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  • "Kimchi World" a cultural space to experience Korean food, opened in Insa-dong in central Located between Nakwon Arcade and Anguk Station, Kimchi World was established by the kimchi manufacturer, Chongga Kimchi, for foreign tourists. — “Kimchi World offers a taste of Korean cuisine | ”,
  • Find great information about Korean food here. Visit us to learn more about Korean Kimchi Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish consisting of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually based on cabbage. — “Korean Food | Kimchi | Fermented Cabbage”,
  • The most common Korean banchan, Koreans eat kimchi eaten with rice along with other banchan dishes. Kimchi constitutes a common ingredient cooked with other ingredients to make dishes such as kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap). — “Kimchi - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Kimchi may also refer to unfermented vegetable dishes.[1][2][3] There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi, made with a main vegetable ingredient such as napa cabbage, radish, green onion or cucumber.[4] Kimchi is the most common banchan, or side dish, in Korean cuisine. — “Kimchi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It got me to wondering just how Korean the Thanksgiving meal is for Kimchi Mamas? What do you think Kimchi Mamas? It seems like everybody has something. — “Kimchi Mamas”,
  • kimchi also kimchee n. , pl. , -chis , also -chees . A Korean dish made of vegetables, such as cabbage or radishes, that are salted, seasoned, and. — “kimchi: Definition from ”,
  • Kimchi - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Kimchi”,
  • A seaside region's kimchi will be saltier than that of a landlocked area, and summer To understand kimchi at its simplest, think of it is as divided into. — “Korean Food: Kimchi”,
  • A community about kimchi. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with kimchi experts. — “: kimchi”,
  • Article : There will be some recipes you will be making forever, and we think how to make kim chi is one of them. We hope you agree and enjoy this as much as we do!. Asian. — “How To Make Kim Chi Recipe (Asian)”,
  • Kimchi Origin. The Origin of Kimchi: In ancient Korea, there lived a young spiritual practitioner who studied under an enlightened master and attended to the needs of his teacher. In order to serve food to his teacher, he raised crops in the field and gathered wild fruits from the mountains. — “Kimchi”,
  • Kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish from Korea, is wonderfully flavorful and can be used as Let the kimchi ferment in a cool place, at a temperature no higher. — “How to Make Kimchi: 5 steps (with pictures) - wikiHow”,
  • This article describes a recipe for Korean kimchi that is as delicious as it is healthy. ( For an explanation of it's health benefits, see What Makes Kimchi So Healthy?) Kimchi can be based on a variety of vegetables, but arguably the healthiest and most common version is based on cabbage. — “Ultimate Kimchi”,
  • A very tasty variety of kimchi. Kkaennip kimchi is great as a ban chan dish or added as seasoning to any ssam (leaf wrap) style meal. — “Kkaennip Kimchi (Korean Perilla Leaf Kimchi) Recipe hannaone”,
  • Success!!!! There WERE two quarts worth, but somehow by the time it made it into the jars, a pint had gone erm .missing. In ma belleh. I will never buy kim chi again, and neither should you. This 80 kinds of easy to make, only took. — “Kim Chi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that is made from vegetables and various seasonings. Kimchi is so important to Korean culture that the Korean Aerospace Research Institute developed space kimchi to send with its astronauts to the. — “Kimchi”,
  • Kimchi can be made throughout the year, based on when certain vegetables come into season. Cucumber Kimchi is made in the summer; in the spring, Kimchi is made from young cabbage and radishes. — “Kimchi”,
  • She's taking part in a documentary series on Korean cuisine titled "Kimchi Chronicles" alongside Marja Vongerichten. — “ - Actress Heather Graham promotes kimchi in safe”,
  • Kimchi is a uniquely pungent mixture of fermented vegetables and its variations amounted to roughly 80 kinds of dishes during the Choson period. During the late Choson era, powdered chili, together with chotkal (fish or shellfish paste), bcame the favored ingredients in kimchi. — “Food in Korea (Basic Sauces, Kim Chi, Ceremonial Food, Table”,
  • Kimchi, the symbol of traditional Korean food, is gaining popularity among people around the world. Lactic acid fermentation of kimchi, which arises mainly from pickled fish and spices, inhibits or destroys harmful germs such as saprophytes. — “Kimchi”,
  • A site dedicated to Kimchi, Korean cuisine, culture, and asian art. — “”,

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  • How Kimchi is Made (Granny Choe's Ninja Peppers) Who knew making kimchi was so easy? Story Ryan, Lindsay, Connie Choreography & Dance Captain: Ryan Editing: Rob Music: Rob, Ryan, Naj Sound Effects: Rob, Ryan, Tab Best Boy Grip #2: Connie Animal Wrangler: Danielle Assistant to Ms. Danielle's Hairstylist: Neal Dancing Queen: Neal Chief Destructor/Distractor: Baby E Scourge of Carpathia/Sorrow of Moravia: Vigo Craft Services: Granny Choe
  • Kimchi pancakes (kimchijeon) How to make kimchi pancakes. Full recipe on my website:
  • Kimchi How to make easy kimchi ("mak kimchi" in Korean). full recipe: It's made with small pieces of cabbage that are easier to handle and take less time to prepare.
  • How to Make Kimchi Thank you for watching Korean Cuisine with Anna Kim! Today we are making kimchi! This is a very popular side dish! Please watch my other videos and subscribe! Ingredients: - 2 whole Napa Cabbage - 1 Cup of Salt -10 Cups of Water - 7 Tbsp of Anchovy Sauce or Fish Sauce - 1 1/4 Cup of Crushed Red Pepper - 8 Pieces of Green Onion - 1/2 of a Radish - 1 Whole Garlic - 1 Piece of Ginger - 1/2 of an Onion - 1/2 of an Apple - 1/2 of an Apple Pear - 4 Tbsp of Sugar - Slice Napa Cabbage into bite size pieces and put into a large bowl. - Mix water and salt together and pour over cabbage. - Let the cabbage sit for 2 hours. - In a blender, combine the garlic, onion, apple, apple pear, and ginger together. Puree. - Julienne the Radish and thinly slice the Green Onions. - After 2 hours rinse the cabbage in cold water about 3 times. - Combine all the ingredients together in a large bowl. (Rubber gloves recommended) - Store the kimchi in room temperature over night and then keep in the refrigerator. Enjoy! Thank you for watching Korean Cuisine and please let me know if you would like me to make a specific dish! Please Subscribe and leave comments!
  • Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen Episode 12: Kimchi Cathlyn ends this last episode of Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen Season I with the most popular staple food of Koreans, Kimchi, namely Baechu kimchi (napa cabbage) and OE Sobaegi (pickled cucumber kimchi) She not only teaches Christina her secret kiimchi recipe handed down to her for generations, but also about the history and culture of Kimchi.
  • Making Kimchi in 3 Steps-Quick Cabbage Kimchi For Printer Friendly Recipe: Easy to follow 3 step kimchi making. Quick and Simple way to make genuine tasting kimchi every time. The Basic Sauce (recipe included) can be used to make many other varieties of kimchi. More Kimchi recipes using The Basic Sauce can be found on
  • Korean Food: Kimchi Dumpling (김치 만두) One month ago, I made a short test video for my channel with this kimchi dumpling. Thankfully, soparu asked me to make a full version of this recipe. At last, I did it for her. I hope she and you will enjoy this. Kimchi Dumpling (김치 만두)is one kind of Korean dumplings. Depending on what kind of ingredients you use for the main ingredients such as beef, garlic chives, kimchi, you can make various kinds of Korean dumplings. If you are a vegetarian, use tofu instead of beef for this recipe. If you have any questions, please ask me. *^^* One subscriber asked me how to make own dumpling wrappers. Here is the recipe for it. Here is how to make your own dumpling wrappers ^^ Ingredients: 1 Cup Flour 1 tsp Salt 1/3 Cup Water 1. Shift 1 cup of flour. (So you will get fine flour) 2. Add 1 tsp of salt to 1/3 cup of water. Mix until the salt dissolves. 3. Slowly add the salt water into the flour. 4. Knead the flour. The dough should be a little hard so the wrapper will not be torn when you cook the dumplings later. 5. Cover the dough with the plastic wrap or wet cotton clothing and set it aside for 30 minutes to 1 hour. (It will get elastic). 6. 30 minutes to 1 hour later, knead the dough again, then spread some flour on the table, then roll it very thinly with roller. 7. Stamp the thin dough with 2 or 3 inch round cookie cutter. (You can find things for this in your kitchen, how about small glass cup or glass bowl?? or.. round lid ??) tip : If you sprinkle the wrappers with some ...
  • Korean Food: Napa Cabbage Kimchi (배추 김치) Main Ingredients: * 1 Large Napa Cabbage * 2 Cups Korean Radish * 1 Cup Garlic Chives * 5 Green Onions * 1 Onion * 2 Hot Peppers Salt Water for Cabbage: * 10 Cups Water * ½ Cup Coarse Sea Salt (For Salt Water) * ⅔ Cup Coarse Sea Salt (For Sprinkling) Sauce Ingredients: * 2 Cups Water + (3 Tbsp Water and 3 Tbsp Sweet Rice Flour) * ¼ Sweet Apple + ¼ Onion * 1¼ Cup Red Pepper Powder for Kimchi * 1 to 2 Tbsp Sugar * ¼ to ⅓ Cup Fish Sauce * 3 Tbsp Minced Garlic * ½ Tbsp Minced Ginger * ½ Tbsp Salt * 2 Tbsp Sesame Seeds Yield: About 1 Gallon Special Music "운우의 극치" by 길 현우
  • Cucumber Kimchi (Oi So Boki) *The Ingredients* -3 Long Cucumbers -Handful of Korean Chives (can substitute with chopped green onions) -Radish (Thinly Sliced-optional) -2 tbsp Salt -4 Cups of Water *Sauce -2 tbsp of Red Pepper Flakes -2 tbsp of finely chopped Pickled Shrimp (Can substitute with Fish sauce or just salt to taste) -1 tbsp of minced garlic -1 tsp of sesame seed -1 tsp of sugar -1 tsp of sesame oil 1. Wash all the vegetables 2. Cut cucumbers in 4 pieces and make cross cuts from top to bottom, but not all the way through. 3. Put salt on cucumbers and set in bowl for 20 mins. 4. While Cucumbers are getting salted, begin to make salt for cucumber kimchi. 5. In the large bowl, add all the sauce ingredients together. 6. wash cucumbers in the cold water one time and squeeze excess water off cucumbers. 7. Put sauce into the openings of the cucumber by hand. You can serve this right away with steamed rice or put cucumber kimchi in the refrigerator. Thank you for watching and please subscribe to my videos. Thank you and enjoy!
  • Korean Food: Cucumber Kimchi (오이 소박이) Ingredients * 20 Cucumbers for Pickling (About 3 Inches in length) * 1 Cup Coarse Sea Salt * 10 Cups Water * 2 Cups Garlic Chives * 1 Cup Green Onions Sauce Ingredients: * 1 Cup Red Pepper Powder * 6 Tbsp Fish Sauce (or Some Salt) * 6 Tbsp Water * 2 Tbsp Sugar * 2 Tbsp Minced Garlic * 2 tsp Minced Ginger Yield: 20 Servings Special Music "love funk" by 옛날사람
  • A Ballad for Kimchi (w/ Asian guys) DOWNLOAD the song on iTunes: The music video to The Calamari Retribution's song, "A Ballad for Kimchi" from the upcoming album, "multiCultural, multiGenerational." Featuring Peter Lee, Stephanie Villanea, and also featuring the 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mamba Edition, which is an individual entity all by itself. Be sure to buy our EP (which includes a pre-release cut of this song) so we have sufficient funding to produce our album! You can buy the EP here: A Ballad for Kimchi Music: Brandon Toy Lyrics: Brandon Toy, Peter Lee, Christopher Toy, Caleb Danielson, Saul Cortez Verse 1: The first time I ever laid eyes on you, you were oh so beautiful. And I knew that I had to have you in my life. My friends sometimes get mad at me, because you always take priority. But I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you, kimchi, you're my favorite food. btoy Rap 1 If y'all don't know who I be. I'm a Chinese kid living in Italy. Part Caucasian, and part Apache. Yet I still gotta have my kimchi Whether home-made or bought from the store This Korean condiment is only for the hard-core. Like a fine wine, it only gets better with time. One taste and you'll be begging for more. Let's go to Kukje today. Stock up on Kim Chee bowls, then be on our way. Try and stop us and we'll say "..., Joo gu lae?" Yo, KIM CH double E. That's the way we spell tasty. I still got more, but not before, I turn it over to Bansuk Lee [chorus] That's how we do ...
  • Korean Food: Perilla Kimchi (깻잎 김치) Main Ingredients • About 80 Perilla Leaves • ½ Cup Red Pepper Powder • ¼ Cup Fish Sauce (and 3 Tbsp Water) • ⅓ Cup Green Onions • ¼ Cup Carrot • 1½ Tbsp Sugar • 1½ Tbsp Ground Asian Pear (Optional) • 1 Tbsp Minced Garlic • 1 Tbsp Sesame Seeds • ½ tsp Minced Ginger Yield: About 80 Perilla Kimchi
  • Kimchi Jigae Thank you for watching Korean Cuisine with Anna Kim! Today I'm going to show you how to make Kimchi Jigae. Please watch my other videos and subscribe! Ingredients: - 2 Cups of Kimchi - 1 Pork Tenderloin - 1/2 Package of Tofu - 2 Pieces of Green Onion - 1 1/2 Cups of Kimchi Juice - 2 Tbsp of Vegetable Oil - Slice the Pork into Medium Pieces. - Cook on High Heat and cook with vegetable oil until done. - Add Kimchi and cook for 15 minutes on medium high heat. - Add Tofu and Green Onions. Cook for 5 more minutes. - Serve with steamed rice. Enjoy! *Tip* If your kimchi is sour, you can add 1 Tbsp of sugar. Thank you for watching Korean Cuisine and please let me know if you would like me to make a specific dish! Please Subscribe and leave comments!
  • Kimchi (김치) *REAL Korean Food [Tasty Trail with Benjamin] No Korean meal is complete without kimchi. It's a staple Korean side dish that has evolved with the history of Korea. Kimchi is a familiar food to Koreans in more ways than one. For example, instead of saying "cheese" while being photographed, Koreans say "kimchi!" It is one of the most prominent fermented foods of the world and one of the five healthiest.
  • Kimchi All about Kimchi For an article related to this video, visit:
  • Kimchi stew (kimchi chigae) and a bean sprout side dish Full recipe: This time I show you how to make kimchi stew (kimchi chigae) which so many people requested. It's easy! I also show you how to make a delicious bean sprout side dish, which goes with it nicely.
  • Korean Food: Tuna Kimchi Soup (참치 김치찌개) Main Ingredients: * 1½ Cups Kimchi * 2 Cups Water * 1 Cup Tuna (Tuna Packed in Oil) * ½ Tofu * ¼ Onion * 1 Green Onion * ½ Green Chilly Pepper and ½ Red Chilly Pepper Seasoning Ingredients: * 1/8 Cup Kimchi Broth * ½ to 1 Tbsp Red Pepper Powder * 1 tsp Minced Garlic * 1 tsp Salt (Adjust the amount depending on the saltiness on your kimchi) Yield: 3 Servings Artist: Baek, Ji Young (백지영), Christopher Title: (I like) 좋아
  • Cucumber kimchi (oisobagi kimchi) and radish soup with beef Cucumber kimchi is made by turning a cucumber into a pocket and stuffing it with vegetables and kimchi paste. It's delicious, and goes well with radish soup. I'll show you how to make both of them for one perfect, well-balanced, low-calorie meal.
  • Kimchi Promotion - Kimchi Warrior & Onggi Bot Kimchi Promotion - Kimchi Warrior & Onggi Bot Finalist: Best Comedy Video- "A clever innovative, new action hero is here! " -Pie Fight Film Fest 2009- Young Man Kang Films http Guest Star: Onggi Bot Products: Onggi Bot(옹기로봇), Dokdo(독도), Turtle Ship(GerBukSeon - 거북선), Swine Flu Mask (신종플루 마스크), Salt, Pepper, Pickled Vegetable, Radish, Ginger, Onion, Tae Kwon Do, Spin Kick, Vitamins A, B, C, B1, B2 Creator: Young Man Kang Writer: Rick Phillips Voice-over: Jim Coughlin, Monir Mamoun Sound Designer: Robert Hoehn Category: Film & Animation Onggi 옹기 : Traditional earthenware vessels that store key fermented ingredients in Korean cuisine. Onggi vessels are porous with tiny holes that allow air to penetrate inside to preserve ingredients for long periods of time. GeobukSeon 거북선 : The Turtle Ship is the most famous warship in Korean history and the worlds first ironclad ship. The GeobukSeon was designed by the great Admiral Yi Sun-shin in the early 15th century during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It was responsible for many navel victories during the Imjin War between Japan and Korea during the late 16th century. The hull is designed similar to the shape of turtle shell making the ship almost impossible to sink with cannon artillery on each side. The dragon head was placed on the top of the ship at the bow. The dragons mouth would blow smoke during battle to obscure vision and interfere with the enemys ability to maneuver and ...
  • Innovations with Kimchi ( 김치 ) A former ESL teacher from Chuncheon, South Korea, substitutes sauerkraut and cabbage with kimchi in several beloved American recipes including hot dogs, corned beef and reuben sandwiches. This video was featured by POPTUB on September 23, 2008. For more information, .
  • Movie "Kimchi Khan" Trailer 01 enjoy Kimchi Khan Trailer #1 :)
  • Korean Food: Kimchi James and Chilly learn how to make delicious Kimchi from chef Lyn. Kimchi is Korea's spicy fermented vegetable dish. There are different kinds of Kimchi, depending on main ingredients, such as cabbage Kimchi, radish Kimchi, and stuffed cucumber Kimchi. These two guys make cabbage Kimchi, which is the most popular one in Korea. Lyn thinks that Kimchi is fantastic with steak. James tries to eat spaghetti with Kimchi. They all love Kimchi. For more information about Korean food, visit
  • 'Kimchi Fried Rice' Recipe 1. cut the Kimchi 2. put into a pan with the oil 3. fry them for 3 minutes 4. put the tuna and rice there stir them well for 5 minutes 5. serve with a slice cheese It's delicious!!! ^_____^;
  • Korean Food: Garlic Chive Kimchi (부추 김치) Main Ingredients: • 10 Cups Garlic Chives (20 oz) • 1⅓ Cup Onion • 3 Tbsp Red Hot Pepper • ½ Cup Fish Sauce • ⅔ Cup Red Pepper Powder • 2 Tbsp Sugar • 1½ Tbsp Minced Garlic • 1½ Tbsp Sesame Seeds Rice Mixture Ingredients: • 3 Tbsp Sweet Rice Flour • 1½ Cup Water Yield: About 1.5 Quart Special Music "Song For Anny" by "Arnold W. Shim" Thank you !!!
  • Making Kimchi Full recipe here: Making Kimchi and Kkakdooki (radish kimchi) with Maangchi.
  • Kimchi Bokkeumbop Fried Rice Thank you for watching Korean Cuisine with Anna Kim! Today I'm going to show you how to make Kimchi Bokkeumbop. Please watch my other videos and subscribe! Ingredients: - 2 Cups of Steamed Rice - 1 Cup of Bite Size Kimchi - 1 Tbsp of Red Pepper paste (Gochujang) - 2 Pieces of Chopped Green Onion - 1 Tbsp of Vegetable Oil - 1 Tbsp of Sesame Oil - 1 tsp of Sesame Seed/Seaweed Garnish - 2 Eggs - I recommend using sour kimchi. This is the perfect recipe for your kimchi you previously made! :) - Turn the stove high heat and put vegetable and sesame oil in the pan. - Fry the chopped kimchi for about 5 minutes. - Add Red Pepper paste and Green Onions and cook for about another 5 minutes on low heat. - Cook eggs over easy. - Serve kimchi bokkeumbop with the fried egg on top and garnish! Enjoy! Thank you for watching Korean Cuisine and please let me know if you would like me to make a specific dish! Please Subscribe and leave comments!
  • 1. Kimchi Warrior VS. Swine Flu - Korean food Kimchi 김치전사 김치워리어 대 신종플루 Kimchi Warrior 1 - Kimchi Warrior VS. Swine Flu - HD A Young Man Kang Film Plot On a strange land numerous intelligent but strange creatures live in a civilized society. They have, however, neglected their world and failed to keep it "green" and environment friendly which causes "villains" to thrive. Sars, Swine Flu, DiabetesTor, CholesterolTor ..., etc. They become a powerful threat to the city when they start killing its inhabitants and destroying it from the ground up. There is only one last hope left... The Kimchi Warrior. But he's hard to find because due to his natural smell, he prefers to be alone. His last known whereabouts was a vegetarian world, honing his warrior skills under the fighting Grand Master there. After his training is complete the Grand Master sends him to fight the monsters. The Kimchi Warrior goes and battles with the monsters before all hope is lost. The monsters are defeated by the Kimchi Warriors and peace once again reigns over the world, as the Royal court promises to take better care of their city. Production: YMK Films Director Young Man Kang Writer: Jin Kelley, Rick Phillips Voice-over: Tim Colceri, Jim Coughlin, Jessica Michaels Music: You Lee Kim Character Design: Young Man Kang, Jung Sub Kim Cast: Kimchi Warrior, Master, Warrioress, Evil Disease, Swine Flue, Diabetes, Cholesterol, SARS, Serval, Warrior Dog, Temple, Go Chu Jang, Iron Palm, Radish kimchi, 깍두기, ABCD, Kimuchi, Korean Food, Tae ...
  • Kim Chi burger KFC Kim Chi Burger Advertisement
  • Yeolmu kimchi The full recipe is on my blog: Yeolmu mul kimchi (young summer radish water kimchi) is a popular summertime dish in Korea. It's not too spicy, very cool, and refreshing.
  • Korean Food: Fried Kimchi Rice (김치 볶음밥) Title of the song : In Andy's Room Artist : Laura Shay Just yummy food this time. Kimchi fried rice. Like Kentuky Fried Chicken, only different. For delicious fried kimchi rice, I want to tell you several things. First, good kimchi makes yummy fried kimchi rice. Well fermanted kichi is the best. Another thing is..Frying the kimchi first is important - don't cheat. :PI prefer to fry my rice a little crispy which takes longer time to cook with patience..hehe You can add more sugar or salt depending on your taste. Thanks for your request, dearwillym and Naviswtngl. I hope I can make more videos soon for other requests. Bye *^^*
  • Kimchi Fusion Taco Special Recipe This video demonstrates how to make Kimchi fusion tacos. They are tacos with the slight twist of adding Kimchi. Kimchi adds more spice like a hot sauce along with more vegetables. It makes the tacos tastier and healthier. Making Kimchi tacos is simple and easy, anybody can make them. Just give it a try, and tell us what you think. Also, if you like our video, please give us thumbs up on the video. We would also love to read your comments below the video. Of course, don't forget to hit the subscription button! Thank you. For Recipe & Nutrition Facts: Honors: #7 - Most Viewed (This Week)) - Howto & Style - South Korea (April 2, 2010)
  • Vegan Kimchi Welcome to the Everyday Dish vegan cooking show! This is a quick and easy recipe. Turn napa cabbage into vegan kimchi with excellent results! Visit the official website: Where you'll find all of our cooking videos and recipes!
  • Ozone Kimchi Session - Coupe Icare 07' PPG Korea Trailer DVD is now available! Paramotoring over urban Korea in 2007 featuring Mathieu Rouanet's & Laurent Salinas, shot and produced by Sophie Guibal of Indasky Productions. This vid is a promo for the Kimchi Session DVD. You can buy the DVD at Some of the best paramotoring seen to date! ________________________________________ Be sure to subscribe to the Adrenaline Addicted channel for more great vids!
  • Korean Kimchi Ramon (김치 라면) Kimchi Ramon (김치라면) is one way to cook delicious Korean ramon. There are many different kinds of Korean ramon in the Korean or oriental store. Most Korean ramons are spicier than American ramon. Adding kimchi in normal ramon gives even more flavor and makes it more spicy. I love kimchi ramon. However, ramon is not very healthy, so I want to recommend not eating this yummy food too often. I know it is not easy to avoid this temptation. hehe I hope you will try Korean kimchi ramon someday. See you again soon. *^^* Song for this Video: Artist: 터보 (Turbo) Title: 검은 고양이
  • Cooking Natto and Kimchi Spaghetti for lunch with Ken Tanaka How to make the world's stinkiest baby I got bored and hungry and made this video about my favorite rotten bean, and my favorite stinky cabbage. To make Natto Kimchi spaghetti... Heat up some butter, sesame oil, or other oil... add green onion...and cook till soft (1 minute) add kim chi and cook for a minute or two. Add a little bit of dashi or soup stock or water as the kim chi cooks down. then stir the Natto and add it in. Cook about 1 more minute till Natto is warm.. then mix in spaghetti and serve with Nori and shiso leaf if you can find some. You can also mix in bits of white cheese (montery jack) it goes very nicely with kimchi.
  • Korean Food: Kimchi Pancakes (김치전=Kimchi Jeon) Main Ingredients: * 1 Cup All Purpose Flour * ⅓ Frying Mix (or ⅓ Cup All Purpose Flour) * 1 Cup Well Fermented Kimchi * ⅓ Cup Kimchi Broth * ¼ Cup Milk * ⅓ Cup Water * 1 Egg * 1½ tsp Sugar * ⅛ Generous tsp Salt Yield: 5 Kimchi Pancakes (8 inch) Special Music "Always Been You" by "Love and Logic"
  • Of Kimchi and Tapestries Help, I'm being held captive by someone with a tapestry on the wall. Oh, and kimchi smells bad.
  • kimchi~~Mmmmm it is so tasty!! Kim-chi is one of korean traditional foods. Kimchi is really famous in Korea. Most significant features of Kimchi are that it is very hot and fermented food. Kimchi is very famous or notorious to foreigners owing to its hot taste. Most Korean people love spicy food so they eat lots of spices such as pepper, garlic, ginger, onion and so on. But its hot taste is different with other food's hot taste like as Mexican food and Thai food. Kimchi has more fresh and unique taste. As Kimchi is a fermented food like as cheese and yogurt, it is very good for health. Kimchi contains various vitamins and healthy elements. According to a medical research, Kimchi has natural elements to prevent infectious disease. Now days, many medical institutions are publishing the result of their research work that Kimchi is good for preventing Avian Influenza(AI). So Kimchi is getting popular in the USA Kimchi was exported to many countries.
  • Korea Pt 21: KIMCHI!!! South Koreans consume 1.6 million tons of kimchi a year, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Until recently, in a tradition similar to an Amish barn raising, villagers joined to make kimchi each fall and stored it underground in jars to last through the winter. Today, most housewives buy kimchi in stores and keep it in an electronic "kimchi refrigerator." Kimchi is made of various vegetables and contains a high concentration of dietary fiber, while being low in calories. One serving also provides up to 80% of the daily required amount of vitamin C and carotene. Most types of kimchi contain onions, garlic and peppers all of which are salutary. The vegetables being made into kimchi also contribute to the overall nutritional value. Kimchi is rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), calcium and iron, and contains a number of lactic acid bacteria, among those the typical species Lactobacillus kimchii Whats your Favorite type of Kimchi?
  • How-To Make Kimchi in 3 Minutes William Cho (Discover Korea (Travel and Culture and Sports and Hiking) on FaceBook) invited us out to his flat, where a few others to learn his secret to making kimchi joined us. Most don't take the time to make kimchi because they believe it to be a hard process. William makes it easy! What you need: *NOTE* This is for one head of cabbage. 1 head of Chinese cabbage 1 Korean radish 1 cup red pepper ½ cup sugar ½ cup salt (fine grain) 10 cloves peeled garlic 3 nodules peeled ginger Lots of coarse grain salt Gloves The process of making kimchi will take a whole day, but it's so much fun! Here's how you do it the fun (and easy) William Cho way. 1) Peel off your leafy, outer cabbage leaves. These make for bad kimchi. Once you get the good stuff, cut off the stem of the cabbage. Finally, quarter the cabbage and place it into a large container. 2) With the coarse salt, make a sal***er solution with warm water. You'll want to use a lot of salt and dissolve it completely. Pour this mixture over the cabbage. Do this until the cabbage is about 40-50% is submerged. Let sit for 4-6 hours. Now's a good time to watch a movie, play some games, or just sleep. 3) Pull the cabbage out of the sal***er and rinse and scrub the leaves to make sure they're clean and free of any pesticides. Once the cabbage is clean, chop it up into what ever size you want. (The traditional Korean method doesn't do this, but William thinks it's easier to manage and I agree.) 4) Cut the Korean radish into ...
  • Baby Eats Spicy Kimchi with Chopsticks! (Filmed in Japan) Click for more videos! Leah loves kimchi. She is two. She doesn't mind sharing with her older sister Tabitha - but only on HER terms.
  • Perilla leaf kimchi and perilla leaf pickles How to make these 2 delicious sidedishes. Check the recipe here at

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  • “Kimchi and Chips code repository. July 31st, 2010. It's a lazy Saturday afternoon here in Seoul, and I'm currently working on getting a code repository for Kimchi and Chips up and on the interwebs, so that we can start sharing our Kimchi and Chips' blog is powered by WordPress with White as Milk”
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  • “Blog post: New York Kimchi Contest from Forum. Photos. Podcast. Store. Classes. About. Media. Blog, Events: New York Kimchi Contest. Wednesday, May 26th, 2010. Register here: http:///kimchi-contest-registration. Yay! Korean food lovers! Since our last meetup, it has been almost 1”
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  • “Kiss My Kimchi is your guide to surviving and thriving in Korea! On KMK you'll find tips, hints and guides about what to do, where to go, and how to make the most out of your time in Korea. Post a job or a a resume! Find info on living and”
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  • “The Daily Kimchi covers teaching English in Korea, living in Korea, teaching abroad, teaching English in South Korea, teaching English, teaching ESL, teaching jobs abroad, TOEFL, life in Korea, Korean food, blogging, making money online, and”
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