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  • Khitān (Arabic: ختان‎) or Khatna (Arabic: ختنة‎) is the term for male circumcision carried out as an Islamic rite. It is also referred to by the term Taharah, 'purity'. Circumcision is not mentioned in the Qur'an, but serves to introduce males. — “Khitan (circumcision) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bungkawn Branch KTP, Kohhran, Khawtlang leh Bial chhung chanchinthar leh rawngbawlna tlangpui tarlanna. Kohhran Camping Chhawng khatna zo. Kohhran buatsaih Camping chhawng khatna chu tluang taka zawh a ni a, tun kar hian a chhawng hnihna neih leh mek a. — “Bungkawn KTP : Index”,
  • Tuni'n ei Lamka mite a ding in Thupieh Sawm-le-Khatna (Eleventh Commandment) neibe lei hoi kasa hi. Tam Thupieh Sawm-le-Khat na ding ahile. VOTE ZUAH KEN/VOTE JUAH SIN. chi ahi. Tulai sang in 1980s lai in igam ana khangtoujaw mama hi'n kathei hi. — “Vaphual”,
  • Mihiem khatna jesu ipijeh a leisiet chunga hung ham? Maailam phatsuot lou sunga Jesu'n ipi abolding ham?. — “Jesu Christa Chu Koi ham? - Jehova' Sakhi te: Vetnainnsang”,
  • Samuel Khatna. Samuel Niina. Kumpite Khatna. Kumpite Niina. 1 Khang tangthu. 2 Khang tangthu khatna. Timothy niina. Titus. Philemon. Hebrewte. James. Peter Khatna. Peter Niina. John Khatna. — “Matthew 9 (Matthew 9)”,
  • buy katva mugs, tshirts and magnets. katva is reffered to MUSLIMS who cuts of de tip of deir DICK which is known as KHATNA.n also its mandatory 4 dem as it represents deir religion .But having done khatna is a indication of being a true MUSLIM. — “Urban Dictionary: Author Aamir”,
  • The word for circumcision is khatna and applies to both male and female. Today a khatna done at her own home fetches Rs 70 and if she is invited to the house of the client she asks for Rs 100. Out of this Rs 70 she keeps Rs 10 for herself, and gives Rs 10 to her. — “All for 'Izzat'*. The Practice of Female Circumcision among”,
  • We can be your "server" for your religious activities too! Our "Sunnat-E-Khatna" Appointment with doctor or experienced hazam. Appointment with slaughter (koshai) and. — “Take Care BD”,
  • Read free summaries & abstracts related to Khatna or write your own Khatna synopses and reviews to earn money. — “Khatna Reviews & Summaries”,
  • Religion Question: How Is Muslim Community Strenghtened By Almsgiving? Actually,almsgiving is made compulsory in Islam in some forms like 'zakaat',i.e.the annual alms given to poors by the ones who has Muslim khatna Importance of zakat Khatna in muslims Islamic converts to christianity. — “How Is Muslim Community Strenghtened By Almsgiving?”,
  • Bangalore White Pages - Information and contact details of Khasims, Khatav Consulting, Khatav STD Code, Kheteshwara Pooja Sweets and much more. Khatna Sunnat E Ibrahim Arabic College. — “White Pages Bangalore - Business Details of Khasims”,
  • khatna ke baad ling pehle se jada behtar ho jata hai kyunki bina khatna ling ke niche jo bandh hota hai usse bahut dikkato ka samna karna padta hai meri girl friend mujhe ab pehle se jada pasand karti hai i think khatna male ko to karani chahiye par female ko bhi karani. — “Circumspection on Circumcision – Lessons for India " The”,
  • Mrs. Peou Khatna (right) The dance school was organized in 1989 under sponsorship of the The program was founded by Mrs. Peou Khatna, master dancer and song of the royal palace. — “ - Home”,
  • My cousin had to undergo his Khatna ( Circumcision ) which is cumpolsory for muslims and we attended his ceremony. Till that day I had no idea what the word Khatna actually meant. — “Repost: Circumcision”,
  • ختان‎ - Khitan - Khatna - Sunat - Musolmani - Tuli - Urkwtha - Tahara - Touhur - Sünnet In male infants, circumcision is an operation which involves tearing the foreskin away from the glans (head) of the penis, cutting along the top of the foreskin, then clamping the foreskin and cutting it off. — “QuranicPath | Circumcision - Does the Quran Approve it”,
  • The sacrament performed by the Goan Christians are Baptism, Holy communion, Confirmation, Ordination, Marriage and Extreme unction. The second sacrament is Khatna intended for male children. — “Goa- Religious Practices in Goa- State in”,
  • Circumcision (Khatna) Cutting a small piece of skin over penis is called circumcision. In a Hadees Shareef in Bukhari and Sahee Muslim it is confirmed from Abu Huraira Raz. that the circumcision of Hzt. Ibrahim Alaihissalm was done at the age of. — “What is the meaning of word "khatna" in muslim women ?”,
  • Today is my "khatna" (circumcision), I am told, often with a knowing I am given a shower as I am told of the untold riches I will receive after my Khatna. — “Chowk: Life: The day I got circumcised”,
  • La circoncision (Khitaan ou Khatna) Appréciation des utilisateurs: / 11. FaibleMeilleur La circoncision (Khitaan ou Khatna) Qui sommes-nous ? Tout sur le halâl. Commission de. — “Centre Islamique de la Réunion - La circoncision (Khitaan ou”, islam-
  • Name:Mohammad Waasay Kamran Born on 19-10-2009 Circumcision (Khatna) of my son. Name:Mohammad Waasay Kamran. Born on 19-10-2009. To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and. install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. Comments. — “Circumcision (Khatna) of my son on Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Maulana Gheesu Khan who performed the khatna (circumcision), was also arrested from his village Shivnagri. Here this incident is entiry diffrents as Grandfather took a disision for the Khatna of his Granchildren without concent of their parents under the influence of his new. — “Rajasthan: Hungama over circumcision | ”,
  • Pakistan Mein Ek Maa Apne Bache Ko Le Kar Doctor Ke Pass Jaati Hai Maa: Dr. Saab Iska Khatna (Circumcision) Kar Do Dr: 200, Rs Lagenge Maa: Itne. — “Iska Khatna Kar Do”,
  • NEA National Heritage Fellowships recipient Please upgrade your. browser to a. compliant version. Photo by Dexter Hodges. 1986 NEA National Heritage Fellow. Peou Khatna. Silver Spring, MD. Cambodian Court Dancer/Choreographer < NEA Heritage Fellows 1982-2010: BY YEAR | ALPHA. — “NEA National Heritage Fellowships: Peou Khatna, Cambodian”,

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  • Circumcision of Muslim boy Circumcision is cumpolsary for every muslim boy before they can enter the mosque and perform prayers and other rituals. The practices related to Fitrah are five: circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, trimming the moustache, cutting the nails and removing the hair of the armpits." (Bukhari, al-Muwatta)
  • Time To Expand the Movment Babies and toddlers are not the only ones who need the help of the anti-circumcision movement we must expand to help all that need our help.
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  • Performance of Minhaz Dipon at Nuernberg (03-Apr-2010) The program was arranged by Farid vai at his restaurant in Nuernberg, Germany on the occassion of Sunnah-te-Khatna of his son.
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  • Min hre reng ang che Ka duat lai ka fanu duh tak Dorthy Lalramthari, a thih cham vawi khatna vawiin Nov. 20, 06 a lo thlen hian amah hriat reng nan, min boral san laia a ruang pawh kil pha ve lo va ram dang atanga nileng zankhuaa mahni chauhva khawhar taka ka awm laia min awitu, ka ngaihthlak nin loh Nancy Zothanmawii hla "Min hre reng ang che" tih hi ka hlan ve e.
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  • Is celebrating Chatti (6th Day) of a baby's birth allowed in Islam? Question and answer with Dr. Zakir Naik. Details about celebrating chatti (6th day), Aqeeqa and Circumcision in Islam.
  • tahaan-my mom 26/7/09 aje tahaan ni khatna karvani chhe.
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  • Circumcision is against the Quran / Islam - Muslims MUST WATCH! Sunat - Khitan - ختان ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: DISCUSS IT: STOP MUTILATING BABIES IN THE NAME OF ISLAM. Please watch my other videos...'Know the facts...' Khitan, Sunat, Tuli, Sünnet, ختان ,طهارة ,طهور , tahara, touhur,
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  • Malaysia Zomi Cup Malaysia Zomi Cup a khat veina Feb 14-15, 2010 ki nei hi. Tungzang, Tuimui, Tuikhiang, Thangsan, Group B, Laaitui, Guasing, ZCF-Canaan, ZCF-Bukit Tinggi team teng ahi hi. Tungzang a 3 na, Laaitui a 2 na ZCF-Canaan in khatna ngah hi.
  • Khutna Ki Kahani Kazim Ki Zubani.wmv The Date was 9 Dec 2009 when Kazim Bhai have disclose his all time secret. The Story of His Khutna, The Time which he spend in his in-depth pain, But his tolerance in the must appreciate in very positive & creative words. This was the secret which was under his hearts graveyard for years, but on the prestigious & historical date of 09 Dec 2009 came out and show's its all time presence I request you all to watch this video very consciously, note and concentrate on all its actions and reactions caused by that action specially in the last moments of video Regards QASU Productions & Advertising NOTE: This video is a part of marketing campaign to promote Kazim bhai. Please do contact Kazim bhi on this Num, appreciate him & thank him for sharing his valuable Info about Khatna. Name: Kazim Cell Num: 0345 2958899
  • taha n samiha party part 1 taha's sunnote khatna and samiha's birthday video taken n edited by danee
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  • Childhood of Jesus - (part 3 of 4) by Cody C. Lorance Childhood of Jesus - (part 3 of 4) by Cody C. Lorance, Angel came to Joseph and said to go to Egypt so he went. We know when angel came and said to them they obeyed. What did they do when angel didn't come.
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  • Inlamsiak thawh khatna (1&2) Sir Muantea; (3) Sir Thiana; (4) Sir David; (5) Sir Hmachhuana; (6) Sir Sangzuala BHSS Study Camp chhunga in lam siakna ropui tak....duhthusamin alo eng tha tawk lova, theihtawp chhuahin ka han ti bright ve tak na a, a en theih tho ang chu. An zeihawi hlawm khawp mai :D

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  • “Group: Forum Members. Last Login: 2 hours ago. Posts: 365, Visits: 723. Question : A friend of mine wants to convert to Islam but he Also is doing Khatna compulsory in Islam to convert? as just a thought of it makes my friend shiver”
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