremiah (who lived in the turn of the 7th and 6th centuries BC), and on the Siege of Jerusalem, in AD 70. (Obviously the prophecy of Jeremiah is usually connected to the first destruction of the Temple, which took place in the 6th century BC)
  • Xenosaga II OST - Lamentation ,
  • scenes of lamentation after Kim Il Sung's death scenes of lamentation after Kim Il Sung's death on the streets of Pyongyang
  • Paddy's Lamentation - Mary Black De Dannan Mary Black along with De Dannan and Caroline Levalle playing cello, singing Paddy's Lamentation. Well it's by the hush, me boys, and sure that's to hold your noise And listen to poor Paddy's sad narration I was by hunger pressed, and in poverty distressed So I took a thought I'd leave the Irish nation. Here's you boys, now take my advice To America I'll have ye's not be going There is nothing here but war, where the murderin' cannons roar And I wish I was at home in dear old Dublin. Well I sold me horse and cow, my little pigs and sow My little plot of land I soon did part with And me sweetheart Bid McGee, I'm afraid I'll never see For I left her there that morning broken-hearted. Here's you boys, now take my advice To America I'll have ye's not be going There is nothing here but war, where the murderin' cannons roar And I wish I was at home in dear old Dublin. Well meself and a hundred more, to America sailed o'er Our fortunes to be made [sic] we were thinkin' When we got to Yankee land, they shoved a gun into our hands Saying "Paddy, you must go and fight for Lincoln". Here's you boys, now take my advice To America I'll have ye's not be going There is nothing here but war, where the murderin' cannons roar And I wish I was at home in dear old Dublin. General Meagher to us he said, if you get shot or lose your head Every murdered soul of youse will get a pension Well meself I lost me leg, they gave me a wooden peg, And by God this is the truth to you I mention. Here's you ...
  • David's Lamentation Sung on Friday, August 8, 2008 at Camp DoReMi, Wild Acres Retreat, McDowell County, North Carolina. Led by eight year old Zoe. Page 162A of "New Harp of Columbia"
  • Martha Graham - Lamentation A silent color film of Martha Graham dancing extracts of "Lamentation". Filmed in 1943 at Bennington College by Russian-born sculptor Simon Moselsio. His wife, who took still photos of the same piece, explained ""We used two movie cameras for the motion picture, so we could take the picture from different angles.... I had the still camera around my neck and made the stills at the same time."
  • Paddy's Lamentation a cover of a traditional Irish song
  • Eternal Lamentation Myself playing Eternal Lamentation by Mortification after learning it in one hour.
  • Thomas Tallis: The lamentations of Jeremiah sung by I Fagiolini Performer: Ensemble I Fagiolini
  • General Surgery - Ominous Lamentation Instrumental from the Grindcore/Death Metal album "Necrology" by General Surgery. I reccomend downloading it for free (and legally) at
  • Horslips Live - The Clergy's Lamentation New York "My Father's Place" 1974 put &fmt=18 at the end of the adress bar to hear the stereo version
  • Voodoo Doll Lamentation A brief creative melding of the Voodoo song and art muses.

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