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  • 2130 0559 Kenneled or crated for the night. A weekend routine would be similar but with an 2130 0559 Kenneled or crated for the night. This makes it seem like we train all day,. — “Retriever Article - Setting the Table for Success”,
  • Many others with lots of dogs have them kenneled in a dog yard. The dogs that are in runs get some exercise if they are kenneled with another dog. They like to play chase. The house dogs get only get exercise when either put out in the kennel to play or when on a training run. — “SDC Talk! - General fitness of house dogs vs. kenneled”,
  • 1 Review of Suburban Animal Hospital "We just moved to the area and needed to find a good, clean place to board our two dogs. So far we've left our dogs kenneled at Suburban three times (1 night, 4 nights, 6 nights). Each time the facilities have. — “Suburban Animal Hospital - Rochester, NY”,
  • Many cases of separation anxiety in dogs go untreated. Sadly, pet owners become frustrated with their pet and release them to a shelter, find a new home or keep them kenneled for long hours because of the dog's destructive behavior. — “Identifying Separation Anxiety in Dogs”,
  • Take a tour of our home and property to see where and how our ***apoo and Goldendoodle puppies are lovingly raised. Our ***apoos and Goldendoodles are raised in our home and never kenneled outdoors. Photo of our puppy nursery are included. — “Tour of Carriage House ***apoos and Goldendoodles”, carriagehouse***ersand***
  • [edit] Verb. kenneled. Simple past tense and past participle of kennel. /wiki/kenneled" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “kenneled - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of kenneled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of kenneled. Pronunciation of kenneled. Translations of kenneled. kenneled synonyms, kenneled antonyms. Information about kenneled in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “kenneled - definition of kenneled by the Free Online”,
  • I am traveling to Europe for 13 days in December. I have always been fortunate enough to have a family member or friend take care of my two dogs when I travel. My Golden Retriever is 9 years old and has never been kenneled. It appears I may have. — “Advise on kenneling an older pet | Europe Forum | Fodor's”,
  • KC-Defenseā„¢ FAQs - Natural Kennel Cough & Upper Respiratory Infection Treatment to Cure a Hacking Cough and Wheezing in Cats and Dogs. Natural upper respiratory remedy to relieve common dry, hacking coughing in kenneled dogs and cats. — “KC-Defenseā„¢ Respiratory Remedy for Hacking Cough in Kenneled”,
  • Definition of kenneled from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of kenneled. Pronunciation of kenneled. Definition of the word kenneled. Origin of the word kenneled. — “kenneled - Definition of kenneled at ”,
  • As a vet I completely understand why someone might have to rely on a kennel to manage their dogged lives. Not every dog nor every home is amenable to a pet-sitter’s ministrations. Why My Dog Will Never Be Kenneled (Just Anywhere). — “Why My Dog Will Never Be Kenneled (Just Anywhere) | PetMD”,
  • Make a kenneled dog happy: Donate a bed. Puppies up for adoption at the McKinley County Humane Society play on a new bed that was recently purchased by the organization. The Kuranda company claims the beds are proven to have a calming effect and lower the stress levels of kenneled and shelter dogs. — “Independent - September 19, 2008: Gallup Wastewater Treatment”,
  • Benson (Labrador Rescue South East & Central, Kenneled Milton Keynes). — “Benson (Labrador Rescue South East & Central, Kenneled Milton”,
  • Encyclopedia article about kenneled. Information about kenneled in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “kenneled definition of kenneled in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • No dog should be kenneled for more than 8 hours at a time. is kenneled, the dog should be allowed out of the kennel to exercise and join the family activities (e.g. a dog kenneled for 8. — “Information For the Dog Owner”,
  • Adopt a golden retriever. Non-profit Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, Inc.(GRRR)-- dedicated to rehoming abandoned stray and unwanted golden retriever rescued dogs in the northwest Ohio, southwest Indiana and southwest Michigan areas. Give our kenneled. — “Golden Retriever Rescue Resource-Golden Retriever Adoptions”, gr-
  • Charles' collar and the small gate on the courtyard symbolize the same concept for me: He is trapped. Sure, his life was worse at the home of the people who returned him to the adoption group. They left him kenneled. — “Animal Person: On My Ambivalence About Keeping Animals”,
  • Dog Breeders in Missouri. We are a small family kennel in rural Missouri. Our puppies and dogs are never kenneled, and have large spacious. Our puppies and dogs are never kenneled, and have large spacious, fenced areas to run and explore. — “Missouri - Dog Breeders - ”,
  • Sounds like a very good plan for your dog. If you couldn't keep a dog kenneled while you work, no working person would be able to have a dog. Having a dog walker stop in at 4 hours is very good. Your dog may become anxious hearing your. — “Is it ok to leave my dog kenneled while I'm at work?”,
  • A Canine Welfare Technician I provides physical and psychological care to dogs (training, career change, boarding guides and puppies, and retired guides) that are being kenneled at our facilities. as specialized care of kenneled dogs, including kennel enrichment,. — “Guide Dogs for the Blind: Canine Welfare Technician I”,
  • poor welfare in kenneled dogs. There is considerable variation in the Clearly, efforts must focus on improving the welfare of kenneled dogs, not. — “An Audit of Behavioral Indicators of Poor Welfare in Kenneled”,
  • Kenneled definition, a house or shelter for a dog or a cat. See more. — “Kenneled | Define Kenneled at ”,

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  • Mustard in crate Part 1 of 4 Video of Mustard in his crate. Friday, kenneled while at work
  • Dachshund Gets Facebook Fan Page - KMGH Denver The story of Spork, a 10 year old miniature Dachshund who is in danger of being euthanized or kenneled for life because he bit a vet tech.
  • Stunning STACY at North Central ADOPTED! A1191002 Stacy - 4 year old Cattle Dog mix. Super active, fun, playful girl who loves to fetch. Kenneled with Duchess. Very friendly and affectionate. STACY - ID#A1191002 My name is Stacy and I am an unaltered female, white and brown Australian Cattle Dog mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old. I weigh approximately 45 pounds. North Central Los Angeles Animal Services 3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, FAX 213-847-0555
  • Story of Spork The story of Spork, a 10 year old miniature Dachshund who is in danger of being euthanized or kenneled for life because he bit a vet tech.
  • All Kenneled up They want tucking in too....
  • Milly - Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue Milly 6 years young spayed black female Lab 62lbs. Milly arrived to rescue from a local shelter where she was brought in as a stray. Sadly, most local shelters are full and are not excepting Owner Surrenders. So, people are letting their animals go free in the hopes that they are picked up by Animal Control. Milly is a love! We don't know if she is purebred (possibly a bit of collie in her) but she is all Black Lab in demeanor! She will sit forever if you are petting her and loves her walks (she needs a few walks to help lose some weight). She tends to pull on leash (but, not with a gentle leader) and takes off after squirrels - but her tail is waging the entire time! She is an active girl and would do well with an active person or family. She has a tendency to bark (not viciously, at other dogs) but, will stop when corrected. She is not very happy being kenneled. She would do best in a home where there are no other pets. Milly is located in Menlo Park. If you are ready for a new devoted friend, please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep Kristin at 650-566-1259.
  • Ode To A Sweet Little Being our orphaned woodchuck, hand raised due to a lack of assistance from our local ministry office and unfortunately, there were no licensed rehabbers in the area. as a result, she lives with us, is litter trained (and consequently, not kenneled), and has a protected little burrow in our backyard for jolly marmot burrowing! as you can tell, she is exceptionally sweet and oh so wonderfully happy. suffice it to say, we adore her up the wazoo and feel ever blessed to know her. :)
  • The Hog Is Captured! The trap slapped shut at 4:04 this morning. Yup, we finally caught the Lone Ranger. We called Jason (our trapper) at 6 am, and he and his family were here by 7:15 to take the wild hog away. As they said in Young Frankenstein..."It could be worse. It could be raining." You betcha! It started raining just as they got here, and rained the entire time. That's the noice you hear in the background of the video - and the hog dog that was upset to be kenneled away from the action. The two helpers had the hog by a neck snare and held him so that Jason could go into the trap, muzzle him and tie up his legs. Then, the final insult was to drag him through the mess he made in our yard to put him into their truck and transport him to their farm 45 minutes north of us. (By the way, that hog weighed about 200 lbs. and was MEAN! That's why he was hog tied and muzzled). Jason also knew that the hog was hot and stressed from the struggle, so before they drove off, he borrowed our hose to cool the hog down with water. Also, you may also notice the notch in the hog's ear as the Jason positions him for the still photo. He told us that the notch was placed the by the LAST TRAPPER who had trapped this hog. This hog had been in a trap before, so he was leery of this one. That's why it took us a whole week after the trap was set to catch him.
  • 675 Newsom Mound Weatherford Texas 76085 sm Aprox 35 Acres, Home beautifully updated in 2007, guest house, working horse property with 2 arenas, warm-up pad, high wall round pen, 40 x 100' barn with 14 stalls, ceiling fans, fly spray system, 2 wash racks, bathroom, vet stocks, 14' concrete alley & much more; horse walker, several loafing sheds, 1 acre pond, running creek, large hay fields, FDA & AKC approved kennel fully operation & equipped; see media for addn'l features. Exclusions: patio furniture, horse tack, 4 water troughs, 4 hay feeders, livestock, kenneled dogs; minerals not available
  • Daz-A0734223 STILL NEEDS a HOME. DAZ is now know as CRAWFORD and is available for adoption with A0734223- Daz, 7 year old, neutered, Pit Bull Terrier mix Daz was brought to the shelter on Oct 2 completely bloody with barely any hair on his body. He was being eaten alive by fleas!! He belonged to a family. They taught him tricks, played with him, and gave him love...but for some reason they didn't give him any flea medicine and things got out of control. The shelter took care of him and let him heal. Daz is very sweet and the staff fell in love with him! Daz is looking for a new home where he can really strut his stuff. He has been good with all the dogs he's met and been kenneled with. He walks great on leash and most of all, loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. Come meet Daz at West LA Shelter and help him find a new home! -- West Los Angeles Animal Care Center 11361 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90064 Shelter: 213 485 0494/ 0495/ 0496 [email protected]
  • Ziggy and Alfie (Kenneled dog) playing.MOV Ziggy loves to play with the dogs that stay on holiday with us.
  • Mommy LENA & Daughter FANCY at West Valley (www.laanimalservices) Lena and her daughter, Fancy, have been at the shelter for almost 3 months! They must be a special pair! They were kenneled together at North Central but they are now at West Valley in separate kennels (3/19 UPDATE - they are kenneled back together. Yay!) If you are looking for a bonded pair, here they are! Fancy has an old injury on her hind left leg and doesn't put too much weight on it, but it doesn't slow her down a bit. Super friendly and LOVES and depends on her mom, but if need be, can be rescued or adopted separately. LENA - ID#A1177433 My name is Lena and I am a spayed female, brown and black German Shepherd/Rottweiler. The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old. I weigh approximately 55 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Dec 23, 2010. FANCY - ID#A1177434 My name is Fancy and I am a spayed female, brown and black German Shepherd/Rottweiler. I am about 1 year and 3 months old. I weigh approximately 50 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Dec 23, 2010. West Valley Animal Care and Control Center 20655 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 Voice: (888) 452-7381 Fax: (818) 756-9111
  • Pitbull Puppy - Blue Nose Here's Dolce. 10 weeks. Stitches still in from her ear crop. Went with a show crop. When she's kenneled she wears a cone so not to scratch them out.
  • Baxter (fostered with Save The Pets) This is a video of Baxter at an adoption event at Petsmart. He did very well there. He has such a happy spirit, and is such a delight to be around. He seems to have an innocence about him. Baxter is a really special dog, you would just have to meet him to know what I mean. It is hard to describe. He has such a great personality... All the people who have gotten to know him really appreciate him. Even though he is not a flashy, outstanding color, his heart is golden. He really bonds with people. Baxter is very loving. His kisses go to people who are special to him. He is very sweet and likes to be in your lap or lean against you and likes to be hugged. Because he is this way he is good with kids. He rides fine in the car and hasn't marked in the house. He tolerates baths. Baxter has silky soft fur. He is fine about going into crates. When out on walks, Baxter isn't bad on leash, he doesn't pull much. He likes to play with other dogs. Baxter has been kenneled with many other dogs, there are still some dogs he does not like. So no dog parks. He has a microchip, his shots, and is getting neutered on the 8th of Feb. If you would like to foster or adopt Baxter, please email me at [email protected]
  • American Bandog Mastiff - Kronos speed test This is Kronos' speed test. He was kenneled for a month before hand to get him out of shape, that makes sure this is a test of genetic ability and not conditioning. He ran this half mile course 8 times and while tired, he did fine, he's got great endurance. The longest I ran him at 35+ without stopping was one mile. For a 125 pound dog I'm very impressed with his speed and endurance. He trots at 20 - 25 mph, his comfortable run is about 35 mph, his peak sprint is 40 mph, but he can't hold that long. He's an extremely fast dog! The video is all over the place, because I was more focused on not crashing than on shooting clearly. This was the last run of the day and the clearest video, though he only ran 38 mph this run. The next step will be to get him into great shape then test his speed and endurance again, that will give me his genetic potential, since I now have his genetic baseline. For more information on Kronos and my breeding program see,
  • Damien 6yr German Shepherd Damien is approx 6 yrs old. His owners purchased him from a breeder as a puppy for a high price and also received his AKC paperwork. Sadly his male owner became ill and his wife decided it was her or the dog. She didn't want to care for her husband, their two kids and a dog. They placed him a boarding facility for 1 month and never came back! Damien has been at the kennel for 6 MONTHS! He is literally WASTING AWAY!! Damien is a sweet boy and playful but doesn't understand why he doesn't get out of his kennel, go on walks or see people anymore. Damien is very skinny and due to being kenneled with no human interaction he is shy and aloof when first approached but after a few minutes he warms right up. PLEASE give Damien a chance to live free of a kennel again! He has done nothing wrong- he was just chose by the wrong people! Damien needs to be neutered, microchiped and updated on his vaccinations before adopted.
  • ADOPTED! Jessica, The Performance Dog Dynamo! Jessica isn't just any dog, she's a SUPER STAR! Jessica shows all the characteristics of a truly great sports competition dog. Frisbee, obedience, agility, flyball, freestyle...Jessica could do it all! She LOVES LOVES LOVES toys including frisbees, balls, and especially squeaky toys. She loves to tug, chase toys, and leap high into the air to snag a frisbee. She also loves treats and catches onto new tricks very quickly for her 14 year old trainer, such as roll over, shake, crawl, go kennel, target touch, and pretty much anything else he tries to teach her. She is great at stay and shows excellent self-control. She is great with kids and has been kenneled with multiple other dogs and does well. Jessica is an active girl but she is also very good about calming down and relaxing when you're not playing with her. She definitely has an "off" switch. This girl is amazing and has a ton of potential. Check her out! Jessica is available at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas. Her adoption fee is $25.
  • Sweet Fun One Eyed Chi (A269403) with Spunky Fun Loving Chi (A269260) This one eyed Chi is as sweet as they come. He is being kenneled with yet another spunky fun loving boy A269260. This DOG - ID#A269403 Male, tan and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated. About 2 years old. At the shelter since May 08, 2010. For more information about this animal, call: Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA at 626-792-7151 Ask for information about animal ID number A269403
  • Sensitive Belle Belle Found Her Forever Family! Thank You Forte! 7/2010 - Thanks to Forte Animal Rescue, Blue Belle found her forever home! Woof woof! 6/26 - UPDATE ***Needs FOSTER!*** Forte Animal Rescue is rescuing Belle-Belle, but she's so shutdown in the kennel, she desperately needs a quiet foster, pref with other dogs (she loves dogs) that can take her to Sat adoptions in West LA. Email [email protected] if you can help! Original Plea: Belle Belle (A271332) is a shy Australian Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix about a year old, weighing in at 40 lbs or so. She was surrendered with her best friend Lola because their owners were "moving". They were kenneled together for a while, but Lola has been adopted. Since Lola left, Belle-belle has become increasingly withdrawn. She's such a lovely gentle girl, just really, really stressed out in a shelter environment. Smart girl responds well to hot dogs and enjoys being petted once you can get near her. But she mainly hides at the back of her kennel and is being overlooked by adopters. Her prior owner said she is good with other dogs, children and women (for men it says unknown and she does seem wary of some of them). If you are able to adopt, please call adoptions office at 626.792.7151 x137 prior to visiting her at the shelter. If you are able to rescue and place her into a foster home (no kennel environment please), please contact Kevin at x121, Lorna at x116, or Ute at x117, and e-mail [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Thank you.
  • Sam Gets Boarded (Kenneled?) So my little lovemuffin is sent to the vet while we go enjoy ourselves on vacation. Make sure to find me on MYSPACE: /jacy_renee FACEBOOK: Search Jacy Guidry TWITTER: /JacyGuidryy WOOP WOOP! :)
  • Chico was ADOPTED! Chico is at Lane County Animal Services. He has been getting overlooked for a long time because he is black. Black pets have the lowest adoption rates at animal shelters. A dog walker said this about him: "He is great on leash, doesn't pull, pays attention. Gentle taking treats." He has been kenneled with a puppy before. See a video of him at /user/mollynicole16
  • Matilda Pooped Out our orphaned woodchuck, hand raised due to a lack of assistance from our area ministry office and unfortunately, there were no licensed rehabbers in the area. as a result, she lives with us, is litter trained (and consequently, not kenneled), and has a protected little burrow in our backyard for jolly marmot burrowing! as you can tell, she is exceptionally sweet and oh so wonderfully happy. suffice it to say, we adore her up the wazoo and feel ever blessed to know her. :)
  • Charley the Aussie Mix (RHAR) why bad smells.AVI Charley is a 5 year old Aussie Mix who rescued us. Robin Hood Animal Rescue (An amazing organization here in AZ, rescues any breed and is a no kill shelter) found Charley in a church parking lot when he was ~ 5 mos. old. Charley was not adopted for 3 years (kenneled daily) while under Robin Hood's Care until we rescued him in Jan '09. He has been amazing. He's resolved his kenneling years w/2 road trips (AZ-FL-AZ) & (AZ-ABQ-AZ) with another planned (AZ-FL-AZ) in Dec 2010. Among his favorite hobbies of car rides, hikes, swims, and playing, he fancies himself w/the most potent scents from smelly shoes to stinky armpits......hence this video......hope it brings a smile to your face and makes you giggle. He's a crazy happy dog ;-)
  • Berry Picking With Ike & Tina Update 9/17/07: Ike and Tina have been adopted. Ike and Tina have discovered blackberries. These two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers were rescued in Southern Maryland. They were running stray together and were picked up by Animal Control. No one claimed them. They were both scheduled to be euthanized the day they were released to rescue. Several CBRR&R volunteers pulled together to transport the pair to their foster home in Pennsylvania. They are currently kenneled together and have recently completed treatment for Lyme disease. Tina is being treated for heart worm. Sometime in the early fall they will be ready to go to their forever home. In the mean time, can you help with their expenses? Your donation is tax deductible. Please visit
  • Hulk and Clifford 3 Dogs kenneled 24/7
  • ODs great escape?! The first couple of months i kenneled OD until i started coming home to find some how he was getting out of his crate? I set up the camera and if you listen close you can hear me "leave and lock the door" i really just hid in the house... btw he broke my window getting out...
  • Splash-To Make You Feel My Love.wmv Splash is available for adoption. He is currently being kenneled in Northern California and is waiting for his forever home. If interested please contact [email protected]
  • kenneled 3-16
  • DRIVING WHILE BLEEDING FROM HIS HEAD! tells the story on the drive home About 30 min ago I was playing with my dog on my uncles farm and I was trying to get him to jump on a trailer with me and he wouldn't so i decided to come down to him, so i decided to do a backflip of the trailer as I did it all i remember is getting up with blood squirting from my head... I quickly got up and placed my bandana on my head put my hat on, kenneled my dog and ran to my car. So on my drive home I was in shock cuz of blood loss and started recording. Im writing this home alone with my a head wrapped up. I feel blood loss in my pinkies for some reason... Lol, quite an adventure I hope it turns out alright. DRIVING WHILE BLEEDING FROM HIS HEAD DRIVING WHILE BLEEDING FROM HIS HEAD DRIVING WHILE BLEEDING FROM HIS HEAD
  • Jericho - Joni Mitchell (cover) - Michael Aaron My version of Joni's great song of pragmatic love from her album Don Juan's Reckless Daughter. There are many versions of her doing this, my favorite is from her live album "Miles of Aisles." I took it far away from her version, making it comfortable for me to sing and play. Lyrics: I'll try to keep myself open up to you That's a promise that I made to love When it was new "Just like Jericho" I said "Let these walls come tumbling down" I said it like I finally found the way To keep the good feelings alive I said it like it was something to strive for I'll try to keep myself open up to you And approve your self expression I need that, too I need your confidence, baby And the gift of your extra time In turn I'll give you mine Sweet darling, it's a rich exchange It seems to me It's a warm arrangement Anyone will tell you Just how hard it is to make and keep a friend Maybe they'll short sell you Or maybe it's you Judas, in the end When you just can no longer pretend That you're getting what you need Or you're giving out anything for them to grow and feed on I'll try to keep myself open up to you It gets easier and easier to do Just like Jericho Let these walls come tumbling down now Let them fall right on the ground Let all these dogs go running free The wild and the gentle dogs Kenneled in me
  • Kenneled K-9 Petrifies Puppy A dog inside a small kennel scares a puppy-- Funny!!!
  • Drunk Tristian kenneled First off just so everyone knows everyone in this room are vet techs so the dog was being laughed at but also watched. we were moving my friend to her new house and she had a "tea jar" (the ones with the little spouts) full of lemmonchello set aside in the garage... where the dog promptly chewed off the plastic spout and and partook of some fine drinking. was funny as hell to watch, and the dog didnt even have a hangover the next morning.
  • Update 11/5/07: Laura Has Some Fun Again - ADOPTED! After her leg surgery, Laura had to be on strict rest for 6 weeks. She wasn't allowed to run or play and had to be kept on leash at all times, except when kenneled. Here she is, finally allowed to be free after her long recuperation.
  • The Large School Room at Wagging Tails Academy & Inn in Hampton, Virginia CLIP0001The large school room comfortably holds up to twenty five dogs of various sizes for doggy dayschool. This is a slow day with only 11 dogs in attendance in all three classrooms. The classrooms are: Large classroom, kindergarten classroom, high energy dog classroom (also used for our training classes). In addition we have a sleepover center - also not crated or kenneled in another section of the building.
  • Personal Protection Dog "ENZO" For Sale Enzo is a big beautiful male German Shepherd imported from Europe. 2 years old and already 95 lbs -impressive size and self confidence along with a calm temperament makes this dog a perfect candidate for family and personal protection. Enzo is kenneled at the ICNDF Dog Training Center in St Augustine Florida - please call for an appointment. (904) 829-5654. Visit our website: for more information.
  • kenneled.AVI
  • Bell with Luv-A-Bull in Eugene. Bell is a very people oriented dog. She LOVES to cuddle, sit on laps and be hugged. She is a doll! Bell is VERY sweet and affectionate. She is fine with other dogs. She has been kenneled with a female pit mix and another dog. She was rescued from Lane County Animal Services. If you would like to meet Bell, contact [email protected]
  • Odie A4234214 ADOPTED!!! Odie is a phenomenal three year old black and white male Terrier who was surrendered to the Baldwin Park shelter on January 22nd. Weighing twelve pounds, Odie seems to have been someone's well-loved placid lapdog -- he adores being held but has no leash experience. We think he'll have a low-to-medium energy level when he comes out of his shell. He is accepting of other dogs -- he is kenneled with two other small dogs and was indifferent to larger dogs when we brought him out. Odie is perfect for someone living in an apartment or condo who is looking for a calm and adoring lapdog.
  • Greyhound kenneled with Rabbit My ex racer with his kennel buddy 'Poppy' this morning. Nothing like a good sniff
  • Puppy's Playing in the Morning of the 4th of August 2010 Our Boston Terrier puppy's Playing in the living room with thier mom Melanie and dad Shawn and the other big dogs, Faith and Hope.We still Have two lookiing for their forever homes . Missy and Huckleberry. if you and interested you can call or email us anytime. through our webpage . Not one of our dogs is kenneled they all live in our home and sleep in our room. We Love the breed .They all come prespoiled and loved.
  • Skyler the black Labrador Hi Meet Skyler, 7-8 yr. old, pure Breed Labrador Retriever, 80 lbs., Skyler has a sad story, he was owner surrendered after loosing his home due to foreclosure!! He is now being kenneled and misses his family very much...He looks and waits for them to return every day says the employee where Skyler is being boarded!! His past owners feel very bad and wished they could keep him, but have no place to put him, and they are in their 70's now and can't walk him any more, poor baby!! ...He is the best dog ever, as you can see in video... Skyler has had obedience training, crate trained, walks great on a leash, loves to play, loves children and other dogs, completely house trained...No accidents what so ever, and respects other people's property!! Skyler needs to loose some weight, with a little excercise and good diet, he is well on his way...Skyler is in the best of health and a NO ISSUE BOY!! Skyler will make any Family a great family Pet/Companion... Please come to see Skyler, he desperately needs a family and a second "forever home"!! Skyler has been neutered, current on vaccines, and micro chipped
  • Duke the beagle at the spa First time ever at the spa (he was a kenneled outdoor hunting beagle)

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  • “My family does not love dogs so I had to kennel my 2 over the holiday. It wasn_ t a pleasant experience as I_ d never left them anywhere, but I am sure if I had more time to prepare, it would have been more tolerable for both me and the doggies”
    — Kenneling Your Dog: What to Look For - Pets - ,

  • “Coughing is not the same as sneezing which occurs with the mouth closed, or reverse tuberculosis but may show up in dogs kenneled where they can inhale fungus spores from”
    — Causes of Dog Cough,

  • “GALLUP — It’s not easy being a dog. It’s not easy being a stray dog. The Kuranda Dog Beds Blog " Kuranda Sightings " Make a kenneled dog happy, Donate a Bed”
    — Make a kenneled dog happy, Donate a Bed | Speak! The Kuranda,

  • “We are off to Melbourne for 5 days and the dogs are being kenneled. Their bag is packed with dap impregnated blankets and beds, treats and toys ready for a 7.30am drop off. Dr Lion knows something is up and has been clinging to the OH and”
    — You have to laugh! - Jack Russell Terrier UK, jack-russell-

  • “Kenneled and. WordPress blog about Kenneled. Kenneled. And Abram, the sould kings, and I windled to be and to taken, the And him about of Jeture, give was he earten. Thoul fathe Nazael one aroness any one unto you army likewitheir blood into they chielder”
    — Kenneled,

  • “our blog. We had a good Christmas this year--lots of yummy food, quality time with family, We kenneled the dogs this year, so loading/unloading was a little”
    — our blog,

  • “Rev has been getting kenneled in a new 30" X 48" kennel but the girls have both been in So, for their own good they get kenneled up when we're gone”
    — We Had a JAILBREAK Today!,

  • “By William Goss Poor, poor Benicio Del Toro. A former resident of last February, last April and this coming November, his take on The Wolf Man”
    — 'Wolf Man' Kenneled To Next Year - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “My dog has been kenneled everyday from the day I started school in September. She has to be kenneled. I don't want ot be cruel, but I live and the”
    — SDC Talk! - Chewing dog,

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