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  • Knighthood was an honor that was second to none during the Middle Ages in Europe. There were many different orders of knighthood and the status was one that was well respected in society. — “Knighthood”,
  • Knighthood was conferred by the overlord with the accolade (a blow, usually with the flat This novel explored the ideals of knighthood and their incongruity with the reality of. — “knight: Definition from ”,
  • The concept of the Knight, a person who demonstrates the ideal virtues of honour, chivalry, justice and compassion, has always been a popular one, various Orders of Knighthood having been in existence for almost all of recorded Human history,. — “History of Knighthood”,
  • Knighthood eventually became a formal title bestowed on those noblemen trained for active war duty. At the beginning of the knight's history, horsed soldiers were not so important in war; instead, foot soldiers were the main fighting force in all northern European armies. — “Knighthood - Definition”,
  • Definition of knighthood in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of knighthood. Pronunciation of knighthood. Translations of knighthood. knighthood synonyms, knighthood antonyms. Information about knighthood in the free online English dictionary and. — “knighthood - definition of knighthood by the Free Online”,
  • About Knighthood. Knighthood is a social strategy game where you rise up the ranks in the realm by gathering your friends, building up your kingdom, and going to war against rival lords. Make new friends, form friendly alliances, or just be a cold mercenary for hire. The choice is yours!. — “Knighthood | Facebook”,
  • The ideas of knighthood are more closely related to the Roman equites. Knighthood was about more than just fighting, it was also about chivalry. At the beginning of the Middle Ages,. — “Knighthood”,
  • Knighthood definition, the rank or dignity of a knight: See more. — “Knighthood | Define Knighthood at ”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the. — “Knighthood on Facebook”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable knighthood gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite knighthood gift from thousands of available products. — “Knighthood T-Shirts, Knighthood Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • Go to this site providing information about the facts, history of the Order of Knighthood Ceremony . Fast and accurate facts about the Order of Knighthood Ceremony .Learn about the history of the Order of Knighthood Ceremony. — “Order of Knighthood Ceremony”, middle-
  • Stages of Knighthood. Get Medieval facts, information and history via this Knighthood. Fast and accurate facts via the Knighthood, a Medieval King of England. — “Knighthood”, medieval-life-and-
  • Description of knighthood, one of the highest awards given to an individual in the UK. — “The Monarchy Today > Queen and public > Honours > Knighthoods”,
  • Unlike many other games operating on Facebook, Knighthood is competitive, and to some extent zero-sum game; This lists many official alliances, those that have chosen to create an Alliance page in Knighthood, ordered by member Power. — “Knighthood - HiveWiki”,
  • and On Knighthood. Introducing Knight Life , Issue #1: Defining the Knight , Issue #2: The Origins of Knighthood in Europe , and Issue #5: A Castle in the Background : This site has lots of great information. Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library : Probably the most extensive site. — “knighthood.htm”,
  • This novel explored the ideals of knighthood and their incongruity with the reality of Cervantes' world. Knighthood as known in Europe was characterized by the combination of two elements,. — “Knight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • knighthood (plural knighthoods) An honour whereby one is made into a He's got an OBE, and MBE and his recent work should entitle him to a knighthood. — “knighthood - Wiktionary”,
  • Knighthood. Swearing the Oath: It is commonly believed that United States citizens cannot receive from a foreign government noble honors such as a Knighthood. To show that this belief has no basis in law or practice, this is a listing of United. — “KNIGHTHOOD”,
  • Knighthood. From LoveToKnow 1911. KNIGHTHOOD and Chivalry. These two words, which are nearly but not quite synonymous, designate a single subject of inquiry, which presents itself under three different although connected and in a measure intermingled aspects. — “Knighthood - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911

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  • euromaxx: The Truth About Germany - Knighthood We continue our search for The Truth About Germany with roving reporter Michael Wigge. There are lots of medieval castles in Germany and in fact the middle ages are a big money spinner with medieval markets banqurts and jousting tournaments staged throughout the country. Wigge heads for a medieval market in the Rhineland to see just how well he would have made out as a knight in shining armour back in the Middle Ages
  • Face to Faith in Tales of Knighthood-Knight of the Wind GMV (Sonic and the Black Knight) Tributed to CharizardInsaneO, I couldn't get the requested song so I hope this will make up for it, Enjoy. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and all related characters belong to SEGA, Sonic Team and Mr. Yuji Naka. Story: In Tales of Knighthood, Sonic is requested by Merlina to stop the corrupt King Arthur's evil rule by turning his own Knights of the Round Table against him. Little does she know that instead of simply making the Black Knight face the light, Lancelot, Percival & Gawain convince Sonic to help them overthrow the entire kingdom. With the Blue Blur as their leader, the Knights of the Round Table were now feared far and wide under the title: "Knights of the Wind".
  • Knighthood for Micallef From Shaun Micallef's New Year's Rave on Channel 10, 31/12/2009. Shaun pleads his case for a knighthood, with a bit of assistance from 11 year old Tom Parry. Checkout my other Micallef sketches too, including:
  • Tony Han***, The Knight Hood Tony wants a knight hood. He auditions at the Old Vic and eventually they take him on!
  • Sir Francis Chichester Knighthood The Knighthood Sir Francis Chichester by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II for becoming the first person to sail single-handed around the world by the clipper route
  • Sir Francis Chichester Knighthood (extended) The knighthood of Sir Francis Chichester, extended version
  • Ensiferum - Knighthood Artist - Ensiferum Song - Knighthood Album - Demo I
  • Novelist Terry Pratchett has been awarded a knighthood Novelist Terry Pratchett has been recognised in the New Year Honours list with a knighthood. .
  • PAS protests Rushdie's knighthood Hundreds demonstrated today outside the British and US diplomatic missions to protest against Salman Rushdie's knighthood and the Bush administration. Led by PAS, about 300 protesters gathered after Friday prayers at a mosque and marched to the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. more in
  • Knighthood Naughty Queen Mickie, her regal highness of the Doo Dah Parade, creates Lord Richard and Lady Kim, of Knowledge, at Tropicana Bakery in Downey, California.
  • Mugabe - Queen Revokes Knighthood A bad day for you Robert ? The Queen revokes your knighthood. Mandela condemns you. Our cricket team is banned.
  • Keith Richards On Mick's Knighthood Keith voices his opinion to the BBC on Mick Jagger's knighthood... what a star!
  • Actor Christopher Lee is knighted Movie legend Christopher Lee has been knighted at Buckingham Palace for services to drama and charity. Follow us on twitter at
  • How to Play Knighthood A simple guide to Knighthood. Comment if you have questions.
  • Raw Video: Penguin Receives Norwegian Knighthood A Scottish penguin will be going by the title of 'Sir' now after receiving a Norwegian knighthood. The 3-foot-tall bird has already received medals for good conduct and long service as the mascot of the elite Norwegian King's Guard. (Aug. 15)
  • The Trilogy of Knighthood Men's Octet Men's Ensemble at Solo Ensemble Competition 2010. We received a I rating. The Trilogy of Knighthood.
  • knighthood final.wmv An epic tale of a young knight who must start as a page and squire to be a Knight muhahahahah
  • Notebook: Kennedy's Knighthood While Katie Couric is on assignment, Seth Doane reacts to the recent announcement that ailing US Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy will receive an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.
  • Knighthood and the feudal system Originally, any knight could make a knight; although there was greater honor in being knighted by more prestigious knights. There was an instance of three knights of Beauvais who needed a fourth knight to witness their contract; so they knighted a passing peasant and made him witness. Unfortunately, knighting serfs was already illegal there, and they were fined.[1] Once eligibility for knighthood became a monopoly of the nobles, or knightly class, they actually assumed knighthood less and less often. It added little to the honour they already had; dubbing had become a fashionable and expensive ceremony; and knighthood required much equipment, and burdensome duties. The king, however, could order his subjects to become knights, and dispense with the laws against knighting the ignoble. So knights were most often made by the king, or his deputies; in the late Middle Ages, sovereigns began to forbid their subjects to make knights, as they forbade them other military preparations.
  • Divine Comedy - Bang Goes the Knighthood (Acoustic Guitar version) Live Recorded live at an album signing event in Road Records in Dublin, Ireland
  • Regnum Online - Knighthood II A friend of mine deleted his char. Before that he made some last duels. He won the most of them, although 4 level lower than his opponent. It was a fine night. Enjoy 3 of the duels.
  • Tales of Knighthood - "I'm the Blacksmith" Album Tales of Knighthood, the Sonic and the Black Knight original soundtrack, disc 1. Track 16. Artist Jun Senoue. This Plays when you meet the Blacksmith, in the sixth cutscene. OH MY WHAT'S THAT I HEAR? Could it be "Believe in Myself" originally by Karen Brake? I think it is! This is an acoustic/remix version of Believe in Myself, plays when you meet the Blacksmith. I don't know why they are playing this song when you meet the Blacksmith because "Believe in Myself" is Tails' theme and the Blacksmith is obviously not Tails. Obviously.
  • First Pakistani woman receives Knighthood from the Queen First Pakistani woman receives Knighthood from the Queen By Murtaza Ali Shah LONDON: A Pakistani origin head teacher beamed with joy yesterday she received knighthood from the Queen and became the first Pakistani woman ever to receive the highest level of recognition. Naila Zafar was awarded the Dame of British Empire (DBE) in recognition of her services in the field of local and national education. Naila Zaffar is Head Teacher of two primary schools Copthorne primary school and Lapage primary school in Bradford, which has the largest Pakistani immigrant concentration, and has been attached with the teaching professions for over thirty years. Originally recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list this year about three months ago, the lucky community heroes had the honour to meet the Queen in person yesterday. Twenty five Muslims awarded in the Queen's Birthday Honours Zaffar, 55, performs inspections for Ofsted and has helped to raise standards at schools across Bradford. The schools she serves are one of the most deprived areas of the city but Zaffar says the teachers in these schools do their best not to allow social deprivation this to become a barrier to children learning. Zaffar, who originates from Pakistan but moved to Bradford when she was 12, said she was shocked and amazed to be made a Damehood and was only expecting to get OBE or MB but not as high as the Knighthood. "As Muslims and an Asians we sometimes think that we can't break certain barriers, but this ...
  • 17.Transform into Excalibur Sonic - Tales of Knighthood - Original Soundtrax - CD 2 Great song. Jun Senoue Rocks!!!
  • King penguin receives Norwegian knighthood LONDON - Nils Olav already has medals for good conduct and long service. He made honorary colonel-in-chief of the elite Norwegian King's Guard in 2005. And on Friday he was knighted. Not bad for a 3-foot tall penguin — actually, three of them. A resident of Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, the original Nils Olav was made an honorary member of the King's Guard in 1972 after being picked out as the guard's mascot by lieutenant Nils Egelien. The guards adopted him because they often toured the zoo during their visits to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, an annual military music festival, according to zoo spokeswoman Maxine Finlay.
  • 11 Reasons Why Ryan Giggs Deserves A Knighthood This video is a product of . Please watch it and then sign up to our campaign to get a knighthood for the Welsh Wizard of Old Trafford.
  • Berylia Knighthood :) Knighthood :)
  • Argumental - Jeremy Clarkson Deserves A Knighthood Celebrity round from Series 1 Episode 10 of Argumental. Topic: Jeremy Clarkson Deserves A Knighthood. Rufus Hound argues FOR while Lucy Porter argues AGAINST. Argumental is shown in the UK on Dave and BBC2.
  • Author Terry Pratchett is given a knighthood Author Sir Terry Pratchett speaks about his alzheimer's disease.
  • "Knighthood ~ The number one dream in the world" by PKO Leave It to Pyoko (Digi Charat) Ending Theme "Knighthood ~ The number one dream in the world" by PKO
  • John Walker Knighted in NZ Athletics great John Walker is New Zealand's first knight under the new royal warrant that restores knighthoods in the Queen's Birthday honours after a nine-year absence. The knighthood completes a set for NZ's living Olympic running champions. Sir John (1500m, Montreal, 1976) joins Sir Murray Halberg (5000m, Rome, 1960) as a knight. Dr Peter Snell (800m, Rome, and 800m and 1500m Tokyo, 1964), who was appointed a Distinguished Companion of the NZ Order of Merit in 2001, will officially become "Sir Peter" on July 1 as a result of the Key Government restoring the titles of dames and knights dropped by the Labour Government in 2000. The other New Zealander to win Olympic gold on the track, Jack Lovelock (1500m, Berlin, 1936), died in 1949. The sense of completeness is not lost on Sir John. "Peter was my idol. I would have been very disappointed if he'd not got one or I'd got one first." Sir John says news of his knighthood came out of the blue. "Everyone says that but it did. The letter came to the shop [Stirrups, an equestrian supplies business he owns with wife, Lady Helen]. It said I'd been selected for a knighthood. I put it in a drawer and thought about it for a while." The Government announced in March that titles would be reinstated and that 85 New Zealanders who had been appointed Principal and Distinguished Companions could opt to become knights or dames by the end of this month. Sir John, made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1992, is honoured for ...
  • Terry Pratchett to receive knighthood at Buckingham Palace Fantasy author Terry Pratchett is preparing to receive his knighthood from the Queen. He's being made a "sir" for his services to literature.
  • Regnum Online - Knighthood It's been a long time ;) Yes, it is another video about a level 50 party. I hope you enjoy it anyway :)
  • Tales of Vesperia - 71 Yuri's Knighthood ...
  • Motives and Thoughts - Knighthood Music video for recent release from dubstep producer Knighthood, challenging the status quo and asking you to check your motives and thoughts... BUY NOW: MYSPACE:
  • Salman Rushdie Knighthood - Mohammed Shafiq Short webcast by Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadhan Foundation a leading Muslim organisation about Salman Rushdie being given a knighthood. More at
  • Knighthood revenge Knighthood Vs Lifestyle
  • Sir Salman Rushdie, why he deserves his knighthood This video concerns the recent anger and call for violence by Muslims not only against Sir Salman, but against the people of Britain. Take for instance the religious affairs minister for Pakistan, Muhammad Ejaz ul-Haq, who stated last week that, "because of this knighthood suicide bombing could now be justified", while closer to home, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, claimed that Salman Rushdie "has blood on his hands". This is blatant censorship of the worst kind, calling for violence against Sir Salman and against the good people of Britain, and it needs to stop! Sir Salman is not receiving his knighthood because of his novel 'Satanic Verse', but because of his more literary work, 'Midnight's Children', which was awarded the Booker Prize in 1981, and then recognized as the best piece of literature written in the past 25 years! Yet, even if it were being awarded for his service to the freedom of Speech, it would be well deserved, since Muslims uniquely call incessantly for censorship of anyone who dares to criticize their prophet or their Qur'an, and there are too few individuals willing to publicly confront these taboos imposed on our society by Muslims the world over. Muslims need to be careful of their head-long drive for censorship, since in doing so they risk destroying 'Youtube' which is becoming the greatest vehicle as the purveyor of knowledge, and the repository of critical debate for truth, including religious truth. If Islam refuses to be criticized, than it is not ...
  • Bang Goes the Knighthood - The Divine Comedy Fastastic song from The Divine Comedy's new album... Out of the station and through the arcade Past the antique shops of Regent's Parade To an innocuous London adress A quick glance around and then down the wet steps God only knows what keeps bringing me here Gambling with everything that I hold dear One careless word in establishment ears And bang goes the knighthood the wife and career You make me feel You make me feel something And feeling something beats feeling nothing at all And nothing at all is what I feel all the rest of the time If someone sees If someone hears something I know it's coming the fear is making me ill But then fear is part of the thrill They taught me discipline at boarding school The consequences of breaking the rules They said we're just being cruel to be kind As they beat me to within an inch of my life So chain me, restrain me and teach me to kneel Bind me and grind me beneath your high heels Crack goes the whip, and if someone should tell Bang goes the knighthood as-well
  • Tales of Knighthood - SABK:OST [Disk 2] HQ Downloads 01. Knight of the Wind -TGS 2008 Trailer Ver.- 1:04 by Crush 40 02. Orders from the Illusion 0:35 by Jun Senoue 03. Merlina - Her Wicked Smile 0:57 by Jun Senoue 04. The End of the World 0:30 Jun Senoue ...
  • Penguin given knighthood by King of Norway A PENGUIN sponsored by the King's Guards of Norway has ppp-picked up a Knighthood.
  • Mohammed Shafiq on Rushdie's Knighthood This is Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadhan Foundation a leading Muslim organisation on Channel M talking about Salman Rushdie and his knighthood.

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  • “The same restless yearning that drives the evolution of species likewise impels the transformation of human societies. In culture as in nature, the Earth is ever transcending itself. Nothing in human life is static. Tradition is not the”
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  • “King penguin receives Norwegian knighthood: Friday August 15, 2008 UK AsianFanatics Forum > Headline News > News around the world > News Archives. View New Content. Page 1 of 1. You cannot start a new topic. You cannot reply to this topic. King penguin receives”
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  • “Savour this album packshot for a moment, if you will. It's a bit brilliant, don't you agree? Yes, Neil Hannon”
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