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  • News of the cancellation of Honda's V8 program, its CR-Z convertible, and perhaps most lamentably, its next-gen S2000 roadster, has emerged today. News of the cancellation of Honda's V8 program, its CR-Z convertible, and perhaps most lamentably, its next-gen S2000 roadster, has emerged today. — “Report: Honda cancels next-gen S2000, V8 program and CR-Z”,
  • Lashes lamentably limp? Mine were so I lavished them with Big Fatty Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara B00143TJ2W Urban Decay Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara Beauty LASHES LAMENTABLY LIMP?. — “: Gail Cooke's review of Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara”,
  • We found 16 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word lamentably: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "lamentably" is defined. General (14 matching dictionaries) lamentably: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of lamentably - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • (Venezuela) is recognized internationally as the premier source of independent news & views on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (South America) Lamentably another Venezuela exists: A Venezuela of hatred. — “ - Lamentably another Venezuela exists: A”,
  • It's been lamentably long since my last visit to Rome, and all my memories of it have taken on that misty, dreamy quality when you're not sure whether it's a true remembrance or one half-embellished with your fantasies of what. — “Dessert First: Taking a Sip of Memory”,
  • Measures to protect youngsters from *** attack lamentably poor' - THE number of known *** offenders in Scotland who cannot be placed on the official register has soared since the murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne. — “Measures to protect youngsters from *** attack lamentably”,
  • lamentably. Dictionary terms for lamentably, definition for lamentably, Thesaurus and Translations of lamentably to Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai,. — “lamentably in - dictionary and translation”,
  • Here is how the story began: "They were few, lamentably few. Caryle Murphy (new story, "Museum Honors WWII Catholics Who Aided Jews," April 16) writes that there "were few, lamentably few" Catholics who helped rescue Jews during the Holocaust. Pope Pius XII is also cited as a person who. — “Catholic League: For Religious and Civil Rights”,
  • Image removed at request of the curator of the private museum. Apparently, the curator didn't understand the implications of giving me permission to take this picture, Jimmy Carter in a letter to sister-in-law Sybil (widow of brother Billy): Lamentably, I killed your cat while trying just to sting it. — “Jimmy Carter: He will slay your cat - emptyage”,
  • Cup your ears. What is that sound we are suddenly picking up on the bush telegraph? It is the distant but unmistakable trumpeting of the elephant in the room. And the name of that most dangerous but lamentably unscrutinised animal is the European. — “MELANIE PHILIPS: The dirty little secret is that our MPs”,
  • Definition of lamentably in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is lamentably? Meaning of lamentably as a legal term. What does lamentably mean in law?. — “lamentably legal definition of lamentably. lamentably”, legal-
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb lamentably has one meaning: Meaning #1 : in an unfortunate or. — “lamentably: Information from ”,
  • I-960's coffin lamentably nailed shut. By SCOTT ST. CLAIR. Port Orchard Independent The final nail in the coffin of tax-increase-limitation Initiative. — “I-960's coffin lamentably nailed shut - Port Orchard Independent”,
  • Lamentably definition, that is to be lamented; regrettable; unfortunate: See more. — “Lamentably | Define Lamentably at ”,
  • Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Definitions and. — “Instructional technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • : POPULATION: Doomsday prediction is lamentably close 5/18/97 POPULATION: Doomsday prediction is lamentably close. In the May 12 editorial titled ''Population: Down is up,'' the ''population explosion'' was called into question. — “: POPULATION: Doomsday prediction is”,
  • Definition of lamentably from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lamentably. Pronunciation of lamentably. Definition of the word lamentably. Origin of the word lamentably. — “lamentably - Definition of lamentably at ”,
  • Search Editors' Picks on Citysearch®. The Stork Club. Lutece. Lundy's. What do all these storied restaurants have in common (besides being closed)? They're all places we lamentably never went. Given how tough times have become, we've They're all places we lamentably never went. Given how tough times. — “Get There While You Still Can on Citysearch®”,
  • Lamentably - Example Usage. Lottientim: "[Prada thinks] handing over the company to the Chinese will hurt the quality and taste." He sighed Lamentably before yanking off his CPK: @Pinkomomma Lamentably we have to rely on the same on Twitter. — “Lamentably - Definition of Lamentably by WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • RACING HORSE, FLYING SQUIRREL: We bought a new car once on Kentucky Derby day. This was back in the early `80s when they d still throw in a six pack, and we test drove the truck with our lamentably late friend Schoolboy who rolled around. — “Tim Grobaty: Time to start designing Long Beach Flugtag entry”,
  • LONDON (Reuters) - The Financial Services Authority will catch more traders for market abuse now it is copying tougher U.S. tactics, but it starts from a lamentably low base and still doesn't use all the. — “FSA's U.S.-style tactics to bag more abusive traders | Reuters”,
  • Definition of lamentably in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of lamentably. Pronunciation of lamentably. Translations of lamentably. lamentably synonyms, lamentably antonyms. Information about lamentably in the free online English dictionary and. — “lamentably - definition of lamentably by the Free Online”,
  • lamentably. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] English [edit] Adverb. lamentably. Regrettably. In a Lamentably the good too die; we will all mourn his passing. Retrieved. — “lamentably - Wiktionary”,

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  • Jim Jones - Paradise lost "People's temple " - 5 of 9 _ __ Jim Jones' town - Paradise lost - And, lamentably, this film doesn't show Fidel, Angela, or the freighter-load of other People's Temple cheerleaders, like famed San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, who assured Californians in 1977 that Jones, who was dunking children down into wells, was "doing the work of the Lord" in Guyana. Oh, yes, that's right; Nelson, Lord of the Cult Apologists, also somehow left all this (and much more) out in his film, too. Shocker. As the docudrama shows enthralling reenacted scenes of a young Gosney plotting his escape from the Stalinist prison camp, it then takes the viewer back up to present-day, where the real-life Gosney makes this revealing statement.
  • Poems From The Mathside Two math/school themed poems, "Sinusoidal Curve" and "SLOTHS," recited during the open mic portion of a weekly poetry reading at the Gold Mine in New Orleans. Never underestimate the sultry seduction of mathematics. SINUSOIDAL CURVE: Sinusoidal curve, you got some nerve swingin' that thang all up and down the x-axis Now lemme ax' this: Have you ever strutted your stuff on the catwalk? Yeah, on the catwalk? Up and down, down and up Make up your mind; I'm trying to find Which way you're goin'; Cause I ain't knowin' the rules but I bet you be bendin' em; Your mood swings like a pendulum Whose simple harmonic motion like the waves of the ocean can be described by your very equation Speakin' of which: y = a * sin(b(xh)) + k That equation's got some size man; You give most men the Heisman But I'm a wise man and I open my eyes and See you for what you really are, which is: Powerful and beautiful, like a star So sinusoidal curve, I've been checkin' out your form and here's what I observe: Parameter a gets ample dues for providing your amplitude causing mountains to soar and valleys to plunge in a colossal vertical stretch or collapsing the entirety of your landscape in a cataclysmic vertical shrink Parameter b baffles brothas constantly 'cause it stretches and shrinks horizontally in a manner contrary to what intuition might imply but at least we see it has the decency to calculate your frequency when it's absolute value is divided by 2-pi Parameters h and k, We've discussed this ...
  • Spawning Lamentably Pretty much the GTA online experience summed up in forty-six seconds. Just testing out my Dazzle capture card.
  • Bye Bye Boogie Dorothy Bye Bye Boogie Dorothy Donegan 1987 Pianist Dorothy Donegan in Concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1987 With her are bassist Major Holly and drummer Oliver Jackson. From the "Last Post" The death of Dorothy Donegan this past spring (May 19, age 76, Los Angeles) was lamentably largely ignored by the press and the jazz media as they did regrettably throughout most of the pianist's lifetime. The AP wire did give the indomitable artist lead preference in its daily obits round-up and the New York Times, with its promise of "All the News That's Fit to Print," gave Dorothy her due, including a one-column candid photo of the pianist in performance, and jazz author Chip Deffaa warmly recalled her "strength, energy, and imagination" in his New York Post column. Interestingly, though, Times jazz scribe Ben Ratliff quoted his noted jazz predecessor, John S. Wilson's coverage of a Town Hall appearance in 1971 citing that '"Ms. Donegan showed a technical virtuosity that could be compared only to that of Art Tatum and a swinging drive that might be equaled by Mary Lou Williams." Oddly omitted was the Wilson quote that Donegan carried ever closest to her heart, ". . . She is potentially the greatest jazz pianist playing today." A reflection on this comment comes into focus with Chip Deffaa recalling in his obit, "She was probably the only jazz artist who, in the 1990's, could somehow satisfy the very different audiences of the Village Vanguard (the high temple of jazz purism) and ...
  • B2H Prank Calls Lamentably, B2H calls
  • Ayrton Senna Memorial Grand Prix - F1 1994 Japanese GP - Fuji TV Japan's special intro (1/2) This is the first part of a special intro that the japanese TV channel Fuji Television did honouring to Ayrton Senna, under the F1 1994 GP of Japan, where lamentably, the brazilian driver couldn't be present. The tribute ceremony included an unpublished moment: the Ayrton's sister, Vivianne Senna, spoke in Japanese to the public assistant of Suzuka's circuit, appreciating to them for the gestures of fondness they gave to Ayrton while he lived.
  • Awyrennau - Cerys Matthews The opening track to the lamentably unfinished Awyren project. Property of My Kung Fu Records.
  • Elton John Sacrifice Live in Santiago Chile This is a beautifull song of Sir Reginald. It was performed live in his last concert in Santiago Chile, in january 24th 2009 in Arena Santiago. Lamentably Elton's face looks very illuminated due to the effects of lights of the scene(stage). But the audio stereo HQ sounds great. Enjoy it!
  • Lady Gaga, pray to this Orthodox Saint and he will help you change your life and save your soul! Lady Gaga, Baptize yourself ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN! How old is the ORTHODOX FAITH? Readit it. It explains you very clearly why Orthodoxy is the Only True Faith. If you are Roman Catholic, your church shared the same rich apostolic and doctrinal heritage as the Orthodox Church for the first thousand years of its history, since during the first millennium they were one and the same Church. Lamentably, in 1054, the Pope of Rome broke away from the other four Apostolic Patriarchates (which include Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem), by tampering with the Original Creed of the Church, and considering himself to be infallible. Thus your church is 1000 years old. If you are ORTHODOX Christian, your religion was founded in the year 33 by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It has not changed since that time. Our church is now almost 2000 years old. And it is for this reason, that Orthodoxy, the Church of the Apostles and the Fathers is considered the true "one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church." This is the greatest legacy that we can pass on to the young people of the new millennium. We all know the final scene at the end of Alejandro Video that symbolises Lady Gaga's death. In this video Lady Gaga blasphemiates the Cross, the rosary and Christianity in general... Lady Gaga, remember that despite your fame and money, you will also die, like any human! And after that the DEMONS that you worship will take your soul and drag it to hell... In the hell's ...
  • Little Dee-Dee's Harmonica HELL-CAT BLUES - 1970 ORIGINAL - This is the 2nd of the 'TK' tapes which I recorded, back in 1970, on a Grundig TK18 valve-powered reel-to-reel tape-recorder. This one's just for Bill, who played a Hohner chromatic harmonica. It was recorded straight after 'Call it a Day'. We call it DD Blues for- short, 'cos it's 'DOWN 'N' DIRTY'and distictly dodgy too. My dog 'Scruff' had just died, so I didn't feel like singing. He really loved the harmonica and would howl along to it. Our performance required only wind and resonator power (OK,and some electricity to record it) so it was pretty 'green'. I wander around aimlessly, on guitar, and Bill's wistful harmonica seems to be calling out to his biggest fan. We explore a variety of keys, but lamentably never at the same time. The whole sorry fiasco is brought to a conclusion, 4'50" in, when Mom comes in and informs us that it's a quarter to midnight - and time to shut up! I naturally reply in the typical manner of a smart-ass ***ager. Sorry, Mom. Bye, Scruff.
  • ItaliaspeedTV - Jeep Compass [facelift 2011] European version Jeep will show off the recently refreshed Compass SUV at the 81st Geneva Motor Show next month while debuting with a new diesel option aimed specifically for European markets: a 2.2 litre Daimler unit replacing the outgoing model's VAG-sourced 2.0 lump. Alongside the diesel engine the Compass will retain the 2.4 litre petrol option from the World Gasoline Engine (WGE) range while adding in the 2.0 litre version. The Compass is Jeep's entry point model with more car-esque styling; however it has performed lamentably in the showrooms and its off road inability also put prospective customers off. Jeep's management were frank about the problems they inherited with this model, which should play a key role in its sales strategy, and the off road deficiencies have been rectified for the facelift with the Compass now earning the brand's coveted "trail rating" for the first time. Alongside the improvements wrought to its ability, the facelifted version gets new front a rear clips with the front end design language mimicking the new Grand Cherokee in a strong pointer to a fresh 'family' styling path as well as a refresh for the cabin. "Compact SUVs are the most popular sport-utility segment in Europe, and the new Jeep Compass has what it takes to be a strong contender," said Mike Manley, President and CEO of the Jeep Brand and Lead Executive for International Operations at the Chrysler Group. "We have applied the premium design cues of our award-winning new Grand Cherokee, expanded ...
  • NFS World Pre-CB4 / Taxi Car: you want a ride? "We are not responsible for injury or any trauma for life. Taxi Service is an honest company and we will refund your money if you do not arrive at their destination in less than 20 minutes to 24 hours." This a video from CB4, I show parts of some pursuits with my Taxi car, my 240sx, lamentably i didn´t play enough, but well enjoy my video everyone, Don´t forget rate, comment & subcribe. Music used: Black Tide - Live fast die young.
  • Erna Hemming- Vivere (Nel Tempo) This song goes in charge of Erna hemming an incredible voice but lamentably very little it has been known of her Enjoy!!!!!! please leave your coments!!!!
  • Chrome Shop Mafia Custom Ford F-650 - Kelley Blue Book's Interview with Bryan Martin The Chrome Shop Mafia is probably best known as the creative force behind the TV show "Trick My Truck." While their relationship with the TV show has lamentably come to a close, they continue to transform work trucks into works of art from their home base in Joplin, Missouri. They've also begun to tiptoe into the world of non-professional rigs. In this video Chrome Shop Mafia's Bryan Martin shows us around the fun and functional details of the group's heavily modified Ford F-650. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.
  • The Devolution of Educational Standards Making no law regarding religion has not worked so well as hoped. Judging by the creationists on YouTube, levels of religiosity in the US are lamentably inversely-correlated with science education. Chicken . Egg? Numerous studies have demonstrated a negative correlation between religiosity and IQ (read, level of education). Since it is very unlikely that this reflects differences in genetic potential, there are undoubtedly other causative factors. Children tend to adopt the beliefs of their parents and community. Coupling dogmatism with dire threats (for doubting) encourages conclusion-driven thinking. It is impossible to defend an unsubstantiated position with logic. Intelligent, truth-oriented believers do escape the trap, particularly when they actually read the entire Bible (rather than memorizing useful "cherries", or misinterpreting an ancient text as though it was written for 2K). Consequently, education is the enemy for the religionist powers-that-be. Fundamentalists try to poison the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Truth and Falsehood. The solution? The political will to counter falsehoods, combined with improved educational standards. Music: Sidney Bechet: A Moi De Payer (mournful, but not hopeless seemed appropriate)
  • Gay Epigenes 2 - Statistics These videos (1 & 2) have been combined from more than one source and edited in order to reduce filler material. Part 1: Homophobes and bigots cling to the myth that homo***uality is a choice. Possible reasons for this inaccurate position include ignorance, attempts to convince themselves that homo*** urges can be mastered, and insistence on protecting their feeble arguments. In reality, only the decision to act on ones inborn predisposition is a choice. As video 1 indicates, the evidence indicates that vocal male homophobes (such as Ted Haggard and Larry Craig) are often in denial of their own urges. Male homophobes often appear obsessed with *** ***. (In this obsessive focus, they seem to ignore the fact that *** *** can also be a hetero***ual act.) Why are they obsessed? Perhaps for the reasons listed above, and perhaps, lamentably, because of childhood ***ual abuse. It should be noted that a disproportionate percentage of ***philes are hetero***ual ***philes. Synopsis of research on homo*** homophobes: Full originals: Similar videos:
  • Hypothermia - Gråtoner live It's lamentably short but good quality.. from July 20, 2008 at the Frontline in Ghent, Belgium
  • Lucy Smith Singers - He's My Everything Fan Post. (C)1997 Delmark Records Taken from 1955, "He's My Everything" is ascribed the distinction of being the most famous solo of the great Chicago talent, Gladys Beamon Gregory. Lamentably, she has not recorded nearly enough music (isn't it always that way with the best gospel artists?), but here we find her in prime voice at age 30, with The Little Lucy Smith Singers of Chicago, IL.
  • Dom's Hyperactive Scout Script Hi this is Dom with a new retarded script ! :D This one will make you abuse two TF2 exploits, infinite Bonk drinks + Fast running even while Cooldown effect Watch the video for a demonstration and leave annotations if you want some explanations or read the description * It's basically something you could do without the script * but you would have to perpetually press thousands of keys at once, the scripts does it for you :D Copy/Paste those lines of codes in your Scout.cfg: ------------------------------- alias "toggleboucle" "boucleon" alias "checkboucle" "boucle" alias "boucleon" "+attack; alias checkboucle boucle; alias toggleboucle boucleoff; boucle" alias "boucleoff" "-attack; alias checkboucle boucleoff; alias toggleboucle boucleon" alias "boucle" "slot2; +moveleft; slot2; wait 15; -moveleft; slot2; +moveright; wait 15; slot2; -moveright; slot2; checkboucle" bind "Q" "toggleboucle" ------------------------------- Press Q to start, press Q again to stop. All you have to do is Start it and during the first Bonk effect, run to a resupply (if you don't do that you will lamentably fail) and then you can just move arround the map using W (+forward key) The reason it makes you strafe left/right quickly is, if you don't do it, you're uber slow because of the bonk cooldown effect PS: You're not infinitely invulnerable. During the time a Bonk effect stops and you drink a new one (2~3 sec), you can get attacked and even killed, so go to safe spots when you know the effect will ...
  • Super Mario World Hack Review - Pit Of A 100 Trials RATE THE REVIEW, NOT THE HACK! Hey there! I present you the first 2008 SMW review, hope you like it. Yes, more reviews will come, no matter how many websites are down or how many hacks aren't released, I will still be there with reviews. Oh, and I must admit that thanks to this hack my skills got improved considerably, such as spin rebouncing and calibrated jumping, yeah, it's easier than I expected. So, let's start already! ----------- Information Hack: Pit Of A 100 Trials Author: XM ----------- Carlos Alvarez (Solracxealz) Review: REGULAR HACK Score: 67 / 100 Gameplay: 7 Graphics: 7 Music: 8 Sound: N/A Difficulty: 5 Sprites: 6 Tilt: 6 Storyboard: 5 Style: 8 Originality: 7 ------------ "Pit of a 100 trials"... Where did I heard that before? Yes, this hack is supposed to be like those annoying 100 floors with-no-stop Paper Mario side-quests. Lamentably, this games bases dramatically on that structure, what do I mean? Simple, ALL the 100 levels are on ONLY ONE regular level, that means that you only have a limited time to clear them all, something impossible to a veteran or even expert player, personally, I find really hard only to reach the 4th level before time ran out; with that, we clearly see that this is one of those incredibly hard hacks. "Yeah, but if this is meant to be a hard hack, why do you put a 5 on DIFFICULTY". Well, first off, this isn't meant to be hard hack, so I don't put an N/A in there. Next, the ambience selected for each world is correctly assembled ...
  • Lovers Rock Reggae - Baby GoodBye This is a song that lamentably I did not find the name of the author either the one of the song, but publishes this to share this pretty song with all loving you of reggae.
  • Exposing the Mental Health system - Only Smarties exhibition Only Smarties have the Answer (see also other Only Smarties have the Answer films) What is the difference between God and a Psychiatrist? Answer: God does not believe he is a psychiatrist. The Oxford Companion to the Mind defines psychosis as: 'the misapprehension and misinterpretation of the nature of realty.' This definition not only presumes that there is a correct way to apprehend and interpret reality, it also implies that to see the world through the eyes of the clinician is an accurate and superior way of perceiving; Judgemental is a very revealing word. The truth is, however, psychiatry has a shameful history and has lamentably and deplorably carried aspects of that past into the present. To ensure that individuals do not stray too far from the limited and restricted parameters that define the norm, psychiatry imposes: Incarceration, physical restraints, pain compliance techniques, forced drugging, compulsory electro-convulsive 'therapy', psychosurgery, and brainwashing... all of which demonstrate the defectiveness rather than the effectiveness of psychiatric treatment...control under the guise of care. Such practices are profoundly damaging to the mental health and emotional well being of the recipient. For psychiatry to heal others it must first heal itself.
  • Fabulous Tarot of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Improved 720p HD Version (Click HD) Since I felt that my earlier video attempt to portray Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's fantastic new Tarot deck (to be released in early 2010 c/o / ) failed to do justice to her work, I've re-made the video clip in a mpeg-2, 720p HD format with a full 4 second duration per image. Following the 22 Major Arcanum are the Ace through King in each suit of Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Music is from "Flamenco Mystico", by Rom guitarrist extrordinaire, the Lamentably Late Gino D'Auri, from his CD of the same name.
  • Entry of Appearance and other Red Tape when You're Sued for Debt Lamentably boring, but necessary, information if you're being sued for debt and want to defend yourself.
  • Austin Croshere - Bench Player MIX by MISIEK MY MIX FROM MSIEK MOVIE SHOW footage from Pacers Days HQ: Music: Zion I - Bad Lands (Hip-Hop) Number: 44 Highlights / Video / Clip Biography: Austin Nathan Croshere (born May 1, 1975 in Los Angeles, California) is an American professional basketball player currently playing for the NBA's Golden State Warriors. He went to Palms Middle School and Crossroads School in Los Angeles County and graduated from Providence College, a Roman Catholic institution in Providence, Rhode Island. Indiana Pacers Croshere was the 12th pick of the 1997 NBA Draft, selected by the Indiana Pacers. A 6'10", hard-nosed player who can play the power forward and small forward positions, Croshere has shot 33.9% from three-point range over the course of his ten-year career. In 1999-2000, he had peaked at just the right time as he helped the Pacers advance to the 2000 NBA Finals, marking the Pacers' first Finals appearance since the ABA-NBA merger. He was rewarded for his performance in the regular season and particularly the playoffs with a hefty contract, which the Pacers soon learned to regret as lamentably, Austin never fully lived up to the promise he'd shown. In fairness to him, Pacers coach Isiah Thomas seldom used him during the three seasons he coached the team. Croshere played 49 games in 2002-03, averaging a career-low 12.9 minutes per game that season as he fell out of the rotation. Croshere became an important backup again during the Rick Carlisle years, and was a key ...
  • Kenneth Gaburo, Antiphony IV (Poised), 1967 Its all so simple if you lay it on a scrap-pile and label it social reality on the rock(s). Lamentably, that rock is not peter—neither is mine. But I am drawn into that heap to at once characterize the waster and to waste him without discrimination in his own language, allowing myself the smallest pleasure (I think also a distinction) of knowing that I have used my own scraps—in my own bag—then OUT! But art is not so simple as all that. Because I go for complexity. ThereIV: Poised above the sea as if to drop Tense. heavy, hot Waits Gaining strength And pours forth in soaring chill illusions! Assign a voice to the left speaker system (LC). Transcribe the poem phonetically. Structure phonemes (ie, phonetic class-variability). Consider transient phonemes Generate via a single live voice one and only one instance of each phonetic class. Structure these according to their continuant, non-continuant properties. Apply Jespersens resonance chart. Associate these classes with parameters of pitch, intensity, duration, timbre. Structure silence. Retain normal (natural) voice identify distributions of same. Set up a vector for the invariant phonemes (eg, consider each ordered instance of a recurrent phoneme to be a transform of its predecessor). Determine the set of electro-mechanical operations required to yield these transforms such that the n transform limit for each class is fixed by intelligibility-retention within that class. Give special weight to unique phonemes (those which ...
  • Ayrton Senna Memorial Grand Prix - F1 1994 Japanese GP - Fuji TV Japan's special intro (2/2) Second and final part of this special intro that the japanese TV channel Fuji Television did honouring to Ayrton Senna, under the F1 1994 GP of Japan, where lamentably, the brazilian driver couldn't be present. The tribute ceremony included an unpublished moment: the Ayrton's sister, Vivianne Senna, spoke in Japanese to the public assistant of Suzuka's circuit, being grateful to they for the gestures of fondness that drank to Ayrton while he lived. In this part, also it's possible see the beginning of the official broadcast's start of the grand prix, little before mentioning the "starting grid" and including an interview to Nigel Mansell, who at that time was running for Rothmans Williams Renault together with Damon Hill.
  • Ocean Breeze This peice reminds me of sitting on a beach, carefree, hence the name. I also wrote it for my boyfriend, who makes me feel happy and carefree, so this song is about the feelings he inspires as well. Mixed on my piano, and lamentably recorded with limited resrources :P but I think it turned out well. The pictures were taken by me at Lake Michigan last summer.
  • AWZ - Episode 959 Part 1 - Selected Scenes (English Subtitles) Episode 959 Part 1: In which Oliver is the sparkliest thing since glittery gel pens (of which we're sending him some, along with our profuse if confused apologies for ever having thought of him as a crashing bore, except to be perfectly frank we still think of him as a crashing bore, but he's somehow mastered the art of being boring in a lovable and sparkly way [especially when he's bemoaning his doomed relationship that can never move forward as long as Marian has such unresolved issues], which we know makes no sense at all, is anyone still reading this bracket comment? didn't think so), Marian is a grumpy moronic bugger who needs to be thwapped on the nose with a newspaper, and Katja and Tom "fix" Tom's "flipper" *snicker nudge giggle dirty joke goes here* Speaking of Tom! Your Patchouli-scented, Eastern philosophy-spouting, Neverending Story-loving, tousle-headed adorkable routine is not fooling us in the slightest, boyfriend. WE ARE ONTO YOU. We know that dragon is doomed. We know you are the props department for the lamentably neglected Hagendorf/Wild production of "SLAYER - The Ice Musical." We know that poor dragon is about to have its life ended by a mop. What we do not know is what that means for whichever part of your love life/anatomy the dragon represents in the million dirty jokes the "let's fix that dragon" scenario just begs for. But hang out, share Uncle Yücel's excellent weed, let's find out. And tell Marc to get a move on with that musical. Hallo ...
  • "Rome and Constantinople" Summer School Program ¨Rome and Constantinople¨ is the title of the summer school program organized by the Pope Saint Clementine Institute that is a part of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome. Ewa Rybalt, the art history professor, described the aim of this program.Ewa Rybalt, Phd, Organizer of the summer school program Rome and Constantinople: ¨The Ukrainian Catholic University along with the department in Leopoli is the only Catholic University in what used to be Soviet territory. As some of the courses come to an end, some initiatives here in Rome make it possible to reintegrate the only experience in the world where Roman Christianity meets our own spirituality, which lamentably has greatly decreased in the past century By making these classes for students who are not only interested in the past, but who are also concerned about the future of the Church which needs to heal certain divisions. We are trying to unify particular divisions within the unique experience of the Christian world: the experience of Rome, marked by the Rome of the first Christians, of medieval times, but also that of the renaissance as well. Luckily, Rome also contains the history of the dialogue between the East and the West that lasted from the 17th century and was reestablished in the 19th century.¨ During the term, the General Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, who has been the Apostolic Nuncio in the Ukraine for more than 4 years, is offering a course in Ukrainian called, ¨The ...
  • Super Mario World Hack Review - The Quest On Quiet Island RATE THE REVIEW, NOT THE HACK! ----------- Information Hack: The Quest On Quiet Island Author: NintenDude88 Author's Channel: ----------- Carlos Alvarez (Solracxealz) Review: EXCELLENT HACK!! Score: 95 / 100 Gameplay: 10 Graphics: 10 Music: 10 Sound: 10 Difficulty: 7 Sprites: 10 Tilt: 9 Storyboard: 9 Style: 10 Originality: 10 ------------ You will instantly get transported to the golden days of Super Mario Bros. 3 with this hack. It can be considered as a redesign of SMB3 as well, as it has better graphics but basically the same enemies, as well as some new. Now, as for the gameplay, the graphics and the scenarios make you feel truly comfortable and safe, you truly feel as in the old days. But there's a TERRIBLE mistake on this hack. The difficulty of the worlds reaches high levels before you even get to the first castle, as the scenarios get almost saturated in enemies when you less expect it, letting you with further no choice than receiving a hit and run, use savestates very frequently or simply die. If you don't lure the enemies correctly or if you simply run through the levels, a multitude of monsters will be after you, so you must be slow and precise, and that makes the hack get weak. It may be pleasant for expert players at the beginning to play, but as you get to the fourth world (or even before), the business here gets bad, so even experienced players will be in trouble; this lamentably causes for beginners and even veteran players to give up ...
  • NFSMW - New Secret Area! Hello everyone! I dedicate this video for all the fanatics of the NFSMW, lamentably I could not record like I came to the place of beginning of the video but I hope that they serve the videos: "Outside Of Level" & "Master Glitch" Music: Linkin Park - In Between°
  • Super Mario World Hack Review - Adventures Of Luigi RATE THE REVIEW, NOT THE HACK! ----------- Information Hack: Adventures of Luigi Author: Starman ----------- Carlos Alvarez (Solracxealz) Review: NORMAL HACK Score: 78 / 100 Gameplay: 8 Graphics: 9 Music: N/A Sound: N/A Difficulty: 8 Sprites: 8 Tilt: 6 Storyboard: 7 Style: 9 Originality: 8 ------------ "Adventures of Luigi" is a pretty customized and modified hack, as it must be. Lamentably, there are a few things that make of this hack a sad pain. A detail that must be remarked is the fact of that the enemies' sprites look almost identical to the background, so, if you haven't seen the hack before, you will face painful deaths caused by unknown sources, this means that you must be very careful while playing the game, but it somehow brings style to the hack. Also, some backgrounds are really uncomfortable, due to their multicolor interface, it makes hard to identify your character, to your enemies and even to manipulate your character, who is by the way Luigi. "Yes, i use Luigi, so?" The title "Adventures of Luigi" isn't really original, it's even found on 99 cents stories, and the only cause for this name is, well, that you use Luigi. This fact will disturb the people, what I mean is that if you put the tile "Adventures of Luigi", on a 10 hacks list, you will surely choose "The Second Face of Mario" or even "Yoshi is Lost", as "Adventures of Luigi" sounds very simple, you can only imagine Luigi walking and jumping. It may not sound that bad, but if a title is bad, the ...
  • Justin Bieber gets hit by a Water bottle - Dota Version Justin Bieber was render thanks to her fans when an errant water bottle came sailing through the air, hitting the 16-year-old *** *** star in the head... lamentably it wasnt made of glass :( Up The Irons!
  • COPENHAGEN MUST FAIL !!! CLIMATE GATE LIES !!! GETTING COLDER !!! WEBSTER TARPLEY II The words of Christ, in the presence of the bride, about how Christ is likened to a peasant, good priests to a good shepherd, bad priests to a bad shepherd, and good Christians to a wife. Many useful things are also explained in this parable. Book 1 - Chapter 59 SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE PART I I am the one who never said anything false. The world considers me to be a peasant whose name seems contemptible. My words are counted as foolish and my house is considered a despicable shed. This peasant had a wife who wanted nothing other than what he wanted, who owned everything with him and had him as her master, obeying him in all things as her master. This peasant also had many sheep, and he hired a shepherd to watch over them for five gold coins and for the necessities of his bodily needs. Since this was a good shepherd, he used the gold to his benefit and the food for his sustenance. After some time had gone by, this shepherd moved and another shepherd came who was worse, who bought himself a wife with the gold and brought her his food, constantly taking his rest with her without caring about the sheep that were being lamentably scattered by cruel beasts. When the peasant saw how his sheep were being scattered, he cried out saying: My shepherd is unfaithful to me! My sheep are scattered by the most cruel beasts. Some of them are completely devoured by the beasts with body and fleece, while others are dead but their bodies left uneaten. Then the wife said to her ...
  • Penn & Teller w/ Weird Al - "Vegas Al's Polka Palace" Penn & Teller pitch a polka-themed Vegas hotel to "Weird Al" Yankovic, with a little help from Dick Contino and Those Darn Accordions! From the lamentably short-lived FX variety series "Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular!" Lyrics: Hey! My hotel is new, you know our tabula is rasa Our maids will play a game of Hide & Seek with your kielbasa And if you want to see the strip, we have a telescope-ah For transubstantiation, well, we've got a Polish Pope-ah! Nothing will depress you like those songs by Janis Ian At Vegas Al's, we dance and sing like Eastern Europeans! At Rio and Bellagio, the tuna fish gets funky So come to Vegas Al's buffet and load up on galumpky! Vegas Al's Polka Palace We will put you up real cheap, you know you won't go broke-ah! Vegas Al's Polka Palace Now it's time for Yankovic to tell another joke-ah! A magic show with tigers, hey, you know it ain't no biggie Our Siegfriedoff and Royski have a blonde albino piggy Our hotel is so safe, the rooms, they don't have no locks Why would we need security? The only crooks are Polish people! Vegas Al's Polka Palace All we have is three-two beer, we've got no cafe mocha Vegas Al's Polka Palace Now our ***y dancing girls will dance the Vegas Polka! Vegas Al's Polka Palace There's something very Freudian About a big accordion! Vegas Al's Polka Palace Home of weird, demented schtick Don't stay home and spank your stick COME AND DANCE WITH YANK-O-VIC!!! HEY!
  • Gil Blanco County (Imaginos) - Unreleased Imaginos version First song of the decade. Recorded by Al Bouchard sometime between '81 and '84. Lamentably never released, like most of the original Imaginos. The lineup for the entire sessions was: Al Bouchard - lead vocals, drums, guitar Buck Dharma - acoustic lead on Gil Blanco County Tommy Moringiello - guitars Jack Rigg - guitars Tommy Mandel - keyboards Jon Rogers - additional lead vocal on I Am The One You Warned Me Of Phil Grandee - additional guitar Kenny Aaronson - additional bass Thommy Price - additional drums Jeff Kawalik, Corky Stasiak, Helen Wheels, Glen Bell, Peggy Atkins, Casper McCloud - backing vocals I think keyboard impresario Tommy Zvoncheck might've played on one or more of the demos, though I can't say for sure. The full running order of the demos, which differs from both the 'official' and 'intended' tracklistings of the released album, is as follows: I Am The One You Warned Me Of Imaginos Gil Blanco County Del Rio's Song Blue Öyster Cult Les Invisibles The Girl Who Love Made Blind The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria In The Presence of Another World Blue Öyster Cult (Reprise) Astronomy Magna of Illusion Magna of Illusion (Chorale) And if you want to replicate the full experience, which will unfortunately enough likely never be realized, the original intended suite of The Soft Doctrines of Immaginos - Act I: Imaginos I Am The One You Warned Me Of Imaginos Del Rio's Song Blue Öyster Cult Blue Öyster Cult (Reprise) Les ...
  • Gay Epigenes 1 These videos (1 & 2) have been combined from more than one source and edited in order to reduce filler material. Homophobes and bigots cling to the myth that homo***uality is a choice. Possible reasons for this inaccurate position include ignorance, attempts to convince themselves that homo*** urges can be mastered, and insistence on protecting their feeble arguments. In reality, only the decision to act on ones inborn predisposition is a choice. As video 1 indicates, the evidence indicates that vocal male homophobes (such as Ted Haggard and Larry Craig) are often in denial of their own urges. Male homophobes often appear obsessed with certain aspects of ***ual activity between males. (In this obsessive focus, they seem to ignore the fact that this technique can also be a hetero***ual act.) Why are they obsessed? Perhaps for the reasons listed above, and perhaps, lamentably, because of childhood ***ual abuse. It should be noted that a disproportionate percentage of ***philes are hetero***ual ***philes. Synopsis of research on homo*** homophobes: Full originals: Similar videos:
  • Andrew Olivo performing a modern dance tribute to Martha Graham and Sinead O'Connor This is a (lamentably low quality) clip of me performing choreography to Sinead O'Connor's song "Troy." I first choreographed this dance back in the early 1990s when I was in my ***s. It was a goal of mine recently to get back in shape enough to be able to perform this dance again. This performance took place last June. It makes me think of that Country song, "I ain't as good as I once was...." But still not that bad, I suppose. :)
  • 2010 Brabus Vanish The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series doesn't leave much room for improvement. It hardly even leaves you with enough time, in fact, to say its name in full before it's already up to highway speeds from a standstill. It runs the 0-62 mph sprint in 3.8 seconds, passes 124 in 11 flat and tops out just under 200 miles per hour. Short of the SLR McLaren and the newer SLS AMG, the Black Series is the fastest roadcar Mercedes has ever made. But one customer in Dubai wasn't satisfied. So neither was Brabus. The quintessential Benz tuner fitted the client's matte Black with bigger turbos, a new gearbox, bigger brakes and a new exhaust. The result is a 130-horsepower boost from the stock 670hp twin-turbo V12 for a total of 800. Brabus calls it the Vanish, which is probably just about right. For our part, we'll give kudos where kudos are due to the owner who went with a decidedly more understated look than the typical Dubai'd out gold-chrome Benzes we've come, however lamentably, to expect.
  • KFOR Leaves, Albanians destroy Saint Elijah Church, Podujevo How cowardly the KFOR gets out of the church premises, without any fight or giving protection to the Kosovo Serbian Population and lets the Albanian Islamic hordes burn and takes out the cross on the church like cowards who radically likes to kill Christians and gets support from a Christian country(USA) lamentably.....
  • System of a down-psycho good, this video is "psycho" of system of to down this live obvious since lamentably they did not remove many videos from this CD I hope that they like?

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  • “What's troubling to me, and I'm sure others around town, is that it took a guy from another state to finally get a casino issue passed in Ohio. Kudos to Dan Gilbert. Isn't it a sad commentary that the Spitzer family was rebuked in its attempts to”
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