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  • Khazalid is as old as the dwarfs themselves, and hasnt changed much since we've settled the World's Edge Mountains. The written version of the Khazalid is the Klinkarhun, or literally "chisel runes". — “Warhammer Background: Khazalid - the language of the Dwarfs”,
  • In gratitude, Kurgan presented the boy warrior with a magical rune-enchanted war hammer called "Ghal-Maraz" ('Skull-splitter,' in the Khazalid [Dwarven] tongue) Ghal Maraz – In Khazalid, the Dwarf language, it means "skull-splitter", the legendary hammer of Sigmar, is a symbol of Imperial. — “Sigmar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Khazalid is a deeply conservative language that has not changed noticeably in many thousands of years either in its spoken or written runic form. By contrast there are many loan words from Khazalid in the tongues of Men, which suggests that Dwarfs must have taught some fundamental words to. — “Dwarfs - Chaos Dwarfs”, chaos-
  • Fun on the Moors.Starring:Khazalid and DolarrWojownicy Srodziemia, [EN]EldarGreets and credits to all creeps present at the site. You know who you are. — “YouTube - LotrO PvMP: Dancing with creeps”,
  • khazalid: Im Back http:// Friends. khazalid hasn't added any friends yet. Comments. khazalid has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello? Skin and Language. Theme:. — “khazalid - Viewing Profile”,
  • Khazalid is kept a secret language, and is rarely spoken in the company of other races, except for their feared and infamous battle cries. An example is the Khazalid word for mountain, which is also used to. — “Dwarf - Lexicanum”,
  • Herein you'll find 96 pages of Dawi Zharr lore and a host of great articles and resources. This issue we really tried to do something a bit different Most of their personal and geographic names are essentially in Western Khazalid such as Zorn Uzkul ("Plateau of Bones") or Zharrduk ("Tunnel. — “The Word of Hashut - Issue No. 6 - Autumn 2009”,
  • This small portion of the fantasy genre community exists as our own little corner, designed for role-playing in various fantasy and science fiction genre pen and paper and computer Role-Playing games, particularly Middle-Earth Online, as well as Khazalid. — “Ltan Honorsmitter - Male Dwarf Runesmith - Welcome to”,
  • Khazalid is the language of the Dwarfs, or Dawi. The deeply conservative language has not changed noticeably in many thousands of years in either its spoken or written runic form. — “Khazalid - HammerWiki, the Warhammer Online wiki - Zones”,
  • Khazalid: The language and runic script of the Dwarfs of the Old World. Khazalid is a reflection of the Dwarfen personality - the language is functional and often expresses extremely complex and largely untranslatable. — “HWT " Encyclopedia " Definition " Khazalid (Powered by Grots)”,
  • Khazalid. Re: Prayers for Khazalid. Re: Prayers for Khazalid. Re: Prayers for Khazalid. Re: Prayers for Khazalid for Khazalid. Re: Prayers for Khazalid. Re: Prayers for Khazalid. — “Conquer Club”,
  • Looking through some very, very old White Dwarfs of a mate of mine, I came upon issue 153, which contained a cartload of Dwarven fluff. One of the things was a list of names of dwarven runes, some which are still in use today, others that have Khazalid runes of the past and present Bookmark. — “Khazalid runes of the past and present”,
  • Ancient Khazalid saying. The Throng of the Iron Stone Guild muster for war at the Great Cove Port of Barak Varr. Donations for the 'Conclave of Light' The Iron Stone Guild is supported by its sister Guilds the 'Khazalid Trading Company' & 'Stone & Steel'. — “Guild Home - www.isg-”, isg-
  • Index for the Guild website for Don Kin Grundi & Da 'Evy Choppaz on the Badlands server of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning with dkp, forums and more! Don Kin Grundi means Ten Ton Hammerer in Khazalid, the language of Dwarfs in Warhammer. — “Home : Don Kin Grundi & Da 'Evy Choppaz - US - Badlands”,
  • Khazalid, Reikspiel. About Korgidd Darragdem. Hailing from Barak Varr, Korgidd eagerly accepted the role of defender of his kin and home. Having spent his time serving his homeland, protecting his home from the denizens of the deep mines, Korgidd. — “ - Paizo People: Korgidd Darragdem”,
  • All Creatures Great and Weak is the home of a group of fathers, sons, and daughters renewing and stoking the fires of imagination in table-top roleplaying. The game is Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 2nd (Second) Edition from Games Workshop and Green. — “Version Differences for Martin Aulenbach - A Warhammer”,
  • News from Fantasy Flight Games. In fact, gold is so important to dwarf culture that Khazalid, the dwarf tongue, has several dozen terms to describe specific types of gold, based on its lustre, weight, and colour. — “Fantasy Flight Games [News] - A Pfennig for Your Thoughts”,
  • The Khazalid Temperance Society The Khazalid Temperance Society (20 Slayers): 283 Points. the last surviving thunderer charged into the halbardiers roaring terrible Khazalid oaths. — “The Siege of Fort Trollengerschpanken | Hampton Games Club”,
  • Buy and sell electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace. Kurgan presented the young warrior with a magical rune-enchanted warhammer called Ghal Maraz ('Skull-splitter,' in the Dwarf Khazalid tongue). — “Games - Sigmar”, listing-
  • Sigmar's depiction in the Warhammer setting appears heavily influenced by the mythological Scandinavian thunder god, Thor, Reikland - Unberogen - Kurgan Ironbeard - Ghal Maraz - Khazalid. Sigmar then went on a campaign to unite the disparate tribes of. — “Sigmar - Everything on Sigmar (information, latest news, articles,...)”, spiritus-

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