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  • Definition of labour in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of labour. Pronunciation of labour. Translations of labour. labour synonyms, labour antonyms. Information about labour in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. labour party,. — “labour - definition of labour by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Encyclopedia article about labour. Information about labour in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. labour party, labour market, labour economics, british labour party. — “labour definition of labour in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • labour In economics, the general body of wage earners. In classical economics , labour is one of the three factors of production, along with capital. — “Labour: Definition from ”,
  • A monthly on-line labour journal from India. In 2011, the International Labour Conference (ILC), which in fact is the international parliament on labour, will decide whether domestic work will be covered by a new Read full Article. — “Welcome to labourfile- a bimonthly journal on indian labour”,
  • To be a scholar or practitioner of labour or employment law in the early years of I shall argue that, while all these accounts contain important insights into labour. — “Bellagio„oral presentation 5/25/2005”,
  • The Labour Party is a political party in the United Kingdom. Labour surpassed the Liberal Party as the main opposition to the Conservatives in the early 1920s. — “Labour Party (UK) - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • The official site of the UK Labour Party. Read the latest Party news, watch videos and find out about our policies. — “Labour Party”,
  • What happens during the first stage of labour and the active phase, and what you can do to make it easier, plus what happens if your labour fails to progress. — “Mumsnet - Pregnancy - labour and birth - early stage”,
  • As part of the process of international discussion surrounding child labour, and to promote the elimination of harmful and exploitative child work generally, the Government of Norway is organising an International Conference on Child Labour to be held in Oslo in October 1997. — “Urban Childhood Conference”,
  • Labour definition, labor. See more. How to induce labour? Did you know: Scrabble is a fun game, but what is the not-so-fun definition of "to scrabble?. — “Labour | Define Labour at ”,
  • Here at we have discussions on labor: contract labour, labour laws, labour unions and even child labor. All of which are protected under some legal clause. Be sure to check back on us every once in a while. — “ | Labour”,
  • Ministry of Labour Government of India Draft Protocol on Prevention, Rescue, Repatriation and Rehabilitation of Trafficked and Migrant Child Labour (Comments invited). — “Ministry of Labour”,
  • In classical economics and all micro-economics labour (or labor) is a measure of the work done by human beings and is one of three factors of production, the others Wage is a basic compensation for labour, and the compensation for labour per period of time is referred to as the wage rate. — “Labour”,
  • TURKS & CAICOS DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR. Welcome to our site! Our goal is to make employers, workers, residents and visitors more informed and more efficient in helping us achieve our mission. Turks and Caicos Labour Administration - All right reserved - Web Site created by Wired Island Ltd. — “Turks and Caicos Department of Labour at Turks and Caicos”,
  • (uncountable) Workers in general; the working class, the workforce; sometimes specifically the labour movement, organised labour. Like many other words ending in -our/-or, this word is spelled labour in the UK and labor in the U.S.; in Canada, labour is preferred, but labor is not unknown. — “labour - Wiktionary”,
  • Hyperlinked encyclopaedia entry offers the history, leaders and structure of the party. Includes lists of organisations and members. The Labour Party was last in government between 1997 and 2010 under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, beginning with a majority of 179, reduced to 167 in 2001 and 66 in 2005. — “Labour Party (UK) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Labour Party is a political party in the United Kingdom. Labour won a landslide 179 seat majority in the 1997 general election under the leadership of Tony Blair, its first general election victory since October 1974 and the first general election since 1970 in which it had exceeded 40. — “Labour Party (UK)”, schools-
  • Ireland's third party has been a junior coalition partner in Irish governments. Absorbed the left-socialist Democratic Left party into its ranks in a 1998 merger. Led by Pat Rabbitte. — “Labour”,
  • Latest news and comment on Labour from 26 Nov 2010: Labour leader embarks on policy review and says party must confront fundamental task of adapting to a changed country. — “Labour | Politics | ”,
  • Various labour affairs will be highlighted in this new column to enhance understanding on the work of the Labour Department and to strengthen people's knowledge of different labour issues Code of Practice for Owners of Boilers and Pressure Vessels. — “Labour Department - What's New”,
  • labour markets, along with the wide-ranging implications for social and labour market Taking migrant labour as. its focal point, this paper argues that the regulation of. — “Title: Migrant Labour, Citizenship, and Labour Rights in the”,

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  • UB40 LABOUR OF LOVE 2 DOCUMENTARY PART 1 BUY UB40 DVDS FROM Shot on location in Italy, France, Ireland and their hometown of Birmingham, Labour Of Love II captures UB40 in relaxed mood playing the reggae sounds of their youth. Cherry Oh Baby Wedding Day Wear You To The Ball Baby Sweet Cherrie Singer Man Here I Am (Come And Take Me) Groovin' Homely Girl Impossible Love Kingston Town ub40
  • China's cheap labour dries up China's exports jumped more than 45 per cent in February from a year earlier, according to official figures, in a sign of recovering global demand. But many factories in China's southern manufacturing heartland are facing an unusual problem a worsening labour shortage. Many migrant workers are not returning after the lunar new year holiday, while those who have returned are being very choosy. The shortfall has some suggesting that the age of cheap and willing labour may be coming to an end. Al Jazeera's Rob McBride reports from the city of Dongguan.
  • 101 East - Labour of Love - Oct 9 - Part 2 An estimated 10 million Filipinos provide much needed labour around the world. On this edition of 101 East we ask to what extent are overseas remittances helping or hurting the Philippines?
  • Sunday Drinker Wine Review No.5 A short podcast of Sunday Drinker's wine tasting review.
  • What's Labor Like? (Pregnancy Health Tip from *** Health Guru) The idea of going into labor can be frightening. It can help to know more about what may happen. ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»»
  • inside pregnancy labour & birth Clip animation of how the baby develops gods amazing miracle
  • The Challenge to Make Chocolate Child Labour Free (Part 1/3) There are over a quarter of a million children who work in the cocoa plantations of West Africa. It's hazardous work, which exposes children to highly toxic pesticides. This episode of the BBC World TV series "Survivors Guide" goes to Cameroon, where the International Labour Organization has been working to eliminate child labour from cocoa production and help children return to school. Produced by Rockhopper TV in cooperation with the ILO.
  • Child Labour - Philippines March 1996 We offer you a shocking report on child labour in the Philippines. Mari-Lou is having the best day of her life. She and two friends are screaming at the top of their voices as they descend down a water chute. A government social worker has treated the girls to a day at an amusement park to help them recover from the trauma of being locked up, beaten, unpaid and ***ually abused. Recruited from their peasant village to became maids in Manila, they have been totally exploited by their employment agency. Impoverished families are forced to let their children suffer slave labour. At a gold mine, Joel makes $8 a day scrabbling in the mud for any gold ore which spills beneath the wheels of endless trucks. In Manila, 13 year old Brian Marsada is locked into a dim warehouse where he bottles bleach. When it is raided by government forces, Brian escapes. A journey home to the lush but poverty stricken island of Mindanao in the Philippines reunites him with his family. His bright western clothes contrast with his father's torn and dirty shirt. Now embarrassed by the shabby hamlet, he misses the cheap, coloured lights of Manila. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Child Labour In India World Vision Australia gives you an insight into Child Labour. 280 million children in the world are involved in Child Labour, India is home to the largest number of child labourers. World Vision is acting now - and you can too.
  • Ness in labour part 2 - Gavin & Stacey - BBC Comedy Smithy finally arrives at the hospital, just in time to meet his baby boy. Great video from BBC award-winning sitcom 'Gavin & Stacey'.
  • sophie in labour x dont have kids ... it fukin hurts .. but its worth it in the end xx
  • Labour Pie Tony Blair's legacy as seen from Scotland.
  • Deputy Michael D Higgins speaking on reducing the minimum wage during the Labour PMM Deputy Michael D Higgins speaking on reducing the minimum wage during the Labour Private Members' time
  • Labour leader John Smith Dies, May 1994 The Labour leader John Smith died on 12 May 1994 in St Bartholomew's hospital London after two serious heart attacks. The 55-year-old leader of the opposition and the man expected to be Britain's next Prime Minister suffered his first attack at his central London flat. He had a second heart attack in the ambulance on the way to hospital and was pronounced dead at 0915 BST. Clip features Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Paddy Ashdown, John Major, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Benn.
  • Breathing techniques for labour and birth A step by step guide to breathing techniques to assist you during labour from
  • Nikki in labour - Ideal - BBC comedy Nikki gives birth in the flat, and Moz is convinced that labour is more tough on the man than the woman. Hilarious BBC comedy Ideal starring Johnny Vegas.
  • Child labour in Afghanistan After years of war, poverty, and widespread unemployment, child labour is rife in Afghanistan.
  • Adam Boulton (Sky News) v Alastair Campbell (Labour) - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Adam Boulton stops short of fighting Alastair Campbell live on Sky News. Have I Got News for You material! 10th May ~5:45PM
  • Labour 2008 Valtra S280 et Charlier 10 corps
  • Ed Balls's speech to Labour Party Conference 2010 For more visit
  • Lucy's Pregnant Dance in Labour between Contractions very funny! Here's what you do between contractions when you are in labour! Lucy's Pregnant Dance in Labour between Contractions very funny!
  • New Labour's latest immigration scandal (11Dec09) The latest in a looong line of scandals to do with New Labour's 12 year (and counting) Open Borders policy to all the worlds dross. This item looks into all the Asian continent "students" coming to the UK "to learn English", but find it impossible "to find work." (did New Labour forget to give this lot National insurance numbers like New Labour illegally gave to immigrants it let in already?) Recorded from BBC Newsnight, 11 December 2009.
  • The Price Of Labour - Thailand March 2010 Thailand has become the assembly-line for the worlds electronics and textiles industries. Long hours, little pay and unfair dismissals are standard fare, and workers are taking to the streets in protest. Half a million Thai people are now employed in Thailands booming electronics sector. At this factory supplying Sony, HP and Dell, 12 hour shifts are standard fare, and salaries are less than 100 euros a month. Most of the workers are young, unmarried women, says a journalist. To encourage investment, new companies in Thailand are exempt from taxes for several years. After this exemption period, factories close, and re-open under a new name, hiring new staff. Workers across Thailand are now demanding unpaid wages and preventing the management from starting again with cheaper labour. It was a thorn in the side of the managers that we had organized ourselves, they say.
  • Ness in labour - Gavin & Stacey - BBC comedy Smithy is so desperate to see the birth of his child that he breaks into Wales and is approached by the police! Funny video from BBC award winning sitcom, Gavin and Stacey.
  • Car crash overshadows Labour poster launch A Labour party election poster launch has been overshadowed by a car crash just yards away. . Follow us on twitter at .
  • Child Labour - Bolivia January 2006 Nearly 4000 children work in the Cerro Rico mines of Bolivia. Those who are not injured or buried alive often develop lung diseases. Miners here have a life expectancy of just 39.
  • UK Labour, Conservatives Court 3rd-place Party In Britain the Labour and Conservative parties were courting the third-place left-of-center Liberal Democrats Friday. The political jockeying was necessary after no one party won a majority of parliamentary seats in the country's election. (May 7)
  • Labour and childbirth: Positions for delivery A guide for you and your birthing partner on the different positions for delivery during labour and childbirth from
  • ORGASMIC LABOUR BIRTH! I guess it's possible for women to have orgasims instead of pain during child birth. WTF?? lol
  • Labour and birth, a natural hospital delivery Quite a graphic birth video. Giving birth on my hands and knees to my second child Seren with all the up close and "gross" shots. Don't watch if you don't want to see child birth in detail! I was in hospital for less than 30 mins before giving birth so whilst this is edited down I've not actually cut much out.
  • 13 years of Labour This powerful new film looks back on 13 years of a New Labour government.
  • Gordon Brown's speech to Labour Conference
  • Labour of Love Track 3 of Michael Giacchinos score to star trek
  • Labour camp artist When he's not working his 12 hour shift at oil rigs, Saji spends hours creating vividly colourful paintings, drawing inspiration from his surroundings.
  • Labour of Love Hue and Cry Please go to and sign up to Hue And Cry's Music Club for FREE access to exclusive audio, video, blogs & gig info. "Music, Friendship and More for Hue And Cry Fans". A new Hue And Cry album is expected in early 2011.
  • One Self - Fear The labour
  • They'll be voting Labour on Thursday Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Liz Dawn, Leonard Fenton, Prunella Scales, Tony Robinson, Peter Guinness and Roberta Taylor explain why they'll be voting Labour on Thursday
  • Labour catch Lib Dems in polls Labour have caught up with the Lib Dems, according to the latest opinion polls. . Follow us on twitter at .
  • Schoolgirl Mums: Close to Labour Rhonda's due date is fast approaching and she is a little anxious about missing her exams. Andy tells his back story.
  • Labour's New Generation For more visit

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  • “home " labour blog. Latest Blog Entries. November 25, 2010. Taxpayers of doubt, of lack of clarity," the Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore told the House today”
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  • “News of what is going on in the German labour movement You are here: Home " German Labour blog. Info. German Labour blog. News of what is going on in the German labour movement but not only. Found 0 posts. Filter posts. For those outside Germany, the labour movement is seen through rosa spectacles”
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  • “National and Act would have a combined 60 MPs and Labour and the Greens a combined 56 MPs. Hon ANNETTE KING (Deputy Leader—Labour): The Labour Opposition joins all parties in this”
    — Red Alert, .nz

  • “Labour - Blog Egypt women blog for their rights 03/23. Wealth of resources on ***ual health online 03/23. Pope's condom remarks 'real tragedy' 03/18 'My father was killed for reporting on rights abuses' 03/16. International Civil Society Forum (FISC) 03/13. Oppose water privatization!”
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  • “Labour Youth Forum (Maltese: Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti, FZL) is the youth organisation of the Maltese social It encourages the participation of youths in politics, and ensures the voice of the younger generations in the Labour Party's policies”
    Labour Youth Forum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

  • “Politics blog + Labour. Tuesday 23 November 2010. Is Labour doomed to the same divisive in our blog post. Last 24 hours. 1. Miliband sets out overhaul of Labour party. 2. Move”
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  • “My own personal blog. I'm a trade union activist, Labour Party member and London Councillor. I'm passionate about centre left politics, history & future of labour movement family, trade The Forum is a regional annual meeting of Labour Link delegates fr”
    — John's Labour blog: John's Labour Blog: No 2 (ish) Trade,

  • “Higher mortgages under Labour "Let's assume an outstanding mortgage of £140,000 with of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman MP] has won the nomination as Labour candidate for”
    — mylabourposters's blog,