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  • [Experimental studies on the ***ual differentiation in some pectinid mollusc (Lamellibranchs) (author's transl) From this region, protogonia migrates into the middle and anterior part of the body and suddenly, when oogenesis has started into the ovary, give spermatogonia. — “[Experimental studies on the ***ual differentiation in some”,
  • Translations of lamellibranchs. lamellibranchs synonyms, lamellibranchs antonyms. Information about lamellibranchs in the free Lamellibranchs have gills that consist of long, folded filaments with cilia at the end that draw in water for respiration and also filter food. — “lamellibranchs - definition of lamellibranchs by the Free”,
  • This contains excellent figures of some Chalk Lamellibranchs by J. de C. Sowerby, but the descriptions of the species are very l)rief, or in some cases even omitted ; The following monograph deals with the Lamellibranchs of all the Cretaceous deposits of. — “Full text of "A monograph of the Cretaceous Lamellibranchia”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Lamellibranchs - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • I. Isolated Ventricle-Strip Preparations from Lamellibranchs (Mytilus Edulis L., Ostrea Edulis L., Anodonta Cygnea L. the bathing fluid on isolated ventricle preparations from three species of lamellibranchs. — “Osmotic Relations in Molluscan Contractile Tissues: I”,
  • Certain Lamellibranchs have the latero-frontal tract composed of large complex cilia' Other Lamellibranchs, which were previously considered as lacking latero-frontal cilia,. — “Memoirs: On the Ciliary Mechanisms and Interrelationships of”,
  • (KudoZ) English to Portuguese translation of lamellibranchs: lamelibrânquios [Fisheries]. — “lamellibranchs > lamelibrânquios”,
  • The benthic fossils present indicate a calm and not very deep depositional environment; they comprise lamellibranchs, acteonellidae, nerineoidea, chaetetids, miliolids and others. In some places the top part undergoes a facies change to more. — “Angoumian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • bivalve ( ) n. A mollusk, such as an oyster or a clam, that has a shell consisting of two hinged valves Filibranchs and lamellibranchs trap food with a mucous coating on the ctenidia; the filibranchs and lamellibranchs are differentiated by the way the ctenidia are joined. — “bivalve: Definition from ”,
  • Study of some American Miocene lamellibranchs and comparison with related European species Study of some American Miocene lamellibranchs and comparison with related European species. — “Museum of the Earth”,
  • Aquaculture dictionary, technical terms for fish farming, tables diagrams pictures - free online use The secondary lamellae are loosely bound together by mucus. Lamellibranchs. The largest subclass of the Class Bivalvia. Contains the largest number of species (and almost. — “Aquaculture dictionary - Aquatext - L”,
  • Definition of lamellibranch from The American Heritage Science Dictionary. Lamellibranchs have gills that consist of long, folded filaments with cilia at the end that draw in water for respiration and also filter food. — “lamellibranch - Science Definition”,
  • Notes on the biology of some Lamellibranchs in the Clyde area ( 1932) Notes on the biology of some Lamellibranchs in the Clyde area. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United. — “Marine & Ocean Science ePrints Archive @ Plymouth - Notes on”,
  • Definition of lamellibranchs in the Medical Dictionary. lamellibranchs explanation. Information about lamellibranchs in Free online English dictionary. What is lamellibranchs? Meaning of lamellibranchs medical term. What does lamellibranchs mean?. — “lamellibranchs - definition of lamellibranchs in the Medical”, medical-
  • The degeneration produced by sedentary habits in all lamellibranchs has in the oyster reached its most advanced stage. The renal organs of the oyster were discovered by Hoek to agree in their morphological relations with those of other lamellibranchs. — “Oyster - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • RECENT CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CRYSTALLINE STYLE OF LAMELLIBRANCHS From data procured from other species of lamellibranchs it would appear that the time necessary for actual reformation of the style is much less than the figure given. — “RECENT CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CRYSTALLINE”,
  • The valves of the shell in these lamellibranchs are lateral, instead of being dorsal and ventral as among the branchiopods. 1 In speaking of the nervous system of the lamellibranchs, I have not alluded to cer- tain small accessory ganglia which exist in. — “Popular Science Monthly/Volume 10/November 1876/Nature of the”,
  • BORING LAMELLIBRANCHS. Seven groups of lamellibranchs have evolved the ability to penetrate and live beneath the surface of firm substrates – peat, clay, sand-stone, wood, shell, coral, and rock. All boring bivalves begin to excavate after the larvae settle. — “Natural History Collections: Boring Lamellibranchs”,
  • 8, 29) . In such Lamellibranchs as the oysters, scallops and many others which have the not exist in a number of Lamellibranchs which have the gill-lamellae comparatively free. — “LAMELLIBRANCHIA (Lat. ... - Online Information article about”,

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  • “Gabb's California and Tertiary type lamellibranchs. Special publication of the ANSP no. 3: Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board”
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  • “He wrote papers with titles like "Another nomenclatorial review of the Carboniferous lamellibranchs Macrodon, Grammatodon, Parallelodon and Beushausenia" and he had sailed the world. Post a comment (If you haven't left a comment here before, you may”
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  • “Importance of reading : Good readers : Ezinearticles Lamellibranchs importance of readin g "blastogenesiss ghosts" nonlexical in considered reproof. And importance of readin g”
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