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  • Australian kelpie, breed of medium-sized sheepherding dog originating in Australia c.1870. It stands from 17 to 20 in. — “Australian kelpie: Information from ”,
  • The Australian Kelpie is a medium breed of sheep dog used mostly for herding sheep and poultry. There are two types of Australian Kelpies, the show kelpie and the working kelpie. — “Australian Kelpie”,
  • The Working Kelpie is a dog bred and born with purpose - to work. The Working Kelpie has been in North American since shortly after the turn of the century. — “Working Kelpies - Australian Kelpie - Kelpie Registry, Inc”,
  • Welcome to the home of the Working Kelpie Council. We are a National Breed Society dedicated to the continued growth and excellence of the Working Kelpie breed. — “The Working Kelpie Council”, .au
  • The Kelpie fitted the bill and today he's just as popular in the show ring as he is in agility and obedience trials or on the Leaving a Kelpie in a backyard alone for extended periods without any. — “Breed Guide, Dog Information - Dog Breeders - Dog Training,”, .au
  • Australian Kelpies. Dogs in Canada is a comprehensive resource for information about dogs. Find Australian Kelpie breeders, puppies and read dog articles. — “Australian Kelpie - Dogs in Canada - Breeds”,
  • Kelpie definition, (in Scottish legends) a water spirit, usually having the form of a horse, reputed to cause drownings or to warn those in danger of drowning. See more. — “Kelpie | Define Kelpie at ”,
  • A must-read on Australian Kelpies: information, pictures, temperment, personality, training tips, breed comparisons, puppies, community, Australian Kelpie adoption and rescue. — “Australian Kelpie Information, Pictures of Australian Kelpies”,
  • New 3rd edition of this very popular manual designed for all Kelpie owners of every level from raw beginners through to experienced trainers. This practical manual deals with everything involved in owning and training a Kelpie to ensure he grows up to be a well mannered, obedient dog. — “WORKING KELPIE STATISTICS AND INFORMATION”,
  • Definition of kelpie in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of kelpie. Pronunciation of kelpie. Translations of kelpie. kelpie synonyms, kelpie antonyms. Information about kelpie in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. the kelpie. — “kelpie - definition of kelpie by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The Australian Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog that has proven very successful at herding and droving with little or no command guidance in Australia and in. — “Australian Kelpie Dog”,
  • The Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog that has proven very successful at herding and droving with little or no command guidance in Australia and in the mountainous areas of New Zealand. Kelpies have been exported throughout the world and are used for herding sheep, cattle,. — “Kelpie Dog Breed Information”,
  • All about the Australian Kelpie, info, pictures, breeders, rescues, care, temperament, health, puppy pictures and much more. — “Australian Kelpie Information and Pictures”,
  • The kelpie is a supernatural shape-shifting water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. In Orkney a similar creature was called the Nuggle, and in Shetland a similar creature was called. — “Kelpie”,
  • Visit this site dedicated to Dogs and Puppies and specialising in the Australian Kelpie Sheep Dog Breed. Provides details of description, temperament and sizes featuring comparitive sizing pictures of the Australian Kelpie Sheep Dog Breed. Facts. — “Australian Kelpie Sheep Dog and Puppies”, dog-
  • The kelpie is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland; the name may be from Scottish Gaelic cailpeach or colpach 'heifer, colt. The kelpie is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore that is. — “Kelpie”,
  • As the fable of the kelpie differs depending on the region where it is told. The kelpie chases him and tries to catch him, but he escapes. — “Kelpie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Detailed Information on Australian Kelpie, from Health to Temperment you will find the information you need on Australian Kelpie. — “Australian Kelpie Breed Information & Pictures (Australian”,
  • Kelpie Cow Dogs and Kelpie Cattle Dogs For Sale. Kelpie cow dogs. Kelpie cattle dogs. Cattle Dogs. Cow Dogs. Kelpie Cow Dogs for sale. Kelpie Cattle dogs for sale. Cattle Dogs for sale. Cow Dogs for sale. Kelpie Cow Dog Breeder. Kelpie Cattle. — “Kelpie Cattle Dogs by Carolina Kelpie Cow Dogs. Cow Dogs and”,

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  • Beloka Kelpies Working Dog Education : Feeding Frenzy Well mannered working dogs at .
  • Mago de oz- Kelpie -.-..-.-.-.-.-.--..-...-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.
  • Jethro Tull - Kelpie Jethro Tull - Kelpie (recorded 1979 - mixed 1988), this track is featured as a bonus track on a remastered Stormwatch album from 2004. Copyright Chrysalis Records and Ian Anderson
  • 2008 Casterton Kelpie Festival High Jump Rosie and Riley and the jumps that made them equal first.
  • Kelpie video www.suthenskys- These gorgeous Kelpies are from a friend of ours, she breeds the most beautiful dogs. They have the most beautiful natures and are always winning on the show circuit. These Kelpies are show Kelpies so are definetely not as energetic as a working Kelpie. You would still need to walk a Kelpie and spend time with it, like any other dog breed. I would highly recommend a Kelpie, we have had our dog Storm now for about 3.5 years and she is an excellent companion dog as well as great with kids. Kelpie have the most beautiful personalities. Kelpies have excelled in the areas of obedience, agility and tracking. They have participated in pet therapy programs and have even been utilised as fully trained Guide Dogs. The finest characteristic of the Kelpie, however, is its irresistible personality. The breed is extremely alert, eager and highly intelligent, with a mild, tractable disposition. These dogs show marked loyalty and real devotion to duty. Although bred primarily for working sheep, the 'show bred' Australian Kelpie has proven itself to be a very adaptable and versatile dog.
  • Australian Kelpie Puppy Tricks (13 weeks old) This is my Kelpie puppy and his tricks.. I do not own this song. used for entertainment purposes only.
  • Jethro Tull -- Kelpie Only the music with some nice artwork
  • NUGGETT! Australian Kelpie my best friend NUGGETT! My adorable Australian Kelpie sits and waits for instructions. She then rolls over on to her back despite her friend Toby trying to sniff her....
  • Bob the Kelpie dog song Great video by Don Spencer with Bob the Kelpie herding sheep. Kids song, but very catchy.
  • Kelpie agility Manuel Alff Kelpie breeder agility run with two Kelpies
  • - Kelpie Kerstin Blodig & Ian Melrose comprise the duo known as Kelpie. A Kelpie is a spirit in Scottish mythology who appears at the waterside disguised as a beautiful white horse. Once mounted the unsuspecting rider is taken to the bottom of the loch never to be seen again. In Norway it is the water troll "Nøkken" who lives in a lake, occasionally surfacing to lure people to their doom.
  • funny dog joe the australian kelpie goes crazy our australian kelpie named joe thinks hes a cat hes absolutely nuts about lights and reflections... one of these days we're gonna round up a disco ball and see if we can give him a seizure lol
  • Kelpie Demo-Video Kelpie live in a TV-Studio November 2008
  • My working kelpie pictures from birth till the age off 1
  • A Team Kelpies Two days ago, in 2007, a crack kelpie unit was sent to their kennels by their cranky boss for a crime they didn't commit. These kelpies promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Lost Sheep Paddock. Today, still wanted by the cranky boss, they survive as kelpies of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.
  • Kelpie Puppy Vs Cat New addition to my zoo, a 12 week old Kelpie. Oliver the residential cat has a new battle mate. Playfights go on for hours at a time. Neither are harmed in the making of this time wasting film.
  • Culgoa Kelpie Stud "Dixie" a 4 month old pup, her first time working sheep. For more info on "Culgoa Kelpie Stud", visit .au/Companies/Culgoa-Kelpie-Stud
  • Australian Kelpie on Sheep The Burradoo Ranch offers elite blood lines of Australian Kelpies in North America. For more information go to .
  • Dream Dog Agility win - Zico the Kelpie at her peak. Olympia December 2007, 9000 people + TV. A very grand occasion for KC ABC Dog Agility Final held in London at Olympia grand hall. Zico, Dragonheart Darkdestroyer AWG at her absolute peak handled by Nigel Staines.
  • Australian Kelpies
  • Crazy Kelpie Buskelpien Nemi
  • Casterton kelpie muster.mpg
  • Tape #2 Aus. Kelpies. #2 Australian Kelpies What is a Kelpie? What is the difference between a Kelpie and a Border Collie? Which is best suited to work cattle? Which is more aggressive? What about temperament? Are the same training methods used on both breeds? We answer all these questions and show the dogs being trained. (2 hrs. plus)
  • To Kill a Kelpie (Please use the "watch in high quality" option). Interview with Matthew McVarish about his play "To Kill a Kelpie" sponsored by the Moira Anderson Foundation, Park Gallery and Stop the Silence.
  • Kelpie Seaweed Ale | Chad'z Beer Reviews #265 Season 9, episode 23. Originally aired 28 April 2010 BREWERY'S DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION: Prior to the 1850's there were many Scottish coastal alehouses, which brewed their own ales, these ales were made from local malted barley, which was grown on fields fertilised with seaweed. This environment gave the barley a very specific flavour which we have recreated by the inclusion of fresh seaweed in the mash tun. Seaweed (bladder rack) taken fresh from the water on the Argyll coast is 'mashed in' with the malted and roasted barley. Kelpie is a rich chocolate ale which has an aroma of fresh sea breeze and a distinctive malty texture. 4.4% vol Ingredients: Malted Barley Bree, Hops and Seaweed HOW THIS BEER RATES: Rate Beer: 85 (overall ) 78 (style) Beer Advocate: B (users) B (bros) CHAD'Z BEER FACEBOOK http TWITTER FOR DONATIONS, TRADES, OR A SPREADSHEET OF ALL MY REVIEWS, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT [email protected] READ MY TEXT REVIEW OF THIS BEER AT: CHECK OUT MY ORIGINAL CHANNEL:
  • Australian Kelpie Slideshow For those who love the Australian Kelpie, enjoy this great preview of the brand new Australian Kelpie products on the newly updaed pages at
  • Barclays Kelpies Putting Rams Away Ollie shows who is boss when putting rams into yards.
  • lyndhurst kelpies / Okara Max Okara Max is argubly the best working kelpie that has been imported to the UK! As a favour to a friend Max was purchased from Michael Johnston's Milburn Stud, Australia. Max has had a great input towards improving the breeding in the country and is available at limited stud! Please note that Max would only need to back sheep up a race once for filling, this is being repeated for demonstration purposes! Contact www.lyndhurst-
  • A young kelpie learning to back sheep - Lyndhurst Shadow Now Owned by Chris & Caroline Hodgkins( NZ Romney Breeders) Washington, West Sus***.
  • Kelpie (Kerstin Blodig / Ian Melrose): Kraka From CD "Kelpie" () - The duo Kelpie consists of two renowned musicians from the Celtic-Scandinavian world-music scene. As well as concerts at major festivals and venues world-wide, they are in demand as composers, producers, arrangers and session musicians. - Kerstin Blodig studied musicology and Scandinavian languages and cultures in Berlin (Germany) and in Bergen (Norway) with particular emphasis on Norwegian folk music. She is involved in a wide variety of different projects, ranging from studio work, folk-pop and theatre music productions to the Celtic groups Norland Wind, Talking Water and Touchwood with Belfast musician Cristina Crawley. - Ian Melrose from Ayr in the Southwest of Scotland, belongs to the cream of Europe's acoustic guitarists. He is an internationally acclaimed composer and arranger, lead guitarist with Clannad (World Tour, Grammy Award winning CD "Landmarks"), and plays with Kerstin also in Norland Wind and Talking Water. A major aspect of his work is solo guitar: based on Celtic finger-picking style, his compositions blend Irish dances, Scottish ballads and classical formats with Brazilian samba and Argentine tango to create real world-music on the guitar.
  • Lyndhurst Kelpies Some of Lyndhurst's Dogs ( starting with 5 month old Jude,Blade(Red/Tan),Izzy&Max.)
  • Win Kelpie royalty: Wandie the working dog Rural Press, in conjunction with the famous Casterton Kelpie Festival, is offering readers the chance to win a part of Kelpie royalty. As seen on .au
  • Fast Pup's Australian Kelpie Rocks Tacoma Dog Trainer, Kate Johansson works with a former shelter dog. Spanky, an Australian Kelpie, was adopted from the Tacoma Humane Society in May of 2007. She was 9 months old at the time and had been found roaming as a stray on the streets of Roy,WA. She is seen here having fun with agility, recalls, tug and retrieves. Tacoma dog trainer, Kate Johansson is using toys and fun to motivate Spanky to do the work. Spanky is faster than lightening! For more information contact Fast Pup Dog Training. http
  • Vicky the Amazing Australian Kelpie Vicky passed away this past Sunday, December 7, 2008. She had a tumore near her heart that burst. She was an amazing dog, loyal and obedient, she will always be in our hearts. Vicky loved to play. Here she is catching the frisbee, she does it everytime, unless I don't throw it well enough. Thanks Kevin MacLeod - for the background music.
  • Australian kelpie puppies Didaktics Australian kelpie puppies playing
  • The Kelpie This is a legend of the fairy spirit, the Kelpie. (C) Discovery Eduction
  • Young Sheep Dogs Australia's Got Talent 2009 Audition show 2 Clever young puppies show the skills hearding and controlling ducks.
  • Kelpie & Mittelspitz puppies 8 weeks old puppies playing in the snow
  • Kelpie NIS - Sharpie Kelpie NIS - Sharpie - taken off the front of Pit***er riding 2 metre sea.
  • A Kelpie chewing on a Kangaroo leg in Koroit, Australia Zac enjoyed visiting my boulder opal mine, particularly when he was able to have one of his favorite snacks, a week old kangaroo leg. Zac is an Australian Kelpie - a common & very friendly herding dog used with sheep & cattle. They're great at herding anything including wild goats & pigs. The leg shown is the front leg of a small kangaroo. There's more at:
  • The Kelpie The Kelpie is the supernatural shape-shifting water horse that haunts the rivers and streams of Scotland. It is probably one of the best known of Scottish water spirits and is often mistakenly thought to haunt lochs, which are the reserve of the Each Uisge. The creature could take many forms and had an insatiable appetite for humans; its most common guise was that of a beautiful tame horse standing by the riverside - a tempting ride for a weary traveller. Anybody foolish enough to mount the horse - perhaps a stranger unaware of the local traditions - would find themselves in dire peril, as the horse would rear and charge headlong into the deepest part of the water, submerging with a noise like thunder to the travellers watery grave. The Kelpie was also said to warn of impending storms by wailing and howling, which would carry on through the tempest. This association with thunder - the sound its tail makes as it submerges under water - and storms, may be related to ancient worship of river and weather deities by the ancient Celts, although this is difficult to substantiate. Clips: -Discovery Channel (Kelpie) - Shell Comm. -Lord Of The Rings Music: - Reqiuem Of A Dream (Vocal) Join:
  • Jet kelpie Dogdancing Tricks tricks from Jet :)

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  • “kelpie, Spanish citizen looking for information about Scotland. Find out more about kelpie's experience abroad on expat-, the online expatriate community”
    — kelpie, Spanish citizen looking for information about Scotland, expat-

  • “Forum. Browse. About. Listen. FAQs. kelpie·music·playlist·links·album February 10th, 2008 + 8:02 PM · Kelpie. I seriously can't believe how far I have gotten”
    — BandAMP: How Far,

  • “Weather Underground provides weather information for worldwide locations, including current conditions, hourly forecasts, radar and satellite maps. Specialized weather products include severe weather alerts, hurricane tracking, ski and sports”
    — Wunder Blog : Weather Underground,

  • “Favoured: 0. TOPIC: Kelpie designs. Forum Tools. Post New Topic. Pdf. Show I contacted Andy Scott (the Kelpie designer) to ask the same question”
    — Re:Kelpie designs - Helix Forum - Falkirk Helix,

  • “Kelpie Forum”
    Kelpie Forum - Australian Purebred & Crossbreed Dog Forum, .au

  • “Home " Vichorse Forum " Advertising - Noncommercial " FTGH Black & Tan Kelpie Female. Show: Lady is a 12-18 month old kelpie who is not cut out for farming life”
    — Vichorse Forum: Advertising - Noncommercial => FTGH Black,

  • “posted by adminin It's a dog's life,Kelpie & Collie Collective Comments (2) It's so rewarding to hear from It's a personal preference thing, but no matter what, once you've had a working dog breed, you fall in love with a Kelpie or a Collie”
    Kelpie & Collie Collective | Treasure's Tales,

  • “ their success rate in tender meetings, but only time will tell so keep an eye on our blog to find out more. The Designers at Kelpie have been busy making sure that the expression "Cobblers Children" has no place in our office”
    — The Future... is Video on the Web,

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