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  • Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri, Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah, Mohsen Sharifi, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi, "The Influence Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri, Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah, Mohsen Sharifi, Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi, "The Influence. — “The Influence of Efficient Message Passing Mechanisms on High”,
  • Social norms and dominant social rules have no value in the Khaneghah. The significance of this Khaneghah is that it was the first independent standing Khaneghah outside a "Muslim nation. — “Ask A Word”,
  • The place of worship of Sufi (Khaneghah) in the cities of Karaj, Brojerd, Qum, and Ahwaz were destroyed by the government and in the case of Brojerd Khaneghah the place of worship was burned into ground. The worship place of Sufi is called khaneghah and may also be called Dervish. — “Iranian Minorities Human Right Organisation (IMHRO): IMHRO”,
  • Free Delivery for orders over £15. Fantastic offers on Books. Order your copy of The Grand Opening Ceremony: Washington D.C. Khaneghah by Nader Angha now. — “The Grand Opening Ceremony Nader Angha | ”,
  • B. Chevrier, G. Berillon & A. Asgari Khaneghah. Context of discovery. In 2005, discoveries in central Alborz (northern Iran) by the French-Iranian Paleoanthropological Program (FIPP) led to the identification of a small lithic assemblage with. — “Antiquity: Project Gallery”,
  • "Khaneghah" or "Khaneh-gah", literally means the "House of Present Time." "Gah" is that real or true moment in which a person is present. It is that moment of presence that one needs to continuously reach and prolong, both inwardly and outwardly. — “Khaneghah, House of Present Time | MTO Centers Website”,
  • Mohsen Sharifi, Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri, Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah: A dynamic framework for integrated management of all types of resources in P2P Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah, Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri, Mohsen Sharifi: Evaluating the Effect of Inter Process Communication Efficiency on High Performance. — “DBLP: Mohsen Sharifi”, informatik.uni-
  • The house of prayers, which is named as "Khaneghah" and located in many urban areas primarily in big cities and used by the Sufis who are known by the people as the Dervishes of Gunabadi, are still being closed down under the pretext that "they form a public opinion against the government". — “THE SUFIS IN IRAN ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE OPPRESSION”,
  • MANSOOR,DARVISH,KHANEGHAH,SANTOOR,TONBAK,DAF,AVAZ,IRAN.PERSIAN,SONATI, Tags: Darvish, Khaneghah, Imam, Ali, Dervish, Tehran, Sama, Sema, Iran, Iranian, sufi. — “KHANEGHAH - Zoki Videos”,
  • A Khanqah, Khaniqah (also transliterated as Khanqa, and Khaneqa Persian: خانگاه Khanegah and خانقاه Khaneghah), ribat, zawiya, or tekke is a building designed specifically for gatherings of a Sufi brotherhood, or tariqa, and is a place for spiritual retreat and character reformation. — “Khanqah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Monastery (Khaneghah) and Mausoleum of Chalabi- ughlu by US Door & More Inc Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Monastery (Khaneghah) and Mausoleum of Chalabi- ughlu by US Door & More Inc. — “Flickriver: Photos tagged with internal”,
  • As the largest direct online seller of Persian and international books, music, videos, software, artwork, and gifts, Karoon features an unparalleled selection of works by renowned and upcoming authors, musicians, and artists from around the world By Mehdi Jafari Khaneghah. — “ Book: Do Gharn ba Matbooat-e Farsi Zaban By Mehdi”,
  • [ Log In] Google Earth Community " Forums " Earth " Earth Browsing " Khaneghah e Nematollahi (Nematollahi Sufi Order) 1170443 - 10/30/08 01:13 PM Khaneghah e Nematollahi (Nematollahi Sufi Order). — “Khaneghah e Nematollahi (Nematollahi Sufi Order) - Google”,
  • At 45, ruggedly handsome Brigadier General Mahmoud Afshartous was Iran's top cop. He played no politics, and he enforced the law impartially, an He left his briefcase and revolver be hind in the Buick, set off along Khaneghah Avenue, an alleylike street honeycombed with apartments. — “IRAN: In a Persian Alley - TIME”,
  • The International Association of Sufism is a non-profit organization affiliated with the United Nations and designed to promote peace and knowledge in the spirit of ancient wisdoms. Project Khaneghah. Following in the footsteps of the ancient Sufis, the IAS is setting a schedule to build a. — “IAS: Projects”,
  • A Khanqah, Khaniqah (also transliterated as Khanqa, and Khaneqa Persian: خانگاه Khanegah and خانقاه Khaneghah), ribat, zawiya, or tekke is a building designed specifically for gatherings of a Sufi brotherhood, or tariqa, and is a place for spiritual retreat and character reformation. — “Khanaqa - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • [[Image:Madreseh honar esfahan.jpg|thumb|right|One example of a medieval khanqah, this one in Isfahan.]]A khanqah or khaniqah, (also transliterated as khanqa, and khaneqa Persian: خاÙ_ Ú ̄اÙ_ khanegah and خاÙ_ Ù_ اÙ_ khaneghah) is. — “Khanqah | ”,
  • Khaneghah (Lotfi) - download at 4shared. Khaneghah (Lotfi) is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Free mp3 storage and sharing web space. Multiple music file upload. Download statistics. — “Khaneghah (Lotfi).wma - 4 - music and mp3 sharing”, 4
  • "Khaneghah" or "Khaneh-gah", literally means the "House of Present Time. In Sufism, the school is called "Khaneghah." In the old days, when a person was truly seeking his own truth and could not do it on his own, he would turn to Khaneghah for spiritual guidance. He would put aside all his social. — “M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi - Khaneghah”,

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  • Sufi Music. Nimatullahi Sufi music .köln. Germany. poet: Dr.Javad Nurbakhsh (Noor Alishah). Bahram Sarang and Farahani.
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  • "Rumi" by Nimatullahi Dervishes Music and vocal recorded by Nimatullahi dervishes . Vocal : Tony Poet: Rumi
  • Azerbaijani-Iranians Under Pressure - US State Department Azeri-Iranians Under Pressure - 13 February 2009 Human rights monitors say members of Iran's Azeri ethnic community are under increasing pressure from Iranian authorities. Amnesty International reports that more than 30 Sunni Azeris were arrested on January 14th in the village of Khanegah-e Sork near Oroumiye in west Azerbaijan province. They were protesting the diversion of their water supply when police forcibly dispersed them. Some demonstrators were reportedly injured during arrest; others were reportedly tortured or mistreated during detention. At least 21 of those arrested were tried February 1 before a court in Nazlu. Those convicted received sentences that included up to a year in prison, fines, flogging, and enforced residency in south-eastern Iran, far from their homes. On February 2, 5 ethnic Azeri activists were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Ardebil for supporting Azeri-language schools in Iran. On February 4, 5 Azeri students were sentenced to one-year prison terms for running a blog that advocates language rights for Iranian Azeris. And Abdullah Abbasi Javan, a professor at Tehran's Shahid Raja'I University, remains in detention. Arrested on November 13 following the annual celebration of Sattar Khan, a leading figure in the 1906 Constitutional Revolution in Iran, Mr. Javan has been denied access to a lawyer or family members. According to Amnesty International, Mr. Javan spent 130 days in detention in 2007, on charges of so-called "pan-Turkism" and ...
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  • Escape Artist Tiernan being an amazing escape artist at Khanegah in Chicago, Sunday June 28th, 2009
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  • Hadi and Tiernan Khanegah Hadi and Tiernan playing in Chicago's Khanegah June 28th, 2009
  • The Passion of Nurbakhsh In memory of the Grand Sufi Master, Dr.Javad Nurbakhsh.Master of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order. For More Info visit:
  • Ardabil's Shiekh Safi al-Din Khanegah - Azerbaijan, Iran (اردبیل) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee selected the Ardabil's' Shiekh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble as World Heritage Sites at its 34th (July 25-August 4) meeting in Brazil. The Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil is a Sufi spiritual retreat dating from between the early 16th century and late 18th century. It is the burial site of Safi al-Din Ardabili (b. 1252/3), the eponymous founder of the Safawiyya order of Sufism. The complex is a fine example of medieval Azerbaijani architecture. The shrine was an important site of pilgrimage throughout the Safavid period (1501-1722) and underwent numerous improvements and embellishments to become one of the most beautiful of all Safavid monuments. The site includes a library, a mosque, a school, a mausoleum, a cistern, a hospital, kitchens, a bakery and some offices. The floor of the shrine is covered with a reproduction of the most famous carpet in the world -- the Ardebil Carpet.
  • Santoor & Tombak A musical performance by Maestro Hossein Salehi and Sameen Meshkin at Oregon Convention Center in December 2008 with an audience of approximately 3000. Maestro Salehi has been the recipient of many awards during his over half a century music career, including recognition by Oregon Historical Society in 1998 as a master artist on santoor and Persian music. Sameen Meshkin started his music career at the age of 6 as a student of piano, santoor, tombak and daf, and has performed in major conferences, events and TV programs. He is a student of Maestros Hossein Salehi.
  • Seyed Khalil Alinejad - Funeral This is from a funeral of Seyed Khalil Alijenad + one of his songs dubbed on the film. Poems by Hafez. This is a short biography on Master Alijejad. Rohash shad va yadash gerami.
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  • “Although I am today a de facto atheist I used to go to the London Khaneghah around early 90s, I look at those years with fond memories and have love and respect for the individuals whom I encountered for it was a time when I was wrote a blog and then deleted it for I felt that a Blog in a place”
    — Deeg Jush (Seething Cauldron) | ,