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  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) conducts basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions. — “Oak Ridge National Laboratory”,
  • Play around with prototypes of some of Google's wild and crazy ideas and offer feedback directly to the engineers who developed them. Helped build Google Labs. Learning to teach engineers to teach machines to learn. Joe Marshall. Works on Google Labs. When not fighting bugs, Joe. — “Google Labs - Explore Google's New Ideas”,
  • Andre Michelle Laboratory. This is a collection of my studies, extracted while developing my commercial projects or just by researching new Please don't ask for source codes. I release them whenever I can. However a lot of souces of the recent stuff. — “aM laboratory”, lab.andre-
  • The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) manages voluntary crime laboratory accreditation programs by which a crime laboratory elects to demonstrate that its management and technical operations. — “ASCLD: Laboratory Accreditation Board”, ascld-
  • product durability weathering testers and weathering testing services. — “Q-Lab The Most Trusted Name in Weathering Testing”, q-
  • Provider of clinical tests ranging from routine ***yses to sophisticated molecular diagnostics. Find a Lab. Test Menu. The LabCorp Difference. DataLink. Resources. Insurer Contacts >> Go. Find a Lab For Specimen Collection. OR. — “LabCorp”,
  • laboratory n. , pl. , -ries . A room or building equipped for scientific experimentation or research Labs used for scientific research take many forms because of the differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science. A physics lab might contain a particle accelerator. — “laboratory: Definition from ”,
  • Laboratory definition, a building, part of a building, or other place equipped to conduct scientific experiments, tests, investigations, etc., or to manufacture ch See more. Nature Lab Offers: budget saving coupons from top lab suppliers. — “Laboratory | Define Laboratory at ”,
  • This web site contains information about Media Lab Europe as it appeared at the time of the Lab's closure. Read about the work of former Media Lab Europe research groups here:. — “Media Lab Europe”,
  • A short film about the Media Lab by award-winning documentary filmmaker Jesse Dylan Bionic Lab. Building the Game Space of the Future. Bracelet May Help Communication for. — “MIT Media Lab”,
  • Measurement Lab is an open platform for researchers to deploy Internet measurement tools. All original material on Measurement Lab by New America Foundation is licensed under a. — “M-Lab | Welcome to Measurement Lab”,
  • XLAB-World Champion Suppliers. The #1 manufacturer of rear hydration carriers, including the Carbon Wing, Super Wing, Turbo Wing, Mini Wing, and the Cervelo specifc Sonic Wing and Carbon Sonic. — “XLAB USA World Champion Suppliers of your Hydration and”, xlab-
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Founded in 1890, CSHL is a private, non-profit institution with research programs in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, genomics, and bioinformatics and a broad educational mission. — “Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory”,
  • Discover science and technology at Los Alamos National Lab, where challenges are solved for the environment, medicine, space, national security and technology. The Laboratory's Technology Transfer Division helps move technologies from the Lab to the marketplace to benefit society and the U.S. economy. — “Los Alamos National Lab: National Security Science”,
  • Practice for the Virginia State Standards of Learning Tests! Are you experiencing problems with the SOL Practice Tests? Do you have questions about the SOL Practice Tests?. — “Virginia State Standards of Learning Science, Math and”,
  • A physics lab might contain a particle accelerator or vacuum chamber, while a metallurgy lab could have apparatus for casting or refining metals or for testing their strength. in a laboratory notebook, but modern labs almost always contain. — “Laboratory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Translations of laboratory. laboratory synonyms, laboratory antonyms. Information about laboratory in the free online English dictionary and bio lab, biology lab, biology laboratory - a laboratory for biological research. — “laboratory - definition of laboratory by the Free Online”,
  • Help journalists and citizens use digital technology to report news, participate in public life, and develop citizen media. — “J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism”, j-

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  • In The Lab With: DJ Khalil Highly sought after Aftermath producer, DJ Khalil breaks down how he created the Clipse single, "Kinda Like A Big Deal"
  • Electric Lady Lab - You & Me Electric Lady Lab is the first band ever to get permisson from SNAP! to use "rhythm is a dancer". Video directed by Isak Hoffmeyer & Olivia Neergaard-Holm. Shot In New York May 2010. 5500 still pictures turned into a video
  • Sonic LAB Doepfer Dark Energy Synthesizer A new desktop synthesizer from German modular synth manufacturers Doepfer. Single voice, fully ***og.
  • Inside Q's Lab - The Gadgets of 007 This is the videoclip Inside Q's Lab - The Gadgets of 007"...Also a video with this: In Memory of Desmond LLEwelyn 1914-1999....Enjoy! and remeber this: Desmond LLEwelyn are forever even if hi is dead. Miss him too much.
  • Big Bang experiment / CERN laboratory video The original video released by the CERN
  • Taste Lab A short comedy set in a chemistry lab. Production time: 5 months Software: Blender 2.5 Alpha 0 Budget: 0
  • Collin's Lab: DIY iPad Stylus Fingertip input is great for most touchscreen usage like typing, web-browsing - all sorts of virtual button-pushing tasks. But for many people, drawing remains an activity best approached with a pen, pencil, brush, etc. With a bit of conductive foam and wire, it's surprisingly easy to make your own conductive stylus, suitable for use with iPhone, iPad and similar conductive touchscreen devices - and you'll likely find it a lot more precise compared to regular fingertip input.
  • In The Lab with BOON DOC Boon Doc is back... again... with a video going through an entire beat making process. "Sorry for the wait. I was just in a zone for a while and didn't feel like recording, so I could focus some more on shopping tracks out. THANKS FOR THE LUV YA'LL!!!"-Boonie May a/k/a Boon Doc
  • Lab "When Heaven Gets Dirty" Lab's videoclip for "When Heaven Gets Dirty" taken from their album "Where Heaven Ends", released March 29th, 2005.
  • LAB PE AATI HAI DUA relegious poem written by Allama iqbal
  • Sundance Institute Directors Lab 1: Getting Started Get behind the cameras of Sundance Institute's Directors Lab. Take an insider's tour of the place where filmmaking dreams come to light as the 2009 Directors Lab Fellows climb out of their writing caves and land on the mountain ready for "Action!"
  • Collin's Lab: DIY Cymatics The simple process of vibrating a dish of liquid can make for some pretty interesting results - mixing in a bit of cornstarch can be downright freaky. additional infos here: audio, video, music & blobs by Collin Cunningham
  • Chemical / Environmental Laboratory Technology The chemical laboratory technician plays an integral role in the testing, research and development of thousands of products ... from plastics to electrical power, from food to pharmaceuticals. Advances in laboratory instrumentation and procedures continue to expand the chemical technician's role in virtually every industry. The combination of these and additional factors have resulted in excellent career opportunities for skilled, knowledgeable chemical technicians ... like graduates of the only program in Texas approved by the American Chemical Society ... Chemical/Environmental Laboratory Technology at Texas State Technical College. Dozens of industries need the vital skills of chemical technicians. You'll find them at the heart of laboratories in petrochemical plants, environmental operations, semiconductor manufacturing factories, water purification facilities, cosmetics manufacturers and many more. Chemical technicians work with chemists and engineers to set up, operate and maintain lab instruments, monitor experiments, calculate and document results using the principles and theories of science and chemistry to help invent and improve products and processes. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a bright future for science and chemical technicians, noting in a recent "Occupational Outlook Handbook" that, "Many employers prefer applicants who have at least two years of specialized training or an associate degree in applied science or science ...
  • The Safety Song A musical extravaganza on the importance and execution of laboratory safety. Visit us at and check out our other videos, including The Nano Song
  • Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. This one's for my dad. Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory footage. Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the material world through the agency of science, technology, and imagination. SCRATCH ***S. FOREIGN BEGGARS. STIG. DR. SYNTAX. WILL CLARKE. WILL COHEN. Produced by the exemplary Bonnie Anthony. Many thanks to these guys http http www.will- http This video has been shortlisted for YouTube Play. See the shortlist at
  • Black Lab - This Night The music video for Black Lab's song "This Night" off of their album 'Passion Leaves a Trace'.
  • G-Eazy - I be In the Lab Artist: G-Eazy Song: I be In the Lab Album: The Tipping Point Website: www.g- Myspace Facebook: Twitter: I do not own the rights to the music
  • Yellow Lab Puppy My parents puppy Buzz when it was only a few weeks old
  • Biostatistics vs. Lab Research How not to collaborate with a biostatistician. This is what happens when two people are speaking different research languages! My current workplace is nothing like this, but I think most biostatisticians have had some kind of similar experiences like this in the past!
  • WNYC/NPR's Radio Lab presents Parabolas (etc.) Radio Lab presents: Parabolas (etc.) A video inspired by the mathematician, Steve Strogatz. At the age of thir***, Steve was astonished to find that pendulums and water fountains had a strange relationship that had previously been completely hidden from him. Radio Lab is produced by WNYC Radio and distributed by NPR. Directed by Will Hoffman (http with Director of Photography Derek Paul Boyle ().
  • Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019 Microsoft Office Lab - Future Vision Montage (2019) Video of how Microsoft Office team envisions future of the communications. URL:
  • Madsen: 'Swine flu virus began life in lab' The number of confirmed cases of swine flu has topped over a hundred thousand, with the World Health Organization calling the pandemic 'unstoppable', and suggesting mass vaccination.
  • Exclusive: Inside the IVF Lab A rare view into fertilization, embryo development, and laboratory procedures performed during an IVF cycle. Take an exclusive look inside one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratories to see how RMA of New York performs IVF and other advanced reproductive technologies using strict identification standards. Medical and laboratory video footage documents egg retrieval, insemination, embryo development from cleavage stage (day 2-3) to blastocyst stage (day 5-6), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching, embryo transfer and embryo cryopreservation. Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York 635 Madison Avenue, 10th floor New York, New York 10022 Telephone: (212) 756-5777 Facsimile: (212) 756-5770 15 North Broadway, Garden Level - Suite G White Plains, New York 10601 Telephone: (914) 997-6200 Facsimile: (914) 997-8111 Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, Long Island 400 Garden City Plaza, Suite 107 Garden City, NY 11530 Telephone: (516) 746-3633 Facsimile: (516) 746-3622 Reproductive Medicine Associates International Mexico, SC Prolongacion Paseo de la Reforma 1232, Oficina 1213 Colonia Lomas de Bezares Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo Mexico, Distrito Federal 11910 Telephone: 011-52-55-2167-2515 Fax: 011-52-55-2167-6434
  • Laurent Garnier - Communications from the lab in Unreasonable behaviour
  • Organic Chemistry Lab: Recrystallization A demonstration of the technique of recrystallization used in Organic Chemistry labs. Demonstrations conducted by: Dr. Scott Allen Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Physics, University of Tampa Directed by: Gordon McClelland Computing and Information Services, Vassar College Produced by: Cristian Opazo Academic Computing Services, Vassar College Production Assistants: Ken Bolton and Steve Taylor Academic Computing Services, Vassar College Post-production by: Becca Marcus Vassar College, class of 2008 and John Santos Vassar College, class of 2007 Thanks to Ed Wroblewski, Film Department, Vassar College Copyright © 2007, 2008 by Vassar College. Do not reproduce, download or edit without permission.
  • [0-60] Ken Block's snowboard/rally bit from DC's Mtn.Lab 1.5 Ken Block and the DC snowboard team combine a rally car with snowboarding at New Zealand's Snow Park NZ resort in September 2007 for DC's snowboard video Mtn.Lab 1.5. A photo from this shoot was featured on the cover of Snowboarder Magazine, and the story was featured in an article in 0-60 Magazine. www.0-60
  • Ocean Lab - Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Remix) Click for High Quality: Nice vocal tune
  • Lab Safety Video My friend teaches science at a middle school, and I thought I'd make a funny lab safety video for him. There's another part before this, in case you're wondering why there's credits after only 5 minutes:
  • 4409 -- MARINES = LAB RATS More proof vaccines are dangerous as all get out. I would advise you NOT to VACCINATE your children. Pentagon uses Marines as lab rats. Ohhhh the government loves you soo much.
  • Lec 10 | MIT 5.301 Chemistry Laboratory Techniques, IAP 2004 Column Chromatography It takes considerable practice to master the art of "running a column". This video will get you started, with tips on picking appropriate conditions, packing and running a column, monitoring separation, and even making a micro-column from a pipet. View the complete course: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
  • Oakley's Rolling O Lab: The Science of Sunglasses Bryan Shelton from Oakley's Rolling O Lab demonstrates the science behind sunglasses and why some are better than others by shooting lasers, pellets and even 1/2 kilo projectiles at them. Check out all of our videos at
  • Underground LSD Lab Web Exclusive: Nick Sand served hard time for running a productive underground LSD operation - and he has no regrets. Explorer: Inside LSD :
  • Muppet Labs Experiment 5T832: Ghost Hunt (c) 2009 The Muppets Studio, LLC Official Website: Official Twitter Official Facebook:
  • DNA Lab Part 1 Purchse: The story of Otzi the Iceman is used to introduce a DNA extraction lab. Einkorn wheat was found on the cloak of this 5000 year old Neolithic warrior. The second video in this series shows how to extract DNA from wheat.
  • GREAT DANE ATTACKS LAB! MY PANTELONES BAR! OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! http Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates.(Plus you would know about our new place ;) OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette
  • Beautiful LAB - EPISODE 0 in English: The Bold and the Beautiful in 6 minutes Beautiful LAB is created by,, Truth is often stranger than fiction. To get to the point, Beautiful LAB is a journalistic experiment to untangle the affairs of celebrities. In this episode the whole series of "The Bold and the Beautiful" (over 5500 episodes in 23 years) is explained in 6 minutes. Watch the other episodes of Beautiful LAB on:
  • Medical Laboratory Technician An introduction to the world of Laboratory Science
  • Sundance Institute Directors Lab 2: First-Time Filmmakers Get behind the cameras of Sundance Institute's Directors Lab. Take an insider's tour of the place where filmmaking dreams come to light as the 2009 Directors Lab Fellows climb out of their writing caves and land on the mountain ready for "Action!"
  • Organic Chemistry Lab Demo: Distillations A demonstration of several distillation techniques (simple distillation, fractional distillation and steam distillation) used in Organic Chemistry labs. Demonstrations conducted by: Dr. Scott Allen Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Physics, University of Tampa Directed by: Gordon McClelland Computing and Information Services, Vassar College Produced by: Cristian Opazo Academic Computing Services, Vassar College Production Assistants: Ken Bolton and Steve Taylor Academic Computing Services, Vassar College Post-production by: Becca Marcus Vassar College, class of 2008 and John Santos Vassar College, class of 2007 Thanks to Ed Wroblewski, Film Department, Vassar College Copyright © 2007, 2008 by Vassar College. Do not reproduce, download or edit without permission.

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  • “If antigens make it into the bloodstream, they can stimulate the production of antibodies. These antibodies can then combine with Sage Lab Home Page. Sage Medical Lab Home Page. YouTube Video link”
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  • “Electronics- Blog. The electronic hobbyist news blog. 0C to 150C Temperature controller. Posted by admin on November 22nd, 2010. This project is a temperature controller that is able to control a fan according to temperature. Electronics- Blog is proudly using a modified version of”
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  • “A blog post on Open Lab's favorite books: Open lab and Develer have organized Developers in Florence – a one day meeting on”
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  • “These futuristic technologies are among the interactive tools on display at Interpublic Group of Cos.' new retail center at the advertising company's Media Lab in Los Angeles. TechCrunch. . Feedjit Live Blog Stats. 5700 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 452 | Los Angeles, CA 90036 | P (323) 930-3500 | F (323)”
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  • “MX Lab, http://, started to intercept a new trojan distribution campaign by MX Lab, http://, intercepted a large amount of casino spam in Dutch today”
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  • “Taco Lab is a design and engineering firm in San Francisco, CA. This is our blog”
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  • “Marketing and strategy blog. How Social Media Ignorance Can Damage Brands via Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog - Guest Post by: http:///35clvto. 1 day 17 hours ago. More tweets " This blog reflects the personal opinions of individual contributors and”
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  • “we haven't had domestic 1200s in about a month now, but a distro called me up and said he found 3. are these the last we'll ever see at the Lab? NEW TURNTABLE LAB (x) SCION RADIO (click box) This month's guest was . ONRA. So i guess I'm gonna have to change the name of”
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  • “Loyalty Lab Blog. Customer retention and loyalty insights from the Loyalty Lab team Loyalty Lab's CEO Matt Howland and President Keith Rose outlining what we see are the”
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  • “Just to be polite and to maintain the illusion of privacy for the others, please do NOT follow or comment on my Blogger blog. lucky Mac Lab student will win a copy of the entire CS5 Master Collection.* To be eligible you must read the blog (as instructed)”
    — The Mac Lab - Where new media artists are born,

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