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  • Dog heavy breathing symptoms could be caused by a number of ailments. It's important to evaluate respiratory symptoms in the context of any other symptoms your dog may display concurrently. Hot Weather Can Cause Labored Breathing in Dogs. If your dog becomes overheated, he may begin panting quite. — “Diagnosing a Dog With Heavy Breathing Symptoms”,
  • Definition of labored from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of labored. Pronunciation of labored. Definition of the word labored. Origin of the word labored. — “labored - Definition of labored at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. produced or performed with labor ; also : lacking ease of expression. — “Labored - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • labored: Definition and Pronunciation 1. done or made with difficulty; heavy: labored breathing. 2. exhibiting a great deal of effort; lacking grace, fluency, or spontaneity: a labored prose style. Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright. — “labored: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • labored adj. Produced or done with effort: the labored breathing of a very ill person. Lacking natural ease; strained: a labored style of. — “labored: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Translation of labored in English. Translate labored in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of Labored in English”,
  • Labored breathing means working hard or struggling to breath. It can be a sign of a serious medical condition, like asthma, pneumonia or head injury. — “Labored Breathing | Struggling to Breathe | Healthline”,
  • List of 23 disease causes of Labored respirations, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Labored respirations. — “Labored respirations - ”,
  • We found 28 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word labored: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "labored" is defined. General (24 matching dictionaries) labored: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of labored - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Learn more about Labored Breathing. Find the Web's best health guides, medical reports, news, videos and tools for Labored Breathing. Share Labored Breathing experiences and get advice from experts. — “Labored Breathing Overview - RightHealth”,
  • labored (comparative more labored, superlative most labored) Of an action that is At the end of the marathon, her labored breathing told us she was. — “labored - Wiktionary”,
  • buy labored as a soldier mugs, tshirts and magnets. the state of being achieved by smoking bud (usually a nice, fat blunt) after already being belligerently drunk. if you drink before you smoke, you will get labored as a soldier. — “Urban Dictionary: labored”,
  • Definition of labored in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is labored? Meaning of labored as a legal term. What does labored mean in law?. — “labored legal definition of labored. labored synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Definition of labored in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of labored. Pronunciation of labored. Translations of labored. labored synonyms, labored antonyms. Information about labored in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. labored. — “labored - definition of labored by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor. "I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored and you have entered into their labor. — “John 4:38 I sent you to reap what you have not worked for”,
  • Synonyms for labored. Other words for labored. Different words for labored. Antonyms of labored. — “labored - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Usage: labour) Strive and make an effort to reach a goal "She labored for years to make a labour [Brit, Cdn], toil, fag, travail, grind, drudge, dig, moil [N. — “labored, labor- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. Socrates. The pencil of the Holy Ghost hath labored more in describing the afflictions of Job than the felicities of Solomon. Francis Bacon. — “Definition of Labored”,
  • Labored definition, done or made with difficulty; heavy: See more. — “Labored | Define Labored at ”,
  • Labored breathing - physical presentation of respiratory distress Labored breathing is distinguished from shortness of breath or dyspnea, which is the sensation of respiratory distress rather than a physical. — “Labored breathing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Labor Education Program is a continuing education unit of MU Extension, located at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The MU Labor Education Program has been engaged in the development and delivery of high quality leadership training. — “MU Labor Education Program, MU Extension”,

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  • Summoner Showcase #29 - Painters Tape and Dubstep Click here to signup and play League of Legends: Our weekly Showcase for fan art and League of Legends creations! Take a look at the full entries! Dorm Recruiting [i1200 ROFLrice and gbh101 wear their fandom proudly on the door of their college dorm room, inviting others to play too! We didn't know blue painter's tape was such an artistic medium. Ace in the Hole [ MapmakerHIS does this sheriff justice in a beautiful painting of Caitlyn. Definitely not the last thing you'd like to see in your life. Spanish Cosplay [ A group of cosplayers from Spain have labored long over a sewing machine to create some of the loveliest cosplay we've seen! Go congratulate them over on the EU forums! Monopoleague [ Sephrick used stances, champions and stuns to create this Monopoly-themed League of Legends game board! Whether or not it's playable, we don't know, but it's certainly fun to look at. LoL Dubstep [ I is for Ian has put his music skills to the test and created a hit! Debate was fierce on whether this would really be classified as dubstep, but in the end we liked it too much to care either way. Thanks for keeping our headphones busy! We're already cracking into entries for next week, so send links of the cool League of Legends things you find or make to [email protected] along with your summoner name! We'll be taking a look at it and can't wait to see what you have ...
  • For All the Saints Who From Their Labors Rest; Sine Nomine I'm not quite sure what's so great about this video--in fact, I'm rather disappointed with it, but thanks for all the kind comments. One of my favorite hymns. The organ is a Ruffatti. It has 53 ranks of pipes. About 40 digital ranks.
  • Orthodox Christmas Carol,Thrace,Greece -Κάλαντα Χριστουγένννων Θράκης CHRIST IS BORN Christmas Carols from Thrace Greece Sung by"Traditional Choir"EPALXIS" ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΓΕΝΝΙΕΤΑΙ Κάλαντα Χριστουγένννων Θράκης ΠΑΡΑΔΟΣΙΑΚΗ ΧΟΡΩΔΙΑ"ΕΠΑΛΞΕΙΣ" Text in English: Christ is born,joy to the world,joy to the world,O young men. Forty days and forty nights,The Panagia(Virgin Mary) labored. She labored and pleaded,the Archangels,and the Hierarchs. Oh Archangels and Hierarchs,go to Smyrna and bring back midwives. Saint Marina and Saint Catherine,went to Smyrna to bring back midwives. By the time they went and came back,Our Panagia(Virgin Mary)had given birth. They put the baby in a swing and swung it back and forth, they swung it and sang to it. He shines like the sun and like a new moon, like a new moon ,the young man. Shine upon the head of this house,with his goods and his children. With his goods and his children,and his good wife.
  • Suppressed Science - Inventing the Impossible From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Free Energy, German Anti-Gravity, Wireless Power Transmission, Cold Fusion and Rejuvenation Technology. In the 20th century, while Marconi, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse managed to capture most of the attention, others, with technological prowess bordering on the miraculous, have gone unnoticed. Men like Tesla, Moray, Riech, Russell, and Schauberger, largely rejected ridiculed and despised by the scientific establishment of their day, labored in nearly complete obscurity, achieving almost incomprehensible miracle like free energy, anti-gravity, transmutation of elements, physical rejuvenation technologies and more. Produced by Atlantis Rising Magazine. Preceding every great advance in history, the geniuses of both the light and the dark have battled for the hearts and minds of the people. Despite the resistance of those committed to maintaining their own entrenched economic and political advantage, the seemingly outrageous impossibilities of one generation become the revolutionary breakthroughs of the next. Now, only a few decades later, a new breed of inventors, scientists and researchers is making rapid, if yet unpublicized, strides toward unraveling the astonishing secrets of the unsung giants who came before them. Many of these new technological magicians find themselves on the threshold of breakthroughs still believed by many to be the stuff of hallucination. Join Atlantis Rising Magazine's editor J. Douglas ...
  • Justice Clarence Thomas and Citizens United: A Conflict of Interest - Clarence Thomas has been caught up in a swirl of controversy surrounding his 20 years of falsifying financial disclosure statements, including those during his nomination process, and using his judicial decisions to enrich his wife. Virginia Thomas has launched two organizations --Liberty Central and Liberty Consulting -- to take advantage of last years Citizens United decision and raised hundreds of thousands in secret money to fund them and help conservative candidates. Common Cause has filed a conflict of interest complaint with the Department of Justice asking that it vacate the Citizens United ruling because of Justice Thomas' conflicts of interest. Well, Protect Our Elections has discovered another even more shocking conflict of Interest. Citizens United actually supported Clarence Thomas during his nomination process and spent over 100000 dollars running ads attacking Senators who opposed Thomas, controversial ads that generated millions of dollars of free publicity from the news flap. Last June, the US Supreme Court was faced with an eerily similar conflict of interest case involving Massey Energy which helped fund the candidacy of Justice Brent Benjamin to the WV Sup Ct. Eventually Massey Energy was sued and the case was heard by the WV Supreme Court. The man suing Massey Energy, Hugh Caperton, moved to recuse Justice Benjamin on the basis of his previous support from Massey. The motion was denied and Justice Benjamin cast the deciding vote in favor of Massey ...
  • The Real Problem with Government For several millennia mankind has labored to design a system of government to adequately host its masses. We have sought a means that can accurately represent the most people within reasonable standards of efficacy given the basic constraints of capital and bureaucratic resources, among other logistic challenges. We have attempted to craft a structure in which people can govern themselves, and have been just as effective in doing so as one could expect to be in a desperate effort to construct a daycare center where children watch over, educate, and discipline themselves. No system of government forged by man has yet been capable of serving the grand majority while acknowledging that minority ideals which are unpopular are often slivers of genius or even grandiose common sense fledging before their time. Our species' failure to master such an integral piece of society despite ages of progress in other fields is not entirely to be shouldered by history's political architects. They have been asked to design a spacious room that is comfortable in temperature to both a polar bear and a lion, while simultaneously designing the room to keep those two beasts from quarreling without impeding on their freedom to quarrel by use of any physical constraints or barriers. Can we fault them for their consistent failure to produce satisfactory results? A litany of systems have been tested, but our hyper sensitive communal tastes have spit them out through the ages like a spoiled food ...
  • Late Rev. HF Shepherd- "Our Time Is Secure in God's Hands" Sermon: Our Time Is Secure in God's Hand" Last Sermon on this side of Heaven, Well Done. A Great man who labored in the kingdom of God as his servant
  • Gov Franklin Addresses Perth Amboy - 10.05.2009.wmv Every year in the little - but crucially historic - city of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, an intrepid and learned group of citizens who understand that the edifice of the present is built on the foundation of the past gather in a 250 year old mansion to relive a seminal event in the history of our nation that is all but forgotten today: the arrest of New Jersey's last royal governor, William Franklin, on June 19, 1776. It was the eve of a revolution that would change the course of human history; scant weeks before the Continental Congress would vote to declare the United States an independent and sovereign nation, the Provincial Congress of New Jersey voted to depose that colony's last royal governor and dispatched Col. Nathan Heard of the Middle*** County battalion to deliver the terms of parole: That he consent to quit Perth Amboy immediately. That he consent to reside one of three locations as the place of his parole, namely Princeton, Bordentown or his own farm in Rancocus, and confine himself for the duration of the hostilities. That he sign the parole document as evidence of his consent. Few people today realize that William Franklin was the son of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. While the elder Franklin rejected the monarchy and labored to free the colonies from the shackles of the British Empire, the younger Franklin embraced the monarchy and labored to enforce the reign of King George III. In so doing, he became a living, breathing avatar of the Crown in the midst of a colony ...
  • Bill's Jupiter 2 Room Tour Pt. 2 Part TWO - Tour of Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Room prop replica built by Bill Hedges. Bill labored for months building a replice Jupiter 2 flight deck and lower deck hilights around some original props from the TV Show. Enjoy!
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations-Original Game Soundtrack [Labored And Lost] ASSASSIN'S CREED REVELATIONS OST. Soundtrack name: Labored And Lost. Composers: Jesper Kyd and Lorne Balfe. This soundtrack is played during the last scene (Apocalyptic scene). Old Channel: ACR-Playlist:
  • MC with labored breathing 06/01/2008 MC with labored breathing
  • Slavery and the Making of America - Episode 1 - The Downward Spiral Episode one opens in the 1620s with the introduction of 11 men of African descent and mixed ethnicity into slavery in New Amsterdam. Working side by side with white indentured servants, these men labored to lay the foundations of the Dutch colony that would later become New York. There were no laws defining the limitations imposed on slaves at this point in time. Enslaved people, such as Anthony d'Angola, Emmanuel Driggus, and Frances Driggus could bring suits to court, earn wages, and marry. But in the span of a hundred years, everything changed. By the early 18th century, the trade of African slaves in America was Watch a preview expanding to accommodate an agricultural economy growing in the hands of ambitious planters. After the 1731 Stono Rebellion (a violent uprising led by a slave named Jemmy) many colonies adopted strict "black codes" transforming the social system into one of legal racial oppression.
  • Mass Effect 2.5 - The Message "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." A week after the destruction of the Alpha Relay, Commander Shepard receives orders to report back to Earth and stand trial for his actions. But with the Reapers on their way and a galaxy still clinging to disbelief, the Commander must first travel to an unknown world to perform one final task. Music: Lorne Balfe - "Labored and Lost"
  • Steve Earle - Every Part of Me (with Lyrics below) album: I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (April 2011) lyrics: I love you with all my heart All my soul, every part of me. It's all I can do to mark Where you end and where I start you see. Labored long in my travails, I left a trail of tears behind me. Been in love so many times didn't think this kind would ever find me. I love you with everything, all my weakness, all my strength. I can't promise anything except that my last breath will bear your name. And when I'm gone they'll sing a song about a lonely fool who wandered around the world and back again, but in the end he finally found her. I love you with all my heart, all my soul and every part of me. Across the universe I'll spin until the end and then I wonder, if we should get another chance could I have that dance forever under a double moon and scarlet stars shining down on where you are. And I love you with all my heart all my soul and every part of me.
  • Cromagnon-"Caledonia" (1969) Austin Grasmere and the late Brian Elliot allegedly had written a string of bubble gum hits when they approached ESP to produce an LP that would present their original creative ideas, far removed from the formulas of the market place. They said that they had a Connecticut tribe with which they would bring to fruition the ideas that they needed to express... the ultimate theme being "all is one" ESP gave them engineer Otto Schontze and some studio time. For three days they labored to fulfill their musical dream...producing an album titled "Orgasm", which they credited to Cromagnon. It was released in 1969. There actually was a Connecticut tribe of sorts, a typical hippie commune of the day, with several children included. They can all be heard on the epic CALEDONIA.
  • Mario Lanza- RARE 1952 Musica proibita (Gastaldon) Mario Lanza (1921-1959) "Musica proibita"(Gastaldon). Recorded June 20, 1952, for The Mario Lanza Show, with studio orchestra conducted by Constantine Callinicos. Here is the Youtube debut of Lanza's much sought after Coca-Cola Show 'Musica proibita'! His only other recording was on the 1959 RCA "Caruso Favorites" album- not a favorite of mine. Some are fond of the latter, but to my ears it finds him thick and sluggish of voice, with somewhat labored singing. This early rendition, on the other hand, offers prime Lanza and allows us to savor the tenor's beautiful mezza voce (also much in evidence in his "Non ti scordar di me" of the same year, which I've posted as well). The text and translation can be found at the following link:
  • Sixty Watt Shaman - Long Hard Road Reason To Live LP 2002 Just a change of mind away Waiting on the sun all day Hands can bring about this change Why'd we ever come this way? Born into a masquerade Working towards a shallow grave Blood and fear, an endless race Just to be mindless slave I passed the harbinger The reaper's call in tow I labored through the harvest To walk this long hard road Looking for a destiny Can you feel it gathering? Welling up inside of me Chakra to enlightening Fighting for the light I seek Challenge that will set me free God is out there on the street Go to him, you come to me I've climbed these hills before I've voiced a sad hello I've heard the echo return Down this long hard road I passed the harbinger I've rode with death in tow I labored through the harvest To walk this long hard road What if wanting wouldn't Wait to be Darkness coming over You and me Shadows shatter twilight Lingering Sun set moon light crimson Killing me I passed the harbinger I've rode with death in tow I labored through the harvest To walk this long hard road I've climbed these hills before I've voiced a sad hello I've heard the echo return Down this long hard road
  • Edan - Echo Party (Snippet) video directed by: Tom Fitzgerald music by: Edan After Edan labored for a year to complete his new project Echo Party he was very happy with the outcome but wanted it to have a visual accompaniment to help compliment his live DJ set. He approached Tom Fitzgerald who also happens to be Cut Chemists go to video guy and film archivist who works for the The Silent Theatre in LA. What has been created in nothing short of a perfect visual marriage for the unmistakably unique album. There will be a full length version for the whole album with a party at The Silent Theatre in LA to debut the full length video in early 2010 (and yes Mr. Edan will be DJing). For now peep this shorter version and dont forget to check out the album Echo Party out now on new boutique label Five Day Weekend.
  • Darin - OK (Dangerous Game) + lyrics (2010) I Do NOT, Repeat do NOT own anything in this video.. all credits go to the rightful owners.. Lyrics; Be careful with my heart [x4] This is insane, she's making her way in my head A Dangerous game I should drop it and walk away I'm not the same the wish my every interest stray In a bad way now all that I can do is play She's in my head 24/7 with her you like it or not This isn't ok You play a dangerous game Got me hangin' like a voodoo puppet on the string This isn't ok You got me losin' my way I'm a prisoner, I'm stuck inside you labored (oh) I see the sign I'm smiling but I'm terrified She's in disguise An angel with a devil's touch Nowhere to hide Like radar I won't lose my sight I'm goin' blind I know she's messing with my mind She's in my head 24/7 with her you like it or not This isn't ok You play a dangerous game Got me hangin' like a voodoo puppet on the string This isn't ok You got me losin' my way I'm a prisoner, I'm stuck inside you labored (oh) Be careful with my heart [x8] Oh This isn't ok isnt ok This ain't ok ain't ok This isn't ok You play a dangerous game Got me hangin' like a voodoo puppet on the string This isn't ok You got me losin' my way I'm a prisoner, I'm stuck inside you labored (oh) Be Careful with my heart [x2] This isn't ok You play a dangerous game Got me hangin' like a voodoo puppet on the string This isn't ok You got me losin' my way I'm a prisoner, I'm stuck inside you labored (oh) Be Careful with my heart [x3]
  • Flogging Molly - The sun never shines (on closed doors) pics: Cimitero del Verano (Roma) I saw her there from afar Her hair grey charcoal Takes a drag from her tar I kissed her a smile But her blood red shot eye Said the son never shines on closed doors It's been eight long years since I saw The woman who's labored Since the day I was born These wrinkles now face To that cold dark damp place Where the son never shines on closed doors She said the son never shines on closed doors I open to find only hurricanes blow Take me away back to the green fields of May Because the son never shines on closed doors Death comes like a thief in the night To steal while you sleep The soul's flickering light Well maybe it's then She said, I'll see you again Because the son never shines on closed doors She said the son never shines on closed doors I open to find only hurricanes blow Take me away back to the green fields of May Because the son never shines on closed doors And we all go the same way home Yeah we all go the same way home
  • Natural Childbirth Scenes - Part 1, Labor No pain medication. 27-hour labor. Doula and midwife assisted labor in a birthing center. Part 2 - Delivery: Part 3 - Reflections: Buckle up everyone, here's my birthing story! It's a big one, so we've divided it into three parts. Labor began at 9:30 pm on Friday, Sept 10 and lasted through the night and into the morning. I was unable to sleep, but managing fairly well. We called our doula over around noon and soon it was time to drive to the alternative birthing center at a nearby hospital. When the midwife checked me out I was 5cm dilated. Yeah for the rookie mom! We were worried I'd be at a 1 or 2. I continued to labor in the birthing center - mainly in the shower and down on all fours with the birthing ball - till 4 pm When my midwife rechecked me I was at a 7! Life was good. I had hope! I labored for 2 more hours... very intense, very painful and thank God for Mike who literally held my back together with every contraction to help offset the pressure. I was rechecked at 6 pm and was making progress. We labored for another half hour and then filled the birthing tub...
  • Blood Red by Rose Chronicles The third track from Rose Chronicles final LP "Happily Ever After". This track was also used on the TV series "La Femme Nikita". It is a haunting track that features the amazing voice of Kristy Thirsk & the twangy guitars of Richard Maranda. It was written by Kristy Thirsk, Richard Maranda, Judd Cochrane & Steve van der Woerd & produced by Kevin Hamilton. Lyrics by Kristy Thirsk as followed: "Take a Knife And Stab What Already Feels Dead And Then Make Some Wine From Tears That Will Fill The Cup Blood Red Blood Red Fatal Overdose Again, Again Every Labored Breath Is Now Crowded Out By Pain And The Downpour On The Windshield Hits Like Bullets, Not Like Rain Sucking All Of What is Left The Vampire Barely Gets Fed Its Blood Red Blood Red"
  • Taj Clayton - "Running For You" SHARE THIS VIDEO Click here to tweet Click here to share on facebook: Click here to find out how you can support Taj: Democrat Taj Clayton knows about struggle and hard work. He grew up in a small, working class community. His parents labored in a glass factory to provide for their four children. At just 12 years old, Taj began working too. After his dad lost his job, Taj mowed lawns around town to help his parents make ends meet. As he got older, he picked up other jobs and worked his way through high school. As a member of the first generation in his family to attend college, Taj worked his way through Harvard by cleaning dormitory bathrooms and sweeping staircases, among other odd jobs. Taj graduated with Honors after making the Dean's List every semester and went on to receive his law degree from Harvard Law School. Today, Taj is an attorney at the international law firm of Fish & Richardson. He has been recognized as a "Rising Star" by Texas Super Lawyers magazine. Prior to joining Fish & Richardson, Taj was a Law Clerk to Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Prior to his legal career, Taj worked for the e-procurement consulting firm, ICG Commerce, and served as a Management Council Intern at the National Football League. Taj has been happily married to his college sweetheart, Tonika, for 11 years and is the proud father of two daughters and a son. In his ...
  • Dan May - I Got A Gun [Official Music Video] Official music video for Dan May's single "I Got A Gun" from his 2011 album "Dying Breed". Animated and directed by Doug Bresler - @dougbresler Music by Dan May, Tom Hampton and Anthony Newett Words by Dan May Visit Dan May at Get the song on iTunes! http Get the full album at Find Doogtoons on the web! Website - Facebook - http Twitter - LYRICS There were three little pigs on an autumn night Two of them dancin' in the pale moonlight They built their flimsy houses out of straw and stick While the third one labored, laying brick by brick And then the wolf, he comes along Two pigs, they're singing happy songs Until that wolf just blew their houses clean away Those two ran back to Number Three Said, "Brother, save us, could you please?" He said, "Stand back, boys, he ain't nothin' but noise" And then I heard him say... If you think you're tough Buddy that ain't enough Though I'm biding time in a nursery rhyme I won't run like a coward, son Don't matter if you can huff Don't matter if you can puff And you're bigger son But that don't scare me none... ...'Cause I got a gun The cupboard's empty and the times are lean So Jack trades his cow for some magic beans His mama threw the beans out the door that night By morning they'd grown high, clean out of site And then Jack climbed up through the clouds And saw a giant standing proud That giant sang, "I'll grind your bones to make my bread!" Jack grabbed a handful of ...
  • CLUTCH- Big News III Off the shore of Laborador The crew labored to bilge the hold The stern it floundered in the shoal The bow bucked up like a bronco The crew was strong 'til Captain called "Throw the spermaceti o'er Throw the spermaceti overboard, overboard" The captain woke with sandy eyes "Am I alone?" the old sir cried "'tis I" he heard a bitter voice reply "Jason Kip of Whutletown I fear the men have all been drowned And we two are the only to survive, to survive" Nancy was a pretty girl Golden hair and eyes of pearl And she made a pretty bride For the ancient Captain Bly Her true love was Jason Kip Porter on the Captain's ship Nancy paced the widow's walk Listening to the widow's talk She heard "Nancy, do not weep, The ship is late, but just a week" "My late husband Captain Pierce Was gone once for several years. He returned with silk and spice Minus one leg and his eyes" In the end the ocean has its revenge Whether tomorrow or 100 years The Captain was a giant man With miles of intestines And a stomach larger than The Persian Gulf Was not 3 weeks when Bly took chase And in his sleep untied him And without a thought he ate him Clean and whole, clean and whole As the Captain licked his lips He was spotted by a ship Nancy truly was relieved But for Jason how she grieved In a carriage they rode home Any guilt he did not show As they sat to dine that night He lacked any appetite As the two lay in their bed Captain's gut turned cherry red With the sounds of gale-force wind Sprung an angry ...
  • To My Fans at I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my fans for several wonderful years at It's been wonderful while it lasted. I was planning on retiring from vlogsphere anyway. I started talking about this so-called retirement approximately two years ago. The idea of retiring intensified for me last year when I received additional callings / duties. I have numerous business projects that I really need to work on as well. My focus, time and energy are needed else where. I fully expect my fans to respect Tayler's decision on the matter. He has labored long and hard to try and maintain a level field. Special thanks to my fans for being supportive. Together we had a wonderful time.
  • Assassins Creed Revelations OST - 'Labored And Lost' Official Video/ Ending Assassins Creed Revelations Ending Cinematic the song in the background is called "labored and lost" by jesper kyd check out the full ending here
  • Brad Paisley - You'll Never leave Harlan Alive The first time I listened to this song I knew it was special. This is my tribute to all the coal miners who labored to feed their families and risked their lives everyday.
  • The Rebel's Guide to Joy - Fanny Crosby Blind from infancy, Fanny Crosby labored her entire life for the glory of Christ's kingdom. Her legacy includes over 9000 written hymns, many of which are still sung by believers today including 'Blessed Assurance'. This video clip was taken from the sermon 'The Rebel's Guide to Joy in Poverty' which can be found at
  • Tamriel Rebuilt Cities and Towns P2 (Part 2) I did not make this video, it was made by Nemon, another member of the Tamriel Rebuilt project. I'm uploading it because it is not on the TR site, nor yet on YouTube and I personally think it portrays the vastness of the TR project better than any other video I've seen. It is basically just flybys of most of the cities and towns in TR, all of the maps. This video is at least three years old, so much of what you will see has been changed or will be changed, but it's still an impressive tribute to the work that has been put into this project by the hundreds of people who have labored to make it possible. Part 1:
  • In Honor of Bishop Walter Hawkins.wmv I wanted to share this video I put together in Honor of Bishop Walter a 32 year old woman I have to be honest I didn't really know who the Bishop was. I didn't grow up in church and my knowledge of Gospel music was limited. I attended the musical on last week and realized that I had in fact been connected to him through his music that other artists covered. At that point I wanted to do something to Honor the man behind the music..Who labored for the Lord...Who labored for LOVE and who's music brought me through some really tough times..RIP Bishop Walter Hawkins!
  • "Eve of Patrick's Feast" - Original by ME Williams (traditional Irish version) Hey everyone! Wanted to post a video for St. Patrick's day. I just wrote this song today because I was inspired to give a well deserved tribute to the great man who gave so much to Ireland. We don't thank him enough for the wealth he's given to our people and I'm pretty sure he deserves a bit more respect than a hangover in the morning :/... Hope you enjoy! I'm singing in traditional Irish ornamtation for those who aren't familliar with trad and the way I wrote the song is also composed in an old-irish sort of style lilt. Happy St. Patrick's day!!! :) Lyrics, There was an old man on the shore, on the shore he roamed He wept oh so bitterly, he wept for his home Crying, "I miss my lovely family, oh once how they loved me" Old man, I pray what grieves thee on this eve of Patrick's feast He said I labored for them, I loved them without shame I labored for my country and I left them with my name But now they and mock and drink to he who is deceased Oh that surely grieves me on this eve of Patrick's feast Both my sons and my daughters have put me to shame They used to pay me prayers, now they only pay me blame They've forgotten my Father, worldly wealth has made them falter Oh will ye be my helper on this eve of Patrick's Feast? Pray what then can I do sir, to relieve thee thy pain What then can I do to have them love you once again It's not I that they need to love, but my father above It is He they need to love again on the this eve of Patrick's feast Tell them that it ...
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations OST - Labored And Lost Music From Assassin's Creed: Revelations Official Soundtrack
  • Easy For Josh Taking care of Wren is easy! (Note, it turns out that the "cooing" shown here is actually labored breathing. If your baby ever is breathing like this, go to a hospital immediately. Wren had pneumonia due to an invasive GBS infection and died a few hours after this video was taken.)
  • Day[9] plays Amnesia - Scream/Scare Compilation (Day 1 and 2) Day 3 and 4 compilation here: Professional Starcraft player and shoutcaster Sean "Day[9]" Plott plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent during Halloween 2011. And screams like a little girl on several occasions. This is a compilation featuring the best bits of his first two days of streaming. Enjoy!
  • Race: the power of illusion part 1.4 Part i of a thre chapter documentary on racism and white privalige
  • Austin's labored breathing is normal for babies.
  • Bill's Jupiter 2 Room Tour Pt. 1 Part ONE - Tour of Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Room prop replica built by Bill Hedges. Bill labored for months building a replice Jupiter 2 flight deck and lower deck hilights around some original props from the TV Show. Enjoy!
  • The Tossers - The Ballad of the Thoughtful Rover (with lyrics) Well although I've labored most of my days I truly enjoy the work But not too much I really must say On my roving I won't shirk Well everyone has fear and pain And a lot of folks fear the dole Work'll scramble your mind It'll scramble your brain But also will the dole Well everyone has fear and pain And most folks fear the dole But I'd rather be lying at home beside The true love that I know And the friends I love the most Oh the memory of the open road And the first mountain you saw As your small eyes stood looking down Did you ever fear the dole? Oh in agony I'd pray for my workday to end And I'd find myself relieved each day and month and year And soon enough I know I'll find myself that day Incapable and unclear, knowing death is here Well if we're loved then they'll let us come home Or in time they may let us go And we need no extreme paradigm Contented in our minds For contentment's just inside So as we roll on throughout time I will wonder what's on your mind For laboring grinds you down and leaves you dry But so will the dole in time But so will being broke in time
  • Flogging Molly - The Son Never Shines ( On Closed Doors ) + Lyrics I saw her there from afar Her hair grey charcoal Takes a drag from her tar I kissed her a smile But her blood red shot eye Said the son never shines on closed doors It's been eight long years since I saw The woman who's labored Since the day I was born These wrinkles now face To that cold dark damp place Where the son never shines on closed doors She said the son never shines on closed doors I open to find only hurricanes blow Take me away back to the green fields of May Because the son never shines on closed doors Death comes like a thief in the night To steal while you sleep The soul's flickering light Well maybe it's then She said, I'll see you again Because the son never shines on closed doors She said the son never shines on closed doors I open to find only hurricanes blow Take me away back to the green fields of May Because the son never shines on closed doors And we all go the same way home Yeah we all go the same way home
  • Epitaph: The Late, Great United States The Heretic presents, from the mighty pen of Zen Gardner: "Epitaph: The Late, Great United States" to be found at; It's over. The sacrifice is done. A lone bugle plays weak, warbled taps as the smoke drifts from the ruins into the dark, grey sky. America is finished. The plan is executed. The labored shuffle of straggling survivors is heard as the rubble continues to slowly crumble. The jagged silhouette of a once proud metropolis looms in the background like the set of an old war movie. Only this was no movie. One Thing Led To Another.. And then it was over. Only now could the warnings be heard in the survivors' ears. Awake? If so, too late. An eerie gasp of collective horror fills human consciousness as the news reaches distant shores, arriving like limp waves lapping in the misty silence, lonely drenched survivors dragging themselves up the beach. Wailing and supplication erupt from humanity and saturate the heavens.
  • Coughing and Breathing Problems in a Pomeranian Dr Greg shows what labored breathing looks like and how reverse sneezing and allergies may cause worries, when they can be treated with over the counter antihistamine(dosages at )

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