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  • What is lamella in Chinese, how to say/how do you say lamella in mandarin, Chinese translation for lamella. Derivatives : adjective lamellar ; adverb lamellarly. — “lamella in Chinese,lamella in mandarin,lamella in Chinese”,
  • lamellarly. Dictionary: Lam·el·lar·ly. Home > Library > Literature Related Videos: lamellarly. Top. Related topics: lamella. Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community: Copyrights:. — “lamellarly: Information from ”,
  • Definition of lamellarly in the Medical Dictionary. lamellarly explanation. Information about lamellarly in Free online English dictionary. What is lamellarly? Meaning of lamellarly medical term. What does lamellarly mean?. — “lamellarly - definition of lamellarly in the Medical”, medical-
  • In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free lamellarly. lamellate. lamellated. lamelliferous. lamelliform. lamely. — “Browse 1828 => Letter L :: Search the 1828 Noah Webster's”, 1828
  • Meaning of Lamellarly: In thin plates or scales. — “Definition: Lamellarly (Meaning of Lamellarly)”,
  • Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe the process of synthesizing lamellarly-shaped anticorrosion pigments having a chemically active layer whose core consists of metal aluminium on which a thin spinel film is synthesised. Design. — “Emerald | Pigment & Resin Technology | Synthesis of Zn”,
  • The formation of pellicle-like thin layers and subsequent covering by lamellarly formed plaque were observed on the surfaces of all materials. Streptococcus species were predominant at the 4-hour setting time and anaerobes increased at the 48-hour setting time; this was common to all materials. — “The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants”,
  • 78. lamellarly. 79. landlubberly. 80. latterly. 81. lawyerly. 82. lazarly Show only matches that are related to this concept: Search completed. — “Words that match the pattern "*rly" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of lamellarly from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of lamellarly. Pronunciation of lamellarly. Definition of the word lamellarly. Origin of the word lamellarly. — “lamellarly - Definition of lamellarly at ”,
  • Type 3, there is schisis clinically and on OCT examination there is schisis lamellarly and peripherally. Type 4 is when schisis cysts are visible clinically and peripherally on OCT examination. This means that the OCT does not find schisis in the foveal-lamellar area. — “Foundation Fighting Blindness”,
  • (C) and a photopolymerization initiator (D); and molding the mixture lamellarly on a support. 13. A method for manufacturing a photosensitive resin and a photopolymerization initiator (D); and molding the mixture lamellarly on a support. — “Photosensitive Resin for Flexographic Printing Plate - Patent”,
  • What is a lamellae, definition of lamellae, meaning of lamellae, lamellae anagrams, lamellae synonyms lamellarly " lamellas. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique Letter. — “Word lamellae meaning. Word lamellae definition. Free”,
  • Source: Journal of Materials Science, Volume 34, Number 1, 15 April Secondly, within the interdendritic areas, the pseudo-binary eutectic fresnoite-silica solidifies lamellarly. — “IngentaConnect Microstructural characterization of grain”,
  • Lamellarly definition, referring to a lamella or lamellae. See more. — “Lamellarly | Define Lamellarly at ”,
  • : The A to Z of Dictionary Definitions on the Net! lambskinnet lamdoidal lamed lamel lamellae lamellar lamellarly. Ask the community a question about 'lamel'. — “What does lamel mean?”,
  • We synthesized 4,5-bis(octadecylthio)-4′,5′-bis(ethylcarbamoyl)tetrathiafulvalene and measured the electrical conductivity of its perchlorate (ClO4−)-doped nanofibers, which have double and triple helix structures. The nanostructure of the bis. — “Synthesis and electrical conductivity of perchlorate-doped”,
  • lamellarly. Dictionary terms for lamellarly, definition for lamellarly, Thesaurus and Translations of lamellarly to Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Hebrew. — “lamellarly in - dictionary and translation”,
  • The water permeability barrier of the stratum corneum (SC) seems primarily to be regulated by the lamellarly arranged lipid bilayers between the corneocytes, which originate largely from polar lipid precursors provided by the cells of stratum. — “Epidermal barrier in disorders of the skin”,
  • Encyclopedia article about lamellarly. Information about lamellarly in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “lamellarly definition of lamellarly in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • The lamellarly-ordered PS-P2VP film showed some structural changes in contact Structural changes of a thin lamellarly-ordered block copolymer film with solvent contact. — “In-Situ Reflectometry Observation on Structural Changes of”,
  • In the form of a molecular inclusion compound with α-cyclodextrin, linoleic acid effectively is protected against oxidation. The lipids are arranged lamellarly in a multilayer sandwich structure called lamellar bilayers. — “The Stabilization of Linoleic Acid by Complexation with Alpha”,
  • Home - Quote Topics - Quotes of the Day - Quote Keywords - Author W X Y Z. Definition of Lamellarly. Lamellarly. In thin plates or scales. Related Definitions:. — “Definition of Lamellarly”,

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